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The Best Experience for Hosting Games

The Game dedicated server range emphasizes performance for hosting your favorite games.

Based on a third-generation AMD Ryzen platform, our servers are designed to offer users a lag-free game hosting experience. Gamers can play their favorite online games without any limits in terms of performance and stability. Our specialized Game anti-DDoS protection system is optimized for hosting games and offers two-way mitigation and protection on the application layer.

AMD Ryzen processors, based on ZEN 2 architecture, offer the best performance on the market. They are specially designed to manage parallel tasks, image and video processing, and online multi-player game hosting.

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The advantages of a Game server

Game DDoS Protection

Game DDoS protection is included with all of our Game dedicated servers and is the most efficient and robust on the market. Its purpose is to avoid any downtime for your services. Unlike standard solutions, it is adapted to UDP traffic (used for video, audio and video games), with ingress and egress traffic reviewed. Game-specific profiles can also be applied, to further optimize the protection. In the event of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, players will not notice a thing.

The ultimate gaming experience

Our Game servers have up to 1Gbps bandwidth, to process traffic without compromising service availability. With data centers based across the globe, you can rent servers closest to where your gamers are based, for the lowest latency possible. It is a perfect solution for professional resellers and publishers with optimal performance at an affordable price.

Raw power for gaming

The latest generation of AMD Ryzen processors offers significant architectural changes that are reflected through optimal performance. At OVHcloud, you can harness the full power of these processors, with water-cooling to ensure constant optimal performance. And with this 3rd generation of Ryzen processors, you get up to 30% higher performance compared to previous generations.

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Choose the right server from a wide range of models and options.

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IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Each server has a public IPv4 address and an IPv6 address range. As an option, you can rent additional IPv4 addresses for your dedicated server (up to 256 per machine).

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Anti-DDoS Game Protection

The video game and e-sports sector is one of the most popular targets for DDoS attacks. As a result, it is essential for hosting platforms to be able to mitigate these frequent and massive threats. This is why we have developed specific anti-DDoS protection for this activity.

Anti-DDoS Game Protection

Service-level agreement (SLA) — 99.90%

All of the servers in this range have a 99.90% SLA, ensuring the best availability for your business applications.

All services included


Offer your users the very best gaming experience, and efficient protection against DDoS attacks. Achieve economies of scale by hosting your gaming servers at the best price. Get peace of mind with OVHcloud.


Delegate hosting to a specialist, and focus on your work. Gaming server clusters, cloud gaming... OVHcloud adapts to your needs!


Get specially designed gaming servers, with the best performance/price ratio on the market, and Game DDoS protection included at no extra cost. There are no limits to following your passion!

Assistance and documentation

We offer a range of documentation and online support to assist you in setting up and configuring your dedicated server.

Which games or software programs do you need to rent a Game server for?


Install this free VoIP software on your dedicated server to enjoy its features during your games. It is widely used on Minecraft servers, for exchanges between players.


Win against your opponents when you play multiplayer games, in training or competitions, with TeamSpeak voice chat. Create chat channels for each game your community plays.


Run private games of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter-Strike Source on a Game dedicated server. Performance and fluidity are optimised for your tournaments.


Host Rust on a Game dedicated server to enjoy all the power of this range. Survive as long as possible!


The most popular sandbox multi-player game on the market. Manage your Minecraft servers, and add all the mods you want.


Explore maps filled with dinosaurs, ready to eat you up! Domesticate them, then train them to protect you and collect resources — without having to worry about whether your server is working properly.


Become the most popular Arma community with a Game dedicated server, ready to host hundreds of hours of activity.

Garry's Mod

Get the most out of the Garry's Mod source engine, with the Game range of servers. Build "mods" freely, for memorable gameplay.

Team Fortress

For private online gaming sessions, you can offer your customers private Team Fortress servers.


Play Left 4 Dead 2’s different gaming modes in private mode, on a server specially designed for online gaming.


9 Crafting-Focused Video Games That Are Better With Friends

Co-Op Survival Games

Playing video games with friends is a great way to spend time together without the complications of meeting up in person. Crafting-focused games (also commonly called “survival games”) are especially great for this, as they allow you and your friends to work together towards a common goal.

The genre is a bit hard to define, but generally these games are about collecting materials, crafting items, and building. Some games that lean more heavily into the “survival” side of things can also feature hostile enemies and environments. Status bars are also common, usually requiring you to manage your avatar’s health, hunger, and thirst levels.

And, as far as this list goes, we’re focusing on the cooperative side of the genre—any competitive or PVP-focused (Player Vs. Player) survival games won’t get a mention here.

Some Stuff to Know First

Before we get into the games, we will be discussing how multiplayer works in each game, so we’ll go over some basic terminology now to get it out of the way.

  • Unofficial vs. Official Servers: Official servers are run by the developers of the game, while unofficial servers are run by players. The main advantage to official servers is that they’re (usually) more stable, while unofficial servers can make alterations to the game, typically through the use of mods.
  • Dedicated vs. Non-Dedicated: Both official and unofficial servers are classified as “dedicated servers.” To put it simply, this is because the servers are, well, dedicated to running a game server. They run 24/7, provide the most options, and offer the best performance. Non-dedicated servers come in a few forms, but for this article, all you need to know is that these are servers running off of your or your friend’s PC or console. Some games make this as simple as joining through the friends list, while others require the use of external software. The main disadvantage to non-dedicated servers is that people can’t play on it when the host’s system is offline and that performance issues are more common.
  • Renting a Server: Finally, renting a server is when you pay (usually through a monthly subscription) either the developers of the game or a third-party server provider for your own dedicated server. This allows you to make any alterations to the game you wish (whether that’s difficulty settings or adding mods) and means the server will be running 24/7. You can also set these servers as private to limit who can join.

Now that you know all that, let’s get into the list.

The One You Already Know: Minecraft (PC/Xbox One/PS4/Switch/Mobile Devices)

You already know about Minecraft—it’s the best-selling game of all time and has become the go-to game of the genre.

Regardless of that, we still felt the need to include it here because it’s one of the best cooperative games you can play today. Every mechanic in Minecraft lends itself to being cooperative, whether it’s building a formidable fortress or going mining deep underground. The best part is, with Minecraft’s ridiculously large procedurally generated maps, you can have as many players as you want in the world.

When it comes to playing multiplayer, there can be a few complications though. First off, what version of Minecraft everyone is playing. Currently, there’s Java edition (the original version of the game that’s only available on PC) and Bedrock edition, which is the version of the game available on consoles, mobile devices, and PC with full cross-play support between all platforms.

If you’re on Bedrock, you can either join unofficial servers with your friends, join your friend’s world through the friends list, rent a dedicated server through a third-party provider, or pay Mojang (the developers of Minecraft) $7.99 a month for a “Realm”—an easy-to-customize dedicated server.

On Java, your options are more limited. You can either host a server yourself, join unofficial servers made by the community, get a Java “Realm” for $7.99, or rent a server from a third-party provider. To be clear, there is no way to play cross-platform between Java and Bedrock.

Minecraft is available on the Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Android, iOS, and PC (Bedrock or Java edition).

Build Your Own Factory: Factorio (PC)

Have you ever wanted to build your own factory, dumping mass pollution onto an alien world? No? Well, that’s probably a good thing in real life, but Factorio makes it fun.

In Factorio, you’re deserted on an alien world that you must extort every natural resource out of the make repairs to your ship—that’s the main story anyway, there are a few other additional scenarios. The first thing you’ll notice about Factorio is the visuals—because, to be frank, it’s ugly. But behind those muddy graphics is a wonderfully intricate game.

The main thing you do in Factorio is work out how to build your factory to efficiently produce products. In multiplayer, you’ll be able to figure out those methods together (which I’m sure will lead to zero arguments).

Factorio is currently in Early Access and has been for about 4 years, but the game is still content-rich and surprisingly stable so there’s not much to worry about.

When it comes to playing Factorio in multiplayer, your options are to either host a server on your system or pay a third-party server provider for a dedicated server. (The developers do have a list of providers they recommend.)

Factorio is currently only available on PC.

