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I have been having scalp and hair problems since I can remember. As a teenager, my hair would break off to about an inch long in the center of my head. Of course I didn't think much of it, then I started wearing those weave ponytails with the pins and the clamps that were very damaging to my scalp. As an adult, I have worn my hair more naturally, but the damage has been done. My scalp is burning as I type my story. From the research that I have done online, my guess is that I suffer with Cicatricial Alopecia. I have balding in the top of my head, and also balding in the back of my head along with razor bump from having my hair shaved 15 years ago. When I get micro braids, my hair usually growths a good length and helps out, but it always falls out again. I visited a dermotologist in 2007. When I walked into the physician's office, it was all caucasian, so I immediately thought that I would not get the best treatment. I maintained a positive attitude. The doctor cut off the razor bumps, gave me perscriptions to use, and follow up in a month. I did so, and it got better. He cut off some more bumps on the follow up visit, told me that was it, and to come back it something else occurs. I felt shafted. In September 2008 I went to a black predominant women doctor in my town. She told me that I had a fungus, to stop using chemicals, gave me infection pills and Capex. She stated not to use any vitamins, Biotin, or anything. Just use Blue Star Ointment and my hair would grow back. I am continuing to lose hair. I have been tempted to scratch my scalp three times while typing this. I want to reach out to some fancy institute or doctor to ease my pain and give me some relief, but my wallet won't allow it. So I'm online to try to find something that is helpful. I must say that reading this website has made me feel a little better. I am so embarassed about it that I just constantly cry to myself and just feel hopeless, that God will perform a miracle and just heal me.


I am sorry to hear of your ongoing problem with hair loss and scalp irritation despite seeking out medical care to help you get relief.

Let me know where you are located and I can try to find the resource that is closest to you to help you get the care that you need.

From what you describe, you should be able to get relief from the burning and irritation, even if you do have cicatricial alpecia.

Dr. W

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Can Blue Star Ointment help with psoriasis?

Psoriasis can cause patches of thickened, dry skin. These patches may crack, itch, burn, and cause other pain. People with psoriasis may try topical products, such as Blue Star Ointment, to ease the discomfort.

The makers of Blue Star Ointment market it as a way of relieving uncomfortable symptoms of psoriasis, including itchiness and dryness.

In this article, we explore what benefits and risks Blue Star Ointment may have for people with psoriasis and other health conditions. We also look at other potential treatments for psoriasis.

What is Blue Star Ointment? 

Blue Star Ointment is an over-the-counter cream with 1.2% camphor oil. According to the company’s website, the product works for people with several skin conditions, including:

They do not say that their product works for psoriasis. However, the cream may help with several symptoms associated with psoriasis, including itchiness, a rash, and dry skin.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate or check the quality of Blue Star Ointment.

There is also no mention of quality control on the company’s website. The company does offer a money-back guarantee on the cream.

Blue Star Ointment is available at several retailers, including Amazon and Walmart.

Possible benefits for psoriasis

Blue Star Ointment may provide temporary relief of some psoriasis symptoms.

Psoriasis is an immune-mediated disease. The immune system causes too much inflammation throughout the body, resulting in a speeding up of skin cell growth and development.

As a result, the unusually high number of skin cells can cause raised, scaly patches of skin to form. Different types of psoriasis present differently, but the symptoms often include:

About 80–90% of people with psoriasis have plaque psoriasis. “Plaques” are areas of thick, raised skin that can be scaly.

The makers of Blue Star Ointment say that it can relieve itchiness and a burning sensation associated with various health issues. They do not specifically mention psoriasis — and no studies have investigated how well this product works.

Blue Star Ointment contains 1.2% camphor. The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends ointments or creams with camphor or menthol for relieving psoriasis-related itchiness. However, they also recommend using a moisturizer to counteract the drying effects of these products.

The National Psoriasis Foundation points out that the FDA approves camphor in topical products for treating itchiness. It adds that creams with camphor can cause increased irritation or dryness.

People with psoriasis may find that Blue Star Ointment helps reduce itchiness, but they may need to moisturize more to counteract any added dryness.

Possible benefits for other conditions

The makers of Blue Star Ointment say that it may help with a variety of conditions. It is unclear whether the product is tested by a third party to help confirm its quality and effects.

