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Houses are interactable structures and a significant part of Adopt Me!'s gameplay. They are the player's spawn point whenever they join the game. The player's houses can be customized with an assortment of wallpapers, floors, and furniture. When a player resets their character, they are automatically teleported back into their house.

Players can lock and unlock their own houses to prevent players that are not in their family from entering. However, friends can still teleport to them when they are in a locked house. Doors of unlocked houses will swing open if a player is nearby, though the doors of locked houses will stay put and send a notice that the house is locked upon the attempt to enter. Most of the houses in Adopt Me! could be bought by using Bucks.pngBucks, while some require a specific gamepass. Some house gamepasses additionally come with other items, such as vehicles or Bucks.pngBucks. Players can sell their houses for a set price that is less than the original price of the house. The price also includes all furniture in the house. If you only have one house, you are unable to sell it.

All Houses, except for those located in Premium Plots, can be found in the Neighborhood, which is an area separated from the Adoption Island. The Premium Plotsgamepass allows players to set their home around Adoption Island in any glowing square that says "FOR RENT".

Before the July 2018 update, all houses that were located in the Adoption Island could not be customized, and could only be rented, which meant that the players would have to rent them again if they were to leave the game and rejoin. The original spawn point for players was previously the Nursery.

[Note: Furniture can NOT be moved from house to house.] Once you buy the item, it stays at that house unless you sell it. Even when a house is sold, you cannot move its furniture to a new house.

[Note: You can't spawn a vehicle in a home.] Trying to spawn a car indoors does not spawn the vehicle. If you are in any vehicle and try driving it in, you will not be able to enter the house.

Types of Houses

There are currently 26 houses available in Adopt Me!, five of which can only be obtained by buying Gamepasses using Robux.pngRobux.

Tiny Home

Tiny Home


Free / Bucks.png240

The Tiny Home is the smallest house in the game. When a player joins Adopt Me! for the first time, they will spawn in a free Tiny Home. The Tiny Home could be considered to be the Starter House. It can be bought for Bucks.png240.

The Tiny Home has three rooms, a small living room area, a bathroom, and a bedroom. Players cannot throw parties in the Tiny Home. Upon buying it, the Tiny Home is decorated with boxes, a modern-looking shower, an adult-sized bed, a crib, a couch, and a decorated table by default.

Family Home

Family Home


Bucks.png489/ Robux.png99

The Family Home is considered to be the first house that many players could buy using their own Bucks.pngBucks. Family Homes are bigger than the Tiny Home, containing two floors and five rooms. The Family Home can be obtained through multiple ways.

The Family Home is featured in the Starter Pack, which costs Robux.png99, hence it could be bought with both Bucks.pngBucks and Robux.pngRobux.

If this house is bought using Robux.pngRobux, it will cost a total of Robux.png99. Since it is included in the Starter Pack, this is a one-time purchase. Players will also receive Bucks.png200 and a Multi-Bike upon buying the Starter Pack.

If not bought with Robux.pngRobux, this house costs Bucks.png489. Similar to the Tiny Home, players cannot throw parties in the Family Home.

The Family Home is the only home in Adopt Me! that can be directly bought with both Bucks.pngBucks and Robux.pngRobux.

Pizza Place

Pizza Place



The Pizza Place is a house that came out during the 'Own a Shop' update. It costs Bucks.png500 and it comprises of a kitchen, which is pre-installed with all the goods required to create a pizza, a bathroom, and a considerable amount of space to create a player's very own restaurant. The Pizza Place is the cheapest house to host a party in. Unlike the shop house, you cannot customize the logo in the front.

It has two floors and comes with a Cash Register pre-installed. As of November 2020, Cash Registers are functional.





The Treehouse is a house that was added during the Treehouse update and could be bought for Bucks.png800. It contains 3 rooms and 1 floor, and has a staircase going up the tree leading to the house at the top.