Open-World Factory Builder: Satisfactory (PC)

Moving on to a game that shares more than a few similarities with Factorio, Satisfactory takes the same logistic-focused gameplay and drops you into a beautiful 3D world to explore as well. Now, of course, like Factorio, your main goal is to extort that beautiful world for its resources, so that’s a bit bittersweet.

The third dimension really does do wonders for Satisfactory though—a large expansive factory with conveyor belts moving every which way is a sight to behold. The large world is a joy to explore with friends, and there are even hostile creatures spread across the map to fight. Satisfactory is in Early Access currently and has been for about a year. It’s still being expanded on, and the game has received multiple large updates since its launch.

When it comes to multiplayer support, your friends can simply join through the friends list. There is a recommended limit of four players, but it isn’t enforced—you can have as many people join as you want.

Satisfactory is currently available on PC on the Epic Games Store, but there is a Steam version launching soon (no guarantee of cross-play currently).

A Grand 2D Adventure: Terraria (PC/Xbox One/PS4/Switch/Mobile Devices)

Terraria is another well-known crafting game, commonly referred to as a “2D Minecraft” (but the games are pretty different). Terraria focuses much more on introducing RPG elements to the crafting formula.

There are many threatening bosses spread across the world of Terraria, and you’ll have to work hard mining and exploring dungeons to get the gear to defeat them. Of course, fighting a floating eyeball or giant wall of flesh (both real bosses in the game) is much easier with friends by your side, and can also lead to a lot of fun, sometimes stressful, but all the same memorable experiences.

When it comes to playing multiplayer on desktop and console, you can either run a non-dedicated server or join an unofficial one. You can also rent dedicated servers from third-party providers. On mobile devices, your only option is to host a local server off of your device.

Terraria is currently available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, iOS, and Android.

A Grand 2D Adventure … in Space: Starbound (PC)

Starbound takes a lot of clear inspiration from Terraria—it’s a 2D survival game with a lot of bosses, enemies, and loot to find. However, it’s not just a cheap copycat, it does introduce its fair share of ideas.

To start, Starbound takes place in space. You have a procedurally generated galaxy to explore with diverse planets to discover. You also have a spaceship to fly and customize. There’s even a loose story you can partake in if you wish, with various alien races spread across the galaxy to fill out the game’s lore. Starbound also has a ridiculous number of blocks that can be used for building and decorating your home and ship.

With all these mechanics, you’re in for a fun planet-hopping ride with Starbound. Of course, it’s fully multiplayer, and you and your friends can work together upgrading your gear and progressing through missions. To set up multiplayer, you’ll either need to host a server yourself or rent one from a third-party provider.

Starbound is currently only available on PC.

A Silly Space Sim: Astroneer (PC/Xbox One/PS4)

If you prefer a more laid-back experience, Astroneer is the game to check out. This colorful aerospace adventure doesn’t place a lot of pressure on you. Your main goals are to expand your base and explore the low-poly planets you’re stranded on.

Astroneer doesn’t take itself seriously, which is great to see—nothing about the game even attempts to be realistic. This makes the game a joy to play, as everything is simple to understand and fun to mess around with. Multiplayer is even better, as you can do some ridiculous stuff with the terraforming features and vehicles if you put your mind to it.

Multiplayer is easy to set up, just join your friends game through the friends list. There are also plans to add support for dedicated servers in the future.

Astroneer is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Gloomy Survival: Don’t Starve Together (PC/Xbox One/PS4)

Don't Starve Together

Don’t Starve Togetheris well known for its gloomy atmosphere and tough as nails gameplay. Not only do you have to worry about making sure your character doesn’t die of starvation (as the title suggests), but you also have to make sure that they don’t die from the inner horrors of their mind as the vicious world you play in drives them insane.

On that pleasant note, it was made to be focused on multiplayer—you and your friends can explore the hand-drawn world together fighting enemies and collecting resources. Joining your friends is as simple as joining through your friends list. Then you can watch each other die over and over again.

Don’t Starve Together is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Sail the Ocean Blue: Raft (PC)

Raft is a game true to its name—everything you do in it revolves around your raft. Your main base of operations is the raft, you collect resources from the raft, and you reach new islands to explore with the raft. This limited scope may sound dull, but Raft introduces plenty of mechanics to keep it interesting.

Realism is completely thrown out the window—you can create a raft that would never have a hope of working in the real world. You can research new parts for your raft, like sails and grills for cooking, and thanks to the most recent update, there’s even a loose story to follow.

Playing multiplayer is simple, just join your friend’s game through the friends list and you can expand the raft together.

Raft is currently only available on PC.

An Honorable (But Glitchy) Mention: Ark: Survival Evolved (PC/Xbox One/PS4/Switch)

Ark: Survival Evolved

We’re only recommending Ark: Survival Evolved to players who are willing to put up with a lot of technical issues in exchange for some good experiences—because when Ark works properly it is a great game. But you’ll deal with major glitches, constant performance issues, and your PC or console sounding like a jetliner any time you play it. These are problems that have persisted in the game since the original Early Access launch in 2015 so, unfortunately, there’s not much hope for them to be patched out now.

If you are willing to look past that, you can have a great time in Ark. Ark’s main feature is its dinosaurs, as they provide some excellent challenges and can even be tamed to work for you. There’s also a satisfying progression path working your way up from stone tools to futuristic sci-fi tech late in the game. And, of course, working up the progression path is much easier with some friends by your side.

As far as multiplayer goes, you have a lot of options. You can run a non-dedicated server from your system, join official and unofficial servers (and this is one of the few times where unofficial servers are more stable), or rent a server from a third-party provider. Playing on unofficial servers allows you to play the game with mods and boost the rates of gathering resources to speed up progression—which is great because on default rates Ark is a pretty massive time-sink.

Ark: Survival Evolved is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and the Switch, although the Switch has it the worse when it comes to technical issues—we don’t recommend it.

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What Is a Dedicated Server for Gaming? And Why You Need It

Most multiplayer games rely on a client-host who both plays and hosts the game at the same time. While simple, this setup causes performance issues such as lag, slow loading times, crashes, lost save files, and dropped games.

A dedicated server is an alternative hosting option that offers a much more stable and enjoyable gaming experience.

This article is an introduction to dedicated servers for gaming. Read on to learn how these servers work and how they enable players to customize and control their gaming environments.

What Is a Dedicated Server for Gaming?

A dedicated gaming server is a computer that hosts a video game for a client. This type of server enables a reliable, stable, and fast connection to your favorite online games.

Dedicated game servers offer more processing, memory, and storage capabilities than other hosting solutions. Regardless of what game you play, the server always has enough resources to run the game fluidly.

A dedicated server is ideal for all popular online games with high workloads, including:

  • Minecraft
  • 7 Days to Die
  • Valheim
  • Counter Strike Global Offensive
  • Ark
  • Rust
  • DOTA 2
  • Killing Floor
  • Arma
  • Ragnarok
  • Terraria
  • Factorio

A dedicated server is a popular option among companies wishing to create a stable online environment for their players. However, an individual can also set up a gaming server and create a private online playground. A server can run both single and multiplayer games.

Why Are Dedicated Servers Better for Gaming?

Every multiplayer online game has a host and clients:

  • Host: A server that transmits data to all the players and keeps the game in sync.
  • Clients: Players participating in the game without hosting responsibilities.

In most online matches, the host is either the player who started the game or the one with the least latency. The host-player uses the computer or console to run the local version of the game, but that device also keeps the entire game in sync for all clients. The host handles:

  • Every player’s location in the game.
  • The activity of all the players.
  • Player interactions.
  • Each character’s loadout.
  • What direction all players are facing.
  • The physics happening around each player.
  • Score and rules.

The host machine requires more memory, bandwidth, and processing power the more players log in and play the game. If the host player has a weak computer or a bad internet connection, the game will suffer from lag, bugs, and crashes.

