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Vault of Glass raid guide - Destiny 2

Vault of Glass has returned and it’s a little bit different in Destiny 2. For those looking for the optimal strategy for completing this iconic raid, look no further than this Vault of Glass raid guide. Whether you’re a veteran or someone venturing below Venus for the first time, this raid will test you and your Fireteam and offer great rewards for those that complete it.

Last updated on October 17, 2021 at 10:40 p.m. PT

  1. Opening the Vault of Glass
  2. Confluxes
  3. Oracles
  4. Templar
  5. Gorgon's Labyrinth
  6. Gatekeeper
  7. Atheon, Time’s Conflux

Vault of Glass raid guide

The Vault of Glass takes place on Venus, an area that is currently only accessible through the new Legends node in the Director. The raid has a recommended Power of 1300, which shouldn’t be too difficult to reach given Destiny 2’s new lenient Power structure. For those that played the original Vault of Glass back in Destiny 1, most of the encounter remain the same though there are some slight changes.

Recommended weapons – Vault of Glass

While you can likely clear the Vault of Glass with whatever weapons you want or feel most comfortable using, there are some choices that will make it significantly easier for those teams that are struggling to hit DPS checks.

destiny 2 vault of glass raid guide

For starters, Xenophage is almost non-negotiable. This Exotic Machine gun can one-hit Oracles and really puts the hurt on bosses and Champions. You can also have a lot of ammo with the right mod setup. It really shines in all encounters.

Anarchy is another excellent option for those that have it unlocked. During Season of the Splicer, the Breach and Clear mod works with Anarchy, which debuffs bosses and other targets. Anarchy is also one of those “set and forget” weapons that lets you deal DPS with your secondary, like a Sniper Rifle. However, as of Season of the Lost, the boss damage has been reduced and the seasonal mods are different. While this is still a good option for add control and area-denial, there are some other options to consider.

destiny 2 vault of glass

You might also consider using Deathbringer, if you’re able to get the Exotic Catalyst. This is, unironically, a great DPS option. Coupled with Argent Ordnance, Deathbringer can melt the Wyverns, Champions, the Templar, and Atheon.

Weapons that utilize Overload Rounds are critical. There are several Overload Champions in the Vault of Glass, so being able to lock them down is vital to clearing encounters. Find an Overload Mod and use a weapon that you feel most comfortable using. During Season of the Splicer, the Seventh Seraph SMG could overload Champions while also allowing players to generate Warmind Cells.

As for general weapons that make things easier, consider bringing in a Void Shotgun to deal with Minotaurs and Praetorians, a Grenade Launcher with a Blinding Grenades perk, Scout Rifle to deal with long-range combatants, Salvager’s Salvo for one boss DPS option, precision shotguns for another boss DPS strategy, Divinity for the large crit-spot creation, and Tractor Cannon for the debuff.

During Season of the Lost, One Thousand Voices is a viable Power weapon. Coupled with Null Composure, these two can shred through trash mobs and bosses with ease. Part of this is thanks to the seasonal mod, Particle Deconstruction. This mod boosts the damage of Fusion Rifles when you deal damage with Fusion Rifles.

Opening the Vault of Glass

The first encounter in Vault of Glass is to open the raid. This mechanic requires three Vex sync plates to be activated and held until a central spire is formed. Praetorians will spawn (with some backup Vex) to try and reclaim the plates.

  1. Split into teams of two and send two players to each of the three Vex plates
  2. Step into the ring until the white wall around it is built
  3. Defeat Praetorians before they touch the plates
  4. Reclaim any Vex sync plates that are lost
  5. Hold until the Spire forms and the Vault of Glass opens
destiny 2 vault of glass guide

This encounter starts overlooking the entrance to the Vault of Glass. From spawn, you can reach the top by going left and wrapping around to the higher area. There is a Vex sync plate on the left, in front of the door, and on the right. Send two players to each plate.

destiny 2 vault of glass form the spire

Begin by standing in all of the plates to build a connection. Once this happens, Vex will begin spawning. The smaller units, like Goblins and Hobgoblins, cannot take the plates back. The only enemy that can severe the connection and turn the plate red are the Praetorians. Focus on killing these Praetorians before they reach your plate. They will alternate their spawn points.

As you fight, several Cyclops will spawn around the area. These must be neutralized as fast as possible as they can deal extreme amounts of damage. Use Supers and Heavy to knock them down fast.

It’s not required that you stay on the plate once the connection has been made. In fact, it can sometimes make it more difficult. Just focus on stopping the Praetorians.

You can track your progress by looking to the center of the map where the Spire will be forming inside a Vex latticework. The more physical it becomes, the closer you are to opening the Vault of Glass. When it’s fully built, the enemies will despawn and a light will blast out of the Spire and open the door.


After working your way deeper into the Vault of Glass, you will enter the Templar’s Well where the next three encounters will take place. The first of these is the Confluxes encounter. This requires players defend three Confluxes as Vex march towards them to try and sacrifice.

