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Talking About Clothes in Spanish: Essential Vocabulary

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In this post, you’ll find all of the necessary vocabulary, as well as the most common verbs that you need when speaking about clothes in Spanish.

Let’s now waste any time and dive in.

Clothes In Spanish: The Most Common Verbs

You’ll notice that almost all of the verbs we use in relation to clothes are reflexive, which means perfect sense, as we are usually describing the action of dressing oneself.

If you’re not familiar with reflexive verbs in Spanish, then make sure to read our simple guide here.

Let’s see some of these common verbs.

Spanish VerbEnglish
QuedarTo fit
Poner – PonerseTo put on – To wear
Probar – ProbarseTo try on
Quitar – QuitarseTo take off
Vestir – VestirseTo wear
Comprar – ComprarseTo buy

And now, some examples of how these verbs are used:

  • That dress fits you very well – Ese vestido te queda muy bien
  • Put on the blue shoes – Ponte los zapatos azules
  • I’m going to try on these pants – Voy a probarme estos pantalones
  • You can take off your sweater if you wish – Puedes quitarte el suéter si deseas
  • What will you wear for the party? – ¿Que vas a vestir para la fiesta?
  • I’m going to buy a new bikini for the summer – Voy a comprar un bikini nuevo para el verano

Clothes In Spanish: Essential Vocabulary

In the next section, we’ll cover a bunch of essential vocabulary that you’ll need to know in order to speak about clothes in Spanish – whatever the scenario.

Let’s start specifically with some general clothing-related vocab.

Spanish English
Talla grandeLarge size
Talla medianaMedium size
Talla pequeñaSmall size
Cremallera / CierreZipper
Hilos de coserSewing threads
Estar de modaTo be in style
Pasado de modaOld fashioned
Probadores, MedidoresFitting rooms
Ganchos de ropaClothes hooks

Talking about fabrics

Spanish English
De cuadrosCheckered
A rayasStripped
Cuero – PielLeather

Talking about types of jewelry and accessories

Spanish English
Colas o gomas para el cabelloHairbands
Gorra, sombreroHat
Lentes de solSunglasses
Lentes para leerEyeglasses
Medias, CalcetinesSocks

Talking about footwear

Spanish Word English
Zapatos deportivosTennis shoes
TaconesHigh heels
Botas de seguridadSecurity boots
Botas de lluviaRain boots

Talking about upper-body clothing

Spanish Word English
CamisetaTank Top
Chaqueta / ChamarraJacket
Vestido de gala / Vestido formalGown, Prom dress, Formal dress
SobretodoTop Coat

Talking about lower-body clothing

Spanish Word English
Pantalón deportivoSport pants
Mini faldaMiniskirt

Talking about underwear and sleepwear

Spanish English
Pantaletas / Bombachas /Bragas / PantisPanties
Interiores / CalzonesUnderpants
Calzones largosLong johns
Sostén / SujetadorBra
Top / Sostén deportivoSport bra
LigueroGarter belt
Bata / AlbornozBathrobe

Talking about beach wear

Spanish English
Traje de baño / BañadorSwimwear, bathing suit
Short de playaSwim Trunks
PareoBeach wrap
Cholas, SandaliasFlip flops
Vestidos de playaBeach dress
Toalla de playaBeach towel



"Can I try on this skirt, please?"

Translation:¿Me puedo probar esta falda, por favor?

June 29, 2018


"Probarse" is reflexive, "probar" is transitive. I don't understand why the reflexive form is used here. The speaker is trying on the skirt, not them-self.

"Probar" is to test, to try; "probarse" is to try on. In this case, when clothes are tried on, "probarse" should be used.

English natives would rarely know what a reflexive verb is due to the lack of English grammar in the education system.

Distinguishing reflexive verbs isn't really useful in English since, unlike Spanish, reflexive pronouns are distinct from other object pronouns. So it makes more sense in English education to speak of the pronouns being reflexive rather than the verbs.

It seems that the act of trying on clothes needs a reflexive verb. I made the same mistake the first time.

puedo probarme esta falda por favor

is also accepted. I don't understand why the "me" has to go in front of "puedo" when it is not attached to probar as in "probarme".

Hopefully this will answer Joshnane's question right above yours also.

Puedo probarse is a compound verb, so it can't be split. You can have 'Me puedo probar' or 'Puedo probarme,' but the 'me' can't go between puedo and probar. When you have a [conjugated verb]+[reflexive verb] construction, that's the way you have to do it.

"Me puedo probar esta falda" vs "Puedo probarme esta falda". Both are correct. The second is phrased as a question, is it not? Can someone help me understand the difference here?