The makers say that it might help with:

  • itchiness
  • bug bites
  • athlete’s foot
  • ringworm
  • eczema
  • jock itch
  • cracked or dry skin
  • rashes

It is important to note that while Blue Star Ointment may relieve symptoms, it will not improve the underlying condition. Contact a healthcare professional if any unexplained symptoms do not clear up within a few days.


According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, the most significant risk of using a camphor product is that it may dry the skin. To prevent this, anyone using this type of product, such as Blue Star Ointment, should also moisturize.

Blue Star Ointment is a topical cream. A person should:

  • not ingest it
  • avoid getting it near their eyes
  • stop using it and contact a doctor if any signs of a reaction occur

Before using Blue Star Ointment or other topical products, discuss their suitability with a doctor. It is possible that Blue Star Ointment may not work well with other therapies or may cause unwanted reactions.

Science-backed treatments for psoriasis 

The best treatment plan for psoriasis often contains medical and home care approaches. A person should speak with a doctor about what therapies might work best for them.

Some common psoriasis treatments fall into these categories:

  • topicals, which are prescription or over-the-counter creams, ointments, solutions, and moisturizers
  • light therapy
  • biologics, which are injected medications that treat psoriasis throughout the body
  • complementary therapies, such as meditation or mindfulness training

The National Psoriasis Foundation recommends these nonprescription topicals for people with psoriasis:

  • coal tar
  • salicylic acid to help with removing scaly skin
  • bath solutions, including oatmeal and Epsom salts
  • fragrance-free moisturizers
  • scale lifters, or keratolytics
  • anti-itch ointments and creams, including calamine, camphor, or menthol


Blue Star Ointment is an over-the-counter itch cream. Its makers list several health conditions that their product may help with, but psoriasis is not one of them.

It contains camphor, which may help ease some psoriasis symptoms, though it may also dry out the area, so moisturizing is important.

Trying this product may involve minimal risk, but speak with a healthcare professional first to make sure that Blue Star Ointment will not cause unwanted effects or interactions with other treatments.

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Successful Treatment of Alopecia Areata with Topical Calcipotriol

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Blue Star Ointment 1980s

Blue Star Ointment

Blue Star Ointment Provides Soothing Relief for Dry, Irritated and Itchy Skin.

Blue Star Ointment Provides Soothing Relief for Dry, Irritated and Itchy Skin.

Itchy skin is a real problem for many people.  The discomfort, the tickling-itch that never seems to go away is a real inconvenience.  Not only is the itching annoying, it can leave skin looking ashy, red, swollen, cracked and altogether terrible.

With the help of Blue Star Ointment the pain and irritation of itchy skin can be conquered.  Use our time tested ointment to help ashy irritated skin turn back to smooth, soft skin.

Some Causes of Dry, Irritated Skin:

Winter, or dry weather
Dehydration/ lack of moisture
Harsh detergents or bath soaps
Aging (as skin ages, it naturally loses moisture)
Certain skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, etc.)
Certain medical procedures and/or medications

The Blue Star Ointment effect: For itchy skin


1. Clean affected area well and blot dry.
2. Apply a layer of Blue Star Ointment to affected area and massage in.
3. Repeat up to 3 times daily as needed.


Blue Star Ointment is the Perfect Scalp Itch Treatment for Textured Hair Types.

An itchy, flaky scalp can ruin any good hair day. That persistent itch can cause scalp irritation and heavy flaking of the scalp. Not to mention the awkward, never ending head scratching that draws attention to the problem and not the person. For dry, flaky symptoms of scalp itch, Blue Star Ointment is the solution.

Some causes of Scalp Itch and Dry Scalp:

Allergic reaction to chemical hair treatments
Excessive heat exposure to hair
Harsh Shampoos and Conditioners
Winter Weather, Dry Weather
A skin condition that dries the skin (eczema, psoriasis, etc)

The Blue Star Ointment effect: For Scalp Itch


1. Wash scalp well and towel dry
2. Apply a layer of Blue Star Ointment to affected area on scalp and massage in.
3. Repeat up to 3 times daily as needed

NOTE: : For sensitive skin, dilute Blue Star Ointment. To dilute, combine one part petroleum jelly and one part Blue Star Ointment. Apply as directed.


Star hair blue growth ointment

It's 2020 and you can literally get anything your heart desires at a moment's notice—a car ride, a slice of pizza at 1AM, a photo of Elvis to place above your bar cart. So it high-key makes sense that people get super frustrated with the rate of their hair growth. I mean, it can take a really freakin' long time to grow your hair out (think: a quarter inch to half an inch max per month). And because we're all super impatient these days, it seems like a new hack pops up on the internet every other week, promising to give you Rapunzel-length hair in no time. The weirdest trick that's swirling around these days? Using Monistat for hair growth.

