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There’s a little problem with Waco’s ‘Fixer Upper’ Homes

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WACO, Texas — Chip and Joanna Gaines are famous for their gorgeous renovations of Waco, Texas, homes for their HGTV show Fixer Upper.

There’s just one problem: The average price for homes sold in that area at the moment is around $215,000—a lot less than, say, the $679,000 price tag attached to Season 2’s “Asian Ranch House,” which is currently on the market, Fox News reports.

As the listing agent representing that particular home told Insider, the owners purchased it for $262,000 before the Gaineses fixed it up in 2015 with a $190,000 budget. The owners then listed it this year, originally for $739,900.

“I know big cities do that, but Waco’s not there yet,” the agent said of the high price tag. calls it “the Fixer Upper curse,” pointing to three Fixer Upper homes that have been on the market more than 100 days, all of them listed for more than $500,000.

Property taxes have also been increasing in Waco, which some think is tied to the Gaineses’ strong presence in the area. But back in 2017, the city’s chief appraiser told the Waco Tribune-Herald that the increase is not directly tied to the show or the couple’s Magnolia brand, and he acknowledged, “We have a different neighborhood code for those than other homes in the neighborhood, because they are actually selling for more than regular homes.”

Other real estate agents and owners have noticed the difficulty that can be attached to selling a Fixer Upper home in the area, but the listing agent for Season 3’s tiny “Shotgun House,” which was listed for sale for $950,000 in 2017, said at the time the price was justified, and even the “Asian Ranch House” agent says the markups on Fixer Upper homes make sense thanks to “the value of bragging rights.” (Read more Fixer Upper stories.)

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SAN DIEGO, CA – Looking for a fixer-upper? This home in San Diego sits on a 5,400-square-foot lot and has a hillside view.

Built in 1960, this home has three bedrooms and one-and-a-half bathrooms, a two-car garage and additional driveway parking space. There's an open concept kitchen and family room with natural lighting.

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  • Address: 7231 Peter Pan Ave., San Diego, California
  • Price: $340,000
  • Square Feet: 1,130
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 1 Full and 1 Half Baths
  • Built: 1960
  • Features: Painters canvass for someone who is looking to remodel and make this their dream home. Property features include single story, three bedrooms, one-and-a-half bathrooms, 1,130 square feet of living space on sizable 5,400-square-foot lot with hillside view, and an attached two-car garage with additional driveway parking. Open concept kitchen and family room with an abundance of natural sunlight. Within walking distance to nearby elementary and high school. Property is priced to sell quickly, this won't last long! Easy access to 125, 94, 54 and 805 highways and local San Diego attractions.

This listing originally appeared on For more information and photos, click here.

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4 Ways To Sell a Fixer-Upper Property in San Diego

4 Ways To Sell a Fixer-Upper Property in San Diego

Ready to sell a San Diego fixer-upper property now? We’re here to help. If you’ve taken a sudden leap of faith into the adventurous fixer-upper business or find yourself burdened with a property that’s fallen into disrepair, it’s time to take action. We’ll cover 4 ways to sell a fixer-upper property.

Traditional Listing

It goes without saying that real estate agents will be taking a piece of the pie when they sell your property. You’ll want to keep this in mind when weighing the high costs for their services which will lower the profit margin when you sell a fixer-upper property. In general, buyers in San Diego are searching traditional real estate listings and are seeking homes that are immediately available. Savvy real estate agents have taken advantage of the advertising offered through the use of the internet and digital technology. There is an intense focus on curb appeal and staging properties, making them extremely attractive. Trying to compete against these listings with a fixer-upper property, which is usually less than attractive, meaning that yours may not get the attention it deserves.

Fix it Up

Do it yourself! Hollywood has made it look easy to the masses to sell a fixer-upper property in San Diego . There are many potential risks involved with a fixer-upper property. Depending on the amount of updating, repairs, or replacements needed to bring the property up to standard, your costs may be overwhelming. Especially if you’re trying to meet the demands buyers have of today’s homes, including technology. The reality is, unless you have an extensive construction background, failing to understand just what you are getting into with a fixer-upper property can be a very expensive lesson indeed. Unexpected discoveries, which you may have to pay to repair, can run into thousands, especially foundation, plumbing, cooling, and heating systems or structural issues of a serious nature. You’ll be losing valuable time and dealing with the headaches of scheduling professionals, overseeing the project, and the red tape of permits. You would be remiss not to have a professional inspection and appraisal done before you take this avenue.  

Sell on Your Own 

Time waits for no one and while your trying to sell a fixer-upper property in San Diego , the monthly overhead continues. It can take a long time to sell a home, whether you choose to do so on your own or with a real estate agent, especially if you’re missing the mark. You will need to do your homework to bring your fixer-upper into focus for the right buyer. It’s extremely important to understand how to set the price at the right number, getting this wrong can deter buyers before they ever give you a chance. You’ll need to cover marketing expenses and be readily available for showing the property. It’s likely you’ll be working with buyers who may be inexperienced as well. Understand that because the purchase price of the property has already determined your possible profit, any delays or changes in plans can hurt you financially. Due to their lack of experience, the process can be very bumpy. The bottom line is that your profits on the set price will be melting away under your feet as they stumble along. Regrettably, many end up backing out of deals. When you’ve moved forward with plans that are relying on the funds from the sale, an event like this can be devastating. Especially after you’ve spent considerable amounts of time and money, not to mention having missed out on other potential buyers. 

Sell to World Class Ventures, Inc

We can relieve you of the stress and expenses to sell a fixer-upper property San Diego . We take all of the risks, buying as-is with a quick closing date. Information moves extremely rapidly in the real estate market. As experienced real estate investors, we understand that the business requires a great deal of time as well as proficiency with the latest technology. With a winning marketing plan and through years of networking, we have access to financial and other reliable professional resources in the industry. We’re intimately familiar with Federal, state, and local laws and as well as any updates to those laws. Running an investment business means you must continually educate yourself.  Forms and other regulations can change and it is risky not to remain tapped into the resources which provide this information. Likewise, in order to win at the fixer-upper game, you need to know San Diego listings like the back of your hand. Being familiar with listings on a daily basis is time-consuming but gives us the cutting edge. 

