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What is the best class for Diablo 3?

What is the best class for Diablo 3?

Diablo 3 Best Class [Ranked Tier List] (Latest Patch)

  • 1) Demon Hunter (S-Tier)
  • 2) Barbarian (S-Tier)
  • 3) Monk (A-Tier)
  • 4) Necromancer (A-Tier)
  • 5) Crusader (B-Tier)
  • 6) Sorcerer (C-Tier)
  • 7) Arcanist (D-Tier)

What is the hardest class to play in Diablo 3?

Hardest to Easiest:

  • Demon Hunter.
  • Wizard.
  • Barbarian.
  • Monk.
  • Crusader.
  • Necromancer.
  • Witch Doctor.

What is the best class for season 22 Diablo 3?

The best class for Experience Farming is Wrath of the Wastes Rend Barbarian since Barbarians can move extremely fast while dealing consistently high AoE damage. Season 22 heralds the return of so-called “rat runs” that consist of 2 LoD Singularity Mage Necromancers, 1 Support Necromancer, and a Support Barbarian.

What happens when you reach level 70 in Diablo 3?

As soon as you hit level 70, you will have a mixture of yellow and blues items that you acquired through leveling and maybe even some nice legendary pieces. Since you have JUST hit max level, there is a good chance that most of your gear will be under leveled or not have the best stats.

What happens when you finish Diablo 3?

Once it is full, the Rift Guardian will appear, which is a powerful boss. Upon slaying it, it drops loot, including a Greater Rift Key. This key can be used to undertake the Greater Rifts, which differs from regular rifts in some respects.

Is Diablo 3 still worth Playing 2019?

It’s a loot grinder through and through, like any other entry in the series or any other ARPG, so if you’ve enjoyed that in the past you will enjoy this. The story is just ok and is probably only worth a once through. If you’re buying it only for the story then I would pass.

Is Diablo 3 better than WoW?

In a sense, comparing Diablo 3 to World of Warcraft is a long shot. Though they’re both RPGs, Diablo 3 is a face paced-Hack and Slash rather than World of Warcraft is all about MMO. But WoW has a more end game content that you can grind and achieve in the long run.

Did they make Diablo 3 harder?

It never gets “hard”, it’s a Diablo game. It’s not meant to be a big challenge, you’re just supposed to keep farming for new and bigger loot and more paragon levels for ever and ever and ever.

Sours: https://boardgamestips.com/wow/what-is-the-best-class-for-diablo-3/

Diablo 3 might have only just arrived on Nintendo Switch near the end of 2018, but it's been knocking around on PS4 and Xbox One for a few years now. In this complete Diablo 3 guide, we'll be walking you through everything to know if you're only just heading into Blizzard's game for the very first time, including a Diablo 3 class guide, and much more.

If you were lucky enough to pick up Diablo 3 Eternal Collection on Nintendo Switch you’ll want to redeem your exclusive Ganondorf armor. For details on getting the Diablo 3 Ganondorf armor on Nintendo Switch, head here.

Diablo 3 Tips

Diablo 3 is a game that’s simple to grasp at first but tricky to master. You’ll definitely want to make the most of your first few hours in Diablo 3, so keeping a few things in mind when starting out is definitely worth your time. Read on for some tips for Diablo 3 beginners, so you can jump into the game on Nintendo Switch and not be completely useless for the first few hours of play.

Check equipment stats: Diablo III's green and red arrows are useful short-hand for whether or not a weapon is an improvement, but it shouldn't always be taken as gospel. Some items offer excellent perks that go well beyond ordinary stats, such as huge bonuses to XP, life regeneration, and individual skills. Sometimes it's better to keep the weapon that improves your favorite skill by 10 percent than it is to take the one that improves one stat by five percent.

Pay attention to the stats for each class: Each class has a different preferred stat. Demon Hunters and Monks favor the Dexterity stat. Witch Doctors and Wizards favor the Intelligence stat. Barbarians and Crusaders favor the Strength stat. For best results, choose the weapons and armor that improve the stats that correspond to your chosen class.

Be smart about attack speed:

Attack Speed is no longer the be all, end all stat that it was in the vanilla version of Diablo III, but it's still a useful piece of information. Generally, you want higher attack speed for classes like Monk, who are more about repeatedly using resource-generating attacks. If your build relies on cooldown attacks or similar skills, then attack speed isn't as useful. Plan accordingly.

A party that stays together slays together:

If you're playing couch co-op, try to stay together as a group. The screen will zoom out to try to keep every player in view, but once it hits its maximum range, it's possible for players to go off-screen. The game will try to push you back into camera view, but this can result in your character being shunted into a dangerous position.

If you're playing online, everyone has their own view and can go their separate ways.

Match your class with your playstyle:

Diablo III offers a high degree of class flexibility, but even so, there are some distinct styles. Barbarian, Crusader and Monk are largely melee based, and tend to stay closer to the action. Wizard, Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor are ranged attackers, and prefer to keep their distance.

All classes have crowd control spells (cc), but Crusader and Wizard are the strongest in this respect. Crusader and Barbarian are capable of absorbing the most amount of damage. Wizard and Demon Hunter can put out high damage, but they are a little squishy. Monk, Crusader and Witch Doctor are good all-rounders, and have the additional bonus of healing capabilities. This makes them a very effective support class.

Diablo 3 Class Build and Playstyle Guide

There are seven classes to play around with in Diablo 3. Each offers a slightly different playstyle, so choosing the right one for you will take a look of trial and error and experimentation. To help you decide which Class Build to go for in Diablo 3, we’ve detailed each of the seven below:

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Class and Build Guide

Some players feel that Demon Hunters are underpowered, but the thing is, this class needs to be played with a degree of patience and planning to be fully effective.

A real strength of the character is mobility, and it's possible to build out a highly mobile, crowd control Demon Hunter that's a blast to play if you like shooting things from afar. Use Entangling Shot and Frost Elemental Arrow to slow down the rampaging hordes, while Strafe cuts them all down. Vault and Smoke Screen can keep you out of trouble, and Evasive Fire is a two-for one evade-and-shoot deal.

The key to playing this character is staying mobile and looking for space to run into. Basically run, turn, walk backwards, let loose, and start running as the monsters begin to close in. Just make sure you keep your running in a tight area, as you don't want to aggro the next set of MOBs, wherever they are.

There's some excellent synergy to be found in Cluster Grenades, Cluster Arrows, Rapid Fire and Chakram. However, while Chakram can be devastating, to get the most out of it, you need very precise timing so you can nail several critters at once. For some people, that's just not fun, and if that's you, then Rapid Fire is the best alternative. Add Marked for Death to dial up the damage, and Sentry to add more firepower, and you'll have an extremely strong offensive-focused character. Caltrops is the sensible defensive option, but Shadow Power is recommended for the more aggressive player.

This is an easy build to play. Stay mobile, kite like crazy.

