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Top 3 Remote Control Helicopters with Live Camera – [Updated 2021]

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With recent changes in technology, there has been a tremendous rise in the use and production of drones. What are drones? These are high tech remote-controlled helicopters with live remote control heli cameras. Unlike traditional helicopters, drones don’t have pilots or cockpits in that case. These minimal provisions allow for miniaturization which has led to the manufacture of the best remote controlled helicopters with live camera. RC helicopters with live cameras, allows one to monitor a wide range of area from any location. To easily understand RC helicopters with camera, one has to think of eyes with no boundary. Like an eagle, for example, RC helicopters give you a live feed video of what is happening on the ground beneath it.

World Tech Toys Metal Nano Spy Copter
  • Camera:640p
  • Range:100 Feet
  • Time:10 Min
best rc helicopter WLToys
WLToys S977 RC Helicopter
  • Camera:640p
  • Range:50 Feet
  • Time:10 Min
toy radio controlled helicopter with live camera
World Tech Toys Spy Hercules Helicopter
  • Camera:640p
  • Range:500 Feet
  • Time:10 Min
World Tech Toys rc helicopter

Types of Drones and RC Helicopters

Due to a wide range of activities in today’s world, different kinds of remote control helicopters with cameras have been developed to suit the diverse needs. These are the most common types of best remote-controlled helicopters with cameras.

Hobby drones

This type of remote-controlled drone is used for standard tasks at home. Most people like to have fun with this drone, like checking over your backyard from your bedroom.

Professional Drones

As the name suggests, this RC helicopter with live cameras is used for particular tasks. For example, movie, music and documentary producers use this kind of drone to record some scenes that need to capture details from an aerial point of view.

Photography Drones

Ever wondered how those marvelous shots of people in concerts are taken? Well, photographers use this kind of remote control heli camera.

Racing Drones

Gaming and racing enthusiasts use this kind of unmanned aerial vehicle to compete in first person view races. This type of sport attracts typically many people to major cities in the world.


rc helicopters with camera i


Top RC Helicopters with Camera Reviews

World Tech Toys Metal Nano Spy Copter

This is an RC helicopter with a camera which is manufactured with a light metallic body. The remote control heli camera is of high resolution and comes with two protection plans. The plans are for two or three years. The helicopter has an inbuilt gyroscope which helps to steady the copter for an uninterrupted live view and clear pictures.

Technical Specifications.

· In-built gyroscope.
· In-built high-resolution remote control heli camera.
· 3.5 Channel Infrared (IR) control.
· Metallic body.

rc helicopters with camera world tech toys gyro metal nano spy copter

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WLToys S977 RC Helicopter

This is among on the best remote-controlled helicopter with a live HD remote control heli camera. With a strong receiver and transmitter, this drone maintains an excellent connection between the user and the drone which makes flying it as smooth as possible. It has an inbuilt hi-tech gyroscope that aids in keeping the copter as stable as possible.

Technical Specifications.

· Dimension: In length, width, and height respectively: 9×1.8x 4.3 Inches.
· Metallic body.
· 3.5 Channel Infrared (IR) control.
· 7-10 Minutes flight time.
· 50 feet maximum height.
· Sleek design.

rc helicopters with camera wltoys s977

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World Tech Toys Spy Hercules Gyro Helicopter

This a mid-range quality copter with an inbuilt gyro to keep the helicopter as steady as possible. It has durable blades mounted on a polymer built chassis. With a mounted 640*480 resolution video camera, the World Tech Toys Spy Hercules Gyro Helicopter is capable of taking clear, high-resolution pictures and videos. It is very fantastic for indoor purposes, because of its flexibility and sleek design, it can record videos at any angle.

Technical Specifications.

· High resolution 640*480 mini SD video camera.
· Built-in 3 axis gyroscope
· Super strong polymer body frame which can take up to 200 pounds of force
· Powered by long-lasting lithium-ion battery equipped with overcharge and overcurrent protection
· 3.5 channel supports
· Coaxial Rotor
· Colorful LED lights mounted along the body

rc helicopters with camera world tech toys spy hercules unbreakable

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Best Remote-Control Helicopters with Live Camera Analysis

The three drones listed are some of the best remote-controlled helicopters with cameras in the market today. Due to the differences in their designs, these RC helicopters have their strengths and weakness. Some are suited for indoor purposes due to their trivial sizes. With these RC helicopters with camera, not only do you get the value for your money but also an appreciation of the huge steps technology has taken.