  1. Defend the first Conflux from Vex
  2. Defend the two Confluxes from the Vex
  3. Defend all three Confluxes from the Vex
destiny 2 vault of glass confluxes

The Conflux encounter is really easy to understand as there are no mechanics beyond killing Vex before they reach a Conflux. The real challenge is clearing enemies as fast as possible. Keep an eye out for Wyverns and Champions that spawn, these will be your main threat.

When you have successfully defended a Conflux, it will disappear and there will be a small section where several enemies rush out to try and defeat you. Survive this phase to reach the next Conflux spawns.

destiny 2 vault of glass confluxes overload minotaur

At the start of this fight, there will only be on Conflux in the middle. You can either all defend close to the Conflux or send your team out around the arena to defeat enemies as they spawn. When the two Confluxes spawn, split your team in half and have them each defend one – there’s one on each side. For the final phase where there are three Confluxes, have two players defend each of the Confluxes.

Communication is key here, as it is important to not let too many Vex sacrifice to the Conflux. It’s also vital to not let any Wyverns sacrifice, as they will immediately cause the team to wipe. Defeat them quickly using Supers and Heavy ammo.

destiny 2 vault of glass marked for negation

There is also a mechanic whereby certain Vex units will explode and leave a pool of liquid. Standing in this pool gives players a debuff which will kill them unless they cleanse. There is a Cleansing pool in the center of the arena. This is repeated for the Oracle and Templar encounter.


The Oracles section of the Vault of Glass requires players defeat Vex Oracles that appear around the map. The Oracles must be destroyed in the order they appeared. If the Oracles are destroyed in the wrong order, your team will be marked and will eventually wipe. If the Oracles are destroyed too late, players will be wiped.

  1. Defeat 3 Oracles
  2. Defeat 4 Oracles
  3. Defeat 5 Oracles
  4. Defeat 6 Oracles
  5. Defeat 7 Oracles
destiny 2 vault of glass oracles

The Oracle encounter in Destiny 2’s version of Vault of Glass rewards that the Oracles be defeated in the order that they spawn. This means communication is key and players must recall which Oracle spawned and when.

Ideally, you will have players assigned to an area where an Oracle spawns. They will count the chimes as the Oracles spawn and call out the number when their Oracle appears. For example, if the Oracle you’re watching appears on the fourth chime, you will defeat it fourth. To make this easy, each player should call out their number when the Oracles first appear and call out their number again as they destroy the Oracle – this way each person knows when it’s their turn.

destiny 2 vault of glass oracles hobgoblins

During this encounter, Goblins and Minotaurs will spawn in the arena and Hobgoblins will snipe you from the distant blocks. You must deal with these or avoid them as you destroy the Oracles.

It’s worth noting there are seven Oracles in the arena, which means one player will be responsible for watching and destroying two of them.

It can help to label the Oracle locations so you know where they are. You can split it left and right and label them L1 to L3 and R1 to R4, with the middle Oracle being called “mid”. Use whatever method works for your team.


The Templar fight in the Vault of Glass introduces a new tool called the Aegis or Relic. The fight requires players defeat three Oracles in the correct order, before taking down the Templar’s shield using the Relic and dealing damage. The Templar will teleport to a new location and then the steps must be repeated – unless someone blocks his teleport by standing in the ring.

  1. Grab the Relic to begin the Templar fight
  2. Destroy three Oracles in the correct order
  3. Use the Relic’s Super to remove the Templar’s shield, break players out of Detainment
  4. Deal damage to the Templar, repeat the steps as necessary
destiny 2 vault of glass templar

Before you begin, assign one player to use the Relic. It will be there job to destroy at least one Oracle, take down the Templar’s shield, and protect the team using the Oracle’s shield function. Use the shoot button to heavy attack (which is a slam when activated in mid-air), the melee button for a fast attack, your aiming/ADS button for the shield, and the Super buttons to do the Relic’s firing attack (which removes the Templar’s shield). If the Relic is dropped, it will wipe the team after 10 seconds unless someone picks it up.

The fight starts as soon as the Relic is picked up. From here, the person with the Relic should hang around one side to see where the Oracles spawn. Two other people should also assist. After the first three Oracles spawn, defeat them in the order they appeared.

destiny 2 vault of glass Relic

When the Oracles are gone, the person with the Relic should use the Super ability to knock off the Templar’s shield. You can get Super energy faster by defeating enemies or Oracles with the Relic.

As soon as the Templar’s shield goes down, all players (excluding the Relic holder) should begin damaging the Templar – it’s weak point is its “nose”. Look out for the player who gets Detained

After a few seconds, the Templar will create a ring on the ground to indicate where it will teleport. When it teleports, it will regain its shield and then the previous steps will need to be repeated until the Templar dies.

destiny 2 vault of glass templar one phase

One strategy to increase amount of time in the damage phase is for the Relic holder to prevent the Templar from teleporting. This is done by standing in the circle it makes. If done in time, the circle will change color and eventually disappear – you must stay in the circle until it disappears. If you get out of the circle before then the Templar will still teleport.