We’re dedicated to staying on top of the game! World Class Ventures, Inc is successful because we make it easy for our buyers and sellers! We’ll do all of the work while you’re enjoying your earnings! Make a wise choice and start working with World Class Ventures, Inc. Send us a message or give us a call today to learn more! 760-201-0911 

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Selling a property in today's market can be confusing. Connect with us or submit your info below and we'll help guide you through your options.

10 Ultra-Cheap Fixer Upper Houses for Sale for Under $50,000

Buying a Fixer Upper: What Kinds of Fixer Upper Loans are Available?

There are quite a few loan options available to buy fixer-upper homes.

“By buying a fixer-upper, you can definitely increase the value of the home as it appreciates and as you fix it up,” says Sarah McCalmon, loan officer for the Sierra Pacific Mortgage, Inc., in San Diego. “You also have the pride of doing something good for the neighborhood and your community.”

There are several different types of loans to choose to fix up real estate that needs remodeling — inside, outside or both.

Check your loan eligibility today.

FHA Loans for Fixer-Uppers

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) – which is part of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), offers a few different ones including the FHA 203K Rehab Loan. FHA partners with state and local housing agencies and non-profit organizations to rehabilitate properties.

See if you qualify for an FHA 203k loan here.

According to the FHA website, these 203(k) loans can be combined with other HUD programs to help with the rehab. With the FHA 203(k) loan, the borrower can get just one loan at a long-term fixed rate to finance the purchase price of the home and the renovation costs. To provide the funds for the home improvements, the mortgage amount is based on the projected value of the property with the work done, taking into account the cost of the work. The buyer can also put down as little as 3.5 percent.

“To get such a loan, though, you have to get a bid from the contractor, and that contractor must sign an agreement with the lender. That underwriter will then review the credentials and client references of the contractor,” McCalmon says. “The borrower can do the repairs themselves, too, but the money for the rehab has to be based on a bid.”

You have to find a local lender that can help you navigate the process. The mortgage lender also has to be an approved FHA lender and go through a special 203(k) certification course.

How do I qualify for a 203k FHA Rehab loan?

Some of the rules that might mess people up with these loans are the construction must start 30 days from closing and be complete in 6 months from closing. If the homebuyer cannot live in the new home while it is being finished, FHA will add an additional six months of mortgage costs to the loan so the homebuyer can live somewhere else without being too strapped for cash.

“Six months is fast, and if you’ve ever rehabbed anything, it would be very difficult depending on the scope of the rehab, to make sure that you are getting it done in 6 months. If you don’t get it done in that time, you may not get all the funds,” she says.

And McCalmon knows about rehabbing. She and her husband bought a fixer-upper, and her husband is a contractor. She has advice for homebuyers planning DIY renovations.

“We live in the construction zone, and now it’s 14 months later, and we are still working on it,” she says. “Don’t underestimate the time and money you will spend. Always add 10 percent on top of your budget for unforeseen problems.

Check fixer-upper loan rates by completing a short questionnaire here.

What homes are eligible for 203k FHA Rehab loans?

But remember that you can’t necessarily get a loan for the worst house on the block all the time. It needs to be in livable condition, she says. For instance, one of her borrowers was trying to buy a very run-down home. But it was missing the floors.

“Homes have to have a framework, including floors, and they can’t have broken windows to get a loan. They also have to have an operating furnace and operating stove,” McCalmon says.

FHA also offers add-on options including the Energy Efficient Mortgage that can increase the maximum amount of the loan to allow you to add such energy-efficient items as windows and appliances.

You can also get involved in the Good Neighborhood Next Door program. It is meant to revitalize certain communities by helping out certain professions such as law enforcement officers, firefighters and teachers. These add-ons both have to be for owner-occupied residences, not rentals, second homes or investment property.

VA Loans for Fixer-Uppers

The Veterans Administration (VA) also offers low-interest home loans for 100 percent of the financing to retired or active-duty military service members and their spouses. These loans offer a low credit score minimum. According to the VA website, the loan program is there to “help you buy, build, repair, retain or adapt a home for your own personal occupancy.”

These loans don’t require private mortgage insurance if you don’t have 20 percent down because the government backs them. Combined with the lower interest rate, that can mean a good deal of savings on monthly mortgage payments for the homeowner.

McCalmon says that you can also get a VA EEM (energy-efficient mortgage) option.

“You can either increase the loan amount by $3,000 based on a bid for energy-efficient upgrades such as new appliances or get more than $6,000 if you need a more intensive remodel,” she says.

Conventional Loans for Fixer-Uppers

Other home buying options for rehabbing include a conventional mortgage which you can put as little down as 5 percent and then using the savings you might have used to make a bigger down payment for some of the repairs.

“A lot of people still believe you have to put down 20 percent. But you don’t,” she says.

She warns people to not go overboard when rehabbing. “You don’t want to make a 3-bedroom  home into a mansion when the whole neighborhood is average family homes,” she says.

Check your loan eligibility today.

Tim Lucas (NMLS #118763 ) is editor of He has appeared on,, Scotsman Guide, and more. Connect with Tim on Twitter.