In a dedicated server setup, the host is not a player. Instead, all players connect to a server with significantly more computing power and a better connection than an average PC or console. The admin is free to:

  • Configure the server to ensure fluid gameplay (choose the operating system, install custom scripts, set up tools, optimize the game configuration, etc.)
  • Control how many players can join the game to prevent players from chewing up processing time or memory.
  • Customize the game rules (number of rounds, maps, allowed weapons, equipment rules, win conditions, character stats, etc.)

Dedicated hosting also eliminates the low-latency advantage the local host has over other players. The lack of unfair advantage makes dedicated servers ideal for competitive gaming.

How Do Dedicated Gaming Servers Work?

A dedicated server for gaming handles all the hosting duties. The server keeps the game in sync for players, managing the following aspects of a game:

  • Player locations.
  • Player activity.
  • Game rules and score.
  • Physics.
  • Loadouts (weapons and equipment).

The dedicated server does not run the game engine, though. The device does not render anything, so the server does not require a graphics card (GPU). Instead, what a server has is high amounts of CPU and RAM, while it instructs client machines on what and when to render. The client device is responsible for:

  • Graphics.
  • Game controls.
  • Sound.

The result of such a setup is an efficient platform for gaming. Games running on dedicated servers do not experience lag, crashes, or glitches.

You can run a dedicated server for gaming from your home, but a much simpler and more affordable option is to rent it from an IT service provider. When your dedicated server is at a professional data center, you do not need to worry about hardware prices, monitoring, overheating, and security. You also get much higher bandwidth, ensuring faster, more responsive gameplay.

Advantages of Dedicated Gaming Servers

Dedicated servers for gaming come with several benefits other hosting options can not offer.

Benefits of a dedicated gaming server

Excellent, Lag-Free Performance

A dedicated gaming server has top-tier hardware and internet connections. The gameplay is never laggy, so expect a smooth gaming experience.

Reliable Infrastructure

Dedicated machines have 24/7 server monitoring, so the game is always available. Even if the local grid goes down, most data centers have a backup generator that ensures the game’s availability.

You also do not have to worry about overheating when using a dedicated gaming server. No matter how much action the game sees, data centers have constant cooling systems that ensure the infrastructure can handle the workload.

High Levels of Customization

The admin defines the hardware required to run the game. You can choose the ideal processor and amount of RAM, plus set bandwidth speeds for an optimal gaming experience.

The admin is also free to define the game rules. The server owner has the freedom typical game hosting does not allow, from editing objectives and maps to changing character stats and traits.

You are also free to determine who can enter the game. Make the server available to the public, use it as a private playground, or create an online arena for a gaming team. The admin can also kick players out of the game for high ping or rule violation.

Ability to Handle High Traffic Demand

Dozens of players can play a game on a dedicated server without impacting performance. The admin is free to set a max cap on the number of players to prevent the game from getting crowded.

No Corrupt Save Files

Dedicated servers are less prone to corrupt save files than typical gaming servers. The game saves your progress reliably, ensuring you can always pick the game up where you left off. A reliable save system is crucial for prolonged multiplayer matches.

High Levels of Security

Dedicated servers are very secure because:

  • The admin defines who can log into the device, so intruders cannot pose as a random player and gain access.
  • A gaming server runs video games and nothing else. The server does not have any applications or emails in the background, so the attack surface is minimal.
  • Hosting providers invest heavily in cybersecurity.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Gaming Servers

Here are the downsides of setting up a gaming server at your home:

  • Complex setup: Setting up a dedicated gaming server requires strong technical skills. The process is complicated and time-consuming, plus you must follow cybersecurity best practices.
  • Regular maintenance: Like any server, a dedicated gaming server requires regular maintenance. You will have to monitor and maintain both the hardware and software of your device.
  • High expenses: Setting up a dedicated gaming server requires a costly investment in hardware equipment. Also, expect high electricity bills, especially if you plan to make the server available to the public.

If you decide to set up a dedicated server with a service provider, though, the only drawback is that you will have to pay a monthly fee.

How to Choose a Dedicated Gaming Server Provider?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a provider for your dedicated gaming server.

Choosing the right dedicated gaming server

Game Compatibility

Some video games are more demanding than others. Ensure the package you choose is strong enough to run the game without stuttering or glitches. Check available documentation from the game developer to check the right hardware setup.

Also, look for a provider that allows you to scale up and down depending on what game you are playing. Scalable resources are also useful when hosting games with a varying number of players.

Learn about FlexServers, the world's only server that allows users to scale vertically with a single reboot.

Hardware Quality

Your provider should offer SSDs and top processors to enable a smooth gaming experience. Look for tier-1 network service providers with top-of-the-line hardware.

Uptime Guarantees

A gaming server must be reliable. A proper uptime guarantee by the service provider ensures you will not experience game crashes or prolonged downtime. The provider should also have a 24/7 support team ready to assist you at all times.

Simple UI and Controls

A provider should simplify your job as an admin. Look for a hosting company that provides different control panels to administrate the game and hardware. Also, consider how quickly you need the server up and running and if the provider can meet your time frame.

Hosting Cost

Different providers charge different prices for hosting services. Compare prices between providers and pick a service that offers the most computing power for your budget.

Security Levels

Your hosting provider must have proper protection against cyberattacks. Look for a hosting plan that includes DDoS protection and robust firewalls.

High levels of security are critical if you plan to collect personal information or payment details from other players.

An Optimal Online Gaming Experience

A dedicated gaming server is the most stable and enjoyable way to play multiplayer games. Set up a gaming server and create an ideal environment to play your favorite online games. Our dedicated server packages offer a wide range of options to tailor your perfect gaming experience.

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How to Setup a Dedicated Server! (100+ Games: 7 Days to Die, Ark, CS GO, GMod, RUST; SteamCMD)

Disclosure: When you purchase a product or a service through our website, we earn a small commission - read more

In today’s world, gaming is no longer only something you do on your own in your living room on a console or pc. Where once the only way to play with someone or against them was to invite some friends over and go multiplayer, now that is not the case. Not only can you connect with any player around the world, whole games are designed on the premise of a large worldwide community.

MMRPGs, massively multiplayer role playing games are hugely popular and they come in all forms of content, genre and style. Lots of different kinds of people game together, women, professionals, seniors, teens. It is not just nerds and geeks who like to game to relax and have fun. Instead of sitting in front of the television, many of us chose to connect and play together.

To host such games though servers are needed. But for some there are limits to connecting to servers and in that case,  there is the option of dedicated gaming servers. A dedicated gaming server is one or a cluster of servers. It allows the person running them to customize a game more, play a different version of a well-known game, play with just friends.

In some cases you can charge for that though care should be taken with the company that developed the game. Check their rules first. Good examples of a massive online game are Minecraft or World of Warcraft.

So forget that stereotype you think of when I talk about gamers. They are everyone and anyone. I am a gamer. If you are looking for the best dedicated game server hosting you are likely a gamer too!

Multiplayer Gaming on the Rise

Increasingly gaming as a way to socialize is becoming more normal and accepted. I enjoy the banter you can have with others, choosing whether to voice chat or not, and meeting people as well as the actual game play. I am not male, I am not living with my parents, and I am not unemployable!

It has even moved beyond that into a profession, there are people who successfully make money from gaming. That can happen from live streaming, endorsements and so on. Back in the 1970s the first games appeared for universities but they soon spread. Games like first person shooter Doom had an important impact on multiplayer gaming as did the 1996 release of Quake.

Popular Online Multiplayer Games

There are a growing number of games that people are setting up dedicated game servers for today. These include but are no way limited to;

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – A very popular first person shooter game where the players can be either counter terrorists or the terrorists.
  • Minecraft – Who would have thought blocks would prove so successful?! Get creative and build your own villages, towns, cities and continents. Currently the most popular sandbox multiplayer game you can buy.
  • Starbound – Another creative sandbox game, more adventure like and you are in space. You need to gather resources to make repairs and explore the planets. There are also quests to undertake and a storyline to follow.
  • Rust – Survival, first person shooter, exploration. Rust is a popular multiplayer sandbox game where is it boasts there is an awful lot of things that can kill you!
  • Killing Floor – With the huge wave of zombie TV, games and movies it is no surprise one of the popular multiplayer games is a zombie one.
  • DayZ – Another survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Space Engineers – A sandbox game set in space. You can explore planets, build space stations and space ships, fly space ships and gather resources.
  • Arma – First person shooter game with lots of simulation, tactical decision making and a mix of small scale and large scale fighting.
  • Ark – An action adventure survival game…with dinosaurs!