The Estate is a larger, more expensive counterpart of the Family Home. It contains 6 rooms and 2 floors, making it a lovely mid-priced house to obtain. It could be bought for Bucks.png972.





The Castle is the least expensive 3 storied house. Although it has 9 rooms, most of the rooms are very small, being the size of a small bathroom. The Castle costs Bucks.png1,499.

Futuristic House

Futuristic House



The Futuristic House has a pool inside of it and has a balcony. It comprises of 5 rooms and could be bought for Bucks.png2,500. It is one of the two houses that have a pool and do not cost Robux.pngRobux. Many view this as the best house for a party, since it is one of the biggest houses, yet it does not cost Robux.pngRobux.





The Mansion is a perfect house for people who have a fairly large budget. Mansions are like the Estate, but with a small third floor added on. Mansions have 7 rooms, which include 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a room that is not completely decorated. A Mansion could be bought for Bucks.png1,944.

Party House

Party House



The Party House is one of the most expensive houses, costing Bucks.png3,575.

It is vastly decorated on the outside, with lights on the balcony. The Party House includes a kitchen, one bathroom, one-bedroom, and two floors that contain no furniture.

Ruler's Castle

Ruler's Castle



The Ruler's Castle is a 2 storied house and is the second most expensive house, only being right under the Luxury Apartments.

The house is decorated vastly on the inside, although not nearly as much on the outside. Upon buying the Ruler's Castle, a player gains access to 9 new rooms that comprise of 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a dining room, and a throne room. You can buy one for Bucks.png6,899.

Modern Mansion

Modern Mansion



The Modern Mansion is a house that could only be obtained by buying it using Robux.pngRobux and costs Robux.png350.

This is nearly identical to the Gingerbread House. It has two floors with the doorway being on the side of the house, unlike the majority of the other houses in Adopt Me!. It comes with 4 trees outside the mailbox and 3 trees on the top of the roof.

Shop House

Shop House



The Shop House can be bought for Bucks.png1,750. It comprises of 4 rooms, and could potentially be used to create a player's very own shop.

The logo located in front of the house is customizable and can be changed by the player. It could be changed to the icon of any item in the player's inventory at that time.

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House



The Gingerbread House is a house that was added on December 7, 2019, during the 2019 Christmas Event and could be bought for Bucks.png1,850.

The inside of the Gingerbread house is very similar to Modern Mansion house. The differences between the houses is the amount of rooms and a door leading to an outside rooftop lounge (which the Gingerbread House does not have).

Celebrity Mansion

Celebrity Mansion



In order to obtain a Celebrity Mansion, a player must buy the Celebrity Mansion Gamepass, which costs Robux.png800, and comes with a SUV.

There is a chair present outside the house and stepping stones leading into the house. It has 3 floors, one of them being a pool. There are 3 rooms towards the upper side of the house with a door leading out to the top floor balcony.

Hollywood House

Hollywood House


4 (one is a balcony)



The Hollywood House costs Bucks.png4,500 and includes a theatre with multiple seats. When climbing up the spacious stairs there is a door containing 4 rooms, which can be used as bedrooms, washrooms, etc.

It has 4 big rooms and has 3 floors with a billboard-like sign outside of the house. The text present on the billboard sign can be edited by the player to their liking. It has 4 trees outside, with a red carpet leading into the doorway, giving players the exclusive feeling of what it feels like to live in Hollywood.

Millionaire Mansion

Millionaire Mansion



The Millionaire Mansion costs Robux.png1,250 and comes with a Luxury Car, which cannot be traded.

It has a total of 3 spacious floors and comes with a driveway outside of the house where a player can park their vehicle(s). At the top of the house, spotlights are shining with a couple of trees on both balconies and the helicopter landing. On the ground, there are trees.

Luxury Apartments

Luxury Apartments



The Luxury Apartments is the most expensive house and the largest house present in the game, costing a total of Bucks.png8,000.

It has a total of 22 rooms, along with a pool. Each room is very spacious, and the Luxury Apartments have a balcony on every floor.

