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Land of the Free 2.0 — elk hunting videos with goHUNT in Wyoming

Bugling bulls with Born and Raised Outdoors

Trent letting a bugle rip. Photo credit: Brady Miller

Back in early September, goHUNT's Trail Kreitzer and Brady Miller joined Born and Raised Outdoors and Zack Boughton of Montana Wild for an action-packed elk hunt in Wyoming. The bulls were screaming, the action was hot and to top it off... you had a group of very experienced elk hunters and one extremely inexperienced elk hunter. That combination made for a week to remember!

We are sure you know, but in case you have missed it, Born and Raised Outdoors is on the second year of their LAND OF THE FREE project. Their 2018 project encompasses 45 days of bowhunting elk in five different western states, all on public land. And since Nov. 7, they have been releasing a video a day on YouTube showcasing their public land elk hunting adventures across the West.

Each evening at 5 p.m. PST, Born and Raised Outdoors is releasing a new episode from the Wyoming hunt with Trail and Brady. The following morning, we will update this article with the next video to keep everyone on track. Be sure to check out all of the episodes of the LAND OF THE FREE 2.0 series here.

Wyoming — Day 1 — FULL DRAW ON FIRST DAY


Wyoming — Day 3 — ELK STAMPEDE

Wyoming — Day 4 — SHOT FIRED

Wyoming — Day 5 — GIANT BULL AT DARK

Wyoming — Day 6 — SHOOT OR PASS


Wyoming — Day 8 — A DAY TO REMEMBER


Wyoming — Day 10 — LAST DAY with goHUNT in WYOMING

Be sure to check out Born and Raised Outdoors' YouTube page for updates on their latest videos. Also, be sure to subscribe to goHUNT's YouTube page for the latest hunt films, gear reviews, and OFFSEASON content.

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"Uncommon Ground" Elk Hunting DVD by Born and Raised

Product Description

Uncommon [uhn-kom-uhn], adjective; out of the ordinary; remarkable, unusual, exceptional.

Ground [ground], noun; an area of land designated for a particular purpose.

This new DVD from Born & Raised Outdoors features 14 over the shoulder, DIY, elk hunts filmed on public land in Oregon and Wyoming. Bonded by the camaraderie and the love of Elk hunting, they place more importance on providing for their families with the gift of meat than on the size of antlers.

Follow along as the crew from Born and Raised Outdoors hunts Roosevelt elk in the familiar woods of Oregon before leaving to find Uncommon Ground in Wyoming where they step foot on unknown soil against an unfamiliar adversary - the Rocky Mountain bulls!

Trailer - Uncommon Grounds by Born and Raised

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