No the second is not necessarily "phrased as a question" , it's the rising intonation and/or question marks that make them questions

There is a difference in English between "can" and "may". Can means "are you able to?" and "may" gives permission. So when they say, "Can I try on this skirt" my answer would be "Well, are you able to? Is there something wrong with you that you can't try it on?" Correct English would be, "May I try on this skirt, please? "You are saying please, and asking permission.

I wish when they put in the hints for the new lessons they would explain new words like probar and probarse and explain the difference. It would save many minites and hearts. The group helped me understand, which is really apreciated, but why do hints focus only on the idiom and a few numbers and simpler words?

Gustar is not reflexive, it takes an indirect object. They look similar in first and second person, but they are different in third person. E.g.:

(Él) se prueba...
(A él) le gusta...

Probar is a valid verb on it's own. The reflexive version is specifically for trying clothing on, while the non-reflexive is for trying or testing other things.

I put all of the words correctly, except i didn't put the word, "me" in it. I know that "puedo" is first person, so i am talking about myself trying on this skirt. So why is it wrong without "me" please?

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Translation of "trying on clothes" in Spanish





Suggestions:try on clothes

These examples may contain rude words based on your search.

These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search.

probándose ropa

probarse ropa

probarme ropa

probando ropa

probándome ropa

I was watching women in the department store trying on clothes.

Vi mujeres en grandes tiendas probándose ropa.

And Tessa Fowler trying on clothes for Halloween.

Y Tessa Fowler probándose ropa para Halloween.

Says Madhok, It's like a scavenger hunt where you get rewards for trying on clothes or scanning a bar code.

Dice Madhok: Es como una búsqueda del tesoro, la gente recibe recompensas por probarse ropa o escanear un código de barras.

Her bravery burst the bubble and as tears ran down her face, she was joined by almost the entire group sharing their experiences of panic attacks while trying on clothes, digestive issues from school stress, and so much more.

Su valentía reventó la burbuja y, cuando las lágrimas empezaron a caerle por la cara, se le unió casi todo el grupo compartiendo sus experiencias de ataques de pánico al probarse ropa, de problemas digestivos por el estrés escolar y de muchísimas cosas más.

Getting high, roaming around the mall, looking at posters, trying on clothes.

Estar fumada, ir al centro comercial, mirar posters, probarme ropa.

Trying on clothes is my least favorite thing to do... especially slacks, because you've got the whole shoe thing.

Olvídalo. Probarme ropa es mi última cosa favorita para hacer... especialmente bombachos, porque tienes toda esa cosa con los zapatos.

Right. Depressed and trying on clothes?

¿Súper deprimida y probándose ropa?

Chances were she'd be trying on clothes and flirting with boys until lunch and then walking boldly back into class.

Lo más probable es que estuviera probándose ropa y flirteando con chicos hasta la hora de comer y luego se volviera refunfuñando a clase.

And a whole room just for trying on clothes.

Y una habitación entera, solo para tener ropa.

We're up in here sipping expensive champagne... trying on clothes I can't pronounce.

Estamos aquí bebiendo champaña costosa... probándonos ropa que no puedo ni pronunciar.

All fun consists in trying on clothes together.

Toda la alegría consiste para probar la ropa los dos.

I've been trying on clothes a lot longer than you wanted to be a woman.

He estado probándome ropa mucho más de lo que tú quisieras para ser mujer.

Upon her return, Mary heads to a fashion show and learns that Crystal is in attendance, trying on clothes in a dressing room.

A su regreso, Mary se dirige a un desfile de moda y descubre que Crystal está presente, probándose la ropa en un vestidor.

Look at 'em, they're trying on clothes.

No me veo usándolo todos los días.

Something as small as frowning in the mirror when you are trying on clothes can have an impact.

Algo tan pequeño como el ceño fruncido en el espejo cuando usted se está probando ropa puede tener un impacto.

The other day I was waiting on my wife and daughter while they were trying on clothes at Kohls.

El otro día estuve esperando a mi esposa y mi hija mientras ellos trataban de ropa en Kohls.

It has a disco, it's got a dune buggy and a whole room just for trying on clothes.

Con una discoteca, una sala de "Dune Buggy" Y mi ropa a medida.

We don't gorge ourselves on salty snacks while we're trying on clothes.

Nosotras no nos empachamos de aperitivos salados - mientras nos probamos ropa.

No, actually, I've been trying on clothes from last year.

No en realidad, ropa del año pasado pasa hola, que pasa?

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Clothes in Spanish

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In try on spanish clothes

A moment. Unable to bear it, Robert pulled me tightly to him and began to kiss me. I slipped out of his hands and swam to the shore away from my brother in love.

Clothes in Spanish - Easy Spanish Conversations - La ropa

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