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Adventure Time

Adventure Time features unlikely heroes Finn and Jake, buddies who traverse the mystical Land of Ooo and encounter its colorful inhabitants. The best of friends, our heroes always find themselves in the middle of heart-pounding escapades. Finn, a silly kid with an awesome hat and Jake, a brassy dog with a big kind heart, depend on each other through thick and thin.

Starring: Jeremy Shada, John Dimaggio, John DiMaggio


Unlikely heroes Finn and Jake are buddies who traverse the mystical Land of Ooo. The best of friends, our heroes always find themselves in the middle of escapades. Finn and Jake depend on each other through thick and thin.

Slumber Party Panic
1. Slumber Party Panic

Finn must keep his promise to Princess Bubblegum and cover up the zombie problem...

Trouble in Lumpy Space
2. Trouble in Lumpy Space

Finn and Jake try to go on a quest while protecting Tree Trunks.

Prisoners of Love
3. Prisoners of Love

The boys try to cool off but get trapped by the Ice King.

Tree Trunks
4. Tree Trunks

Finn and Jake must take charge after the businessmen they've outsourced some of ...

5. Enchiridion

Finn quests for a book that will make him a better hero.

The Jiggler
6. The Jiggler

Finn and Jake must figure out what's wrong with a creature.

Ricardio the Heart Guy
7. Ricardio the Heart Guy

Finn becomes jealous of Princes Bubblegum's new suitor.

Business Time
8. Business Time

Finn and Jake must travel to a far-off land to stop Jake from becoming permanent...

My Two Favorite People
9. My Two Favorite People

Jake tries to broker peace between Rainicorn and Finn.

Memories of Boom Boom Mountain
10. Memories of Boom Boom Mountain

Finn gets caught up in trying to make everyone happy.

11. Wizard

Finn single-mindedly pursues the powers an old wizard offers him, until he learn...

12. Evicted!

Marceline shows up and informs that the tree fort was once hers and she wants it...

City of Thieves
13. City of Thieves

Finn tries not to be corrupted by the City of Thieves.

The Witch's Garden
14. The Witch's Garden

Jake loses his powers to a witch.

What Is Life?
15. What Is Life?

In his attempt to out-prank Jake, Finn inadvertently creates the Ice King's son.

Ocean of Fear
16. Ocean of Fear

Finn faces his biggest challenge yet, overcoming his fear of water.

When Wedding Bells Thaw
17. When Wedding Bells Thaw

Finn must help plan the Ice King's bachelor party.

18. Dungeon

Finn tries to conquer a dungeon without Jake's help.

The Duke
19. The Duke

Finn goes to great lengths to catch the evil Duke of Nuts, only to discover he's...

Freak City
20. Freak City

A magical man turns Finn into a foot. They meet others who have been similarly w...

21. Donny

In an attempt to save a village, Finn and Jake rehabilitate Donny the Ogre, who'...

22. Henchman

While trying to rescue a helpless stranger, Finn becomes Marceline's slave.

Rainy Day Daydream
23. Rainy Day Daydream

Jake's imagination runs wild and Finn has to stop it before it kills them.

What Have You Done?
24. What Have You Done?

Finn and Jake befriend the Ice King in an attempt to save the ice cream people.

Finn Meets His Hero
25. Finn Meets His Hero

Finn meets his adventuring role model, only to learn he's become a wuss in his o...

Gut Grinder
26. Gut Grinder

Finn and Jake chase a mysterious villain who's been stealing gold from helpless ...

It Came From the Nightosphere

Against Marceline's wishes, Finn conjures her father, the Lord of Evil, and attempts to reconcile their rocky relationship. But when the Lord of Evil discovers his daughter has turned the family axe into a bass guitar, he takes it from her and starts sucking up all the souls in Ooo! Finn must find a way to stop the Lord of Evil and get Marceline's guitar back.

The Eyes

One night, an exhausted Finn and Jake are creeped out by an odd-looking horse that mysteriously appears outside the treehouse and keeps them awake. They try everything they can think of to get rid of the freaky horse, but nothing seems to work.

Loyalty to the King

There's a new "Nice King" in Ooo, and he looks kinda like someone else we know.

Blood Under the Skin

Finn goes on an embarrassing quest to get armor to fit in with some really cool knights.


When Jake becomes sick, the only thing that can cure him is a good story, so he asks Finn to go out and find one. The story must have excitement, romance, suspense and, of course, a happy ending. When nothing interesting happens, Finn tries to make the story happen, accidentally turning the forest animals against each other and him!