A decent all-round build can be created with Evasive Arrow, Spike Trap and Elemental Arrow. Smoke Screen and Vault are your kiting tools, and Preparation helps ensure they're ready to use almost anytime. This build starts out a little slowly, but as you level up and can finesse your spells to suit your playstyle, you'll find it grows in strength exponentially.

Like other Demon Hunter builds, it requires you to be mobile. Don't be afraid to use your evasion tools whenever you're in trouble, and get used to running, turning, firing and then evading when things get close. If you can plan your traps well and kite your enemies into them, this build is very satisfying to play.

Diablo 3 Monk Class and Build Guide

The Monk is a flexible class that offers some interesting options. If you like your Monk tough and tanky, Crippling Waves and Blinding Flashes are the right stuff. Dashing Strike and Cyclone Strike deliver some nice control on the battlefield, and Serenity is your clutch play spell. Mantra of Spirit or Mantra of Evasion are both useful, the former being effective for party play when you don't think you'll be in the thick of things, and the latter is the one to take if you're leading the charge.

This build, like all Monk builds, is really easy to play. Use your control spells intelligently to round up the MOBs into a group, and then deliver the beats with your AOE spells.

Monks make quite handy healers, and if you want to have a go at being everyone's friend, start with Fists of Thunder, and add Inner Sanctuary and Serenity. Breath of Heaven and Cyclone Strike further bolster your skills, and Mantra of Healing is your final, obvious choice. Don't forget to take Chant of Resonance. That will really help boost your healing powers.

The last build is for kung-fu fans. If you like your Monk to be leaping into battle, and giving it some with hands and fists, take Crippling Wave and Lashing Tail Kick. Mantra of Conviction gives you some nice oomph, while Seven-Sided Strike dials up your multi-MOB bashing capabilities. Serenity helps keep you alive while reflecting back some damage as an extra bonus, and Sweeping Wind rounds out the build to add even more AOE damage.

This is an offensive build, so be prepared to fight at the front line so you can maximize your spells.

Diablo 3 Wizard Class and Build Guide

When it comes to putting out enormous amounts of damage, the Wizard is hard to beat. And if you want to max it as best you can, take Meteor, Storm Armor and Electrocute. Disintegrate and Explosive Blast will also produce nice numbers, and Frost Nova will hold everything in place so you can drop your bombs. Arcade Dynamo is a mandatory passive for this build, helping boost your damage-dealing potential even more.

While you can certainly dish out the damage, this build can't take much of a beating, so make sure you stay well away from heavy hitters, and save your Frost Nova for when you need it. While it is possible to run solo with this character, it's far better with a group, and can be especially devastating when running with a tank or CC class.

An opposite build to this uses Spectral Blade, Arcade Torrent and Energy Twister as offensive spells, while Archon, Diamond Skin and Ice Armor toughen you up. The result is a surprisingly resilient caster that requires some getting used to – timing defensive spells is critical, but once mastered you'll find your Wizard is a capable all-rounder. Additional bonus is that it can still pull off some big one-shot hits too.

In a way, this build is counter-intuitive for a Wizard, but you can pop your defensive spells and get right into the thick of things without fear. Just don't dawdle too long, as you'll get mashed if your spells run out. This is where the timing comes in, but just pay attention to cooldowns, and this build will serve you well.

An interesting ice-themed build uses Ray of Frost, Blizzard and Shock Pulse as its arsenal, and Frost Nova , Diamond Skin and Storm Armor for defensive strength. It provides a lot of AOE output, and the defensive spells let you move in and really maximize them when you're faced with a swarm of enemies. If that swarm is too big to safely engage, Blizzard lets you sit back and bombard from afar. This is a straightforward build to play, and offers a nice degree of flexibility both solo, and in group play.

Diablo 3 Barbarian Class and Build Guide

If you like getting up close and personal with the things you're smashing in the face, then the Barbarian is the lady or gentleman for you.

Beefy of stature, and muscular of arm, the Barbarian is the front line assault weapon of choice. If being right up the front is your thing, you need a tank build. And a pretty mean one involves taking Frenzy, Rend, and Revenge. Those spells alone can keep you up while you're taking aggro from all and sundry. Add in Ignore Pain, War Cry to help your chums, and Wrath of the Berserker for those crap/fan situations, and you have a fine Tank that in the hands of a good player can weather almost any storm.

The trick is – like most things, but especially important here – is timing spells. You want to be constantly offsetting incoming damage with your self-healing spells, while keeping your clutch spells for critical moments.

If you've been perusing the Barbarian's spells, you'll notice a fair number of knockback-types. Stack them all together, and lo. Bodies will fly. Take Bash, Seismic Slam, Ground Stomp and Earthquake, runed to enhance their knockback effects. Furious Charge and Threatening Shout have very good synergy with the rest of your spells, but swap in anything you feel more comfortable using to ensure that this build matches your playstyle.

Playing this build is pretty easy. Get nose-to-nose with the enemy, and have at it. You'll want to keep your party behind you, while you break lines and send the enemies flying. Just make sure that if you're playing this build, you're not playing with other characters dependent on herding so they can utilize AOE effects, since you'll be working in opposition. What you need with this build are characters with focus fire. You wade in and smash heads, while they pick off anything you punt out of the crowd.

An entertaining hybrid build involves taking Weapon Throw, Hammer of the Ancients and Leap. That'll give you a nice ranged attack, a way of getting right into the thick of the action, and a powerful cone attack. Match those with Avalanche and Earthquake for some serious AOE damage, which you can further enhance with Battle Rage.

Basically, Leap into the action, and then start backing up. What you want to be doing here is trying to get enemies in front of you, so you can pulverize them with your cone and AOE attacks. Done right, you can absolutely flatten everything. Pair this with another AOE character, or one that fires projectiles that go through creatures, and you'll have a grin-inducing combo.

Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Class and Build Guide

Witch Doctors are highly versatile, and bring a lot of different mechanics to the table.

If you like the idea of casting swarms of minions, and watching while they go to town on the enemy, then what you need is Plague of Toads, Locust Swarms, Fetish Army, and Zombie Dogs. They'll provide plenty of chums to keep you company, while Mass Confusion will persuade the enemies to fight for you, adding even more oomph to your personal army – albeit temporarily. The last slot is personal preference. Wall of Zombies or Piranhas can be a lot of fun if you really want to go to town on the theme of this build, while Zombie Charger gives you one additional powerful minion to work with. Acid Cloud is also useful if you want additional AOE power.

With this build, you want to keep your distance and let your minions do the work for you. In that sense, this build can sometimes feel a little boring, because you're not exactly the one doing the slaying, but as you level up, it becomes increasingly more entertaining.

A slightly odd build, but one that offers a different playstyle to most involves using Firebomb, Grasp of the Dead and Acid Cloud. That combination – especially at higher levels – causes AOE zones that can be deadly to the enemy. What else you take depends on how you like to play. But we recommend Zombie Dogs, Sacrifice and Gargantuan. Sacrifice gives you some good tricks up your sleeve, while the minions can mop up monsters that survive your AOE of doom.