All these copters are mounted with high-resolution cameras, so as a user you are guaranteed of HD videos and cameras.

The gyroscopes in all these RC helicopters, conserve the angular momentum. This feature ensures that all the drones are stable at any time. Be it minor obstacles, wind disturbances, these drones can maintain a steady live feed as they tear through the air.


Just like any other machines out there, these drones are bound to fail. For instance, the World Tech Toys Metal Nano Spy Copter is reported to have come with quite some technical problems in the rotors. Some parts were also not available as they started shipping the product.



RC Helicopters with camera FAQ

What are remote-controlled helicopters with cameras and what are they used for?

These are drones with mounted HD cameras. They allow you to receive a live feed video of whatever the camera points at. The drones capture both videos and images of things from an aerial point.

Are RC helicopters worth the money?

RC helicopters are worth every cent. The benefits that come with these gadgets are enormous. You can capture the great moments of your life with HD videos and photos. You can also check your backyard or your gate or even pool while you are inside the house.

What if the RC helicopter goes out of range?

Have no fear of losing your RC helicopter. RC helicopters are equipped with an RTL feature. Return to land mode allows your
RC copter to return right back where it started its flight.

How legal is it to own an RC helicopter with camera?

Though laws vary from state to state, the standard rules governing the use these RC helicopters are:

Pilots are expected to fly their copters at least 5 miles away from airports.
Maximum permittable flying height is 400 feet.

What if the battery of the RC copter runs out in flight?

According to the features of your RC Copter with camera, it may either engage the RTL (Return to land) mode or land at that point. However, have no fear as your
controller will always warn you before your battery runs out.

What is the best drone for me to buy?

Just like any other gadget or machinery, RC helicopter varies in size, price and functionally. Before you buy any remote control helicopters with camera, consult the experts to find what suits your needs and budget best.

Further Reading

Drone Helicopters with cameras by Dronethusiast

Dronethusiast Team. Kennedy Martinez



Kennedy Martinez is a resident writer who joined Dronethusiast at the beginning of 2019. She has years of experience reviewing drones and other tech products. When it comes to flying drones, Kennedy loves the ability to create artistic videos from a unique point of view. Kennedy enjoys researching new drones and other exciting products that are available to consumers which is why she is committed to creating the best buyer's guides for our readers.

Other Interesting articles in "Reviews"

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What Is The Largest RC Helicopter You Can Buy In 2020

Hunting for the largest RC helicopter you can buy this year? Many RC Helicopter enthusiasts consider piloting drones like a second love. Like people who obsess over the latest models released in car shows, drone hobbyists always search for new types of drones. They are never content with what they have, and they always want to experience something different. Drone pilots satisfy their shiny object tendency by crafting custom-made RC helicopters that are larger than average. After all, it is hard to miss a large flying object.

Although drone pilots find it cool when the occasional passerby notices their drone, their small size makes them difficult to notice. Drones are in many different shapes and colors, but only a few sizes are available for pre-built models. So somebody looking for the largest RC helicopter you can buy will not be able to go on Amazon and buy a helicopter drone the size of a private jet.

Currently, the record holder for the largest RC Helicopter is the EC-135 ADAC Notarzt Christoph 33. If a person were to try to go on Amazon and search for it, they would not find it. It is what is called a scaled model. Scaled RC helicopter models are large drone models that people make almost from scratch. After they purchase the materials that form the base of the helicopter, they customize all other facets. The result is a large model that does not exist in the pre-built helicopter market.

Building a Scaled RC helicopter is the best option for a person who wants something more massive than everything else. Not only can they build a super-sized model, but they can customize the design in almost infinite ways. The only limit to what people make is their imagination. Furthermore, someone serious about making piloting RC helicopter drones as a hobby would benefit from learning how to construct a custom model. The process of building an RC helicopter will make a person more knowledgeable on the inner-workings. Moreover, it can make them better pilots.

While it sounds like an excellent idea, in theory, to strike out alone to craft a custom RC helicopter, a budding drone mechanic would not even know where to start. People pay for professional training to build electrical creations. Even then, there is always the chance of making a mistake that could ruin the creation entirely.


Thankfully, building a scaled RC Helicopter without being a pro mechanic or getting lost in complexities is possible. Even though it is impossible to get a done-for-you scaled RC helicopter, it does not have to be as hard as building one from scratch.

