Thanksgiving classroom bulletin board ideas

Thanksgiving classroom bulletin board ideas DEFAULT

Holidays like Thanksgiving are excellent opportunities for a festive bulletin board display in your classroom. Use it to display students’ art, writing, and creativity. Teachers incorporate the bulletin boards in their lesson plans to provide information and for interactive class activities.

We’ve compiled a list of the best thanksgiving bulletin board ideas with images for inspiration. Links to each project provides more information on how the teacher created the bulletin board display, the resources used and some teacher provide printables on their website.

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Ideas For Preschoolers

Set The Turkeys Free Bulletin Board

Cutesy handprint turkeys! Make a fence from white construction paper or craft sticks and let your preschoolers loose – with imaginative turkey crafts, feathers, and all.

Thankful For… Bulletin Board

thankful for bulletin board

A Thanksgiving board that’s meaningful to kids and parents. The thankful board for preschoolers is a great way to display their art and remind them what they are grateful for, for an entire month.

Mayflower Pilgrims Thanksgiving Bulletin Board

Adorable paper plate Pilgrims for Kindergarten classroom Thanksgiving bulletin board ideas. The teacher writes the kids’ names on the paper plate hats, but each child decorates their paper plate face and hat.

Food Theme Thanksgiving Bulletin Boards

What’s Cooking Bulletin Board

My absolute favorite. Hilarious! Display the 3D turkey made from butcher paper, fake ivy leaves, and tin foil as a serving dish. Then surround the turkey with kids’ recipes on how they would cook a turkey.

Corny Corny Corny Thanksgiving Bulletin Board

Kids’ sense of humor is extra hilarious and “corny.” This is one of the best ideas for Thanksgiving. The teacher made an ear of giant corn. The writing prompt was to tell what makes them laugh.

First Grade Is As Sweet As Pie

Combing creative writing and pie, you could get some interesting variations on a pie. Check the charming ruffle bulletin board border.

Turkey Theme Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Ideas

Tie-Rific Turkey Bulletin Board

If dad wondered what happened to his tie…the turkey got it! Who knew ties could make such colorful turkey tail feathers. Students brought ties they pinned to the turkey’s body.

Count The Feathers And Your Blessings Bulletin Board

Decorated feathers surround the turkey body. The students decorated the feathers as a fun homework assignment. Combining kids’ art and counting your blessings is an excellent way for teachers to help the class focus on gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Idea

Check the hat and the feet! Color and more color! The colorful board has rainbows as a border, cool grass for those cute turkey feet, and the letters are made from popsicles.

Turkeys In Disguise

So adorable! Help the turkeys escape – a cute bulletin board idea. With their parents’ help, the Kindergarten students disguised the turkeys to escape the Thanksgiving dinner. More than enough turkeys escaped using creative craft, imagination, problem-solving skills, and the support of family members.

Little Little Little Turkeys

Personalized turkeys! All you need is a classroom of kiddos to create the cutest Thanksgiving bulletin board.  Each turkey has a decorated turkey body with a picture of a student’s face. 

Reading And Library Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Ideas

Run Turkey Run Turkey Verbs

A fantastic idea – combining physical activity, reading, and learning active verbs. After reading the adorable book Run Turkey Run, the teacher created a turkey body with a circle map of turkey verbs. Students acted out the verbs while shouting the action verb. Then they transformed their turkey legs into actions.

Gobbling Up Colorful Tales

A brilliant idea to inspire students to read. Readers wrote the books they read on a colorful book die-cut; the teacher told them their die-cuts would be used in a display but kept a secret. Eagerly the students worked on their assignment during October. You should’ve seen the classroom dynamics when the students visited the thanksgiving classroom decoration and saw the turkey’s feathers.

Physical Education Information Bulletin Boards

Turkey Activity For K-Third Grade

An amazing Physical Education find for Thanksgiving! Now, this is a “stuffed” turkey! Every part of the turkey body, even its beak, and feathers is covered with science life-cycle, language, research, reading, writing, and drawing activities.