Slow Love

A lonely snail lookin' for love literally crashes into the treehouse and asks Finn and Jake for help. Now, our heroes must teach this snail how to get a girlfriend before he destroys their home!

Power Animal

Finn is kidnapped by a group of gnomes, who want to harness his energy to take over the world. Only Jake can save his best friend if he can just focus long enough to follow the obvious clues and rescue Finn.

Crystals Have Power

Jake takes a vow of non-violence, which is inconvenient when they're attacked by marauders from the crystal dimension.

The Other Tarts

Finn and Jake volunteer for a dangerous assignment: currying rare tarts for a meeting of Ooo royalty.

To Cut a Woman's Hair

Finn needs to find a princess willing to give up a lock of her hair to save Jake from a balding witch.

The Chamber of Frozen Blades

In Ninja-mode, Finn and Jake break into Ice King's palace to catch him red-handed.

Her Parents

Jake pretends to be a rainicorn in order to make Lady's parents like him.

The Pods

Finn and Jake must sort out the good magic beans from the bad.

The Silent King

Finn and Jake get to live like royalty, but soon fine the easy life doesn't suit them. Or at least not Finn.

The Real You

Finn has to give a speech at Princess Bubblegum's science barbecue and seeks out a quick fix to make himself smarter.

Guardians of Sunshine

Finn and Jake go into BMO to defeat an evil Big Boss.

Death in Bloom

Finn and Jake are terrible house sitters and have to go on a quest to replace Princess Bubblegum's rare flower.

Susan Strong

Finn and Jake meet some humans living underground. Except, they find the Candy People irresistible.

Mystery Train

Finn and Jake get wrapped up in a high speed whodunit!

Go With Me

Finn needs to date to the movies and must balance the contrasting advice of Jake and Marceline in wooing Princess Bubblegum so he can see that flick!

Belly of the Beast

In order to cure the stomach ache of a giant, Finn and Jake must break up a party happening in his belly.

The Limit

Finn and Jake must risk it all to see all their dreams come true at the center of a magic wish-granting maze.

Video Makers

Finn and Jake have creative differences while making the best home movie ever!

Mortal Folly

Finn and Jake hunt down the evil Lich King while the Ice King pesters them for their approval to date Princess Bubblegum.

Mortal Recoil

Doctor Princess brings Princess Bubblegum back from the brink of death, but is she really herself?

Heat Signature

Marceline messes with Finn and Jake and tells them they're vampires, but maybe this joke has gone too far.

Conquest of Cuteness

King Snuggadoodle and the Huggaboopies invade Finn and Jake's tree house.

Morituri Te Salutamus

Finn and Jake are trapped in the arena of the Fight King and must face gladiators to set themselves free.

Memory of a Memory

To save Marceline from a sleep spell, Finn and Jake must enter her mind and find the wake spell deep inside her memory.


The Ice King tries to win Princess Bubblegum over with his love potion.

Too Young

Princess Bubblegum's uncle attempts to usurp Ooo's throne.

The Monster

Lumpy Space Princess's parents have come to ask Finn and Jake to find their daughter and convince her to come home.


Finn and Jake find themselves paralyzed from the neck down and at the Ice King's mercy!

Wizard Battle

Every couple hundred of years or so, all the wizards in Ooo assemble for Wizard Sport, a fantastic, wizards-only battle royale.

Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake

It's a parallel universe where we explore the adventures of Fiona and Cake from the land of Aaa!

What Was Missing

Finn and Jake do battle with a powerful door lord.

Apple Thief

Finn and Jake are feeling peckish and only one thing can satisfy their hunger: Tree Trunks' world-famous apple pie!

The Creeps

Finn and Jake receive an invitation to a masquerade dinner banquet from Count Creepystein.

From Bad to Worse

A zombie epidemic strikes in Ooo and it's Princess Bubblegum's fault.


Susan Strong returns to tell Finn and Jake that her world is in danger!

No One Can Hear You

Where are the citizens of Ooo?

Jake vs. Me-Mow

Finn and Jake grapple with a tiny feline assassin.

Thank You

The Snow Golem and his beseeching pup pay a visit to the Fire Kingdom.

The New Frontier

When Jake has a dream that predicts when his last days are, Finn intervenes when the events of the dream start to actually happen.

Holly Jolly Secrets Part 1

Finn and Jake continue to explore the world of old Christmas specials while the Ice King fumes.

