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What are The Best Shoes for Metal Roofing?

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Roofing isn’t an easy job. It’s very challenging and risky. And when it comes to terms of metal roofing the risk is higher. Because metal roofs are slipperier than any other roof type. You must know how to walk on a Metal Roof without slipping. You may fall into an accident while fixing metal roofs if you don’t take proper safety precautions which start with choosing the appropriate shoes for metal roofing. Individual roofers and roofing companies should consider this matter seriously!

As metal roofs are slippery and on the roof body balancing is a very important part of the job, you need a good pair of shoes which will provide good traction as well as comfort.

Finding the best shoes suitable for metal roofing could be finding a needle in a haystack. But don’t worry about that. After weeks of research and screening tons of reviews, we have gathered only the 7 best metal roofing shoes and boots that are perfect to walk on metal roofs….

We have arranged the list, based on some important categories, and as a bonus, we have included a buying guide and FAQ section, which you’ll find at the end of this article. Please don’t miss that unless you wanna miss some very IMPORTANT topics.

  • Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe
  • Red Wing Heritage Boot
  • Wolverine Men’s Boots
  • Timberland’s Pro Shoes
  • Irish Setter shoes
  • Merrel’s Mob boots
  • Ever Boots
1.Thorogood Men’s Heritage 6 Inch Safety Toe metal roofing Boots

Winner: Best for Metal Roofing


OriginMade in the USA
Dimensions8 x 4 x 12 inches
SolePolyurethane MAXwear Wedge
Number of colors5

If you want the best shoe for your roofing work that is available in the market, then you should buy Thorogood American, Heritage Boot. Thorogood is an American well-known shoe brand that produces shoes with high-quality material using advanced technology. This boot is the most suitable [You’ll know why! Keep reading] one for metal roofing job and you should take this one if budget is not an issue for you.

Thorogood’s America boot is made from genuine leather which makes it durable and long-lasting. The high-quality leather provides more comfort and durability than any other boots. The sole is made out of a Polyurethane MAXwear wedge which provides high comfort to the person wearing it. The grip provided by these shoes is excellent and it helps to prevent slips or falls on the roof. The shoes are waterproof and long-lasting. One can expect these shoes to last for a good 3-4 years without sustaining any damage. The insoles have been cushioned well to provide full comfort to the person who is wearing these soles. In addition to this, the shoe is available in 5 different colors.

This shoe has shock absorption cushions that absorb shocks pretty well. The dual-density cushion is removable and can be removed if not needed. The insole and the outsole make these shoes very comfortable. Being slip-resistant and oil-resistant makes it ideal for roof work. It’s so durable that it’s also suitable for tough jobs like warehouse work!

The only drawback of these shoes is their stitching. The stitching of these shoes can get undone if they are worn for a long time. In addition to this, the cost of these shoes is also high which makes its user base limited. Not so many people can afford these shoes(Good things are pricy!), but they never complain about the quality of these shoes. These shoes are simply the best roof shoes in the market. See below what one of the users has shared their experience with this shoe.

Tom says,
“I have brought these shoes a few weeks back and I must say that they are awesome. These shoes are perfect for outdoor work such as roofing. The sole of the shoes is amazing and it helps to provide great comfort. The grip of the shoes is great and it prevents slipping. I was concerned about the price of these shoes since they were expensive, however, after using them for a while, I can now say that the shoes are worth every penny you will pay.”

Key Features:

  • 100% genuine leather. Made in the USA
  • Goodyear welt constructed feature
  • Slip-resistant and oil-resistant outsole
  • Tobacco Gladiator Oil-Tanned Leather
  • PU MAXWear Wedge soles [X-Stream waterproof]
  • Footbeds are highly shock-absorbing and also removable
  • Insole – Removable Dual Density [Ultimate Shock]
  • Outsole -Single-density Polyurethane MAXwear Wedge


  • Oil and slip-resistant outsoles offer high traction
  • Removable Dual Density insole provides good shock absorption protection
  • American made work boots
  • Waterproof and long-lasting
  • Well-made and high-quality[Genuine leather]
  • Electrical hazard safety
  • Removable cushioned insoles
  • 5 colors available


  • High price tags
  • Boots squeak
  • Stitching is not firm

Runner-up:Best for Metal Roofing


OriginMade in the USA
Dimensions10 x 6 x 15 inches; 1.91 Pounds
SoleOutsole – Traction Tred Cushion Crepe Wedge
MaterialsLeather- Briar Oil Slick Leather

Similar to the Thorogood American Heritage boot, the Red Wing Boot is another big shot. It all started with a corner store in the river town of Red Wing but now they are producing thousands of pairs of top-notch work boots and shoes and have created their own legacy with a reputation around the world.

Several great features make this one unique and runner-up on your list of best roofing shoes. The red wing heritage boot is made out of pure leather which makes it durable and long-lasting. They are the second-best shoes for framing and roofing work. Providing great support and protection, this one is not a bad choice at all.