What do Game Servers Do?

Before I move on to the best dedicated game server hosting platforms let me give a quick outline on what servers do. In multiplayer games there is the game client, what you handle at home, and what the server handles. Your game client deals with things like;

  1. the graphics
  2. the controls
  3. and the sound

On the server end it or they deal with things like;

  1. the action itself in the game
  2. the player’s positions
  3. the rules of the game and making sure they are followed

You can in principal have your computer act as a game server online but problems can happen and it works a lot better of you have a dedicated game server. At home you might run into issues with your router blocking ports, not being able to handle a lot of players and security issues. It takes a certain level of competence and knowledge that you might not really have. It also takes up some time which you might want to save for actual gaming.

Advantages of Using a Dedicated Game Server

  • A dedicated server should run 24 hours a day 7 days a week, all 365 days a year
  • Able to handle high traffic
  • No issues with overheating
  • Better performance
  • Dedicated servers give more flexibility than shared plans as you are not completing for bandwidth and uptime
  • Using a game focused dedicated server host rather than doing it yourself means you can spend more time actually gaming
  • Less lag issues which really can ruin a game when that gets bad
  • Easy voice chat both as a group or to chat one to one with someone
  • Support for when it is needed, looking for good response times as well as solving times
  • Pre-installed on many are the most popular game servers some of which I mentioned above
  • Space to put in a website of some kind with a website builder to make it easy
  • Ability to integrate that site with the game so you can do extra things like display player rankings
  • Software to have a forum, these are an important part of the gaming community where players can discuss quests, events, strategy and chat
  • Systems of achievements to encourage players further
  • Control panel like Mint panel

Choosing a Dedicated Game Server

  1. Does the server match the technical requirements of the game you want to host?
  2. Is the hardware top of the line? You should lean towards a tier 1 provider with SSDs and excellent processors.
  3. What is the uptime guarantee? You need to know the servers will be reliable. Game crashes all the time will make players angry and some will leave.
  4. How much is it going to cost?
  5. Is customization available?
  6. Are there voice servers, are they pre-installed?
  7. Is there DDoS protection?
  8. Are the gaming modules included with the price of the plan?
  9. Are the modules one click or pre-installed? This would save you a lot of time.
  10. Is there support available at any time? Check what existing customers have to say about this.
  11. Can you have a trial period to see how it goes without committing to a longer contract?
  12. Does it have high level security?

Best Dedicated Game Server Hosting Providers

  1. HostGator
  2. BlueHost
  3. InMotion
  4. GoDaddy
  5. KnownHost
  7. A2Hosting
  8. LiquidWeb
  10. 1&1 IONOS

All of these hosting sites offer other types of hosting services as well as dedicated. Focusing on dedicated server hosting, at a glance with each of these hosts’ cheapest plans you get;

Dedicated platformSupportServer locationStarting priceDDOS protectionServer RAMUptimeBandwidth
HostGator24/7 via live chat, articles,  tutorials and phoneUS$189 a  month regular but run specialsYes8GB99.9% guaranteedUnmetered

phone, live chat, email

Not officially revealed but  servers in US, India and China$119.99 a month regular but run specialsYes4GB99.9% guaranteed5TB
InMotion Hosting24/7

phone, live chat, email

US$115.69 a month regular but run specialsYes4GB99.999% guaranteed6TB

phone, live chat, email

US and some worldwide$172.73 a monthYes4 GB99.9% guaranteedUnmetered
KnownHost24/7 user manuals, ticketing,


US$159 a monthYes8 GB99.995%  guaranteed6 TB
GameServers.com24/7 ticketing and emailUS but also others worldwide$69.99 a monthYes16 GBUnknown10TB
A2Hosting24/7 tickets, FAQs, phone, live chatUS and Asia$119.99 a monthYes8 GB99.9% guaranteed10TB
LiquidWeb24/7   live chat,  ticket or emailUS and the Netherlands$199 a monthYes16 GB100%5 TB
OVH.com24/7 email, phone and live chatNorth America and worldwide$83.99 a monthYes32 GB99.9%Unmetered
1&1 IONOS24/7, FAQs email, phone, ticketEurope and worldwide$70.00 a monthYes8 GB99.99%Unlimited

1. HostGator

A great option for the best dedicated game server hosting is HostGator. They are a well known company in the hosting world and have proven to be reliable though prices are at the higher end compared to the other options. It has an uptime guarantee of 99.9% and a nice unmetered bandwidth. There are three plans available for dedicated game server hosting, Value the cheapest at $189 a month, Power at $249 a month and Enterprise at $289 a month. Here is an outline of what each plan from HostGator offers you;

Value Server

  • RAM is at 8GB
  • Bandwidth is unmetered
  • 4 Core and 8 Thread Intel Xeon-D CPU
  • 24/7 support in various forms to suit anybody’s needs
  • 1TB HDD
  • Price starts at $189 a month but with the current offer if you buy now and opt for the maximum amount of 36 months it works out at $119 a month
  • Can choose between managed or semi-managed servers
  • Account activation is instant
  • Operating system can be CentOS cPanel or Windows Plesk

Power Server – recommended by HostGator

  • Can choose between managed or semi-managed servers
  • Account activation is instant
  • 2TB HDD or 512 GB SSD
  • Operating system can be CentOS cPanel or Windows Plesk
  • Price starts at $249 a month but with current special offer and if you opt for 36 months now you pay $138.99 a month
  • 8 Core and 16 Thread Intel Xeon-D CPU
  • RAM is 16GB
  • Bandwidth is unmetered
  • 24/7 support in various forms to suit anybody’s needs

Enterprise Server

  • 8 Core and 16 Thread Intel Xeon-D CPU
  • RAM is 30GB
  • 1 TB SSD
  • Bandwidth is unmetered
  • Can choose between managed or semi-managed servers
  • Price starts at $289 a month but with current special offer and if you opt for 36 months now you pay $149.01 a month
  • Account activation is instant
  • Operating system can be CentOS cPanel or Windows Plesk
  • 24/7 support in various forms to suit anybody’s needs

The best dedicated game server hosting at HostGator in the basic plan does not offer a choice between SSD and HDD, that starts with the next priced plan. But it has a lot to offer in the form of great customer support, the servers are secure with DDoS protection and it comes with Raid-1 configuration. The number of databases offered are unlimited and then 3 to 5 IP addresses.

This company has been around for over 10 years and is a respected hosting service. The dedicated servers are hosted in the US in a Tier 3 data center and you can opt for managed or semi-managed in all the plans. Their price is a little higher for this hosting service than some other options that I will look at, but I am offering you a guide on the best dedicated game server hosts not the cheapest!

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2. BlueHost

BlueHost is a hosting platform or service that I regularly recommend when questioned about a good hosting option. As well as offering the dedicated server hosting it also has VPS hosting from $29.99 to $119.99 a month, Cloud hosting for $9.99 to $25.99 a month and Shared hosting for $3.95 to $23.99 a month. I will focus here though on their Dedicated hosting plans for the best dedicated game server hosting options.

Dedicated game server hosting with BlueHost falls into 3 fairly priced plans:

  1. Standard plan – $79.99 a month with the new user offer or normally $119.99 a month.
  2. Enhanced plan (recommended by BlueHost) – $99.99 a month with the new user offer or normally $159.99 a month.
  3. Premium plan – $119.99 a month with the new user offer or normally $209.99 a month.

