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Welcome to the world of China variety shows!!! Still creaming…

娱乐 Just for fun/ For some excitement

Those that I loved the whole season. 这些我喜欢整季。

全员加速中1&2 Run for Time 1&2

Best games related China variety show! There is an overarching story in each episode and players have to complete missions related to the story while avoiding hunters walking around who can eliminate them. 最好看的游戏类型综艺节目。每一期讲诉着一个故事。加速队员必须完成和故事有关的任务,并且躲避能淘汰他们的猎人。

全员加速中1第四期  Run for time1 ep 4

My most favourite episode! 我最喜欢的一期!


王牌对王牌 Ace vs Ace

推荐 Recommended:

王牌对王牌2 第4期  Ace vs Ace 2 ep 4

第4期】《王牌对王牌2》谢霆锋Twins薛之谦决战食神之夜王源为何泪洒 ...

王牌对王牌3 第3期  Ace vs Ace 3 ep 3

FULL】代班队长井柏然来踢馆对战沈腾蔡少芬爆笑游戏成“黑洞”《王牌对 ...

王牌对王牌3 第8期  Ace vs Ace 3 ep 8

FULL】王源邓紫棋联手改编神曲新晋奶爸张杰秀高音“秒杀”沈腾张靓颖再现 ...

王牌对王牌4 第1期  Ace vs Ace 4 ep 1

EP1】华晨宇传声游戏狂飚海豚音沈腾陷失忆黑洞遭王源“花式欺压”《王牌 ...

王牌对王牌4 第2期  Ace vs Ace 4 ep 2

EP2】“大圣”华晨宇《齐天》炸裂舞台王源版宝玉惊艳重现四大名著《王牌 ...

王牌对王牌4 第3期  Ace vs Ace 4 ep 3

EP3】华晨宇跨时空致敬春晚大张伟携开心麻花踢馆被浇成“落汤鸡”《王牌 ...

王牌对王牌4 第5期  Ace vs Ace 4 ep 5

EP5】王牌家族遭遇原队长白百何挑战!华晨宇听力开挂化解高难度混音 ...

王牌对王牌4 第6期  Ace vs Ace 4 ep 6

EP6】姚晨/沙溢13年后重聚华晨宇清唱《烟火里的尘埃》 沈腾放话要给 ...

王牌对王牌4 第9期  Ace vs Ace 4 ep 9

EP9】校园大赛王牌家族遭遇惩罚危机?华晨宇天台爆料引全场惊呼《王牌 ...

王牌对王牌4 第10期  Ace vs Ace 4 ep 10

EP10】“高音之王”争夺战那英/陈伟霆高能踢馆13届快乐男声惊喜现身惹哭 ...

王牌对王牌4 第11期  Ace vs Ace 4 ep 11

王牌对王牌4 第12期  Ace vs Ace 4 ep 12

EP12】王牌家族VS跑男团跑男兄弟暂别原因首度揭秘!华晨宇改编王牌主题 ...


二十四小时 24 hours

推荐 Recommended:

二十四小时1 第1期   24 hours ep 1

二十四小时1 第2期   24 hours ep 2

二十四小时1 第12期   24 hours ep 12

二十四小时2 第3期   24 hours 2 ep 3

二十四小时2 第5期   24 hours 2 ep 5

二十四小时2 第6期   24 hours 2 ep 6

二十四小时2 第8期   24 hours 2 ep 8

二十四小时2 第9期   24 hours 2 ep 9

二十四小时2 第12期   24 hours 2 ep 12


高能少年团 2 Give me five 2

推荐 Recommended: (Watched a few times 看了几遍)

高能少年团2 第5期   Give me five 2 ep 5

高能少年团2 第8期   Give me five 2 ep 8


极限挑战 Go fighting!

推荐 Recommended:

极限挑战6 第二期   Go fighting! S6 ep 2

ENG SUB] Go fighting! S6 EP2:邓伦雷佳音互飚演技大反转郭京飞尖叫 ...


元气满满的哥哥 The Irresistible

Only watched the hide-and-seek portion. 只看了捉迷藏部分。

推荐 Recommended:

元气满满的哥哥第1期  The Irresistible ep 1

元气满满的哥哥第2期  The Irresistible ep 2

元气满满的哥哥第4期  The Irresistible ep 4

元气满满的哥哥第5期  The Irresistible ep 5

元气满满的哥哥第6期  The Irresistible ep 6

元气满满的哥哥第7期  The Irresistible ep 7


高能少年团 Give me five

最强大脑 Super Brain

快乐大本营 Happy Camp

放开我北鼻 Let Go of My Baby

小巨人运动会 Little Giant Games

奔跑吧 Keep running


推理 Logic and reasoning

明星侦探 Who’s The Murderer

Click here for Who’s The Murderer 4《明星大侦探4》EP1 Part 1 review: Escape the Nameless Island! 逃出无名岛.