This build is excellent, but be careful you don't get surrounded. Drop your AOE on the floor, and kite monsters through it repeatedly.

Finally, this build initially looks like a mish-mash of skills, but actually, there's a lot of synergy here that lets a player with good timing stack up damage boosters to lay down some fierce offense. Poison Dart, Spirit Barrage and Haunt kick things off, while Hex and Soul Harvest provide damage boosts. Big Bad Voodoo is what you want to take eventually, but probably not until level 44, when it really comes into its own. Until then, either of the other spells will suffice.

Timing is everything with this character, and you need to be constantly moving, because you have little in the way of control spells. Use Soul Harvest and Hex whenever they're up, and let rip. This build delivers very strong direct damage, so make sure you always stay focused on the biggest threats first, and then take out the smaller stuff.

Diablo 3 Crusader Class and Build Guide

The Crusader class is melee, but doesn't always feel like it with this build. Smite and Blessed Shield give your damage-dealing capabilities some range, and Condemn and Bombardment add additional options to the same end. Defensively, Shield Glare and Laws of Hope are good ones to take - the latter spell's continued healing effect is very useful.

This build involves more sitting back than most melee characters. Timing is key, and you want to be using your spells when MOBs begin to group up, so you can maximize your output.

If you want to try healing, this build is an odd one, but strangely effective. Slash and Sweep Attack work well together, and if you're in the thick of battle, you can effectively smash through enemy lines. Steed Charge and Falling Sword give you mobility, while also dishing out some quality damage. Finally, Consecration and Laws of Hope provide this build's healing aspect.

This is a highly mobile build, enabling you to charge around the battlefield dishing out impressive sweeping damage, while also looking after your party. This is not a tank build, even though it plays like one, so don't forget that you can use your mobility spells to get yourself out of trouble just as quickly as they got you into it.

The Crusader can also make an effective tank. Smite is where you need to start, and then add Shield Bash to give yourself battlefield mobility so you can get to MOBs before they get to anyone else. Iron Skin makes you a tougher target to take down - especially when you double down with Laws of Justice. Provoke is a classic tank taunt spell, while Akarat's Champion offers some utility - especially at later levels.

Play this build like a typical tank. Get right into the thick of things, and use your cooldowns on rotation to stay alive. Don't make the mistake of saving your damage-reduction spells until you're low on health. Use them when you're taking damage at high health, which will give you a lot more room to react if things start going wrong. You really don't want to be trying to get away from critters when you have just a sliver of health.

Diablo 3 Necromancer Class and Build Guide

The latest class to be added to Diablo 3 is the Necromancer. It’s a returning class from Diablo 2, and features a bunch of great AoE magic attacks. This is a build with a lot of reach, thanks to the Bone Spear that you can launch in any direction. The best, and most useful part of playing Necromancer is the crowd-control possibility. It can be pretty easy to get overwhelmed by large hordes in Diablo 3, so bringing a Necromancer along for the ride can really help turn the tables. A combination of skills make slowing enemies and hampering their attacks very easy indeed, something which can be a real winner if used at the right time.

The Necromancer Class is not the most mobile in the game, but thanks to a short teleport ability called Blood Rush, you can easily escape from large crowds. This ability, when used in conjunction with the Bone Spear projectiles, mean that Necromancers can move in for an attack, warp away, then reign down ranged attacks from a safe distance.

By far the most effective strategy to employ is the crowd-control style. The Necromancer has an ability called Decrepify, which slows all enemies and reduces their damage. Triggering this can give teammates the chance to take a breath and regroup, something which can mean the difference between success and failure. The Command Skeletons attack also makes for great fodder to distract enemies from your team.

In terms of a build, you’ll want to go in with Trag’Oul’s armor wherever you can, use the Jesseth Skullscythe and Skullshield, and make sure you’ve paired it all with The Compass Rose Ring to reduce damage while moving. To make the most of your Skills, apply Extended Servitude, Life from Death, Spreading Malediction, and Blood for Blood. This will boster the following Skills: Decrepify, Skeletal Mage, Command Skeletons, Siphon Blood, Bone Armor, and Devour. This build allows you to immediately trigger Decrepify when encountering a group of enemies, and as long as you’re constantly moving, you’ll receive 50% less damage. The Spreading Malediction buff is vital, as it adds 1% damage for every enemy you curse.

Given the wide variety of the Necromancer abilities, this class is very contextual, and players will need to be smart when using it. Being able to trigger huge AoE magic attacks, throw powerful projectiles, and teleport a short distance are all useful, but it’s the support spells that really steal the show. There’s very little in the way of focused, damage-dealing attacks, so you’ll definitely need a good team around you if you’re facing down a boss. But with an army of skeletons and the ability to slow down enemies, I’m sure they’ll want to return the favor.

Diablo 3 FAQ

Can I cheat with a Hardcore character and save it to USB, and then reload it from that source when it dies?

Yes you can. But just remember that all characters on that save will be overwritten, so if you're going to do this, only play your hardcore character during the session - and save frequently.

How Do I Socket Gems in Diablo 3?

It's easy to miss, but gems can be accessed by going to the item screen in the inventory (signified by the little bag at the bottom of the item wheel) and selecting the wheel of gems. You can then choose which gems you want to insert into your available armor and weapons.

How Do I Remove Gems in Diablo 3?

In Act II, you will find Covetous Shen. After you successfully complete his relatively brief quest, he will return to town and become the local Jeweler. Shen will remove gems from a piece of equipment for a nominal fee.

Is there a Trade function on the console version of Diablo 3?


What are the bonuses for Master level difficulty in Diablo 3?

Master I: +60% Magic Find, +60% Gold Find, +120% XP Bonus

Master II: +70% Magic Find, +70% Gold Find, +140% XP Bonus

Master III: +80% Magic Find, +80% Gold Find, +160% XP Bonus

Master IV: +90% Magic Find, +90% Gold Find, +180% XP Bonus

Master V: +100% Magic Find, +100% Gold Find, +200% XP Bonus

Can I pause Diablo 3?

Yes - but only in couch co-op mode. If you're playing online, you cannot pause the game.

Can I Take a New Character into Adventure Mode in Diablo 3?

Yes you can. Just back out of Campaign Mode once you've created your character, and select adventure mode. Then you can jump in and start wherever you want. Difficulty scales with your level, making this a very flexible way to level up.

How do I Transmog Gear in Diablo 3?

If you want to change the appearance of your gear, you'll need to head to the Mystic NPC and train your character. The higher the level you train, the more transmog options become available. Additional transmogs can be acquired by identifying items. For info on how to Transmog the Ganondorf Armor on Nintendo Switch, head over to our Diablo 3 Ganondorf Guide.

Can I transfer my characters and save from PC to Console in Diablo 3?

No. But you can transfer your save from PS3 to PS4, and from Xbox 360 to Xbox One.

