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22 Best Water Pokemon, Ranked

Water-type Pokemon are just an absolute joy. With their usual blue color schemes or aquatic tendencies, the Water-types tip the scales and stand apart as more than "just some fish." Since there are so many out there, a full ocean of options, boiling it down to just a few is a hard feat. However, certain Pokemon naturally float to the top, raising so far above the competition that they make their rivals almost obsolete in the process.

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Today, let's take a look at the very best Water Pokemon across all of the franchise's generations.

Updated October 21, 2021 by Mark Sammut: Pokemon is an unstoppable beast. The franchise has managed to be a roaring success in most mediums it has tried its hands at, including video games, cards, and anime. Throughout the license's storied history, plenty of Pokemon have gained icon status, and Water types sit among the most popular. They are also quite dependable in battles, although some Pokemon are naturally better than others. In celebration of the impending arrival of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl and Legends: Arceus, a few more of the greatest Water-type Pokemon have been added to this article. As there are over 150 Water Pokemon, it helps to narrow down the selection to the cream of the crop.

22 Starmie

A classic, Starmie has been around since the very start, although the starfish Pokemon has been always in the shadow of its contemporaries. Outside of Speed, Starmie doesn't have any stats that are out of this world impressive, but the Pokemon's only weak spot is its low HP.

Starmie offers reliable Defense, Special Attack, and Special Defense. More importantly, Starmie's Water/Psychic dual-type provides it with access to a solid arsenal of attacks.

Starmie's Best Learned Moves

Once Starmie was added to Pokemon Sword & Shield through its Isle of Armorexpansion, the starfish quickly become one of the game's best Water Pokemon. This is predominantly due to its moveset, which includes Psychic, Hydro Pump, and Cosmic Power.

Starmie can also pick up Electric and Ice moves through TMs, greatly enhancing the Pokemon's flexibility.

21 Tapu Fini

A brick house, Tapu Fini will not go down easily. The Legendary Pokemon excels in both Defense and Special Defense, having base states of 115 and 130 respectively. Outside of HP, Tapu Fini is not a slouch in any of the other areas either, offering a respectable 95 Special Attack and a decent 85 Speed.

Although not the most beloved Legendary to ever grace the franchise, Tapu Fini should be a solid addition to most teams. The Pokemon's Water/Fairy typing also helps separate it from the crowd, as that combination is in short supply.

Tapu Fini's Best Learned Moves

Along with the extremely useful Misty Surge ability, Tapu Fini learns all the heavy hitters expected from its dual typing. Hydro Pump and Moonblast make great use of the Pokemon's Special Attack, while Soak and Misty Terrain can change the course of a battle if used correctly.

20 Carracosta

A friend of Ferris in the Pokemon anime, Carracosta has never been quite as popular as a particular first-generation turtle. In 2019 however, a deck featuring Carracosta began to take top placements at tournaments for the Pokemon TCG.

A Carracosta-GX deck also held some prominence in 2020 with several Poketubers making videos about it. This Water/Rock fossil may not get all the love it deserves but there is proof out there that Carracosta is sturdy enough to take hits and bring in wins for Pokemon fans.

Carracosta's Best Learned Moves

As a Water/Rock dual-type Pokemon, Carracosta picks up a wide range of offensive maneuvers that can be devastating when used correctly. Hydro Pump is Carracosta's strongest Water-type move, but Aqua Tail and Brine are also solid options. Shell Smash and Rain Dance should also be utilized by Trainers.

19 Horsea Line

  • Debut: Generation 1 (Horsea and Seadra), Generation 2 (Kingdra)

When looking at underrated Water-type Pokemon, few are as underappreciated as the wonderful sea horse, Horsea. Horsea typically is harder to find than the traditional Water-type and requires a trade to fully evolve into its final form, Kingdra. However, it's absolutely worth it to train one up.

The adorable little sea horse grows into a majestic Dragon-type, gaining powerful attacks and incredible speed. Kingdra is a fast swimmer, making use of the rain in any of its forms. Its balanced statline always makes it unpredictable as a fighter, making use of both physical and special attacks. If there was ever an aquatic friend to bet on, this horse has unbeatable odds.

