Big lots outdoor storage cabinets

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Sheds & Outdoor Storage

Sheds & Outdoor Storage

Want to beautify your yard and get more organized at the same time? The outdoor storage solutions at Sam’s Club can help you do just that. Outdoor storage is extremely versatile. From protecting the cushions on your outdoor furniture to keeping your lawn and garden supplies organized, there are many reasons to consider some outdoor storage.

Outdoor Storage Boxes

If you only need a small amount of storage space, you might want to opt for an outdoor storage box. Storage boxes come in a variety of sizes and materials. They’re handy for storing outdoor pillows and blankets, toys and sporting equipment, or even your most-used garden supplies. If you have a pool, a storage box is the perfect place to keep pool toys and cleaning supplies. Storage boxes are often kept on the deck or patio, and some of them can double as extra seating.

Outdoor Storage Sheds

If you have the space in your yard, consider an outdoor storage shed. If you’re currently using your garage or your basement to store items like your tools or lawn mower, you’re going to love having an outdoor storage shed. The convenience of having an outdoor shed can’t be beat, and you can set them up so everything is organized how you like it. Sam’s Club has storage sheds in wood as well as vinyl and plastic/resin. Many storage boxes and most storage sheds can be locked, so your items will stay safe and protected.


FN Dish

Having to move grilling tools and outdoor dinnerware from your kitchen to the patio can be a pain. A weatherproof outdoor storage cabinet can make grilling outdoors even easier. Whether you need more prep space, want to bring your dining room outside or just need some storage in the garage, these cabinets can make it even easier to spend more time grilling outdoors.

We scoured the internet to find outdoor storage solutions. Choose from a prep station, portable table, extra-large cabinet or even a chic buffet and sideboard to meet your outdoor space needs no matter your size, style or budget.

Cabinets with Prep Stations

These storage solutions give you all the benefits of an outdoor prep station without having to dish out the big bucks for an all-weather outdoor kitchen. Look for cabinets with shelving for easy organization of grilling tools and baskets, melamine servingware and outdoor prep tools like plastic cutting boards and bowls. Make room for these stations near your grill for easy back-and-forth from prep to cook stations.

Extra-Large Cabinets

If you have lots of space on your patio or in your garage, a tall storage cabinet with lots of shelving might be for you. These cabinets can hold all your grilling tools, servingware, dinnerware, tablecloths and even some cushions. You could include some non-perishable items like canned beverages in these cabinets, too. Store those on a lower shelf to weight the cabinet down.

Tables for Small Spaces

For small patios and decks, a mobile storage table is ideal. This has a small storage space underneath that could fit a grill tool set, grill brush and even some baskets. Keep these tables near your grill while cooking for more prep space.

Buffets and Sideboards

Turn your backyard into an outdoor dining oasis with all-weather dining furniture. In addition to a table and chairs, a buffet and sideboard can make your deck feel like a real dining room. Use an outdoor buffet or sideboard the same way you would indoors. You can store melamine servingware and dinnerware, grill tools and baskets, outdoor cookeware and linens.

Deck Box

You've probably seen a deck box before and have maybe used it to store cushions for lounge or outdoor dining chairs. For outdoor dining storage solutions, look for deck boxes with a couple of shelves to separate your food and prep storage from cushion storage. Deck boxes can also double as more outdoor seating for when you entertain.

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