San diego fixer upper homes

Oahu Fixer Upper Homes

Waimanalo 41-885 Laumilo St

Rarely offered, highly desired Waimanalo Beachfront property – 2 homes on one lot! This well-kept, multi-unit property has been owned by the same family for almost 40 years. Stunning, unobstructed views of Manana, Kaohikaipu, and Mokulua Islands with distant views of Moloka'i and Maui. Waimanalo Beach has 3 miles of uncrowded friendly, sandy beach with gentle waves. Street-side view encompasses incredible scenery of the magnificent Ko'olau Mountains. Beachfront home is a traditional Hawaiian-style 2 bedroom/2 bath w/attached garage and oceanside deck. House site was originally raised 4 feet above surrounding properties and offers spectacular ocean views. Similar in structure, street-side home is a charming 2 bedroom/1 bath with private pergola. Homes are fully permitted with separate electric meters. Nice street with very little traffic and plenty of spare parking. It is a 15 minute drive to Kailua or Hawaii Kai, 30 minute drive to downtown or the airport. To be sold AS-IS.$5,597,000

Waimanalo 41-447 Kalanianaole Hwy

A chance of a lifetime property on the beautiful beach of Waimanalo. Ocean as far as the eye can see, which Rabbit Island in the distance, Makapu'u beach around the corner, and a beautiful lighthouse in the distance. This lovely retreat, is more than a dream home. Offering a 2 bedroom home and an additional 1 bedroom home, enjoy life on one of the world's most beautiful beaches and have space for friends and family to come and enjoy paradise with you. This location is ideal. Easy jaunt to Hawaii Kai, Waimanalo town and Kailua. Anything is just minutes away. A beach with real sand. Come and enjoy this breathtaking property, and come home to your very own paradise. Sold as-is. All information on this listing is deemed reliable, but please verify.$3,440,000

Kailua 607 Milokai St

This rare Kailua oceanfront executive residence boasts unobstructed 180-degree ocean and mountain views encompassing Kailua Bay, Ko’olau mountains, Mokulua Islands, Mokolea islet, and Mokapu Peninsula. Enjoy ever-changing seascapes, sunrises, and a living painting where no two moments are the same. The home features a grand entrance with vaulted double-height ceilings, a dedicated dining room, an expansive covered lanai, and a full bath and bedroom on the first floor. The 2nd floor showcases 2 bedrooms with sweeping ocean views, including a huge private master suite with sitting area, walk-in closet, sauna, and enviable soaking tub and shower. The 2nd floor also includes a 3rd bedroom, laundry area, and a viewing lanai with sweeping ocean and mountain views. Conveniently located on the northern tip of Kailua in the prestigious Kaimalino neighborhood, its superior location puts you within moments to Kailua and Kaneohe town, world famous Kailua Beach, supermarkets, dining, Pali and Likelike freeways, and H-3. The property fronts a small portion of sand and tide pools, perfect for fishing. Sold AS-IS. See lifestyle video and 3D tour in links.$2,725,000

Kailua 150 Kuulei Rd

Live the Kailua lifestyle in this GORGEOUS turn-key executive level home, in the most ideal location! This newly renovated incredibly open, and airy single-level home features 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms in the main house, and an additional studio with a separate entrance, full bath, kitchenette, and washer/dryer just perfect for your guests or rental income. Enjoy indoor/outdoor living with luxurious custom-built hideaway doors allowing unobstructed views to the expansive covered lanai overlooking the brand new pool surrounded by a beautifully landscaped tropical oasis, including coconut palms, dwarf lemon, and calamansi lime trees. Meticulously planned remodel by the homeowner, local master woodworker, proprietor of Burl & Barrel includes numerous custom built-ins, cabinetry, and delightful finishes with the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail that are sure to impress. Additional features include: outdoor shower, surf rack, safe, split AC, 120 gal. solar water heater, 17 owned PV panels, and an abundance of upgrades. Sold AS-IS. The best of Kailua is simply a few footsteps away: beach, shops, dining...welcome home!$2,650,000

Waialua 68-246 Crozier Loop

Crozier Loop! A rare and special offering. Not beachfront BUT conveys with 1/11th interest in Right of Way private foot passage to the BEACH! A charming, spacious, older home with open high beam ceilings, an abundance of windows, freshly painted interior, and an open floor plan for kitchen, dining, and living room areas. Home has a attached, enclosed 2 car garage, and expansive outdoor deck, shade trees, and landscaped yard. Use your imagination to make this property your forever home! TMK records may differ from actual square footage. Trust Sale. Sold As-Is. No credits from Sellers. Please include pre-qualification letter with all offers. Please abide by all Covid19 Regulations. Face Mask required. Appointment only. 24 hour Notice to Show. Listing Agents must be present at all showings.$1,975,000

Honolulu 423 Portlock Rd

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!! This section of Portlock Rd is in a coveted beach community! RARELY AVAILABLE on Portlock Road with ocean access, LEVEL LARGE LOT 15,694 square feet ... Use your imagination or build your dream ESTATE! Perfect for ... WATERMEN & OCEAN LOVERS! Please do not enter home and disturb the neighborhood. Seller selling AS-IS$1,900,000

Honolulu 2645 Pamoa Rd

We have an accepted offer but looking for a Back Up Offer. This is a unique opportunity to walk back in time. This masonry home was built in 1929 with plastered interior walls and high ceilings with 4 bedrooms and 1 bath. The house was built on a level corner lot with 9073 sf adjacent to the University of Hawaii. The house needs some TLC to make it shine again.$1,800,000

Honolulu (unit #b) 3358 E Manoa Rd

Opportunity awaits a new owner for this unique & spectacular property! It is conveniently located in the heart of Manoa & surrounded by lush green mountain views. The home requires extensive TLC due to past termite damage though the lot has been beautifully landscaped through the years. Please Do Not Walk onto the property without a Seller's agent present. The property is being shown by private appointments only to registered buyers and agents. The sale is subject to court confirmation. There will be no Open House. Offers are due by noon on November 2, 2021.$1,750,000

Kihei 3343 Keha Dr

Maui Meadows Investor Special. Lots of room here to move, rent out ohana, etc. Property needs TLC. Maui Meadows is a favorite due to its close proximity to the Ocean, Beaches, Shops, and it is tucked up on the mountainside above Wailea for a great climate.$1,735,000

Honolulu 5197 Poola St

Gorgeous whitewater views from every level, sit back on your deck and enjoy a beverage while watching the beautiful sunset and surfers. This house is in need of repairs and TLC. Ideal house for someone that enjoys remodeling and fixing up a house. Huge potential, lowest priced house in this multi-million dollar neighborhood. The possibilities are endless. Very desirable Aina Haina school district. and beautiful Diamondhead neighborhood. No Open House, shown by appt. only. Check out the price per sq ft. : $603/sq ft. House is almost 3000 sq ft . Beautiful ocean views from all 3 Levels.$1,725,000

