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Peppa Pig: Comedian John Sparkes behind cartoon voices

By Peter Shuttleworth
BBC Wales News

He could be described as the most reliable babysitter you never knew you had.

John Sparkes is the understated Welsh comedian who does not just narrate the $1bn (£890m) Peppa Pig global franchise - the UK's greatest cartoon export - but he is also the lyrical wizard behind children TV's favourite characters.

As he walked into Paddington Station - fitting for cartoon royalty - the 63-year-old former bank clerk and English teacher did not raise a glance.

Yet, in the right crowd, if he burst into an impromptu "Peppa and George like jumping up and down in muddy puddles", we may have had company.

He is the vocal mastermind behind Peppa regulars Mr Rabbit, Mr Pony, Mr Potato, Mr Fox and Mr Mole.

Sparkes may also be recognised from Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom, as Fireman Sam and from Shaun the Sheep.

"I bumped into an old comedian mate a few years ago and his little boy was a huge Peppa Pig fan," Sparkes said.

"He made the mistake of saying 'this is the man that does the voice of characters in Peppa'. The little lad didn't like it because it ruptured his imaginary world, as for him Peppa Pig is real.

"So a message for grown-ups... if you're sitting at home now reading this story on the internet and show your kids this is the man who is Mr Rabbit, they won't thank you for it."

Image source, © TEF Ltd/Ent. One UK Ltd 2008

His TV career started on 1980s cult comedy Naked Video as anorak-wearing Welsh poet Siadwell - but his showbiz career really began alongside a Hollywood A-lister.

Catherine Zeta-Jones was in the same variety show at Swansea Grand Theatre and Sparkes, then a young wannabe comedian, was in the 1st Gowerton Scouts.

"My mates and I wrote a comedy sketch show that we performed at the Grand in the The Gang Show," said Sparkes, who grew up in West Cross, Swansea.

"It was a show for local Brownies, Scouts and Cubs groups. I remember Catherine Zeta-Jones, who I think was from the Port Talbot Brownies, was in a choir.

"That, ladies and gentleman, was where it all began! For both of us, I suppose."

After a pit stop as a clerk in Lloyds Bank's Mumbles branch, a computer studies degree at Oxford Polytechnic and a drama specialist at a Bicester comprehensive school, his professional comedy career started in a vegetarian restaurant.

"My first real booking was at the Earth Exchange in Archway after I took the gamble to chance it in London," he said, recalling joining Eddie Izzard, Alexi Sayle and Jo Brand on the alternative cabaret circuit.

"I thought vegetarians would be kind. It went ok, I surprised myself... I started making a living and paying rent on my flat."

His broadcasting breakthrough in 1984 came alongside Rab C Nesbitt stars Gregor Fisher and Elaine C Smith on Naked Video and on BBC Radio 4's Absolutely sketch show.

Image source, © TEF Ltd/Ent. One UK Ltd 2008

As Absolutely became a TV hit on Channel 4, Sparkes' popularity grew - especially with two animation graduates from Middlesex Polytechnic.

"Mark Baker and Neville Astley, the creators of Peppa Pig, used to watch Absolutely and they got in touch to ask if I'd like to write with them for an animated series called the Big Knights - I've worked on every project they've done since."

His first Peppa project was 218 episodes ago.

He has remained a Peppa Pig mainstay, with the show now screened in 180 countries, from the United States to China. It has an estimated 200,000 associated products from a theme park to nappies.

"It surprised me when they asked me to narrate," he said.

"Why did I do it? It was a challenge and sounded interesting - and I haven't got to write or learn the words so I would've been a fool to say no."

Image source, © TEF Ltd/Ent. One UK Ltd 2008

Born: 9 January 1954 in Swansea

Family: Wife Beverly and daughters Isobel, 24, and Emily, 18

Favourite comedians: Peter Sellers, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Monty Python, Not Only....But also

Favourite cartoon: Tom and Jerry

  • Naked Video - Siadwel
  • Barry Welsh is Coming - Barry Welsh, Hugh Pugh
  • Peppa Pig - Narrator, Mr Rabbit, Mr Potato, Uncle Pig, Mr Fox, Mr Mole
  • Fireman Sam - Fireman Sam, Elvis Cridlington, Station Officer Steele, Norman Price
  • Shaun the Sheep - The Farmer, Bitzer
  • Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom - Mister Elf, King Marigold

Its popularity since its Channel 5 TV debut in 2004 is off the scale.

Eight billion YouTube hits and two cinema releases later, a further 117 episodes have been commissioned, with owners Entertainment One hoping to conquer France, Canada and Latin America as it aims to make Peppa a $2bn (£1.8bn) brand by 2020.

"It's like a classic pantomime, it's got a bit of humour for the mums and dads while keeping the children entertained," he said.

"And often cartoons hire comedian voice artists for that comedic tone and delivery."

Sparkes insists he is just a "voice for hire".

But here is the man behind why Peppa favourite Mr Potato is French and why Mr Rabbit sounds like a Welsh civil servant.

Yet as the narrator, he knows he is not just an entertainer but an educator.

"You must remember this is for young children who are learning how to speak English. So you must speak clearly, ensure you enunciate correctly, pay attention and sound cheerful," he said.

For a man who spends half the working week in a voice booth "the size of a telephone box", it is perhaps no surprise walking and nature are his biggest loves.

"I love nature and trees. I paid the council to put up another 10 trees in our street to make it feel more rural," he said.

"And while walking, I'm at my most creative. Nature gives me that opportunity to clear my head and allows me to concentrate without distraction."

So what does his average week look like for John?

"It's about seven days, I'm a bit of a traditionalist like that."

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Sours: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-39719084

TV: Fireman Sam and SuperTed 'wouldn't exist' without subsidies

SuperTed and Fireman Sam would never have been made without cash help from the government, the driving force behind the popular cartoons has said.

It comes as UK ministers consider if they will continue subsidising children's TV shows for Channel 5, E4 and the Welsh language channel S4C.

SuperTed and Fireman Sam started on S4C before being broadcast in English.

"They would not have been made without subsidies," said Fireman Sam producer and SuperTed creator Mike Young.

Leading presenters, including former Play School anchor Baroness Floella Benjamin, now a House of Lords peer, and former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq have expressed their concern for the future of children's programming if the UK government cut their Young Audiences Content Fund.

It was set up in 2018 and helps cover the cost of making children's shows for public service broadcasters and it has allocated more than £44m over a three-year trial to support the production of shows on public serving broadcasting channels.

