2004 f150 abs light on

2004 f150 abs light on DEFAULT


Your Ford F150’s ABS Light comes on when it fails a self diagnostic cycle.  When on, it indicates that the F150 does not have Anti-Lock brakes, and the safety they provide.

Your F150’s ABS system uses a system of sensors to determine wheel speed when braking.  If one of the wheels is starting to lock up, it’ll apply the maximum amount of brake to that wheel in order to keep it from sliding.

ABS Light Ford F150

Wheels that are turning will slow a vehicle faster than a locked wheel.  Skidding tires also create flat spots in the tire, which can be inconvenient and dangerous in itself.  ABS also allows you to be able to steer the vehicle while slowing down, and has been around for so long that many drivers have never driven a vehicle without it.


Is it Safe to Drive Your F150?

The ABS light is different than the brake warning light itself.  The brake light indicates that there is a problem with the physical braking system and that your F150 is unsafe to drive.

Yes, you can drive your F150 with the ABS light on.  Is it safe?  It’s not as safe, especially when it’s raining, snowing, or the road surface is loose/uneven.  That’s why we recommend having the ABS system fixed as soon as possible.


Ford F150 ABS Light On Causes

A good code scanner will often tell you which part of the ABS system has gone bad.  Not every OBDII scanner will give up this information.  A good one will.  Most auto parts stores will have a free scanning service that they would be happy to let you utilize.

Here are the three most common causes of the ABS light coming on:


1.  Wheel Speed Sensor

The wheel speed sensors are responsible for monitoring the wheel speed and sending it back to the computer system.  If one of the wheels is moving slower than the others it on its way to locking up.  The ABS then takes activates on that wheel in order to keep it from locking.

When this sensor is no longer sending a signal to your F150’s ABS system, it is no longer functioning properly and the ABS light will be activated on the dashboard.


2.  ABS Module

The antilock brake system runs through the ABS module.  This module physically controls the anti-lock brake system  If it becomes damaged, and can no longer control all four brakes, the ABS light will activate.  Typically, corrosion is the most common reason why the module fails.  

Ford F150 ABS Light On Diagnosis

3.  ABS Fluid Level

If the fluid level is too low to keep pressure in the ABS lines, the ABS light will come on.  Without the pressure the ABS will no longer be able to physically activate.



It is not advisable to ignore your Ford F150’s ABS light.  Most of the time, the wheel speed sensors are going to be what triggers it.  If there is anything you would like to add, please leave a comment below.  Good luck!



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How Do You Reset the Brake Warning Light on a Ford F-150?

By Staff WriterLast Updated April 9, 2020

Resetting the ABS brake warning light on a Ford requires setting the ignition switch to run, disconnecting the vehicle's power and allowing a system reset before reconnecting it. The other brake warning light is a low fluid, or low pressure, indicator that self-extinguishes with the problem's resolution.

When either break light illuminates, it indicates a problem with the braking system that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. A warning light could indicate a sensor problem, some fluid blockage, a fluid leak, a loose wire or a damaged brake component. Faulty brakes can cause a vehicle not to stop or skid when the brakes are applied.

To reset the ABS brake warning light, manually, the key needs to be in the ignition switch and turned forward to the run position, which is located directly before the start position. Loosen the negative cable connection on the battery post with a 10 millimeter box wrench, and remove it.

Leave the cable off for about five minutes to allow the system to reset before reattaching. This resets all of the vehicle's systems, including the clock. Reattach the cable, and tighten the clamp snugly. Check the instrument cluster to confirm the ABS light is extinguished.

Sours: https://www.reference.com/world-view/reset-brake-warning-light-ford-f-150-61f2a0cff93f5869
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How do you Reset the ABS Light on a Ford F150?

Here are the best DIY methods to reset the ABS light on your pickup. You can do all these steps at your home, just follow this step-by-step guide.

How do you Reset the ABS Light on a Ford F150? You can reset the ABS light on a Ford F150 by disconnecting the power supply, replace the light sensor, reset the module, and refill the brake fluid reservoir. You can use scan tools to read the error code and fix it.


It is called the antilock brake system light, and it is mostly present on the vehicle’s dashboard. When this light gets on, it is an indication that there is some problem in the vehicle.

It prevents the locking of the wheel when you suddenly push the brake pedal in an emergency.

