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What you need to know about return of high school sports

San Diego County is inching toward opening all high school and youth sports.

Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom said the county must be at 14 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 to resume play.

In the newest numbers released Tuesday, San Diego’s adjusted state case rate was 15.

San Diego CIF Commissioner Joe Heinz was disappointed San Diego didn’t dip under 14, but is encouraged the numbers are going down, anticipating San Diego’s numbers will be good to go next week.

With that in mind, here are some things to look for:

Last Friday, San Diego Superior Court North County granted a temporary restraining order, allowing high school and youth sports to resume as long as they “follow the same or similar COVID-19 protocols used for competition in professional and/or collegiate sports within the county.” How does this affect a return to sports?

There are financial concerns over complying with professional and/or collegiate guidelines. Before the TRO, San Diego high schools were required to comply with less arduous and less expensive COVID-19 procedures.

So what happens now?

The CIF is waiting for guidance to provide its member schools any additional COVID-19 protocols that need to be put in place.

So when does football start?

Football practice can start Friday, Feb. 26, but there can be no contact until the case rate is under 14. The first games in a six-game season are scheduled for March 11-13.

What will those schedules look like?

Schools will be assigned five league games, but are free to schedule a sixth game to start the season. That game, however, must be against a team within the county.

What is the last day for football?

Football season must end by April 17 to allow for 90 days between seasons. Practice for the 2021 football season is set to begin July 30.

Will all schools field football teams?

There is talk some schools are considering not playing. But nothing has been decided yet. Many of the large schools have said they will not field freshmen teams, instead moving freshmen up to the JV level with the stipulation JV teams must be freshmen and sophomores only.

Will there be testing?

Yes. As of now, all players and coaches must be tested weekly. And they must all be negative 24 hours before kickoff. All state and county guidelines must be followed.

Will that change?

Testing can go away if the county reaches 7 cases per 100,000.

Will there be football playoffs?

There will be no county, Southern California or state playoffs in football this season.

What other sports can start practice Friday?

Boys and girls soccer. Field hockey can start “soon” according to a CIF press release.

What sports are playing now?

Cross country is underway. Swimming is set for this week, along with coed tennis as well as boys and girls golf.

Will there be championships in cross country and swimming?

The cross country championships have been canceled, but leagues can hold championships. County swimming finals are scheduled for April 24 at Granite Hills.

What are the next outdoor sports to start?

Baseball, softball, boys and girls lacrosse may start March 13. Water polo has been pushed back from March 13 to April 17.

What about indoor sports?

A few weeks ago, it didn’t look like there would be any indoor sports — boys and girls basketball, boys and girls volleyball, wrestling and badminton. Now there is hope for shortened seasons, perhaps as many as 18 games for basketball.

Will tournaments or invitationals be allowed?

Right now, no, because there cannot be multiple games at a site. But Heinz said the CIF is working on formats to permit tournament play. In baseball that means tournaments like the Hilltop, GMC and Lions might have to get creative. That goes for softball’s Cougar Classic as well.

Can athletes/coaches participate in more than one sport?

Yes, but one of those sports can’t be football.

— John Maffei is a reporter for The San Diego Union-Tribune

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Settlement opens the way for all high school sports to resume in California

Lawyers representing high school athletes in San Diego who won a temporary restraining order to resume sports in San Diego County announced Thursday that they have reached a settlement that would allow all sports to resume statewide when a county reaches adjusted COVID-19 case rates of 14.0 per 100,000 people. All indoor sports would require testing of athletes and coaches.

“All sports can resume in the state of California as a result of this lawsuit in San Diego County,” said Marlon Gardinera, the football coach at Scripps Ranch High and father of one of the plaintiffs. “We’re trying to clear a path for kids.”

It will still be up to each school and district whether to allow indoor sports such as basketball, wrestling and volleyball. Outdoor sports have been cleared to resume throughout Southern California with testing for football and water polo athletes when the adjusted case rate for COVID-19 reaches 14.0 per 100,000. Testing is not required at 7.0 or less for outdoor sports. All indoor sports will require testing similar to college and pro teams within at least 48 hours of competition, either daily antigen testing or periodic PCR testing.