The challenge of this method is that if you prevent the Templar from teleporting, it will spawn Praetorians for every successful block. This means the team may need to clear these strong Minotaurs while also focusing on damage.

destiny 2 vault of glass prevent templar teleport

If you want to prevent the Templar from teleporting, a good strategy is to use the platforms near the starting point of the arena – right where the Templar spawns. Placing a Ward of Dawn with Weapons of Light and then a Well of Radiance further along the platform will allow teams to deal a lot of damage. Being this close means you can also use precision shotguns (like First In, Last Out) to deal a lot of damage. Using Anarchy allows players to have other sources of continual damage while using a Shotgun. As the seasons change, the weapons you use will differ, but the strategy of using this corner to deal damage remains viable.

Another option is to set up further away and use Snipers or other types of Power weapons. This lets you keep your distance from the Templar while capitalizing on something like Deathbringer, which has some outrageous DPS during Season of the Splicer thanks to its Exotic Catalyst and certain mods.

Gorgon’s Labyrinth

Though not technically an encounter, players must still pass through the Gorgon’s Labyrinth without dying. If a Gorgon sees you, it will enrage and then wipe the team. The exit is located on the left-hand side of the maze, from the direction of the spawn point.

There are multiple routes through the maze, but the most consistent option tends to be using the large rocks on the left-hand side of the main maze area to jump over the Gorgons.

Updated Gorgon's Labyrinth map forthcoming.


The Gatekeeper is the second last fight in the Vault of Glass. This encounter requires players take the Relic in and out of portals and pass it to one another in a relay race kind of fashion. This encounter introduces Praetorians that have a shield which can only be removed with an attack from the Relic.

  1. Defeat the Gatekeeper and collect the Relic from the middle
  2. Open the Vex portals by standing on the Vex sync plates and send one player into each one
  3. Players inside call out who has the Praetorian
  4. Relic holder goes into the portal to defeat the Praetorian and then give the Relic to the player that was inside
  5. New Relic holder leaves the portal and takes it to the other side of the room and gives it to the player on the sync plate
  6. Sync plate player now takes the Relic into their portal to defeat the Praetorian that spawns
  7. This pattern of taking the Relic across and in is repeated until a Conflux spawns in the center of the main room
  8. All players defend the central Conflux, defeating Praetorians and Wyverns until the encounter completes
destiny 2 vault of glass gatekeeper

There is one main debuff in this fight around which the entire encounter is based around: Teleport Destabilized. This 45 second debuff prevents someone from taking the Relic through a portal more than once. To work around this, if you pass through a portal with the Relic (either into a portal or out into the main room) you will need to drop it for another player to take.

As an example, the player that picks the Relic up first will go into the portal with the Praetorian, defeat it, and then drop the Relic for the player inside the portal. This player will pick up the portal and take it out into the main room and drop it for the player at the other side. This player will take the Relic into the other portal, defeat the Praetorian, and drop the Relic for the other player.

destiny 2 vault of glass gatekeeper praetorian

To start the encounter, defeat the Gatekeeper that is in the center. It will teleport around the arena until it is defeated. Once defeated, grab the Relic that spawns in the middle in front of the island. While the Relic is being picked up, the other players should be opening both portals at the same time by standing on the Vex sync plates.

When both portals are active, send one player into one portal and another player into the other. These players defend a Conflux and call out who has the Praetorian. As soon as the Praetorian is called out, the player with the Relic should immediately enter their portal.

destiny 2 vault of glass gatekeeper guide

As this is playing out, another Gatekeeper will spawn, turning off the portals. The Gatekeeper must be defeated before the portals will reactivate. A Gatekeeper will spawn around about the same time a Praetorian spawns. If everything goes according to plan, six Gatekeepers will be defeated before the final phase begins (including the starting Gatekeeper).

destiny 2 vault of glass gatekeeper overload minotaur

While all this is happening, one or two players will be defending the Vex sync plates. These plates will be continually assaulted by Goblins and Overload Minotaurs. If an Overload Minotaur reaches the plate, it will claim it, shutting down the portal. Try to defeat them as soon as they appear.

destiny 2 vault of glass gatekeeper throne room

After enough Praetorians are defeated, a Conflux will appear in the main throne room. At this point, all players should return to the main area and defend it. The player with the Relic will need to remove the shield of any Praetorians that spawn. Three Wyverns will also spawn close to the end of the encounter.

destiny 2 vault of glass gatekeeper wyverns

Speaking of Wyverns, when the Praetorian spawns inside the portal on one side, the other side will have a Wyvern to deal with.

In terms of which Supers you should be using for this encounter, consider something that’s a one-and-done, like Blade Barrage, Thundercrash, or Nova Bomb. These melt the Wyverns, which is helpful as you may be by yourself when they spawn.

Atheon, Time’s Conflux

The final fight in the Vault of Glass is against Atheon, Time’s Conflux. This encounter teleports three players at random through one of the portals where they must collect a Relic and defeat three sets of three Oracles in the correct order before escaping. Once freed, damage can be dealt to Atheon thanks to the Time’s Vengeance buff.

