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Capcom vs. SNK 2

2001 video game

Capcom vs. SNK 2
Capcom vs SNK 2.png

Arcade flyer

Director(s)Hideaki Itsuno
Kinu Nishimura(Capcom)
Composer(s)Satoshi Ise
Platform(s)Arcade, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube

August 3, 2001

  • Arcade
    • JP: August 3, 2001
    • NA: August 3, 2001
    PlayStation 2
    • JP: September 13, 2001
    • NA: November 6, 2001
    • PAL: November 30, 2001
    • JP: July 4, 2002
    • PAL: August 30, 2002
    • NA: September 23, 2002
    • JP: July 16, 2002
    • NA: August 30, 2002
    • PAL: September 7, 2002
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer
Arcade systemSega NAOMI

Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001, known in Japan as Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 (カプコン バーサス エス・エヌ・ケイ 2 ミリオネア ファイティング 2001, Kapukon bāsasu Esu-enu-kei Tsū: Mirionea Faitingu Tsū Sausando Wan), is the sequel to the fighting gameCapcom vs. SNK. It was originally released on NAOMI hardware in arcades. As in the original, players select a team of fighters from various Capcom and SNK games then fight other teams, winning each battle by defeating all the opponents from the other team.

Aspects of the first game were tweaked, including the Ratio system. In contrast to the fixed system of the original, players can now freely select characters and assign each of them a number from one to four (or "Ratio") determining their relative strength, adding up to a maximum team ratio of four. Teams can now consist of a maximum of three characters, as opposed to four in the first game. Additional characters were added, including more characters from Capcom and SNK titles outside of the Street Fighter and King of Fighters series, for a total of 48. The Groove system from Millennium Fight 2000 has been augmented to include four new systems of play based on various Capcom and SNK fighting games. In addition, the number of buttons has been increased from the Neo Geo standard of four to the six button system first seen in Capcom's Street Fighter.

The console versions of the game were first released in Japan for the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 on September 13, 2001 (just a month after the initial arcade release). Players from both platforms could compete against each other online via KDDI's Multi-Matching service, making Capcom vs. SNK 2 the first game ever to support cross-platform play between two competing game consoles.[1] The PS2 version would be released a bit later in other regions, but without online support. The GameCube and Xbox received an updated version titled Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO, with "EO" standing for "Easy Operation", referring to a game option intended for novices to the game. The PS2 version was later released as a downloadable "PS2 Classics" game for the PlayStation 3 in July 2013.[2]

Plot & Characters[edit]


A year has passed since the original tournament known as Millennium Fight 2000. This time, the political conflicts of the Garcia Financial Clique and the Masters Foundation have a rematch once again by releasing a million dollar fighting tournament called Mark of the Millennium 2001, all of the original fighters from both powers clash once again, but with more fighters both legends and newcomers.


  • The celebration is uninterrupted, as the camera zooms out of the stadium to a shot of Akuma or Rugal's foot.
  • Akuma or Rugal interrupts the celebration, demanding a match against the winners on top of Osaka Castle. If the player wins, they comment on their strength before challenging their true rival (the other boss), as a large explosion occurs. The fates of everyone are left unknown.
  • The celebration is interrupted by the fight between Akuma and Rugal. Depending on the player's Groove, one of two scenes play. In one, Akuma mortally wounds Rugal, only for the latter to infuse his Orochi force into Akuma, who is driven insane by the power and turns into Shin Akuma. In the other, Rugal kills Akuma and absorbs the Satsui no Hadou from his body (his special intro has him throwing away Akuma's corpse), transforming into God/Ultimate Rugal. The winning team goes on to fight the bosses in the Osaka Ruins. Defeating Shin Akuma has him being swept into the sky by the Orochi force while God/Ultimate Rugal's defeat results in Akuma and Rugal's spirits merge, turning into one being, before walking away. The following news coverage depicts Osaka being rebuilt, the critical reception to the tournament, and the (text-only) fates of the champions.