Holly Jolly Secrets Part 2

Finn and Jake continue to explore the world of old Christmas specials while the Ice King fumes.

Marceline's Closet

Finn and Jake spend a nerve-wracking afternoon trapped in Marceline's closet.

Paper Pete

The pages of the books in the Ooo library turn to Finn and Jake for help before the evil Moldari destroy them.

Another Way

The tears of a crying Cyclops just might heal Finn and Jake's broken toes.

Ghost Princess

Finn and Jake try to solve Ghost Princess' unsolved murder.

Dad's Dungeon

Jake's Dad appears in a holographic message with a mysterious challenge for Finn and Jake.


Jake sets Finn up with the Flame Princess with fiery results.

Hot to the Touch

Finn goes on a quest to prove Flame Princess isn't really evil.

Five Short Graybles

A series of short stories all centered around the five senses, hosted by Pen Ward himself.

Web Weirdos

When Finn gets trapped in a giant spider web, he ends up playing marriage counselor to a couple of grumpy arachnids.

Dream of Love

Tree Trunks is courted by an oinking suitor, but much to Jake's dismay, this interferes with her baking habits.

In Your Footsteps

A bear befriends Finn and Jake, but what are his true intentions?

Hug Wolf

After an encounter with a Hug Wolf, Finn goes through a Jekyll and Hyde-like transformation becoming a hug-wolf himself!

Princess Monster Wife

When Ooo's princesses start losing body parts left and right, Finn and Jake investigate.


Princess Bubblegum, concerned over her mortality, reveals her designated successor to Finn and Jake but he still has a lot to learn.

Return to the Nightosphere

Marceline's dad banishes Finn and Jake to the Nightosphere, and it stinks. Literally.

Beyond This Earthly Realm

When Finn finds a porcelain lamb, it transports him into the spirit world and only the Ice King can help get him out!

Daddy's Little Monster

Finn and Jake return to the Nightosphere to rescue Marceline and get to the bottom of what's making her act so crazy.


In order to do research for her tell-all memoir about men, Lumpy Space Princess goes undercover working for Finn and Jake.

Card Wars

Finn and Jake embark on an epic game of Card Quest.

Princess Cookie

Finn and Jake are called on to solve a Candy Kingdom hostage crisis when a rogue cookie takes over.

Sons of Mars

A case of Martian mistaken identity comes to Ooo when Magic Man turns Jake into a copy of himself.

Burning Low

Finn starts spending a lot of time with Flame Princess. Is Princess Bubblegum jealous?

BMO Noire

When Finn thinks he's lost a sock, BMO is covertly on the case.

King Worm

Finn has a particularly vivid dream, and all of Ooo is in it or does he?

Lady & Peebles

Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn go on a quest to find Finn and Jake who are missing after fighting the Ice King.

You Made Me

When a creepy sleep-peeping Lemongrab upsets Princess Bubblegum with his creepy ways, Finn and Jake need to tend to some issues in the Outer Realm.

Who Would Win

Finn and Jake challenge a giant monster, the Farm, to a fight but they end up fighting each other!

Ignition Point

When Finn and Jake sneak into the Fire Kingdom, they get caught in the middle of a Flame family feud.

The Hard Easy

A delicate race of frog people employ Finn and Jake to help them deal with Prince Huge, an evil lizard creature who's ravaging the moss swamp.

Reign of Gunters

The Gunters go on a rampage against the Ice King and the citizens of Ooo!

I Remember You

Ice King and Marceline share a tender and revealing few moments reminiscing.

The Lich

A visit from the Lich King shines some light on some of Ooo's secrets.

Finn the Human

After chasing the Lich through the portal, Finn and Jake meet a wishmaster named Prismo.

Jake the Dog

Jake and Prismo watch from the portal as the Ice King's crown makes Finn more and more powerful.

Five More Short Graybles

Finn and Jake stick their thumbs in everything. Marceline tries to find her way to Wizard Bill's Music Shop. Ice King gets a new bride.

Up a Tree

Finn and Jake are playing catch when Finn accidentally tosses their throwing disc into a gigantic tree.

All the Little People

Magic Man secretly slips Finn a bag filled with miniature versions of Finn and all his friends.

Jake the Dad

Jake's a daddy, but being a father and keeping his rainicorn pups from killing themselves or each other is a lot harder than he imagined.


Finn can't go anywhere without folks stopping to thank him for being a hero.