Fairy House

Fairy House



The Fairy House is a 3 storied house that was introduced to Adopt Me! on May 31, 2019 during the Fairy update. It costs Bucks.png1,100 and is shaped like a mushroom.

Players can change the color of the mushroom. It also has leaves and flowers that surround the stems.

The Fairy House has a total of 3 rooms, one on the first floor and two on the second floor.

Donut Shop

Donut Shop



The Donut Shop costs Bucks.png1,299, and is a small shop house that comes with a giant donut on the top.

Players can change the color of the donut's frosting by changing the color of the house. It comes with 2 rooms downstairs with a party room upstairs and is also decently furnished by default.

Dragon's Castle

Dragon's Castle



The Dragon's Castle costs Bucks.png3,000 and is shaped like a windmill house with a dragon on the top. There are 2 floors with 4 rooms and a door that leads to a balcony.

The dragon follows a player's movements with its head.

Mermaid Mansion

Mermaid Mansion



The Mermaid Mansion costs Robux.png400 and the color of the shell can be changed by changing the color of the home. It comes in a bubble that surrounds the home and a couple of clams with pearls outside of the home. Inside the home, it comes with a pool in the center and some sea-related furniture. It has a total of 4 spacious rooms.

Pirate Ship House

Pirate Ship House



The Pirate Ship House costs Bucks.png1,600 and has a total of 7 rooms. Similar to what its name depicts, the Pirate Ship House resembles a pirate ship.

Certain pieces of pirate furniture are also included in this house for free by default. There are two palm trees and a mast with the player's avatar on the outside of the house.

Lunar House

Lunar House



The Lunar House was added to the game as a part of the Lunar New Year (2021) Event. It costs Bucks.png2,000 and is a Chinese/Asian styled house with red walls and a yellow roof.

Container House

Container Home



The Container Home is a three-story house that was released in Adopt Me! on April 2, 2021. It can be purchased for Bucks.png1,800. This house features a modern house with a flat roof, windows, a balcony that leads to the rooftop, and two solar panels.

Crooked House

Crooked House



The Crooked House is a two-story house that was added during the Artsy Update. It costs Bucks.png2,000 and has four rooms. The house resembles the Dragon's Castle, without the dragon, and is leaning slightly towards the right.

Eco Natural Earth House

Eco Natural Earth House



The Eco Natural Earth House is a three-story house that was added on September 30, 2021. It can be purchased for Robux.png850. This house features a light brown-colored house with several plants and flowers.


Furniture is a key part of house decoration in Adopt Me!. Players can place up to 3,900 furniture items in a single house. If a player attempts to place a furniture item when they exceed this limit, the item will not be placed and the player will not be charged.

Furniture can be placed/brought by clicking the purple "Edit" button located on the top of their screen while inside their house, or inside a house where the owner has allowed the player to build in using the Co-op Building table, and clicking the "Stuff" button. There are 39 categories to choose from when decorating a house which includes:

Baby Shop

Although Baby Shop is a category, it has no sub-categories, but has 12 items, which are:


Although Artsy is a category, it has no sub-categories, but has exclusive items, which are:

Lunar Furniture

Although Lunar Furniture is a category, it has no sub-categories, but has exclusive items, which are:


30 Trends For Adopt Me House Designs Living Room

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Looking for Adopt me house designs living room ? Oct 22 2020 explore marty dorgan s board adopt me house ideas on pinterest. Players cannot throw parties in the tiny home. Get the best discount price Adopt me house designs living room up to 90% CLICK HERE for more.