With a "scaled helicopter kit," it is possible to build a super-sized RC helicopter without tons of mechanical experience. These kits come form-ready, with only the electrical and mechanical parts required to make it function. It does not take an expert RC helicopter mechanic to buy electrical and mechanical parts online and install them. However, it can be costly. With smaller pre-built RC helicopter models, the electrical and mechanical parts are less sophisticated. On the other hand, larger models require more significant and more sophisticated parts, requiring a bigger monetary investment. For this reason, a person thinking about investing in a scaled helicopter kit should keep the costly price tag in mind.

How much money is required to purchase a pre-built scaled helicopter kit? The price ranges from $1699 to $2000 for the body, rotor blades, and tail blades by themselves. The materials that are required to make the scaled helicopter fly include:

  • A helicopter flight controller
  • ESC or electronic speed control
  • A brushless motor
  • cyclic servos
  • tail servo
  • A LiPO battery
  • six or seven-channel radio
  • six or seven-channel receiver

Usually, websites selling the scaled helicopter kits suggest parts they recommended to buy. However, a person is free to buy any part he wants. Although these prepared kits can be of very high quality, they can lack the instructions necessary to help a person build the helicopter correctly. For this reason, it is good practice to spend time researching the kits one is interested in buying. Nothing would be more annoying than buying an expensive kit to find out that it does not even have the instructions necessary for it to function correctly.

While a person will never buy the largest helicopter you can buy, it is possible to buy a scaled RC helicopter kit to modify to become such. Even though it will require much effort to build a large model, there is much satisfaction working hard on a scaled RC helicopter model. Once seeing the results, people will feel as if they accomplished great feet. People looking at the completed model will wish to compliment the maker.

Sours: https://www.horusrc.com/en/blog/largest-rc-helicopter-you-can-buy/
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Buying A Radio Control Helicopter

With so many indoor-outdoor mini remote control Helicopters around it can sometimes be hard deciding on which one you are going to buy; there are many differences from one model to another and the prices can vary accordingly too, so needless to say you will want to get an RC helicopter that you can handle and does everything you want it to, but your budget might not stretch that far making choosing even more difficult! Luckily, here at Redback Aviation we have daily sales on with price reductions up to 40%!

Take a look at some of the Syma radio control range or helicopters and compare how different they are and how they perform, this will help you decide which RC helicopter is right for you.

Model: Syma S032. Weight: 1.7 kg

A very stable helicopter making it even better at helping you to prevent crashes, also it will take a lot of battering before it finally gives in and breaks when and if you do crash, which is great news if you are a beginner as its electronic fine tuning helps you to fly it more smoothly and without much fuss, plus it comes already assembled.

Model: Syma S107. Weight: 34 g

This RC helicopter is available in three different colors and is great for those who are just starting to learn how to fly. It is also another very strong model which means that it doesn't tend to break easily. Although this model is basically the same as the S032, its flight is not quite as stable. It has been on the market for a little longer and it is considerably smaller, which is why you usually pay less for it; it does however also come assembled.

Model: Syma S108. Weight: 60 g

The next in the Syma RC helicopter range is the S108 which comes with a flashing LED light that adds to its authenticity and also looks pretty cool too. To enhance the effect, you can use in a softly lit area. It is incredibly durable despite not weighing much at all and again, if you do happen to crash the RC helicopter it won't damage so easily which is a relief for the beginner This model again is ideal for the beginner wanting a bit fancier a model, plus it comes assembled.

Model: Syma S109. Weight: 2 kg (Boxed Weight)

This particular helicopter flies extremely well and really looks the part thanks to its military-style paint work. Just like the S108, this model comes with a visually enhancing flashing LED light which adds to the effect and is also made to withstand a good few number of crashes. Despite being made of strong materials, it is surprisingly light weight which means it,s pretty easy to fly and also easy to control. Although it is considered light, it is noticably heavier than the other helicopters but you can be sure that you still wonÂ’t have difficulty flying it, and yes, it comes assembled.

There are just a few of differences in these Syma RC helicopters but there is nothing too major and they are all relatively easy to fly. The Syma helicopters are good quality and should you crash and burn then spare parts are both affordable and always readily available.

A New Season Of RC Helicopters

As we approach the summer and look forward to what we hope is a long flying season ahead, it's time to dust off your existing fleet of helicopters and ensure they are flight ready, or contemplate buying and building a new one. Either way, these are exciting times and the anticipation of some great flying is the best motivation for maintaining and building model helicopters.