Mystery Dungeon

Ice King, NEPTR, Tree Trunks, Shelby and Lemongrab are trapped inside a mysterious dungeon and must work together to free themselves.

All Your Fault

Princess Bubblegum sends Finn and Jake to investigate a message of distress from the Earls of Lemongrab.

Little Dude

While Finn and Jake go swimming, Finn's hat magically comes to life!

Bad Little Boy

The princesses are sick and tired of Ice King's crazy Fionna & Cake stories, so Marceline stops by the Ice Kingdom to show him how it's done.

Vault of Bones

Finn's worried Flame Princess still has evil tendencies in her and wants to shift her alignment to good.

The Great Bird Man

Finn and Jake get lost in the badlands and are saved by Xergiok, ex-Goblin King who now lives in cave.

Simon & Marcy

A look at what Ice King and Marceline were like 996 years ago.

A Glitch Is a Glitch

Ice King creates a computer virus to delete everybody except him and Princess Bubblegum.


Stuck inside the treehouse during a sword storm, Jake builds a pillow fort while Finn goes to a different world.

BMO Lost

BMO gets snatched away by a giant eagle and must find his way home.

Princess Potluck

Ice King gets super jealous when he finds out that he wasn't invited to the Princess Potluck.

James Baxter the Horse

Finn and Jake meet a horse with the power to make sad people happy.


Finn and Jake hold a contest to see who can last longer without talking.

The Suitor

Peppermint Butler thinks Princess Bubblegum is spending too much time in her lab and decides she needs a suitor.

The Party's Over, Isla de Senorita

His kidnapping scheme foiled again for like the millionth time, Ice King decides he's had enough.

One Last Job

Jake Jr. gets mixed up with some bad eggs and Jake has to reunite with his old gang for one last job to save him.

Another Five More Short Graybles

Why are Finn and Jake building a time machine? Can Princess Bubblegum help Cinnamon Bun conquer his fear of the dark?

Candy Streets

Lumpy Space Princess is robbed and faints before she can tell Finn and Jake who robbed her.

Wizards Only, Fools

Princess Bubblegum believes magic is nothing but a bunch of hooey. When Starchy gets sick and asks her to use magic to cure him, she asks Finn and Jake to help her sneak into Wizard City to get a cold spell.


Jake is sick and tired of Finn using his body as a suit of armor so he convinces Finn to trade places to show him how much it really stinks.

Be More

Finn and Jake disguise themselves as MOs in order to infiltrate the MO factory in hopes of saving BMO from malfunctioning.

Sky Witch

Marceline is on a top-secret mission tracking Maja the Sky Witch. When she loses the witch’s trail, Marceline turns to Princess Bubblegum for help.

Frost & Fire

After Flame Princess battles Ice King, Finn has an exciting dream. But when it abruptly ends, Finn must get Flame Princess and Ice King to fight again to find out how it ends.

Too Old

Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum discover a talented mutant named Lemonsqueak at the Pageant of Mutants. Now, they must find a way to free him from the Lemongrabs.

Earth & Water

Princess Bubblegum subjects Flame Princess to a series of tests to gauge Flame Princess’s fiery tendencies. When there’s an emergency at the treehouse and Princess Bubblegum leaves Cinnamon Bun to watch Flame Princess, her experiment might literally backfire in her face.

Time Sandwich

Jake crafts the most delicious sandwich ever, but when Magic Man steals it, Finn must defy the laws of space and time to win back Jake’s creation.

The Vault

When Finn starts sleepwalking and dreaming about the Green Lady he filed away in his memory vault, Jake and BMO help him tap into his repressed memories to uncover a secret past.

Love Games

Slime Princess needs a husband or else she'll lose the Slime Kingdom to her obnoxious sis. Finn steps in to save the day but first they will need to win a series of love games to prove to Slime Princess's dad that they are really in love.

Dungeon Train

Finn and Jake discover a train where every car is a dungeon filled with a new foe for Finn to fight. Jake gets bored and wants to leave, but Finn is having the best time and doesn't want to leave ever!

The Box Prince

Finn meets the Box Prince and discovers the Box Kingdom has been taken over by an imposter. Now, Finn must help the real Box Prince reclaim his rightful throne.

Red Starved

Finn, Jake and Marceline are trapped in an underground cavern with no red in sight. If Marceline doesn't feed, she will turn into a vampiric beast and suck out all of Jake's blood! Finn heads off to explore the cave and find something red to satiate her until they can be rescued.