Kingdra's Best Learned Moves

Like all of the best Water-type Pokemon, Kingdra eventually picks up Hydro Pump, gaining the attack at Level 51 in Pokemon Sword & Shield. As a Dragon-type, Kingdra also gets access to a rare move pool, including the powerful Dragon Pulse attack and the status move Dragon Dance that increases the Pokemon's Speed and Attack.

18 Binacle Line

In Pokemon X&Y, there are some odd designs, which is expected. Every title has its fair share of oddities, after all. However, it's hard to really beat Binacle and Barbaracle in the "weird" category. Binacle is a strange, two-headed barnacle Pokemon where each head is an independent soul, like with Doduo. Its evolution, Barbaracle, looks like a hand boss that Nintendo rejected from a Legend of Zeldatitle.

Binacle is a grumpy-looking Pokemon with a weird color pallet, and the fact it can surprise unsuspecting trainers just makes it all the more wonderful.

Barbaracle's Best Learned Moves

In a change of pace, Barbaracle's best attacks are not Water-based; Cross Chop and Stone Edge are powerful Fighting and Rock-type moves, respectively. In the right hands, Shell Smash can also be devastating as it boosts Barbaracle's Attack, Special Attack, and Speed. However, this comes at the cost of the Pokemon's Defense and Special Defense. Luckily, Barbaracle has respectable stats in both of those areas, so this move will not transform it into a glass cannon.

17 Wishiwashi

Wishiwashi made its way from the islands of the Alolan Region to Galar and it still makes an impact! When Wishiwashi was originally revealed for Pokemon Sun & Moon, fans speculated on if its School Form was an entirely separate evolution or not. It turned out to all come from its unique ability Schooling – this ability not only took the tiny fish and made it look like an underwater terror but also gave many boons to the Pokemon in battle.

Wishiwashi has to be trained to level 20 to use this ability, but it's entirely worth it to bring this massive swarm of fish along as a Water-type threat on the team.

Wishiwashi's Best Learned Moves

Hydro Pump is Wishiwashi's strongest Water-type attack.The Pokemon also learns Double-Edge, a Normal-type move that hits big but also hurts its user in the process. This risk/reward system limits this attack's usage.

16 Milotic

In Ruby and Sapphire, GameFreak introduced a new Magikarp-esque Water-type in the form of Feebas. Unlike Magikarp, Feebas was absurdly rare and evolved using cryptic methods. Without a guide, it's hard to imagine any kid had the patience to figure out how to evolve a Feebas. However, as it turns out, the effort was entirely worth it.

Milotic is one of the most elegantly designed Pokemon, and it is considered among the most beautiful in canon. It's an incredible defensive Pokemon as well. This sea serpent is more than just looks though, it's also one of the bulkiest Water-types in the game. It has an incredible movepool and is just lovely in design. Feebas might be trash in a way that Magikarp isn't, but Milotic is absolutely worth the effort.

Milotic's Best Learned Moves

Milotic learns Hydro Pump and Surf, so it is well-covered when it comes to offensive moves. This Water-type Pokemon is also a valuable support option, with Recover and especially Life Dew having their uses. The latter heals Milotic and the rest of the team.

15 Jellicent

Pokemon Black & Whiteintroduced a whole new region of Pokemon, separate from any other region. While this was certainly a surprise, its designs are also some of the most memorable. This may be memorable for the wrong reasons, like Trubbish, a Pokemon that is literally garbage. Or, it may be memorable for being cool, like Haxorus or Zebstrika.

Sitting more in the "weird" memorable category is Jellicent, the Water/Ghost-type jellyfish that's certainly regal. It has two separate designs based on its gender, and each of them has quirks that make them special. The male version has a large, goofy mustache, while the female version has red lipstick for reasons unknown. They're certainly a unique Water-type to use in terms of design and typing, making them an excellent selection.