音乐 Music (written by Lucky JM)

Those that I have watched the whole season. 这些我看了整季。

天籁之战 第一季  The Next Season 1

天籁之战第一季(综艺) - 知乎


Get to know Hua Chenyu, became his fan. Most interesting music variety show to me. The participants get to choose a song (some are difficult or funny) for a singer of their choice to rearrange within a limited amount of time. The participants then use the song that they each have prepared to compete with the song the singer rearranged and sings. If they lose, they are eliminated. If they manage to win the singer, they will compete with another singer using the same method. This determines if they go to the final round straight. If they fail to win another singer, they will sing a duet song with a singer and an individual song to compete with other competitors. It is fun to watch the singers who are afraid that they will get a tough song or challenging competitor. Liked watching the singers backstage, eating and playing haha. Hua Chenyu is almost unbeatable and every song that he sings is nice!

认识了华晨宇, 变成他的粉丝。这是我认为最有趣的音乐节目。星素PK。节目是素人选一首歌(有些是难或好笑的歌)给心目中的歌手让他们在限定的时间里改编。素人唱他们已准备好的歌曲PK 歌手改编后表演的歌。如果输了,就会被淘汰。如果赢了,就用同一个方式挑战多一个歌手。这会决定他们是否能直接到总决赛。如果无法战胜另一个歌手,他们就要和一个歌手合唱,加上自己唱一首歌来挑战其他竞争者。歌手们怕拿到难歌或碰到厉害的对手的表情和动作好好笑。喜欢看歌手们在后台吃和玩耍。华晨宇很难被打败,而且他唱的每一首歌都好听!

天籁之战 第二季  The Next Season 2



Watched because of Hua Chenyu. Impressed by Jason Zhang’s ability. However, quite unhappy that Jason Zhang takes up too much screen time to the extent that it affects the screen time of the other singers, especially at the first few episodes. The editing also had some problems in this season.  Similarly, Hua Chenyu is quite unbeatable and more of the songs he sang are added to my list. The competition method is similar to the first season.


明日之子  The Coming One 

Just nice have two of my most favourite China singers, Xue Zhi Qian and Hua Chenyu in this music show. 2nd and 3rd episode are the funniest and best! Rooted for Mao Bu Yi. Unhappy that Meng Zi Kun is eliminated so early. 刚好薛之谦和华晨宇都在这个音乐节目。 第二期和第三期最好笑,最好看。支持了毛不易。对于孟子坤这么快被淘汰感到不满。

燃烧吧少年  X FIRE 



中国好声音第三季 The Voice of China Season 3

Supported Xu Jianqiu, Wang Kaiqi. 支持了徐剑秋,王凯琪 。

中国新歌声 第一季 Sing! China Season 1

Watched because of Jay Chou. Supported Jiang Dunhao. 因为周杰伦而看。支持了蒋敦豪。

中国新歌声 第二季 Sing! China Season 2

Watched because of Jay Chou. Supported Janice Tan. 因为周杰伦而看。支持了陈颖恩。

中国新歌声 第三季 Sing! China Season 3

Watched because of Jay Chou, supported Jay Chou’s team. 因为周杰伦而看,支持了周杰伦战队。Liked Li Zhenwu’s performance. 喜欢黎真吾的表演。


我是歌手 第二季  I am a singer Season 2 

Like G.E.M. and Jason Zhang after watching this season. 因为这季而喜欢邓紫棋和张杰。

我是歌手第三季  I am a singer Season 3

Became a fan of Leo Ku after this season. 因为这季而变成古巨基的粉丝。

歌手 2017  Singer 2017

Get to know about Lion, happy to get to see Jam Hsiao. 认识狮子合唱团,开心能看到萧敬腾。

歌手 2018  Singer 2018 

Watched because of Hua Chenyu. Scanned through the rest of it. 因为华晨宇而看。略看其他部分。


谁是大歌神  Hidden Singer (watched some episodes 看了几集)

Get to know Xue Zhiqian. I am Xue Zhi Qian’s fan now. 认识薛之谦。现在是薛之谦的粉丝。

我想和你唱  Come Sing with Me 

我想和你唱 2  Come Sing with Me 2

无限歌谣季  Unlimited Song Season

青春有你3  Youth With You 3

Check out my music instagram account where I share Chinese songs.