Pin By Olivia Mauro On Adopt Me Cute Room Ideas Adoption House Tours

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Adopt me house designs living room. The tiny home is the smallest house in the game. Blue baby room speedbuild adopt me build hacks. It costs 240 if bought. Adopt me house designs living room

Bedroom build adopt me build hacks. Upon buying it the tiny home will be decorated. 1 243 for the whole roomi know the parent room ranked higher on the poll but i haven t finished it yet and it was getting close to a week so here yo. Adopt me house designs living room

When a player joins adopt me. Adopt me house tour finally. For the first time they will spawn in a free tiny home the tiny home could be considered to be the starter house. Adopt me house designs living room

See more ideas about cute room ideas roblox roblox pictures. 10 custom living room design ideas building hacks roblox adopt me its sugarcoffee. Tiny house turned into a condominium roblox adopt me kaye ideas. Adopt me house designs living room

Currently trying to build myself a house o. O p e n m e p l e a s e hey safarians in today s video i shared some adopt me hacks build hacks. Jun 15 2020 explore madisen s board adopt me on pinterest. Adopt me house designs living room

See more ideas about cute room ideas roblox adoption. The tiny home has 3 rooms a small living room area a bathroom and a bedroom. Adopt me mansion house speed build living area including librarythis video features a speed build of the living area of my roblox adopt me mansion house h. Adopt me house designs living room

4 custom bedroom design ideas building hacks roblox adopt me its sugarcoffee. Oct 28 2020 explore olivia dafoe s board adopt me house ideas on pinterest. Adopt me house designs living room

Welcome back d today s video is a video of me building my living room in adopt me if you enjoyed ill appreciate if you ll leave a like th. See more ideas about cute room ideas roblox adoption. Adopt me house designs living room

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Roblox: Adopt Me! Beginners Guide

Jon is the father of two wonderful and energetic girls and is constantly finding new games to play with the family.

What Can You Do in Adopt Me!

The game starts with a short tutorial where you complete a few tasks to hatch an egg and get your first pet. After that it sort of leaves you to figure things out on your own. To help you along I put together this short beginners guide for Adopt Me!

While there are a lot of things you can do in the game, the activities that the game itself supports are:

  • Collecting pets.
  • Collecting items and toys.
  • Playing with your items and toys.
  • Trading pets and items with other players.
  • Getting a bigger house.
  • Decorating your house.

Players can then add other activities to the game such as role-playing a family or playing hide-and-seek. But let's take a closer look at the main activities.

A Few Basics to Begin With

Your Backpack

This is the first thing my daughters had some trouble with. All your items and pets are stored in your backpack. To open it you press the backpack symbol at the bottom of your screen.

To have your pets active or use your toys you need to select them from the backpack. You also use the backpack to switch between pets and toys.

How to Get Money

To do things in the game you need to have money called bucks. I explain this in detail in my how to get money in Adopt Me! guide. But in short, you need to complete the tasks you get to get bucks. To get tasks you need to either be a baby or have your pet active.

The Task Symbols

When you get a new task the symbol for it shows at the top of the screen. If you click the task symbol the game shows you where to go to complete it.

Collecting Pets

There are a lot of pets in Adopt Me, from the humble cat to the legendary unicorn. The pets are separated into five rarity categories, which are: common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, and legendary.

To get a new pet you first need to buy an egg from the Nursery. You can buy three different types of eggs + plus a random type, with the more expensive types having a better chance of getting a rarer pet. Once you have an egg you need to hatch it out by completing tasks in the same way as the tutorial egg. Once hatched you get to see what pet you got.

RarityCracked Egg (350)Pet Egg (500)Royal Egg (1450)





















Growing Your Pet

When you first get your pet it will be a newborn. You grow your pet in the same way as you hatched your egg, i.e. by completing tasks with your pet active. Your pet rarity affects the number of tasks needed to grow to the next growth level, with rarer pets needing more tasks. The growth levels are Newborn, Junior, Pre-teen, Teen, Post-Teen, and Full Grown. Below is a table showing the required tasks for a pet to grow to it's next growth level according to Reddit user u/IamKevio.

Growth LevelCommonUncommonRareUltra-rareLegendary





































Trading Pets With Other Players.

When you have a few pets you can start to trade with other players, I'd recommend just trading pets of the same rarity, but you can trade pets of different rarities.