Playable characters[edit]

Bold denotes newcomer

Development & Release[edit]

Design of sprites[edit]

Because Capcom vs. SNK 2 features a roster composed of characters from numerous games and hardware eras, the appearances of several of Capcom's characters have been considered substandard in comparison to the newly drawn SNK characters. Instead of choosing to redraw its characters, Capcom took the approach of reusing old character sprites from previous games and inserting them in among the other characters. The result created a significant disparity, particularly in the case of characters like Morrigan Aensland, whose sprite from the Darkstalkers games appears retro and lacking in detail when compared to Capcom's newly drawn characters, such as Maki, Eagle, Ryu, Ken, and M. Bison. This has led to criticism of Capcom's art department.[3] Just like the first game, the Dreamcast release of Capcom Vs. SNK 2 also links up to the Neo Geo Pocket Color and SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash using the Neo Geo Pocket Color link cable. Doing so will enable the player to unlock all the secrets on the Dreamcast game.[citation needed]

Changes in gameplay[edit]

See also: Gameplay in Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000

Capcom vs. SNK 2 combines characters and gameplay elements from various Capcom and SNK fighting games, mainly the Street Fighter and The King of Fighters series. Other elements, most noticeably different fighting styles, incorporated elements from other games as well, such as Street Fighter III, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, and the Samurai Shodown series.

In contrast to the original Capcom vs. SNK, characters no longer have a specific "Ratio." Instead the player can select up to three characters in a team and give an amount or ratio (up to four) to each as desired. Strength are altered accordingly based on the number of players. For example, a team of three fighters will be weaker and have less individual health than a one-man team. Rounds are fought one against one, with the winner being the first to defeat their opponent's team. In console versions of the game, players in Arcade Mode can also choose a 3-on-3 game or a 1-on-1 game with the Ratio System removed.

Unlike the first game, which was based on a King of Fighters-style two-strength, four-button system of punches and kicks, Capcom vs. SNK 2 is based on the three-strength, six-button system of punches and kicks native to the Street Fighter series, and the SNK characters have been tweaked to fit the six-button style. The overall system is derivative of Street Fighter Alpha. However, a number of different fighting styles called 'Grooves', which mimic other Capcom and SNK games, are included in the engine. These dictate both the character's Super Gauge system, and special techniques, such as dashes, running, and guard cancels, called "Subsystems." There are six in total, each designated with a letter, along with custom grooves that can be programmed in home versions of the game. Each player designates prior to the match which groove his or her team will use.

Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO[edit]

Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO is the same game but with minor changes in gameplay and the inclusion of an EO ("Easy Operation") system that allows the player to perform specific attacks by simply moving the right analog stick in a certain direction. Like all other home versions of the game, CvS2: EO also contains four bonus characters: Evil Ryu, Orochi Iori, Shin Akuma (Shin Gouki in Japan), and Ultimate Rugal (God Rugal in Japan), powered-up versions of four regular characters.

Before selecting a team, the game offers a selection of "Grooves", which change the way the game is played, as well as "AC-ism" or "GC-ism" Grooves; GC-ism simplifies the control scheme, originally designed for the GameCube gamepad. In the Xbox version it is called EO-ism. Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO also removed the Roll Cancel glitch that was in the original versions. In addition, the Xbox version of CvS2: EO also included online play for up to two players on Xbox Live as well as progressive-scan (480p) support, which was noticeably absent in the PlayStation 2 version.



In Japan, Game Machine listed Capcom vs. SNK 2 on their September 15, 2001 issue as being the second most-successful arcade game of the month.[40] It was a runner-up for GameSpot's annual "Best Fighting Game" award among console games, losing to Garou: Mark of the Wolves for Dreamcast and 16-bitNeo Geo AES.[41]

The PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions of Capcom vs. SNK 2 received "favorable" reviews, while the GameCube version received "average" reviews, according to the review aggregation website Metacritic.[37][38][39] While the game is virtually identical across all four consoles, the GameCube version received lower review scores due to the native control scheme of the GameCube controller, not designed for traditional fighting games. AllGame gave the PS2 version a score of three stars out of five, saying, "Those who haven't played a fighting game in a long time might also be impressed, but the weak visuals will be a major turnoff for the average gamer."[42] In Japan, Famitsu gave it a score of 35 out of 40 for the Dreamcast and PS2 versions, and 31 out of 40 for the GameCube version.[10][11][12]GameSpot named Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO the best Xbox game of February 2003,[43] and It was later a runner-up for GameSpot's annual "Best Multiplayer Game" award, losing to Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne for Windows 9x Compatible-PC and macOS.[44] Its GameCube version was a runner-up for GameSpot's annual "Most Disappointing Game on GameCube" award.[45]