We Fixed a Truck

Finn finds an old truck, and Jake calls Banana Man to help with the repairs. When BMO stays up all night working on the truck, he hears on a spooky radio talk show that Princess Bubblegum is a reptilian replicant.

Play Date

Sick and tired of babysitting Ice King while the Ice Kingdom is being rebuilt, Finn and Jake call up an old friend to hang out with their annoying houseguest, Abracadaniel.

The Pit

Kee-Oth the Blood Demon has kidnapped Jake, taken him back to his dimension and thrown him in a pit. If Finn wants to rescue his friend, he's going to need Lady Rainicorn's help and a videotape that will reveal how to open the portal to Kee-Oth's dimension.


Finn and Jake are excited when Princess Bubblegum invites them to help her collect samples in the Desert of Wonders. But when their vessel is attacked by nasty goo monsters, Finn and Jake start to think the mission has been sabotaged by Princess Bubblegum's robot helper James.

Root Beer Guy

Root Beer Guy works a boring job during the day and tries to write mystery stories at night. But his life is about to change when he witnesses Finn and Jake kidnapping Princess Bubblegum!

Apple Wedding

You are cordially invited to the wedding of the year! But who will be united in matrimony?

Blade of Grass

Finn and Jake decide it's time for Finn to get a new sword. Finn reluctantly buys a grass sword from a mysterious old man but the sword turns out to be cursed.


Finn practices his sword fighting skills at the candy junkyard, where he meets an old gumball robot named Rattleballs. To Finn's shock, he finds out he's not the master swordsman he thinks he is.

The Red Throne

When Flame King breaks out of his prison and takes over the Flame Kingdom again, Flame Princess turns to the one person she believes she can trust, Finn!


In Wizard City, a magic spell backfires and turns Ice King back into Simon.

Bad Timing

Love is in the air when Lumpy Space Princess reconnects with an old classmate, but will her jealousy get in the way of finding true love?

Lemonhope Part 1

Tired of all of Princess Bubblegum's talk about responsibility, Lemonhope yearns for true freedom. So he sets off on the greatest adventure of his lemony life.

Lemonhope Part 2

Though Lemonhope finds refuge from the desert with monster hunter Phlannel Boxingday, he might not be able to escape the ghosts of his past.

Billy's Bucket List

Finn finds the hero Billy's bucket list and decides to complete the unfinished items as a final tribute.

Wake Up

In order to find Finn's father, Finn and Jame must commit a cosmic crime unless the Lich beats them to it.

Escape from the Citadel

Finn and Jake follow the Lich of the Citadel, where Finn meets his long lost dad. But just how far does the apple fall from the tree?

James II

Finn and Jake discover Clone James has been faking his own death to collect medals. But there are 25 Jameses running amok!

The Tower

Finn doesn't like any of the new arms the princesses give him so he builds a tower into space to find his dad and get his old arm back.

Sad Face

Once a month, while Jake's asleep, his tail stretches out of the treehouse to go work as a clown in a traveling bug circus.


With a friendly bee named Breezy as his wingman, Finn decides to get back into the dating game.

Food Chain

On a field trip to the Candy Kingdom Museum of Natural History, Finn and Jake learn about the food chain by becoming the food chain!

Furniture & Meat

Big money problems send Finn and Jake to Wildberry Kingdom.

The Prince Who Wanted Everything

The beautiful and sensitive Lumpy Space Prince flees his cruel parents to start a new life.

Something Big

Princess Bubblegum must rally her forces when the Candy Kingdom is rocked by a massive assault.

Little Brother

Shelby is thrust into a new role after a party-related accident.


Fed up with Jake's antics, his son Kim Kil Whan takes action.

Thanks for the Crabapples, Guiseppe

Ice King and a band of misfit wizards go on a mystical road trip.

Princess Day

It's Princess Day in Ooo! You know what that means? Lumpy Space Princess and Marceline team up to prank Breakfast Princess!


A shadowy figure named Peace Master targets the Candy Kingdom elite.

Joshua & Margaret Investigations

Finn and Jake's parents hunt an unearthly menace in the woods.

Ghost Fly

Jake and the tree house are haunted by a vengeful spectre.

Everything's Jake

Jake finds himself transported to a world both alien and familiar.

Is That You?

After a memorial for a fallen ally, Jake starts acting very strange.

Jake the Brick

Jake sets out to fulfill a bizarre lifelong ambition.


Finn's aching tooth leaves him with no other option but to go to the dentist.