Honolulu (unit #b) 601 N Judd St

Extremely spacious single family home in upper Liliha. This home built in 2019 features a full kitchen upstairs with a wet bar downstairs. Upstairs living area is approximately 1,978 sq. ft with about 1,550 sq.ft (downstairs) with a two car garage! Upstairs is vacant and ready to see. Downstairs area (2 bedrooms and wet bar) is currently tenant occupied, month-to-month for $2100/month. Property is sold in "As-Is" condition.$1,699,000

Honolulu 1641 St Louis Dr

Awesome multi-family home! Low to Mid-way up St Louis Heights - corner of Felix and St Louis. Wide street frontage and direct Diamond Head/Waikiki views from anywhere on the property! 8 bedrooms of living space for extended families! 2/1 below carport (approx 495 sq ft), bottom level is a 2/1 (approx 644 sq ft), adorable tiny house studio (approx 135 sq ft) and upper main house 3/2 (approx 1,318 sq ft). See supplement in MLS for floorplan, survey, prelim & addenda. Downslope property with previously used concrete planting beds for gardening... Keep As-IS, all units but the studio have been partially remodeled... R-5 zoning with over 8,000 sq ft of land = potential to do a 2-unit CPR or rebuild to take FULL advantage of the unobstructed (NO WIRES!) views... tons of potential / options galore. Bring your investors, contractors, flippers?$1,550,000

Honolulu 476 Halemaumau St

Look no further, this property has it all! 8,496 sq ft of flat lot located in the prime location of Hawaii Kai, Niu Valley. It is a Single Level 4-bedroom, 3 full bath, full kitchen, and a wet bar with a separate entrance that is perfect for multifamily living. This property comes with 6 split AC units, a PV system with net metering, and underground utilities. The house was thoroughly renovated in 2019 with new quartz countertops, cabinets, baths, appliances, plumbing, tile flooring, security system, keyless door lock, and much more! With the spacious yard and exotic fruit trees, this property is great for outdoor entertainment. In addition, it is conveniently located near beaches, shops, schools, and parks! * Public records do not match actual sq footage of recorded area. * The house is sold in as-is condition. * Property has been virtually staged.$1,550,000

Haleiwa 66-351 Haleiwa Rd

A great opportunity for investors! This income-producing home is charming and well maintained. The home offers a landscaped yard with large lanai perfect for entertaining, and the solar water heater helps keep costs down. With peekaboo ocean views and perfectly situated between Kaiaka beach park and Ali’i beach park, the home is ideally suited for families and relaxed country living within minutes to the beach, as well as the elementary school and a preschool. Sold in As-Is condition. Interior square footage may not match tax records. Tenant occupied, please do not visit property without an appointment.$1,495,000

Honolulu 829 Laula Way

2 houses, 2 addresses-830 Piikoi & 829 Laula. 2 bedroom 1 bath with basement and 2 bedroom 1 bath, both with carports and driveway parking. Driveways are gated. 2 electric, 2 gas and 2 water meters. Always breezy. Homes have been rewired. With a little TLC these can get good rents. Bill 7 development is not allowed in Kakaako. Potential for redevelopment: Multifamily, group home, religious or cultural facility, medical or dental clinic, day care, retail, recycling collection facility. See supplements for more info.$1,450,000

Kaneohe (unit #1) 44-723 Kaneohe Bay Dr

Your opportunities in Kaneohe Bay. Good for multi-generation living or live one and rent other units. 3 units with separate entries. 3 story building. 2BD/2BA, 1BD/1BA, a large studio with full baths. Lot size is 4,399 SF per amended condo map. 3 parkings or more. Back yard and canal & Kaneohe Bay view. Sold As-Is. No Water access.$1,388,800

Honolulu 3581 Kumukoa St

Large 7,514 square foot lot on a gentle slope. Enjoy the quiet neighborhood at this 1-level, 3 bedroom, 1/12 baths home in Upper Manoa Property. Lots of Storage area under the house. Property to be sold in its Existing, As-Is Condition. New homeowner has lots of possibilities to expand on.$1,300,000

Honolulu 2754 Pali Hwy

Location, location! Rare opportunity, contractors delight in Nuuanu! Dwelling in poor condition, major fixer upper. Buyers and buyer's agent are responsible to do their own due diligence. Selling in "As Is" condition and where Is." Seller will not make any repairs or offer concessions. Water is shut off. TMK info differs from actual. Seller to do 1031 Exchange.$1,300,000

Honolulu 1820 Ala Mahamoe St

Come see this newly renovated home in the desirable Moanalua Gardens neighborhood! Perfect for multi family living with 3 bedrooms/2 bath downstairs and 2 bedrooms/1 bath upstairs with separate entrances. Upgrades include new roof, washer/dryer, microwave, refrigerator, range/oven, porcelain tile flooring, kitchen cabinets, quartz countertops, windows, lighting, ceiling fans, bathroom fixtures, interior and exterior paint. Large lot with spacious carport and lots of storage. Conveniently located near freeway access, schools, military bases, grocery, and shopping. Please note rooms do not match tax records; buyer to do own due diligence. To be sold "As-Is". Listor has a financial interest in the property.$1,275,000

Honolulu 1853a Makuahine Pl

Welcome to this amazing well-kept house in a prime location of Kamehameha heights. Located inside a culdesac, enjoy this move-in-ready property with 22 solar panels (owned), parking fits 6-7 cars and additional in the front. A former foster home and is ADA-compliant. Original house is a 3-bdrm/1.5 bath with a separate entrance. Additional attached 2-story built-in 2009 has 3-bdrm/1-bath on the 1st floor with a separate entry porch and a wet bar. Upstairs has 2-bdrm/1-bath with a nook for reading and relaxation. The living room and the balcony are lovely for sunset viewing and enjoyment. The property has different areas for get-togethers, barbecues, and entertainment. There's Coconut, Mountain apple, Mango, and Tangerine for your own consumption. Just walk to Kamehameha shopping center for grocery and fast food chain. Easy access to the freeway. It is just moments to Kamehameha school, Downtown Honolulu, Waikiki and the beach. A must-see to appreciate. For Virtual 3-D tour click on the chain-link icon. View video tour also (reel icon). House is in very good condition but strictly being sold "AS-IS". Number of rooms do not match tax records. Buyers to do their own due diligence.$1,265,000