Jellicent's Best Learned Moves

When at full health, Jellicent's Water Sprout is deadly, as it has 150 base power and never misses. However, this move's effectiveness is inversely proportionate to Jellicent's HP; therefore, the attack will get worse as a battle progresses. When that happens, Jellicent can always use Destiny Bond to ensure that defeat also spells doom for his opponent.

14 Toxapex

There are a lot of Pokemon to look at and say "That's a mood right there." Mareanie is absolutely a mood. This depressed-looking sea urchin enjoys munching on delicious Corsola and being an absolute pain to find in the original Sun & Moon. Its evolution, Toxapex, is hated by competitive battlers for being a disgustingly effective wall, rivaling the likes of the Grass-type Ferrothorn.

As a Pokemon, Toxapex isn't one to attack directly, instead letting unsuspecting prey run right into its poisonous embrace. It would absolutely be a terrifying Pokemon to find in the wild, considering the potency of its poisons.

Toxapex's Best Learned Moves

Although it is half Water-type, Toxapex excels in its Poison-typing. All of the Pokemon's best attacks fall within that category, including Poison Jab and Toxic. The latter eliminates a portion of the opponent's health per turn, so it should be the first move unleashed by Toxapex.

13 Kingler

It has been a long time since Kingler got a bit of love. With Pokemon Sword & Shield, Kingler was finally given new life as it received a fantastic Gigantamax form inspired by Japanese spider crabs.

That bubble beard almost makes Kingler look like a mix of a crab and Santa Clause, but every Delibird had better be afraid as those giant pincers can put any Pokemon in quite the pinch! Plus any Pokemon on the receiving end of G-Max Foam Burst had better be ready to have their speed cranked down a few notches.

Kingler's Best Learned Moves

When not in its Gigantamax form, Kingler can utilize Crabhammer to get the job done. Kingler also has access to Guillotine, a move that will always defeat an opponent if it hits. Its low accuracy makes it a significant gamble, particularly against stronger opponents.

12 Vaporeon

One of the best Eeveelutions is the fish-like Vaporeon. Eevee grows fins and scales when it evolves into the Water-type Vaporeon, and it is one of the more graceful of the evolution options. While it isn't necessarily the most powerful of Eevee's options, Vaporeon can hold its own in battle and learns some pretty devastating moves.

According to the Pokédex in multiple games, Vaporeon's molecules are very similar to actual water, which allows it to melt into water and become invisible. This works for its predatory behavior to find prey. It's almost like it evolved to be that way.

Vaporeon's Best Learned Moves

Hydro Pump and Muddy Water will be Vaporeon's main attacks once it is above level 50. Once Vaporeon uses those two attacks and its third move, presumably Aqua Ring, the Pokemon can then use Last Resort. This strong Normal-type attack will only hit when every other move has been used at least once.

11 Totodile Line

During the second generation games, Totodile was one of the starter Pokemon that were available at the beginning of the game. Known for becoming the much more powerful Feraligatr as its final evolution, Totodile is just a cute little crocodile of a Pokemon. In the games, he's without a doubt one of the more powerful of the three starters.

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At level 18, Totodile turns into the middle evolution, Croconaw, which only a mere 12 levels later will transform into the fierce Feraligatr. It's one of the quickest starters to evolve and comes packing.

Feraligatr's Best Learned Moves

Due to being a pure Water-type Pokemon who also happens to be a starter, Feraligatr's move pool doesn't hold too many surprises; however, that is not a bad thing. In Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, the last main games featuring Feraligatr, Hydro Pump and the Fighting-type move Superpower are a destructive combo. However, Feraligatr needs to be above level 70 to learn either of these moves, so the Pokemon takes a while to reach its potential.

10 Lapras

Fans who have been playing since Pokemon Red & Blue will remember getting a Lapras for the first time from a random employee at Silph Co. Fans of the Pokemon anime have fond memories of seeing Ash ride around on Lapras on his adventures through the Orange Archipelago. Plus the excitement when Lapras Day was announced for Pokemon Go the excitement was palpable — no one would turn down a pink Lock Ness Monster friend!