It’s basically designed for heavy-duty work. They provide feet and ankle protection very well which is a. The outsole of these shoes is made out of a cushion crepe wedge that provides good comfort. In addition to these, the boots also have nickel eyelets. The shoes are available in 6 different colors to choose from.

These shoes are made in the U.S.A and are made from certified pure, genuine leather. These shoes are of high quality and one can expect them to work well for a couple of years.

The soles of these shoes are made from synthetic material and not rubber. This helps the sole to provide an extra sense of grip. But it may be torn out early. But you know, not anything can be 100% perfect, right! 😉

The sole quality of these shoes is amazing. Both outsole and insole help to provide a great deal of protection during roof work. The vulcanized rubber used in these shoes provides a good gripon slippery surfaces or steep surfaces which helps to walk on a metal roof without slipping

User Reviews:

Jess says,“I typically wear an 11D shoe, but size 10 D of these shoes fits perfectly with me. The shoes are amazing and I like them. It provides superiors grip and standing. The soles of these shoes provide amazing comfort and I like it. The quality of these shoes is amazing and it has been one month since I am using these shoes. They are worth the price and I would recommend everyone to buy one for themselves.”

Key Features:

  • 100% leather. Made in the USA
  • Briar Oil Slick Leather
  • Durable and breathable uppers
  • Offers nickel eyelets
  • High mobility and flexibility
  • Synthetic ousoles with high grip


  • Genuine leather boots made in the USA
  • High quality and durability
  • Provides good protection for feet and ankles well
  • Outsoles offer excellent grips
  • Comfy to wear with thick socks
  • Long-lasting
  • Multiple colors available


  • Sizes run small
  • A bit expensive

#Funfact: Did you know men were the first to wear heels?

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wolverine roofing boot


OriginMade in the USA
Dimensions 14.3 x 11.1 x 4.9 inches; 1.75 Pounds
SoleSlip, oil, water, abrasion, and chemical-resistant
Materials100% Leather and Textile

If you want value for moneyroof shoes, then you should take a look at Wolverine’s Men Boots. These boots have been designed to provide best-in-class support yet affordable. Instead of being budget-friendly, they pack lots of great features in them. Basically these shoes are good shoes for warehouse work but these are also suitable for the roofing job.

The Wolverine Men’s Overpass boots are new in the market, but they are slowly making their name. These shoes are made from lightweight leather that makes them lightweight and durable. These shoes are long-lasting and one can expect them to last for several years easily without any problem. The shoes provide great performance and comfort to the person who is wearing them.

The sole of these shoes is made from rubber which provides good traction on slippery roofs. The construction of these shoes is great and it provides support and firmness. The shaft measures approximately 5″ from the arch. It’s made of premium waterproof leather and abrasion-resistant toe makes it durable. They have an excellent grip which prevents slipping from the roof. The sole of these shoes is quite thick which prevents any injury to the foot and also protects the foot and ankle.

These shoes are abrasion-resistant, oil-resistant, waterproof, and chemical resistant. The color and design options are limited in these shoes, however, that doesn’t change the fact that these shoes are great for roof work.

One problem that you might encounter with these shoes is that they are not CSA Approved. In many parts of America, you are required to wear shoes for work that are CSA-approved. It is mandatory to buy CSA-approved shoes, and so in those areas, you won’t be able to work with these shoes. However, apart from that, you can use these shoes anywhere.

Another problem with these shoes is that their removable sole might wear out after continuous use. After using these shoes for 1-2 years, the sole might wear out and you would need to replace the sole of these shoes.

These shoes are made for roof work. A long and thorough study was done on various roof shoes before these shoes were made. They were made to provide better grip, better comfort, and better flexibility than other budget-friendly leather work shoes. All these features packed in a leather shoe with a budget-friendly tag make this shoe one of the best roof shoes for metal roofing.

Pro Shoe Care Tips:

How to increase lifetime of your shoes?

  • To clean your shoes use warm water and a soft-bristle brush to remove stuck-on dirt on the shoes.
  • Then use a clean and dry cloth to wipe away any remaining excess dirt.
  • Remember, proper conditioning of your shoes increases the lifetime of your footwear.

User Reviews:

Harry says, “I brought these shoes a while back and so far, I haven’t experienced any problem with these shoes. The comfort of these shoes is amazing and I can wear them for a long time without any problem. The rubber soles provide a great deal of comfort. I have used them for a while now and there has been no sign of wear or tear on them. The quality and build of these shoes are simply amazing and I love them. Worth buying roof shoes.”

Key Features:

  • 100% leather
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable uppers[breathable]
  • Leather- Oro Legacy
  • Outsole – Traction Tred Cushion Crepe Wedge
  • High mobility and flexibility
  • Synthetic outsoles offer high grip


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable and waterproof materials
  • Great ankle support and protection
  • Offer excellent traction and grips on a slippery metal surface
  • Cushioned footbeds[Removable]
  • Carbon max toe cap[Abrasion-resistant]
  • Flexible and bendy


  • Some customers report that soles come off after a period of wearing


Dimensions14.1 x 12.2 x 5.4 inches, 2 Pounds
Number of colors1
SpecialAlloy safety toe

Okay, in brief, all you need a durable shoe that provides good traction, grips so that you can go to your family safe and sound after work as well as comfort to prevent exhaustion from work. Timberland’s Pro work shoes feature all of these and are solely designed for roof work. The unique features these shoes have are gonna make you buy one of them without a second thought. This is one of the best shoes for walking on the metal roof.