Standard plan (the cheapest) offers users;

  • 4 core and 8 threads
  • 3 GHz CPU
  • 500GB storage mirrored
  • 4GB RAM
  • 5TB bandwidth
  • 1 free domain
  • 3 free IP addresses
  • 24/7 support
  • Free SSL

Enhanced plan (recommended by BlueHost) offers users;

  • 24/7 support
  • Free SSL
  • 4 free IP addresses
  • 1 free domain included
  • 10TB bandwidth
  • RAM is 8GB
  • 1TB mirrored storage
  • 5 GHz CPU
  • 4 cores and 8 threads

Premium plan offers users;

  • 3.3 GHz CPU
  • 4 cores and 8 threads
  • 1TB mirrored storage
  • RAM is 16GB
  • 15TB bandwidth
  • 1 free domain included
  • 5 free IP addresses
  • 24/7 support
  • Free SSL

It is worth noting that at the moment you can get the standard plan but get a free upgrade to more CPU and more storage. BlueHost also promises fast speeds, technology that is kept up to date, a server ready for you within 24 to 72 hours and RAID level 1 configuration.

BlueHost are a lot more affordable than HostGator for example, even if they did not have a special offer of their own to reduce the plans prices even further. It is easy to use, secure and there is a 30 day money back guarantee. So you can give them a try and if you are not satisfied within 30 days you can get your money back.

There are a couple of other cheaper alternatives that I will spell out for you, if your need is specifically about cost, but BlueHost is good for a mix of affordability and decent offers in their plans. You can also nearly always get some kind of new account holder saving.

They also boast an enhanced cPanel that allows you more control and from where you can increase storage without having to contact support. You get root access to your server and it will be completely isolated from all other servers. You will not be impacted by other server’s performances.

Choosing BlueHost as the best dedicated game server hosting service really does make sense, to me and to a lot of other people.

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3. InMotion Hosting

The interesting thing about the dedicated servers with InMotion Hosting is that all of them are SSD at no extra cost. It is also a more affordable option than some other platforms with plans starting at $115.69 a month currently with a special offer. However regular prices are higher by quite a bit with the first plan’s regular price going up to $169.99.

There are 6 plans they offer to people shopping for the best dedicated game server hosting options. These are the Essential plan, their cheapest offering at $115.69 usually, then the Advanced which is their best value plan, the Elite, the CC-500, the CC-1000 and the CC-2000. Let’s take a closer look at the first 3 options;

Essential – best price at $115.69 a month

  • 4 core and 8 threads
  • $115.69 a month with the new user special offer but usually $169.99 a month
  • 9GHz clock speed
  • 4 GB RAM DDR3 ECC usually but promo currently offers Double RAM for no cost
  • 1TB 7.2K HDD or 500GB SSD disk space
  • 6TB data transfer a month
  • 5 IPs for free
  • 2 hours of managed hosting for free
  • CPU cache 8MB
  • Free SSDs
  • Free setup for now but usually there is a charge of $99
  • RAID software (not hardware)
  • Intel® Xeon® E3-1220 v2

Advanced – best value

  • Intel® Xeon® E3-1270 v6
  • $176.59 a month with special offer for new users but usually $209.99 a month
  • 4 Core and 8 threads
  • 2GHz clock speed
  • 8GB RAM DDR4 ECC but offering double RAM for free promo
  • 2TB 7.2K HDD or 500GB SSD disk space
  • RAID software (not hardware)
  • 2 hours of managed hosting for free
  • 10TB data transfer a month
  • 10 IPs for free
  • Your choice of data center
  • CPU cache 8MB
  • Free SSDs
  • Free set up currently but usually a $99 fee


  • Intel® Xeon® E3-1270 v6
  • $248.99 a month with special offer for new users but usually $289.99 a month
  • 4 Core and 8 threads
  • 2GHz clock speed
  • 16GB RAM DDR4 ECC but offering double RAM for free promo
  • 2TB 7.2K HDD x 2 or 500GB SSD x 2 disk space
  • RAID hardware
  • 2 hours of managed hosting for free
  • 10TB data transfer a month
  • 15 IPs for free
  • Your choice of data center
  • CPU cache 8MB
  • Free SSDs
  • Free set up currently but usually a $99 fee

Briefly the CC options start at $350.99 a month with the special offer or $399.99 usually a month and go up to $529.49 a month with special offer or $569.99 usually. In a nutshell they offer;

  • 6 to 16 cores and 12 to 32 threads
  • 7 to 3.0 GHz
  • 16 to 64 GB RAM DDR3 or 4
  • 2 x 500 GB SSD up to 3 x 1 TB SSD
  • RAID hardware included in all of them
  • 4 hours of managed hosting for free in all of them
  • 15TB data transfer a month
  • 15 IPs for free
  • Free set up currently but usually a $99 fee

InMotion Hosting also offer clients on these higher plans a lifetime discount, so you save money the longer you stay with them. However you pay more for things like secondary drives, backup hard drives, hardware firewall, remote KVM, power supply, more memory, better primary drives.

They do have 24/7 support and promise security, reliability and speed. They also promise 99.999% uptime along with DDoS protection.

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4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is another hosting platform where as well as getting dedicated servers, as with other companies you can also get VPS, Cloud and Shared hosting. They offer full root access so you can customize as much as you want, more control and more flexibility. There are 4 plans to choose from, Economy being the most affordable, then Value, Deluxe and Ultimate.

Their prices are in Canadian dollars. I will exchange them to US dollars for you here as that is what the other options are priced with. Be aware that as exchange rates change, these conversions may be more a guide than a precise price. Here is a closer look at those plans.

Economy – cheapest option Linux option is $172.73 a month usually and windows option is $206.24 a month usually

  • 4 Core and 8 threads
  • 1GHz clock speed
  • 4GB RAM
  • 1TB disk space
  • RAID-1
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 3 IPs for free
  • Free 1 year SSL certificate
  • Processor type 1x Xeon E3-1220-v3

Value – Linux option is$202.45 a month usually and windows option is $235.94 a month usually

  • 4 Core and 8 threads
  • 1GHz clock speed
  • 8GB RAM
  • 5 TB disk space
  • RAID-1
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 3 IPs for free
  • Free 1 year SSL certificate
  • Processor type 1x Xeon E3-1220-v3

Deluxe – Linux option is $252.70 a month usually and windows option is $286.18 a month usually

  • 4 Core and 8 threads
  • 1GHz clock speed
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 2 TB disk space
  • RAID-1
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 3 IPs for free
  • Free 1 year SSL certificate
  • Processor type 1x Xeon E3-1220-v3

Ultimate – Linux option is$353.16 a month usually and windows option is $386.67 a month usually

  • 4 Core and 8 threads
  • 1GHz clock speed
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 2 TB disk space
  • RAID-1
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 3 IPs for free
  • Free 1 year SSL certificate
  • Processor type 1x Xeon E3-1220-v3

There is currently a 30% discount on some plans so it  may be possible to get a plan for less right now. GoDaddy offer file backups but charge a fee for that. You can have managed or fully managed options and their servers are based in US but with some presence worldwide.

There is an uptime guarantee of 99.9% and they offer 24/7 support in the form of phone, live chat and email. There is less server RAM in their basic package though compared to some other options, despite being at the higher end of the pricing.

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5. KnownHost

KnownHost are a privately-owned hosting company set in the US, that focus especially on managed dedicated hosting and managed VPS hosting. It has been around for about 15 years and it has a sister company, RocketVPS who offers unmanaged VPS hosting and then a recent acquisition Uberhost that deals more with the Shared hosting. So rather than one brand offering all types of hosting as is the usual with online hosting platforms, they have spread it out between the three of them.

The Linux only 4 hosting plans they offer for dedicated servers are KH-MD1, the lowest priced, then KH-MD2, KH-MD3 and lastly KH-MD4. Here is a closer look;

KH-MD1 – cheapest plan $159.00 a month

  • i7-6700 CPU
  • 4GHz 8MB
  • 8 GB RAM DDR4
  • HDD1 256GB SSD
  • 6TB of bandwidth
  • Max drives 2
  • No RAID hardware available at this level

KH-MD2 – $179.00 a month

  • Xeon E3-1270v5 CPU
  • 6GHz 8MB
  • 8 GB RAM DDR4
  • HDD1 256GB SSD
  • 6TB of bandwidth
  • Max drives 4
  • RAID hardware optional for additional cost

KH-MD3 – $249.00 a month

  • 2 Xeon E5-2430v2 CPU
  • 5GHz 15MB
  • 8 GB RAM DDR3
  • HDD1 256GB SSD
  • 8TB bandwidth
  • Max drives 4
  • RAID hardware optional for additional cost

KH-MD4 – $339.00 a month

  • 2 Xeon E5-2620v3 CPU
  • 4GHz 15MB
  • 16 GB RAM DDR4
  • HDD1 256GB SSD
  • 12 TB bandwidth
  • Max drives 4
  • RAID hardware optional for additional cost

KnownHost’s main data center is in Texas, US and servers are managed fully. This makes this an ideal option for users wanting dedicated game server hosting services who are new to it, or not technically proficient. They have a 99.995% uptime guarantee which means you can basically expect to only have half an hour of server downtime each year. Uptime is a really important part of who you want to go with for your dedicated server.