But there are fears future funding could affected by the UK government's ongoing spending review although the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport said no decision had been made.

Mike Young, now a Hollywood-based Emmy and Bafta award-winning animator, said he was "flabbergasted" that cash for children's content could be cut because, although animation "is there to be fun, it is at the same time incredibly educational".

"It would be a very short-sighted decision and it's a minor investment when compared to some of the money that governments tend to waste in other areas."

Mr Young, who still makes animations and runs a Los Angeles-based production company, said children's shows were attractive to TV channels and streaming services because "kids watch content more than adults".

"A child will watch the same programme over and over again as part of their learning process," he said.

"Whereas adults will watch, say The Crown once and never watch it again."

"So children's TV shows have a new generation every three years or so, especially in the younger demographics.

"Plus they're long lasting and earn money from merchandising. I can go down the road now in LA and buy a Fireman Sam toy.

"If they [UK government] take these grants and subsidies away, it'll put the UK at a tremendous disadvantage to the rest of the world. It'll really set back an industry if this happens."

My Young started his career creating SuperTed, which was broadcast as S4C's first programme when the channel launched in November 1982.

"In the case of S4C, it's not just making shows for children, it's actually retaining a language and a culture - it goes beyond children's TV programmes," he added.

Mr Young also played an integral role in making Fireman Sam - Sam Tan in Welsh - a hit on S4C before both animations were translated into English.

Despite both being TV staples for millions of children in the 1980s, well before the creation of the Young Audiences Content Fund, he said both were partly funded by government subsidies of the day.

The body representing independent TV companies in Wales said, without the government fund, it was "very doubtful" that dramas for young people and new animation series would have been commissioned.

"It is really short-sighted now when we are seeing some really good evidence from dozens of programmes who have been commissioned though this fund and to now look at stopping it is doesn't make sense to me," said Gareth Williams, chairman of Teledwyr Annibynnol Cymru.

One of the beneficiaries of the government fund is producer Nia Ceidiog, Fireman Sam's original scriptwriter, who is making a children's drama with a focus on mental health.

"It would have been impossible to produce this in the Welsh language had it not been for an award from the YAC fund," she said.

"Drama is expensive and S4C would not have been able to produce drama for children of that standard so having this award - 50% of the budget - is crucial".

S4C said the fund has helped the Welsh language channel "invest in productions that otherwise would not have seen the light of day," including cult Welsh hit Sali Mali.

"Whilst S4C has done well from the YAC fund, and whilst S4C would not like to see the end of this important source of money for original content from Wales, its end would not have a negative impact on S4C's wider children's offering," it said.

"Even without the contribution of the YAC fund, S4C is the second biggest commissioner of children's TV programmes."

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Sours: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-58955393
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Mr. Potato

Mr. Potato is an anthropomorphic potato who is famous in Peppa's world. He has his own television show with Mademoiselle Potato, Mrs. Carrot, Sweet Cranberry and Little Sprout.


Mr. Potato is an active and popular figure. He is known by everyone, and is admired by them - but he remains humble. He enjoys spending time with children, and hosts many events, including grand openings and sporting competitions (such as puddle jumps). Whenever someone asks about eating potatoes, he says, "Um..."


Mr. Potato is a giant, golden-brown potato with dull red lips, and a curled dark brown mustache. His eyes are black dots. On his head is a pale brown hat, that looks similar to Woody's Cowboy Hat. He looks like a toy called Mr. Potato Head, but it is named Mr. Potato without the word "Head".


"You should eat lots of fruits and vegetables!"

"And exercise!"

"Please welcome your friend and mine, Mr. Potato!" (His Greeting)


"Let's do some jumping up and down!"

"Up-down up-down!"



"Welcome to Potato City! Where the magic of vegetables never ends, see how vegetables grow, learn how they keep us fit and healthy!"

"Mmm...looks like Daddy Pig needs some exercise!"

"But this picture from Peppa Pig is my favorite, it shows Daddy Pig watching television!"

"Uh...how do you know that?!" (to Edmond Elephant).

"What an exciting race!"

"Anyway, children like dinosaurs!"


  • He has his own show.
  • He is one of the few anthropomorphic vegetables in the series, with the others being Mademoiselle Potato, Mrs. Carrot, Sweet Cranberry and Little Sprout. Hashbrown is the newest anthropomorphic vegetable, and he is the result of a potato.
  • Due to their similar names and appearances, he is often mistaken for Mr. Potato Head, a popular toy in the 1950s, as people get confused.
  • It is thought by many that Mr. Potato is really just someone in a costume, but there isn't any evidence to support this theory.
  • Daddy Pig owns a keychain shaped like Mr. Potato.
  • When he blinked in The Carnival, his eyes disappeared. This is most likely a mistake that needs to be fixed.
  • In Digger World, there were many Mr. Potato toys in the claw machine.
Sours: https://peppapig.fandom.com/wiki/Mr._Potato
Peppa Pig Full Episodes - Mr Potato Comes to Town - Cartoons for Children

In the world of children’s programming there stands one bastion of sports and entertainment to rival them all — Mr. Potato. The vaguely French, anthropomorphic sports potato from Peppa Pig has been haunting me recently, and we must discuss him.

Who the hell is Mr. Potato?

Mr. Potato is your friend and mine. We know this because it’s exclusively how he introduces himself in the third person every time he’s on TV in Peppa Pig. He hosts an exercise show that airs in the morning of the Peppa Pig universe, which somehow equally appeals to children and adults alike.

In short: Everyone loves Mr. Potato, also he drives a specially-designed clown car that was custom built exclusively to house Mr. Potato.

Is Mr. Potato good?

I ... don’t know. I know I don’t trust him. So look, anthropomorphism in Peppa Pig is a pretty loose concept. It’s one of the things I like least about the show. There seems to be inconsistent use of which animals get to walk and talk, and which are resigned to pets.

So somehow, in this confusing world where cats and tortoises are pets, Mr. Potato gets to exist. A living animal in our world is put into pet status, while a potato gets to be like a human. Not only be human-like, but be the most famous celebrity in the universe.

Mr. Potato is incapable of answering any questions about who, or more importantly how he is. In the seminal episode “Mr. Potato Comes To Town”, the entire city waits with bated breath for Mr. Potato to open a sports complex. The kids then barrage him with questions like “Why aren’t you the size of a normal potato,” which he just responds with “ummm.” Not even Mr. Potato knows why Mr. Potato exists.