In 2010, Marissa Meli of listed Capcom vs. SNK 2 among the top 25 fighting games of all time.[46] In 2011, Peter Rubin of Complex ranked it as the 11th best fighting game of all time.[47] In 2012, Lucas Sullivan of GamesRadar included it among the little-known classic fighting games that deserve HD remakes, adding that "every fighting game fan needs to play CvS2 at least once".[citation needed] Rich Knight and Gus Turner of Complex ranked it as the fourth best 2D fighting game of all time in 2013.[48]


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Atari VCS (2021 console)

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Atari VCS (codename Ataribox) is a microconsole produced by Atari SA. While its physical design is intended to pay homage to the Atari 2600, the new Atari VCS plays modern games and streaming entertainment via a Linux-based operating system called AtariOS that will allow users to download and install other compatible games, including those compatible with Windows 10. The system shares a name with Atari, Inc.'s 1977 Video Computer System, usually shortened to VCS, which was renamed to the Atari 2600 in late 1982.

The system was first revealed in June 2017 and partially crowdfunded starting in May 2018.[4] After several delays, the console was expected to ship in March 2020, but was delayed again to that December due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[5] Initial units to backers were shipped in December 2020, while the console had a general release on June 15, 2021 - though shipping has, as of yet, been restricted to the United States only by Atari and official distributors.


Atari Corporation left the hardware business around 1996, after it released the Atari Jaguar CD video game console, and was liquidated in 1998, with Hasbro Interactive purchasing the intellectual property of the brand.[6] In 2001, Infogrames Entertainment SA purchased Hasbro Interactive.[7] Infogrames would later rename itself Atari SA, while the Hasbro Interactive subsidiary was renamed Atari Interactive.[8] Atari Interactive provided licensing for the various Atari Flashbackdedicated consoles produced since 2004.

The concept of the Atari VCS came from Feargal Mac Conuladh, who joined Atari and became general manager to oversee the Ataribox release. Conuladh said that he was inspired to create the unit after seeing players connect laptops to televisions to use a larger screen to play games that were not available for consoles, and then use social media platforms outside of the games via the same laptop to communicate with friends.[9] He also saw that Atari's game catalog had a good amount of brand recognition.[10] His design goal was to feed nostalgia for the old Atari consoles and allow players to enjoy indie games without a personal computer.[10] Processor maker AMD provided custom componentry for it.[10] While Atari made most of the decisions on the unit's hardware, they have also kept open to suggestions from Atari fans on the unit's aesthetics and other visual features.[10]

The console in its current rendition functions as a sort of hybrid between a home video game console and a gaming PC, two branches of electronics Atari has operated in previously. Conuladh took lessons learned from the commercial failure of the Ouya, a similar crowd-funded microconsole. One was to use the Linux operating system directly, rather than through the limited version offered through Android, as to be able to provide more capabilities and a more open system to developers and users.[9] Conuladh did not want to restrict what users could install on the device; while the unit's operating system will have a storefront feature, he wanted users to be able to add software by any means possible. He also decided to use a higher-performance laptop/desktop APU than the smartphone/tablet APU used in the Ouya.[9] Conuladh also wanted to steer away from problems encountered by Valve's Steam Machines, which provided a minimum set of specifications for hardware that Valve expected other vendors to build towards, but ultimately never took off. Instead, the Atari VCS hardware configuration will remain fixed and controlled by Atari.[9] Additionally, Atari will contract for the manufacture of all the consoles themselves, rather than relying on third parties to manufacture their own systems based on the Ataribox specifications.

In December 2017, just prior to opening for pre-orders for the VCS (at the time known as Ataribox), Atari recognized there were still several issues they needed to address with the hardware, and decided to postpone the pre-orders. At that point, Michael Arzt, the head for Atari Connected Devices, took over production while Conuladh left Atari, though the two had been coordinating on its development previously. According to Atari CEO Fred Chesnais, this period gave them time to review what they wanted the Ataribox to do, and revise the unit's specifications and hardware without sacrificing the core elements of being a Linux-based system that would be able to run classic Atari games along with newer titles.[11]


Atari first teased Project Ataribox in June 2017 during E3, releasing images of the box but did not call out any technical specifications. As this followed Nintendo's November 2016 release of the NES Classic Edition, a dedicated console that supported a number of pre-loaded Nintendo Entertainment System games, journalists believed that the new Atari system was developed in kind, to provide a way to play classic Atari games on a dedicated platform.[12]