You can upgrade your server with more RAM, drive space or bandwidth at additional costs. There is no money back guarantee offered to dedicated server users though and no phone support. However their email support is fast and helpful. Also their ticket support is good with users reporting it taking as little as as ten to fifteen minutes for someone to respond when there is a problem.

KnownHost do not do the usual enticement of new buyers by putting the first month or three at a special offer. It is focused on dedicated server users so it has the expertise to deal with any queries. It is not one of the more popular or well-known options for dedicated servers, but those who do try are positive in general about their experiences.

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6. have dedicated and VPS hosting options and also have specific games targeted including Rust, Minecraft and Conan Exiles. It has voice servers too and is currently offering 20% off of some plans. It boasts instant activations, 24/7 support and a large gaming network. There really seems to be a mixed bag of reviews for as an option to host your dedicated game servers. Some praise the support they offer and the server responses, and some are critical.

If you like the look of this platform for hosting your dedicated servers perhaps because of the higher server RAM, be aware there is no uptime promise that I could find. They are though certainly a more affordable option so perhaps worth trying out.

There are 4 plans for dedicated game servers, E3-1220 the cheapest, E3-1240v3, E31270v5 and E5-1650v3. Here is a closer look at those plans;

E3-1220 – cheapest option, $69.99 a month

  • 4 Cores x 3.0Ghz CPU
  • 16 GB RAM
  • HDD 1TB
  • Bandwidth is 10TB
  • DDoS Mitigation 10Gbps

E3-1240v3 – $99.99 a month

  • 4 Cores x 3.4Ghz w/ HT CPU
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 120 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth is10TB
  • DDoS Mitigation 10Gbps

E3-1270v5 – $109.99 a month

  • 4 Cores x 3.6-4.0Ghz w/ HT CPU
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 240 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth is 10TB
  • DDoS Mitigation 10Gbps

E5-1650v3 – $179.99 a month

  • 6 Cores x 3.5Ghz w/ HT CPU
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 240 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth is 10TB
  • DDoS Mitigation 10Gbps has over 300,000 users and seem to focus more specifically on gamers to bring in clients. There is a mixed bag of reviews though and I could find no uptime guarantee. It is the most affordable option for dedicated game server hosting but unclear whether that necessarily makes it the best dedicated game server hosting service.

Something I do like about them though is that you can see the different games they offer, they have a clear map of where their worldwide locations are and the choice of voice servers, Teamspeak, Mumble and Ventrilo are very clear to see and learn more about. Whereas other companies feel more like hosting services in general, this one feels like it knows what gamers want.

7. A2Hosting

A2Hosting are a lesser known hosting platform that have something to offer people looking for dedicated game servers. There are actually four plans and three management levels with their high performance servers. This is to meet the needs of the two different types of users that want dedicated servers. There are those with some technical know-how who are confident in their abilities and want the control for unmanaged options. There are then those who want managed servers where the worry is taken care of and there is no work, or very little work, to be done.

The plans are Unmanaged Flex server, the cheapest option, Discount SSD server, the most popular option, Managed Flex server and Core Flex server. Within each option are three plans called Sprint, Exceed and Mach. When you click on each one, they then each have those more specific plans. Basically giving you a choice between 12 options. Here is a closer look;

Unmanaged Flex Server – three plans, Sprint, Exceed and Mach all of which are great for developers as they are customizable prices range from $119.99 to $299.99;

  • Root access given to you
  • 2 to 8 cores
  • 8 to 16 GB RAM
  • 2×500 to 2 x 1000 GB storage
  • Bandwidth 10TB to 20TB
  • SSL optional

Discount SSD Server from $192.99 to $372.99 all 3 plans are fully managed with;

  • Root access given to you
  • Free cPanel control panel
  • Full hostguard management
  • 2 x 128 GB SSD
  • 10 to 20 TB transfer
  • 8 to 16 GB RAM
  • 2 to 8 cores
  • Free SSL

Managed Flex Server from $169.99 to $349.99 a month with 3 plans that offer;

  • No root access given
  • Free cPanel control panel
  • Full hostguard management
  • 2 x 500 to 2 x 1000 GB storage
  • 10 to 20 TB transfer
  • 8 to 16 GB RAM
  • 2 to 8 cores
  • Free SSL

Core Flex Server from $169.99 a month to $349.99 with 3 plans that offer;

  • Root access given to you
  • Free cPanel control panel
  • Full hostguard management
  • 2 x 500 to 2 x 1000 GB Storage
  • 10 to 20 TB transfer
  • 8 to 16 GB RAM
  • 2 to 8 cores
  • Free SSL

They also offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee and are fast and secure. They include cPanel in their price (that can sometimes come with an extra fee) and have an anytime money back guarantee. Be sure you really do know what you are doing if you opt for a plan that gives you control. Also be sure you have the time to spend on those things, it will after all take up some of your gaming time.

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8. LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb is on my list of the best dedicated game server hosting services because of its speed, reliability and affordability. It is a good hosting provider and is especially suited to those with no time or skill with managing the servers, it is all done for you. Those servers are secure, able to use Windows or Linux and they actually do offer 100% network and uptime guarantee.

This service provider splits their plans between single processor servers and dual processor servers. There are 4 plans for single processor servers and 3 for dual processors. The cheapest plan is $199 a month on the single processor and then it runs up to the top end of the dual processor options which is $599 a month.

Single Processor plans run from $199 to $389 a month and offer;

  • Between 4 to 6 cores
  • 5 GHz to 4.0 GHz
  • 16 GB RAM to 32 GB RAM
  • 2 x 250 GB to 2 x 500 GB
  • SSD primary storage
  • 1 TB SATA Backup drive
  • 5 TB bandwidth to 10 TB bandwidth
  • DDOS protection included
  • Guardian backups
  • Hardware Firewall

Dual Processor plans run from $399 to $599 a month and offer;

  • Between 16 to 24 cores
  • 1 GHz to 2.2 GHz
  • 32 GB RAM to 64 GB RAM
  • 2 x 480 GB
  • Enterprise SSD primary drive
  • 1 TB to 4 TB SATA Backup drive
  • 8 TB Bandwidth to 15 TB
  • DDOS protection included
  • Guardian backups
  • Hardware Firewall

Other promising things about this server host are they do not charge setup fees and their high RAM means they can easily handle the popular multiplayer games such as Counter-Strike, WOW or Minecraft. They do offer savings with a discount for new users on their first 3 months.

They also have great support promises with a 59 second guarantee on live chat or the phone, or half an hour via email or ticket. However their usual prices are one of the higher in this 10 best of list. If you do not know how to cover the costs for your server, this is not the best option.

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9. may not be as common in the world of giant dedicated game server hosting services, but it does have something interesting to offer. A million users agree with me. Its data centers can be found around the world, including Singapore, Australia, the UK, Europe and North America.

Their dedicated servers are designed specifically for gaming mean you can have access to voice chat, host the most popular games and do it securely with DDoS protection. The three plans specific to game hosting are Game 32 the cheapest at $83.99 a month, Game 64 and Game 64 OC.