Can I transfer my Diablo 3 save to Nintendo Switch?

There have been a few updates to Diablo 3 since launch, namely one that allows a cloud save function to move profiles between consoles. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Nintendo switch, so if you’re looking to transfer a save from PC, PS4 Xbox One, to Nintendo Switch—I’m afraid you’re out of luck. You can transfer your save between Switch consoles though, using the Nintendo Online Cloud save service.

How will town portals work in multiplayer?

If you're playing couch co-op, if someone ports back to town, everyone ports back to town as a group - so pay attention and make sure you communicate if anyone needs to go anywhere. If you're playing with someone online, you'll go back to town, but they'll stay where they are.

Sours: https://www.usgamer.net/articles/03-01-2019-diablo-3-reaper-of-souls-strategy-guide-class-builds-tips-and-faq
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Diablo 3 Best Class [Ranked Tier List] 2.6.9

Which class will reign supreme in Season 21

Season 21 is LIVE and with it came some HUGE changes, especially for Demon Hunters. The Gears of Dreadlands set is by far my favorite update...but we will get to that shortly. The nerfing of the Heavens Fury Crusader continues but will that stop it from being an insanely good Solo? Probably not. But we will see. I have separated the classes of S21 into tiers based on which class absolutely DOMINATES and which is absolute trash.

S-Tier: These classes have very few (if any) shortfallings

A-Tier: Still very good playing options, just with a few weaknesses

B-Tier: Decent classes where the good pretty much evens out the bad

C-Tier: Widely visible weaknesses

D-Tier: Complete Garbage, Blizzard please send help!

1. Barbarian (S-Tier)

Barbarians remain the supreme Diablo III class.

  • The Barbarian in S21 is AWESOME it has a viable amount of speed.
  • The Whirlwind and Support builds make it a great option whether playing in groups or solo. 
  • S Tier Barb builds are easy to make despite starting with such a lack-luster setup.
  • Frenzy Barb is an underrated RGK. (Watch out Heaven’s fury Crusader!)
  • There is no downside to playing this class in S21

Barbarian Overall Rating 99/100 

2. Demon Hunter (S-Tier)

The Demon Hunter, fueled by hatred and discipline, assassinates his foes.


  • GoD set has unreal stats. Utilize strafing with this set and the skill fires off your last used primary. Primary skills Damage increased by 10k%. Talk about DPS!
  • Pair this with Bastions of Will and add 50% damage when attacking while spending resources.
  • Factor in The Ninth Cirri Satchel (Hungering arrow guaranteed to pierce and do 515% Increased Damage) and Hungering arrow(Obviously.) My calculator just broke!
  • Great class that has easy builds for newer players and casual gamers.
  • Great class for support roles/group play when using Odyssey's End for 150% extra damage to enemies snared by Entangling Shot.

Demon Hunter Overall Rating 97/100

3. Monk (S-Tier)

The Monk is a speedy class ideal for speed farming.

  • The Monk Sunwuko/Wave of Light build is the absolute best build in the game for speed farming.
  • Sunwuko/Tempest Rush build is a great build for Solo play.
  • Mantra of Healing makes for highly sought after support builds. 
  • Easy Casual class due to receiving Sunwuko immediately.
  • There really are no DPS Group play builds for the monk class.

Monk Overall Rating 95/100

4. Witch Doctor (A-Tier)

Witch Doctor: The Shaman of Solo play.

  • This class is still an exceptional Solo option especially with the Mundunugu’s/Spirit Barrage build.
  • The above build with Pain Enhancer makes Witch Doctor an appealing team member during group play.
  • Substitute Pain Enhancer with Bane of the Stricken to do massive damage to the Rift Guardian.
  • Witch Doctor builds make for a mediocre support role.
  • Casual Players will have a hard time putting together a strong Witch Doctor build.

Witch Doctor overall ranking 93/100

5. Necromancer (B-Tier) 

Necromancer fights evil with an army of the undead.

  • Legacy of Dreams/Poison scythe build changes this season make it a solid Solo option.
  • Necromancer is a good support option with the Pestilence Necromancer build.
  • This class is great at Speed Farming, just not as efficient as Tier S and A classes.
  • For Casual gamers, any build worth having takes lots of effort and may not be worth it.
  • Though Necromancer’s new set Masquerade of the Burning Carnival can take loads of damage, it can’t dish it out.

Necromancer Overall Ranking 87/100

6. Crusader (B-Tier)

The Crusader: A Holy Tank for Solo Dominance.

  • Despite constant nerfing, Aegis of Valor/Heaven’s Fury build is Still Dominating Solo Leaderboards.
  • Crusader is also the number 1 choice for groups as a Rift Guardian Killer.
  • For Casual players, the powerful Aegis-Heavens build is not hard to obtain.
  • This class can be an absolute Tank...just not much else.
  • If you want to Speed Farm with the Crusader.  Don’t.  It is ridiculously slow.

Crusader overall ranking 86/100

7. Wizard (D-Tier)

The Wizard: a master of slaying demons with arcane abilities.

  • There are no Wizard builds that will perform competitively in Solo.
  • The best build for speed farming (Chantodo Vyrs) pales in comparison to options available in all other classes. 
  • The Wizard starting set is trash and you would manually have to build anything decent which makes it awful for casual gamers.
  • This class has nothing of value to offer as support in group play.
  • If you are still set on playing wizard (Like I am) seek out the Chantodo Vyrs Archon build as it is the best of the terrible Wizard options.

Wizard overall ranking 70/100 

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Sours: https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/best-diablo-3-classes-diablo-3-tier-list-4
Diablo 3 - What's the Best Class in Season 22?

Diablo 3 Best Class [Ranked Tier List] (Latest Patch)

What are the strongest, middle classes and bad in Season 22?
Patch 2.6.10

Hey guys, all ok? Frankenstein here in the area to bring you a super update on how they are as news of Season 22 Shadows of Nefalem, in terms of best, middle and worst classes, with the why, efficiency analysis and much more!


Hey you, warrior and nefalem warrior, season 22 is on the air with a series of news, obviously bringing a series of doubts about which class you should start with, why you start with it and how to stay during the season , right? I will expose here, my updates, opinions and favorite ideas, always trying to relate them to those in the ranking of the best global players, in a well updated, organized and well summarized way for all you. Oh, and there’s more, I’m going to separate Season 22 classes here into tiers, so you can look at them and analyze their pros and cons.

Tier-S: S, of supreme, correct? Hahaha, These are the classes that we can call Godlikes, or, in other words, the ones with less chance of going wrong with your choice.

Tier-A: The Tier-A classes are among the “pre godlikes”, that is, they are the classes that present a good performance, have a good efficiency, but, they may not reach the Tier-S category for some specific factor.

Tier-B: They are good, they can stand out in brief details, but they fall short in some aspects.

Tier-C: They are classes of weak points, kind of nauseating and maybe not so interesting in terms of mid-late game performances.

Tier-D: The classes here are the most ruined, the ones with the worst performances and synergies.