Kaneohe 45-1040 Anoi Rd

Available now this multi-family home located in Kaneohe on the island’s Eastside of Oahu! On a beautiful quiet street set against a tranquil stream flowing in your backyard. Located in the HALEKAUWILA neighborhood. Ideal location, near the Kaneohe Mall, easy access to H-2 and H-3 freeways, near bus stop, college, town and shopping. Main house has a 3 beds and 2 baths and guest house has 2 beds and 1 bath. Live in one and rent the other. Great investment opportunity! Guest home needs work, partly unfinished. Main home needs updating. Perfect for that creative buyer!$1,250,000

Honolulu 3125 Harding Ave

First time on market! 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with spacious backyard and covered carport for 3-cars in Kaimuki on Harding Ave., just minutes from Foodland Kapahulu, Kahala Mall, Kilauea Park, KCC, Diamond Head, and more. This original 1928 home features a spacious layout, well-proportioned rooms, lots of storage, and good cross ventilation. Separate entrances top & bottom are perfect for in-laws or use as a rental investment separate upstairs/downstairs HECO electricity meters already in place. Many nearby properties have been updated or rebuilt so don't wait -- seize this opportunity to either restore this classic home to its original glory by adding in your own personal touches or rebuild it to a modern home. Bring your designer and contractor to explore the infinite possibilities. Tax office info may be inaccurate, as actual square footage may differ from official records. The property is mostly original, has older vinyl flooring and aged carpets and decor -- property will be sold as-is, where-is. 1st floor has approx. 1,101 sq. ft., 2nd floor has approx. 1,038 sq. ft. Garage is approx. 144 sq. ft. Recent TIR recommended tenting for dry wood termite and powderpost beetle.$1,250,000

Honolulu 3110 Numana Rd

Opportunity abounds for a multi-generational home or possible rental income. This home has been well maintained and is now ready for a new owner. 3 Bedrooms, 1.5 Baths on each of the 2 levels in the main home, with 1 Bedroom apartment added on the rear of the home. Perfect spot for an extended family member, 3 covered parking spaces with room for up to 3 additional cars. A large workshop and a security camera system. Tax records differ, the yard is fenced and landscaped but upslope. Home is being sold AS-IS and is located on a cul-de-sac with easy access to Honolulu. Home has 20 (Owned) Photovoltaic panels . The Listing Agent must be present for all showings. No Open House. Owner holds an active Real Estate License in Hawaii.$1,175,000

Honolulu 1683 Ala Amoamo St

Spacious 5 bedroom 3 bath convenient location close to town, shopping Moanalua School District. Come home to Moanalua Gardens. Many potentials built by the original owner of home. Home with large back yard with entertainment area. A must see opportunity. Public records do not match actual square footage of record area. Strict COVID guidelines followed. Home Sold in "AS-IS" condition$1,160,000

Honolulu 1214 Kamehameha Iv Rd

Lots of possibilities for this home located in Kalihi. Convenient location near schools, freeways and shops. Front home (built in 1984) consists of 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Currently being used as an adult foster home. Back home has 2 (2/1) units that have their own separate entrances and space. Parking for 4+ cars in the front of property. Homes need TLC but very ideal for multi-family living. Leased solar panels. Property sold AS IS.$1,150,000

Honolulu 5010 Likini St


Mililani 95-1053 Malielie St

Mililani Mauka: 3BR/2.5 bath home recently renovated with new paint, flooring, carpet and appliances. Move in condition! Landscaped yard. Great location - close to schools, shopping, restaurants. Sold "As-Is." **First Open House Sun, Sept 5 from 2-5pm**$1,129,000

Wahiawa 1818 Eames St

Here's your chance to own a large, 20,000sqft lot in beautiful Wahiawa Heights. This post-and-pier 1950s Built Home is a perfectly unique gem of Country Living, full of character & history. The main home lovingly features 3-bedrooms, 1-bathroom, an open Livingroom, a Foyer, Hardwood Floors, lots of natural light, French Windows & Amazing Archways. The Spacious Kitchen opens up to a large covered patio overlooking a peaceful fish pond oasis. BONUS AREA is a permitted Maids Quarters listed as 2-bedroom, 1-full bath in tax records could be an extra source of income or creative space, maybe even an 800sqft ADU, with just a little TLC. TONS of storage throughout the property & enough parking to host a party, with a boat! TWO Mango Trees shade the large lot along with various other bountiful fruit trees & flowers. All this could be your lush private paradise; just minutes away from the modern day conveniences of shopping, entertainment, restaurants, schools, freeway access & Schofield/Wheeler bases. Property is Tenant Occupied (month-to-month), please do not disturb tenant. Brokers Open WED 7/7 3-6pm, Open House SAT 7/10 & SUN 7/11 3-6pm.$1,125,000

Wahiawa 2239 California Ave

Wahiawa Heights One of a kind property has so much potential for great country living! The main house has a great flow and lots of character, enjoy the cool Wahiawa temps in the open air on the deck. The amazing 10,000 sf lot has a seperate studio, workshop and still has lots of yard space to enjoy. 40 Owned PV panels with battery back will keep you powerd up and save on utilities. Mature fruit trees all around the property. Currently tenant occupied - please don't disturb tenant. Open house by Appointment Saturday Oct 23 and Oct 24 2-4 pm. No large groups please follow Covid Protocols. Good condition but sold AS-IS.$1,100,000

Kaneohe 49-302 Kamehameha Hwy

This completely renovated 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom home sits at the bottom of the Koolau Mountain Range. The only backyard neighbor is Kualoa Ranch. Over 2,400 interior square feet with 3 bedrooms upstairs, 2 bedrooms downstairs. One of the rare homes a few blocks from the ocean yet noted Zone X. Within walking distance to Moli’i Pond and a mile from the entrance to Kualoa Ranch. Sold As-Is.$1,049,000