I don’t like that he avoids questions. I don’t like how he has shifty potato eyes.

I also don’t know how I feel about his shameless self promotion. Every time he appears on TV he bursts into his spiel about how he’s “Your friend and mine,” speaking in the third person like he’s The Rock.

Why is Mr. Potato so popular?

I DON’T KNOW! Everyone acts like he’s the biggest superstar in the world, despite him having no discernible skills. He just appears on TV, advocates exercise and tells people to eat vegetables — which is a whole other level of weird considering he is a vegetable. Mr. Potato is a self-loathing vegetable advocating for the devouring of his kin.

Daddy Pig worships Mr. Potato to such a level that he has a keychain of Mr. Potato. None of it makes any sense.

There’s some controversy over his quotes.

Not really. I just desperately needed an excuse to share this exchange from the comment section of the Peppa Pig wiki.

I have immense respect for adults who adhere to the dream of ensuring the accurate quotation of Mr. Potato on the internet.

I don’t respect Mr. Potato, though.

He still creeps me out.

Sours: https://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2019/2/18/18229503/mr-potato-peppa-pig-sports

Pig potato man from peppa

List of Peppa Pig characters

Wikipedia list article

Peppa Pig is a British preschoolanimatedtelevision series by Astley Baker Davies. Its characters are listed below.

The Pigs

  • Peppa Pig (voiced by Lily Snowden-Fine in series 1, Cecily Bloom in series 2, Harley Bird in series 3 to series 6, Amelie Bea Smith since series 6 and Sydney Patrick in the US Cartoon Network version[1]) – Peppa is a cheeky little pig and Mummy & Daddy Pig's daughter, George's sister, Granny & Grandpa Pig's granddaughter, Uncle and Auntie Pig's niece, Alexander & Chloe's cousin sister and the main character of the show. She is 4 years old. Her hobbies include jumping in muddy puddles, playing with her teddy bear, Teddy, going to playgroup, playing the computer game "Happy Mrs. Chicken", and playing dress up. She wears a signature red dress and black shoes. She has appeared in every episode. Her best friend is Suzy Sheep, but once stopped being friends for a while.[2]
  • George Pig (voiced by Oliver May and Alice May in serIes 1–5, Alice May and Vincent van Hulzen in series 6–) – George is Peppa's younger brother, Mummy & Daddy Pig's son, Granny & Grandpa Pig's grandson, Uncle & Auntie Pig's nephew and Alexander & Chloe's cousin brother. He is often seen in possession of his toy dinosaur, named "Mr. Dinosaur", but due to George's limited vocabulary, he pronounces it as "dine-saw," which was given to him as a present by Grandpa and Granny Pig when he was born, as shown in the episode The Olden Days. He cries in several episodes with his trademark showers of tears and very loud crying sounds. Often when he cries it has to do with Peppa teasing him or him being afraid of something. He is the only one in Peppa's playgroup whose name does not start with the same letter as his species. Also, in the series, he is referred to as just "George". He is now a member of Peppa's class despite being only two years old. He wears a blue shirt and black shoes.
  • Mummy Pig (voiced by Morwenna Banks) – Mummy Pig is Daddy Pig's wife, Grandpa & Granny Pig's daughter, Auntie Pig's sister-in-law, Uncle Pig's brother-in-law, Peppa & George's mother, and Cousin Chloe and Alexander's aunt. She is home employed and works on a computer.[3] She also works as a volunteer firefighter with the Mummies' Fire Service. She has skill in literacy and worked as an author in series 5, writing the book "Funny Onion", which is really just one long number due to "printing issues". She wears an orange dress.
  • Daddy Pig (voiced by Richard Ridings, Oscar Cheda in the US Cartoon Network version and Andrew Macheca in the pitch pilot[4]) – Daddy Pig is Mummy Pig's husband, Granny & Grandpa Pig's son in-law, Uncle Pig's brother, Auntie Pig's brother in-law, Alexander & Chloe's uncle, and Peppa & George's father. He wears glasses due to his poor eyesight. Unlike Mummy Pig's parents, Grandpa Pig and Granny Pig, Daddy Pig's parents have never been shown or heard of in the series. Daddy Pig shows signs of illiteracy and has issues with map reading, too. Despite this, he remains jolly and never lets anything get him down, even when Mr. Potato openly insults him on his TV show, which the whole town appears to watch. He is also shown to have acrophobia, a fear of heights. He works as a structural engineer, and a concrete technician. He wears a light green shirt.
  • Grandpa Pig (voiced by David Graham and Heath Kelts in the US Cartoon Network version[5]) – Grandpa Pig is Mummy & Auntie Pig's father, Granny Pig's husband, Daddy & Uncle Pig's father-in-law and Peppa, George, Alexander & Chloe's grandfather. Although the two bicker and fight in a few episodes, he is best friends with Granddad Dog. He has a trackless train named Gertrude and calling it a toy train quickly angers him, claiming that "Gertrude is not a toy, she is a miniature locomotive!". He loves sailing and gardening. Some garden features, however, such as chickens eating his lettuces, blackberry bushes looking at him, garden gnomes, and plastic wells tend to anger him. He is often seen wearing a white sailing cap with a blue anchor on the front. He always wears an indigo shirt.
  • Granny Pig (voiced by Frances White and Nanique Gheridan in the US Cartoon Network version[6]) – Granny Pig is Grandpa Pig's wife, Mummy & Auntie Pig's mother, Daddy & Uncle Pig's mother in-law, Peppa, George, Alexander & Chloe's grandmother. She is a fan of perfume. She grows apples in an orchard near her house along with vegetables in her own garden next to her house. She also has four pet chickens that often annoy Grandpa Pig.
  • Uncle Pig (voiced by John Sparkes) – Uncle Pig is Daddy Pig's older brother, Mummy Pig's brother in-law, Grandpa & Granny Pig's son in-law, Alexander & Chloe's father, Peppa & George's uncle and Auntie Pig's husband. He has a "big tummy" like Daddy Pig.
  • Auntie Pig (voiced by Alison Snowden in series 1 to series 2 and Judy Flynn in series 3, 4 & 6) – Auntie Pig is Uncle Pig's wife, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig's sister in-law, Peppa & George's aunt, and Alexander & Chloe's mother. She wears a pink polka-dotted dress.
  • Chloe Pig (voiced by Eloise May in series 1–2, Abigail Daniels in series 3, Zara Siddiqi in series 4 and Charlotte Potterton since series 6) – Chloe is Auntie & Uncle Pig's daughter, Granny & Grandpa Pig's granddaughter, Peppa & George's cousin, Mummy & Daddy Pig's niece and Alexander's older sister. Her best friends are Belinda Bear & Simon Squirrel and they like to tease Peppa. She is eight years old and wears a yellow dress. Since she is older than the other kids, she does not go to Peppa's playgroup and instead presumably goes to a different school. She and her family did not appear at all in series 5, but they return to series 6.
  • Baby Alexander (voiced by Oliver May in series 2, Harley Bird in series 3 and Minnie Kennedy-Parr since series 4) – Alexander is Auntie & Uncle Pig's son, Grandpa & Granny Pig's grandson, Chloe's brother, Peppa & George's cousin brother and Mummy & Daddy Pig's nephew. His first word was "puddles", taught to him by Peppa.
  • Auntie Dottie Pig – Auntie Dottie Pig is Peppa and George's aunt who sent a toy horse, which Peppa and George call "Horsey Twinkle Toes". She is only mentioned and never seen or heard.