Attorney Stephen Grebing said the state will not cover testing costs for sports other than football, water polo and rugby. He said each participant will be allowed to have four spectators in attendance. But he indicated the California Interscholastic Federation and individual counties must agree to the settlement before it is resolved.

Updated guidelines were posted Thursday night by the California Department of Public Health showing expansive testing requirements and procedures schools must follow for indoor sports to take place. The only way out appears to be if indoor sports reach the orange tier.

Terry Barnum, head of athletics at Studio City Harvard-Westlake, said: “If the state, the county and CIF all say we can do indoor sports, we will do it with the protocols asked of us.”

Brad Hensley, co-founder of Let Them Play Ca., said: “It now goes down to the local decisions. Please let them play. It’s time. These kids have had nothing for 11 months and they truly need this.”

The first allowable basketball game in the Southern Section is March 12.

Statement from the Southern Section: “It is our understanding that the California Department of Public Health will be updating its Youth Sports Guidance based on a settlement agreement reached in a litigation matter pending in San Diego County. It is further our understanding that the settlement agreement is not yet available for review. We are therefore reserving comment on the terms of the agreement until it is finalized. Until such time, it is our understanding that the current CDPH Youth Sports Guidance remains in effect pending the publication of any updated CDPH guidance.”

Lynwood vs Bonita Vista (San Diego) High School Girls Basketball LIVE 1/20/20

San Diego High School

Comprehensive public high school in San Diego, California, United States

SDHS 100 building showing the logos of the six small schools

San Diego High School (SDHS) is an urban public high school located on the southern edge of Balboa Park, in San Diego, California, United States.[1] It is the oldest high school in the San Diego Unified School District, one of the oldest public schools in all of California, and the oldest still on its original site.


Russ High (1882–1907)[edit]

The school was established in 1882, initially named Russ School after lumberman Joseph Russ, who donated the lumber to build the school.[2] The school was built in the Italian Villa style with a low-hip roof, ironwork parapet, and open-bell tower. It consisted of two stories and eight rooms. It initially served elementary students. In 1888 a high school was added, with three teachers. The high school students took over the upper floor; elementary and primary students occupied the lower floor. The first commencement was held in 1889, with four students graduating. In 1893 high school students took over the entire school, which was renamed Russ High School.[3]

In 1906 the school building was moved several hundred feet to allow for construction of a new school. The original building was stripped of its ornamentation and was used for storage, dressing rooms, and a cafeteria. It burned down in 1911.[3]

The Grey Castle (1907–1973)[edit]

By 1902 the school had become overcrowded and a new school, San Diego High School, was built on the original site, opening on April 13, 1907.[2] The new building, designed by F.S. Allen, contained 65 rooms and was built in the Gothic Revival style, with towers flanking the entrances. It was built of brick with a veneer of granite. Students thought it resembled a castle and nicknamed it "The Grey Castle."[3] In 1913 a polytechnic school was added, with three additional Gothic style buildings housing classes in manual arts, domestic arts, and fine arts. By 1913 there were 55 teachers and 1518 students. The school reached its peak attendance, 3327 students, in 1928.[3]

Balboa Stadium, just east of the high school, was dedicated in 1915. The 2,500-seat Russ Auditorium, just south of the school, was dedicated on May 13, 1926.

Modern San Diego High (1973–present)[edit]

Due to California legislation in the 1960s which required all school districts to demolish or retrofit any school building built prior to 1933 for earthquake safety reasons, the "Grey Castle" building was torn down. The first of four buildings constructed prior to 1933 was torn down along with the Russ Auditorium in 1973; Building 101, the "original Grey Castle", was the last building to be torn down in 1975.[2] The current school, consisting of four concrete-block buildings with blue trim, was re-dedicated on November 6, 1976. Gargoyles from the facade of Russ Auditorium can be seen in a fountain near the school entrance, and heavy carved doors from the "Gray Castle" were installed on the administration building.[3]


In June 2004, as part of the national "School-within-a-School" movement and with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, San Diego High School was divided into six thematic schools, collectively called The San Diego High Educational Complex. Each of the six schools of approximately 500 students had its own administration and staff:[2][4] The schools were:

  • School of International Studies (incorporating an existing International Baccalaureate program)
  • Lead, Explore, Achieve, Discover and Serve High School (LEADS)
  • School of Business
  • School of Science and Technology (SciTech)
  • School of Media, Visual and Performing Arts (MVPA; School of the Arts)
  • School of Communication Investigations in a Multicultural Atmosphere (CIMA)

In May 2006, Newsweek magazine ranked 1,200 public high schools in the U.S. and named San Diego High School of International Studies as 22nd best, making it the highest ranking school in San Diego County and the second highest in the state of California.[5] In 2009, US News ranked over 21,000 high schools in the United States and named San Diego High School of International Studies as 44th best, with an International Baccalaureate (IB) exam pass rate of 98% and an API score of over 800.[6]

In approximately 2009, the School of Communication shut down due to an insufficient number of students. In 2013 the School of Business and the School of LEADS combined to form the School of Business and Leadership, leaving four academies.[7] At the end of the 2014-2015 academic year the arts academy was also closed down. For the 2015-2016 school year the campus was reunited under a single principal, with the three remaining academies - International Studies, Business, and Science and Technology - each functioning under a vice principal.[8]

California Partnership Academies[edit]

San Diego High is home to three academies established within the scope of the California Department of Education California Partnership Academies (CPA) program.[9] The CPA model is a three-year program (grades ten-twelve) structured as a school-within-a-school.[9] The first one, the Academy of Finance, was established in 2007 at the School of Business and Leadership.[10] Two more, the San Diego Medical Technology Academy (MedTech) established in 2011 and the Green Engineering Academy (GeoTech) established 2012 at the School of Science and Technology, with the first classes graduating in 2014 and 2015 respectively.[10] The curriculum at Medtech Academy is based on the Biomedical Sciences program by Project Lead The Way (PLTW).[11]

Balboa Stadium[edit]

Main article: Balboa Stadium

San Diego High's football stadium, Balboa Stadium, was built in 1914 for the 1915 Panama-California Exposition with a capacity of 19,000 at that time. U.S. Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave speeches there. From 1961 to 1966 it was the home of the San Diego Chargers after being expanded to 34,000 capacity.[12] Over the years it has played host to music legends such as Jimi Hendrix, and The Beatles in 1965. The 1914 stadium was torn down in the 1970s and a new one dedicated in 1978 with a seating capacity of about 3,000. In 2009 the stadium saw new turf decorated with the school's mascot, the Caver. The stadium is used for various sports including football, soccer, and track, as well as San Diego High School graduation ceremonies.

Section, State, and National Titles[edit]

  • High School Football National Championship: 1916, 1955
  • High School Baseball National Champions: 1921
  • CIF Football State Champions: 2018[13]
  • CIF San Diego Section Champions Boys’ Basketball: 1965, 1967, 1975 (D2A), 2008 (D1), 2017, 2018 (D4)
  • CIF San Diego Section Champions Girls’ Basketball: 2020

Miscellaneous history[edit]

  • San Diego High School's mascot is the Cavers — originally the Cavemen.[14]
  • The 1922 San Diego High baseball team was barred from league play by the CIF after its 1921 National Championship Squad played an unsanctioned game against the East's best baseball team of that time, Cleveland High. This game drew 11,000 fans and saw San Diego High defeat Cleveland 10–0. During the 1922 season the team played college and independent teams, losing to just Stanford and the Sherman Indians. They beat Cleveland again in front of 13,000 fans.
  • San Diego High participated in the first high school football game in San Diego County in 1898, defeating Escondido High School 6-0. Players and coaches from San Diego traveled in covered wagons over the course of two days to reach their destination.
  • Mia Labovitz In 1987 became the first female in the nation to score multiple points during a Varsity football game. In 1988, she kicked the game winner (3-0) against St. Augustine High School (San Diego), becoming the first female to score all of her team's points in a contest. She would finish her career with 4 FG and 8 PATs.
  • It is said that when the wrecking ball came to demolish the "Grey Castle" in order to build a new earthquake-safe school, it took repeated attempts to bring the structure down. In the summer of 1973, contractors attempted to bring down the Russ Auditorium using explosives; portions of the building would not come down. It took an extra six months to finish the demolition of the auditorium.
  • Kate Sessions, considered the "mother of Balboa Park," taught at San Diego High in 1884.
  • San Diego High claims that, in 1922, its cheerleading squad was the first high school or college to use female cheerleaders.