Interactive Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Idea for Writing Projects

Are you looking for pumpkin pie or stuffing in a spelling classroom? The cute turkey comes with a free template for teachers who need creative inspiration. You’ll find the Thanksgiving word wall mini cards stuck to the feathers. Attached with Velcro, students can easily remove the word they need to spell.

Gobble Up Nutrition This Season

Oh dear, all those calories! The bright feathers will draw any elementary school kid to the board. On closer inspection, you notice the bulletin board display gives the calories of the students’ favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

Thanksgiving Door Decorations

Turkey Door Display

Cute! A colorful thanksgiving themed door decoration for teachers who don’t have much time to decorate their door. All you need is a collection of bright construction paper for the feathers; don’t forget the eyes.

A Minion Reasons To Be Thankful

For minion fans, here is an excellent way to combine minions and to be thankful. The minions are dressed for the occasion!

Our Little Hands Classroom Door Display

Cute! The classroom door is covered with pre-kindergarten kids’ handprints transformed into little turkeys. Kids took home the cutest Kindergarten Keepsake card for parents with the child’s turkey handprint and a rhyme.

Thanksgiving Is First Thanks Then Giving

Stop. Think—one of the best door display ideas for Thanksgiving. A parent made the display for the class; you’ll find the resources she used on the website.

More Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Ideas

Happy Thanksminion Holiday Bulletin Boards

Happy Thanksminion! Now, that’s taking minions to another level. Check the cute minion Pilgrims and Native Americans standing under the tree with its bright leaves.

Be Thankful For Good Friends

Snoopy and little Snoopy pilgrims! Yes, Snoopy is taking refreshments to friends. Where is Charlie Brown? Mmm, perhaps on his way with the turkey.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Bulletin Board

Charlie Brown and Snoopy cooked a turkey. Favorite characters are great ideas for thanksgiving bulletin boards.

If I Had A Pet Turkey  Bulletin Board

If I had a pet turkey…A brilliant writing prompt idea for the Thanksgiving holiday. What would you do with your pet turkey on Thanksgiving?

Which bulletin board is your favorite?

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Inexpensive Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers


Teachers hardly have enough left in the budget to make sure that their students have sufficient supplies. Delegating a portion of the precious budget to decorating is simply not an option. If there is money left over for decorating it certainly isn’t enough to recreate anything too terribly extravagant. Still what is the well-intentioned teacher supposed to do in order to decorate her classroom bulletin board without spending too much money?

With a little creativity and some time there are plenty of fun bulletin board designs that can be created on a budget. Thanksgiving is certainly one of the more popular and widely anticipated holidays of the year (as are any holidays where the kids get some time off of school). So make sure that you put some thought into how you will get your kids excited about this holiday through your classroom decorations. Here are just a few ideas that you can use to inexpensively decorate your bulletin board.

Examples of inexpensive thanksgiving bulletin board ideas for teachers

Wreath A Thanksgiving wreath provides teachers with a fun way to incorporate the input of every student as well as the theme of thanksgiving. Have each child use construction paper to trace and then cut out each of their hand prints. On each hand have the students write their name and something that they are thankful for. Gather up all the hands and arrange in a circular shape on your bulletin board with the fingers facing the outside of the circle. This decorating idea uses only construction paper, staples and a few basic art supplies that you probably already have on hand.

Characters Another fun way to incorporate the thanksgiving theme into your bulletin board is to have your students re-create what could have been the first group snap-shot of the first Thanksgiving. Find a template for a Pilgrim and Native American figure that can be made by cutting simple shapes out of construction paper (such templates are easily found online). Have each child cut out or trace the parts of their person, assemble the figure, and decorate with personalized details (i.e. facial features, color in clothes, etc.) Then group all of the figures together on your bulletin board like they were posing for a group shot. You can go the extra mile and decorate your bulletin board backing like Plymouth Rock so even the setting looks authentic. You could also have a little bit more fun with this idea and have all the characters doing something different like eating food, hunting, cooking, talking, etc. Let the kids explore their creative side and imagine what they think it would have been like to be at the first thanksgiving meal.