The Rabbits

  • Rebecca Rabbit (voiced by Hazel Rudd in series 1, Bethan Lindsay in series 2, Alice May in series 3–4 and Arisha Choudhary in series 5–) – Rebecca is Daddy & Mummy Rabbit's daughter, Richard, Rosie & Robbie's older sister, Miss Rabbit's niece and Peppa's friend from playgroup. She is the older sister of Richard and their twin baby sister and brother, Rosie & Robbie. She usually visits Peppa. She enjoys carrots very much and eats them very often and has dressed up like one. She wears a turquoise dress, and black shoes.
  • Richard Rabbit (voiced by Zoe Baker in series 2–5, Rohan Boucher since series 6 and Chloe Dolandis on Cartoon Network[7]) – Richard is Daddy & Mummy Rabbit's son, Rebecca, Rosie & Robbie's brother, Miss Rabbit's nephew and George & Edmund's best friend. He has a fuss about things and in some episodes he is seen crying with George, albeit at a higher pitch. He has a toy dinosaur, that has been seen as both red and purple in different episodes. He wears a dark blue shirt and black shoes.
  • Miss Rabbit (voiced by Sarah Ann Kennedy) – Miss Rabbit appears to have many jobs at the same time, including bus driver, supermarket assistant, librarian, helicopter pilot, firefighter, ice cream seller, shoe shop assistant, nurse, ticket seller, and more, but she loves her jobs. She is Mummy Rabbit's twin sister, Daddy Rabbit's sister in-law and Rebecca, Richard, Rosie & Robbie's aunt. She wears a yellow dress, like her twin sister. Some people think there is more than one Miss Rabbit but this has not been said in the show, possibly because seeing many Miss Rabbits at the same time would be confusing for kids.
  • Mummy Rabbit aka Mrs. Rabbit (voiced by Sarah Ann Kennedy) – Mummy Rabbit is Daddy Rabbit's wife, Rebecca, Richard, Rosie & Robbie's mother and Miss Rabbit's twin sister. She is also Miss Rabbit's twin sister. She does not appear as often as her sister. She wears a light yellow dress like Miss Rabbit.
  • Daddy Rabbit aka Mr. Rabbit (voiced by John Sparkes) – Daddy Rabbit is Mummy Rabbit's husband, Rebecca, Richard, Rosie & Robbie's father and Miss Rabbit's brother in-law. He works with Daddy Pig and Mummy Cat in a top floor office. He appears to be a station master, manager of the museum and ice cream seller in some episodes. He has a Welsh accent, which is a pun on Welsh rarebit.
  • Grampy Rabbit (voiced by Brian Blessed) – Grampy Rabbit is Grandpa Pig & Granddad Dog's friend and can play the banjo and runs a boat yard as shown in "Grampy Rabbit's Boatyard". He has a very loud voice and often plays songs that the children enjoy but the adults somewhat dislike, In Sea Treasure He called Little Reggie Rabbit and 100 years of age.
  • Rosie & Robbie Rabbit – Rosie & Robbie are Daddy & Mummy Rabbit's twin children, Rebecca and Richard's younger siblings and Miss Rabbit's niece & nephew. They were born in the episode "Mummy Rabbit's Bump". Their names were come up with by Peppa, Rebecca, Suzy, Pedro & George.

The Sheep

  • Suzy Sheep (voiced by Meg Hall in the UK version from series 1–4, Ava Lovell from series 5– in the UK and Elaine Torres[8] on the American version that aired on Cartoon Network) – Suzy is Mummy Sheep's daughter, Charlotte Sheep's cousin and Peppa's best friend. She wears a pink dress and black shoes. And has an imaginary friend named Leo Lion in one episode. In some episodes she wears a nurse costume. She is allegedly bossy and keeps telling people what to do but she thinks Peppa is the one who is telling people what to do. She is the only kid in the show whose father is never mentioned or seen. Once, she and Peppa ended their friendship for a short while.[1]
  • Mummy Sheep (voiced by Debbie MacDonald) – Mummy Sheep is Suzy's mother and Charlotte's aunt. She wears a dark pink dress. She is Mummy Pig's friend.
  • Charlotte Sheep (voiced by Mandeep Dhillon) – Charlotte is Suzy's cousin and Mummy Sheep's niece who is a teenager. She wears a yellow dress. She was first introduced in the episode, "In the future".

The Cats

  • Candy Cat (voiced by Daisy Rudd in series 1, Emma Weston in series 2, Zara Siddiqi in series 3–4, Madison Turner in series 5 and Tallulah Conabeare in series 6 onwards) – Candy is one of Peppa's friends. She wears a turquoise dress and black shoes.
  • Mrs. Cat aka Mummy Cat (voiced by Morwenna Banks in series 2, Leila Farzad in series 3–4 and Judy Flynn in series 5–) – Mummy Cat is Daddy Cat's wife, Candy's mother and a co-worker of Daddy Pig and Daddy Rabbit. She is 33 years old according to the episode "Dr. Hamster's Tortoise". She wears a light red dress. According to the episode "Daddy Pig's Office", she is a graphic designer.
  • Mr. Cat aka Daddy Cat (voiced by John Sparkes) – Daddy Cat Mummy Cat's husband and Candy's father. He is often seen in series 3 and 4. He wears an indigo shirt and has dark fur. His name is uncredited in the credits.