Notable alumni and faculty[edit]

See also: Category:San Diego High School alumni

  • Hobbs Adams, college football all-American, coach (Class of 1920)
  • Joseph Cameron Alston, 12-time NCAA badminton champion (Class of 1944)
  • Stan Barnes, College Football Hall of Fame member, US federal judge (Class of 1918)
  • Belle Benchley, zoologist, author
  • Victor Bianchini, U.S. federal judge; California state superior court judge; Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps (Class of 1956)
  • Clara Breed, librarian and humanitarian
  • Earle Brucker, Jr., former Major League Baseball player
  • Eileen Rose Busby, author
  • Charlie Cannon, singer, theater performer and co-founder of Starlight Opera
  • Darren Comeaux, former National Football League player
  • Frank Comstock, composer
  • Tom Dahms, former National Football League player and coach
  • Bob Cluck, Major League pitching coach, founder of The San Diego School of Baseball, author of ten books on baseball
  • Marc Davis, Olympic runner
  • Faye Emerson, actress
  • Dave Grayson, former National Football League player. Transferred to Lincoln High School after his sophomore season[15]
  • Earl Ben Gilliam, United States federal judge
  • Neale Henderson, Negro Baseball League Player
  • Juan Felipe Herrera, poet, performer, writer, cartoonist, teacher, and activist. 51st United States Poet Laureate
  • Tom Hom, politician, civic leader, businessman
  • Charde Houston, Women's National Basketball League player
  • Deron Johnson, former Major League Baseball player
  • Jacque Jones, Major League Baseball player
  • Napoleon A. Jones Jr., United States district judge
  • Meb Keflezighi, Olympic silver medalist, winner of the 2009 New York and 2014 Boston marathons
  • Mia Labowitz, First female to score multiple points in a varsity high school football contest.
  • Jeanne Lenhart, senior Olympian, amateur volleyball player, senior pageant winner
  • Joe Leonard, Automoble and Motorcycle Champion
  • Art Linkletter, television host
  • Harold Lloyd, actor
  • Anita Loos, Screenwriter, playwright, and author
  • Dale Maple, World War II soldier convicted of helping two German prisoners of war escape
  • Wayne McAllister, architect
  • Bill Miller, Olympic gold medalist, former world record holder in the pole vault
  • James R. Mills, California assemblyman and senator, mass transit advocate, historian
  • Harold Muller, "Brick," Olympic silver medalist and College Football Hall of Fame member
  • Stephen Neal, National Football League player, 1998/1999 NCAA wrestling champion, 2000 wrestling world champion
  • Graig Nettles, former Major League Baseball player
  • Brent Strom, former Major League Baseball player and coach
  • Craig Noel, theatrical producer
  • Pablo O'Higgins, American-Mexican artist, muralist and illustrator
  • Gregory Peck, class of 1934, actor and Academy-Award winner[16]
  • Clarence Pinkston, Olympic gold medalist
  • Art Powell, former National Football League player
  • Charlie Powell, former National Football League player, boxer
  • Clarence Nibs Price, college football head coach
  • Sol Price, entrepreneur
  • Lilian Jeannette Rice, architect
  • Floyd Robinson, former Major League Baseball player
  • Julia Robinson, mathematician
  • Seraphim (Eugene) Rose, priest, author (Class of 1952)
  • Paul Runge, Major League Baseball umpire
  • Russ Saunders, College Football all-American, Warner Brothers executive (Class of 1924)
  • Thomas Schelling, Nobel Prize–winning economist
  • Amby Schindler, College Football all-American, Rose Bowl and College All-Star MVP
  • Kate Sessions, horticulturalist, botanist
  • Paul Smith, pianist (Class of 1940)
  • Steffan Tubbs, journalist, radio host, reporter for ABC (Class of 1987)
  • Cotton Warburton, film editor, actor and College Football Hall of Fame member
  • Willie West, former National Football League player
  • Dan Walker (politician) 36th Gov. of Illinois
  • Art Williams, former National Basketball Association player