Like this:



I’ve been watching Chinese variety shows for a long time but my biggest gripe is the lack of access to them and how they rarely cater to an international audience i.e. don’t have English subtitles. 

Some of the ones I’ve watched:

- Go Fighting! seasons 1-5 and a bit of season 6 (I dropped it cause I liked the old cast better). My favorite variety to date along with Infinity Challenge.

-Keep Running season 1-3 ish I liked it at first but it became boring to me because I feel like they’re always doing the same thing

-Great Escape season 2 I watched this with my brother and we both enjoyed it. Genuinely looked forward to watching it every week when it came out.

-Back to Field season 4 I recently watched this and surprisingly liked it a lot!

-Fourtry season 2 I mainly watched this for the fashion aspect and some of the celebrities but found it really entertaining too. 

And then I’ve watched a bit of everything else, Who’s the Murderer, Happy Camp, Hahahahaha, etc. but I’ve only watched some episodes. 

Please feel free to recommend me anything as long as english subs are available thanks~~~ 

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*Incomplete list of Henry’s Variety shows both in South Korea & China
*Some of the links require VPN. Try checking it on other sites with name and episode numbers listed





*Youtube Specials

*Radio Guesting




*Youtube Guesting

*For a comprehensive list of his interviews click here.

*Radio Guesting
• (05.09) KBS Volume Up with Suhyun
• (09.05) One Fine Day with Lena

• (08.14) Level Up – EP11


• (01.11) Box Life EP 2
• (02.25) Sugarman EP6 Full episode / [ENG SUB]Sunny Henry Cut
• (05.18) [RAW/ CHN SUB] Begin Again 2 EP7-12 / Henry cut
• (09.25) ‘Big Picture Family ‘ facetime with henry! Behind Clip *Short Clip
• (11.21) [ENG SUB] Let’s Eat Dinner Together EP106
• (11.29) We Will Channel You EP 3
• (12.10) Blind date Tea House EP 11&12
• (12.10) Section TV EP 943
• (12.21) [ENG SUB] Yoo Huiyeol’s Sketchbook (Christmas EP)
• (12.19) MBC Entertainment Award Show
• I Live Alone
(*Click Here For list of Henry’s episodes)

*Youtube drama
• (02.01) [Thursday stories 2] EP 9 – The boyfriend who changed once he got employed


• (01.20) ~up to Present I Live Alone
(*Click Here For list of Henry’s episodes)
•(01.27)[ENG SUB] Real Class: Elementary School
• (03.04) [ENG SUB]Yoo Huiyeol’s sketchbook Episode 354
• (03.18) [ENG SUB] Knowing Brothers EP 67
• (03.26) Secretly Greatly Prank Cam Project EP15 With Sunghoon
• (05.25) [ENG SUB] Happy Together – Online Boyfriends Special EP 499
• (06.03) [ENG SUB] Oppa Thinking EP 3
• (06.11) [ENG SUB] King of Masked Singer EP 116
• (06.22) Taxi EP 483 with Sunghoon
• (07.02) All Broadcasting in the World (Henry Cut)
• (07.03) [ENG SUB][Pops in Seoul] Henry(헨리) Interview
• (07.05)[ENG SUB] Snowball Project
• (07.10) [ENG SUB]Hello Counselor – Kim Taewoo, Kim Jungmin, Henry EP 332
• (09.17) [ENG SUB]Party People with JYP EP 8 [Youtube Playlist]
• (10.14) [ENG SUB]Master key EP 1-5
• (10.27) [ENG SUB]Life Bar EP 42
• (12.11) My English Puberty EP (Hyoyeon)
• (12.19) MBC Entertainment Award Show

*Radio Guesting
• (06.22) Cultwo Show with NCT

*Youtube Guestings


*Youtube Special/ Guesting
• [InstyleKoreaTV] 헨리, 운동 좀 했니? VOL 1. (06.22), VOL 2 (07.01), VOL 3. (07.07), VOL 4. (07.14)
• (11.20) [KSTYLE TV] Random Kitchen – Cooking for my friend Henry
• (12.18) Experience Dubai with Henry Lau | Visit Dubai
• لقاء العربية مع Henry Super Junior M