The Dogs

  • Danny Dog (voiced by George Woolford in series 1–2, Jadon Mills in series 3–4, Joshua Morris in series 5 and Charlie Stewart in series 6) – Danny is Mummy Dog & Captain Dog's son, Granddad & Granny Dog's grandson and Peppa's friend. He wants to be a pirate when he is older, possibly due to his father and grandfathers' sailing habits. He wears purple clothes and black shoes and has dark brown fur.
  • Mummy Dog a.k.a. Mrs. Dog (voiced by Debbie MacDonald in series 1, Claire Waxler in series 2 and Judy Flynn in series 4, 5 & 6) – Mummy Dog is Captain Dog's wife, Danny's mother and Granddad & Granny Dog's daughter in-law.
  • Granddad Dog (voiced by David Rintoul) – Granddad Dog is Captain Dog's father, Mummy Dog's father in-law, Danny's grandfather and Granny Dog's husband. He is a mechanic and is very good at fixing cars. Even though they sometimes bicker about whose boat is better, Granddad Dog and Grandpa Pig are best friends.
  • Daddy Dog aka Captain Dog (voiced by Alexander Armstrong) – Captain Dog is Mummy Dog's husband, Danny's father and Granddad & Granny Dog's son. He was once a sailor and sea captain who traveled the world to make his fortune and thus was gone from home for most of the series. He was one of the last characters make his debut on the show, not appearing until the middle of series four when he retires from sailing and returns home to be with his family. Despite being retired, he often misses his life as a sailor.
  • Granny Dog (voiced by Judy Flynn) – Granny dog is Granddad Dog's wife, Captain Dog's mother, Mummy Dog's mother in-law and Danny's grandmother. She made her first appearance as Granny Pig's friend in episode "Vikings Day".

The Ponies

  • Pedro Pony (voiced by Harrison Oldroyd in series 1–2, Stanley Nickless in series 3–4, Sammy Price in The Golden Boots and Around the World with Peppa, Rohal Soomro in series 5 and Robyn Elwell in series 6-) – Pedro is Mummy & Daddy Pony's son and Peppa's friend. He wears black eyeglasses, yellow clothes and black shoes. Characterized by his love for sleep, Pedro can be occasionally forgetful or clumsy and slow to catch on but is otherwise knowledgeable in his areas of interest and always friendly. In many episodes he is late for playgroup. In the episode "The School Play", Peppa kissed Pedro after their play ended. He is known for often wearing the wrong costume, as in the episode "Gymnastics" where he wears a superhero costume instead of his gym costume. He also is often found wearing a cowboy costume. He was the only kid in Peppa's playgroup who wears glasses before Molly Mole debuts. It's implied that he has a crush on Peppa.
  • Mummy Pony aka Mrs. Pony (voiced by Kate Gribble in series 1, Madeleine May in series 2, Layla Lewis in series 2, Jemima Williams in series 3, Leila Farzad in series 4 and Judy Flynn since series 5) – Mummy Pony is Daddy Pony's wife and Pedro's mother. She wears a dark yellow dress.
  • Daddy Pony aka Dr. Pony (voiced by John Sparkes) – Daddy Pony is Mummy Pony's husband and Pedro's father. He is professionally an optician. He wears glasses and green clothes.

The Zebras

  • Zoe Zebra (voiced by Sian Taylor in series 2–4, Isla Gudgeon in series 5 and Georgia Coates since series 6) – Zoe is a daughter of

Mummy Zebra and Daddy Zebra. Her twin little sisters are Baby Zuzu and Baby Zaza. She is a student of the Playgroup, where Peppa and her friends study. Her father is a postman.

  • Mummy Zebra aka Mrs Zebra (voiced by Morwenna Banks) – Mummy Zebra is Daddy Zebra's wife and Zoe, Zuzu & Zaza's mother. She wears a bright green dress and has shown to work with pottery in the episode "Pottery".
  • Daddy Zebra aka Postman Mr. Zebra (voiced by David Graham) – Daddy Zebra is Mummy Zebra's husband and Zoe, Zuzu & Zaza's father. He is professionally a postman. He can play the piano as shown in "Sleepover" and plays "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to make Peppa and her friends fall asleep.
  • Zuzu & Zaza Zebra (voiced by Alice May from series 2–4 and Matilda Green since series 5) – Zuzu & Zaza are Mummy & Daddy Zebra's twin children and Zoe's twin sisters. They are also George's friends. They both wear light pink dresses and black shoes. They are somewhat younger than George, Richard, and Edmond, and they do not appear at playgroup.

The Elephants

  • Emily Elephant (voiced by Julia Moss in the UK from series 2–4, Stara Bal since series 5 and Chloe Dolandis on Cartoon Network[7]) – Emily is Daddy & Mummy Elephant's daughter, Edmund's sister and Peppa's friend from playgroup. She made her first appearance in the episode "Emily Elephant". She can make the loudest sound out of all the children and often uses her trunk as an extra hand. She wears a dark yellow dress and black shoes and is shy most of the time.
  • Edmond Elephant (voiced by Jonny Butler from series 3–4 and Victor Wade since series 5) – Edmond is Daddy & Mummy Elephant's son, Emily's brother and George & Richard's friend. He is 2 year old, like George and Richard. Unlike George, Richard, and the other toddlers, Edmond is highly intelligent and can speak in full sentences; his high intelligence likely comes from his father. Because of this, Edmond is a self-proclaimed clever clogs. Edmond is so knowledgeable that he even beats adults in topics of knowledge. For example, in the episode, "Science Museum", he explains pulleys and static energy better than Miss Rabbit. Despite this, he as well has toddler traits; he has fun, giggles, and cries when unhappy. Edmond’s voice appears on the Peppa Pig Rocket kiddie ride. He wears a dark green shirt and black shoes. He was a background character in the episode “Mr. Potato Comes to Town”.
  • Dr. Elephant aka Daddy Elephant (voiced by Andy Hamilton) – Daddy Elephant is Mummy Elephant's husband and Emily's & Edmund's father. He is professionally a dentist. He wears a white shirt and red bow tie. He is very knowledgeable.
  • Mummy Elephant aka Mrs. Elephant (voiced by Morwenna Banks) – Mummy Elephant is Daddy Elephant's wife and Emily's & Edmund's mother. She wears a light purple dress. Her name is uncredited in the credits.