These shoes are made of 100% genuine leather. This makes them durable and long-lasting. The grip and traction provided by these shoes will prevent you from slipping from steep metal roofs while you are doing a roof inspection or doing roof installation.

These ankle-high shoes with vintage-inspired leather upper featuring alloy safety toe protect your feet against metal pieces on the roof. Comfort is one of the plus points of these shoes. The anti-Fatigue removable footbed provides all-day comfort so you can work wearing these shoes for a long time without any discomfort.

The slip-resistant wedge rubber outsole will provide good support on the slippery steep metal roof. These shoes are durable, long-lasting, and flexible. Their anti-fatigue footbed is probably a good reason why you should buy this pair of shoes.

One problem with these shoes is that they require a considerable amount of break-in time. These shoes do not come pre-break-in and thus one has to manually break in these shoes. This could take some time, depending upon the methods you use. You might be interested to know how to break in shoes easily. Only a few simple ways!

User Reviews:

James says: “These shoes are amazing. Their comfort level is off the charts. I can wear and working these shoes the whole day without any problem. The sole of these shoes is amazing and they provide great comfort and protection during work. I am very happy and satisfied with these shoes.”

Key Features:

  • Full-grain leather uppers
  • Shock-absorbing soles
  • Alloy safety toe 
  • Anti-fatigue removable footbeds
  • Slip-resistant outsoles with all-surface traction
  • Meets ASTM electrical hazard safety standard


  • Slip and oil-resistant outsoles offer excellent traction and grips
  • Steel toe provided work boots with super support and protection
  • Shock-absorbing and anti-fatigue
  • High comfort and mobility
  • Offers great moisture control


  • Require break-in period
  • The stitch falls off [Few people say]
Irish Setter Men Boot
Dimensions14 x 10.7 x 4.9 inches, 1.56 Pounds
Number of colors
SafetyElectrical Hazard – meets ASTM F2413-11
Safety Standards, Outsole: Rubber-EVA Traction Tred. 

Irish Setter has gained popularity for making high-quality and durable footwear for workers for decades. These boots are designed to be useful for roof works and construction works.  Many roofers and contractors wear these well-made shoes. They pack several noteworthy features in an affordable price range.

These shoes are made from 100% leather. These 6 inches laced-up boots are made from high-quality soles that are heat resistant and make them suitable to be worn in a hot climate. The footwear has been designed to be electricity-proof. This means that you can wear these shoes in the electricity zone without any problem. These shoes are oil-resistant, water-resistant, and are durable.

These shoes have excellent grip over the slippery surface which makes them perfect for roof work. The grip provided by these shoes helps you to stay still on the steep surface. The lining of these shoes is made from Non-Woven Nylon which makes them long-lasting. The stitching does not come off easily. Perfect for shingle roofing and metal roofing.

The sole of these shoes is heat resistant and the full-grain leather uppers with cushioned EVA rubber outsoles come with a high heat-resistant level to melting at a minimum of 475 Fahrenheit to keep feet safe from hot contact surfaces while working on metal roof.

One problem with these shoes is that their outsole comes out after some time. Some people have stated that the outsole of these shoes came out within 2-3 months of using these shoes. This problem does not lie with the build of this shoe as only a few people have encountered this problem.

User Reviews:

Nick says,“These shoes are simply amazing. The comfort and grip provided by these shoes are really good. I can work for around 8-9 hours each day wearing these shoes without any problem. The sole of the shoe provides great comfort. Apart from that, these shoes also last long. I have used them for one year now, and I can say that these shoes are worth their price. I have encountered zero problems with these shoes in the last one year.”

Key Features:

  • 6” work boots, full-grain leather uppers
  • Heel measures approximately 1.5 inches”
  • Lining: Non-Woven Nylon
  • 100% Leather
  • 475F heat resistance [ASTM electrical hazard standards]
  • EVA Rubber outsoles,
  • PU footbeds
  • Goodyear Welt constructed feature


  • Durable
  • High Heat resistance and electrical safety
  • Waterproof
  • Comfy to wear
  • Nice-looking footwear
  • Boots are true to size


  • Outsoles come off
  • Toes are a little narrow

[Budget friendly good shoes for Steep metal roof]

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent roofingShoe
Dimensions14 x 9 x 6 inches, 1.1 Pounds
MaterialSuede leather, mesh
Number of colors12
SafetyProtective rubber toe cap

If you are low on budget, but still want a good pair of shoes for metal roofs, then your best option is Merrel’s Moab boots. These shoes have been built to provide high-quality features at an affordable price. The shoes are made from synthetic leather that makes them durable to some extent.