Disconnect the power

In this method, you need to disconnect the power supply for some time. First of all, park the vehicle in a safe place.

Then wear rubber gloves for your safety. you will also require an ignition key, a wrench, and a socket.

After this, take the ignition key and put the ignition on the on position. Then you have to locate the battery and its negative terminal.

Open the hood of the vehicle and locate the terminal with black color or negative sign. Take a wrench and disconnect the clamp of the negative terminal from the battery.

Then wait for 5 to 10 minutes. After this, again connect the negative terminal clamp with the battery and attach the clamp’s nuts with the wires tightly. You can also change the starter of your truck to fix it.

Change the ABS light sensor

These sensors are the main component of this device. These sensors sense and measure the rotational speed of the wheels of the truck.

These sensors find out which wheel is going to lock and sends information to the engine control module.

The module then hinders or prohibits the wheel from getting locked. Sometimes faulty sensors are the main reason for the malfunctioning of the tools. So for this, we need to change the sensors.

Changing the sensor is a difficult task. First, raise the front of the vehicle with a jack stand and lose the wheels’ lug nuts.

Then pull the wheels away from the truck. Then locate the sensors which are usually present at the suspension of the vehicle.

Then take a ratchet to unbolt the sensors from their place. Take a long tool to reach the bolts properly.

After unscrewing all bolts, remove the sensor. Clean the sensors and check their wiring. When the wiring and sensors are worn out, then replace them with a new one (on Amazon). 

Screw the bolts again and put the wheel in its place, and tighten up the lug nuts.

Reset ABS module

Sometimes the fault in the ABS control module is the main culprit. To adjust this, you should reprogram it or replace the whole system.

If the control module gets corrode, and it causes difficulty in sensing the wheel speed or may cause a delay in data transfer to the central power unit.

To replace it, first, disconnect the terminals of the battery. Then disconnect the wires of the modules.

Here are two types of cables. One is connected to the central power module unit, and the other is connected to the sensor to transfer data from wheels to the control system.

Take a screwdriver to unplug these wires. Unbolt all the bolts that are holding the Controller module in the pump motor.

Now take the new control module, and it should be identical to the old one. Clean the new module with a clean cloth and place it in its respective location. Tighten up all the bolts carefully and again connect the connectors with the control module.

Refill brake fluid reservoir

When the brake fluid is low, it suffers from the issue, so you should also inspect the brake fluid reservoir.

Brake fluid is also called hydraulic fluid. It transforms the force into pressure to make the brakes work.

When they are low, the brake cannot work correctly, and the vehicle stops unexpectedly. Refilling and changing the fluid can solve the problem. To do this first, you should locate the reservoir.

Before start working, raise the vehicle and locate the master cylinder. Remove the cap of the cylinder and check the level of the fluid. You can install new mud flaps on your Ford F350.

When you feel it is too low, add the required amount of it in the cylinder. You can also replace it with new brake fluid.

First, withdraw all the fluid using a vacuum pump. Then add new and fresh fluid up to the mark. Again screw the cap on the cylinder. You should also replace the fuel filter on your truck on regular basis to prevent any further issues.

Use a scan tool

These gadgets can have faulty codes in the central unit, these can appear in the computer display when there is an error. First, turn off the daytime running lights on your truck.

On average, there are around 40 different codes that show these issues. By reading the fault code, you can know the actual cause of the problem.

Other types of code readers are available at the market. You can buy any of them to read the error.

Connect the scan tool to the computer system of the pickup. Then read the error code. There are half of the error codes related to wheel sensors issues, it can be solved by changing the front rotors on your pickup.

Why do you need to reset the ABS light on your truck?

This light serves as a diagnostic tool for various problems. When we start our vehicle in normal conditions, it turns on for a short time and then turns off.

When it remains on or does not gets on, it is an indicator of an issue. When there is a fault or has blown its fuse, it stops working.

It means that it can not warn us of the problems with the vehicle. It is so much risky to drive when these are not working.

To solve this problem, we need to adjust them correctly. Continuous and time-to-time maintenance of them are essential for both trucks and drivers.

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Ford ABS light stuck on, how to fix it?

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F150 light 2004 on abs

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ABS Light ON! Lets diagnose ABS module and fix problem.

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