Recycle You can’t get much less expensive with decorating than to recycle old supplies and make new bulletin board decorations. You can use any fall colored decorations or fall themed food items (such as the pumpkins that may be left over from Halloween) in your thanksgiving bulletin board. When you decorate for the fall themed holidays try to purchase or make decorations that would be appropriate for more than one holiday. Tree decorations that may typically be used in the spring can be transformed into an autumn tree with the addition of some brightly colored leaves. You may even consider sending a letter home with your students asking parents to donate any usable materials that can be recycled and used as bulletin board and classroom decorations. Look at what you have available to you when you are making your thanksgiving themed bulletin board and try to incorporate those things into your decorating ideas.

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November and Thanksgiving Bulletin Boards

Hello, readers! Now, that Halloween week is here and almost over, all eyes are on the month of gratitude.  We’ve rounded up a new crop of ideas to refresh your November and Thanksgiving bulletin boards.  If you make anything you love, please shoot us an email, and we’ll add your picture below!

(If you like this turkey illustration, check out our Thanksgiving Word Wall Pack)


Interactive Turkey Bulletin Board from The Classroom Creative

If you like this turkey…you can have his template free!

(body and feathers included!)

Turkey craft with free template! 

turkey craft for thanksgiving

Better gobble up all the science, language arts, writing, and drawing activities in this turkey craft! 

turkey science craft

Pumpkin life cycle, labeling and KWL stackable activity via TCC

Gratitude Bulletin Board via The Tiny Art Room

I am Thankful via Brilliant Beginnings Preschool

Harvest from My Hobby of Bulletin Board Decorating

Time to be Thankful from Rainbows within Reach

Tie turkey via Ann BB”S Flicker


Turkey helping hand via Pinterest 

Count feathers and blessings from The Teacher Wife

Turkey from Bulletin Board Ideas for Physical Education


We are Thankful via Sweet Pea

Thankful Turkey Bulletin Board via Story Crafting with Joy

How to Catch a Turkey via First Grade Parade

We are Thankful for via Meadows Parkway Preschool

If you are turkeyed out try this:

Sea of Thankfulness via City Year Boston Blog

Corny Corny Corny via Danver’s Shining Stars

First Grade is as Sweet as Pie via Castles and Crayons

thanksgiving bulletin boards

Run, Turkey, Run! via Turnstall Teaching Tidbits

For Thanksgiving and Fall you might also like our name tags and labels to help keep you organized. You can finds these HERE!

This is part of a bigger seasonal bundle. Find images for fall, winter, & spring HERE!  

locker labels

We have 10+ Thanksgiving literacy activities for your classrooms and homeschools!

Stop here to grab 5 FREE printables for your classrooms and homeschools via TCC

For the next 25 bulletin boards, stop by here!

Stay connected with us for the latest and greatest here at The Classroom Creative:

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THANKSGIVING Bulletin Board- Preschool/Classroom Decoration Ideas

If you want to create a Thanksgiving bulletin board for your classroom, I've got some ideas for you to try. This will be a growing collection of Thanksgiving bulletin boards. There will be lots of cut-outs of turkeys and harvest dishes. The main color you would need is brown but you can add other complementary colors to it like yellow and orange. A little bit of burgundy or maroon blends well too.

Thankgiving classroom color theme: brown, yellow, and orange

I love to find awesome teacher-created uses for classroom resources. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commision for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making Thanksgiving bulletin boards. By the way, when making bulletin boards, you have to have the best tools. I put together some helpful laminating tips in this blog post. See the Thanksgiving paper lanterns from the picture above here. #ad

A thanksgiving turkey craft can be made into a bulletin board display. Students can write what they are thankful for on the feathers, then stick them to the turkey. This craft has turkey cut-outs and feathers #ad that are made of thick, good quality paper and the feathers come in a wide variety of nice colors that complement each other.

Thanksgiving bulletin board cut-outs #ad

Thanksgiving paper fan bulletin board #ad This set has both fans and matching cut-outs.