With so many great machines out there to choose from, and with their quality improving immeasurably in recent years, you can't really go wrong whichever you decide to buy.

Of course some of the choice will be down to what you intend to do with your helicopter. You may want to fly some 3D, tackle simple aerobatics, just fly relaxed circuits or even get into scale flying, but whatever your discipline of choice you need to make sure your helicopter is properly built, set up and maintained.

Despite the massive growth in electric-powered helicopters, it's still a more expensive way to get into the hobby and nitro-powered models still offer great value for money, especially if you want to get as much airtime as possible. This is one of the reasons we've seen a resurgence in nitro fuel or IC (internal combustion) engine powered helicopters recently.

Lithium polymer battery packs have come down in price, but they are still relatively expensive when compared to nitro fuel and if you are learning and need to put in lots of flights, it's still much easier and faster to just top up the fuel tank than charge battery packs.

Thanks in part to technological advances, much of the setup has been made easier these days, but getting a helicopter tuned to your liking can still be a tricky and time-consuming task. That's where following the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines comes into play and is crucial to ensuring your model is ready for action. It's all about small setup and tuning details which can make all the difference to how a model flies and feels in the air and that will give you more confidence in it.

This in turn means you will get the most enjoyment from your helicopter and feel in control of it, rather than feeling like you're fighting it which can lead to frustration and ultimately could see your new pride and joy approaching the ground faster than intended and leading to the inevitable impact and expensive repairs.

As with many other things in life, having the knowledge, experience and of course the right tools will help you build and set up your models. This issue Rodney Kee has been looking at new tool kit from Soko which is becoming very popular.

It will allow you to set up your helicopter's swash-plate and rotor-blade pitch properly and is therefore an invaluable device for all heli pilots. It cleverly utilizes the latest technology in the form of a smartphone app and marries it successfully with a set of hardware tools therefore providing an interactive setup device.

If you're a more experienced pilot looking for a new helicopter and something a bit different you may be interested in this month's cover model. The Gaui name has become synonymous with competition success in recent years, thanks to top pilots such as Dunkan Bossion dominating international competition, and the brand now offers a superb range of machines.

The latest X7 Formula top of the range 3D model tested in this issue includes a number of upgrade parts that take this already high performance helicopter to the next level. This is an example of a manufacturer taking everything the team pilots have learnt and developed for competition and then filtering it down and into their model kits so that we all have the chance to enjoy the benefits and it seems Gaui has another winner on its hands.

Sours: https://www.redbackaviation.com/store/radio-control-helicopters/
Amazon's BEST SELLING RC Helicopter \u0026 Highest Rated - TheRcSaylors

Best Remote Control Helicopter

remote control helicopter

Have you always dreamed of flying a helicopter in the sky? If you’ve always been fascinated by helicopters and aircrafts but don’t want to get a pilot’s license, you must try out flying remote control helicopters. Let us help you find the best remote control helicopter for your needs.

Remote control helicopters, or RC helicopters for short, are flown on a variety of different channel numbers with the help of a remote control. Taking these helicopters for a spin isn’t always easy when you first get started, so the channels get more difficult as you move through.

Many remote control helicopters are meant to be exclusively flown indoors. However, this has changed in recent years where technology has allowed remote control helicopters to be flown more easily outdoors. Some RC helicopters can fly up to 50-feet above you, competing with some drones on the market today. For the RC helicopter enthusiast who wants to take their flying experience outdoors, we’ve listed plenty of options for you.

Today we’re going to go through our top picks for the best remote control helicopter options you can buy.

Before you order a remote contr bol helicopter online or pick one up in the store, check out our list of the top ten picks for the best remote control helicopter.

SYMA RC Helicopter

SYMA RC Helicopter, S39 Aircraft with 3.5 Channel,Bigger Size, Sturdy...
SYMA RC Helicopter, S39 Aircraft with 3.5 Channel,Bigger Size, Sturdy...
  • [Bigger Alloy Sturdy Material&Anti-Collision]-- the helicopter with Alloy is very sturdy with longer lifespan, which is...
  • [Full 3.5 Channels & 2 Selectable Frequencies] -- Up, Down, Left, Right, Forward and Backward built-in Gyro to hover in...
  • [Multi-Protection for Helicopter]-- The helicopter with low-voltage and reverse connect protection and Jammed for inner...