To start a trade with a player you just need to press the E button near him and then press (1) or use click with the mouse in "Trade" . This will open up the trade window if the other player accepts a trade request.

In the trade window, you can press the + symbol to get items from your backpack to trade and the other player can do the same. Once both of you are satisfied with the items being traded you both press "accept trade" and the trading is completed.

A word of warning. Not all players are honest. There are players that will try to scam you out of your items. They will use games such as "trust trade" or something like that to try to get you to give them very rare items. You should always ignore such requests and insist on simple and fair trades. Also, be careful of players that might try to trick you into giving them an ultra-rare or even a legendary pet in return for a few common pets. My math tells me that getting only four common pets is not nearly enough for a single legendary pet.

Collecting Items.

In addition to pets, there are a lot of items you can collect. These are items such as cars, strollers, toys, and such. There are two ways to get items. You can buy gift packages and open them to get a random item or you can buy specific items with bucks in the stores around the game area.

Buying gifts can be fun and exciting as you could get very expensive items that way for a fraction of the cost, but at the same time, you run the risk of getting many items of the same type.

However, you can trade your items with other players as well, so you can technically buy gifts only and then trade with players to get all the items in the game. The same rules and warnings apply with trading items as it does with trading pets.

Getting a Bigger House

The house you start in is really small and cramped. Thankfully you can get a bigger house for a not so large amount of bucks. To buy a bigger house you need to be inside your house and press the "My homes" button on the top of the screen.

This opens up the screen you see here where you can buy a bigger house. The most expensive house is the luxury apartments, costing 8000 bucks. But I really like the Futuristic House myself, which costs 2500 bucks.

You can own many houses and switch between them in the "My Homes" window.

Decorating Your House

This is my daughter's favorite part of the game. They can spend hours looking at furniture and decorations and design their dream house.

To start this you need to press the "Edit House" button while inside your house. In this mode, you can change the texture of the walls and floor and buy furniture and decorations for your home. The only annoying bit is that you can't move furniture between your homes. For example, if you bought a fancy TV for your starter home, you can't take it with you when you get yourself a futuristic home.

Because of this, I'd wait with buying expensive furniture until you can buy a home that you'll be happy with.

Practical Pieces of Furniture

There are a few furniture items that have uses besides being decorative. I have placed them in the list here below with an explanation on what the furniture does.

Name of FurnitureWhat it does


Sleep here to complete the Tired task.


Play the piano to complete the Bored task

Water Cooler

Use this to complete the Thirsty task (Baby you)

Pet Water Bowl

Use this to complete the Thirsty task (Your pet)

Pet Food Bowl

Use this to complete the Hungry task (Baby you))

Pizza Dough/Toppings

You can use these items to make a pizza to eat and complete the Hungry task (Baby You)

Money Tree

You can collect money from this tree! Up to 100 bucks a day.

These are the ones I have found for now. If you know of any else I'd really appreciate it if you could mention it in the comments below.

Anyway, I believe that this covers the basics of the game and I hope that I have managed to answer most of your beginner questions. If not you can always ask your fellow players for advice.

© 2020 Jon Sigurdsson

Making The STARTER HOME Look RICH In Adopt Me... Roblox Adopt Me Starter House Challenge

How to Play Adopt Me on Roblox

Buy a new house.If you buy a bigger house, you might want to sell your older house (though it is not necessary). The Pizza Place house is the cheapest house you can host a party in. Buying a bigger house gives people the impression that you are not new and pretty rich. Decorate your house, it makes it nicer, and when people go to your house for a party or sneak in, they won't find your house too boring. With a bigger house, more people may try to sneak in. It's your choice if you want to lock it or not. Some people may get a bit annoyed when you lock them out. Don't be rude to them if you see them sneak in, as they might feel upset, especially if they were going to tell you that you had a beautiful house. If your house can change colors, you may want to do so. Go to the mailbox next to your house and click on the button. It will say, "change house" (you will also see a tab where you can host parties, etc.). Tap on that, and you will see one of your houses. You can change the color and even the name from there.
  • Put food and drinks in your home so you can get free food and drinks when you or your pet is hungry.
  • Also, make sure to keep your shower and a bed where babies and pets can shower/sleep. Choose a crib or a pet bed, but cribs are cheaper.
  • If you want, add a piano so you can play the piano when you need to go to the playground.