The Cooler

When the Fire Kingdom is struck by a natural disaster, Flame Princess turns to an unlikely ally.

The Pajama War

A Candy Kingdom slumber party devolves into panic when Finn and Princess Bubblegum vanish.


In a distant age, the wizard Evergreen quests to save the world.

Astral Plane

Finn has an out-of-body experience that takes him all over Ooo and beyond.

Gold Stars

Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig's child, Sweet P, runs into trouble on his first day of school.

The Visitor

A vision leads Finn to a friendly civilization and a mysterious crash site.

The Mountain

Lemongrab and Finn go on a journey of discovery through the Mountain of Matthew.

Dark Purple

Susan Strong and her allies infiltrate the mysterious Super Porp factory.

The Diary

Jake's son TV discovers a lost diary and sets out to solve a decades-old mystery.

Walnuts & Rain

Finn & Jake stumble into two different holes and meet two different fates.

Friends Forever

Ice King plots to form a perfect circle of confidants.


After a chilling dream encounter, Finn & Jake are determined to reconnect with their reclusive brother.

Chips & Ice Cream

BMO's favorite entertainers unexpectedly find a new home at the tree house.

Graybles 1000+

Marooned on an alien world, Cuber must rely on his bag of Graybles to survive.


A charismatic stranger in Finn's dream leads Cosmic Owl to shirk his duties.

Water Park Prank

After rescuing Princess Orangutan from Daddy-sad-heads, Finn and Jake head to a post-apocalyptic water park for a day of fun.

You Forgot Your Floaties

Finn and Jake storm Magic Man's house to rescue his new apprentice.

Be Sweet

A fed up Lumpy pace Princess leaves the woods for a glamorous career in babysitting.


After a walrus race accident, Gunther starts to experience strange visions.

On the Lam

Finn's dad Martin the Human fights for freedom on a strange new planet!

Hot Diggity Doom

It's election day in the Candy Kingdom but Princess Bubblegum's attention is diverted by a mysterious presence in the sky.

The Comet

Finn, Jake and Orgalorg converge with the comet and meet their destiny.

Bonnie & Neddy

Finn and Jake, acting on orders from Candy Kingdom's new ruler Princess King of Ooo, stumble upon one of the kingdom's greatest secrets.


Bubblegum teams up with Marceline to face a threat to her homestead's citizens.

Cherry Cream Soda

With the arrival of an impossible visitor, Cherry Cream Soda's life is thrown into disarray.

Mama Said

When King of Ooo sends Finn and Jake on a mission to catch flying mushrooms, they find their loyalty tested.


Football and BMO strike a bargain that may prove too difficult for one of them to keep.

Stakes Part 1: Marceline the Vampire Queen

Finn & Jake hunt for a shadowy predator and Marceline asks Princess Bubblegum for a huge favor.

Stakes Part 2: Everything Stays

As the sun rises on her last day, Marceline recalls her long extraordinary life.

Stakes Part 3: Vamps About

Five foes from Marceline’s past come back to cause trouble for the Land of Ooo.

Stakes Part 4: Empress Eyes

When one of her oldest adversaries targets the Ice Kingdom, Marceline rushes to Simon’s rescue.

Stakes Part 5: May I Come In?

Finn, Jake, Marceline, and PB set out to hunt down the Vamps. But who is hunting them?

Stakes Part 6: Take Her Back

While Princess Bubblegum searches for a cure for Marceline, Finn & Jake take on one of the Vamps themselves.

Stakes Part 7: Checkmate

On the eve of battle, Marceline’s archenemy comes to her with a strange proposal.

Stakes Part 8: The Dark Cloud

The final confrontation! Who will survive?

The More You Moe, The Moe You Know

Moe visits the tree house with a special birthday surprise for BMO.

Summer Showers

Jake’s daughter Viola is up for a role in a play by a hot new director, Lumpy Space Princess.

Angel Face

BMO ropes his friends into a live action cowboy role-playing adventure!

President Porpoise Is Missing

Finn and Jake must find President Porpoise before Vice President Blowfish takes over! It's chaos under the sea!

Blank Eyed Girl

One very spooky night, Finn and Jake come face-to-face with an urban myth.

Bad Jubies

There’s a catastrophic storm headed for the Grasslands so Finn, LSP and BMO decide to build a bunker for protection, but Jake has plans of his own.

A King's Ransom

Ice King suffers a heartbreaking loss and it's up to Finn and Jake to find the culprit.