Further information released in September 2017 provided more technical specifications, details on the software approach including the plans to use Linux and provide an open platform for other compatible software to be installed, and a planned release in the second quarter of 2019. The price is expected to fall between $249 and $299, based on configuration options. The announcement also stated some of the funding for the unit will come from a planned Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to be launched before the end of 2017.[13] Conuladh said they chose Indiegogo to help with international sales and hardware support, including a close relationship with Arrow Electronics, an electronics components company, that has supported past Indiegogo projects.[10][9]

Pre-orders for the system were expected to start on December 14, 2017,[14] but Atari announced a temporary delay that day, stating "it is taking more time to create the platform and ecosystem the Atari community deserves".[15]

During the 2018 Game Developers Conference, Atari announced that the unit would be called the Atari VCS.[16] Pre-orders for the console and controllers started on May 30, 2018 exclusively via Indiegogo, with shipping expected in quarter 2 of 2019; the configurations included the wood-veneer front panel "Collector's Edition" model, and an all-black with red-orange highlights "Onyx" console model. A base system, consisting of a console and joystick controller ran from $279 to $299.[17][18] Within the first day, the Atari VCS saw more than US$2.25 million in pre-orders, far exceeding the anticipated US$100 thousand they were seeking to start production.[19]

On June 27, 2018, Rob Wyatt, system architect for the original Xbox and designer of PlayStation 3's graphic systems, was announced as part of the VCS team. Wyatt and his company Tin Giant had been working with Atari for months to define hardware and operating system requirements. About joining the project, Wyatt said, "Who wouldn't want to be part of bringing Atari back? From the moment the AMD team introduced me to Atari and the VCS project, I have been intrigued and inspired by the opportunity that it represents."[20] The announcement came only days after British technology news website The Register and Atari faced off after an interview between a reporter and Atari COO Michael Arzt from March 2018 resurfaced. In the article, The Register reporter questioned the VCS project's legitimacy after Arzt was unable to answer certain questions about the project.[21]

In March 2019, Atari announced that they would be delaying the launch of the VCS to the end of 2019 and announced that the system has upgraded to an unannounced embedded 14 nm AMD Ryzen processor with Radeon Vega-based graphics and two Zen CPU cores. The new AMD processor supports native 4K video playback with modern HDCP, has built-in Ethernet and a secure framebuffer.[22][23]

In July 2019, Atari announced that they would be providing more information about the product's mass production and game content to be available for the system in summer 2019. By the end of summer 2019, no functional version of the AtariVCS meeting the product description has been shown publicly, and additional details of gaming content have not been forthcoming.[24]

On October 4, 2019, Wyatt stated that he resigned from the project in a statement to The Register. Wyatt cited non-payment by Atari as a key reason for his departure. In wake of this news, several of those that had backed the Indiegogo campaign took to the project's Reddit forum to ask about the state of the project, but Atari subsequently took down these posts.[25] In April 2020, Wyatt filed a lawsuit against Atari to recover payment for his design work.[26]

Atari VCS's COO Michael Arzt stated in December 2019 that they were in the final stages of pre-production of the unit, with plans to ship the console to those that pre-ordered by March 2020 before the units were then sent to retail. Arzt explained that the lack of communications over the previous year was due to limitations with their partnership contracts, but promised that they would try to provide more regular updates moving forward.[27]

The console was delayed again in March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Atari showed off a new production update on March 20, when they said that they have received enough parts to build the first 500 Atari VCS production units. However, most of these units are earmarked as dev kits for developers.[28]


On May 29, 2020, Atari announced the first batch of 500 production units are ready to exit the factory by mid-June,[29] and expected all 10,000 VCS units would be delivered to backers by the end of 2020.[30]

The console was released and shipped to backers between December 14, 2020, and December 16, 2020.[31][32] while the retail release date was still unknown to this date. It was released about a month after the release of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles,[33] with early backer reviews finding the performances to be inferior to those consoles.[34]

On December 22, 2020, Atari announced the success of a fund raising effort to Atari VCS run-rate production rhythm, then planned for the first quarter of 2021.[35]

The console was released worldwide on June 15, 2021.[36] It was released as two bundles, an Onyx Base bundle that includes the console. An All-In bundle includes the console and two controllers: a Classic Joystick modelled after the CX40 joystick, and a Modern Controller that resembles more current controllers.[37]


The Atari VCS was announced in 2017 and is based on a customized AMD central processor using Radeon graphic processing technology.[13] Pictures of the unit released in July 2017 showed HDMI and USB ports, an Ethernet port, and an SD card slot. The unit's photos echo the look-and-feel of the Atari 2600, with a black veneer and faux wood-grain front plate, though sized about half as large.[12][38]