These days, Lapras is more impressive than ever before with a Gigantamax form. Players wanted Gigantamax Lapras so badly that a code was given out at the Winter 2020 World Hobby Fair as a perk for attending the event. This tanky water-dino has been a staple in competitive Pokemon for years and that will stay the case in the future with this new form.

Lapras's Best Learned Moves

Lapras' Water/Ice dual-type gives its access to both Hydro Pump and Ice Beam, a combination that will prove too much for most opponents. SheerCold, which guarantees a faint on the rare occasions it hits,and PerishSong, which puts down the target in three turns,are also excellent options in the late game.

Rain Dance hasn't received much attention so far, but it can be one of the best Water-type Status moves in Pokemon. It improves Water-type attacks by 50% and cuts Fire-type attacks by half, along with doing the same to Solar Beam and Solar Blade. Just don't use it against an opponent who has Weather Ball or Thunder as it improves the power and accuracy of those moves, respectively. Luckily, Lapras can also learn those attacks in Sword & Shield; Weather Ball through a TM and Thunder through a TR.

9 Suicune

Suicune has had a rough life but it is just the best. According to legend, this pupper and the other two Legendary Beasts (Entei and Raikou) perished in a devastating fire. They were allegedly revived with the magic of the legendary bird Ho-Oh. Since then, they roam the lands.

Anyone that's gone hunting for any of the Legendary Beasts in the games knows they constantly move and trying to catch them is a real hassle.

Suicune's Best Learned Moves

Despite being only a Water-type Pokemon, Suicune learns a wide range of powerful Ice-type moves. Blizzard is its final learned move, but it also has access to Sheer Cold, Ice Fang, and Mist. Suicune can also use Hydro Pump, Rain Dance, and Mirror Coat, the latter of which is a Psychic-type Special move that repays an opponent using a Special Attack by dealing twice as much damage as payback.

8 Wailord

Looking for a big Pokemon? Well, it doesn't get much bigger than Wailord. This whale of a Pokemon is 47'07" and 877.4 pounds. That makes it among the largest out there and can fill up a stadium by itself.

Aside from the size, Wailord is a pretty powerful option to boot. According to the Pokédex, they travel in pods, meaning that several Wailords hunt prey together. That's a lot of space and a real sight to behold!

Wailord's Best Learned Moves

Wailord learns Hydro Pump and Water Sprout at levels 49 and 54, respectively. It also has some variety available to it through the Normal-type Body Slam, the Steel-type Heavy Slam, and the Flying-type Bounce. Heavy Slam should be a trainer's go-to move against much smaller opponents as its power increases depending on the weight difference between Wailord and its target. Wailord weighs 877.4 lbs, so it should do well against most Pokemon. Just don't use it against Snorlax.

7 Omanyte

Praise Lord Helix! Okay, this one is a bit of a weird one. But, Omanyte as a whole isn't too interesting. It's a fossil Pokemon from Gen 1 and totally is good, but lacks anything really special about it. It's a fossil from Mt. Moon that players can revive later on in the game.

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Enter "Twitch Plays Pokemon". During their community and chat-driven game of the original Pokemon games, they chose the Helix fossil. And thus, Lord Helix became a long-standing popular Pokemon meme that has continued to this day.

Omanyte's Best Learned Moves

Quite a straightforward arsenal of moves, including Hydro Pump, Shell Smash, and Protect.

6 Primarina

Many players weren't impressed with Popplio when it was revealed. Even Bojack Horseman designer Lisa Hanawalt called Popplio a "dopey seal pup" and many fans on Twitter agreed. However, tunes quickly changed when Primarina took the stage.

This Fairy/Water mermaid princess is the ultimate glow-up from its original form and it's not just a looker either — Primarina has the highest base Special Attack and Special Defense stat of any fully-evolved starter Pokemon! This siren of the sea will be captivating Water-type fans for years to come.

Primarina's Best Learned Moves

Through its two strongest offensive moves, the Fairy-type Moonblast and Hydro Pump, Primarina has Fighting, Dragon, Dark, Fire, Ground, and Rock Pokemon covered. For tag battles, the Normal-type Hyper Voice is a solid option.

