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per Student
Total Revenue:$383,868,000$13,922
   Revenue by Source
Total Expenditures:$395,778,000$14,354
   Total Current Expenditures:$343,019,000$12,440
      Instructional Expenditures:$209,204,000$7,58761%
      Student and Staff Support:$46,828,000$1,69814%
      Operations, Food Service, other:$45,210,000$1,64013%
   Total Capital Outlay:$43,494,000$1,577
   Total Non El-Sec Education & Other:$386,000$14
   Interest on Debt:$8,096,000$294


  • * denotes a column with data from 2020-2021
  • [ † ] indicates that the data are not applicable. For example, the enrollment and staff characteristics for districts that opened in the 2020-2021 school year will not be available until the full 2020-2021 file is released.
  • [ – ] indicates that the data are missing.
  • [ ‡ ] indicates that the data do not meet NCES data quality standards.
  • The directory information on district name, address, and phone number are preliminary data from initial submissions of district level data for 2020-2021.
  • Data provided on student membership and staffing are from the official district level data for 2019-2020.

Source:CCD Public school district data for the 2019-2020, 2020-2021 school years



We serve 27,337 Students in 42 Schools & Academies

Students enroll in their neighborhood school according to their grade level and home address on the school boundaries map.

Students may also apply to attend our academy or programs and transfer regardless of home address. 

View the Kent School District (KSD) Fast Facts dashboard to learn more about our schools, student demographics, and 72-square mile service area.


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Top Rankings

Kent School District ranks among the top 20% of public school district in Washington for:

Most diverse schools (Top 1%)
Largest student body (number of students) (Top 1%)


School District Grades Offered
2018-2019 School Year Data

District Rank

Kent School District, which is ranked within the top 50% of all 305 school districts in Washington (based off of combined math and reading proficiency testing data) for the 2018-2019 school year.
The school district's graduation rate of 84% has increased from 79% over five school years.

Students by Ethnicity:

# American Indian Students
% American Indian Students
# Two or more races Students
% of Two or more races Students

Students by Grade:

# Students in 10th Grade:
# Students in 11th Grade:
# Students in 12th Grade:

District Revenue and Spending

The revenue/student of $13,426 in this school district is less than the state median of $14,719. The school district revenue/student has stayed relatively flat over four school years.
The school district's spending/student of $12,965 is less than the state median of $15,098. The school district spending/student has stayed relatively flat over four school years.

Best Kent School District Public Schools (2021-22)

School (Math and Reading Proficiency)
Show 8 more public schools in Kent School District (out of 43 total schools)
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I am Kent School District

Kent School District


The Kent School District #415 is a public school district in the U.S. state of Washington. The district includes a large area of Kent, a significant portion of unincorporated King County, all of Covington, and portions of Auburn, Black Diamond, Maple Valley, Renton, and SeaTac. Covering 73 square miles (190 km2), the Kent School District has 40 schools (28 elementary schools, six middle schools, two academy schools, and four high schools). With 26,891 enrolled students, it is the 4th largest school district in the state of Washington. The district employs 3,389 staff members, of whom 1,687 are teachers.

In the mid-2000s, the school district completed a transition from junior high schools to middle schools. The 2004–2005 school year was the first year the ninth grade was at the high school level.


Cedar HeightsCovington837Timberwolves
Mill CreekKent775Bulldogs

Elementary schools

Grades K-6

  • Carriage Crest, located in Renton
  • Cedar Valley, located in Covington
  • Covington, located in Covington
  • Crestwood, located in Covington
  • East Hill
  • Emerald Park
  • Fairwood, located in Renton
  • George T. Daniel
  • Glenridge
  • Grass Lake
  • Horizon
  • Jenkins Creek, located in Covington
  • Kent
  • Lake Youngs
  • Martin Sortun
  • Meadow Ridge
  • Meridian
  • Millennium
  • Neely-O'Brien
  • Panther Lake
  • Park Orchard
  • Pine Tree
  • Ridgewood, located in Renton
  • Sawyer Woods, located in Black Diamond
  • Scenic Hill
  • Soos Creek
  • Springbrook
  • Sunrise


For the 2013-2014 school year there were 27,484 students. 52.4% were male 47.6% were female. The racial makeup was 37.8% Caucasian, 20.9% Hispanic, 17.3% Asian/Pacific Islander, 12.2% African American and 0.6% American Indian.[2]


Mark Iversen vs. Kent School District

On July 23, 1997, the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington filed a lawsuit against the Kent School District and five administrators on behalf of a former student, Mark Iversen. The suit alleged that the Kent School District and the administration failed to protect Iversen against anti-gay harassment. Also named in the suit were Superintendent Jim Hager, Assistant Superintendent Gwen Dupree, Principal Doug Boushey (Kent Junior High), Ben Dillard (Kent-Meridian High School) and Tom Watson (Kentwood High). The school district denied the allegations.