• (02.16) Real Men EP45-89
• (03.29) Star King [Youtube Playlist]
• (04.10) [ENG SUB]Happy Together – Bluff Special with Henry, Soryong of Tasty & more!
• (04.26) Three Turns, 2014 Rising Star EP246
• (05.10) [ENG SUB]Crime Scene EP 1-4
• (05.18) Section TV
• (06.15) [ENG SUB]Global We Got Married S2 EP11 Compact with Zhou Mi, Henry , Making Film
• (07.29) [ENG SUB]Pops in Seoul – Henry 헨리 (Fantastic)
• (08.04) [ENG SUB]Hello Counselor – Henry, Chu Soyeong, Yu Taeung & more!
• (07.29) Magic Eye
• (07.31) (Stargazing) Star Story with Sunny
• (08.14) [ENG SUB]Happy Together – Combi Special
• (08.27) [ENG SUB]The King of Food | 밥상의 신 – Ep.15
• (09.09-09.10) Fisting Kitchen Master 金炳万的丛林法则
• (09.12) [ENG SUB]Cool Kiz on the Block
• (09.30) [ENG SUB]Yoo Huiyeol’s sketchbook
• (11.27 – year2015) [ENG SUB]Super Junior M Guest House
• (12.05) Always Cantare Full Episodes, henry cut
• (12.29) MBC Entertainment Award Show [Youtube Playlist] / [Performance]


  • (02.22) [ENG SUB] Master Chef Korea Celebrity EP1-5 henry cut- EP1, EP2, EP3, EP4, EP5, with austin
  • (06.13) 黄金 Camera CUT
  • (07.02) Simply K-pop (MC) EP69
  • (07.09) Simply K-pop (MC) EP70
  • (07.24) [ENG SUB]Happy Together – What’s Your Name Special: Henry, Kyuhyun
  • (07.22) [ENG SUB]Hello Counselor – with Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Henry & EXO
  • (07.31) [ENG] JJANG! #45 – Henry Interview, Kpop News & more!
  • (08.08) [ENG] JJANG! #46 – Henry Interview Pt.2, 20s Choice Awards & more!
  • (08.25) [ENG SUB]Mamma Mia Full EP / Henry Cut
  • (09.19-20) [ENG SUB] Idol Star Athletics, Archery, and Futsal Championship
  • (10.08) [ENG SUB]Cool Kiz on the Block : 1988 Again Special – Part 1
  • (10.09) [ENG SUB]Weekly Idol EP 116

*Radio Guesting

*Radio Guesting
• (04.08) MBC Radio – Shindong – SJM
• (04.26) Idol True Colours with Super Junior M


• (02.22 – 03.01) [ENG SUB]Strong heart EP 65–66/ Henry Cut


• (12.19) Star King


• (10.13) Star King EP38 Performance

Happy Camp Playlist
Ep.20170304: Let’s Sing “Heart Fire” Together
EP20180512: Huang Lei leads the “Mushroom House Family”
2018.01.06 with Dwayne Johnson, Li Bingbing – Jumanji
EP.20190202: Lin Yanjun Teaching New Year’s Best In Posture
EP.20191207: Wang Chenyi and “Dancing Storm” With english sub



• (06.21)[ENG SUB] We Are Inlove (Henry Cut)







[HD][Full][Eng Sub] 130706 EXO Happy Camp

Chinese Variety Shows: The Silliest Way to Learn Mandarin

Bless the day that Chinese variety shows first came to be.

How else were we going to learn Mandarin while feeding our need for instant gratification?

Jokes aside, Chinese entertainment is a solid tool for improving your listening, reading and comprehension skills. It’s also great for learning a bit about Chinese culture.

But what exactly is a Chinese variety show?

中國綜藝節目 (zhōng guó zōng yì jié mù) — Chinese variety shows encompass a wide range of televisions genres. In their most basic form, they’re unscripted “group” shows that usually involve games and participant reactions, with a little comedy thrown in.

However, Chinese variety shows can also include reality television aspects and competitions that aren’t necessarily of a humorous nature. In a sense, one could see Chinese variety shows as just a type of competitive reality television.

We found five killer Chinese variety shows that just about anyone would love. But first, let’s break down how Chinese variety shows can help you learn.

Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy. (Download)


How Can Chinese Variety Shows Help Me Learn Chinese?

  • Watching television can help you improve your Mandarin listening skills. The Mandarin spoken on variety shows is often ad-libbed rather than scripted. Watching scripted media is still useful for amping up your Chinese language skills, but variety shows can give you a better idea of what real conversational Mandarin sounds like.
  • Watching variety shows with Chinese subtitles can help with reading skills in real-time conversations. Once again, scripted television is good in this sense, too. But because the Chinese spoken in variety shows is so quick, the subtitles go by quickly, as well. This is a great way to challenge your reading speed.
  • Variety shows can add an element of entertainment to your Chinese study plan that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Studying gets boring sometimes, doesn’t it? There’s no shame in spicing up your study routine with an addictive variety show.

chinese-variety-showsLooking for more entertaining content to liven up your Chinese study routine? Check out FluentU!

FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

It’s an entertaining method to immerse yourself in Chinese the way native speakers really use it, while actively building your vocabulary.

爸爸去哪儿 (bà bà qù nǎ ér) — “Where Are We Going, Dad?”

This one is going to warm your heart and make you laugh at the same time.

“Where Are We Going, Dad?” debuted on Hunan Television is 2013 and has become a hit in mainland China and Taiwan. Unfortunately, English-speaking countries haven’t picked up on this adorable, entertaining variety show.

“Where Are We Going, Dad?”features stories of different celebrity fathers and their travels with their young children. Because the pairs live in big cities, they travel to rural areas in China to learn about different ways of life. The kids’ reactions to a totally new world are precious, and their bonding experiences with their fathers are truly heartwarming.

This show mostly focuses on fathers and their kids one-on-one, so there isn’t a lot of dialogue overlap. This makes “Where Are We Going, Dad?”a great choice for beginner learners. The show also includes Chinese subtitles to help you boost your Mandarin reading skills.

中国新说唱 (zhōng guó xīn shuō chàng) — “The Rap of China”

Formerly known as 中国有嘻哈 (zhōng guó yǒu xī hā) — “China’s Got Hip Hop,” this insanely popular Chinese variety show is a bit different than other variety shows you may see in China right now.

It’s credited with helping spread the popularity of rap and hip hop in mainland China in the few short years it’s been on the air. Within a month of its debut episode, the show gained nearly 1.3 billion views. Talk about incredible!

“The Rap of China” is a competitive variety show in which musical artists compete in rap battles for the chance to win a record deal. A ton of rappers from all over the world have made guest appearances on “The Rap of China,” as well.

This show only has Chinese subtitles and the Mandarin spoken is, of course, mostly rap. Because rap is performed so quickly, this show is a great resource for challenging yourself to comprehend Chinese in a super quick manner. Beginners may find this show a bit too complicated to keep up with, but at the very least, it will be entertaining!

中餐厅 (zhōng cān tīng) — “Chinese Restaurant”

We had to throw in a food-focused Chinese variety show, because what’s more addictive than a food show?

In this Hunan Television cooking variety show, TV-famous chefs work together to create incredible dishes with common ingredients. More often than not, things get a bit complicated and hilarity ensues. You’ll want to laugh and eat at the same time!

This show is available through QQ with Chinese subtitles, but you can find episodes on YouTube with English subtitles. Beginners can definitely enjoy “Chinese Restaurant,” but it’s wise to remember that this reality show involves a bunch of people talking at once consistently throughout the show. Think “Chopped” or “Iron Chef,” but without the intense competition. It may be a bit tough to keep track of so many things to translate at once.

快乐大本营 (kuài lè dà běn yíng) — “Happy Camp”

This is one of the longest-running Chinese variety shows on our list—and for good reason! Since 1997, “Happy Camp” has been one of the most popular Chinese television shows in mainland China with an active viewership in the tens of millions. It’s also an award-winning show and responsible for numerous musical albums.

On “Happy Camp,” celebrities from all over the world, not just China, come together to participate in different tongue-in-cheek competitions. These competitions usually involve game show-style battles, musical performances, funny parodies and more. Episodes usually include interviews with the celebrities, too.

This show is great for Mandarin learners who want something to binge-watch that’s modern and topical. This is one of the best Chinese variety shows to watch if you want to learn about what’s popular in China and what modern culture is like.

Currently, you can find a few English-subtitled episodes on YouTube, but the show is only available with Chinese subtitles on MGTV.

挑战者联盟 (tiǎo zhàn zhě lián méng) — “Challenger’s Alliance”

Each episode follows a cast of celebrities, usually actors and singers, as they attempt to spend a day doing an unfamiliar job and completing difficult tasks. If the tasks are completed, the competitor gains a win. Otherwise, they gain a fail.

Tons of popular Chinese celebrities have been on this show, including Kris Wu, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing. If you’re a fan of watching famous people get put into precarious situations, watch this one!

“Challenger’s Alliance” is available online with Chinese subtitles. This one may be a bit tougher on beginner learners, as many people often speak at the same time.


Aren’t Chinese variety shows the best? They’re also pretty awesome for learning about Chinese humor and culture.

Hopefully, at least a few of these unique shows will become a regular favorite of yours. Just try not to binge-watch the whole series in one day!

Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy. (Download)


And One More Thing...

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Start using FluentU on the website with your computer or tablet or, better yet, download the FluentU app from the iTunes or Google Play store.

Em Casalena is a published author, freelance writer and music columnist who writes about a lot of stuff, from music to films to language.

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