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DIY Paw Print Projects

Capture your pet’s unique paw print to create a meaningful keepsake with one of these three super simple DIY projects.

Pet-Safe Ink Print


Create a work of art with your pet’s paw prints using a non-toxic dye. Mix one package of Kool-Aid with only just enough water to make a Kool-Aid paste. If it gets too watery, you won’t be able to adhere it evenly to your dog’s paw. Spread the paste across a solid surface, and dip your dog’s pad into the dye. Alternatively, if you have a patient dog, use a paint brush to coat his paw evenly with the dye mixture. Once his paw is coated, press it onto a canvas or sheet of paper—just be sure to avoid any glossy-textured papers or else the Kool-Aid paste will smear. Use this technique to create an abstract print with multiple overlapping paws, or do a single paw print and embellish with your pet’s picture or name. Allow it to dry completely before framing or hanging. Use a pet-safe grooming wipe to remove the Kool-Aid, though if your dog does lick a bit of it, it’s perfectly safe.

Trace and Color


For a fun, kid-friendly project, have your child trace her foot on a large sheet of paper. Then, lure your dog next to your kiddo’s footprint and help her trace your dog’s paw print on the same sheet. Let her decorate the side-by-side footprint and paw print with age-appropriate art supplies. Repeat this exercise annually to track your child’s growth alongside her furry best friend.

Dough Paw Print


In a large bowl, mix one cup of flour with one cup of salt. Add a half cup of water and knead until you have a large, smooth ball. On a piece of wax paper, press the dough into your desired shape—use cookie cutters to create a heart or a round circle, or use Christmas shapes if you’d like this to become an ornament. Set the shaped dough on the wax paper onto the floor, and gently but firmly press your dog’s paw into the dough. If you’d like to turn the print into an ornament or a wall hanging, use a straw to create a hole at the top of the dough. Then, bake the print at 200-degrees Fahrenheit for two to three hours. Overcooking can cause it to crack, so check regularly and remove from the oven as soon as it’s dry. Optional variation: Add food coloring to the water prior to kneading to create a colorful ornament.

Meet the Author: Maggie Marton

Maggie is a writer and author, whose first book, Clicker Dog Training: The Better Path to a Well-Behaved Pup was published by Open Air Publishing. When she's not writing (or reading books about grammar), she teaches writing courses to college students and professionals who want to nail down the basics of communication. Outside of work, she hikes, throws dinner parties, plays with her three dogs and cat, and travels as much as possible.


DIY Craft - Paw Print Wall Art

A fresh and modern studio space has been in the works at my apartment, and I am happy to say that everything is starting to fall into place, slowly but beautifully. I have been taking my time and trying not to rush the process too much because I want to ensure that the end result looks fantastic and feels cheerful and cozy. Even though I would love nothing more than to do a little Bewitched nose wiggle and have the entire room polished up and magazine ready! Who wouldn’t though, right?

I’ve turned to lots of other blogs and magazine features for inspiration and have fallen in love with so many of them. Of course I want to be “in” with the current trends, but for me, it’s also important that the items in my new workspace have meaning, memories, and represent who I am and who my little family is as well. The space can’t all be one big clone of a room found on Pinterest! So my dog, Coco Bean, and I had a little painting party and designed some of our own custom prints for the walls. I’m thrilled to share our project with you today. Let’s get started!


• Paper of your choice (I recommend a thicker weight)

• Paintbrush

• Non-toxic washable paint (I used Martha Stewart’s Craft Paint)

• Fine tip ink pen

• Frame

• And, of course, your dog!

Handy Prepping Tips

Paint and dogs… Who else can see a mess coming from a mile away? To prevent a Doggie-Picasso painted apartment, it would be wise to spread out an old sheet to protect your floors and furniture, or opt to do this project in the grassy outdoors.

Have a bowl filled with a hint of dish soap and warm water at the ready to wash off those little paws. The Martha Stewart paint washed off of Coco’s paw in seconds, making for an easy clean up.

Having a towel handy to dry off the clean paws was helpful. If you’re outside, air-drying is always an option too.


STEP 1 Choose the paint colour you want your paw print to be. I had a hard time deciding, so Coco and I practiced with a few different colours before we landed on black. That is what is great about this DIY—the options are endless!

STEP 2 Take the paintbrush and carefully paint your dog’s paw pad. If your dog has ticklish paws, you may need an extra set of hands!