If you wanna know how to stretch synthetic shoes at home,
Read this:How To Stretch Synthetic Shoes in 6 Easy Ways

The protective rubber toe cap protects your toe and the Nylon shank lining in the sole provides good stability.

Due to the breathable mesh lining the ventilation in these shoes is excellent. The EVA foam footbeds, the odor-resistant lining will provide you comfort. The color option in this shoe is plenty. You can choose from 14+ different colors.

Even though these shoes are not made from genuine leather, but they still are durable and long-lasting. The pseudo leather used in the making of these shoes is of high quality and this makes the shoes long-lasting. The 5mm lug provides good traction and grip on a slippery surface.

One problem with these shoes is that the toe box of these shoes is too narrow. One might need to widen it up for a better fit. However, apart from that, these shoes are perfect for people who want budget-friendly good shoes for roof work.

User Reviews:

Robbert says,“I wanted affordable and good shoes for my roof maintenance. I came across these shoes and decided to buy them. It has been 6 months since then and these shoes are holding out pretty well. The shoes provide comfort and grip which allows me to work easily for a long time. The shoes are a perfect fit and I recommend buying them.”

Key Features:

  • Mesh leather uppers
  • Protective safety rubber toe cap
  • Air cushion
  • Bellows, closed-cell foam tongue prevents moisture and debris
  • 5mm lugs depth[Vibram outsoles]
  • Mesh lining
  • Contoured EVA foam foot-beds


  • Provides excellent grips and stability
  • The air-cushioned heel provides extra comfort
  • Protective rubber toe cap for safety
  • Breathable and durable materials
  • Synthetic long-lasting sole
  • Lightweight
  • Comfy to wear
  • Great shoes for everyday work
  • Shoes are true to size
  • Good arch support


  • The toe box needs to be widened

All the shoes above seem pricy? Looking for an affordable but really good shoe for your metal roofing work? If the answer is yes, then another great option for you is Ever Boots “Ultra Dry” Leather boots. These waterproof boots are made from leather and are durable and long-lasting. The soles of these shoes are made out of rubber which makes them comfortable to wear. The shoes are made for dual purposes. You can wear them for roof work or everyday work for long hours.

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The soles of these shoes are lightweight and the rubber soles also protect the feet. They are insulated shoes and can be worn in cold weather as well. They are designed in such a way that you can wear them easily and put them off easily as well. The break-in time of these shoes is less and the insoles also are removable. So you can put in your own one.

The rubber soles of these shoes are shock absorbent and provide good traction. It is a great choice for the roofers who want affordable but good roof shoes.

The main drawback of these shoes can be the size. While buying these shoes, one has to be careful with the size. You may order a normal size shoe, but it may turn out to be small. Therefore, it is advised to read and know the proper measurement of your foot, before buying these shoes.

Another drawback of these shoes is that they do not have heel support. Due to this, some people might feel the difference when wearing these shoes. However, apart from that, these shoes are one of the best budget-friendly shoes available in the market.

User Reviews:

Victor says:“I needed affordable roof shoes and so I brought Ever Boots Ultra Dry Leather boots. I have been using these shoes for over a month now and these shoes are amazing. The quality of these shoes is good and they are durable. The comfort level of these shoes is amazing as well and I liked it. They are better than many roof shoes I have used in past.”

Key Features:

  • Leather uppers
  • Rubber soles
  • Waterproof & insulated
  • Break-in free
  • Stability: Rubber outsole offers oil, slip, and abrasion-resistant. 
  • Lightweight Easy Wear
  • Big Fitting runs 1/2 Size bigger than big brand work boots
  • Waterproof breathable membrane lining
  • Shock-absorbing midsoles
  • Removable PU insoles
  • Slip-resistant outsoles


  • Great shock absorption
  • Anti-fatigue feature
  • Great boots for roofing, gardening, and yard jobs
  • Waterproof
  • Keep feet dry and warm all the time
  • Super traction
  • Durable and flexible
  • Affordable price


  • Inconsistent sizes
  • Not much heel support
buying guide

Buying roof shoes can be troubling given the choices one has. Almost every other shoe that exists in the market claims to be the best roof shoe, but we all know that it isn’t possible. Today we would be telling you how you can select the best roof shoes available in the market easily. All you have to do is look at the features of the shoes mentioned below. These features will tell you the best roof shoes that exist in the market.


The first thing that you need to notice is the quality of the shoe. Quality is an important factor as it will determine how long the shoe will last. Most of the roof shoes are made out of leather or other material. The expensive ones are made out of genuine leather while the affordable ones are made out of pseudo leather. Needless to say, genuine leather roof shoes have high durability and last longer than other types of shoes.


After quality, comes comfort. You would require to wear these shoes for a long time and there is no point in buying shoes which are not comfortable. You are required to check for the soles and their quality to see how comfortable the shoes are. Many shoes have a rubber sole which provides a great deal of comfort. Some high-end expensive shoes even have an Air-cushioned sole which provides extra comfort.