5 Dracovish

Dracovish shouldn't work. It's a horror of science and we're all monsters for making it exist. Taking two separate fossils to the right (mad) scientist merits a brand new Pokemon that clearly never existed, complete with a potentially made-up backstory.

So, in real life, sometimes scientists piece together fossils and think they are supposed to go together. But, in all reality, the bones didn't actually belong together and likely made new things from them, such as the Brontosaurus or the Triceratops. Dracovish is super similar and Game Freak is just brilliant for parodying this.

Dracovish's Best Learned Moves

A rare Water/Dragon dual-type, Dracovish's access to Dragon Pulse and Dragon Rush earn it plenty of brownie points. The Water-type Fishious Rend hits for double if Dracovish beats his opponent to the punch, although the Pokemon's Speed is nothing special.

In the Isle of Armor DLC, Dracovish can learn Meteor Beam through a tutor; however, it is a Rock-type Special Attack move so it doesn't play to Dracovish's strengths.

4 Marill

Marill is a neat Pokemon because of how it was introduced and originated. In a time when there were only 151 Pokemon, hints of a sequel were on the horizon. When most people originally saw this cute little blue mouse Pokemon, there was no name attached to it. Due to its similarities, it was dubbed Pika-blu (or Pika-blue). When it was finally shown off in the animated short in front of Pokemon: The First Movie, Pikachu's Vacation, Marill became a mainstay for fans all over.

Fun fact: The original Spaceworld Demo for Pokemon Gold and Silver had Marill as a pink color. It's no wonder it got an additional Fairy-type later on.

Marill's Best Learned Moves

Marill learns Hydro Pump, Double-Edge, and Superpower in close succession in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

3 Squirtle Line

Squirtle, being one of the original starters, is adorable and powerful. Those that chose him to start their adventures in the Kanto region of the original Pokemon Red & Blue had a slightly easier time during the starting areas. This included the first gym in Pewter City, which had Rock-type Pokemon.

Aside from that, the Squirtle Squad has become an iconic part of the Pokemon fandom, with Ash's own Squirtle donning a rad pair of sunglasses and leading a gang of his kin. Wartortle isn't too bad, but Blastoise's awesome back cannons really take the cake as a prime example of weird animal mish-mashing even back from the beginning. Plus no one can look at that new Gigantamax form and not feel shivers of excitement!

Blastoise's Best Learned Moves

Fittingly for the most iconic Water-type Pokemon line, Blastoise's arsenal is basic but strong. Obviously, Hydro Pump and Aqua Tail are learned; more importantly, this line picks up Rain Dance at just level 25. Skull Bash is also a fatal attack that increases Blastoise's Defense on the first turn and then strikes in the second.


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The Strongest Pokemon In Black & White (Based On Stats)

Game Freak launched the 5th Gen of Pokemon in 2011, with 2 games that would become known by many as the best in the entire series. Pokemon Black & White were true gems. They are widely praised by fans for the interesting region, fun storyline, and great personality, but especially so for the outstanding roster of new Pokemon.

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Ask a Pokemon fan to name their Top 10 favorites and the list will usually include multiple entries from Gen 5. However, when building your team, it's important to know the strongest entries available in the Pokédex. So, let's take a look at the 10 strongest Pokemon in Black & White, based on stats.

Updated on February 28, 2020, by Kirkland Fortner: Not that we need any more proof that Pokemon Black & White both continue to hold the attention of fans. But, Pokemon Masters, DeNA's Mobile Game, is now planning to add fan-favorite character "N" from Black and White. So, we felt an update to this list as appropriate.

Now you not only see which Pokemon are the strongest in the game but also where they can be found. Additionally, if there are special circumstances related to their spawning or capture, you will find them below. Good hunting!

