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The Christmas left right game (w/printable story)

In today’s post: The LEFT RIGHT game is so much fun to play at your Christmas gift exchange! It’s easy and will have everyone laughing. Free printable story included!

A white elephant gift exchange is a staple at just about every Christmas party, right? Each person brings an inexpensive (or gag) gift wrapped up in pretty paper, and then people take turns selecting a gift. Some versions of the game involve opening gifts right away, and then the gifts can be stolen a certain number of times. It’s usually a ton of fun, but with large groups it can end up taking a long time, and sometimes younger kids get pretty disappointed when the gift they’ve opened is stolen from them. The LEFT RIGHT game is a great alternative to the standard white elephant gift exchange. It’s fairly quick, doesn’t involve stealing (so no one gets sad), and is absolutely hilarious!

Left right game printable story and kids playing the left right game

How to play the Left Right game for gift exchanges

The premise is simple: Everyone sits in a circle holding the gift they brought. Someone reads the story out loud, and every time you hear the word “left” everyone passes their gift to the left. Everytime you hear “right” everyone passes their gift to the right. Sounds easy enough, right?

The Left Right Game printable story

Well, the story is written with LOTS of lefts and rights in it so there’s a whole lot of passing going on. If you get behind, or happen to forget which is left and which is right, you might try to pass your gift the wrong way, which leads to lots of laughs. The left right game works for all ages but is especially fun for kids who think the whole thing is pretty hilarious.

Here’s a quick video that shows how it works:

Free printable Christmas story for the left right game

Click here to download the Left Right Christmas story. It prints out on 2 sheets of 8.5×11 paper. All the “rights” are in red and all the “lefts” are in green to make it easier for whoever’s reading to make sure the group is staying caught up.

The Left Right Game story printable with Christmas gifts

Before you play, count how many people are in your group. There are 17 more rights than lefts in the story, so if you have exactly 17 people playing, everyone will end up with their own gift. If this happens, just say this at the end: “All that’s left now is to open the present you’re holding.” And everyone will pass once more to the left.

The Left Right Game story printable with a Christmas gift

The story for the left right game will take about 5 minutes to read, allowing for a little waiting time for the group to catch up on the passing. If you’d like to make the game longer you can have everyone open their presents and then go around giving each person a chance to trade their gift with someone else. Or you can even read the story again so everyone can see what they are passing this time. Read it faster the second time to make it more fun!

One thing to be aware of is that it’s easier if the person who is reading the story is not also playing the game.

The Left Right Game story printable

Let me know if you play this at your Christmas party or white elephant gift exchange! If you want to find other story options, click here or here!

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Free Gift Exchange Game Printable

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If you are in charge of a holiday party, you may be looking for a unique gift exchange game. This version is great for family, office, church, and any other party but is especially a great gift passing game for situations where people might want to get to know each other better. We have included info on the this Christmas Gift Exchange Game (or any holiday gift exchange) below, plus a free printable of cards to use during it.

christmas gifts for exchange game

As my siblings and I have gotten older, we have gone to having a family Christmas party a week or two before Christmas.

Most of us have our own families and traditions we are starting, or we are splitting time between our family and our in-laws, so getting everyone together on Christmas Eve or Christmas day was getting too hard. The party prior to Christmas has been a great solution.

The last few years I was in charge of our family Christmas Party. We have 26+ people in attendance. Each year we do a white elephant type gift exchange.

We have done several different versions, but a few years ago I wanted to do something new. So today I am sharing with you a Free Gift Exchange Game Printable of the game we did for our party.

Gift Exchange Game

In years past we have done a traditional exchange (steal a present or pick a new one, etc), one that involved dice and if you rolled doubles you could steal, and even the ones where you tell a story and you pass the presents left and right and open them at the end.

This year we decided we wanted something different. I made this printable for us to use as our gift exchange game.

Gift Exchange Game PRintable

How To Play This Gift Exchange Game

I came up with a bunch of different conditions for exchanging gifts with someone, such as “swap presents with the oldest player” or “the player with the shortest hair.”

There were even some that said something like “Lucky you, you get to keep your present or swap it with any player.”

We cut them out and folded them, then put them in a Christmas themed canister. At the party we then handed out random presents to every person from the gift pile. We had everyone open the present so they knew what they had.

You could keep the gifts wrapped for this gift exchange game, we just knew we had a few gag gifts that people would get pretty intense about trying to discard (but joke was on them, they were just fake product boxes with awesome gifts in them).

PS- If you also need a fun game, we have a free printable Danger Word: Christmas Edition based off Ellen’s Game of Games for you.

Free gift exchange game printable that is sure to be a hit

Then I chose a random way to pick who would go first. For me it was whoever had the next birthday, but you could choose the tallest player, or the youngest, or anything you want. Once you have decided how to start the gift exchange game, here is how to play.

That person then drew a slip of paper and followed the instructions. Then the player they swapped with would draw a piece of paper.

This did make it so some people (myself included) never got a chance to swap so you can do it this way, or go around the circle and make everybody choose a piece if you want to make sure everyone gets a chance to draw.

This gift exchange game is not only great for family gatherings but also for work, church, or anywhere else with large groups. It kind of has a “getting to know you” feel to it as well.

I love that it isn’t a traditional “steal the present” game, or a gift passing game using a poem. Those are fun, but have been done at many parties I have attended. It is nice to have something unique.

I have a free printable of this gift exchange game for you below.

Get A Free Printable Gift Exchange Game Here

free printable: Gift exchange game for Christmas parties, church and school activities. Getting to know you feel.