Conuladh said that they anticipate the hardware is comparable to a mid-range personal computer for 2017, powerful enough to run most games but not for more recent AAA titles.[10] This was before the platform was redesigned around AMD's new Ryzen R1000 chip, the R1606G announced in 2019.[39] Since then, the VCS has been demonstrated at the 2020 CES playing Fortnite and Borderlands 2.[40]

The hardware includes a "Classic Joystick" controller and a "Modern Controller". The "Classic Joystick" is based on the single-button design of the Atari CX40 joystick, adding only additional inset buttons for accessing the console's menus,[16][41] as well as LED lighting. The "Modern Controller" features a layout typical of modern console platforms.[16] The controllers are designed in partnership with PowerA.[42]

The AtariVCS collector's edition was available only to Indiegogo backers, and is a numbered edition with a real wood Teak front panel. Three other editions are available online to the general public: ONYX (with a shiny black faceplate and red backplate), Black Walnut (also a real wood front panel) and Carbon Gold (with a shiny black faceplate accented with gold stripes). Carbon Gold is available exclusively through Walmart.

The Atari VCS features a Ryzen-based AMD R1606G APU with two cores and four threads (SMT) that clocks at 2.6GHz up to 3.5GHz[43] and a Vega 3 graphic solution (GCN 5) supporting OpenGL 4.6, Vulkan, with an HDMI 2.0 connection supporting 4K screens at 60Hz with HDCP 2.2 protection. The VCS 800 features 8GB of DDR4 2400 (4GB for the VCS 400 model) upgradeable to 32GB, and an internal eMMC storage of 32GB with an available M.2 SSD SATA slot to increase the internal storage. Four USB 3.1 ports are provided, enabling external storage and support for accessories. The Atari VCS features one Gigabit Ethernet connection, WiFi and BlueTooth.

The Atari VCS is a PC/Console Hybrid, and its performance can be compared to a "Linux gaming PC".[44]


The AtariVCS is available bundled with the Classic Joystick and Modern Controller ("all in"). There is also the option to purchase the device without them. This comes as Atari allows users to use their own pre-existing accessories including remotes, mouse and keyboards, microphones, external speakers and other controllers. The Atari VCS is compatible with most PC peripherals via both Bluetooth and USB 3.0.[45]



Early backers reviews were mixed. GameRevolution praised the console's "thankfully" small size, but also stated that its design "still remains subdued enough to match the style of modern consoles". It also found that the Classic Controller "lacks in utility", due to the lack of modern games that can be played with it.[34]Video Games Chronicle criticized the console's architecture, saying that it does not give Microsoft or Sony "anything to worry about".[46] Due to the high concorrence and Atari's conflicted history, CNET concluded that the console has an "identity crisis".[47] Although with this criticism, Tom's Guide stated that Atari VCS "may be not as good as a next-gen console, but buying one is lot easier than working out where to buy PS5."[48]

Post launch[edit]

IGN awarded the system a 5/10 saying "The Atari VCS tries to do some interesting things but ultimately fails as a console and a PC alternative."[49]


The Atari VCS is driven by a Linux operating system. In 2017, quoting a mail from the company it was said the software is specifically designed to be open to allow to install other Linux-compatible applications on the Atari VCS alongside pre-installed games,[13] using Atari Vault (now called Atari VCS Vault). Other applications that can be installed include streaming applications, music players, and web browsers.[10]

Whereas the Atari 2600 was a cartridge-driven game system, the VCS does not use cartridges or optical discs for games, but instead allows players to download games from a built-in store. The Atari VCS will have a custom storefront that Atari developed with an undisclosed "leading industry partner", where users can download additional video games and applications.[45] All users will have access to basic online features such as the store and online multiplayer, however, access to cloud storage and live streaming video games will be available exclusively on a subscription service.[45]

Atari has stated that the unit will ship with "tons of classic Atari retro games pre-loaded, and current titles from a range of studios".[13] Conuladh stated that there will be "hundreds" of Atari games, plus a number of other retro games from other catalogs.[9] The console will ship with Antstream Arcade, a game streaming service that supports titles from the Amiga, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, and arcade games.[50]

Atari announced that the Google Chrome web browser will be pre-installed and will power some of the console's online services.[51]


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Jordon Ohlde

I have to ask you guys at World of Warships: Legends dev team, how on earth do you think they are ok? I try my absolute hardest to main CVs, as the game is definitely better and more interesting, as my division mates would agree. HOWEVER, as the person playing the CV, especially at T7, its incredibly frustrating! Here is my list of complaints, and I (as well as most people playing CVs) would really appreciate answers:
1. Why did you so greatly reduce the health on the planes when you increased squadron size? In many instances we lose an excessive number of planes just to get a pass in. My German CV commander is 16L3 and I’m still losing over half the planes per run. The HP is nowhere near enough!