The grip is probably the most important factor out there. You must check the grip of the shoe before buying it. Roof workers are required to work at a steep angle which is prone to accidents. If your shoes do not have a suitable grip, then you could get into accidents and could hurt yourself. Most of the roof shoes have extra grip, but you should still check them.


The next thing to check for in roof shoes is support. Support is important in roof shoes as it helps the person to stand properly on a steep surface. The roof surface is steep and slippery, therefore having support on your shoes is a must. Good support shoes will help you stay on the roof easily and will also prevent any accidental slips on the roof.  Many roof shoes offer various features such as arch support, heel support. You should look for such features in shoes before buying them. Even if your shoe does not provide the above-mentioned support, it must have ankle support for your safety.

what are the Best Shoes for surgeons

How do you put a grip on a metal roof?

First of all, you need to check the manufacturer’s guidelines for walking on that particular type of roof. Then you need a good pair of shoes with well grip sole. While walking on a metal roof follow corrugated panels, stick to the areas around the decking, avoiding laps and ribs.

What kind of boots do roofers wear?

1. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6inch Moc 2. Red Wing Heritage. 3. Wolverine Men’s Boots 4. Timberland’s Pro Shoe 5. Irish Setter shoes 6. Merrel’s Mob boots 7. Ever Boots

Which one is the best metal roofing shoes?

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6inch Moc Toe

Why do roofers use foam pads?

A high-density foam cushion with great quality is used by the roofers for the protection from extreme asphalt shingle roof surface and also protect surface granules from falling off while working on the roof.

What shoes I should not wear for roofing?

Slippers, sandals, flip-flops because these are not safe Also not heavy and rigid boots cause those can damage roofs.

Are hiking boots good for roofing?

Yes. The hiking boot is one of the best options for this purpose cause they provide good traction as well as comfort. As an example, Merrell Moab is a good Hiking Boot that is suitable for roofing work.

Is magnetic roofing shoes good for metal roofing work?

Yes. It provides good traction on step metal roofs. Good for maintaining stability.

What is the best magnetic roofing shoes?

magnetic roofing shoes cougar paw

Cougar Paws Men’s Estimator. Get it on Amazon: …………Features: Lightweight nylon/leather, Magnet-lined soles, Peak Line, Replacement Pads, Cushioned lining, high breathability, and flexibility. Provide great traction and stability for sloped metal roofs

If you wanna know the 10 best shoes for roofing of all types read this article:Best shoes for roofing


Regular shoes or boots aren’t quite suitable for this job. Moreover, if you are gonna fix your own roofs as a security issue a good pair of shoes is mandatory. Particular features and designs are needed for roofing jobs. Just a little investment in the right pair of shoes can bring you home to your family safe and sound. Isn’t that worth it?

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'Dangers are not from witches or spirits': Tips for staying safe this Halloween

NORTH CAROLINA — Authorities across the state want to ensure you and your trick-or-treaters have a fun and safe Halloween night.

“Halloween should be filled with surprise and enjoyment and following some common sense practices can keep events safer and more fun,” Sheriff Bill Beam of Lincoln County said in a release.

To help ensure your safety and the safety of others, be sure to incorporate these tips and practices from the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office into your Halloween plans:


  • Follow state and county health policies
  • Promote the use of hand sanitizer by trick-or-treaters and their families
  • Encourage social distancing
  • Halloween costume masks are not suitable to provide COVID-19 protection
  • Avoid going to indoor activities where people may be crowded together. Outdoor activities, with good ventilation, are better alternatives


  • Watch for children darting out from between parked cars
  • Watch for children walking on roadways, medians and curbs
  • Enter and exit driveways and alleys carefully
  • At twilight and later in the evening, watch for children in dark clothing


  • Make sure that an adult or an older responsible youth will be supervising the outing for children under age 12
  • Check the sex offender registry at when planning your child’s trick-or-treat route. You can view maps that pinpoint registered offenders’ addresses in your neighborhood and sign up to get email alerts when an offender moves nearby
  • Plan and discuss the route trick-or-treaters intend to follow. Know the names of older children's companions
  • Make sure older kids trick-or-treat in a group
  • Instruct your children to travel only in familiar areas and along an established route
  • Teach your children to stop only at houses or apartment buildings that are well-lit and never to enter a stranger's home
  • Establish a return time
  • Tell your youngsters not to eat any treats until they return home
  • Review all appropriate trick-or-treat safety precautions, including pedestrian/traffic safety rules
  • All children need to know their home telephone number, parents or care takers cell phone number and how to call 9-1-1 in case of emergency
  • Pin a slip of paper with the child's name, address, and telephone number inside a pocket in case the youngster gets separated from the group

Costume Design:

  • Only fire-retardant materials should be used for costumes
  • Costumes should be loose so warm clothes can be worn underneath
  • Costumes should not be so long that they are a tripping hazard
  • Make sure that shoes fit well to prevent trips and falls
  • If children are allowed out after dark, outfits should be made with light colored materials. Strips of retro-reflective tape should be used to make children visible