1) Demon Hunter (S-Tier)

Here, basically, I present you the strongest class in the game.

DH is an extremely strong, efficient, fast character, with points of occurrence and advantages. My recommendation, based on past seasons and also the current season, is DH. For you who are starting to play now, and are looking to make your first adventure.

- An extremely high DPS, extreme battle potential with good races, against elites and monsters in great quantity.

- You may not be able to easily level up (1 ~ 70) (This is often a personal problem, remembering that it varies from person to person), you may have some difficulty here or there, due to the discounted items you need to get, more surely you will get a good weapon in your Kanai cube, or a Karlei point, or a Lord Greenstone fan, which will help a lot.

- At level 70, the build that you should try to build is the Set of Lands of Dread Set, where you will achieve a great ease of game development.

- You have to get a beast of 1 hand Dawn (which will give you the necessary recharge for you to stay in Vengeance mode all the time).

- As a group, the DH class can act more as a support, with excellent buffs, and can help damage the Sorcerers or Necromancers.

- Extremely FANTASTIC Speedfarm, fast (even in supplication 16, hunts), strong, and efficient at high slit levels.

- The problem here, in DH, in my opinion, is that Terras do Pavor is so strong, that basically there is no other choice with the same efficiency in the S22, because the other well-known builds are outdated.

Demon Hunter's overall rating for a season 22? 99.8 / 100

2) Barbarian (S-Tier)

The supreme, the fearless, the lord of strength, Barbarian.

Well, we started our list, with obviously the most unbeatable being in diablo 3, barbarian. Why is the barbarian at the top of our list in the S category? Because he is basically a character with everything and all the facilities (let's say so), that you need. Completing the first 4 chapters of the season, you get the Horde of the 90 savages, which falls into the category of an excellent set. Remembering that the barbarian is excellent for group play (Rat Runs), Rat Runs are xp explosions made in a group, as quickly as possible, they can associate with Necromancers (1 support barbarian, 1 support necromancer, 2 DPS necromancers), as a good request, to make larger cracks, as quickly as possible.

- The barbarian is really easy to level up (1 ~ 70), has good skill mechanics and runes, a very good chance of getting good / excellent weapons with upgrading the Kanai cube.

- Basically it is an easy character to build (level up without difficulties).

- Excellent sets to get you started, like (Horde of the Savage 90s, resource generator build (Frenzy), or Wrath of Shredding Wastes (Destroy the Elites).

- It has an extreme speed, broken runes, skills that combine intensely (Whirlwind + Rend + Furious Charge).

- It has an enviable mechanics when it comes to playing both solo and group.

- Basically in the Mid / Late game, you can get excellent combos with the sets

(Wastes set + Bul-Katho´s set), + Kanai cube that will provide you with excellent combinations of attributes with skills.

- Rat Runs with extreme efficiency, speed and power.

- Why am I going to give 99.5% to the barbarian this season? Why the fourth space of Kanai's cube, will provide better performance in other classes (Speedfarm much faster)

- Overall barbarian rating for Season 22? 99.5 / 100

3) Monk (A-Tier)

Monk is being a surprise this season, because although he has not been modified in this 2.6.10 patch, he has had a sensational buff on Sheng Long's Legendary Fists skill.

- It is a character with average / good efficiency at the time of up (1 ~ 70).

- The set that you will be presented at Haedrig's Gift, is the Precepts of Justice (Which is the build that will be stronger in Monk, this season).

- Precepts of Justice + the Season Bonus + Kanai Cube (With Balance + Okun´s Law), will give you an excellent consistency, mid late game.

- If you get Balance or Torches-incense from the Great Temple, it will help you a lot in your trajectory.

- Focusing on the support monk build, with a series of buffs and speedfarms, you will never be without a group.

- You have the possibility to make a good slit push, that is, really high slits with very intense levels. (Push, basically, would be a challenge to ever larger cracks).

- Good placement against Chiefs and Elites

- If you want to invest in Fists of Shenlong, you will really destroy, making an extremely efficient farm.

- I think Monk, in my view, is somewhat limited in some matters.

Monk overall rating for season 22? 88/100

4) Necromancer (A-Tier)

Necromancer is an extremely efficient class, very quiet to play at the beginning of the game and is very attractive.

- You'll be able to level up (1 ~ 70) extremely fast, whether you're getting a good 2-handed scythe.

- With a third Kanai cube recipe, you can get it with a very good chance Claws of the Essence, which was really puffed in patch 2.6.9

- The set you will be presented at Dadiva de Haedric is the Burning Carnival Mask, which together with the Bone Spear set, is the strongest Necromancer build at the present time and perhaps one of the strongest builds of the season.

- What's the matter with Necro, in my view? You will be very attached to the item Haunting Visions, because it is the one that will make your Blood Simulator alive all the time. If your Simulacre died, you will lose a lot of damage from the Set.

- I recommend you start with the Legacy of Dreams + Skeleton Wizard build until you get Amazing Visions.

- His speedfarm is relatively good, he is very benefited by the 4 slot of the kanai cube, but in relation to a monk or DH, he is still far behind.

- Necromancer overall rating for season 22? 87/100

5) Crusader (B-Tier)

Well, here we are with the tank king.

The Crusader is an average character, you have a good efficiency to make the torment 16, although it is not fast in relation to the other classes. For the larger crevices, I already find it a little more stuck. But check out its context this Season 22.

- Low / medium start class, due to the low chance of getting the necessary equipment.

- It is a relatively easy class to assemble, the set that you will be presented at Dadiva de Haedrig is the Aegis of Bravery.

- Various builds (which will depend on your gameplayer), such as Aegis of Valor + Fist of Paraiso (Farmbuild), Furia do Paraiso (Pushbuild), Bombing build.

- Kanai's Cube, with excellent potential for Paradise Fury, such as (Destiny of the Wicked + Shield of Fury)

- In relation to other classes in cracks, it is very slow.

- The Crusader in a group, with the use of Fury of Paradise will be the absolute RGK (Rift Guardian Killer) of this season. RGK is when you are in very high level rifts, and you need a very high and consistent damage, of individual character, for you to kill the Rift Guardian + a few Elites.

And that is why I consider Crusader to be a reasonable character, everything will depend on the style of game you take or the build you choose.

Crusader overall rating for season 22? 82/100

6) Sorcerer (C-Tier)

The Sorcerer has his place here, in sixth place.

- The Sorcerer has an average start to the game, even if you don't get some interesting equipment, he will have a regular development, as he is the master of the massacre bonuses.

- Achieving an Imminent Death Mojo, you will achieve a good performance in the Spirit Save skill, considerably damaging your damage and improving your performance in the game.

- At level 70, you will be presented by Dadiva de Haedric with Mundunugu Clothing, this being the build you will want to play as a Wizard.

- At the beginning of the season, for you to stay alive, maybe a Sacred Mower, it will fulfill this role well, because it will apply the number of applications of the souls. The Lakumba Ornament Armband will also give you a good development. The worst of all and the one that will take the most work is the Void Ring.