10 Klinklang and Chandelure

Klingklang is a pure Steel-type Pokémon and Chandelure is a Ghost/Fire-type Pokémon, both with a base stat total of 520. Pure Steel is an incredible type that comes with 9 resistances and 1 immunity, in addition to Klingklang being surprisingly fast and having good Attack and Defense to boot. The movepool is lacking, however, as Klinklang hardly gets any physical moves. With a massive 145 points in its base Special Attack, it can tear through just about anything. This combined with typing and its decent defenses and speed makes Chandelure absolutely worth using.

You can find wild Klink in the Chargestone Cave, and it evolves into Klingklang at level 49.

Hey Wild Litwick can be found at the Celestial Tower. It then needs to evolve into Lampent at level 41, and that needs to have a Dusk Stone used on it (found on Route 10) to evolve into Chandelure.

9 The Starters

Serperior, Emboar and Samurott are the final evolutions of the Unova starters, all sharing 528 as their base stat total. Serperior has it rough, trying to be a defensive Pokémon but being hurt by its typing. Being a pure Grass-type comes with having 5 weaknesses, so it kind of cancels the defenses out. Emboar is a great mixed attacker with strong offensive typing and a surprisingly deep movepool, although this comes at the cost of its Defenses and Speed. Samurott is probably the best of the 3. Pure Water is a great type, it's a solid mixed attacker in addition to having actual HP and defenses, and it has a pretty good movepool.

All 3 starters are given to you as options at the beginning of the game. If you want more or any of the starters you didn't pick, you need to trade them in from other games.

8 Vanilluxe

Vanilluxe is a pure Ice-type Pokémon with a base stat total of 535. Pure Ice is horrible defensively, but very good offensively, with Vanlluxe's high Special Attack stat complimenting that. Ice Body isn't that great of an Ability, however, as it requires Hail to work, and it's stuck on a Pokémon with good at best defenses. The movepool isn't anything incredible either. Although, it does get Flash Cannon, allowing it to hit other Ice-types for super effective damage.

Wild Vanillite can be found at the Cold Storage in Driftveil City, and it evolves into Vanilluxe at level 47.

7 Haxorus

Haxorus is a pure Dragon-type Pokémon with a base stat total of 540. Like with Chandelure earlier, Haxorus boasts an outstanding 147 points in its base Attack stat. Pure Dragon is a great type to have as well, coming with 4 resistances and only 2 weaknesses, Dragon is also a great attacking type, as basically nothing resists it. Haxorus has a good movepool on top of all of this, making a good Pokémon no matter how you look at it.

Wild Axew is located in Mistralton Cave. It doesn't evolve into Haxorus until level 48.

6 Volcarona

Volcarona is a Bug/Fire-type Pokémon with a base stat total of 550. Gen 5 did a lot of good for the Bug-type in general, with Volcarona being its strongest example. Its Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed are all very high, even coming with some decent HP, too. These stats are further bolstered with the move Quiver Dance, raising all 3 of its highest stats at the same time. Flame Body is a solid ability, having the chance to punish physical attackers never hurts. The movepool mediocre, but when you are this good at everything else, you really don't need that many moves to perform well.

Volcarona can be found at the very deepest part of the Relic Castle. An egg containing its pre-evolution can be found from a Pokémon Ranger in a building on Route 18. It will not evolve until level 59, though.

5 Archeops

Archeops is a Rock/Flying-type Pokémon with a base stat total of 567. Archeops is kind of a beast all around. Strong offensive typing, incredible stats, and a good movepool. The catch? Defeatist, Archeops' (dis)ability. Defeatist cuts the user's Attack and Special Attack in half if their HP falls below 50%, so it's a big handicap you need to workaround. If you can learn to deal with this though, Archeops will serve you very well.

Archeops' pre-evolution, Archen, can be revived by using the Plume Fossil found from a backpacker at the Relic Castle and taking it to Nacarene Museum.

4 Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Keldeo, Tornadus, and Thundurus

This 6-way tie consists of the 4 Swords of Justice plus Tornadus and Thundurus, all with a shared base stat total of 580. The Swords of Justice are all part Fighting-type, with another type combined with it to match the member in question. They each have their stats distributed differently to fulfill a unique role. Cobalion is physically defensive, Terriakion is physically offensive, Virizion is Specially Defensive and Keldeo is Specially Offensive.