Thanksgiving bulletin board 'Be Thankful For...'. See the acorn #ad and turkey cut-outs #ad on Amazon.

Thanksgiving bulletin boards can highlight harvest time. These Fall and pumpkin accents by Carson Dellosa are used to make this harvest time bulletin board.

Thanksgiving classroom door This bulletin board for doors is readymade. You can also make a Thanksgiving door design from scratch like this turkey door above.

This teacher made an 'I Am Thankful For...' tree and students wrote their thankful notes on the leaves #ad.

These letter cut outs were used for this 'Give Thanks' classroom bulletin board for Thanksgiving.

I love the colors used on thanksgiving wall of gratitude bulletin board. Each student got to write about his/her own gratitude on a cut out.

You may also be interested in Thanksgiving themed printables. I created some ELA printables for this theme here

Every item here is a downloadable file that you would get instant access to upon purchase.
You might like my Thanksgiving joke book for your students. It has funny but kind jokes that are clean and safe for children. Many joke books out there are NOT for kids. It is available on Amazon in a paperback or a Kindle version. If you have Kindle Unlimited, then the ebook is free on your Kindle app and your kids can read it right away.

More ideas will be added soon.


Ideas bulletin board thanksgiving classroom

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool

Kids’ art is the main focus of these Thanksgiving bulletin board ideas. Your students will love helping you create a holiday display for the classroom!

Related: Preschool Thanksgiving Activities

A big expanse of cork board. Just staring at you. And your creativity feels just out of reach.

Sometimes coming up with bulletin board ideas feels like that, right?

Well, let me ease your bulletin board induced worries. Because it doesn’t have to be that hard, I promise!

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Ideas

As I mentioned above, creating your Thanksgiving display doesn’t need to be difficult.

It should be fun . . . both for you and your students!

Kid-Created Bulletin Boards

You should definitely get the kids involved in the board creation process.

In fact, why not base the turkey day bulletin board around your students’ artwork?! You can even spice it up by including modeled writing projects or interactive writing bulletin board labels.

I’m a big believer in displaying the children’s work all around the classroom. This includes special art projects, everyday drawings, writing, collaborative projects, etc.

Their work should be the bulk of classroom decorations. Adult-created bulletin boards just aren’t as engaging or meaningful for the children.

Now, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t be the one to arrange and staple up the artwork. I only mean that the kids’ work should comprise the main part of the bulletin board.

In the end, you’ll have a fully completed bulletin board AND the kids will be able to see their work proudly displayed. That’s a win-win in my book.

Thanksgiving Bulletin Boards for Preschool

Now that you know why I’m all about children’s work on display, let’s jump into the Thanksgiving bulletin boards ideas.

Pick your favorite one and get creating!

Put together a Thanksgiving bulletin board with crayon and watercolor art about what the kids are thankful for.

Pair the kids’ turkey tracks art with stories about where they’d hide if they were turkeys. Take a look at the turkey tracks in action:

Create a colorful harvest-themed bulletin board by having each of the students make a corn mosaic.

Corn painting can be turned into cobs for a corn-themed Thanksgiving display.

This scented pumpkin process art can be cut into pie shapes for a pumpkin pie bulletin board.

Make a hand print and footprint turkey with each of the children and then add them to the board.

A sticky paper turkey display would make a super fun interactive bulletin board for the kids.

Have each child create their own colorful feathers. Then the kids can work together to create one large turkey body on a bulletin board, adding each of the feathers to the turkey.

This amazing cardboard turkey craft is a must on a list of Thanksgiving bulletin board ideas!

Let the children delve into painting leaves. Once the leaves are dried, work with them to write something they’re thankful for. You can create your own “thankful tree” as a display.

Now the only question is where to start!

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Sayings

I have to admit, when it comes to naming things I am just not that creative. This definitely holds true for labeling bulletin boards.