The Foxes

  • Freddy Fox (voiced by Max Miller in series 3, Jamie Oram from series 4-5 and Charlie Stewart since series 6) – Freddy is Mummy & Daddy Fox's son and Peppa's friend who has a very good sense of smell. He wants to be a policeman when he grows up and often impersonates their sirens loudly. He wears a dark red shirt and black shoes.
  • Mr. Fox aka Daddy Fox (voiced by John Sparkes) – Daddy Fox is Mummy Fox's husband, Freddy's father and the owner of a shop and a van that sells literally everything, from rocket engines to cement mixer. The things he sells are usually in boxes of five, but sometimes as matching sets of three.
  • Mrs. Fox aka Mummy Fox (voiced by Judy Flynn) – Mummy Fox is Daddy Fox's wife and Freddy's mother. She works as a nurse as shown in the episode "Hospital". She wears a light yellow dress. A little is known about her compared to her son and husband. Her name is uncredited in the credits.

The Kangaroos

  • Kylie Kangaroo (voiced by Macey Danger in her first appearance episode and Finley Grieg-Byrne since series 5) – Kylie is Daddy & Mummy Kangaroo's daughter, Joey's sister and Peppa's friend. She first appeared in an episode of her name. Since she is a kangaroo, she can jump higher than the others. She lives in Australia, near the Outback. She sometimes goes in picnics with her family and Peppa's family.
  • Joey Kangaroo (voiced by Jazlyn Jago since series 5) – Joey is Daddy & Mummy Kangaroo's son and Kylie's brother. He stays in Mummy Kangaroo's pouch and is presumably as young as Baby Alexander. He has a toy crocodile similarly to how George has a dinosaur.
  • Mummy Kangaroo aka Mrs. Kangaroo (voiced by Morwenna Banks in Kylie's episode and Elise Grieg since series 5) – Mummy Kangaroo is Daddy Kangaroo's wife and Kylie & Joey's mother. She works as a marine biologist and visits ocean life in a submarine for her job, as seen in the episode "The Great Barrier Reef".
  • Daddy Kangaroo aka Mr. Kangaroo (voiced by Alexander Armstrong in Kylie's episode and Tony Byrne since series 5) – Daddy Kangaroo is Mummy Kangaroo's husband and Kylie & Joey's father. He likes barbecuing corn on the cob and surfing with his family.

The Wolves

  • Wendy Wolf (voiced by Chaniya Mahon in series 4-5 and Eve Ridley since series 6) – Wendy Wolf is Mummy & Daddy Wolf's daughter, Granny Wolf's granddaughter and Peppa's friend after Daddy Pig designs a house for the wolves and Mr. Bull builds it. She also becomes a new student in Peppa's playgroup later in the series. She is occasionally seen with a younger brother who wears an orange shirt, although he is never mentioned or named.
  • Mr. Wolf aka Daddy Wolf (voiced by Alexander Armstrong since series 5) – Daddy Wolf is Mummy Wolf's husband, Granny Dog's son in-law and Wendy's father. Not much is known about him compared to the other parents, although he does intimidate the pigs somewhat as a running joke, since the Big Bad Wolf and pigs are enemies in the story of The Three Little Pigs.
  • Mrs. Wolf aka Mummy Wolf (voiced by Jen Pringle since series 4) – Mummy Wolf is Daddy Wolf's wife, Granny Wolf's daughter and Wendy's mother. Like her husband, not much is known about her.
  • Granny Wolf (voiced by Jen Pringle since series 4) – Granny Wolf is Mummy Wolf's mother, Daddy Wolf's mother in-law and Wendy's grandmother. She made her first appearance in the episode "Wendy Wolf's Birthday".

The Goats

  • Gabriella Goat (voiced by Sonia Arapi) – Gabriella is Signor's daughter, Uncle & Auntie Goat's niece and Peppa's friend who lives in Italy. She gives Peppa and her family a tour of the village where she lives when Peppa visits Italy. She wears a turquoise dress just like Rebecca and Candy and black shoes.
  • Signor Goat (voiced by Andrea Tran) – Signor is Gabriella's father, Uncle Goat's brother in-law, Auntie Goat's brother and the caretaker of the holiday house where Peppa and her family live for holiday.
  • Uncle Goat (voiced by John Sparkes) – Uncle Goat is Auntie Goat's husband, Gabriella's uncle, Signor's brother in-law and a pizza baker in Gabriella's village.
  • Auntie Goat (voiced by Morwenna Banks) – Auntie Goat is Uncle Goat's wife, Gabriella's aunt and Signor's sister. She runs a store in Gabriella's town.

The Giraffes

  • Gerald Giraffe (voiced by Leo Templer) – Gerald Giraffe is Daddy & Mummy Giraffe's son and Peppa's new friend from playgroup who first appeared in the episode "Gerald Giraffe". He is the tallest kid in the playgroup as he is a giraffe.
  • Mr. Giraffe aka Daddy Giraffe (voiced by Zeus Jahn-Vilnur) – Daddy Giraffe is Mummy Giraffe's husband and Gerald Giraffe's father who works as a zookeeper and is responsible for looking after butterflies, as seen in the episode "The Zoo". He is the tallest character in the series.
  • Mrs. Giraffe aka Mummy Giraffe (voiced by Posher Ra Ra) – Mummy Giraffe is Daddy Giraffe's wife and Gerald Giraffe's mother. She is the tallest mother in the series, although she is not as tall as her husband.

The Moles

  • Molly Mole (voiced by Rosie van Hulzen) – Molly is Mummy & Daddy Mole's daughter and Peppa's friend who first appeared in the S5 episode "Molly Mole". She wears glasses and is very good at digging. In her debut episode, her family moves underneath the rabbits, and she becomes best friends with Rebecca, though this is not often emphasized in the series. Molly is also Rebecca's second best friend on the playgroup, with her first best friend to do so being Zoe. She wears a light purple dress just like Zoe and black shoes.
  • Mummy Mole aka Mrs. Mole (voiced by Jen Pringle) – Mummy Mole is Daddy Mole's wife and Molly's mother who is likewise good at digging.
  • Daddy Mole aka Mr. Mole (voiced by John Sparkes) – Daddy Mole is Mummy Mole's husband and Molly's father who is likewise good at digging. He and Mummy Mole dug out their residence underneath the Rabbits.

