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Marv Wolfman (credited); Jim Shooter (credited) (consulting editor); Mark Gruenwald (credited) (assistant editor)

Issue Notes

Mysterio Is Deadlier by the Dozen!(Table of Contents)

Spider-Man / cover / 1 page (report information)

Keith Pollard
Bob McLeod
Danny Crespi ?; Irv Watanabe

Spider-Man [Peter Parker]; Mysterio
  • ES in Spider-Man (Editorial Bruguera, 1980 series) #11
  • GR in Σπάιντερ Μαν [Spider-Man] (Kabanas Hellas, 1977 series) #110, #63
  • NL in De spectaculaire Spider-Man [De spektakulaire Spiderman] (Juniorpress, 1979 series) #9
  • ES in John Romita Classic Spiderman (Panini España, 2005 series) #75
  • AU in The Amazing Spider-Man (Yaffa / Page, 1977 ? series) #198-199 (1979)
  • DE in Die Spinne (Condor, 1980 series) #45 (1981)
  • which is reprinted
  • MX in El Asombroso Hombre Araña (Novedades, 1980 series) #194 (11 de enero de 1984)
  • NG in The Amazing Spider-Man (Princessa Comics, 1990 ? series) #198
  • US in Marvel Premiere Classic (Marvel, 2006 series) #97 - Spider-Man: Return of the Burglar [Direct] (2012)

Mysterio Is Deadlier By the Dozen!(Table of Contents: 1)

Spider-Man / comic story / 17 pages (report information)

Marv Wolfman
Sal Buscema (layouts); Jim Mooney (finished art)
Jim Mooney
Glynis Oliver
Irv Watanabe

Job Number
Spider-Man [Peter Parker]; Mysterio; the Burglar; J. Jonah Jameson; Dr. Marla Madison; Randy Robertson


Amazing Spider-Man #198 (Marvel Comics, 1979). 11/1979 - Spidey has barely recovered from the Kingpin's assault, when another villain from his past re-emerges- the master of illusions, MYSTERIO! Marv Wolfman story, Sal Buscema & Jim Mooney art, Keith Pollard & Bob McLeod cover.

Publisher: Marvel
Category: Universal
Page Quality: Off-white
Artists/Writers: Marv Wolfman story Sal Buscema & Jim Mooney art Keith Pollard & Bob McLeod cover
Significance: Mysterio appearance.
CGC census 10/21: 165 in 9.6, 143 higher.

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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #198

Appearing in "Mysterio is Deadlier by the Dozen!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Mysterio is Deadlier by the Dozen!"

Spider-Man has just been senselessly beaten by the Kingpin, who has left Spider-Man to his fate, having given up his life of crime for his wife Vanessa. The police find Spider-Man and bring him to a hospital, where a doctor treats him and makes sure that nobody unmasks the wall-crawler.

While at the Restwell Retirement home, Dr. Reinhardt reveals himself as the original Mysterio and reveals to the Burglar that he faked his own death to operate in more subtle fraudulent ways, and that his role as administrator of Restwell allowed him to swindle the elderly that he cared for out of their valuables. Hoping to get this treasure the Burglar has been trying to find, Mystery turns his illusion casting powers on the man, knocking him out and tying him up in the boiler room of the retirement home.

While back at the hospital, Spider-Man revives and leaves in spite of the doctor's orders to stay and get more treatment for his now-broken arm. He speeds off for the Restwell Retirement Home, and soon finds himself victim to Mysterio's illusions which now appear more elaborate than ever. While at the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson has become even more irrational. When Marla Madison tries to talk sense into Jonah. Jameson then enters the boardroom where an investors meeting is happening. When the other shareholders of the Bugle question Jameson's recent decisions as editor, Jameson loses his temper and his fury causes a total nervous breakdown and he faints to the floor.

Back at the Restwell Retirement Home, Spider-Man finally tackles Mysterio one-on-one, however, he finds that his foe's new hypnosis based illusions and is easily knocked out by his longtime foe. Reviving, Spider-Man has found that Mysterio has chained him to the bottom of the facility's wading pool. Mysterio then begins to fill the pool with water, gloating over how his old nemesis will helplessly drown.


Continuity Notes

Best Action Movies 2021 Hollywood - THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN - Action Movie 2021 Full Length English HD
Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #198
The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #198

Spider-Man has been brutally beaten by Kingpin, and is too weak to lick his wounds. After a stint at a hospital, (where he remains masked), Spider-Man continues to convalesce at the Restwell Retirement Home. Another problem on top of broken bones? Restwell's Chief of Medicine is none other than Mysterio! Spider-Man falls victim to mind games, while J. Jonah Jameson loses his mind.

Spider-Man has been brutally beaten by Kingpin, and is too weak to lick his wounds. After a stint at a hospital, (where he remains masked), Spider-Man continues to convalesce at the Restwell Retirement Home. Another problem on top of broken bones? Restwell's Chief of Medicine is none other than Mysterio! Spider-Man falls victim to mind games, while J. Jonah Jameson loses his mind.

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