Face Design:

  • Do not use masks as they can obstruct a child's vision. Use facial make-up instead
  • When buying special Halloween makeup, check for packages containing ingredients that are labeled "Made with U.S. Approved Color Additives," "Laboratory Tested," "Meets Federal Standards for Cosmetics," or "Non-Toxic." Follow manufacturer's instruction for application
  • If masks are worn, they should have nose and mouth openings and large eye holes


  • Knives, swords, and other accessories should be made from cardboard or flexible materials. Do not allow children to carry sharp objects
  • Bags or sacks carried by youngsters should be light-colored or trimmed with retro-reflective tape if children are allowed out after dark
  • Carrying flashlights with fresh batteries will help children see better and be seen more clearly

While Trick-or-Treating:

  • Do not enter homes or apartments without adult supervision
  • Walk; do not run, from house to house.  Do not cross yards and lawns where unseen objects or the uneven terrain can present tripping hazards
  • Walk on sidewalks, not in the street
  • Walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic, if there are no sidewalks


  • Give children an early meal before going out
  • Insist that treats be brought home for inspection before anything is eaten
  • Wash fruit and slice it into small pieces
  • Throw away any candy that is unwrapped or partially wrapped or has a strange odor, color, or texture


  • Keep candles and jack o' lanterns away from landings and doorsteps where costumes could brush against the flame
  • Remove obstacles from lawns, steps, and porches when expecting trick-or-treaters
  • Keep candles and jack o' lanterns away from curtains, decorations, and other combustibles that could catch fire
  • Do not leave your house unattended

While Halloween is a time of fun and excitement, authorities want it to be a safe time as well.

"The major dangers are not from witches or spirits, but rather from falls and pedestrian/car crashes," Beam said.

You can also find more information and safety tips on the National Safety Council's website.

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Anyone who has felt a stabbing, tender pain on the bottom of one or both feet knows that plantar fasciitis is no joke. It’s a common overuse injury, but one that can greatly interfere with daily life, says Mike Rushton, DPM, co-founder and medical director of Forward Motion Orthotics in St. George, Utah.

“When the plantar fascia gets sore, it hurts badly because it’s always under pressure,” he explains. “If you have a tennis elbow it’s easy to say, ‘Don’t play tennis,’ but with plantar fasciitis you can’t take a break from standing and walking.”

More from Footwear News

The plantar fascia is a ligament that originates at the heel bone and spreads throughout the bottom of the foot, attaching to the toe bones.

Plantar fasciitis occurs when the area becomes inflamed from overuse. Too much pressure leads to tiny microtears in the fascia, causing inflammation, says New York City-based podiatrist and head of Universal Footcare Neha Pathak.

Anyone from athletes to more sedentary people can experience plantar fasciitis, which is usually most painful close to the heel.

“People who are really active are likely to get [plantar fasciitis], but so are people who are overweight, who lose weight quickly or have flat feet or high arches” says Rushton. “Even one day standing at a shopping small can lead to a flare-up.”

The exact cause of plantar fasciitis can differ depending on each person’s anatomy. A foot that’s overly flexible, Rushton explains, has likely suffered from a lack of stabilization, causing too much strain in the plantar fascia. Conversely, someone with a stiff foot might not have enough cushioning in their shoes, which means the bottom of the foot may not be able to stretch sufficiently.

Pathak agrees. “Abnormal foot biomechanics, increased activity or weight gain or incorrect shoe gear choices can all be contributing factors to the condition.”

What to look for in the best shoes for plantar fasciitis

With rest, the majority of plantar fasciitis cases should resolve on their own within four to six weeks. Ice and anti-inflammatory medication can help the process along. Rushton notes that even if runners don’t want to take time off, they should at least avoid increasing their mileage until they are pain-free.

For many people, staying off one’s feet for a great length of time is unrealistic. Finding the proper footwear can allow people to prevent or alleviate plantar fasciitis.

Rushton says it’s all about “achieving a balance between cushion and stability.”

Most people will benefit from a neutral supportive shoe. If you have tight, stiff feet, look for pairs with excellent cushioning, but not that are “so soft you’re not finding the ground,” Rushton says. Rather, seek out pairs with structure to keep the foot in its ideal position during each step.

And for those with flexible feet, great stability is especially important. “No matter what, you want arch support,” Rushton emphasizes. This will help increase the arch for those with flat feet and encourage high arches to drop to a more neutral position.

“I always make sure to remind my patients, as a rule of thumb, that if they can bend the shoe in half, it’s likely unsupportive,” says Pathak. She explains that you also want to look for styles with more rigid heel counters, so that if you are a pronator, the shoe can keep your heel in a neutral position. “This will take undue pressure off of your inflamed plantar fascia,” she says.

The ultimate goal is positioning the foot optimally so that body weight is distributed as evenly as possible, thereby avoiding overtaxing the plantar fascia.