The Bears

  • Dr. Brown Bear (voiced by David Rintoul) – Brown Bear is a doctor, Belinda & Baby Bear's uncle, Daddy Bear's brother and Mummy Bear's brother in-law. In the episode "Pedro's Cough", he claims he never gets sick, but he does when he caught Pedro's cough. According to the British Medical Journal, Dr. Brown Bear shows clear signs of "burnout" and begins falling short of the high standards of service he aims to provide to his patients, which include "prompt and direct telephone access, continuity of care, extended hours, and a low threshold for home visits", including using a "green light car... with sirens" to attend a playgroup where a 3 year old pony has coughed 3 times.[3] Despite this, he is good-natured and liked by the other adults in the series. He may be related to Belinda Bear.
  • Belinda Bear (voiced by Zara Siddiqi in her first episode and Charlotte Potterton since series 5) – Belinda is Daddy & Mummy Bear's daughter, Baby Bear's sister, Dr. Brown Bear's niece and Chloe's friend. In the episode "Chloe's Big Friends", she calls herself "Be" for short. She wears a striped red and black dress.
  • Mummy Bear aka Mrs. Bear (voiced by Morwenna Banks) – Mummy Bear is Daddy Bear's wife, Belinda & Baby Bear's mother and Dr. Brown Bear's sister in-law.
  • Daddy Bear aka Mr. Bear (voiced by John Sparkes) – Daddy Bear is Mummy Bear's husband, Belinda & Baby Bear's father and Dr. Brown Bear's brother.
  • Baby Bear – Baby Bear is Daddy & Mummy Bear's son, Belinda's brother and Dr. Brown Bear's nephew. He wears a yellow shirt. He is the same age as George and made his first appearance in the episode "The Bedtime Story".

The Donkeys

  • Delphine Donkey (voiced by Nzilani Franq) – Delphine is Monsieur & Mummy Donkey's daughter, Didier's sister and Peppa's friend from France. She does not natively speak English but can speak French very well. She is Didier's older sister.
  • Didier Donkey (voiced by Aurélie Charbonnier) – Didier is Monsieur & Mummy Donkey's son and Delphine's brother. He has a toy dragon, similar to how George has a toy dinosaur. He wears an orange shirt.
  • Monsieur Donkey (voiced by Jerome Haupert in series 2-3 and David Rintoul since series 5) – Monsieur is Mummy Donkey's husband and Delphine & Didier's father. He has a French accent and a small moustache and can fluently speak English and French.
  • Mummy Donkey aka Mrs. Donkey – Mummy Donkey is Monsieur's wife and Delphine and Didier's mother.

The Pandas

  • Police Officer Panda (voiced by David Mitchell) – Police Officer Panda is Peggi and Pandora's father who is a talented but somewhat clumsy policeman. He first appeared in the S5 episode "The Police". He also "talks like a policeman", always saying "Ello, Ello, Ello!" when he greets someone. He enjoys eating donuts and works with Police Officer Squirrel.
  • Peggi and Pandora Panda (voiced by Chelsey Orfinada) – Peggi & Pandora are Police Officer Panda's twin children. They enjoy puzzles and games that require investigating or solving a mystery due to their father's work. Pandora wears a yellow dress and Peggi wears a red dress.

The Squirrels

  • Simon Squirrel (voiced by Preston Nyman) – Simon is Police Officer Squirrel's son and Chloe's friend. In the episode "Chloe's Big Friends", he calls himself "Si" for short. His parents have never appeared in the show but it is assumed that they are squirrels, like him.
  • Police Officer Squirrel (voiced by Judy Flynn) – Police Officer Squirrel is Simon's mother who first appeared in the S5 episode "The Police". She enjoys eating donuts and her work with Police Officer Panda.

The Mice

  • Mandy Mouse (voiced by Audrey van Hulzen) – Mandy is Mummy Mouse's daughter and Peppa's friend who wears a rose dress and uses a wheelchair. She is first introduced in an episode of her name. Her father is mentioned in Valentine's Day.
  • Mummy Mouse aka Mrs. Mouse (voiced by Morwenna Banks) – Mummy Mouse is Mandy's mother who is seen in Mandy's debut episode.
  • Daddy Mouse aka Mr. Mouse– Daddy Mouse is Mandy Mouse's father and Mummy Mouse's husband who is first mentioned in the episode Valentine's Day. He hasn't made a physical appearance in the series yet.

The Gazelles

  • Madame Gazelle (voiced by Morwenna Banks and Nanique Gheridan in the US Cartoon Network version[6]) – Madame Gazelle is the teacher at and owner of Peppa's playgroup. She has a French accent, which is a pun on "mademoiselle". She once played in a rock band called "The Rocking Gazelles" with two other gazelles who may be her sisters, as evidenced in "Madame Gazelle's Leaving Party". She taught Peppa's parents when they were children. "In Pumpkin Party" it is implied that she is a vampire because she has no reflection in the mirror, and seeing Suzy dressed as a vampire reminds her of the old country. In the episode, "Madame Gazelle's House", it is shown that bats are her old friends.It also may be that she is a vampire because when she taught the parents of the children, she was the same age as she is now.[9] In the episode "Madame Gazelle's Leaving Party", her first name is revealed to be Gigi. She is the only seen adult character whose first name was revealed (but only once). She can play both electric and acoustic guitars, as shown in many episodes.
  • Glenda Gazelle – She is the bass guitarist in Madame Gazelle's rock band "The Rocking Gazelles". She appears in the episodes "Madame Gazelle's Leaving Party" and "Muddy Festival". Her name is revealed in the audio story version of "Madame Gazelle's Leaving Party".
  • Greta Gazelle – She is the drummer in Madame Gazelle's rock band "The Rocking Gazelles". She appears in the episodes "Madame Gazelle's Leaving Party" and "Muddy Festival". Her name is revealed in the audio story version of "Madame Gazelle's Leaving Party".