Could we potentially see Will Sims have an adaptation for CV planes? It bamboozles many players that a Battleship commander has a perk that is really only useful for destroyers, so perhaps making it apply to planes would be a good compromise? CV attack planes, catapult fighters, and spotter planes could all make extremely good use out of that HP boost, and it would likely solve the first issue as well!

The Regeneration of planes is FAR too slow. At T7, most games are basically over for a CV by around the 6-8 minute mark, just because not enough planes make it back and additional planes are not built quick enough. From what I can best tell, it takes a full minute to build an additional plane, which will be lost in 4-5 seconds of AA fire. I’ve heard some good suggestions in the community in regards to this. The best one is giving a rebuild boost for damage done and ships that are spotted only by you being destroyed by teammates. Definitely something to keep in mind.

T7 CVs are VERY often pitted up against Legendary tier ships. The AA of these ships alone make it near impossible to play against them, but what really breaks the spirit is when you do manage to get a pass off, but do essentially zero damage, because their armor is so thick. Again I point out my German commander is at 16L3, and built to penetrate armor with bombs. In all the time I’ve played, I’ve only yielded perhaps 2 citadels to Yamato’s, and 4 to GKs. These were only after they had sustained major damage anyways. Meanwhile I overpen most cruisers, even at low altitudes. There needs to be some more balancing if we are going to be forced to play against Legendary tier ships.

Even outside of damage, a CV is extremely valuable to spot enemy ships for teammates to destroy. While that may secure the victory, CVs do not get any kind of payment or ribbon for this. Meanwhile, the person taking the shots, gets all the points. If a CVs planes are the only thing spotting an enemy, the points for its destruction should be SHARED.

My final point, partially in reference to the previous one, is CVs generally receive HALF or LESS rewards from a game, even if they did double the damage of the next guy. I recently had a game with my buddy that ran a Battleship, neither of us ran boosters, we both have premium going. He did 30K damage, I did 60K damage. He received 3.3K XP, while I received 1.4K XP.
As to the reasons why, I’m sure you developers know better than I, but I would assume from information I’ve gleaned from your website and videos, that it’s due to POTENTIAL DAMAGE. For those reading this wondering what I’m talking about, let me put it simply: when a normal ship locks on to an enemy and uses Main Batteries or Torpedos, even if they miss, but got close, that counts as potential damage. You still receive rewards for potential damage. CVs on the other hand, cannot lock onto an enemy ship with their planes, therefore there is no aim assist, nor is there any POTENTIAL damage done. A hit is a hit, and a miss is a miss. No potential damage, means no additional pay. This in addition to a CV not getting any points for keeping an enemy spotted for teammates means very little reward, even if they carried the team. If you see a CV high on the leaderboard, they deserved to be there, and should be paid accordingly.

I know it’s a long read, but devs REALLY need to be aware of these big issues for CVs, and not just assume they are fine.

May be an image of text that says 'Q: Are you happy and satisfied with the overall state of aircraft carriers? A: Pretty much, yes. So, again, the big thing is that carriers didn't break the game balance-that's a good one. But we do realize that there are some issues like carriers' concealment, like balance, that still need to be addressed, so we're working on these as well.'

3 wksReport

8 Tips and Tricks YOU MUST KNOW!! Before playing the PC Version of Horizon Zero Dawn

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Here she is reborn. If, for example, we kill her now, then she will be reborn as a new child, a girl in our Basic World. When she grows up, gains strength, she will leave him. The most dangerous period of her stay here is just before her first departure, as she begins to take a lot of people.

And how does she do the Take.

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It is pointless to speak now, it was not in the custom of the Khazar. Therefore, the governor obediently broke the head of the ram. Hot, scalding fat dripped down the hands, bringing bliss on the owner's face. Only when more than half of the ram disappeared in their stomachs, and the rest was taken away by the swarthy servant to slaves and slaves, Isaiah fixed his black eyes.

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