  1. Destroy the Vex cube to start the fight
  2. Defeat Harpies until three players are teleported – teleported players say which portal they were teleported to
  3. Three players on the outside call out the order that the Oracles appear while defeating Supplicants. They also open the correct portal using the Vex sync plate.
  4. Three players on the inside collect the Relic and destroy the Oracles in the correct order then exit through the portal
  5. All players deal damage to Atheon while the Time’s Vengeance buff lasts
  6. Repeat the steps until Atheon is defeated – it does not have a final stand
vault of glass atheon oracle call out

The main mechanic in this fight that must be perfected is the Oracle callouts. Much like the Oracle and Templar encounters, these Oracles must be destroyed in the correct order. The difference here is that the players on the outside will need to communicate the spawn order to the players that get teleported. For the players that get teleported, the Oracles will appear to spawn at the same time. If the Oracles don’t die in the correct order or are destroyed too late, the whole team will die. There are only two rows of Oracles, so label them in whatever fashion works for your team.

destiny 2 vault of glass atheon guide

Begin the encounter by destroying the Vex cube that is floating over the island. At the point Atheon will spawn and Harpies will begin flying into the throne room. Defeat Harpies while avoiding Atheon’s attacks until three players are teleported.

For the players that remain in the throne room, the task is to open the portal to the area where the other three players were teleported. Meanwhile, they must watch for the Oracles that spawn above the throne room. The order the Oracles spawn must be relayed to the players on the inside. This is repeated three times until 9 Oracles are defeated.

The team that gets teleported must immediately say which side they were teleported to. The side that looks like a jungle is on the right and the desert side is on the left. Once this information is shared, the Vex portal can be opened.

destiny 2 vault of glass atheon teleported oracles

While this is happening, one player must grab the Relic. They will need to use it to destroy Praetorians that spawns down by the portals (the Praetorians will spawn near the teleport you use to exit). During this time, the Oracles will appear and must be destroyed in the order indicated by the outside team. The Relic holder will also need to use the Relic’s cleansing bubble to remove the blinding effect from everyone inside a portal.

destiny 2 vault of glass atheon praetorians

When 9 Oracles are destroyed, the players should leave through the portal as fast as possible. When the last Oracle dies, every player will receive a 30 second buff called Time’s Vengeance which increases ability regeneration and allows everyone to damage Atheon.

All players should get into a position to best damage Atheon. The prevailing strategy is to use the stairs on the side where the team comes through the portal. A Ward of Dawn to the side for Weapons of Light and a Well of Radiance on the stairs means you can be nice and close to Atheon to deal damage.

destiny 2 vault of glass atheon relic cleanse

During the damage phase, a player at random will receive a debuff called Imminent Detain. When this reaches zero, it will detain the player and anyone too close to them. The player should quickly get away from the other players and wait for their teammates to free them by shooting the detainment field.

destiny 2 vault of glass atheon time's vengeance

Unfortunately, the Relic’s shield does not block Atheon’s damage, so it’s only purpose here is to cleanse players that come out of the portals. During the damage phase, the player with the Relic can drop it momentarily to deal damage to Atheon. Remember, if you do drop it, the Relic must be picked up within 10 seconds or it will wipe the team.

When Time’s Vengeance ends, the Relic will disappear and all players should get to a safe place. Be careful, as there’s a good chance a lot of Supplicants and Harpies will remain around the periphery. Quickly defeat as many of them as possible before the next teleportation occurs and the fight repeats.

destiny 2 vault of glass atheon damage phase

Repeat all of this until Atheon is defeated. As soon as Atheon dies, you can claim your rewards from the far side of the throne room.

As for optimal weapons to use during this encounter, the main hurdle for players may be destroying the Oracles. If the three players are shooting the same Oracle, you can use Primary weapons and save Heavy ammo. It can help to have the Relic holder drop the Relic to help damage the Oracles for a few seconds. An alternative is to have players use Xenophage, as that will one-shot the Oracles. Another option is to use a Sniper Rifle, which will allow you to save your Power weapon for Atheon.

destiny 2 vault of glass atheon well of radiance

In terms of dealing damage to Atheon, there are different strategies. You can use one-and-done Supers like Thundercrash, Blade Barrage, and Nova Bomb, as these deal a lot of damage and, thanks to Time’s Vengeance, will regenerate fast enough to get off a second usage. You could also use Salvager’s Salvo with Demolitionist and Vorpal Weapon to shoot, throw a sticky grenade, and shoot again. This deals a whole lot of damage very quickly. You might also consider Deathbringer and stack Argent Ordnance mods for the bonus damage. Of course, having a Sniper Rifle means you can continue to deal considerable damage if you deplete all your Heavy. 

During each season, the go-to weapons will differ slightly. During Season of the Lost, One Thousand Voices with the Particle Deconstruction mod is a clear winner. However, during Season of the Splicer, Anarchy was still a beast. You will tend to want to use whatever is the meta weapon of choice for the current season.

The main key to victory will be ensuring player survivability during the fight. A Well of Radiance or Ward of Dawn are almost critical for this reason, however, seasoned players can likely do without.