Other characters

  • Mr. Bull (voiced by David Rintoul) – Mr. Bull is a garbage man, a construction worker, a nurse (as seen in episode "The Hospital") and a tuba player. Mr. Bull is also a taxi driver (as seen in "Flying on Holiday"). It is implied that Mr. Bull is related to Mrs. Cow, as bulls are the male counterparts of cows, although the series never explains or acknowledges this.
  • Mr. Potato (voiced by John Sparkes) – Mr. Potato is Peppa's favourite character from a TV show. It is unknown if he is a real potato or someone wearing a costume. He encourages the kids to exercise and eat healthy. His friends are Mrs. Carrot, Sweet Cranberry and Little Sprout who are also real fruit and vegetables, as evidenced in "Mr. Potato's Christmas Show". There is also a Mrs. Potato, appearing only on Peppa's television with Mr. Potato from series one until the beginning of series 3.
  • Super Potato (voiced by Alexander Armstrong) Super Potato is a fictional TV superhero which Peppa and her friends watch unsure if he is real or someone wearing a costume also gives the kids good health advice. He likes to sing, "Fruits and vegetables keep us alive, always remember to eat your 5!"
  • Mrs. Carrot (voiced by Morwenna Banks) – Mrs. Carrot appears as a member of the Christmas Vegetable Family alongside Mr. Potato, Sweet Cranberry and Little Sprout, in the episode "Mr. Potato's Christmas Show" and also appears in the episode "Fruit".
  • Little Sprout (voiced by Philippa Prosser) – Little Sprout appears as a member of the Christmas Vegetable Family in the episode "Mr. Potato's Christmas Show" and also appears in the episode "Fruit".
  • Sweet Cranberry – Sweet Cranberry appears as a member of the Christmas Vegetable Family in the episode "Mr. Potato's Christmas Show" and also appears in the episode "Fruit".
  • Mrs. Cow (voiced by Judy Flynn) – Mrs. Cow is a member of the "Mummies' Fire Service". She might be related to Mr. Bull, as bulls are the male counterpart to cows, but this has not been said in the show.
  • Mr. Rhinoceros (voiced by John Sparkes) – Mr. Rhinoceros works with Mr. Bull in the building/construction jobs. His name is uncredited in the credits.
  • Dr. Hamster (voiced by Morwenna Banks) – Dr. Hamster is a vet and has a tortoise named Tiddles who gets stuck in trees a lot. She flies an airplane on "The Flying Vet".
  • Mr. Labrador (voiced by David Graham in series 3–5 and Al Murrey since series 6) – Mr. Labrador works with Mr. Bull in the building/construction jobs. He also runs the archery competition at the fair (as seen in "Funfair") and sells Ice Cream in her van.
  • Captain Emergency (voiced by Dominic Byrne) – Captain Emergency is the pilot on the plane Peppa and her family fly on in the episode "Flying on Holiday".
  • Policeman Stag (voiced by Fernando Tiberini) – Policeman Stag appears in the episodes "The Holiday House", "Holiday in the Sun" and "The End of the Holiday" to return Teddy to Peppa who kept losing it. He is a dark brown otter.
  • Father Christmas (voiced by David Graham, but credited as "himself") – Father Christmas appears in episodes "Santa's Grotto", "Santa's Visit", "Mr. Potato's Christmas Show" and "Father Christmas. He is one of 3 human characters in the show, the other ones are the Queen and the pirate Dog Beard. He is alternatively referred to as Father Christmas and Santa.
  • The Queen (voiced by Morwenna Banks) – The Queen appears in the episodes "The Queen" and "London". The character is based on Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. She is a friend of Miss Rabbit. She is also very jolly.
  • Mr. Lion (voiced by Colin McFarlane) – Mr. Lion appears in the episode "The Zoo" as the primary zookeeper. He calls Madame Gazelle "Mrs. Wildebeest" and often intimidates her, since both are natural prey to lions.
  • Mrs. Crocodile (voiced by Jo Brand) – Mrs. Crocodile appears in the S5 episode "The Zoo" as the zookeeper responsible for the penguins. She also intimidates Madame Gazelle somewhat.
  • Mr. Wallaby (voiced by Sam Simmons) – Mr. Wallaby is the Kangaroos' neighbor, who is described as very nice. He appears in the S5 episode "Boomerang".
  • Mr. Stallion (voiced by John Sparkes) – Mr. Stallion is Grandpa Pig's friend. He appears in the S5 episode "Sailing Boat". His name is uncredited in the credits.
  • Mrs. Corgi (voiced by Morwenna Banks) – Mrs. Corgi is Grandpa Pig's friend. She appears in the S5 episode "Sailing Boat". Her name is uncredited in the credits.
  • King Alfonso (voiced by David Graham) – King Alfonso appears in the S5 episode "Long Train Journey" He has a thick Italian accent. He is shown to be less honoured than Daddy Pig.

Pets and animals

The Fishes

  • Goldie the Fish – Goldie is Peppa's pet fish.
  • Ginger the Fish – Ginger is Miss Rabbit's pet fish and is shown in "The Aquarium" where he befriends Peppa's fish Goldie.


  • Tiddles – Tiddles is Dr. Hamster's pet tortoise. He is 33 as shown the episode "Dr. Hamster's Tortoise". He is known to climb trees as shown in "Doctor Hamster's Tortoise" and often sneak away from Dr. Hamster.
  • Steven – Steven is Pedro Pony's pet stick insect who is shown in "Pedro the Cowboy" and "The Pet Competition".
  • Jemima, Sarah, Vanessa & Neville – They are Granny Pig's chickens who annoy Grandpa Pig. In the episode "Spring", they have some chicks.
  • Hemidactylus frenatus – He is Edmond's pet gecko and is shown the episode "The Pet Competition". His name is the scientific name of the common house gecko. Edmond named him this because he is a clever clogs.
  • Polly Parrot (voiced by Alison Snowden) – Polly is Granny and Grandpa Pig's pet parrot. Like most parrots, Polly copies what others say. She is not in series 5, but returned in series 6.
  • Mrs. Duck – Mrs. Duck is a wild duck who lives in the duck pond with the other ducks. She and her fellow ducks have a habit of always showing up at picnics, usually in the hope of receiving food scraps, and often appears in unusual places to reach the picnic, such as the top of a mountain. She appears in the episode "The Golden Boots” special when she takes Peppa's golden boots.
  • Mrs. Duck-Billed Platypus – Mrs. Duck-Billed Platypus is a wild duck-billed platypus who appears in the episode "The Outback". She appears when Peppa and her family are having a barbecue picnic with the Kangaroo family in the Australian Outback, after Peppa remarks that Mrs. Duck always shows up when they have picnics.
  • Mr. Skinnylegs – Mr. Skinnylegs is a friendly little spider who lives in and around Peppa's house, at times covering the place with his cobwebs. He was named by Peppa as he has long legs.


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Peppa Pig - Mr Potato Head Comes To Town (Full Episode)

How to call this. Only with the Mouse. Silent, like a pharaoh's mummy, and clearly a little out of her mind. She was fond of yoga, occultism and other rubbish, but in household chores she was.

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