- The main role that I see for the Wizard is that of Trash Killer, however, with the current season bonus prevailing more the Necromancer class (It will be much stronger), so it is up to you to choose which one you can invest to be a good trash killer.

-It is not a good Speedfarm, even more with a worse result in larger cracks.

Sorcerer overall rating for a season 22? 75/100

7) Arcanist (D-Tier)

The arcanist has been doing a couple of seasons that has been having a horrible performance, and this season 22, it doesn't seem to have changed that.

- To level up with the arcanist of 1 ~ 70, he has the WORST development of all classes. That is, the most difficult and hateful to level.

- You can get level 1 a Winter's Breath, which will increase the damage of your Hydra, but here comes a series of controversies about the arcanist. I recommend that you wait until you decide which wand you want to improve for the third recipe from Kanai's cube. If you decide to invest in the Faiscar da Serpente wand, it pays to take the Winter Whistle at level 1. But if you don't get the Faiscar da Serpente wand, wait until level 33, so you have the chance to get a Carved Coat, so , more interesting than the Winter Breath.

- You will have a hard time assembling your arcanist at the beginning.

- The set you will receive for Dadiva de Haedric is the Veil of Typhon, which despite having a very nice damage, does not have a good game dynamic. (Errors, behind errors in the arcanist).

- You will have a little work to assemble your builds with the arcanist.

- As a team, you have the possibility to play with the Tornado de Energia, however, although everything is ok on the consoles, some bugs can still be detected on the PC (Again, more bugs).

- The arcanist's Speedfarm is slow / average, being in the last option, in relation to the other characters this season. However, you can try to play with the Speedfarm build of Legacies of Orb of Ice and Vyr with Explosion Wave.

- Arcanist overall rating for season 22? 68/100

Also Be Sure To Read:

Sours: https://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/best-diablo-3-classes-diablo-3-tier-list

Class best diablo 2019 3

Season 24 Tier List: Solo Greater Rift Push Build Rankings


Top Solo Greater Rift Pushing Builds for each Class

With patch 2.6.7, several items that modify RendRend were buffed, bringing forth this build as the top Barbarian build and one of the top S-Tier builds overall. In the past couple of seasons and on non-seasonal, this build has dominated the leader boards for Barbarian while also being relatively easy to play, making it an excellent build for players looking to pick up Barbarian for the first time. With the addition of Ethereals in Season 24, this build gets another enormous power spike, bringing it in line with other top builds for pushing potential.

Even after some nerfs, the Heaven's Fury Crusader is still exceptional for Season 24. While this is not the fastest build, it is incredibly durable, an excellent elite hunter/RGK, and is once again looking to be the top Crusader build.

In Patch 2.6.9, Demon Hunters gained the new Gears of Dreadlands set (GoD), which is based around using generators. The set, combined with some substantial buffs to supporting items has led to the Hungering Arrow generator build using the new set, which is far and away the strongest Demon Hunter build in the game. This build offers the highest baseline movement speed and a play-style similar to the Whirlwind or Rend Barbarian builds, which makes it great for both speed and pushing. Ethereals make this build absolutely fantastic in Season 24, so definitely check this build out if you enjoy Demon Hunter.

With the new patch and season, Monks are the class that received the most substantial changes. The combination of some item buffs and Ethereals have brought LoD Wave of Light Monk back into the S-tier from long ago, while also retaining its speed as one of the fastest clearing builds in the game. Additionally, we have a new build for Monks thanks to the changes to the Innas set, which gives Monks a minion-based build of sorts that has some insane pushing potential as well. Monk has far and away the most varied build choices this season, so if you are looking for multiple builds to try, Monk is the answer.

Thanks to some severe nerfs to the previously dominant Bone Spear Necromancer, the LoD Necro builds will now reign supreme. There are a few different ones to try, but it is looking like the LoD Poison Scythe necromancer will be the top pushing choice, especially with the addition of Ethereals. This is a slow build, but is still one of the most durable builds in the game.

Witch Doctors received some much-needed changes in Season 20 with the addition of the Mundunugu's Regalia set. This set uses Spirit BarrageSpirit Barrage to deal massive AoE damage, and has proven to be the most powerful Witch Doctor build to date by far, potentially being used in the group meta for non-seasonal as a trash clearing build. This build did receive some substantial nerfs in Season 21 by reclassifying the phantasms to not be pets anymore, but this build was already so far ahead of every other Witch Doctor build that it should have no trouble retaining its spot as the top pushing build for Witch Doctors. With the addition of Ethereals however, the Poison Dart Witch Doctor builds will come close in power, so it is not a guarantee that the Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor remains on top.

In Season 23, the Firebird's Finery set was redesigned (see Patch 2.7). This new design has brought this set back from extinction, straight into the S-tier along with the best builds in the game. Both as a trash clearer and RGK, Firebird's is going to once again be a powerhouse in Season 24 for Wizards everywhere, and is likely to once again be the single most popular build in the new season.

The difference between the tiers below is roughly equal to 5 GR levels. Also remember that builds evolve and adapt, and the tier list below will almost certainly end up over or undervaluing some builds as they play out over the season. This list is by now means set in stone, and has plenty of room for change as we learn more about the new builds.

For A-Tier and below, builds will no longer be placed in order. There are too many builds that are too close in power to have an accurate ranking between builds within the same tier.

  • 23 Jul. 2021: Updated for Season 24.
  • 29 Mar. 2021: Updated for Season 23.
  • 17 Nov. 2020: Updated for Season 22.
  • 01 Jul. 2020: Slight adjustments to the tier list.
  • 29 Jun. 2020: Updated for Season 21.
  • 09 Mar. 2020: Updated for Season 20.
  • 23 Nov. 2019: Page added.
Sours: https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/tier-list-solo-greater-rift-push-build-rankings
Diablo 3 Season 24 Wizard Firebird Mirror Image Build Guide - Patch 2.7.1

Diablo 3: The Best Solo Classes Ranked Worst To Best

Sure, defeating hordes of demons and saving Tristram from literal Hell is gratifying, but nothing comes close to the catharsis of getting some highly-coveted loot or ladder spot. It's what motivates Diablo 3 players, after all. When it comes to reaping the rewards, efficiency is the name of the game; utilizing the most effective classes for their solo clearing capabilities is a must for those looking to reach the top of the Greater Rift ladders.

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Each season of Diablo 3, balance changes tend to upset the efficiency of the classes and shake up the game's meta. That's why it's rather important to know which classes are currently at the top this season. For those who are interested in Greater Rifts or any kind of ladder, then these classes will still satisfy the need for a fast room-clearing whirlwind of Hell hate. Here's how each of the seven classes fares, ranked from least to most efficient.