This is the ultimate remote control helicopter for outdoor use. The model only features one rotor, which compared to models with two rotors, you get more of a fixed pitch and stronger resistance against wind. The helicopter is perfectly crafted for your outdoor flying adventures.

In addition to the one rotor feature, this remote control helicopter features a whopping six channels. Compared to other models, this is huge. The RC helicopter features a beginner mode for people who are just learning how to navigate RC helicopters. However, once you are more advanced in the process, the wide variety of channels give you the opportunity to do spins and increase angles in ways not possible with other remote control helicopters. 

What we liked about this model is that it’s a great remote control helicopter to grow with. There are beginning, intermediate, and advanced modes so you’re never bored on one level or channel after mastering it. Once you reach advanced-mode, you have full control of your device.

The charging time on this helicopter is about an hour for 6 minutes of flight time. While that is a little low, it makes sense with all the features that come with this RC helicopter. Overall, we found this multi-function model was a great investment for beginners and experienced flyers alike.

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Gyro V911 RTF White&Blu

The look of this remote control helicopter is super cool. It’s one of those helicopters where an adult can fly it outdoors without getting any weird looks. A bonus is if you purchase two of these helicopters, they’re great for having aerial wars with your other RC helicopter friends. The overall look is complete with mean looking stickers all over the body of the helicopter. This 4-channel helicopter offers a ton in the navigation department. It’s very easy to control where you’re going, and it’s also durable enough to stand its ground against outdoor winds and obstacles in the room. This remote controlled helicopter is super sleek. Sometimes we just want to fly our remote controlled helicopters outside without getting any judging stares. This is the best remote controlled helicopter for that. With an appearance more similar to a mini-drone, you’ll enjoy taking this helicopter anywhere.Because this remote control helicopter comes with an LCD transmitter so that you’ll never lose signal, a remote to fine tune the frequency, and great maneuverability.

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WLtoys Large V912

This new and improved version of the WL V911 remote control helicopter ranks super high in speed and range. Compared to other models, this helicopter outperforms others within the same budget. We found that most importantly with this helicopter, it never lost its signal.Because the WL V9100 has such a strong range of motion, it can do so much more than just riding back and forth. This is the best remote controlled helicopter for flying any way you want to. In addition to the great range of motion, this model has only one rotor. While two definitely sounds better than one, that’s not the case with this remote controlled helicopter. The one rotor causes less interference so you can really control the helicopter your own way.This model has four channels and is super easy to navigate. You can even glide it around a house with no problem at all. The remote control was also very user-friendly even to beginners. The body is made from a thin plastic that makes the body durable, but not too heavy where it becomes hard to fly.

Syma 109G RC Helicopter With Gyro

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Syma 109G RC Helicopter With Gyro

This is definitely a contender for the best remote controlled helicopter all around. To start off, it looks absolutely amazing. This army style designed remote control helicopter is mean looking. No matter where you end up flying it, the stand out design will attract automatic envy. This is a very enticing beginner-option for anyone looking to start in the world of remote controlled helicopters or just expand on their existing collection. This helicopter has built-in gyro which is an electronic stabilizer that makes it easier to control your helicopter and move it where you want to go. The gyro makes this Syma model incredibly easy to fly. We liked that this helicopter came with 3.5 channels which let the user customize the approach they use when flying. If you’re sick of one way, you have other channels you can test your flying capabilities on. This model is also charged via a USB cable which means you can charge it pretty much anywhere. Bring a power bank along, and you can charge and fly this RC helicopter all day. We really liked this helicopter. It performs well in all areas and is super easy to use. What made it even more attractive to us is the awesome budget compared to other models.

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Syma S111G

This Syma remote control helicopter is small but mighty. We put it on our top spots because, in addition to being a great remote control helicopter to fly, it’s also great for those on a budget. Syma is ready to use the moment you take it out of the box and only needs about 30 minutes to charge. Compared to other models, the 30 minute charging time is a breeze.This Syma helicopter showcases a Coast Guard design which in addition to the fun you’ll have flying it; you’ll also look cool doing it. This RC helicopter is also very easy to use. Any kid receiving it as a gift or any novice adult will appreciate the stable flight features Syma has incorporated into this model. You can take this RC helicopter forward and backward, left and right, and clockwise and counter-clockwise.The most unbelievable feature of this remote control helicopter is that it’s so affordable. With the short charging time offered, you’ll be able to fly this helicopter around all day at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the charging time for other models on the market. We thought this model was definitely one for our top picks list.

