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Town Hall

Clash of Clans | Town Hall Info

Town Hall is the main building of your Home Village. Upgrading it will unlock new Buildings, Troops, Spells, Heroes, and Siege Machines. However, it also changes the Loot Calculation.


  1. 1. Upgrading Order
  2. 2. Town Hall and Matchmaking
  3. 3. Town Hall and Loot
  4. 4. Layouts
  5. 5. Town Hall Boosts
  6. 6. Upgrade Chart
  7. 7. Available Resources
  8. 8. Resource Buildings
    1. 8.1. Number Available
    2. 8.2. Maximum Lavels
  9. 9. Army Buildings
    1. 9.1. Number Available
    2. 9.2. Maximum Levels
  10. 10. Defensive Buildings
    1. 10.1. Numbers Available
    2. 10.2. Maximum Levels
  11. 11. Traps
    1. 11.1. Numbers Available
    2. 11.2. Maximum Levels
  12. 12. Upgrade Images

Upgrading Order

Upgrading the Town Hall unlocks many features and makes a big impact on the game. However, it's not recommended to rush the upgrade.

Before upgrading the Town Hall it's highly recommended to upgrade all troops and buildings and it affects the loot and matchmaking.

Town Hall and Matchmaking

Matchmaking is based on Trophies and Town Hall level, except in Champions League and above, where only Trophies matter. Also, the loot available to gain is affected by the Town Hall level. Players get reduced loot for attacking Town Halls of a lower level.

Town Hall and Loot

The game wants you to match against similar Town Hall levels. For this reason there are loot penalties for attacking lower Town Halls. This is done to prevent extreme farming:

Town Hall Levels—Loot Multiplier
Town Hall Level DifferencePercentage of Loot Available
Same or higher level100%
1 level lower80%
2 levels lower50%
3 levels lower25%
4 or more levels lower5%


Town Hall Boosts

Starting on the Summer 2020 Update, upgrading your Town Hall to level 4 and higher gives the player temporary boosts after the upgrade is completed.

  • Power Boost: Starting from Town Hall 4, your Troops and Spells are temporarily boosted to the maximum level allowed by your Laboratory for a limited time.
  • Resource Boost: Starting from Town Hall 4, your Resource Collectors are temporarily boosted to work at double their normal rate.
  • Star Bonus Boost: Starting from Town Hall 4, your Star Bonus rewards from Multiplayer battles are temporarily boosted to 4x.
  • Hero Boost: Starting from Town Hall 8, your Heroes are temporarily boosted by +5 levels.

The boosts last 3-5 days, depending on the player's new Town Hall level:

  • Town Hall 4-6 will boost the Town Hall for 3 days.
  • Town Hall 7-9 will boost the Town Hall for 4 days.
  • Town Hall 10-13 will boost the Town Hall for 5 days.

Upgrade Chart

TH LevelHitpoints
Clash of Clans HUD
Build Cost
Clash of Clans HUD
Build Time
Clash of Clans HUD
Experience Gained
Clash of Clans HUD
Maximum Number of Buildings AvailableMaximum Number of Traps Available

Available Resources

TH LevelGold Available
Clash of Clans HUD
Elixir Available
Clash of Clans HUD
Dark Elixir Available

Resource Buildings

Number Available

Maximum Lavels

Army Buildings

Number Available

Maximum Levels

Defensive Buildings

Numbers Available

Maximum Levels


Numbers Available

Maximum Levels

Upgrade Images

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Town Hall Level 1

Town Hall Level 1

The Town Hall is the heart of your village and the most important Buildingin the Clash of Clans game.

When initially constructed, the Town Hall has a crooked orange roof with a small stone chimney. The windows, doorway, walls, and poles are all made out of wood.

<<< Town Hall (General Information)


You start the game with built the Town Hall of the first level.

Among all levels it’s has the lowest amount of Hit Points: 1,500Hit Points.

At this Level the Town Hall can store the following maximum amount of Resources: 1,000Gold and 1,000Elixir.

First level of the Town Hall allows you to build 13 Buildings (including the Town Hall itself, Traps and 5 Builder’s Huts, but not counting the Clan Castle’s ruin).

The Walls are yet available.

Buildings and Troops Available at this Level of the Town Hall (swipe table right and left)

Making the Model of the Town Hall Level 1 Video (Full HD)

Town Hall Level 2 >>>

If you found an error, highlight it and press Shift + Enter or click here to inform us.

