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Cities with Best Spectrum Internet Speeds

Spectrum is one of the top internet providers in the country, with a long history and a long-lasting customer base. Yet if you are using them currently, are the download speeds they advertised matching what you're actually getting? Please use this speed test to check your connection and then compare it to what you should have, what else you could have, and what other people are getting as well, which we'll have the data for down below.

To best use this speed test, we recommend using an ethernet cable connection and that you don't have too many internet-intensive processes running on your device or on your network to get an accurate reading. Also, try to take multiple tests at different times during the day, to better see consistency.

Understanding Your Results

Download Speed

Your primary metric for internet speed and what you are likely primarily trying to measure. Your download speed is, simply put, how quickly you can download, stream files, or access information through your connection. ISPs will usually advertise and label their plans by this metric.

Upload Speed

Your upload speed is a measurement of how quickly your connection can send files from your connection to somewhere else. It is a vital metric for people hoping to upload many large files, game online, or video chat often.

Ping Rate/Latency

Ping rate (or latency) is a measurement of how long it takes your device to send a packet and then receive a response through your network. It is especially important for any situation where you don't want much "lag" in online gaming or video calls. Average users want 100ms or less, and gamers and people looking for a perfect connection want 30ms or less.

Spectrum's Advertised Speeds Versus Actual Speeds

You can use the chart to see, based on FCC data, whether Spectrum generally provides the speeds they are promising. Broken down by plan, if your speed is much lower, you may wish to investigate the matter further or consider switching providers. However, Spectrum is good about this, with many plans on average performing better than advertised.

Spectrum Advertised Speeds vs. Actual Speeds

If you're curious as to what the best Spectrum customers are getting, this graph showcases the average download speed of the fastest 10 percent of those who used a speed test.

Spectrum Internet Fastest Download Speeds

You can use this graph to get a better idea of the average download speeds for Spectrum across all users across the country. Naturally, based on your plan and location, your speed will vary from this.

Spectrum Internet Average Download Speeds

Cities that Have the Fastest Spectrum Internet Connections

CityCoverageMax SpeedAvg SpeedType
Brooklyn, NY28.02%1 Gbps940 MbpsCable
Queens, NY95.92%1 Gbps940 MbpsCable
Manhattan, NY90.45%1 Gbps940 MbpsCable
Round Rock, TX99.60%1 Gbps940 MbpsCable
New Braunfels, TX97.90%1 Gbps940 MbpsCable
Cedar Park, TX100.00%1 Gbps940 MbpsCable
Pflugerville, TX37.62%1 Gbps940 MbpsCable
Leander, TX63.30%1 Gbps940 MbpsCable
Kyle, TX65.92%1 Gbps940 MbpsCable
Schertz, TX66.35%1 Gbps940 MbpsCable
Data provided by various data sources including the FCC. For more information please view our sources page.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spectrum

If your internet speed regularly dips or is well below 80 percent of the speed advertised to you, you should look into the problem or consider switching providers. Do note that using WiFi or multiple devices/connections may make it appear as though you’re getting lower speeds than you are actually getting.

About 30-50 percent of advertised speeds, although multiple factors can affect your result, such as interference, distance, equipment used, and more.

This will vary from household to household, but you absolutely need 5-10 Mbps, and most common services and processes combined require a download speed of 25 Mbps to work without issue.


Please do not deny yourself this information or wait any longer to make sure you’re getting what you were promised and what you need. You came to this page for a reason, so follow through and take any further steps that are necessary, even researching alternative providers.


Spectrum Internet Speed Test

About our Spectrum Internet speed test

Our Spectrum Internet speed test will show you how fast your Internet is actually clipping along—which might be different from the advertised speeds. By connecting to servers near you, our speed test gives you the most accurate results possible.

Internet speeds vary throughout the day, so make sure you try the speed test during peak and off-peak hours to get a good idea of how well your Internet is performing. You can also test your WiFi from different rooms in your house to determine where you have the strongest signal. If you have dead zones, adjusting the location of your router/modem can help.

How does the Spectrum Internet speed test work?

An Internet speed test will show your actual connection speed in megabits per second (Mbps).

The Spectrum Internet speed test will prompt your browser to attempt to download a test (or dummy) file. The speed test will keep track of how long it takes for your computer to download this file. Don’t worry—the file is harmless. This size of the file is then divided by the download time to calculate your download speed in megabits per second (Mbps).

Next, the speed test switches things around to upload the same file, calculating how long it takes. The file size is then divided by the upload time to calculate your upload speed.

Your latency is measured in the test as well. Latency is also known as lag time, and a high number is a bad thing here, folks. To test for latency, a signal known as a ping is sent from your computer to your internet server, which then boomerangs back to your computer. The faster data can travel, the lower your latency. The longer it takes for a ping to travel this distance, the higher your latency score is. Low latency scores of 20 ms to 40 ms (milliseconds) is fantastic. A high latency (over 70 ms) can give you noticeable delays when you’re doing things like playing games online.

Keep in mind that advertised speeds are listed as “up to” and are not a promise of actual speed. Still, you should be getting close to the speed you’re paying for most of the time. If not, contact Spectrum and let them know.

For the best results, we recommend using a wired connection to your internet (with an Ethernet cable). Then try it on your WiFi. If there’s a big difference, you might have problems with your router/modem.

If you aren’t getting the speed you need, try resetting your modem. If that doesn’t work, you can contact Spectrum about it. And if you still can’t get the speeds you need, it’s easy to cancel Spectrum and switch to another provider since Spectrum doesn’t have contracts. But keep in mind that a new provider will probably charge an installation fee, though, and may require a contract.

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Spectrum internet speed test

An internet speed test can help you determine whether you’re getting the speeds that your internet service provider has promised. An unbiased speed test from an independent provider will give you the most accurate results without inflated data.

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