Finn takes a group of at-risk Candy Kingdom youth on a camping trip they’ll never forget.


Prismo needs Finn and Jake’s help to stop a catastrophic event from happening somewhere in the multiverse.

Hall of Egress

Trapped and alone, Finn must unravel the riddle of the weird cave with no exit.

Flute Spell

Jake learns that Finn’s been having clandestine meetings with a powerful wizard. But what are they up to?

The Thin Yellow Line

Finn and Jake infiltrate the Banana Guard ranks and stumble upon a conspiracy.

Broke His Crown

When Ice King’s magic crown goes haywire, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum resort to extreme measures to help him.

Don't Look

At the top of Dead Mountain, Finn discovers a treasure that comes with a terrible price.

Beyond the Grotto

In pursuit of a runaway Sea Lard, Finn and Jake are led down a whirlpool to a curious new land.

Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension

Jake's son TV finds a hidden box and draws the attention of a super cool Rainicorn named Lee.

I Am a Sword

Finn starts having guilt nightmares about his missing Finn Sword but are the nightmares real?

Bun Bun

Finn brings a special delivery for Cinnamon Bun to the Fire Kingdom but it may come with a dangerous cost.

Normal Man

Stripped of his magic powers, Normal Man enlists Finn and Jake's help to rescue his brother Glob.


Ice King discovers something buried deep beneath the Ice Kingdom that could change Ooo forever.

Five Short Tables

Fionna and Cake go on a cooking adventure to push Cake's art to an all-new level.

The Music Hole

While judging the hugest Battle of the Bands in the history of Ooo, Finn hears a mysterious new song.

Daddy-Daughter Card Wars

To put his embarrassing past behind him, Jake needs his daughter Charlie’s help to win an underground Card Wars tourney.


During an excavation of human artifacts, Finn, Jake and Susan Strong are greeted by a mysterious new stranger who may hold the key to the past.


Finn and Jake must take on one of the fiercest enemies they’ve ever faced when a powerful ally goes rogue.

Two Swords

Finn and Jake contend with a mysterious, but familiar, new being.

Do No Harm

Finn makes amends at the Candy Hospital while Jake tries to connect with their unexpected houseguest.


Kim Kil Whan is worried about his daughter's future and asks Jake for some parental advice.

High Strangeness

An otherworldly encounter puts Tree Trunks on the trail of a conspiracy in the Candy Kingdom.

Horse and Ball

When disaster befalls James Baxter, it’s up to Finn and Jake to help him pick up the pieces.

Jelly Beans Have Power

Princess Bubblegum's scientific mind must wrestle with her Elemental magic potential when she's faced with a Crystal Entity.

Islands Part 1: The Invitation

A mysterious craft invades Ooo and Finn believes it may hold the secrets to his past.

Islands Part 2: Whipple the Happy Dragon

Finn, Jake, and Susan set sail on a ocean voyage full of wonders and danger.

Islands Part 3: Mysterious Island

After waking up alone and shipwrecked, Finn investigates a bizarre island in search of his friends.

Islands Part 4: Imaginary Resources

Finn and Jake travel to a land where reality has been redesigned and improved.

Islands Part 5: Hide and Seek

While exploring some futuristic ruins, Susan sees glimpses of a familiar girl.

Islands Part 6: Min & Marty

An unexpected revelation from Susan leads Finn closer to answers about his past.

Islands Part 7: Helpers

Finn and his friends journey to a last refuge called Founders Island.

Islands Part 8: The Light Cloud

Finn confronts the power behind Founders Island, but will he ever return home to Ooo?


The dreams of Finn, Jake, and BMO fall under the influence of a mysterious orb.

Elements Part 1: Skyhooks

Upon returning to Ooo, Finn and Jake discover that there have been some radical changes in their absence.

Elements Part 2: Bespoken For

Ice King weaves a tale filled with drama, romance, and men’s fashion.

Elements Part 3: Winter Light

Finn, Jake, and Ice King travel to the new Ice Kingdom to confront the person responsible for turning everything topsy-turvy.

Elements Part 4: Cloudy

Before they can restore Ooo, Finn and Jake will have to escape exile in an endless sky.

Elements Part 5: Slime Central

Finn and Jake infiltrate the new Slime Kingdom and are drawn into a heated skate battle.

Elements Part 6: Happy Warrior

One step closer to success, Finn and his friends fight through a new, more brutal, Fire Kingdom to find Flame Princess.

