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Samsung has optimised its newest QLED TVs for gaming

Last month we saw LG herald the gaming qualities of its newest 48-inch 4K 120Hz OLED TV with G-Sync compatibility. It was just the latest entrant to the series, complementing the existing 55, 65, 77 and 88-inch models in a more gaming den-sized form factor.

Of course LG and Samsung are very fierce rivals and it looks like LG's proclamations and resulting coverage have prodded Samsung into some awareness-raising of its own gamer-friendly modern (2019 and newer) QLED TV sets. Today Samsung published a new infographic which distils the key qualities of its current QLED TV lineup, with an eye on the desires of gamers.

Like LG, it seems that Samsung has its eye on the capabilities of the next generation of consoles, like the Microsoft Xbox Series X, and Sony PlayStation 5, as much as people who game on PCs using big screens.

Samsung claims its newest QLED TVs are optimised for "more immersive and responsive gaming sessions". With consumers increasingly careful in considering gaming capabilities of TVs to narrow down their buying choices, this is a wise move. Samsung trumpets the following ke features of its new QLED TVs that will appeal to gamers:

  • [email protected] visuals via HDMI 2.1-certified connector
  • FreeSync Premium compatibility to minimise stuttering and tearing
  • Low Input Lag, as low as 9.8ms
  • Game Motion Plus to minimise motion blur and halo effects
  • Auto Game Mode
  • Dynamic Black EQ for clear pixel peeping in shady areas without washout
  • Immersive built-in sound system with added 'Object Tracking Sound' technology

Another feature worth highlighting with Samsung's latest and greatest QLED TVs is the 'Multi View' capabilities. This screen splitting function allows you to game on one side of the screen and follow a favourite streamer on the other, for example.

At the start of June HEXUS reported upon the impending release of the Samsung Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitors. A couple of days later Samsung officially launched the 27-inch Odyssey G7 monitor and 32-inch Odyssey G7 monitor, with immersive 1000R screen curvatures, QLED technology, and refresh rates up to 240Hz. You can see the G7 promo video below.

Sours: https://hexus.net/tech/news/monitors/143314-samsung-optimised-newest-qled-tvs-gaming/

Samsung working to get G-Sync certification for its QLED TVs

With low input lag and support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Samsung’s recent QLED TVs all make for very good large-screen gaming displays.

But the elephant in the room is their lack of G-Sync. Yes, they support FreeSync VRR for tear-free gaming with AMD’s graphics cards and consoles like the Xbox One since 2018, but a considerable size of the PC gaming market uses NVIDIA’s cards. For these users, G-Sync is what they really want.

To that end, well, I can’t tell you when Samsung is officially adding G-Sync support to its QLED TVs — but I can at least tell you that Samsung is in the process of obtaining official G-Sync Compatible certification for its TVs. Again, it’s unclear which models are getting it and the release timeline — but yeah, it’s coming.

If I were to speculate, this is roughly what would happen after the TVs have gone though NVIDIA’s validation: Samsung must first release G-Sync Compatible firmware updates for the qualified QLED TVs (likely those with HDMI 2.1).

There may also be a new GeForce Game Ready (Adaptive Sync) driver that you need to install for your GeForce RTX 20 or GeForce GTX 16 series card-equipped PC before G-Sync will work over HDMI. It’s pretty much the same process some 2019 LG OLED TV owners have to go through when their TVs first gained G-Sync support last year.

For what it’s worth, if you were to connect a QLED TV today to your gaming PC, the NVIDIA Control Panel may already say that it’s G-Sync compatible. Don’t take that as a confirmation that G-Sync is working, though. For instance, NVIDIA’s G-Sync Pendulum demo always failed for me, suggesting G-Sync isn’t actually enabled.

Sours: https://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/tech-news-samsung-working-get-g-sync-certification-its-qled-tvs
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G-SYNC Compatibility Test

Using Adaptive Sync TVs with an NVIDIA Graphics Card

Additional information

How to get the best results

To use the new mode, you must have an NVIDIA 16- or 20- series graphics card. On most TVs, you'll also have to enable FreeSync or Adaptive Sync for it to work.

NVIDIA Control PanelNVIDIA Control Panel

To enable FreeSync, you must first select "G-SYNC Compatible" from the Monitor Technology setting under NVIDIA Control Panel. Once this setting has been enabled, you should see a new option, Set up G-SYNC, appear under the Display menu. From there, you can enable G-SYNC for either full-screen mode, or both full-screen and windowed mode.

Officially supported TVs

As of November 28 2019, only three TVs have received official G-SYNC Compatible certification. They are:

  • LG B9 OLED
  • LG C9 OLED
  • LG E9 OLED

Although these are the only TVs that are officially supported by NVIDIA, we were also able to enable Adaptive Sync when connected to a few other TVs, including:

We will continue testing for this on all future TV reviews, and let us know in the discussions below if any updates are released that might change our results.


This test is by no means exhaustive, and your results may vary depending on the specific games you are playing, and your specific graphics card. On most TVs, some tearing can still occur, especially during rapid refresh rate changes. This could cause a few seconds of tearing when changing from pre-rendered cutscenes in games, to the in-game engine, or if the game suddenly slows down significantly.

We hope to expand this test in the future; let us know in the discussions down below if you have any suggestions on things we could check.


The addition of Adaptive Sync to NVIDIA's drivers is a welcome change and represents a significant policy shift at NVIDIA. We hope to see more TVs support Adaptive Sync.

Sours: https://www.rtings.com/tv/tests/motion/g-sync-compatible
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