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Tornadus and Thundurus both have the exact same stats, although their typings are noteworthy. Tornadus is the only pure Flying-type that has ever existed up to this point in the series, and Thundurus has the wonderful but rare Electric/Flying typing.

Cobalion can be found at the Mistralton Cave, Terrakion can be found at Victory Road, and Virizion can be found at the Pinwheel Forest.

Tornadus and Thundurus will roam the Unova region after you obtain the 8th Gym Badge, speak to the clerk in the Route 10 gate, and then go into the second house on Route 7. Tornadus is exclusive to Black, while Thundurus is exclusive to White.

Keldeo is an event Pokémon that cannot be acquired without hacking.

3 Victini, Hydreigon, Landorus, Meloetta, and Genesect

Yet another impressive tie, consisting of 1 Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon and 4 actual legendaries, all with 600 as their base stat total. Unfortunately, Hydreigon has the highest evolutionary level requirement of any Pokémon at 64, meaning by the time you can get one, you'll essentially be finished with the game.

Landorus is the best of the 3 Forces of Nature, with the other 2 members being discussed in the entry above. Meloetta is a diverse Pokémon, having 2 forms that change its stats and typing whenever it switches between them. The same can be said for Genesect, as it can hold several items that change its typing and the type of its signature Move respectively. Victini is a very strong Pokémon having 100 points in all of its stats and having an amazing ability in that of Victory Star, which raises the accuracy of Moves.

If you want to use Hydreigon, its base form Deino can be found at Victory Road.

Landorus can be found at the Abundant Shrine with both Tornadus and Thundurus in your party.

Victini, Meloetta, and Genesect are all event Pokémon that cannot be acquired without hacking.

2 Kyurem

Kyurem is a Dragon/Ice-type Legendary Pokémon with a base stat total of 660. Kyurem is a force to be reckoned with. Having good Speed with incredible attacking and HP stats. Dragon/Ice is a great typing both offensively and defensively.

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Kyruem is also capable of learning a good variety of moves, making sure those great attacking stats don't go to waste. Its ability Pressure is the only low point about it, but everything else more than makes up for that.

Kyurem can be found at the Giant Chasm after beating the game.

1 Reshiram and Zekrom

Reshiram and Zekrom are the mascot Legendary Pokémon for Black and White, both with a base stat total of 680. Reshiram is a Dragon/Fire-type with its focus placed in its Special Attack, while Zekrom is Dragon/Electric with its focus being placed in its physical attack. They are the game mascots for good reason. Both are amazingly strong.

Reshiram and Zekrom are the mascot legendaries for their respective games, meaning you have forced encounters with them in White for Reshiram, and Black for Zekrom.

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ALAH- I mean uh, I don't think there is one.

I grew up here.

So water types are not that good in black and white? Nub questions I know :D

I like Seismitoad due to the Water/Ground being immune to Electric. Course Grass kills it outright.

I agree though that B/W is lacking in water types.

When comforting a grammar Nazi, I pat them softly on the shoulder and say "There, Their, They're"

Samurott is probably the best one, but it isn't all that great, and you really don't need a water type.

Pokemon White FC: 1549-4524-4165

Well you may want to learn Surf. There are places even before beating the game were it's needed or useful.

When comforting a grammar Nazi, I pat them softly on the shoulder and say "There, Their, They're"

Burhenn63 posted...
I like Seismitoad due to the Water/Ground being immune to Electric. Course Grass kills it outright.

I agree though that B/W is lacking in water types.

The lack of water types is most likely because there is a huge amount of water types already. They need to push the count of the other types.

Keldeo (water/fighting) is probally the strongest water type that is unique to generation V. I've personally never found water type pokemon (outside of Gyarados and Feraligatr) to be that "powerful". They tend to be the most balanced of all types, with fairly high hp. As was said before, there was already ~60 pokemon that were entirely or partially water type before generation V came out. They went the route of combining weird types (like grass/steel or ghost/fire or dark/dragon) instead of creating more water types. To be fair Seismitoad is pretty much a weaker version of Swampert (Ruby/Saphire/Emerald water starter).