I am happy to share this free gift exchange game printable with you today, but before I do, a few guidelines you should be aware of:

  1. Printables are for personal use only. Do not sell them or claim them as your own.
  2. If you want to share this printable- AWESOME! Just please do so by directing people to this post.
  3. To download, Click on the link, then when the preview comes up, click the download button. You may then choose to “open with Adobe (or your PDF viewer of choice) and then print. If you simply hit print from the preview, the sizing will be way off!
  4. Enjoy!

You may download the printable by CLICKING HERE.

Gift Exchange Game Printable


Gift Exchange Game PRintable

If you want some great party favor ideas, check out these simple, but cute, ornaments I made for our family Christmas party! Also great for teacher gifts.

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Fun Gift Exchange Game - free printables
Fun Gift Exchange Game - free printables
Fun Gift Exchange Game - free printables
Fun Gift Exchange Game - free printables

Want to organize a gift exchange game at your party? Super! Here’s how how to do that + free printables to download instantly to help you make it a fun, feel-good event.

Today’s gift is all about fun and good vibes. It’s a gift exchange game printable to make gift swapping a fun and feel-good event.

I can’t wait to share this printable with you! I hope you’ll like it!

Fun Gift Exchange Game - free printables

What is a gift exchange game?

You know the Secret Santa game where you buy a gift to someone, and they don’t know who they’re getting the gift from? Or the White Elephant gift exchange game where you try to walk away with the best possible present.

Well this gift exchange game printable is a combination of those two and it’s all about feel-good and fun. 

There are two versions: one, where you only swap the gifts and everyone gets to open a gift, and another one where you open the gifts during the game and swap also the opened gifts.

I sometimes like opening the gifts even more than the gift itself, so that’s why there’s also a the “vanilla” version where you only swap gifts.

It’s a simple game: 

1. Everyone will bring one gift and the gifts are chosen randomly.

2. One by one everyone will take one slip from a bowl or a bag and swap the gift according to the slip.

Option 1: After all the slips have been used or after everyone has taken one slip everyone gets to keep and open their gifts. (this is the vanilla version and sometimes vanilla is the best way to go to have fun!)

Option 2: You can also print the second printable and choose to open the presents during the game – it’s up to you. (if you know that everyone is ok that someone will swap an opened gift, then you can play the game this way too.)

You can find the download links for the gift exchange game printables at the end of this post.

A fun gift exchange game {free printables}

There are two cute and helpful printables you can find from this post:

1. The first sheet comes with the instructions how to swap the gifts (without opening them). You can use only these ones and exchange the unopened gifts until all slips are used and then everyone gets to open their gifts. 

  • These slips include instructions like:
    • Swap gifts with the person with the smallest gift
    • Trade gifts with someone with dark hair
    • Everyone pass their gifts to the left
    • Switch gifts with a player wearing a tie
    • And so on..

2. And a second sheet with different instructions to open the presents. You can add these ones with the gift exchanging slips and open the presents during the game.

  •  These slips include instructions like:
    • Open a gift and keep it
    • Open a gift and stay in the game
    • Open the gift and keep it OR stay in the game

You’ll need to print the gift exchange game printables, cut the slips, fold them and put them in a bowl or a bag.

You can download both of the gift exchange game printables at the end of this post.

The instructions for the fun gift exchange game:

Fun Gift Exchange Game - free printables
Fun Gift Exchange Game - free printables

Here are the detailed instructions for this fun gift exchange game:

1. Ask everyone to bring one wrapped gift

2. Print the gift exchange game printables and choose how many slips you’d like to use (more slips = longer game).

3. Cut along the dotted line and fold the slips and put them in a bowl or a bag.

NOTE: If you just want to swap the gifts and everyone gets to open their gift at the end of the gift exchanging then use only the gift swapping slips. If you’d like to open the gifts during the game then print, cut and put those slips in the bowl too.

4. Everyone will pick a wrapped gift (not their own).

5. On their turn everyone will take one slip from the bowl or a bag and swap (and or open) the gift according to the slip. 

NOTE: if you get a slip that asks you to open the gift and you already have a gift that is opened, then just dismiss the “open the gift” part and follow the instructions otherwise.

6. The game is over after all the slips have been used or after everyone has opened their gifts.

How to download the printables

You can download these by clicking the link underneath the image. These are printable gifts, so please feel free to print out as many as you wish and need for your personal use!

Fun Gift Exchange Game - free printables

DOWNLOAD: Fun Gift Exchange Game printable PDF

© SaturdayGift Ltd. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered or sold.

Fun Gift Exchange Game - free printables

DOWNLOAD: Fun Gift Exchange Game printable (optional) PDF

© SaturdayGift Ltd. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered or sold.

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Fun Gift Exchange Game - free printables

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How to play Roll the Dice Christmas Gift Exchange game

Christmas Right Left Passing Gifts Exchange Game Ideas - Free Printable

How to Play the Christmas Right Left Party Game

The left right game for Christmas is a fun and hilarious Christmas passing game for exchanging presents.

First, you’ll need gifts. Ask guests to bring a gender neutral present. You should set a dollar limit ($5-$10 works fine) as well as instruct them to wrap the gift.

Alternatively, you can put together all the gifts, and include one or two that are of a higher price range to make things a little more fun.

When it’s time to play, have guests sit in a circle with the gift they brought, or select a pre-wrapped gift to start off with.

Download one of the printable passing gifts game printables below, then have one person read it off to the group.

Everytime this person says "right," the group should pass their gift to the right. Whenever the person says "left," the group would then pass their gift to the left.

At the end of the story, whatever gift is left in each person’s hand is theirs gift to keep.

Each printable has the rights and lefts color coded. The person reading should pause to make sure the group passes their gift before continuing with the story or poem.


Gift exchange printable games free

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Christmas Gift Exchange Game

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