Updated April 24th, 2021 by Sid Natividad: It's been one month into Season 23 of Diablo 3 and the changes have been rather dramatic for the seven classes. Lots of nerfs and buffs have happened and some good classes have fallen while less-than-stellar ones have risen to the top. Hence, an update is warranted. Do note that this is subject to change in the near future and is based on Greater Rift solo clearing runs.


Demon Hunter is a class that got a new shiny armor set in the last season and actually disrupted the meta back then. That new set would be the Gears of Dreadlands which put the Demon Hunter near the top of the solo leaderboards. Nowadays though, the Demon Hunter is lagging behind compared to others.

Before, the GoD/Hungering Arrow Build, often considered now as the most powerful Demon Hunter build, was plowing through the content fast. Now, it's only decent and B-list in a subjective ranking at best. Still, don't let that stop you from living out your demon-hunting dreams. The best build for this one consists of the following items:

  • Gears of Dreadlands Set
  • The Ninth Cirri Satchel Quiver
  • Hunter's Wrath Belt
  • Dawn Hand Crossbow
  • Wraps of Clarity Bracers

Skills are:

  • Smoke Screen
  • Preparation
  • Vengeance
  • Hungering Arrow
  • Strafe
  • Ambush


The Witch Doctor has certainly seen better days. One of the most prevalent complaints about it right now is now the developers nerfed it to the ground. Depending on player skill, the best build for Witch Doctor might be worse than the Demon Huner, making it possibly the worst class right now if Witch Doctor players don't optimize.

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Speaking of optimizing the Witch Doctor for it to become decent at the very least so far, the best clearing build for the Witch Doctor is Mundunugu's/Spirit Barrage that requires Mundunugu's Regalia Set and pretty much taking advantage of Spirit Barrage in the primary attack slot. These items should make it viable:

  • Mundungu's Regalia Set
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur
  • Captain Crimson's Silk Girdle
  • The Barber Ceremonial Knight
  • Gazing Demise Mojo
  • Ring of Emptiness
  • Lakumba's Ornament Bracers

Skills are:

  • Soul Harvest
  • Spirit Walk
  • Locust Swarm
  • Spirit Barrage
  • Confidence Ritual
  • Grave Injustice


For those looking for the best speed farming class in the game, the Monk is currently at the top of its game. It has the fastest clear speeds in the game though not exactly the best survivability. Still, it holds up well on its own in solo play especially with two builds that make Monk a formidable class.

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The first build would be Sunwuko Tempest Rush and the other one is the Patterns of Justice Tempest Rush. Both utilize Tempest Rush as their mouse-button skills and the big difference is the items they use, namely the Sunwuko Set for the first one and the Patterns of Justice Set for the other along with some varied Legendary items. For the Sunwuko Tempest Rush which is the more stable of the two, then these items should do:

  • Monkey King's Garb Set
  • Captain Crimson's Silk Girdle
  • Captain Crimson's Waders
  • Vengeful Wind Fist Weapon
  • Won Khim Lau Fist Weapon
  • Cesar's Memento Bracers
  • Balance Daibo
  • Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac

For the skills:

  • Epiphany
  • Sweeping Wind
  • Punch
  • Tempest Rush
  • Beacon of Ytar
  • The Guardian's Path


The Barbarian class crushes its enemies, sees them driven before him (or her), and hears the lamentations of their rivals in the leaderboards. Seriously, the previous changes to the Barbarian class, namely to the Rend skill, turns the Barbarian into a whirlwind of hellspawn giblets to make its Diablo 2 predecessor proud.

While Rend is the ace skill, Whirlwind is still the main tool in the Barbarian's arsenal. The top build uses Wrath of the Wastes Set, and some Legendary items like Lamentation (*wink*) to buff up Rend. This class is easy to build and has no downsides, though with how powerful and cheap it is right now, that might change in the future. For now, enjoy these items:

  • Wrath of the Wastes Set
  • Lamentation Belt
  • Ambo's Pride Mighty Weapon
  • Squirt's Necklace
  • Convention of Elements Ring
  • Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac
  • Messerschmidt's Reaver

Skill-wise, grab these:

  • Wrath of the Berserker
  • Whirlwind
  • Rampage


The Necromancer might have gotten a new set in the previous seasons and some buffs here and there so it's now at a good spot in the top of the tier lists. While the clear speed is good, it's not the best for those looking for maximum efficiency in a kill race. It still performs admirably in solo and can also fit in well in groups as it has good support.

The builds in question here would be those that utilize the Masquerade of the Burning Carnival set. As for the main skill, Bone Spear will usually do or even something like Simulacrum. It's more flexible than other builds due to not relying on sets. For a more accurate build, these items should produce results:

  • Masquerade of the Burning Carnival Set
  • Haunted Visions Amulet
  • Maltorius' Petrified Spike Two-Handed Scythe
  • Scythe of the Cycle Scythe
  • Krysbin's Sentence Ring
  • Gelmindor's Marrow Guards Bracers

For the skills:

  • Blood Rush
  • Simulacrum
  • Bone Armor
  • Punch
  • Bone Spear


The Wizard apparently received a big boost in the latest big update for Diablo 3. Now it's more than a decent and respectable solo class for clearing, it has surpassed other classes due to its improvements. This puts the Wizard at the top of the pile after the balance changes, possibly looking to be nerfed in the future.

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Do note that the difference isn't that big and players looking to try other Wizard builds can still do so without much repercussion. For this season, the LoD Twister Wizard build is the top dog or subclass for the class. Its namesake comes from utilizing the Energy Twister skill for the Wizard. These items are also a huge help:

  • The Twisted Sword
  • Etched Sigil Shield
  • Valthek's Rebuke Staff
  • Squirt's Necklace
  • Ashnagarr's Blood Bracer
  • Halo of Karini Ring
  • Convention of Elements Ring
  • Aquila Cuirass

For the skills, use these:

  • Arcane Torrent
  • Magic Weapon
  • Stone Armor
  • Punch
  • Energy Twister
  • Audacity
  • Galvanizing Ward


The Crusader is now in an awesome spot in Diablo 3. The barrage of buffs to certain Crusader builds have made it more than enough for clearing Greater Rifts. It's one of the solid choices for Season 23 right now. The most viable builds are Akkhan Invoker Bombardment and AoV Heaven's Fury.

With enough dedication and hard work, players will still be able to reach top spots in solo leaderboards with the Aegis of Valor/Heaven's Fury build. It boasts the Valor armor set along with some astonishing Legendary accessories and weapons along with Heaven's Fury skill in the primary attack slot. Make sure to get these for the top build:

  • Aegis of Valor Set
  • Captain Crimson's Silk Girdle
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur
  • Fate of the Fell Two-Handed Flail
  • Shield of Fury
  • Bracer of Fury
  • Convention of Elements

For killing enemies fast and in droves, these skills ought to do the heavy lifting:

  • Judgment
  • Laws of Valor
  • Akarat's Champion
  • Fist of the Heavens
  • Heaven's Fury
  • Holy Cause

Bear in mind that plenty of things can change as Season 23 progresses. For sure, Season 24 will spice things up more.