Starter ideas house me adopt

5 best Bedroom ideas for Roblox Adopt Me!

While Adopt Me on Roblox revolves around raising pets, many fans have been looking for ways to stylize their rooms.

Having been developed in 2017 by Uplift Games, Adopt Me has gained a strong following on Roblox. Players can catch various pets in this game and even combine them to create neon pets (or a mega-neon pet).

In this Roblox game, however, users can also customize items in their room, and some have applied some real house decor skills to this feature.

Five great bedroom ideas for Roblox Adopt Me fans

5) Blush Pink Bedroom

This build uses simple items to accentuate the theme of, well, pink. Perhaps the most notable of these are the flower models on the walls of the bedroom. There is also a very well-done PC setup in this build.

4) Simple Modern Bedroom

This is a much more straightforward build. It’s done with a simple white theme in mind, but what really makes it pop out is the furniture.

The egg-shaped chair is undoubtedly a Roblox conversation starter. The flat-screen TV also makes it seem like a room any teenager would be happy to come home to.

3) Boho Style Bedroom

This is a Roblox Adopt Me build with a strong Asian influence. The furniture in this room features many items that are found in nature, particularly in the East. The white background almost makes these natural elements stand out more.

The centerpiece of this build is probably the dual bamboo trees at the end of the bed. There are also several other trees scattered in the background.

2) Aesthetic LED Lights Bedroom

The feel of this room is fantastic. The LED lights that surround this build give the entire space a very vibrant look. The star decorations by the side of the door really bring out this quality.

Lining the room's edges was a tastefully done way of getting some LED lighting into this build.

1) Purple Modern Bedroom

This is, of no surprise, the most colorful pick of the bunch. It's not just because of the purple theme, though. There are many more smaller decorations that add different colors to the mix.

Also Read

The tree by the bed, for example, provides an earthy element to this room.

Disclaimer: The article reflects the opinions of its writer.

Adopt Me! Tiny Home - Soft \u0026 Cozy - Speed Build

See more ideas about cute room ideas roblox adoption. Adopt me baby crib ideas adopt me baby room build.

4 Custom Playground Design Ideas Building Hacks Roblox Adopt Me

4 custom bedroom design ideas building hacks roblox adopt me its sugarcoffee.

Roblox adopt me baby bedroom ideas. Living room hacks roblox adopt me duration. Togger and angel 491 372 views. Raise and dress cute pets decorate your house and play with friends in the magical family friendly world of adopt me.

Aesthetic pink bedroom ideas food hacks included adopt me builds roblox duration. Adopt me modern aesthetic party house speed build tour. Adopt me hacks building.

Thank you for watching business. Official pineapples 207 146 views. Its sugarcoffee 1315696 views.

Aug 6 2020 explore marty dorgan s board adopt me house ideas on pinterest. Adopt me baby crib ideas adopt me baby room build hacks official pineapples duration. Aesthetic bedroom roblox adopt me duration.

See more ideas about roblox cute room ideas adoption. Custom baby room design ideas building hacks adopt me cloud lamp bunked bed roblox. See more ideas about cute room ideas roblox my roblox.

Check out adopt me. 8 custom baby room design ideas building hacks roblox adopt me its sugarcoffee duration. It s one of the millions of unique user generated 3d experiences created on roblox.

Modern budget home design ideas building hacks roblox adopt me starter home. New pet wear in the hat shop rotation more tuesday and saturday. Jun 15 2020 explore madisen s board adopt me on pinterest.

Rainbow panda 241986 views.

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