STEP 3 Gently press you dogs paw onto the designated paper. Press and hold for a couple of seconds and try to lift the paw straight up to ensure zero smudging. Let the paw print dry for about 10 minutes.

STEP 4 While the print is drying, wash your dog’s paw in the soapy water, then towel dry.

STEP 5 Once the paw-print is dry, you can use a fine tip ink pen to write your dog’s name and age underneath.

STEP 6 Frame and hang!

For families with young puppies, this would be a great project to revisit throughout the year. It would be an extraspecial keepsake to have your puppy’s first year of growing documented into a work of art with their age written under each paw print.

Not every paw print will turn out perfectly, but I think that is what makes it special and unique. You can see that in Coco’s paw print her hair also made some ink marks, making it look like the paw print of a wild animal, which is kind of awesome. She’s pretty wild sometimes, so it’s a perfect reflection!

The end result is a wonderful touch in any room in your house and something you can cherish forever.

If you haven’t yet, check out, a super-wonderful site all about life, style, and fluffy dogs. They’ve got all sorts of inspiring posts and loads of other cool projects like this one and the 5 Minute Valentine. We’re sure you’ll want to bookmark it.

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Easy DIY Paw Print Art

This post may contain affiliate links. You won't pay a penny more, but you'll help keep It's Dog or Nothing running (websites are expensive!) and the floofs fed (they're even more expensive - as you well know) ;)

Have you ever wanted something special to remember or celebrate your pet? Check out this super easy tutorial to create your own paw print art!

I can’t believe I am doing a second DIY post in less than a month. I think that puts me at about 3 DIY posts in the past two years! I’m one of those people who wants to be crafty, but really just fails every time. However, I was pretty pleased with the result of this one.

Mauja and Atka steal the hearts of many people they meet. True to their breed, they form very strong bonds with certain people, usually their family members. However, sometimes they form an amazing bond with someone outside of their family.

This was especially true for Atka.

Atka bonded with our friend and dog trainer, Jessica. Sometimes, I think he likes her more than me! 😉 He would prance and whine when he knew we were going to visit her and could even smell if she was or wasn’t there. He completely misbehaved with her, but it was adorable.

When we found out we were moving, I knew I wanted to do something special for Jessica but couldn’t think of anything. Obviously, a picture of her and Atka would be sweet, but I didn’t feel like it was even close to representing their bond. Ultimately, I decided to create the following paw print art.


Have you ever wanted something special to remember or celebrate your pet? Check out this super easy tutorial to create your own paw print art!

  • Picture frame
  • Sturdy paper (I used thick, scrapbook paper)
  • Non-toxic paint
  • Stencil (if you struggle with your handwriting like I do!)
  • Paint brush
  • Favorite photo
  • A way to trim your paper to the appropriate size

How To Do It

1.Trim your paper to the appropriate size. I used a 5″ x 7″ matted frame, so that’s how large I cut my paper. Pro tip – make sure your paper is actually big enough for your dog’s paw! I started out way too small… 😉

Have you ever wanted something special to remember or celebrate your pet? Check out this super easy tutorial to create your own paw print art!2. Clean and trim your dog’s paw. Atka had some long fur between his pads, which I trimmed to avoid excess paint.

3. While having your dog in a comfortable position (I had Atka “relax”), apply some paint to your dog’s paw pads.

Have you ever wanted something special to remember or celebrate your pet? Check out this super easy tutorial to create your own paw print art!4. Slowly and gently place your dog’s paw on your trimmed paper and press firmly. I did this a few times on practice paper to get it right.

5. Add your dog’s name or other text, if you’d like, to the paper. I used a stencil, but get creative!

6. Let dry for a few hours and then place in your frame.

7. Bask in the glory of your creativeness 😉

Overall, it’s a fairly easy DIY project and I’m really pleased with how the paw print art turned out. If I can do it, you can do it!

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Have you ever wanted something special to remember or celebrate your pet? Check out this super easy tutorial to create your own paw print art!

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DIY Puppy Paw Print - Homemade Four and Salt Paw Print Mold (Crafts for Your Dog)

As dog parents, it seems as though our lives revolve around constantly taking pictures of every little cute thing our dogs do. Is your puppy carrying a stick twice his size? INSTAGRAM IT. Is he tracking his cute little dog paw prints all over your white carpet? SNAPCHAT IT. And while these are great ways to capture fond memories, wouldn’t you like something a little more lasting and creative?