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Clan Castle

Clash of Clans | Clan Castle Info

1Clan Castle is a required building for creating and joining a clan.

All villages already have a Clan Castle when a new account is created, but it is in ruins and can be rebuilt when you reach Town Hall level 3.

This building houses troops provided by your clan to defend your village or attack. The Treasury is located on this building as well.


  1. 1. Requesting Troops
  2. 2. Upgrading Your Clan Castle
  3. 3. Clan Castle on Defense
  4. 4. Clan Castle on Offense
  5. 5. Troop Level Cap
  6. 6. Treasury
  7. 7. Number Available
  8. 8. Stats
  9. 9. Upgrade Chart
  10. 10. Upgrade Images

Requesting Troops

The biggest feature and most common use of the Clan Castle is to house donated troops.

All clan members can fill the Clan Castle with troops donated from the clanmates. This request shows up on the clan chat and must be completed by clanmates.

These troops can be used on attacks or to defend your village.

Players receive experience points for donations on requested on the clan chat. You get 1 point to each housing space donated. For example, a Golem will reward you with 30 experience points. Spells will give you 5 experience points and Siege Machines 30. You don't get experience by donating on Clan War and Clan War League maps.

The donation limit is based on the level of your Clan Perks. Once you reach clan level 8 you can donate up to 8 troops. Once you reach Clan level 3 you will also get a partial refund of the resources spend training the donations.

Upgrading Your Clan Castle

Upgrading the Clan Castle increases its housing spaces, adding 5 units on each new level. Starting on level 4 you can request spells on level 6 you can request Siege Machines.

During the upgrade you can use the Clan Castle without any issues. You can request troops, use on attack and defenses and collect resources from the Treasury.

Clan Castle on Defense

Clan Castle is a very important building to defend your village. Housing up to 45 housing space units, they will leave the Clan Castle to defend your village upon attack.

The Clan Castle has a range 12 tiles. Once an enemy troop gets inside this radius the donated troops will leave the Clan Castle and fight them, just as your Heroes.

For this reason it is very important to place your Clan Castle near the center of your village. If you place on the corners the enemy can easily remove the troops from the castle with a bait troop, take them to the corner and kill before the actual attack.

Clan Castle troops killed defending your village are wasted, so after every defense on multiplayer you must request new troops.

However, on Legend League, Clan Wars and Clan War Leagues the troops will be automatically restored after being wasted on defense, so there is no need to request again.

Spells and Siege Machines stored on the Clan Castle are not used on defense.

It is possible to disable the use of Clan Castle on defense by putting the castle on "Guard". This is done so you don't lose your Clan Castle troops on defenses.

Clan Castle on Offense

The Clan Castle is also a very important building on offense. Housing up to 45 housing units, 2 spells and 1 Siege Machine that can be used on attacks, it is a critical feature on attacks.

All troops, spells and Siege Machines contained on the Clan Castle must be donated by clanmates. However, during battles you can choose if you want to use the Siege Machine from the Clan Castle or one from the army you've trained.

Troop Level Cap

In order to protect lower-level players from overpowered defensive Clan Castle units and to maintain a better mid-Town Hall level game balance, we’ve reworked some of the Clan Castle donation functionalities.


The Clan Castle building also houses the Treasury, therefore is considered a resource building and will be attacked by Goblins.

Treasury is a special storage that holds resources provided by Clan Wars, Clan Games and Star Bonuses.

Attackers can steal only 3% of the resources stored here, so it is considered a safe place to keep. The loot is provided only when the building is completely destroyed.

Number Available

Town Hall Level12345678910111213
Number Available0011111111111


Trigger Radius
Clash of Clans HUD
13 tiles

Upgrade Chart

Clash of Clans HUD
Clash of Clans HUD
Troop Capacity
Clash of Clans HUD
Spell Capacity
Clash of Clans HUD
Siege Machine Capacity
Clash of Clans HUD
Laboratory Level Cap†Build Cost
Clash of Clans HUD
Build Time
Clash of Clans HUD
Experience Gained
Clash of Clans HUD
Town Hall Level Required
Clash of Clans HUD

Upgrade Images

About the Author

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Tom @houseofclashers

House of Clashers creator and main editor. Brazilian programmer that can't stop playing and writing about Clash of Clans since 2012.

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