So I often like to have a list of possible bulletin board sayings thought out ahead of time. Here are some possibilities to include with your Thanksgiving bulletin board ideas:

  • Our Class is as Sweet as Pie
  • Run, Turkey, Run
  • Let’s Talk Turkey
  • Thankful for Our Little Turkeys
  • Gobble, Gobble, Gobble
  • We are Thankful
  • Birds of a Feather
  • Bushels of Thanks
  • Don’t Be a Turkey
  • Cornucopia of Thanks

Of course, you don’t really need a special label on your bulletin board. It’s okay to keep it super simple.

In fact, it might be fun to just ask the kids what to call their art display. Sometimes they have the best answers!

Which of these Thanksgiving bulletin board ideas, and bulletin board sayings, are your favorite?

Done-For-You Preschool Resources

The holidays can be a stressful, busy time . . . especially for teachers! Let Preschool Teacher 101 ease some of your stress and give you back some of your free time.

Be sure to check out the membership options, as well as all of the resources that are available. Here are a few to get you started (click on the images below for more information about each):

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Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Ideas !

Fall and Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Displays
For Elementary School Classrooms

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Display Ideas

November Classroom Calendar,
Autumn Sticker Charts, and Fun Puzzle Activities

Fall Leaves Divider

Fall and Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Displays For Elementary School Classroomsblue bullet point Welcome to my Fall and Thanksgiving bulletin board displays page.

blue bullet point This page contains teaching resources that will help you to decorate your classroom and create an engaging learning environment for your students during the month of November.

blue bullet point On this page you will find a November calendar set, turkey and cornucopia sticker charts, and a variety of Thanksgiving puzzles for your students to solve.

blue bullet point I hope that these autumn classroom and bulletin board displays will help you to create a colorful fall harvest environment inside your classroom during the month of November.

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Click here to download my FREE November pocket chart classroom calendar set.

Click here to go to my
Free Printable Classroom Calendars page.

Note: On the above page, you will find links to download all 12
of my FREE classroom calendar sets for January - December!

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November and Thanksgiving Calendar Set for Elementary School Teachers Buy Now Button

November Calendar Set

 Add to Cart

Click on the Add to Cart button above to purchase this November calendar set.
Your purchase will be emailed to you and then you can download it instantly.
Print as many copies as you want! Save and reuse forever!

Thanksgiving and November Calendar Title For Pocket Charts

November and Thanksgiving Classroom Calendar Set For Elementary School Teachers Using Pocket Charts

The first thing that teachers do each month
is change their classroom calendars.

November Classroom Calendar For Elementary School Teachersblue bullet pointAbove is an example of my printable monthly calendar for November. I have designed the calendar templates in this holiday calendar to fit inside the monthly calendar pocket charts that many teachers use.

blue bullet point The large November calendar title is a 2 page banner template that is glued together and cut out.

blue bullet point This printable calendar set for November includes large calendar templates for the 7 days of the week: Monday (shown above), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

blue bullet point This printable calendar set for November includes smaller calendar pieces for the 7 days of the week that will fit inside your calendar pocket chart.

blue bullet point The square calendar number dates (1-31) also fit inside pocket charts. There are square birthday calendar templates for you to print and write your students' names and birthdays on. This set includes a printable blank calendar piece for you to use for a variety of different purposes.

blue bullet point There are 11 printable calendar pages in this November teaching resources calendar set.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Sticker Chart Templates Buy Now Button

Turkey Sticker Chart Set

 Add to Cart

Click on the Add to Cart button above to buy these Thanksgiving teaching resources.
Your purchase will be emailed to you and then you can download it instantly.
Print as many copies as you want! Save and reuse forever!

Turkey Sticker Chart

This 5 page banner is included for free in this set of Thanksgiving bulletin board displays.