Here is a closer look at those 3 plans;

Game 32 the cheapest starting at $83.99 a month

  • 4 core and 8 threads
  • 4 GHz to 4.2 GHz
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 2 x 480 GB + 1x4TB SATA
  • DDOS protection included
  • Soft Raid (not hardware)
  • 500 GB storage
  • Root access given
  • Control panel

Game 64 starting at $118.99 a month

  • 4 core and 8 threads
  • 2 GHz to 4.5 GHz
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 2 x 450 GB NVme + 1x4TB SATA
  • DDOS protection included
  • Soft Raid (not hardware)
  • 500 GB storage
  • Root access given
  • Control panel

Game 64 OC starting at $118.99 a month

  • Intel i7-7700K OC
  • 4 cores and 8 threads
  • 7 GHz to 5 GHz
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 2 x 450 GB NVMe + 1x4TB SATA
  • DDOS protection included
  • Soft Raid (not hardware)
  • 500 GB storage
  • Root access given
  • Control panel

This is certainly on the more affordable end of what other host providers offer, though there are extras and configurations that come with extra fees to look out for. are good for users who have experience as there are a lot of advanced options you can play around with. However the more than 50 configurations might make this hosting platform a bit too complicated for anyone with just basic knowledge.

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10. 1&1 IONOS

1&1Hosting have recently merged with another company and they have renamed themselves 1&1 IONOS but they have promised nothing drastic will change for existing server holders. They stand by what they offer still. They have other types of hosting options as well as the dedicated gamer server hosting like shared and VPS and are committed to offering powerful and user friendly dedicated hardware.

There are two types of packages, HDD or SSD/NVMe. In each type there are 4 plans. For HDD those plans are A8i HDD, the cheapest option at $70 a month , L-16 HDD at $80 a month, XL-32 HDD at $110 a month and XL-64 HDD at $140 a month. These prices seem amazingly low but I will add here there is a setup fee of $50 for each one. It is worth checking for additional costs when you look into them. In these HDD plans you get;

  • 4 to 8 cores
  • 4 GHz to 3.8 GHz
  • $70 to $140 a month cost
  • $50 setup fee
  • 8 to 64 GB RAM
  • Software or Hardware RAID 1
  • 1000 GB to 2000 GB storage
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Free domain
  • SiteLock malware protection included
  • RailGun content delivery network

In the SSD/NVMe plans you get;

  • 4 to 8 cores
  • 4 GHz to 3.8 GHz
  • $75 to $170 a month cost
  • $50 setup fee
  • 8 to 64 GB RAM
  • Software or Hardware RAID 1
  • 240 GB SSD storage to 480 GB SSD storage or 1000 GB NVMe SSD storage
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Free domain
  • SiteLock malware protection included
  • RailGun content delivery network

1&1 in the past has always been one of the best dedicated game server hosting options because of their affordability. It is a European company and servers are found there but there are some worldwide. It is easy to host games such as WOW or Minecraft on them and you can have Windows servers or Linux.

1&1 have a lot to offer. There are automatic backups going back 6 days should you need it and they promise faster loading times. They offer a control panel for managing but you do not have to administrator the server itself. They also have DDoS protection in place for top security. They do also offer a discount on the first 3 months for new users.

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7 Tips for Choosing a Dedicated Game Server

The old adage you get what you pay for is true sometimes. That is why it became such a well known saying! When it comes to dedicated game server hosting it can be true, but there are actually good deals out there to be found with reliable hosts. Dedicated servers are the top in terms of performance and power in the hosting options and they are the most private. You should not have to worry about someone eating up your storage or about lag. So here are 7 tips to consider as you look at the top ten hosts above.

1)  Your first time does not have to be with the newest or best technology dedicated game server hosting service can offer. Look at things like type of storage, bandwidth, operating system, memory, CPU and disk space, make an estimate on the growth you think you will see over the next couple of years and choose something that can meet those needs. Also keep in mind that some things with some providers will come with extra costs.

2)  Consider taking on more of the management yourself and you could save money. Some hosts offer a choice between fully managed, or not managed, some even offer partially managed plans. Some of those premium things providers might offer you are;

  • Optimization of performance
  • Malware and antivirus scans
  • Monitoring the system
  • Automated backups
  • Recovery
  • Rule and regulation compliance
  • Updates to the operating system and to the software
  • Load balancing
  • SysAdmin dedicated time
  • Automatic scaling configuration

Some providers charge a larger fee for offering those services as part of their plans. If you have the knowledge and experience you can opt for plans and hosts that allow you to take all that on. It is more work for you but it could mean you make significant savings over the long term.

3)  Downtime can be costly so you need to choose a host that is reliable with great uptime guarantees, and excellent methods of communication should you need to contact them. Just 3 hours of being down for Amazon Web Services meant companies lost around $150 million. The standard promise is 99.9%, which would equate to about 45 minutes of downtime monthly, an acceptable number.

4)  Look closely at the security offered and if you have to pay extra for it, do it. Hacking is a real problem even with dedicated game servers. Gaming is a big business nowadays. If you are trying to save money because you are on a budget this is not the place to cut corners. Look for firewalls, SSL certificates and DDoS protection.

5)  Costs can quickly add up so give yourself some space to grow and be flexible.

6)  Support from the host should not be something they charge you for. It should be 24/7 and there should a range of forms so you can use whatever method you prefer, and they should have great response times. Running dedicated game servers makes you one of their premium clients and you should be treated as such. You should also be able to find plenty of resources on websites and forums that offer tutorials, FAQs and other useful information.

7)  Opt for upgrades over customization. If you pay for just what is need when it comes to customization you will have more money to focus on improving the performance and security of your server. Your first priorities should be things like;

  • Firewalls
  • Security
  • Caching tools
  • Disaster recovery
  • High availability
  • Supercharged DNS
  • DDoS protection
  • Load balancing
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Content delivery network

Dedicated Game Servers Hosting FAQ

  1. What is an online dedicated game server?

This basically refers to a computer that runs a server code that enables more than one gamer to play the same game at the same time and be in the same instance.

  1. How does a dedicated game server actually work?

There are different ways to set up a server depending usually on what game is being played. They are always exist even if a player is not yet connected to it. Once a session has been started all players have to leave for that session to end.

  1. Who runs dedicated game servers?

For most console games the servers tend to be managed by the game distributor or developer. There are some though that can be set up by a group of gamers and there are more PC games you can do this with too. If you opt to run a game server you can set your own rules, create a deeper experience and have more control. You decide what player level caps are for example, what punishments are given to cheaters or what the latency requirements will be.

  1. Can a person with a decent home computer set up a dedicated game server on it?

Some games can allow this. Player one can set up their computer as the server, connect to localhost and then players 2 and on can login to their IP address and join them and play. However this can be difficult with hings like blocked IP ports and firewalls. Also you will not be able to host a lot of players this way. Another problem you are likely to run into is that it is hard to run a game like this persistently. Most home internet providers too will either not allow it or expect you to pay for a dedicated IP address.

  1. When would a dedicated server be needed?

If you are going to be hosting games and expect to have 12 or more players regularly playing that is a good time to get a dedicated server. It also a good idea if you plan on having a game that never turns off, called a persistent state or if the game involves match making from a lobby. If the cost is a problem some ask for donations from players but check with the game being played.

  1. What does it mean to be a game developer?

You will basically have to do a lot of managing, setting up, thinking about things like CPU, memory, bandwidth.

  1. What are the most popular games that are used on dedicated gamer servers?

It changes from year to year and from one country to another slightly. But right now popular multiplayer games include Minecraft, League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike, MMORPGS like WOW and many more.

  1. Dedicated server providers all seem to be the same, how do I choose the right one for the game I want to set up?

Look at the game and think about what is more important for that game to be successful. For example something like Minecraft needs a lot of storage and memory and are far more important than for FPS games so look at plans that have better numbers for those area.

If you are hosting a first person shooter more important is the network latency for example. Outline what your game needs and list the providers that offer those better than others. Also think about where the servers are based and then consider their prices.

  1. How do I set up a specific game once I have my server?

That changes depending on the game so I cannot really offer a guide here for every game. In some cases there is an easy one click step to follow, but if you are having problems look up online a tutorial specific to your game and I am sure you will find a great guide.