To help narrow down your search, we’ve gathered the best shoes for plantar fasciitis and other foot pain — according to our experts and glowing customer reviews. There are styles for running, walking, working and even sleek everyday pairs for times when you can’t get away with wearing athletic sneakers. Bottom line: There are plenty of cute and comfortable shoes and sneakers for every occasion to help relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, bunions and hammertoes. And it’s worth checking out some of the best insoles for plantar fasciitis, too, in case you need extra support.

Hoka One One Bondi X Sneaker

Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

The Hoka One One Bondi X sneaker has earned the praise of podiatrists like Dr. Rushton. “These Hokas have a really thick sole and good, stable base, making them a pretty darn good shoe for plantar fasciitis right now,” he explains. The sneaker also earns rave reviews for its maximal, marshmallow-like cushioning and carbon fiber plate that offers a smooth transition through the entire gait cycle.

Hoka One One Bondi X Sneaker

Nike Free Run 5.0 Sneakers

Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Nike’s Free Run 5.0 sneakers are highly rated by customers. A convenient walking shoe, the sock-style sneaker is easy to slip on and super breathable thanks to its knit upper. The overall design is structured, with light cushioning that will give you a “barefoot feeling.” This shoe is one of the best walking shoes for men, period, and also a great option for women, too.

Credit: Courtesy of Nike

Courtesy of Nike

Nike Men's Free Run 5.0 Sneakers

Nike Women's Free Run 5.0 Sneakers

Clarks Men’s Atticus LT Mid Boot

Best Work Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

You’d never know Clarks Atticus LT Mid Boot was crafted with ergonomic foot support in mind. Paired with khakis and a blazer, or even a suit, they’re an on-trend option to get you through the work week. An OrthoLite footbed offers plenty of underfoot cushioning to lessen foot stress, thereby alleviating or preventing plantar fasciitis. This is an excellent option for those occasions when sneakers just aren’t appropriate.

Credit: Courtesy of Zappos

Courtesy of Zappos

Clarks Atticus LT Mid Boot

New Balance FuelCell 996v4.5 Tennis Shoes

Best Tennis Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Investing in the best tennis shoes now will keep you in the game for years to come. Focus on your serve and not on foot pain with New Balance’s FuelCell 996v4.5 tennis shoes. The supportive midsole provides great energy return, while outer traction keeps you quick and light on your feet. They come in a regular, wide and an extra-wide fit.

Credit: Courtesy of New Balance

Courtesy of New Balance

New Balance Men's FuelCell 996v4.5

New Balance Women's FuelCell 996v4.5

Dr. Scholl’s Sheena Wedge Sandals

Best Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Just as with the best dress shoes for men, Dr. Scholl’s Sheena sandals will expertly upgrade office garb or transition looks from day to night. With these wedges, you still get the height you crave, but they distribute weight far more evenly than a stiletto and include an anatomically contoured footbed for superb arch support. Plus, the open-toed design gives your digits plenty of space. These shoes come in a variety of neutral colors to suit any ensemble.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Dr. Scholl’s Sheena Wedge Sandals

Oofos Women’s Ooahh Luxe Recovery Sandal

Best House Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Lounging at home in a pair of slippers or slides that don’t offer proper foot support can take all the fun out of chilling out. The best men’s slippers and women’s slippers should help de-stress your feet. The ideal pick for any lady, these women’s-only Oofos Ooahh Luxe recovery sandals are the perfect pair to easily slip on indoors. Unlike most house shoes, they offer arch support and foam padding. They’re lightweight and easy to get around in, perfect for supporting sore knees or lower back.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Oofos Women’s Ooahh Luxe Recovery Sandal
$75 – $187

Merrell Moab Speed Hiking Shoes

Best Hiking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Some of the best hiking boots for men to wear on any adventure and a great option for women as well, the Merrell Moab Speed Hiking Shoes cut down the bulk of typical hiking boots — meaning less foot fatigue miles into a long hike. Breathable outer material fights sweat and foot fungus, while a toe cap protects the feet in tough terrain. The foam insole supports proper anatomical alignment.

Credit: Courtesy of DSW

Courtesy of DSW

Merrell Men's Moab Speed Hiking Shoes

Merrell Women's Moab Speed Hiking Shoes

Asics Gel-Venture 7 sneakers

Best Workout Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

In addition to being great workout shoes, these are so comfortable and supportive, we’ve even named them some of the best shoes for nurses who are on their feet all day. Asics’ Gel-Venture 7 has rearfoot gel cushioning to support your heel and create a smooth weight transition with every step. The outsole offers excellent durability whether you like to train at the gym or outdoors. And, there’s a removable insole for extra comfort.

Credit: Courtesy of Zappos

Courtesy of Zappos

Asics Men's Gel-Venture 7

Asics Women's Gel-Venture 7

Brooks Revel 5 Women’s Performance Road Running Shoe

Best Athletic Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Brooks Revel 5 is an excellent all-around athletic shoe for preventing and combatting plantar fasciitis. At only $100, the shoes pack a lot of bang for their buck, with lightweight cushioning crafted for proper foot positioning. The responsive outsole offers a spring-y feel, making these a great shoe to wear all day and avoid foot fatigue. The mesh outer is light and molds to your foot while remaining breathable.

