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Sours: https://www.carcomplaints.com/Ram/1500/2015/accessories-interior/error_message_did_not_train.shtml


Programming A Non-Rolling Code


For programming Garage Door Openers manufactured before 1995.

1. Turn the ignition switch to the ON/RUN position.

2. Place the hand-held transmitter 1 to 3 in (3 to 8 cm) away from the HomeLink

button you wish to program while keeping the HomeLink

3. Simultaneously press and hold both the HomeLink

and the hand-held transmitter button.

4. Continue to hold both buttons until the EVIC/DID display changes from "CHAN-

NEL # TRAINING" to "CHANNEL # TRAINED", then release both buttons.

5. Press and hold the programmed HomeLink



If the EVIC/DID displays "DID NOT TRAIN" repeat from Step 2.

• To program the two remaining HomeLink

remaining button. DO NOT erase the channels.

Using HomeLink®

To operate, push and release the programmed HomeLink

occur for the programmed device (i.e., garage door opener, gate operator, security

system, entry door lock, home/office lighting, etc.,). The hand-held transmitter of the

device may also be used at any time.

• Your motorized door or gate will open and close while you are programming the

universal transceiver. Do not program the transceiver if people or pets are in the

path of the door or gate.

• Do not run your vehicle in a closed garage or confined area while programming

the transceiver. Exhaust gas from your vehicle contains Carbon Monoxide (CO)

which is odorless and colorless. Carbon Monoxide is poisonous when inhaled

and can cause you and others to be severely injured or killed.


button and observe the indicator


buttons, repeat each step for each



indicator light in view.


button you want to program


button. Activation will now



Sours: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/828599/Dodge-Ram-1500.html?page=160
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Power Train Problems of Dodge Ram 1500

The Power Train problem

Pinion nut became loose. It was caught before it totally fell off, however if it did fall off the rear axle could possible seize up and cause loss of control of the vehicle. This is a 2002 Dodge ram with the 9. 25" rear axle and they appear to still have issues to this day with that axle model.   Read details...

The Driveshaft problem

The pinion nut has loosened up and that caused the driveshaft to become unstable and it has caused problems that have to be changed such as (crush slave, inner and outer bearings,spacers, and pinion nut) all have to be replaced.   Read details...

The Differential Unit problem

Rear end differential broke while I was braking down the road and was unable to get out of the way of traffic. Vehicle does not move.   Read details...

The Automatic Transmission problem

The contact stated 2003 Dodge Ram 1500. The contact stated while driving 25 mph, the vehicle made a loud thumping sound and immediately after the check engine light illuminated. The contact was taken to an independent mechanic.   Read details...

The Transfer Case problem

The steering is very loose, when going over a bump the vehicle is pulled into another direction and you temporarily lose control of the vehicle. The 4x4 was not operating properly, so the transfer case was replaced.   Read details...

Sours: https://www.carproblemzoo.com/dodge/ram1500/dodge-ram1500-power-train-problems.php
Five Things I HATE about the 2013+ Dodge Ram

Two crazy tricks to get your 2016 Ram 1500 to connect Homelink with your garage door

It is so frustrating to be reading your owner’s manual and trying to do what it tells you to do and it just doesn’t work. That is the problem that JW, a 2016 Ram 1500 owner, from Texas, is facing as he tries to program his Homelink to operate his garage doors. JW writes, “For the life of me, I can't figure out how to program the Homelink buttons to my garage door openers. Page 160 of the owner's manual says that I need to hold the button until the EVIC/DID display changes from "Channel # Training" to "Channel # Trained". Where the heck do I find this in the EVIC/DID display? Is it on the UConnect screen or the display between the speedometer and tachometer? It's most likely a very easy process that I'm too dumb to figure out!”

I’m sure JW isn’t dumb at all. We have all been in that same driver’s seat. A few other Ram owners had some great suggestions. For anyone that hasn’t had this delightful experience and doesn’t have a clue what JW is talking about, the EVIC is the electronic vehicle information center and the DID is the driver information display. They are typically buttons somewhere on your instrument cluster.

RLM was the first to try to help JW find them. “Not on the EVIC and not on the UConnect screen. Look for actual buttons, likely above the rear view mirror on the ceiling.”

JW knew where the buttons are. But he couldn’t get the display to pop up. “Thanks, but the screen between the speedometer and tachometer is set to show vehicle speed. I know it can be changed to "settings" but where in "settings" do I go? This is the part that's absolutely maddening to me!!”

The first crazy trick to try to program the Homelink

Mac, from Boston, made a suggestion that does not seem plausible or very safe, but he swears that it works. “When you push a button it will automatically come up in evic. Try to program it in drive. That's the only way I could do mine. It wouldn't respond until I put the truck in gear.”

Now, programming your vehicle while it is in gear does not sound safe. Whatever you do, if you are going to try this, do not take your foot off the brake or you will drive into your garage. Trying to program the garage door opener is complicated enough without having to worry about your truck idling or rolling into something. Try at your own risk.

The second crazy trick to try to program the Homelink

Perhaps have a friend with you to help while your try this technique while sitting outside your garage, with the door open. Bubba suggests, “It depends on your garage door opener too. I just moved and had to set mine up. I had to use the door remote and set it to the truck. Then go hit the learn button on the garage door opener go back to the truck and push the garage door opener on the truck twice. Then it was set.”

JW said that he would try the programming “in drive” technique. And he was thrilled to report that it was successful. “Thanks everyone. I was able to get it to work this morning!!”

Another owner, Metal, says he was able to get his programmed as well. “Thanks for the link. Finally got my Genie to work!

Please remember that I am not endorsing programming anything while you are in drive. Be very, very careful. There should be other ways to accomplish getting connected while not risking an accident!

Sours: https://www.torquenews.com/3768/two-crazy-tricks-get-your-2016-ram-1500-connect-homelink-your-garage-door

Not train ram 1500 did

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No One is Telling You the Truth About Dodge Rams, So I Have to

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