This content is imported from {embed-name}. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

No, that wasn't a typo. As a refresher, Monistat-7 is an anti-fungal cream that's used to treat vaginal yeast infections. Aaaand some people swear that by rubbing it on their scalp, they've been able to fight the good fight against hair loss and grow their hair faster. (P.S. Even though people of all hair types have tried out this alleged hack, the majority of people shouting about Monistat from the proverbial internet mountain tops have natural hair, FWIW).

But...does it actually work? I reached out to Dr. Kari Williams, a trichologist (AKA a doctor that specializes in hair and scalp disorders) and hairstylist, to get the 411.

Does Monistat help with hair growth?

Ivan LattuadaImaxtree

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but according to Dr. Williams, no, it doesn't actually work: There are no scientific studies that show that Monistat is an effective treatment for hair loss, she explains. Womp. So how did the rumor even get started? Well, the active ingredient in Monistat is called miconazole nitrate (say that three times fast), which is an anti-fungal agent. One reason why people might see their hair start to thin, or even fall out, is due to an overgrowth of fungus (yeast) on their scalp.

"It's kind of similar to the yeast found in the vagina and how people get yeast infections," says Dr. Williams. There is a healthy amount of yeast that's normal and naturally occurring on the scalp, but when there's an overproduction of it, it's usually an indication that your hormones are a little out of wack. And that's when the bad shit, like hair loss, can happen.

The active ingredient that's usually prescribed by a doctor to deal with fungal infections is called ketoconazole, and it's been shown in several studies to help treat hormonal hair loss, says Dr. Williams. K, now stay with me here, because we're about to come full circle—ketoconazole has a similar chemical structure to miconazole nitrate (the active ingredient in Monistat) which is why some people may see hair growth with Monistat. And while the link kinda makes sense, it unfortunately doesn't change the fact that Monistat still isn't proven to treat hair loss.

Are there side effects to using Monistat for hair growth?


Yup. Like I said, there's no data to prove that Monistat is actually effective for hair growth, no matter what that influencer you secretly follow might say. There are so many causes for hair thinning and hair loss, so if yours isn't fungal related, there's a chance that you could make your scalp condition even worse, slowing down your hair growth even more, says Dr. Williams. You could also end up with contact dermatitis (aka an allergic reaction) on your scalp. Which, uh, not cute.

And if you're someone who isn't even dealing with hair thinning but wants something that'll make your hair grow faster, pls don't even think about using Monistat. "It's like taking medicine when you're healthy," says Dr. Williams. It's not going to do anything, and it could lead to problems for your already healthy scalp (think: infections, irritation, and yes, hair loss).

How can I grow my hair safely?

DW, not all hope is lost. If you're dealing with a scalp issue, Dr. Williams says that you should make an appointment with a dermatologist or a trichologist, so they can figure out what's really causing your hair loss and determine the best way to treat it. If hair loss isn't necessarily a problem for you, but you're still trying to promote some healthy growth, there are two things Dr. Williams recommends.

First, try eating a diet that's rich in proteins, vitamins, and omega oils, because long, healthy hair starts from the inside out. And, second, look for hair products that are filled with oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, and peppermint oil. They'll help to create a healthy and scalp-friendly foundation that'll level up your hair growth. Here's a few scalp-care products to help get you started:

Meet your scalp-care routine:

Scalp oil

Rene Furterer Complexe 5 Stimulating Plant Concentrate


Scalp mask

Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy Soothing Scalp Mask


Scalp shampoo

Klorane Soothing Shampoo with Peony Extract


Applicator bottle

Bar5F Hair Color Applicator Bottle


The bottom line

Long story short, keep the Monistat off your scalp, k? It's for the vagina. If you're dealing with hair loss, no matter how tempted you are to play at-home trichologist, you should definitely go see an expert to figure out what's actually going on. And if you want legit hacks for growing your hair long-AF, peep the tips in this story—none of them involve slathering a yeast infection cream on your scalp.

Ama KwartengAma Kwarteng was previously the associate beauty editor at Cosmopolitan.

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How to make Aloe vera gel in 5 minutes - for skin \u0026 hair - starnaturlbeauties

Using blue star ointment for head dandruff

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