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A PO BOX number can be less than or more than four digit. For post office boxes, the general rule is that each box has its own ZIP+4 code.
The last four digit is often one of the following:
1. Zero plus the last three digits of the box number (eg. PO BOX 1001, Los Angeles CA 90001-0001).
2. The last four digits of the box number (eg. PO BOX 9991, Twin Peaks CA 92391-9991).
3. If the box number is less than four digits, enough zeros prepended to the front of the box number to produce a four-digit number(eg. PO BOX 1, Shreveport LA 71161-0001).
However, there is no uniform rule, the zip code plus four is for reference only, the ZIP+4 code must be looked up individually for each box in the USPS offical website.

PO BOX 1200,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0900

PO BOX 1201,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0901

PO BOX 1202,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0902

PO BOX 1203,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0903

PO BOX 1204,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0904

PO BOX 1205,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0905

PO BOX 1206,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0906

PO BOX 1207,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0907

PO BOX 1208,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0908

PO BOX 1209,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0909

PO BOX 1210,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0910

PO BOX 1211,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0911

PO BOX 1212,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0912

PO BOX 1213,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0913

PO BOX 1214,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0914

PO BOX 1215,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0915

PO BOX 1216,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0916

PO BOX 1217,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0917

PO BOX 1218,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0918

PO BOX 1219,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0919

PO BOX 1220,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0920

PO BOX 1221,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0921

PO BOX 1222,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0922

PO BOX 1223,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0923

PO BOX 1224,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0924

PO BOX 1225,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0925

PO BOX 1226,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0926

PO BOX 1227,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0927

PO BOX 1228,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0928

PO BOX 1229,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0929

PO BOX 1230,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0930

PO BOX 1231,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0931

PO BOX 1232,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0932

PO BOX 1233,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0933

PO BOX 1234,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0934

PO BOX 1235,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0935

PO BOX 1236,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0936

PO BOX 1237,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0937

PO BOX 1238,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0938

PO BOX 1239,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0939

PO BOX 1240,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0940

PO BOX 1241,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0941

PO BOX 1242,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0942

PO BOX 1243,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0943

PO BOX 1244,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0944

PO BOX 1245,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0945

PO BOX 1246,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0946

PO BOX 1247,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0947

PO BOX 1248,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0948

PO BOX 1249,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0949

PO BOX 1250,ELMSFORD,NY 10523-0950



The Board of Trustees, Village Staff and I would like to welcome you to The Village of Elmsford's Official Web Site. If you are a current or future resident, business owner, or plan on visiting us, we hope this website is helpful to you. If you do not find what you are looking for please feel free to contact us for assistance. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you visit us in person and enjoy all the great things that Elmsford has to offer.
Village Board -Mayor, Trustees and Administrator
Village Board, Mayor, Trustees and AdministratorSincerely,

Robert Williams


Proud NYCOME Member




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Now, I really don’t give two hoots in hell about parking tickets, I pay the fine, who cares, right?  I get this mail today that looks like just another junk mail that keeps the USPS workers, well, working, but I wasn’t half Pertlered yet, so just for grins, I open it.  Low and behold, I get an invoice for a parking ticket that Minnie got three weeks back, but guess where it came from?  NEW YORK!  Yuppers, your boy toy mayor can’t even hire locals to send his demands for payment, its outsourced to an outfit with a return address of PROCESSING CENTER P.O BOX 1225 ELMSFORD, NEW YORK, 10523-0925.  Well folks, the beauty of it is I’m supposed to send my fine to the CITY OF DULUTH, PAYMENT PROCESSING CENTER, right here in your little old city, an office you all are already paying for , yet little king Donnie sends the work elsewhere.  Don’t ask me, ask him.

Now, why the holy hell would your mayor contract with a company in NEW FRIGGIN YORK to to what an office in your city hall is already supposed to do?  Why”  Adding insult to injury, I called the number on my “VIOLATION NOTCE” to ensure they got paid the paltry $21.00 and all I got was a message telling me they might get back to me in two working days.  Well, if this thing goes to warrant, I’l be doing time in your jail, three hots and a cot for a parking ticket, and guess what?  I’ll do the time.


FedEx Distribution, Elmsford NY, Petillo Inc. 2015-09-22

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How to Handle Your Elmsford, NY Traffic and Speeding Tickets

What you should do if you receive a traffic, speeding or cell phone ticket in Elmsford, NY?

The first thing that you must do if you receive a traffic ticket in the Elmsford Town Court is read the ticket carefully, and complete the "Not Guilty" section of the ticket and mail the ticket back to the Elmsford Village Court, 12 South Stone Avenue, Elmsford, NY 10523. By entering the not guilty plea quickly, you protect your driver's license from suspension or revocation.

DO NOT IGNORE your traffic ticket. Failing to answer or appear in court for the ticket may result in your driving privileges being suspended or revoked. Out-of-state licensed drivers can also have their privileges suspended both in New York and in their home State. It's even possible that you could be found guilty in your absence, thus preventing you from defending yourself.

This could end up costing you more than the fines and surcharges associated with the initial ticket as insurance premiums may increase for several years and you will be responsible for paying a mandatory $300.00 driver's assessment fee.

The good news is that all of these things can be avoided if you choose to fight your traffic/speeding ticket and hire the right defense lawyer.

If you have received a cell phone, speeding or other traffic ticket in Elmsford, New York you should call our proven Westchester County traffic ticket defense attorneys for a free consultation. Call us now at (914) 946-4808.

Can my lawyer really beat my cell phone ticket in the Elmsford Village Court?

Yes we can. In fact, we have a proven track record of successfully defending our clients in the Elmsford Village Court.

One recent example involved a client that had both a cell phone ticket (a 5 point violation!) and a ticket for moving from his lane unsafely (a 3 point violation).

In total, our client was facing 8 points (out of an allowable 12 points) against his license which would have resulted in hundreds of dollars in fines, surcharges and DMV fees.

Our experienced defense lawyers were prepared to fight the infractions at a trial. Ultimately, the matters were reduced from two moving violations to a single parking violation, resulting in zero points on the client's license and a minimal fine.

If you have received a cell phone ticket, speeding ticket or other traffic violation, it's in your best interests to contact Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP and learn how we can help you avoid unnecessary costs and points against your license.

In most cases, we can even make sure that your daily life is not impacted by helping you to avoid having to appear in court.

Call now for a free telephone consultation at (914) 946-4808.

Virtual tour of 96 Sears Avenue, Elmsford, NY

Elmsford Village Court

Court Closures: During inclement weather people are encouraged to call the Court to make sure that Court will be in session.

The Elmsford Village Court is a local Justice Court located in Westchester County, New York with jurisdiction over the following Penal Law, Vehicle and Traffic, Parking and Village Ordinances and both Small Claims and Civil Court (up to $3,000.00). The Clerk's window is open for payments and questions to 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday. The regular Court sessions are held on a Wednesday at 9:30 AM (you are expected to be prompt).

Click Here to Email Court Staff

To pay via your on-line bank account you will need to enter the following information:

Payee:          Village of Elmsford

                     15 South Stone Avenue

                     Elmsford, NY 10523

Payee is to be Village of Elmsford Justice Court also include your ticket number and license plate number.







Para pagar a través de su cuenta bancaria en línea tendrá que introducir la siguiente información:

Beneficiario: Village of Elmsford

                     15 So Stone Avenue

                     Elmsford, NY 10523

Beneficiario es ser pueblo de Justicia Tribunal Elmsford también incluye su número de ticket y el número de matrícula.


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