  1. What is DDoS protection and why is it important to have it?

Basically it is protection against your server being hacked or attacked by someone. DDoS stands for distributed denial of service. It is an important part of your server’s security.

  1. What is Soft RAID and Hard RAID?

It is another way of protecting the data on your server. It stands for redundant array of independent disks and basically puts the same data in different places so that should there be a drive failure of some kind, the data can still be found elsewhere. Soft Raid is software, and Hard RAID is hardware with the latter being more effective and therefore usually a part of higher priced plans or an additional fee.

  1. Private or Public?

A public server can be seen by everyone and played by anyone too. If you are happy to meet new people and have a more varied number of players you are hosting that is fine.

A private server is password protected and is just for you and however many friends you want to join you.

  1. What are voice chat servers?

These are a place where you can join other players to play a multiplayer game and they also have the added feature of being able to voice or talk to others. Common voice chat options are Mumble, Teamspeak and Ventrilo.

  1. How to choose between specialized game servers or normal server hosting?

If you are tech savvy and have experience then go for an unmanaged server and do the set up yourself. You can get everything how you want it, it is cheaper and to install the games find an online tutorial.

If you have not had experience with servers but know how to install and configure the games and run the server opt for a managed option

If you have no experience at all use a specialized hosting service that have 1 click installation options and pre-configured servers.

  1. Can I create a dedicated game server to make a profit?

Basically no. There are some games that have specific rules about charging for playing when you have it on a private server. If you want to create a server do it for the love of the game!

  1. What is Uptime?

This is how much time the service provider are promising your server will be available online to use. This does not include any schedule downtime for upgrades or maintenance though. Most promise 99% or better, why pay for a server that is down all the time when there are other more reliable services.


When it comes to choosing the best dedicated game server hosting service for you, there is a lot to think about and understand. Basically you need to bring it down what do you need your server to do best, memory, speed, bandwidth? Different games have different requirements. Then you need to think about what prices you can afford.

A lot of service providers entice users with lower prices for the first so many months. That is great as it saves you some money but make sure you know what that regular monthly price is going to be. Also check what you are getting included with your plan. Some will charge for set up, some will charge for extra security, and so on. Know where those extra costs are coming from and whether they are worth it.

Take advantage of the money back offers. You do not have to stay with the provider you go with first. Maybe there is something better out there, maybe something better comes alone after. Make the change to something better if you want to.

I like BlueHost in general. It is one of the lower priced options though not the cheapest. It also has good support, good plans and a good reputation. But the other options written about above all have something of merit with them. If you do not find the answers you need here, check out each of their websites for more information just remember they are going to tell you that they are great!

Running a dedicated game hosting server will need patience, money, time and commitment. You do not necessarily need to have technical skill though that can help. But there is still time to be spent doing it. You should expect fast and secure servers, great customer support and able to handle different volumes of traffic.

Some quick tips on these best dedicated game server hosting platforms;

  • Make sure it will work with the game you want to host
  • Make sure it will support the number of players you want to have play
  • Make sure it has some kind of DDoS protection
  • Make sure it has good uptime guarantees
  • Chose a server location that is closer to the main bulk of players
  • Chose SSD where possible, HDD is old school!
  • Check what the game requirements are

Servers 2020 games with dedicated

Host Name Price per Slot\Player* Minimum Slots Location(s) Control Panel Notes Last Update GPORTAL($1.40) 10 Slots Min Germany, The United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, South Africa Custom Solution Instant Setup, No Branding, FTP / File Manager Access, Configurable Options, Advanced DDoS protection, 24/7 support, High Performance Servers, Donation URL 2020-07-17 AA Game Hosting($0.65) 30 Slots Min USA, Australia, Singapore, Canada, UK, France, Germany TCAdmin 2.0 Panel Instant Setup, Advanced DDoS Protection, Mod Support, TCAdmin Control Panel, 24/7 Support, High Performance Servers, Free location swap anytime, Full FTP file access, Backup & Restore functionality, Easy to use Configuration Editor, Custom command lines, Easy one-click updater, 4 Ghz+ processor with SSD/NVMe storage, Voice servers availablem, 48 hour refund 2020-02-22 AscendServers($0.59) 10 Slots Min USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany TCAdmin Panel Instant Setup, No Branding, FTP / File Manager Access, Configurable Options, Advanced DDoS protection, Mod Support 2018-01-30 Nitrado($1.10) 4 Slots Min Argentina, Germany, Great Britain, Turkey, USA (Los Angeles, Miami, New York) Custom Solution Instant Setup, No Branding, FTP / File Manager Access, Configurable Options, Advanced DDoS protection, Phone Support, Free Daily Backups, Free Game-Switch to 100+ other games 2018-05-20 CitadelServers($0.48) 10 Slots Min USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Poland, Singapore, Australia, Italy TCAdmin Panel Instant Setup, No Branding, FTP / File Manager Access, Configurable Options, Advanced DDoS protection, Mod Support 2018-01-30$0.90) 10 Slots Min London, UK - Stockholm, SE - Nuremberg, DE - Montreal, CA - New York, US - Los Angeles, US - Dallas, US - Chicago, US TCAdmin2 Panel Instant Setup, Advanced DDoS Protection, Mod Support, TCAdmin Control Panel, 24/7 Support, High Performance Servers, Free location swap anytime, Full FTP file access, Backup & Restore functionality, Easy to use Configuration Editor, Custom command lines, Easy one-click updater, 4 Ghz+ processor with SSD/NVMe storage, Voice servers availablem, 48 hour refund 2019-09-12 LOW.MS($0.76) 12 Slots Min
  • Nuremberg, Germany
  • Ashburn, USA
  • Miami, USA
  • Dallas, USA
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Singapore
TCAdmin2 Panel (Custom Solution coming soon)
  • 5-Day Refund Policy
  • One-Click Setup
  • Automatic mod updating
  • 24/7 Support
  • FTP Access
  • No Branding
2021-08-24$1.10) 8 Slots


20+ locations including, USA, Canada, UK, NL, France, DE, Italy, Poland, Russia, Japan, South Africa, Australia and more. Custom


Instant setup, No Branding, 5 day satisfaction full refund, 24/7 technical support, High performance dedicated servers, Worldwide network, DDOS protection, Easy setup with server settings editor, Mod support, Clan Pay ,Free location swap anytime, FTP / File Manager Access, Voice servers available. 2019-1-13 GTXGaming($0.96) 16 Slots Min USA, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Australia TCAdmin2 Panel Instant Setup, No Branding, FTP / File Manager Access, Configurable Options, Advanced DDoS protection, Mod Support 2018-05-03 Vilayer($1.90) 20 Slots min Worldwide locations TCAdmin Panel Instant Setup, FTP / File Manager Access, Configurable Options, Advanced DDoS protection 2018-01-30 Needaserver($1.01) 8 slot minimum Worldwide locations TCAdmin Panel Instant Setup, FTP / File Manager Access, Configurable Options, Advanced DDoS protection 2018-15-05 Pingperfect($1.11) 8 slot minimum USA (New York, Atlanta, Texas, St Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle) Canada, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Australia, Singapore, South Africa TCAdmin 2.0 Panel Instant Setup, FTP /File Manager Access, Configurable Options, Advanced DDOS protection, Mod Support, 24/7 Support, Discounts available, Phone Support, Daily backups, swap to any other game with a support ticket 2018-25-06 ServerBlend($1.16) 10 slot minimum USA (Dallas, Texas

Canada (Montreal)



TCAdmin 2.0 Panel Instant setup, Cancel anytime, 14 day satisfaction refund, 24/7 technical support, High performance dedicated server, Optimised network with low ping, DDOS protection, Easy setup with server settings editor, Public Pay ,FREE transfer service, FREE Enjin premium for 45 days 2018-03-11 ZAP-Hosting($0.96) 10 United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Brazil Custom Instant Setup, 24/7 support via Live Chat/Email/Ticket, SSD Storage, FTP Access, Advanced DDOS protection, Easy Configuration, Full mod/plugin support, Free backups 2020-02-21
DEDICATED SERVER QUICK SETUP (Windows) - Don't Starve Together

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