Credit: Courtesy of Brooks Running

Courtesy of Brooks Running

Brooks Men's Revel 5

Brooks Women’s Revel 5

Vionic Zinah Slip-On Sneakers

Most Stylish Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Vionic is known for crafting stylish shoes that work hard to protect and support your feet. In fact, the label is considered one of the best orthopedic shoes brands today. An excellent style for plantar fasciitis and one of the best women’s slip-on sneakers you can buy, Vionic’s Zinah is versatile, chic and oh-so comfortable. Its mix of leather, nubuck, and faux exotic trim makes it a sophisticated pick that can easily take you from work to the weekend, while its stable heel, arch support and cushioning promise to keep feet happy for hours.

Credit: Courtesy of Vionic Shoes

Courtesy of Vionic Shoes

Vionic Zinah Slip On Sneakers

Nike Metcon 7 Sneakers

Best Cross-Training Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

One of the best cross-training shoes for women and overall best shoes for Crossfit, Nike’s Metcon 7 sneakers have lots of excellent upgrades from their predecessors that make them excellent for dealing with plantar fasciitis. For one, the latest model features Nike’s new “React foam,” a responsive and soft cushioning. While the midsole is forgiving, the shoe also has a sturdy heel to provide much-needed support for activities like weight training. And, a rubber tread means you can be sure of your footing.

Credit: Courtesy of Nike

Courtesy of Nike

Nike Men's Metcon 7 Sneakers

Nike Women's Metcon 7 Sneakers

Altra Torin 5 Luxe Sneaker

Best Trail Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

“I like this shoe because it lets your heel sit lower,” says Dr. Rushton. “It’s favored by runners on the Ultra scene, and great for trail running. It’s similar to a barefoot-style shoe, but has cushioning and a wide toe box.” Altra sneakers are designed to encourage proper foot alignment and provide a soft landing with every step. The only downside of this pair? You may need to break it in, notes Dr. Rushton.

Credit: Courtesy of Altra Running

Courtesy of Altra Running

Altra Men's Torin 5 Luxe

Altra Women’s Torin 5 Luxe

Orthofeet Women’s Orthopedic Sneakers

Best Orthopedic Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Available in extended widths fit all foot sizes, Orthofeet’s Orthopedic sneakers boast all the hallmarks of the best orthopedic shoes for women. Premium orthotic insoles offer anatomical arch support, as multiple layers of cushioning give each step a pillow-like feel. The roomy toe box allows for plenty of space for bunions and hammer toes as well.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Orthofeet Orthopedic Women’s Sneakers

Sorel Women’s Emilie Chelsea Waterproof Ankle Boots

Best Non-Slip Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Sorel’s Emilie chelsea boots have a rubber outsole for superior traction in wet weather and a leather-wrapped heel to enhance stability. Even the outer is weatherproof and built to last for years. Those suffering from plantar fasciitis will take comfort in the removable die-cut memory EVA footbed that creates ideal foot alignment and equally distributes pressure. Reviewers call them some of the best shoes for standing all day.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Sorel Women’s Chelsea Boots
$56 – $248

Orthofeet Women’s Quincy Slip-On

Best Shoes for Bunions and Plantar Fasciitis

What’s more cumbersome than one foot ailment? Multiple, painful issues. Luckily, if you’re suffering from bunions and plantar fasciitis, there are shoes that will support you in more than one way, like Orthofeet’s Quincy Slip-Ons. Dubbed one of the best shoes for bunions by a podiatrist, these boast a flexible outer and come in multiple widths to accommodate the bony protrusions. Additionally, they offer anatomical arch and heel support to relieve tension on the plantar fascia.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Orthofeet Quincy Slip-On

FootJoy 2020 Pro/SL Golf Shoes

Best Golf Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

You’re sure to find the right fit with FootJoy’s 2020 Pro/SL Golf Shoes, which come in a narrow, regular, wide and extra-wide width sizes. The style features a sleek, waterproof upper, lightweight cushioned footbed for heel support and shock absorption and a spike-less outsole that still offers excellent traction and durability in all sorts of conditions.

Credit: Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

FootJoy Men’s 2020 Pro/SL Golf Shoes

FootJoy Women’s 2020 Pro/SL Golf Shoes

OrthoComfoot Slip On Canvas Loafers

Best Loafer for Plantar Fasciitis

When trying shoe styles other than sturdy sneakers, look for pairs with stability features, Dr. Pathak says. One of the most important components is a more rigid heel counter to control pronation and take excess pressure off the plantar fascia. OrthoComfoot’s canvas loafers fit the bill, with top ratings on Amazon. Super convenient to slip on when you’re ready to head out the door, these include an orthotic insole with superior arch support and a gel material that provides support at the heel.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

OrthoComfoot Slip On Canvas Loafers
$58 – $68

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