The Vault of Glass raid in Destiny 2 should be immediately nostalgic for veterans while also offering some great new twists. For newcomers, it’s a great look at how far Destiny has come in terms of raid design and complexity. Be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews as we cover the Vault of Glass Master difficulty and more. You can find all this valuable information over on the Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide, which is your one-stop shop for everything you need.

Hailing from the land down under, Sam Chandler brings a bit of the southern hemisphere flair to his work. After bouncing round a few universities, securing a bachelor degree, and entering the video game industry, he's found his new family here at Shacknews as a Guides Editor. There's nothing he loves more than crafting a guide that will help someone. If you need help with a guide, or notice something not quite right, you can Tweet him: @SamuelChandler 


Destiny 2 All for One, One for All Guide: Black Armory Raid Challenge

If you're trying to work through the Black Armory raid challenge in Destiny 2, then congratulations for signing yourself up for something that's going to require a lot of biting back curses and internal screaming unless you're equipped with trustworthy mates. Actually bum-rushing through Scourge of the Past isn't hard at all, but it's the Destiny 2 All for One, One for All challenge that requires an unhealthy amount of coordination. We'll give you some tips.

Destiny 2 All for One, One for All Guide: Black Armory Raid Challenge

The challenge name obviously comes from the rather overdone Musketeers motto, and it sounds easy enough to accomplish if not for the fact that you've got to coordinate an entire group and corral them into fetching one of each symbol during the fight.

Our tip for this would be to set up 2 teams. You're going to want to rotate your teams through acquiring the buffs. We're going to refer to them as Team A and Team B

Team A should abseil down and get buffed up first. Once everyone on the team is buffed, Team B (who stayed on the surface), have to kill the Servitor to clear the way for Team A. Then, Team A rockets out of the hole and deposits the buffs in their corresponding areas. For those who need a quick visual guide: the square is on the left, the circle on the top, and the triangle on the right.

Rinse and repeat this process, and a tank will spawn eventually. You also have to keep an eye on the amount of damage actually being done to the boss. You can't just leave them for dead if you want to get the achievement: put the breaks on after the first wave so you're not dipping them too low.

The last time that Team A is heading down the hole, they have to be sure that they're not picking up buffs that they've already had. Someone should keep a running list. Third time's the charm here, so once those buffs have been fetched, the tanks in the encounter will hit the 50% charge mark.

Now, you swap to Team B and they have to go down into the hole to repeat the process. Keep doing this until three tanks have spawned in total, then finish off the boss to complete the Destiny 2 All for One, One for All challenge. It just requires your mates to actually listen to you and to keep a tally of what they've done, because you're not going to be told if you've messed up or not until the whole encounter's over and you're left standing there with your guns in your hands and no reward. Need our tips on anything else? Check out our Etched Crystals Destiny 2 guide for help with getting The Last Word.

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Destiny 2: How To Complete Every Vault Of Glass Challenge

The Destiny 2 version of the Vault of Glass raid has some small yet important changes when compared to its original counterpart. Encounters like Oracles and Gatekeepers have been overhauled, the loot from VoG is much more powerful, and some new challenges have been created to test your fireteam's skill.

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There are two types of challenges: weekly and Triumphs. Weekly challenges rotate every week, granting a second chest worth of loot and additional Spoils of Conquest when that challenge is completed. The challenge only affects one encounter. Triumph challenges are for earning the Fatebreaker title. Today, we'll be going over every challenge for the Vault of Glass raid in Destiny 2, both the weekly challenges and those tied to the Fatebreaker title.

Wait For It...

Wait for it... During the confluxes encounter, only defeat Wyverns while they're sacrificing.

Weekly Challenge? Yes

Throughout the second encounter, Wyverns will occasionally spawn and attempt to sacrifice at a conflux. For this challenge, you can only kill the Wyvern while they're sacrificing.

While you can't kill the Wyvern before they sacrifice, you can still damage them. When a Wyvern spawns, try to bring its health down to 25% or so. Once it begins to sacrifice at a conflux, killing the Wyvern should be much easier.

If a conflux disappears before a Wyvern reaches it, the Wyvern should despawn after a few seconds. Should the Wyvern persist after its conflux despawns, you can kill the Wyvern without voiding the challenge.

The Only Oracle For You

The Only Oracle for You: Complete the Oracle encounter without destroying the same Oracle more than once.

Weekly Challenge? Yes

This is arguably the trickiest weekly challenge out of them all. Fortunately, it isn't too hard if your team knows where each Oracle spawns.

Have each player stand near a unique Oracle spawn location. There are seven in total but only six Guardians, so you'll need to tie two Oracles together as one spawn that a player needs to look over. The most convenient are L3 and R3 (otherwise known as "left dark" and "right dark"), or coupling the middle Oracle with L1 or R1. It's up to your team.

Once a wave of Oracles spawn, your team will destroy them like normal, calling out the order in which they spawn before destroying them. When the wave ends, everyone needs to rotate clockwise to the next Oracle spawn. Even if you didn't have an Oracle spawn, you still need to rotate clockwise. The next wave will spawn. Destroy your Oracle if it spawns, and continue to rotate clockwise until the encounter ends. This way, you don't need to track which Oracles you've destroyed. The encounter will end before you reach your original Oracle location.