Honolulu 690 Kalalea St

CONTRACTORS DREAM! FIXER UPPER - SINGLE LEVEL 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home located in Koko Head Terrace (Hawaii Kai), minutes to water activities, beaches, hiking, Hanauma Bay, dining and shopping. Endless potential to create your own perfect home on this large 6,000 square foot level lot. Property sold AS-IS.$998,000

Aiea 99-1011 Lalawai Dr

A true contemporary Frank Lloyd Wright design, built in 1959 on a large lot of 9,695 sf! Enjoy the warmth of wood and special features of a vaulted gable plank ceiling, paneled glass doors, masonry frame walls and solid concrete foundation. There are distinctive amount of storage, built-ins, closets and some places big enough to play hide & seek. Breathtaking views of the Halawa neighborhood, Pearl Harbor to Aloha Stadium, Sunset views and believe it or not Diamond Head too. The living room is the main focal point with built in recessed lighting. A partially finish/unfinished basement that offers one more alternatives to make this a truly special home. Property is strictly sold in its present "as-is" condition. A "Diamond in the Rough" to be completed /restored by your imagination, lots of room for expansion with unlimited possibilities! One of the few homes on Lalawai Drive that has lots of parking. Shown by appointment only.$995,000

Honolulu 2803 Henry St

Come and see this charming 3 bedroom , 1.5 bath home that greets you at the end of a long private driveway. Fabulous views from your living room, large outdoor back patio with a beautiful yard , lots of greenery and no back neighbors. This home has a one car carport with a long private driveway to park many more cars. Close to many schools, shopping center down the road, restaurants and more. Enjoy the outdoor area for gardening . This cute little home nestled on this private lot is just waiting for your TLC and for YOU to call it HOME . Sold in "As-Is" condition. The Seller will not be providing any concessions. Please do not enter the property without permission.$959,000

Wahiawa 53 Karsten Dr

Enjoy the Countryside living! Two single story home nestled in a 15,543 sq.ft. lot located at the very quiet and desirable neighborhood of Wahiawa. Needs a lot of work, to be sold in As-Is Condition. This is a Short Sale property.$950,000

Waipahu 94-1372 Henokea St


Honolulu 844 Ahuwale St

Contractor Special, House needs TLC. Great investment. Fabulous panoramic ocean and mountain views, in a great stable neighborhood. Charming home + studio with 2 separate entries. Live in one and rent other. Home re-wired (2019). New roof, gutter, fence, driveway (2017) New refrigerator in studio (2019). A Very Desirable neighborhood. Buyer can renovate and remodel to his own discriminating taste. Call your Contractor to assist. Will consider all reasonable offers. Come Live in the Aina Haina community now. Wont last long. Lowest listed. Close to Schools, Shopping Center, University, freeway etc. Listor/Owner. Tenant back studio, Front Vacant. EZ2C$940,000

Waipahu 94-1361 Hiapo St

***PRICE REDUCTION***HUGE POTENTIAL*** Make this diamond in the rough shine and carry it on for generations to come! This 2-story home is being sold AS-IS, with lots of outdoor space, tons of storage areas. Perfect for care home business or large families that want to live together. The outdoor space has a large Mango tree and potential to grow your own garden. Buyers to do own due diligence, sq footage may not match tax records. Tax records show multi-family....can separate into 3 private living spaces. **Contractor/Investor** Special... Located on the main road with lots of street parking, no house on the right of it. ***MUST SEE to APPRECIATE*** Property is occupied and will need at least 24 hours notice.$922,888

Honolulu 1614 Haku St

Desirable corner lot in Moanalua Gardens @ Haku St. / Hakuaina Pl. 3 bdrm home needs some TLC. Bring your contractor & ADD a 2nd story while doing your renovations. W-I-D-E street frontage too. Easy access to major highways, airport, Tripler/Kaiser Hospital. Moanalua school district. Opportunities knocking LOUD at BEST location, BEST price-$909,000. See Good-to-Know Information in supplement file + survey report. Tent fumigated in 9/2021. TMK plat area (#36) zoned R7.5 while other plats in Moanalua Gardens are zoned R5. Click on video link too. CIRCLE 1614 Haku Street. Open House Sunday, October 24: 2 to 5 PM.$909,000

Kailua 409a Kawainui St

Own a piece of paradise in Kailua! Private & adorable 2/1 with bedrooms & bathroom located on first floor! Living, kitchen, & spacious patio lanai on second floor! Great views of Koolau mountains! Lots of fruit trees, avocado, ulu, noni, papaya, & orange & tropical plants. Tool shed & lots of extra storage areas on property too! Close to beach & Kailua town...lots of eateries, Target, Whole Foods, Long's, & more! Tandem open parking included. Home is sold in 'As-Is' condition with reasonable credit for flooring. Dishwasher is inoperable & sold in 'As-Is' condition. Information is deemed to be reliable but not guaranteed. Buyers to their due diligence before closing.$905,000

Honolulu 2035 9th Ave

Cozy 9th Ave home is a perfect starter and great alternative to condo living! Move in condition with new carpet, vinyl wood plank flooring in the kitchen, stainless steel appliances and new paint in and out! Recessed lighting through out the home adds a nice modern touch. Inviting front deck is perfect for BBQ's, entertaining or just relaxing! If you require more space, bring your contractor and consider the possibilities. Sold As-Is.$899,000

Kaneohe 45-203 Mokulele Dr

The possibilities are endless for this cozy single family home located in lush Kaneohe! Includes range, fridge, garbage disposal, full sized washer/dryer, water heater, and storage shed. Massive back yard, partially covered patio, and added outdoor toilet perfect for BBQ's and entertaining! Minutes away from Foodland, Long's, Ross, various dining options. Near bus lines, and easy access to freeways. Property is being sold As-Is.$895,000

