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Need to buy replacement power adaptor for Xmas tree lights

A couple of years ago I bought a nice set of LED Christmas tree lights and for the first Christmas all seemed fine. Then, at the end of the second Christmas I noticed that the socket for the lights (which is in the adaptor itself and the lights plug into them) became damaged. Basically, the plug for the lights is female and the male socket in the adaptor is broken so that the pin is loose, so it's a bad contact.

Putting aside how this could've happened - I didn't jolt the lead or anything - I am wondering how easy it is to replace the adaptor, as there's nothing wrong with the lights themselves.

The adaptor is marked:

Safety Isolating Transformer
PLU 264668
Model Number: YMAA-2400200
PRI: 220-240V AC 50Hz
SEC: 24V AC-200mA, 4.8VA

Having a look on Amazon, there seems to be plenty of such adaptors, but the "SEC:" values don't always match the ones I have. A lot of them say 24V, so is that enough? What is the risk if the mA figure is much different? Or the VA?

I was thinking of looking at Argos or even Clas Ohlson in town today and see if they have anything, but what do you suggest?


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5 Amp Power Adapter (Commercial Products Only)

  • Total length3'
  • Wire ColorGreen
Green 5 Amp Power Adapter (Commercial Products Only)

  • Green 5 Amp Power Adapter (Commercial Products Only)
  • Green 5 Amp Power Adapter (Commercial Products Only)
Quality features


Underwriter’s License

ROHS Compliant

Sours: https://www.holidayleds.com/5-amp-power-adapter-commercial-products-only/
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LED Power Cord/Adapter C05002 (USE w/ Select (non-RY) Commercial Grade String Lights) - SALE ITEM

LED Power Cord/Adapter for Commercial Grade String Lights

The LED Power Cord/Adapter for Commercial G25 string lights connects the coaxial end of compatible commercial strings to a standard outlet. You can connect up to 125 stings end to end with this power cord. The LED Power Cord/Adapter for Commercial G25 string lights is product specific and is only compatible with certain LED Christmas lights, so be sure to check compatibility descriptions before purchasing. Shop our full selection of LED Christmas lights and LED light accessories online for quality, affordable, energy-efficient LED lighting suitable for all seasons.

Only compatible with certain Commercial Light Strings; please check descriptions for compatibility. All other commercial grade strings require product 'LED Adaptor-Power Cord for Commercial Light Strings'. Find great deals on LED Christmas lights on our LED Christmas light sales section. We are constantly updating our LED clearance items and putting more great LED Christmas lighting on sale every day.

Check out our full selection of LED Christmas Lights online for quality, energy efficient, affordable LED lighting all season long.
Installation Location:
Wire Color:
Set Connections:
Threaded Coaxial
Sours: https://www.ledholidaylighting.com/led-power-cord-adapter-c05002-use-w-select-non-ry-commercial-grade-string-lights-sale-item/
How To Plug Store Bought Christmas Lights Together

Big Star Lights USA

Product #: FL-10-ADAPT

Short Description: 10' Fairy Light string adaptor, Black


  • AC/DC power adapter with black cord for Fairy Lights strings.
  • Required item for each run of Fairy Lights strings
  • UL/CSA approved / Indoor

Electrical Specifications:

  • Power Adapter and cord for Fairy Lights LED Light Sets
  • Input: AC100-240V~50/60Hz 0.35A Max
  • Output: 12V - 1A
  • 10' Length.
  • You'll need to use one of these power cords at the beginning of any series of connected Fairy Lights LED Sets.

Packaging Information:

  • Sold individually or in cases of 164. Each piece is individually boxed.
  • 0.11kg per piece / 19kg per case

Pricing Information:

Sours: https://www.bigstarlights.com/fairy-lights-ac-dc-adapter-10-black/

Christmas for lights adapter power

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