A rotation would look something like this:

  • Wave One: You're stationed at middle. The middle Oracle doesn't spawn. You rotate clockwise to L1 once the first set of Oracles are broken.
  • Wave Two: You're stationed at L1. The L1 Oracle spawns second. You destroy your Oracle like normal. You rotate to L2.
  • Wave Three: You're stationed at L2. The L2 Oracle doesn't spawn. When the Oracles are destroyed, you rotate to L3 and R3.
  • Wave Four: You're stationed at L3 and R3, otherwise known as "dark." L3 spawns first, and R3 spawns fourth. You destroy L3 first, wait until it's your turn, then destroy R3 fourth. You rotate to R2.
  • Wave Five: You're stationed at R2. The Oracle spawns. You destroy it as normal. The encounter ends.

Out Of Its Way

Out of Its Way: Defeat the Templar without allowing it to teleport.

Weekly Challenge? Yes

This is the go-to strategy in most Destiny 2 raid groups. When the Aegis wielder destroys the Templar's shields, it'll periodically deploy a circular ring at a certain part of the arena. If someone stands in the ring, the Templar won't teleport, extending the DPS phase.

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Have the Aegis wielder block all Templar teleports. If the Templar detains the Aegis wielder, be sure someone breaks them out. The other five players focus on killing the Templar. If your team deals enough DPS, you can ignore the first set of Oracles entirely. Otherwise, break the first set of Oracles before the Aegis wielder drops the Templar's shield. You should be able to kill the Templar before the second set of Oracles wipe your fireteam.

Strangers In Time

Strangers in Time: During the Gatekeepers encounter, defeat the Wyvern and Praetorian Minotaur enemies within 3 seconds of each other.

Weekly Challenge? Yes

Each portal in the Gatekeepers encounter will spawn one of two enemies: a Wyvern or a Praetorian Minotaur. Normally, the side that gets a Wyvern can kill it as soon as it spawns, and the side with a Praetorian needs to wait for the Aegis wielder to arrive. For this challenge, both sides need to wait until the Praetorian side gets the Aegis so they can break its shield.

Aegis wielders will need to be on their A-game for this challenge, as swapping the shield too slowly will apply immense pressure to both sides instead of just one. Once the Praetorian side has the Aegis, both sides will need to kill their Wyvern or Minotaur within three seconds of each other.

Similar to the conflux weekly challenge, it's a good idea to have the Wyvern side drop the Wyvern's HP to 20% or so while they wait for the Praetorian side to get the Aegis. Once both sides are ready, kill the Wyvern and Minotaur at the same time. You can use a countdown from three to get everyone ready.

Note: You only need to kill the Wyverns and Praetorians from the portals simultaneously. During the conflux defense section in the throne room, you can kill the Wyverns and Minotaurs as you please.

Ensemble's Refrain

Ensemble's Refrain: During the Atheon encounter, destroy no more than one Oracle per Oracle wave.

Weekly Challenge? Yes

Whenever half of your raid team gets teleported to past or future Venus, that team will need each person to destroy one Oracle per wave. If you destroy more than one Oracle in the same wave, the challenge fails. In essence, this forces the Aegis wielder to drop their relic for a second to break an Oracle. You have ten seconds to grab the Aegis again before it despawns, so this challenge shouldn't be that demanding for Aegis wielders.

If your fireteam is struggling with this challenge, have each member destroy a certain Oracle in the set. One person always destroys the first Oracle that spawns, the second person destroys the second Oracle, and the Aegis user will always destroy the last one. This allows the Aegis player to ignore the Oracle callouts and focus on killing adds for that section, only destroying an Oracle once the first two are destroyed. If destroying the Oracles is an issue, have everyone equip Xenophage. It'll one-shot Oracles.

The Oracle you destroy doesn't matter; you just can't break more than one per wave. Don't use Warmind Cells, as they can destroy every Oracle simultaneously and void the challenge.

If your team is struggling with callouts for this encounter, consult our VoG raid guide. We cover how you can avoid inverted callouts in our Atheon section.

Break No Plates

Break No Plates: Complete the Waking Ruins encounter while not losing a single sync plate to the Vex.

Weekly Challenge? No

In essence, you have to complete the opening spire encounter without allowing a single Vex to touch a plate. Minotaurs will be your main concern here, so be sure you have Special or Heavy weapons that can quickly take them out. Warmind Cells and Stasis work as well. If you fail the challenge, you can restart the raid to try again.

Dragon's Den

Dragon's Den: Complete the confluxes encounter while defeating Wyverns with only Super damage.

Weekly Challenge? No

Despite the wording, you can damage the Wyvern with a weapon to weaken it. So long as the final blow is from a Super, you'll complete the Triumph. Use Supers that deal good damage from a distance to stay safe from negation pools.