In the suit, Iversen claimed that he was harassed from the 7th grade at Kent Junior High up to high school at Kent-Meridian. He left Kent-Meridian to attend Kentwood believing things would change, but they did not. Other incidents include:

  • He was pushed into lockers with a broomstick and called "fag" while two teachers were unresponsive.
  • An instructor stated to Iversen, "I already have 20 girls in my class. I don't need another."
  • A classmate slammed a handwritten note on Iversen‘s chest threatening "You're dead fag."
  • A teacher publicly questioned whether Iversen was qualified to give blood based on the perception that Iversen was gay.
  • On numerous occasions, when Iversen would fight back verbally, it was Mark who would get into trouble, not the abusers.
  • When Iversen reported to a teacher the abuse he had been suffering based on his sexual orientation, the teacher became antagonistic toward him, banned him from her classroom, and failed him.
  • On paperwork to transfer schools, the principals signed off to "ongoing verbal and physical harassment."

During the lawsuit, it was alleged by a family friend that he was given a subpoena at their place of employment and then had pictures taken without their permission. A witness for the defense who was still a student alleges that he was taken out of classes during the litigation and given breakfast, lunches and coffees for his participation and cooperation. A former boyfriend, who was also called to be a defense witness, claims the district attorneys sent him flowers and gifts for his cooperation, but when it was discovered he and Iversen were back together shortly before settlement talks and trial, he was dropped as a witness. No confirmation on the truth or fiction has been made.

The lawsuit was settled in 1999[3] for $40,000.00 and a guarantee from the district that there would be training on the subject of anti-gay harassment. The district had refused to add sexual orientation to their harassment policy, stating that their current policy has enough explanation. On 11 September 2002, the district adopted a new policy[4] from RCW 9A.36.080(3)[5] that does include the term "sexual orientation."

There have been numerous stories since the settlement (the most recent occurring in September 2005) about ongoing harassment with students who seek help but the district still ignores them. The Kent School District has been acknowledged nationally for their efforts to combat racial discrimination and diversity for minorities.[6]

Nick Emmett vs. Kent School District

In 2000, student Nick Emmett of Kentlake High School published a website on his private America Online account that depicted students and teachers being voted on who would die. Students in the school knew about the site and many encouraged the participation. Many wanted to be voted as the next “victim” however staff were not amused and demanded Emmett close the website. Many students were suspended and the ACLU took on the case.

It was ruled that the school district could not punish students for their freedom of speech outside of school and was told it could do nothing about it.[7] The site has since been removed.

NAACP vs. Kent School District

On November 5, 2004, the Seattle branch of the NAACP filed suit against the Kent School District on behalf of 13 families, alleging that district security officers used excessive force against 15 black students.

The suit, filed in King County Superior Court, names the Kent School District, superintendent Barbara Grohe and school security officer Gayle Mangino as defendants.

In the suit, the families say district security officers used metal handcuffs to restrain students, threw them against lockers or on the floor, pulled their hair or used painful pressure holds to force students to comply. The suit also alleges black students were disciplined at a disproportionate rate than other students.

The families also accuse Grohe of negligence, and say she failed to properly supervise district security officers.

Kent School District spokeswoman Becky Hanks said district administrators had not had a chance to thoroughly review the lawsuit, but said the suit was without merit.

The lawsuit was dismissed in May 2005.

Students at Kentridge High School vs. Kent School District

In April 2003, students at Kentridge High School south of Seattle filed a lawsuit against their school after being blocked from starting a Bible club. The students say their First Amendment rights had been violated by the school district.

September 2002, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals confirmed that Bible clubs are allowed to seek ASB sponsorship as any other club may lawfully do, be it Chess club or Muslim club. The court made this decision on the basis that it was a government exclusion of beliefs when the Bethel School District in Spanaway, Washington denied students the option of peacefully organizing outside of school hours a few years ago.

Washington State Labor Board vs. Kent School District

In August 2005, the Washington State Labor Board filed suit against the Kent School District for violating labor laws by using special needs children as "slave labor" building IKEA furniture for school employees and their friends and family.

The case was decided in favor of the labor board and an injunction was ordered preventing the school district from having special needs children from performing any activities related to the lawsuit. It is currently pending appeal with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Teacher Strike

On August 26, 2009, teachers in the school district went on strike, for reasons including teacher and student rights and less meetings so teachers can spend more time helping their students. Out of 1,700 teachers, 1,500, 86%, agreed on a strike, while 14% did not.[8][9]


There are many rivalries between schools in such a large district, some more competitive than others.

The schools are located mere miles from each other and the teams generally have very competitive games.

An annual event known as the Cov-Town Throwdown

Continuously battling for the league title


  • "KSD Facts". KSD Community Connections. Retrieved June 29, 2011.

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