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Dying Light: Platinum Edition Impressions - Kick Down Memory Lane

Portably dropkicking zombies works even better than you might think.

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Which Diablo 3 class should you play in Season 24? The new Season is now live, so it’s time to choose!

To everything, turn turn turn, there is a Season, turn turn turn, and a use for every class on Sancturary. So with Diablo 3’s Season 24 arriving on July 23, we must again ask ourselves the question of what class you, the player at home, should play as this Season unfolds. This Season marks the return the Ethereal Weapons from Diablo 2 to a whole new game as a Season theme, will add new, unique, class specific powers and abilities in the form of weapons unlike anything seen in the game up to this point.

These weapons will only be available for Seasonal play and only during Season 24 — as soon as the Season ends, these weapons will be gone along with it. Each class will get three Ethereal weapons, with each weapon having a unique Legendary power and a unique passive class skill, so there should be something for you to find and enjoy while playing your character to 70 this Season.

And because it’s such a weapon focused Season, I can unabashedly say without hesitation that you should play a Barbarian in Season 24.

Barbarians are the best class and they have always been the best class

Honestly, there’s nothing in Season 24 that really requires you to play as any specific class in order to do well.

If you insist on being wrong and playing some other class? The game won’t punish you for being wrong. If you really enjoy Necromancers or Witch Doctors or Crusaders? Season 24 will have an Ethereal Weapon that will work for you and allow you to do well. In fact, a lot of the fun of this Season will be in discovering the new Ethereal items and enjoying their powers and abilites.

It all comes down to what you enjoy the most, because the Season isn’t going to make any particular playstyle better or worse than any other. There are remarkably few mechanical changes this time around, and as a result, it really comes down to finding the best Ethereal Weapon for your playstyle. Just remember that the powerful bonuses from the weapons do not stack with Kanai’s Cube powers or other gear, so  you won’t get to double dip for even more power — but having the right Ethereal weapon will let you change your Cube powers and gear loadout accordingly, making unique power combinations.

Ultimately, this means you really can just play whatever you like. It should be Barbarian, mind you.

But if you want to consider every available options, here’s a rundown of the classes available in Diablo 3.

Classes for melee players

The melee-focused classes in Diablo 3 are Barbarian, Crusader, and Monk. Each of these has a different flavor to them.

  • Barbarians are my soul mates and focus on brutal mass damage with huge splash attacks like Seismic Slam, Hammer of the Ancients, and Whirlwind.
  • Crusaders use a big shield to block — and in some cases redirect — damage, with withering attacks like Bombardment and Heaven’s Fury that lay waste to an area.
  • Monks are nearly the polar opposite of this, with high maneuverability that allows them to avoid damage that Barbarians simply absorb and Crusaders block or reflect. Attacks like Tempest Rush and Exploding Palm allow them to deal out damage while avoiding it themselves.

Essentially, if you’re looking for a melee class, these three have three variant approaches — wade in, take a beating to dole out one of your own for Barbarians, use a shield both to avoid damage and deal it out yourself while also smiting every fool in reach on the Crusader, or nimbly sidestep threats and use the enemies’ own numbers to destroy them on the Monk.

Need more help deciding? Read Blizzard’s descriptions of each class, which give you a feel of gameplay and lay out the lore behind each: Barbarian, Crusader, Monk.

Classes for ranged players

First off, while these classes do have ranged attacks, they can use those attacks on things up close and personal to them, so don’t worry that you’ll get surrounded — each of these classes have options to bring the pain no matter where the enemy is.

Ranged players have more class options than meleers, with the Necromancer, Witch Doctor, Wizard, and Demon Hunter all focused on dealing damage from a distance.

  • Wizards are the pure stuff. Magic Missile, Ray of Frost, Arcane Orb, Mirror Image, and Teleport are just some of the tricks Wizards have at their disposal. If you want to rain destruction without worrying about things like pets or minions, Wizards are the ranged class for you. Remember, your Season journey starts at level 1 with no gear or money so you won’t have to worry about optimization for quite some time.
  • Demon Hunters can focus on traps, turrets, or pets to help them as they cartwheel around the battlefield, using Vault, Strafe, and Multishot to their advantage.
  • Witch Doctors are a bit of a hybrid class, relying on summoned minions and curses to soften up their enemies. Then, they either use their magic to make their minions and curses stronger and whittle their crippled foes down, or they sometimes wade in to kill their debilitated enemies. If you want to use mindless Zombies as fodder and summon Gargantuan ones to fight, Sacrifice one and watch it explode, or even rain Firebats down on your foes, the Witch Doctor could be for you.
  • Necromancer is a close cousin of the Witch Doctor. If you like the concept of using minions and debilitating your enemies, but not so much the specific aesthetic of the Witch Doctor, this may be your class. The Necromancer’s flavor is fairly different, with the Witch Doctor’s kit being more The Serpent and the Rainbow while the Necromancer is more straightforwardly Evil Dead, but if you like wielding a scythe while unleashing hosts of skeletons and causing your fallen enemies to explode, Necromancers are your jam.

Need more help deciding? Read Blizzard’s descriptions of each class, which give you a feel of gameplay and lay out the lore behind each: Demon Hunter, Necromancer, Witch Doctor, Wizard.

How to level, play, and make the most of your newly-chosen class

Everyone’s equally squishy and underpowered at level 1. That’s why the game starts you off with a few shambling undead in Act 1 and gradually ramps up as you clear your way through the Cathedral. If you’re just getting started with Diablo, we have guides and info to help you out:

  • Season 24 brings back Diablo 2‘s Ethereal Weapons.
  • Speed leveling 101
  • How to make the most of Diablo 3’s Follower changes
  • Campaign Mode, Adventure Mode, and what you should be playing
  • Everything you need to know about gear
  • Everything else you need to know about gear (namely Legendaries)
  • Getting started with Rifts
  • How to run (and succeed!) in Challenge Rifts
  • How Paragon levels power up your character past level 70
  • Blizzard’s Diablo forums, which are full of great resources
  • Builds from Diablofans to help you put together a killer character
  • Icy Veins’ class guides for Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, Witch Doctor, and Wizard

Now that you’ve decided on a character…

Actually starting a Season character is easy. Once the Season starts, there’s an option on the character creation screen to choose between a normal and Seasonal character. Seasonal characters start off with nothing — they don’t have any Paragon levels, they don’t share any stash tabs with your other character: they’re completely cut off at level 1 with starter gear.

From there, you play the game as normal, just as you did the very first time you rolled a character in Diablo 3. All the content is available to you — all five acts and Adventure Mode — so you can level to 70 doing the story, running bounties, doing rifts, and greater rifts, or you can play with friends. Season play is basically a reset that makes leveling as challenging as if you had no higher level characters to funnel you gold, gems, and legendaries.

Whatever class you choose (pick a Barbarian) it’ll be fun this Season.

Updated 07/21/2021.

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