Good Supers for this challenge include:

  • Golden Gun
  • Blade Barrage
  • Nova Bomb
  • Chaos Reach
  • Thundercrash (be careful where you land)
  • Hammer of Sol

Take Cover

Take Cover: Don't defeat any Hobgoblins during the Oracles encounter.

Weekly Challenge? No

Hobgoblins will spawn on Vex structures outside of the arena throughout the Oracles encounter. You can't kill any of them for this challenge. This is easier said than done, as around a dozen spawn after a few waves.

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You'll want to use mods and a subclass that'll increase your survivability. Protective Light and Sniper Damage Resistance are excellent for this challenge, granting a massive amount of damage resistance for conditions that should be easy to meet (become Charged with Light and stay 40+ meters away from the enemy, respectively).

Good subclasses for this challenge include:

  • Way of the Pathfinder (Hunter): Throw a Smoke Bomb at your feet when you need to leave cover. Pair with The Sixth Coyote to have on-demand invisibility.
  • Attunement of Grace (Warlock): Deploy a Well of Radiance when things get dicey. Any spec with Healing Rift works too.
  • Code of the Protector (Titan): Ward of Dawn is an excellent Super for this challenge, giving you a sizable amount of cover for a long duration.

Tempered Teleport

Tempered Teleport: Complete the Templar encounter while never blocking the Templar's teleport.

Weekly Challenge? No

Most raid teams block the Templar's teleports throughout the encounter, as this extends the amount of time you can damage the boss. For this challenge, you have to let the Templar teleport. This significantly reduces your damage window, so you'll want to bring burst DPS weapons like Rocket Launchers and Shotguns. It takes the boss nearly ten minutes before it enrages, so you have plenty of time to kill the Templar with this strategy.

Too Fast, Two Gorgons

Too Fast, Two Gorgons: Complete the Gorgons' Labyrinth encounter while defeating 2 or more Gorgons within 3 seconds of each other.

Weekly Challenge? No

Gorgons are incredibly tanky in Destiny 2, taking virtually no damage from all weapons. Well, except one. For whatever reason, Wardcliff Coil deals an absurd amount of damage to Gorgons, capable of killing one in just a few rockets.

For this challenge, you'll need to open the hidden chest in the Gorgons' Labyrinth by destroying all six Vex cubes in the maze. Once the hidden chest door is opened, place a Rally Banner to fill your Wardcliff Coil reserves. You can wait for the two Gorgons outside the door to clump together, then have your fireteam unload their Wardcliff Coil rockets into the duo. So long as you have ammo, you should be able to kill both of them within three seconds of each other with no issue.

Rabid Relic

Rabid Relic: Complete the Gatekeepers encounter while only using Relic Super damage to defeat Praetorians.

Weekly Challenge? No

Due to the hot potato nature of the Gatekeepers encounter, it's tough to have a Super charged by the time a Praetorian reaches a conflux. Since you can only deal Super damage to the Praetorians for this challenge, your options for this encounter are extremely limited.

Have your fireteam focus on using Supers and mods that spawn Orbs of Power, as the Orb's Super energy does charge the Aegis' Super faster. Some good Supers include for making Orbs include:

  • Golden Gun (bottom tree)
  • Blade Barrage
  • Chaos Reach
  • Well of Radiance
  • Ward of Dawn
  • Hammer of Sol

You'll also want to use a Masterworked weapon to generate Orbs of Power on multikills.

As for mods, you'll want to use Vex Breaker, Vex Destroyer, or Vex Striker—all of which are VoG-exclusive raid mods that generate Orbs of Power. Stack one of these mods as much as you can, as this will increase the amount of Super energy the generated Orbs of Power provide.

For the strategy itself, play the encounter as normal. When the Aegis is heading to your side, use your Super to generate a few Orbs for the Aegis wielder. Try to land as many multikills as you can to spawn Masterwork Orbs. You can also try to push the Praetorian out of the way while you wait for the Aegis to arrive. Just be sure you don't die while doing this.

Eyes On Atheon

Eyes on Atheon: Defeat Atheon without destroying any Supplicants.

Weekly Challenge? No

Supplicants are the explosive Harpies that spawn after Atheon teleports three random fireteam members. You can't kill any of them for this challenge. Be sure that any Harpies you're shooting are actually Harpies and not Supplicants waiting idly. A self-destructing Supplicant that doesn't take any damage won't count as a kill. If you damage a Supplicant at all, if it self-destructs, it'll count as a kill.

There isn't much advice for this challenge besides staying away from Supplicants throughout the encounter. Throne team should try to stand on elevated surfaces to prevent the Supplicants from self-destructing. When the DPS phase begins, everyone should damage at the island floating directly in front of Atheon, as fighting near the portal staircase could cause Supplicants to run into your line of fire.

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Destiny 2: Platinum K1 Communion Legend Lost Sector Guide - Simple \u0026 Easy - Season of the Lost

destiny 2 all for one one for all This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Destiny 2 Scourge raid (all for one ,one for all) Challenge . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Got like 40 of them mortal. I ve got fucking 12. I have 0. So so exactly you got plenty.

I had no legendary shots a week ago so exactly have 45 should use a little boy how many shot you go i have 103. Odd you know have many either go. What no shots. Yeah.