Honolulu 1053 Kopke St

Excellent location! Located 7 homes in from King Street. Newer CPR home built in 2009. Flat lot. Great for multi-family living. Spacious 2-story home featuring 4-beds/2-baths upstairs, and 4-beds/2-baths downstairs. Home needs lots of TLC. Convenient location near on/off freeway, schools, and shops. Number of bedroom doesn't match tax record. Tax records show 7-beds 4-baths, the actual property has 8-beds 4-bath.$880,000

Pearl City 913 Puu Kula Dr

Conveniently located in Upper Pearl City, close to Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Parks, Pearl Harbor and easy access to the freeway. This property sits on 9,637 sq.ft. of land, the back portion slopes down to a gulch....please see aerial photos. Numerous fruit trees and a half century old Saguaro cactus grows on this property. The property needs TLC but with vision this property has much to offer. Subject to a 1031 exchange with no cost to Buyers. Half Bath is not listed with Tax Assessed Office. This listing is Tenant occupied, Please DO NOT walk around this property without permission.$875,000

Ewa Beach (unit #429) 91-6221 Kapolei Pkwy

Welcome home to this beautiful 3 Bedroom, 2/1 Bathroom home featuring central AC, large master bedroom, 2-car garage with 2 additional parking in driveway. Located in desirable Parkside by Gentry community with a pool, BBQ area for residents and guest parking throughout. Short drive to Launani Shopping center with shops, restaurants and a gas station for convenience. Home sold AS-IS. ***Open House Sat 09/25 1-4 pm and Sunday 09/26 2-5 pm***$874,900

Kailua 1041 Mokapu Blvd

Strictly fixer upper home with good bones in highly desirable Kailua. Contractor special. no VA financing. Nice level lot with stepped rock wall. Sold AS IS. No credits or repairs.$850,000

Haleiwa 66-153 Niuula Rd

Welcome to Historic Haleiwa town & this home which is in close proximity to the Haleiwa Beach Park and the Haleiwa Harbor. This is your opportunity to enjoy all that the North Shore Lifestyle has to offer. Paddleboard or kayak under the bridge and up the Anahulu Stream. Paddle out to the various surf spots at the neighboring parks, including Ali'i Beach Park. This property is around the corner to restaurants, shops, and the market. The property is located on a flag lot and tucked away from the main road. This 3 bedrooms & 1 bath home with carport is awaiting your TLC. Bring your contractor & imagination to restore this home & enjoy the lifestyle.$840,000

Kapolei 91-1594 Wahane St

Large 3 bedroom 3 bath home with spacious private yard. Unique design and long driveway gives you extra privacy. Nice Cathedral ceiling in the living room, and roomy kitchen make for open modern design you will love. With a little TLC this home can be your diamond in the rough. Enjoy the wonderful Kapolei weather with family and friend in your expansive backyard. Close to UH West Oahu, Kroc Center, shopping centers, schools, parks, golfing and beaches. View 3D Interactive Video Tour in virtual tour section.$840,000

Kailua Kona 76-4347 Leilani St

Minutes away from the heart of Kailua Kona. Imagine your dream home from this diamond in the rough. Property is being sold "As-Is". No concessions or repairs. Sunset and sweeping ocean views. Large garage for the auto enthusiast. Spacious lot with rock walls. Property has irrigation system and includes all appliances, including split air. What you see is what you get. Property needs work.$839,000

Honolulu 1769a Palolo Ave

Come and see this quaint family home nestled at the end of a private road in Palolo. This 3bdrm/ 1ba single family home features a level lot, large yard and mature Mango tree, and just minutes away from the conveniences of city life! Bring your imagination and create your dream home –the possibilities are endless! Short drive to Kaimuki Shopping Center for grocery, pharmacy and dining options, many trendy eateries in the nearby neighborhood, freeway access, and schools. All exterior and interior photos have been enhanced with virtual renovations. Buyer to do due diligence and consider possibilities. Property to be sold As-IS.$835,000

Wahiawa 1124 Club Dr

The cool, clean country ambiance of Wahiawa remains unsurpassed. Dream of living on this wonderful 9,000 square feet Wahiawa property, which offers many possibilities. It awaits your creative planning and contractor's expertise to transform your dream into a cherished country home to enjoy. Entry into this home will not be allowed, as its flooring has deteriorated to become unsafe. The property is nicely fenced and securely gated. Sold As-Is.$830,000

Kapolei 91-1056 Kanio St

Great location near schools, shops, parks, golf courses, etc., home located on a culdesac, needs TLC$800,000

Kaneohe (unit #j) 45-226e William Henry Rd

Nestled at the end of a quiet road amid lush tropical plants sits this remodeled 3 bedroom 1 bath home. Pride of ownership exudes in the recently upgraded kitchen with new cabinets, sink, and bamboo flooring. Just steps from your kitchen enjoy the fruits from the fresh lime, avocado, and coconut trees. Enjoy the security of a small community. House is in the heart of Kaneohe town within walking distance to shops, restaurants, elementary school, library, and Windward Mall. New paint on interior and exterior of home. Sold As-is.$769,000

Kapolei 91-1086 Paaoloulu Way

This is a Foreclosed property. Auction scheduled for August 2, 2021 at 12:10 pm. Property needs major TLC. Only opportunity to see property is at open houses, which are scheduled for Saturdays July 10 and 17 from 1:00 to 4:00.$753,000

Hauula 54-183 Hauula Homestead Rd

Diamond in the rough, ruff, Ruff! Investors/contractors dream. R-5 zoning & 20,061 sqft of fee-simple land. Walk to beach & bus stop. 1 mile to Longs Drugs/CVS & Tamura’s Market. 2 older houses (originally built 1927 & 1956) moved and upgraded in 2016 from Kaimuki onto the property. New roofs, windows and structurally sound buildings but with bad exteriors that just need paint. Currently have a total of $3700 in monthly rent with cool tenants. Structures may not match the tax records. Title issue that will take 6+ months to quiet and some unclosed permits = CASH BUYERS ONLY! Some wetlands issues on the back of the property. Seller will also consider seller financing with $450,000 down for 3 years at 6% interest only payments. Parking for ten+ cars, room for boat and/or heavy equipment. Do not disturb tenants. Large dogs on property. AS-IS sale. PLEASE REVIEW ALL DOCUMENTS IN THE SUPPLEMENTS SECTION or if you are a non-MLS member, please request them from your agent.$748,000