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The Glory 168 is an awesome pick for people of all ages. If you’ve mastered a small helicopter already and you’re looking for something more advanced, this is a great choice. For older kids or adults who can effectively fly a remote control helicopter in the house, they will love taking this model outdoors. This helicopter is durable. It’s great for standing up to the wind when doing outdoor flights and is sturdy enough to make ultra-precise landings. It’s definitely made of strong stuff, coming in at 1.58 kg, but not too strong where it makes the helicopter difficult to fly.We found that although this helicopter is marketed more for experienced flyers, it still is super easy to fly. With a forward flight RPM, you won’t have to worry about losing too much control when flying this one. This remote controlled helicopter also comes with three channels. While it’s not quite as many as some other competitors, it’s still enough to get you going in all directions.We think this model is definitely worth the money. It’s easy to fly, advanced enough to keep experienced flyers entertained while basic enough to not cause too many issues while flying.

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Haktoys HAK303

Haktoys 3.5 Channel Mini RC Radio Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro...
Haktoys 3.5 Channel Mini RC Radio Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro...
  • Claim your spot in the sky with the HAK303! With ultra-bright LED lights around the protective frame and a very capacity...
  • Easy to fly with a built-in gyroscope for maximum stability. Feel confident in flying with a newly added protective...
  • Recommended for indoor flight due to infrared frequency. (Flying under direct sunlight may result in signal loss due to...

This Haktoys remote control helicopter is a great option for kids over the age of eight years old. It has great control features and very good flight stability. This model has a 50-foot range that’s perfect for flying inside the house or in a small contained area. Because this RC helicopter was made with kids in mind, it is super crash resistant and durable. You won’t have to worry about buying a new helicopter after this one inevitably takes a few hits.The Haktoys model flies for about eight minutes on a single charge but only takes half an hour to recharge. Most other helicopters take about an hour to charge completely, making this a competitive alternative. This model also comes in with built-in gyro which makes the model very user-friendly and easy to control, a great choice for kids and beginners. We loved taking this RC helicopter out for a spin at night. The LED lights featured on the model makes it easy to fly even in low-light and dark areas. This model doesn’t come with too many channels, but you’re still able to take it up and down and left to right.Overall, we think this RC helicopter is great for kids and beginners. It’s fun to fly and simple to use.

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JJRC 4CH RC Helicopter

JJRC 4CH RC Helicopter with Remote Control,Fly Sideway Helicopter...
JJRC 4CH RC Helicopter with Remote Control,Fly Sideway Helicopter...
  • 4 Channel Helicopter: The JX02 helicopter is in 4CH, it flies significantly better than traditional 3 or 3.5 channel...
  • Altitude Hold: With the altitude hold function, the helicopter will keep hovering stably. Perfect for beginners and...
  • 18 Mins Flying Time: There are 3PCS 3.7V 400mAh batteries in the package, which extends the flight time to 18mins.

This GP Toys helicopter is one of the best remote control helicopter options you can buy for ultimate control. It’s super easy to set up, and you can be ready to fly your helicopter outside within seconds. The GP Toys RC helicopter is hard to beat in terms of learning how to fly a remote controlled helicopter and having perfect control. If you’re just getting into the world of remote controlled helicopters, this model is a great place to start.Along with the user-friendly design, this helicopter offers 3.5 channels to give you more scope and range so you can practice more complex flying after you get the hang of things. While this helicopter is great for beginners, it is only available for indoor flying, making it perfect for rainy days. If you’re someone who is looking to fly your RC helicopter outdoors, this isn’t the best pick for you. It’s awesome for beginners. However, we weren’t such a fan of the fact that we couldn’t bring it outside. Another downside is that the helicopter takes 50 minutes to charge, but then you can only use it for about 10 minutes on a single charge.

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Which RC Helicopter is Best For Me?

Remote Helicopter

Before you buy a remote control helicopter, think about how you’re planning to use it. A more basic design is fine if you only plan to fly it around the house, but for outdoor flights, you’re going to want something a little more withstanding to the outdoors. Similarly, if you’re purchasing this for a child, you’ll want something that’s crash resistant.

Also, keep in mind that more channels mean more opportunity for learning. If you’re looking for something you can get advanced at flying with, look for more channels.

There is no right or wrong RC helicopter. Before you buy, assess your needs and make sure you’re getting the right model for you. 

Last update on 2021-10-22 at 17:30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Sours: https://parent.guide/best-remote-control-helicopter/

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