Fun Turkey and Thanksgiving Sticker Charts and Templates for Kidsblue bullet pointEncourage your students to work towards achieving a goal that you set for them this November by using these fun Thanksgiving turkey sticker charts.

blue bullet pointThis Gobble Up Good Work turkey sticker chart set includes a 5 page bulletin board display banner, a color turkey template, and a black and white turkey template. Cut out your students' sticker chart templates along the thick black border and you will have unique turkey shaped sticker charts to record your students' progress towards reaching a goal that you set for them this November.

blue bullet point These Thanksgiving sticker charts can be used for a variety of different purposes during the month of November: homework, reading, math, spelling, or good citizenship.

blue bullet point There are 15 sticker chart spaces on the turkey's body. This set of Thanksgiving bulletin board displays includes:

  • black and white turkey sticker chart template
  • color turkey sticker chart template
  • 5 page bulletin board display banner (shown above)

Turkey Sticker Charts

Thanksgiving Turkey Sticker Chart Color Template

Turkey Thanksgiving Sticker Chart Templates for Elementary School Teachers

Thanksgiving Turkey Sticker Chart Black and White Template

Fall Leaves Divider

Fall, Autumn, and Thanksgiving Cornucopia Sticker Chart Buy Now

Fall Into Good Habits Sticker Chart Set

 Add to Cart

Click on the Add to Cart button above to buy these Fall teaching resources.
Your purchase will be emailed to you and then you can download it instantly.
Print as many copies as you want! Save and reuse forever!

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Sticker Chart Templates Display

This 5 page banner is included for free in this set of Thanksgiving bulletin board displays.

Fall Cornucopia Sticker Charts for Kidsblue bullet pointEncourage your students to work towards achieving a goal that you set for them this autumn by using these colorful cornucopia sticker charts.

blue bullet point Cut out your students' Fall Into Good Habits cornucopia sticker chart templates along the thick black border and you will have unique autumn sticker charts to record your students' progress towards reaching a goal that you set for them this fall.

blue bullet point These autumn sticker charts can be used for a variety of different purposes during the month of November: homework, reading, math, spelling, or good citizenship.

blue bullet point There are 10 sticker chart spaces inside the cornucopia. This set of Thanksgiving bulletin board displays includes:

  • black and white cornucopia sticker chart template
  • color cornucopia sticker chart template
  • 5 page bulletin board display banner (shown above)

Thanksgiving Sticker Chart Fall Into Good Habits

Fall Cornucopia Sticker Chart Color Template

Fall and Thanksgiving Sticker Charts Cornucopia Templates

Fall Cornucopia Sticker Chart Black and White Template

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Thanksgiving and Wordsearch and Crossword Puzzle Worksheets

Thanksgiving 5 Puzzle Set

 Add to Cart

Click on the Add to Cart button above to buy these 5 Thanksgiving puzzles.
Your purchase will be emailed to you and then you can download it instantly.
Print as many copies as you want! Save and reuse forever!

Puzzle #1

blue bullet point This Thanksgiving Wordsearch Puzzle includes 20 Thanksgiving terms for students to find. Students use the left over letters to solve the riddle at the bottom: "Why didn't the turkey eat dessert? He was stuffed." An answer key is provided.

Thanksgiving Wordsearch Puzzle

Thumb Tacks

Puzzle #2

blue bullet point This Thanksgiving Mixed-Up Letters Puzzle includes 15 Thanksgiving words that have been mixed up. Students use the letter boxes to solve the riddle at the bottom: "Why did they let the turkey join the band? He had the drumsticks." An answer key is provided.

Thanksgiving Mixed Up Letters Puzzle

Thumb Tacks

Puzzle #3

blue bullet point This Thanksgiving Riddle Puzzle has a secret letter code that students have to solve. Students use the letters of the alphabet to solve the riddle at the bottom: "What kind of music did the Pilgrims listen to? They listened to Plymouth Rock." An answer key is provided.

Thanksgiving Puzzle Riddle

Thumb Tacks

Puzzle #4

blue bullet point This Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle includes 17 Thanksgiving clues. An answer key is provided.

Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

Thumb Tacks

Puzzle #5

blue bullet point For this Thanksgiving Maze, students have to help the Pilgrims find the Mayflower. An answer key is provided.

Thanksgiving Puzzle Maze
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Fall and Thanksgiving Teaching Resources that are available on my website:

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Thanksgiving Teaching Resources for Elementary School Teachers

Thank you for visiting my Thanksgiving bulletin board displays page.