Elements Part 7: Hero Heart

A full-scale war has broken out between two kingdoms and it's up to Ooo's most unlikely hero to stop it!

Elements Part 8: Skyhooks II

With time running out, Finn and Lumpy Space Princess work together to unlock one of Ooo's greatest secrets.


As Jake goes through some personal changes, he's haunted by a sinister dream encounter with his brother Jermaine.


BMO and Marceline swap stories about their recent adventures.

Fionna and Cake and Fionna

An unexpected critic shows up at Ice King’s latest Fionna and Cake book reading.


While safeguarding a frightened Sweet P, Finn is led into a confrontation with an old foe.

Three Buckets

Finn and Fern’s carefree visit to some old ruins turns disastrous.

The Wild Hunt

A fierce creature is terrorizing the Candy Kingdom but before Finn can slay the beast, he must first overcome a guilty conscience.

Always BMO Closing

BMO and Ice King hit the road as door to door salesmen and stumble upon an irresistible opportunity.

Son of Rap Bear

When Flame Princess is coaxed into a high stakes battle against the indomitable Son of Rap Bear, Finn must help her search for a new strategy.

Bonnibel Bubblegum

A long lost artifact causes Princess Bubblegum to harken back to the creation of the Candy Kingdom.


A mysterious knight crashes Finn’s birthday bash and presents him with a dangerous gift.

Ring of Fire

When an old flame comes calling on urgent business, Tree Trunks reconsiders both her wild past and her tranquil present.

Marcy & Hunson

Hunson Abadeer returns to Ooo to bond with his daughter Marceline, but will he be able to prove that he’s changed his soul-sucking ways?

The First Investigation

Finn and Jake are tasked with investigating reports of a haunting at Joshua and Margaret’s old office.


Finn's latest literary work is met with only derision so he sets out to prove all the naysayers wrong.

Temple of Mars

Searching for answers on Mars, Finn and Jermaine discover that they must first survive a cunning Martian mental trap.

Jake the Starchild

In order to fulfill his grand destiny, Jake is spirited away by a strangely familiar shape-shifting alien.


Finn and Jake, as ambassadors of the Candy Kingdom, travel to a powerful new city-state in a last ditch effort to stave off war.

The Ultimate Adventure: Come Along with Me

The fate of Ooo is revealed to two adventurers in the distant future. Princess Bubblegum gathers her allies while Finn searches for a way to prevent the coming Great Gum War.

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Where to watch Adventure Time: stream every season online


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By Sarah James

This Cartoon Network show is a winner for the whole family

Adventure Time is a fantasy and comedy animated series that originally aired on Cartoon Network. Read on to learn about the show and how to watch Adventure Time in your country.  

How to watch Adventure Time online

Air dates: 2010–2018 

Total seasons: 10 (283 episodes), plus the hour-long specials Adventure Time: Distant Lands (4 episodes)  

Creators: Pendleton Ward 

Cast: Jeremy Shada, John DiMaggio, Niki Yang, Hynden Walch, Olivia Olson, Tom Kenny 

Streaming options: HBO Max (US)| Sky Go (UK) | Binge (AUS)

The show follows Finn the Human and Jake the Dog on their adventures battling evil forces in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo. Finn and Jake’s adventures often require them to save Princess Bubblegum from being kidnapped by the Ice King or to team up with the thousand-year-old vampire queen (and rocking bassist) Marceline. 

During the show’s initial ten-season run, Adventure Time gathered a huge following among kids and adults alike for its unique humor, complex stories, and lovable characters. The series was so beloved that it was brought back for four hour-long specials called Adventure Time: Distant Lands and are also available to stream on HBO Max

In this article, we’ll look at how to watch Adventure Time in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada, as well as recommend other great shows streaming on HBO Max. 

How to watch Adventure Time online in the US 

How to watch Adventure Time online: stream seasons 1-10 in the UK

How to stream Adventure Time and watch every season online in Canada

Bad news, Canadians: Adventure Time is not currently available for streaming in Canada. If you’re willing to pay, however, you can purchase the show for on-demand viewing from the Google Play, Microsoft, or iTunes stores.  

How to watch Adventure Time: stream every season online in Australia

Sarah James is a freelance video game writer with bylines at PC Gamer, TechRadar, Official PlayStation Magazine, PCGamesN, Kotaku UK, RockPaperShotgun, GamesRadar, Red Bull Gaming, GAMINGbible, and more.

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