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Week 4: Football Rankings

Week 4 San Diego Section Football Rankings according to Maxpreps and the Union Tribune. Madison ranked #8 in the UT Top 10 and #13...
Fall SportsFeatured SDUSD NewsSDUSD Athletics News

Football: Pt. Loma Defeats Patrick Henry for 1st Victory of Season

The Pt. Loma Football team went winless in it’s first 3 games leading into a matchup with a surging Patrick Henry team. In a...

Remembering La Jolla HS Standout Student Athlete Brent Woodall on 9/11

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11 we want to take a moment and remember all those souls that were lost on that fateful day....

Mission Bay Boys Water Polo takes down UC

Mission Bay battled the Centurions of University City. Click the Link for Video Highlights. Follow SDUSD Athletics on Facebook and Twitter. Boys Water Polo:...
Fall SportsFeatured SDUSD NewsSDUSD Athletics News

This Week in Football…

Here is this weeks schedule for SDSUD student athletes and City Conference Football teams. Some early season heavyweight battles and quests for victory #1....
Fall SportsFeatured SDUSD NewsSDUSD Athletics News

Maxpreps Girls Volleyball Rankings 9/7/2021

Click the link to check out the latest Rankings for Girls Volleyball in the CIF San Diego Section CIF San Diego Section Assn High...

Mira Mesa mourns passing of legendary coach

The SDSUD sends our thoughts and condolences to the Thompson Family and Mira Mesa community. Click link below for full story. Mira Mesa High...
Fall SportsFeatured SDUSD NewsSDUSD Athletics News

La Jolla HS Field Hockey defeats RBV

Vikings take down Longhorns with comeback Win. Click link for Video Highlights Field Hockey: Rancho Buena Vista 2, La Jolla 3 – (

Scripps Ranch clips Canyon Crest

August 31-2021 It was a battle of the birds as the Falcons defeated the Ravens 2-1 at Scripps Ranch High School. Click the highlights...

Hoover Wins Season Opener

Hoover Cardinals football taking steps in the right direction Open season with win vs El Cajon. Click link for story Braves find stride, can’t...

Week 2 Football – Mira Mesa evens record in win vs. San Marcos

Mira Mesa 27 – San Marcos 18 Late interception leads to first victory of the season (1-1). Click the link for video highlights.

New Season, New Name = Same Results

Canyon Hills High School starts writing the next chapter of Field Hockey greatness in 2021. New name, new colors, new mascot, same results. Click...

SDUSD CIF Champions 2021

Schools from SDUSD and its affiliates brought home 17 CIF championships in Season 2. Congratulations to Crawford, Mira Mesa, Patrick Henry, Scripps Ranch, Kearny,...

2021-22 Fall Leagues & Schedules Have Been Posted to the Website

The 2021-22 fall leagues and schedules have been posted to the website: 2021-22 fall leagues:  2021-22 fall schedules:

Willie Jones Jr. Memorial Tournament held at Hoover High School

The City Conference Wrestling Championships, also know as the Willie Jones Jr. Tournament honors the late Lincoln wrestler. Mira Mesa wins their 10th straight...

Coaches for Racial Equality SD

Join us as we work to educate and integrate coaches, players, parents and fans into a vision of racial reconciliation. Follow us on Twitter...

Meet Dezianna Patmon, the power hitting, Patrick Henry softball star

Dezianna Patmon, is a senior at Patrick Henry high school who likes to hit home runs and who is excited to take her skills...

Emma Desany, Clairemont High School superwoman athlete

Emma Desany is a senior at Clairemont High School, and her claim to fame? There aren’t many sports that she hasn’t tried. Now, she...

COVID-19 Testing: Keeping Us All Safe At School

It’s up to all of us to do our part in maintaining a safe, productive learning environment – including getting tested for COVID-19. High...