Jellicent is a really good water type that is a perfect support member. Seismitoad is another good water type (but you're going to want to switch when facing grass.) Carracosta is also decent for in game use as well. You can also get a milotic when you beat the game. Not a generation 5 pokemon but still a good water type. Samurott is alright as well.

hmmm vaporeon and milotic are great choices imo for waters. feraligator is awesome to due to his HUGE move pool. still keldo is the best but isnt available now unless your a hacker

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What is the best water type Pokemon in Pokemon Black?

What is the best water type Pokemon in Pokemon Black?

Panpour is a good choice. Teach it work up and it can use its good speed and dent things with surf/acrobatics/crunch. EDIT: as the guy above said the flying fossil poke on is awesome. Double attack and special attack when its above 50%.

How do you get water Pokemon in black and white?

You can get your first Water-Type Pokemon WITHOUT Surf and the Super Rod in Icirrus City. Just walk in the puddles. Check the second link for info on the Pokemon you can find.

What is the best water type in Pokemon White?

Jellicent is a really good water type that is a perfect support member. Seismitoad is another good water type (but you’re going to want to switch when facing grass.) Carracosta is also decent for in game use as well. You can also get a milotic when you beat the game.

What is the best Unova water type?

2 Answers. Well the water type that is actually considered the best in Unova, is Jellicent.

Can you catch every Pokémon in black and white?

It is entirely possible to catch ’em all. You will need to do a lot of trading, and it may prove difficult to get hold of the Nintendo event Pokemon, especially the ones which haven’t been distributed in years like Mew.

Where do you get a water type Pokemon?

You don’t get the Super Rod (which is the only fishng pole in the game) until you beat the story, and you won’t get HM03 (Surf) until you get to Twist Mountain. You can get your first Water-Type Pokemon WITHOUT Surf and the Super Rod in Icirrus City.

Which is the best water type in Pokemon Black?

My daughter picked up an Azumarill on route 20; it evolves into Marill, a good water type. You could try for a Basculin or another pokemon in Dream World as well. If you played B/W1 you can transfer over one of your water types or ask on the trade boards for a Lapras or Shellos or a horsea or a half a dozen others. Good luck with the next gym.

Are there any water type Pokemon that can fly?

As a Flying/Water Pokémon, Cramorant is also immune to Ground-based attacks. But it’ll have to be wary of Electric-type opponents due to its double weakness to the element. 29. Psyduck Next up is also a Water-type bird, although this one has no actual way of flying.

Which is the Best Pokemon to catch in BW?

Drilbur is arguably one of the best Pokémon in BW and thus is highly recommended to catch, even if the method is annoying. Availability: Early-game (20% chance to appear in Route 4).

You don’t get the Super Rod (which is the only fishng pole in the game) until you beat the story, and you won’t get HM03 (Surf) until you get to Twist Mountain. You can get your first Water-Type Pokemon WITHOUT Surf and the Super Rod in Icirrus City.

Which is the best water type in Pokemon gold?

If you have a pokemon that can learn Surf and you teach it Surf, you can catch Lapras every Friday in Union Cave. Lapras is usually considered the best Water type along side Kingdra. So you see, with the Good Rod you have plenty of options for a good Water Type.

Which is the best water type in black?

Its abilities, Sturdy and Solid Rock, are good. HOWEVER, to get Carracosta you must trade from Black/White, get it from the backpacker in Relic Castle (BW), then revive the Cover Fossil in Nacrene City. you asked for a water type from gen 5, that learns both surf and waterfall.

What’s the pokedex number for Pokemon Black White?

One difference to other games in the inclusion of a legendary Pokémon with Pokédex number #000: Victini. When Black/White was first released it was available quite early in the game through a wifi event. See also: The Black/White Pokémon stats page, or the Black 2 & White 2 Pokédex for the sequels.


Pokemon type white water best

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