Honolulu 320 N Kuakini St

Convenient location across Kuakini Medical Center. Home needs TLC bring your contractor and renovation ideas. Roof is 6 years old, replaced in 2015, cultural marble shower completed in 2017, electrical rewiring completed 2005, termite ground treatment done in June 2020, also featuring SimpliSafe home security alarm system and Arlo security cameras (4 Cameras on exterior of home) and outdoor security motion lites. Easy access on and off freeway.$735,000

Waianae 87-1036 Kaipoi St

Enjoy breathtaking, unobstructed mountain views directly from your bedroom windows. This cute Sea Country home has ample yard space, 2 car garage, additional parking space on driveway, and tons of street parking. This home features an gorgeous open kitchen to connect you with living room and dinning room. All bedrooms are on second floor and have different gorgeous mountain views. Master bedroom has a beautiful vaulted feeling. This home is priced under market value due to required TLC. Come to our open house on 10/17/21 to see it for yourself!$730,000

Honolulu 2339 Waiomao Rd

Seller says Sell ~! Still Available and easy to see with one or two days notice! Unique Opportunity to purchase a home in town at an awesome price. This neighborhood has had soil problems over the past several years. The home is livable but most likely best purchased by a General Contractor who can address the post and pier issues as well as the steps and retaining walls. Peaceful Palolo Valley with wonderful trade winds. This home is right next to a park that was dedicated a long time ago ~ so you have a neighbor only on one side. Up several steps to the front door. Home would appear to have good "bones" and will benefit from the TLC and thoughtful and sensible upgrades that it deserves! Single covered parking stall and street parking usually available. Drive by okay ~ do no disturb residents. Call your Agent ~!$725,000

Ewa Beach 91-992 Keoneae Pl

Rare opportunity to own a piece of Aloha in the Ewa Beach and Kapolei area at an affordable price. Come see what all the excitement is about regarding the “Second City” of O‘ahu. This three-bedroom, two-bathroom, two car garage, single family residence, with a private yard awaits. This convenient location is a short distance to spectacular shopping, a vast array of restaurants, various military bases, beaches, numerous outdoor recreational activities, golf courses, and freeways. Don’t miss this unique opportunity! Come make this “home”! All potential buyers are asked to check with city and tax records to determine actual bedroom, bathroom counts and all details on this property listed above to their satisfaction. This is an AS-IS REO property.$686,400

Kapolei 91-1036 Palala St

This hidden gem is perfectly located in the heart of Kapolei, close to the Kamakana Ali'i Shopping Center, schools, movie theaters, restaurants and more. High ceilings creat an open atmosphere that is excellent for entertaining. With a little TLC, and your creative ideas, this gem will shine like a diamond.$680,000

Papaaloa 35-465 Haakoa Rd

Over 13 Acres of Privacy and Views from this great country home. Built in 1994, with a fabulous open layout and wrap-around lanai. Peaceful and quiet - this off grid mountain top home has catchment and solar, supporting a small footprint home. Zoned as Agricultural, grow your veg, raise farm animals or leave this pristine lad as is, and enjoy the forever views. Shown by Appointment. Offered As-Is. Number of Beds/Baths differs from Tax Office record.$660,000

Honolulu (unit #b) 2304 Palena St

Property does not match tax records. Buyer to complete their own due diligence to independently verify all information, and to professionally evaluate the condition of the property through the qualified experts of their choice. Please use "As-Is" Addendum as no warranties or guarantees are provided. No sign on property, the home is being shown by appointment only.$635,000

Waianae 87-139 Kimo St

Only 6 Lots away from Maile Beach. Tenants would love to stay. 48 hr. notice requested to show. Tenants will be showing inside. To be sold in it's "AS-IS" Condition. Seller will not do any repairs.$599,000

Hauula 53-386 Kamehameha Hwy

Here is your chance to own a SFD right across the street from the beach on a nicely sized lot. Home is strictly sold "As-Is".$564,900

Waianae 84-941 Hana St

Makaha Hana Hideaway! Calling out all investors, contractors and buyers, this spacious property is tucked away on Hana street with a driveway that enters into a 7,640 square feet lot. Great potential to build a new home from the Ground up. Sold AS-IS.$560,000

Kapolei 91-1029 Palala St

*** FANTASTIC FIXER-UPPER OPPORTUNITY 3 bedroom home (but needs a lots TLC) on a corner lot in the heart of Kapolei. Yard is groomed and well cared for w/ area for dog run storage. Close to all new shopping areas and Kapolei Schools! Great locations w/dead end cul-de-sac. SHORT SALE OPPORTUNITY *** Do you want to see the interior? Call its now and schedule the Showing!$528,888

Hauula 54-084 Kamehameha Hwy

Great opportunity to restore this home or build the home of your dreams in Hauula. The property is located right across the beach. Home is being sold strictly AS-IS but has amazing potential!$525,000

Waianae 84-181a Water St

Cute & cozy attached 3 Bedroom, 1 bath with lots of parking! Great for 1st time buyer or investor! Fully fenced yard, w/ an large storage room in carport area. Needs TLC, great potential. No Maintenance fees, not a CPR! Just a walk to the beach & busline.$415,000

Kula 36 Hiipali Loop

Rarely available Hawaiian Home Lands in Kula, Maui. Lot 131 sq ft less than an acre with breathtaking views. Home needs some tlc. Great potential. Must be at least 50% Hawaiian and on the Hawaiian Home Lands waitlist. This is a leasehold property.$390,000

Kaunakakai 34 Kamakana Pl

Kawela Gardens 2B/1Ba Home with nice yard and Mango tree! Perfect home for a family or investment property. Close to town and it's amenities. Actual square ft., configuration and permitting may differ from county records; buyer/agent to do their own due diligence. 48 hour notice to show. Home is being sold "As-Is".$388,000

Buying \u0026 Renovating the Cheapest Fixer Upper in Town: Buying a First Home \u0026 Real Estate Investing #2

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