CIF supports state plan to allow indoor sports if rigorous protocols are in place

As far as the state of California is concerned, high schools can conduct indoor sports such as basketball, volleyball and wrestling regardless of what tier a county is in, if rigorous coronavirus testing protocols and safety measures are in place.

With the ball now officially passed to them, it's up to counties and school districts to decide if they will be in position to implement the protocols necessary to allow those sports to happen. 

These developments all stem from a settlement reached Thursday between the state and youth sports advocates after a lawsuit was filed on behalf of two San Diego high school athletes. The settlement paves the way for youth sports to resume statewide, including indoor high school sports that otherwise would not be able to occur until Riverside County's case rate dropped below 1 person for every 100,000 residents (the yellow tier).

On Friday, the California Interscholastic Federation at the state level supported the governor and the California Department of Public Health's decision to allow indoor sports and put forth its interpretation of the ruling and what it means for youth sports in general and high school sports specifically. 

More:Some fans will be allowed to attend Desert Sands Unified School District sporting events

"CIF member schools may elect to resume all indoor sports, if the team adheres to the additional requirements as specified in the Institutions of Higher Education Guidance. ... With respect to testing under the IHE Guidance, all high risk indoor sports must conduct either daily antigen testing or periodic PCR testing until their county reaches the appropriate tier to begin the indoor sport."

The CIF statement added that it is waiting for the CDPH to describe exactly what "periodic" PCR testing means. 

In layman's terms, a high school team can conduct indoor high school sports -- if approved by its county and district -- if it adheres to stricter NCAA level protocols and testing, including contact tracing. 

  • Regular periodic COVID-19 testing of athletes and support staff must be established and implemented prior to return to practice. This includes baseline testing and ongoing screening testing. 
  • For high-risk contact sports (basketball, football,  soccer, volleyball, water polo, and wrestling), competition between teams is permitted only if the team can provide COVID-19 testing and results of all athletes and support staff within 48 hours of each competition.
  • A school must adopt, and its teams follow  a school-specific  ‘return to play’ safety plan.
  • In conjunction with local public health officials and contact tracers, schools must have in place a mechanism for notifying other schools  should an athlete from one team test positive within 48 hours after competition with another team
  • A school must evaluate the availability of, and accessibility to, local contact tracing resources. Where the availability of local contact tracing resources is inadequate, schools must train on-site personnel or procure contact tracing resources. 

It is not yet known if Riverside County or any desert school districts will allow indoor sports or be in position to take on these more rigorous testing and contact tracing procedures. 

The San Diego lawsuit is the latest in a series of rapid-fire changes for high school sports in Southern California. Sports such as cross country and tennis have already had contests played in the Coachella Valley, with recent COVID-19 numbers allowing for other sports including high school football and water polo to begin play this month.

As of now, Riverside County remains in the purple tier, or the most restrictive tier for reopening in California, though the county could move to the less-restrictive red tier if recent COVID-19 adjusted case trends continue.

The county reported 11.3 adjusted cases per 100,000 residents this week, under the 14 cases that prevented football from being played. 

More:California loosens rules for high school sports, making it easier for football, other sports to resume

More:When can my high school sport play in California? An update for every sport after Friday's new guidelines

Cathedral City fans react during the CIF-SS Division 5A semifinal game against Banning in Cathedral City, Calif., on February 21, 2020.

Attorney Stephen Grebing, who represented two San Diego-area high school football players in the San Diego suit, said indoor sports will be allowed with testing within 48 hours of competition and periodic testing throughout the week.

Grebing said the state is only providing testing for football, rugby and water polo, so testing for other sports will have to be acquired through other means. Grebing added that the settlement will allow for a limited number of spectators -- athletes’ immediate family members -- to attend some games, depending on the sport.

Individual counties will need to sign off on the updated guidelines.

A Vista judge granted a temporary restraining order last month in the lawsuit filed on behalf of Nicholas Gardinera, a senior at Scripps Ranch High School, and Cameron Woolsey, a senior at Mission Hills High School. San Diego Superior Court Judge Earl H. Maas III’s order held that youth sports could resume if teams maintained COVID-19 protocols similar to those of professional sports.

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