That’s where DIY dog paw print crafts come in. Using pet-safe materials, you can create beautiful crafts that help you commemorate your love for your pet in a lasting and sentimental way. You can d

o these at different intervals in your puppy’s life to see how she’s growing, or have a fun afternoon crafting a few as future mementos.

Plus, they make great gifts for all of the people who care for your dog throughout the year: namely, your dog walkers, sitters, trainers, doggy day care maestros, even your dog groomer!

Pro tip: Since most of these activities involve some kind of pet-safe paint or gooey substance, I highly recommend that you do all of them outside. That way, your pet’s prints are only on the artwork, and not on your living room floor. Plus, doing these outside will allow for easy cleanup for you and your dog when the time comes to wash off the plaster, paint, sand or ink.

1) Salt Dough Paw Print Christmas Ornament by Crafty Morning

Your “Santa paws” will be the star of your holiday decorations with this easy ornament from Crafty Morning. You can make one to commemorate the year, or do a series of them in different colors for an art project that will rework your Christmas decor. Best of all, you’ve probably got all the ingredients in your kitchen right now.

Like this idea? Get the step-by-step instructions here.

2) DIY Paw Print Stepping Stones by Learn2Grow

Your pup probably loves roaming the great outdoors (or your backyard, at least), so this eye-catching art project from Learn2Grow would be a great addition to your outdoor living space. Personalize each piece with your dog’s name, the year or a special quote. Then, add colorful glass mosaic pieces to coordinate with your lawn furniture.

Like this idea? Get the step-by-step instructions here.

3) Paw Print Wall Hanging by Treats à la Bark

If you think your dog is the next Picasso, then this project from Treats à la Bark is for the two of you. The supplies are simple — paint and white paper — but the impact of the final piece is huge. The scattered paw prints become modern artwork that will fit in with any décor.

Like this idea? Get the step-by-step instructions here.

4) Paw Print Pendant by A Thrifter in Disguise

Your dog has your entire heart, and this personalized pendant from A Thrifter in Disguise will always keep him right next to it. Using a clear locket, colored paper and ink, this necklace is so easy to make that you’ll be showing off your dog’s keepsake in no time.

Like this idea? Get the step-by-step instructions here.

5) Family Hand Print Plank by Home. Made. Interest.

Get everyone in on the fun of creating this piece of artwork from Home. Made. Interest. Using a long piece of wood and some paint, you can showcase the prints of entire family — both the furry and human members. Write names under each hand or paw print for additional personalization.

Like this idea? Get the step-by-step instructions here.

6) Framed Paw Prints by Pretty Fluffy

For a simple and clean piece of artwork appropriate for any room in the house, try these framed prints from Pretty Fluffy. Experiment with different frame styles and paper backgrounds to get the perfect picture. If you have multiple fur babies, combine their prints on the same paper and write their names under each.

Like this idea? Get the step-by-step instructions here.

If you want to add another visual layer to the framed dog paw print craft, try including a picture of your pup, like in this sweet memento from The Doeblerghini Bunch. This is a great way to display those professional pictures you’ve got lying around.

7) Dog Paw Print Flowers by Party Pinching

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to incorporate your dog’s paw print into a piece of art, try out this great project from the Party Pinching blog. All you need is pet-safe paints (check out this guide for selecting pet-safe paints, or you can make your own), a canvas or piece of paper, and your dog’s paw. (Who knew dog paws could look like flowers to begin with?!) Go the extra mile by picking out a nice frame that either matches or complements the colors of the flowers. 

This is a great gift idea for Mother’s Day, or one of those “just ‘cuz” gifts for any flower-lovers in your family!

8) Paw Print Sand Shadow Box by Kol’s Notes

Your pup loves the beach, so make this sand-themed shadow box from the Kol’s Notes blog as a way to remember your fun times there together. Press your dog’s paws into the sand firmly before casting it in the plaster. The end result is stunning. Add sea shells, sea grass or sea glass that you’ve collected to make this one-of-a-kind piece even more special.

Like this idea? Get the step-by-step instructions here.

Originally written by Natalie Vereen-Davis. Updated by Katie Bonadies on 22 June 2017.


Dog art diy paw print

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How To Make Paw-Print Art - Tutorial

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