Please be sure to check out the other pages on Unique
Teaching Resources
for a large variety of fun lesson plan activities
that will engage your students in learning and save you valuable time.

Heidi McDonald

Creator and Website Manager
Unique Teaching Resources

Engage Your Students In Learning

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Thanksgiving Lesson Plans for Elementary School Teachers

If you are interested in viewing the other
Thanksgiving teaching resources that are available
on my website, click on the links that are found below.

Fall and Thanksgiving Teaching Resources Information Page

Fall and Thanksgiving Powerpoint Lesson Plans

Fall and Thanksgiving English Teaching Resources

Fall and Thanksgiving Math Teaching Resources

Fall and Thanksgiving Printable Worksheets

Fall and Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Displays

Thanksgiving and November Writing Prompts

Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving Lesson Plans Page

Thanksgiving, Fall, and Autumn Lesson Plans, Ideas, and Activities

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You will also like:

Thanksgiving Bulletin Boards You’ll be Thankful For

Does your Thanksgiving bulletin board represent everything that’s great about the season? Make Thanksgiving a time in your classroom where students reflect on blessings rather than problems. What you and your students will find is that true joy is waiting on the other side of a thankful heart. Classroom dynamics are always different each year, but I love Thanksgiving because it’s a great time to teach my students one of the most important lessons they’ll receive all year. Joy and thankfulness go hand in hand!

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board

  • Thanksgiving Bulletin Board
  • Thanksgiving Bulletin Board2

Starting the design process I knew that I wanted to highlight all the warm colors of fall. Rich browns, reds, and oranges warm up my heart and make me feel like I can already smell pumpkin pie. Or maybe that’s my pumpkin candle? Or my pumpkin spice latte? Who knows – pumpkins are everywhere this time of year.

Once I had my color scheme in place, I wanted to give teachers two options – but each time I wanted thankfulness to take center stage. This gives you the option to change your bulletin board from year to the next – saving you money but still letting you feel like the board is fresh year after year.

Another small tweak that you can make is switching out the black and white polka dot banner. I like to keep my banners simple so they don’t distract from the main message of the board. In my Holiday Bulletin Board Bundle, I have 10 bulletin boards and many of those banners can be switched to keep this board fresh.

If your kiddos are anything like mine their minds like to wander, why not use a board that will constantly push their minds to becoming better human beings? I’ve heard it said that a heart full of thanks never has room to fit anger or bitterness. Wouldn’t it be a dream to describe our classes that way?

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Posters

  • Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Posters2
  • Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Posters3
  • Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Posters

If a full bulletin board isn’t available in your classroom or your distance learning set up, a better option might be Holiday posters. Each of these 9 8″ x 8″ posters spread Thanksgiving cheer. My favorite thing about using the Holiday posters is the versatility you have to cover the entire room with Thanksgiving bliss! These are also perfect for a distance learning set up – with 9 options you can use 2 per day and have enough to rotate for almost an entire week!

If you’re looking to blow up one of these posters, check out the easy steps in my How to Print Classroom Posters blog.

I don’t know if anything screams Thanksgiving like family, turkey, and pumpkin pie. I wanted these posters to bring back memories of family gatherings from your childhood. Each poster is outlined with a warm rustic wood that would make Joanna proud!

More Bulletin Board Material

As I mentioned earlier, there’s a Holiday Bulletin Board Bundle that will make things simple for you all year long. The bundle includes 9 other bulletin boards in addition to the Thanksgiving bulletin board shown above. When you hit the motivation wall in November you’ll be thankful that you already have your bulletin board crossed off your list for the entire year!

Holiday Bulletin Board Bundle

If you prefer the idea of decorating with posters you need to check out my Holiday Poster Bundle which also includes 10 sets of holiday posters. Each holiday has 9 posters for a total of 90 posters to keep your classroom fresh all year long!

Holiday Poster Bundle

I clearly love Thanksgiving – who doesn’t love feasting with family and reflecting on blessings? Let me know in the comments below, how do you decorate for Thanksgiving? More than just decorating, let me know how you set a culture of thankfulness in your classroom!

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