No no i get ripped out for not having any shards and mice to work out cause or anything. I just like thirty thousand shards like yeah like i don t know him. And i don t have none. I just don t like i can just use tokens and shit when i need them.

It s not really are we all good yeah. We re good good you suck more please you both suck you just try to kill me david on my screen. You ain t fucking flying okay. I didn t realize that yeah.


Your triangle tank will let tank. D spawn. No gonna lie. I thought they were connected in this it s fine just just use it david just use it and stop damage trace.

Yeah. Cuz just as image will never rot yeah boy wait how do i where s my muscles are working. Anyway what dude. I think it was already blowing up.

I think it does have a timer because i couldn t you a message or anything it was already yours damage. This is this is fucking shambles gus all right guys we need to preface that s enough damage yeah you have to free three phase. I see okay i ve got i ve got a spear. I ve got nothing yeah.

Yeah. I mean square well these are cowards. I put. My sword away leave me alone.


No do you want us to model. Doesn t have a thing yet hey well i m a man. Maybe you should have kept the other one yeah just just just kind of yeah. Because i think i grabbed the spear and i grabbed squier last time yeah.

And what did you grab last time. I only need triangle. I also only need triangle so we ve ordered it wrong. But how does that work doesn t make any sense okay got square do we have to wide no no we can keep going we re fine.

Did you get triangle lesson. I m leaving down. There. Yeah.

Yeah. Next time. So next. People go down koves and the other guy hi.


All melting points. Now oh. There s something clean it up off. Still now you got a melting point just raise it at once then later one of trips of it tool.

Good that s why i m just gives a build place i need to do a fuck. We can do this moto put her in the top. The top one music. I wasn t even down there just just all women you describe triangle a little sarang.

I need ya. I gotta go back down as well like square by this mic. You came on with gamma screwing that i ve never asked your after you get one okay. I m good i can go back up.

So i can take this one alright. I got mine. I m good okay kill it i need the squid then we can go there you guys have you grabbed. What one of each boss.


I couldn t take anything yeah dude. The whole challenge is everyone get a buff each so more. But if you re doing nothing you re i mean i was down terrible like yeah. But you tell us who you should be grabbing a buff each every time you go down.

He s for grabbing one go down there right now grab over i can t expose which which bust if he grabs it though i need to take a circle. My don t suspended sir maybe keep going trap me false goes. There right there that s one that s one all right yeah good top. It by me this one that was done so i can disclose to disclose face gets put in it put it in any fucking thing okay honor.

But we need we need to do order. We have we do have tank ya shovin and power this challenge so much damage. This is shitty challenge the most like inefficient way to thank you especially when you fuck it up that makes it way more fun didn t get this i m gonna cry. I didn t see challenge it s not cool it s like i saw that coming all right.

” ..

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Everyone in your fireteam cannot have the same buff more than once.
So basically everyone has to go below at some point ,3 times and get each buff.

Destiny, Destiny 2 Raid Scourge (all for one, one for all) Challenge


2 destiny all one for

Activating Insurrection Prime and clearing the vault encounter in Destiny 2: Black Armory’s Scourge of the Past raid is easy enough on its own. Fortunately, the challenge from Hawthorne doesn’t add much difficulty to the experience. What it does add, however, is time. Get ready for the long haul with this challenge, because it’s going to take you all three cycles to finish it.


Your goal in the All for One, One for All challenge is simple: Each player must dunk one of each symbol during the fight. If you know how this encounter works, this might sound really annoying. Well, it is! Thankfully, it’s also really easy.

The first thing you need to do is set up an order. Break your team into two groups of three. We did this by having the three raiders that usually stay up top go down bottom first — that way if they messed things up, it was easy to restart and give them more experience.

Once you break up the teams, just do the fight like you normally would.

Execute like normal

Have the first team of three go down into the hole and grab a buff. Once all three players have a buff, call for the aboveground team to kill the Servitor and unleash the buff holders. The buff holders will dunk in their respective receptacles — circle top, square left, triangle right — and then go back down to grab another buff. Repeat this process until you spawn a tank.

It’s crucial that each member remembers which buff they have and haven’t gotten. If anyone forgets, you need to help them remember or you’ll fail the challenge. Failure with this one is steep, since you won’t know you lost until the fight is over. A second try means an entire run through the raid again.

It’s also important that you don’t kill the boss too quickly. You’ll need the boss to be above half health after the first wave.

Once your first team has shot the boss with tanks, they’ll enter the underground one more time. This time, they should be grabbing the only symbol they haven’t gotten yet. If anyone ends up going back to the same location, someone has done something wrong. Get the third symbol, and dunk it to charge the tanks halfway.

Now that team one has dunked each symbol at least once, it’s time for the swap. The first group will now be staying up top, and the bottom group — hopefully your grizzled, underground veterans — will start going for symbols.

Repeat this same process until each player dunks all three symbols and three tanks have spawned. Kill the boss to finish the challenge and claim your reward.

Destiny 2: Exodus Crash GM Nightfall Guide

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