Diy wooden can crusher plans

Diy wooden can crusher plans DEFAULT

Introduction: Wooden Can Crusher

This is a fun project you can make in an afternoon with just scrap wood and the right tools. I used Cherry and Sapele mainly.

You will need the appropriate amount of wood, three bolts with washers and nuts, and something to crush. Drink up!

Overall the little crusher does a good job, and was super easy to build.


Scrap wood, nuts, bolts, and washers

Step 1: Cut Out Pieces From Wood and PVC

Here are the pieces you will need to cut out.

I used a router circle jig to cut the crusher head. It does not have to be perfect, nor round.

For the can holder, I used a piece of PVC pipe that was just large enough for a can. You can use a coping saw, or hack saw to cut the PVC.

Step 2: Attach the Can Holder to the Base

If you are using a router circle jig to cut the crusher head, use the same settings on the jig to cut the indention for the can holder. I used E6000 adhesive to hold it in place, though it was very snug to begin with.

Step 3: Assemble the Pieces, and Dry Fit Together

Since I made this without a pattern, I had to do a lot of adjusting on the fly to figure out the length to make the crushing arms, the handle, and where to drill all of the holes. You can get a good idea of where the holes need to be by looking at my pictures.

Step 4: Finished Project

The Can Crusher in Action

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Scrap Wood Challenge – DIY Can Crusher

Good morning!

If you are a new reader, WELCOME – and if you are a regular here then WAZZZZAAAAP! Today I am part of a scrap wood challenge with some of the biggest and best names in DIY blogging! I totally don’t fit in, but am nonetheless thrilled to be participating. The parameters for the challenge were to only use scrap wood that you had in your workshop – no new wood. Beyond that, go wild! If you have some scrap wood but you don’t know what to do with it, click here for some more ideas.

If you have followed along with my blog, or follow me on Pinterest at all, then you’ll know that scrap wood projects are my absolute FAV. I love using what would otherwise be useless wood to create something cute, useful or just plain different.

Today is no exception.

I knew that the other bloggers participating would come up with gorgeous projects like playhouses and patio sets using a few 2×2 scraps and a stapler (they really are amazing enough to be able to do that!), so I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring with a “different” project.

Different, but totally useful.

I mean, who doesn’t need a can crusher right?

I found the building plans for my DIY can crusher over at Rockler, so I can’t share the measurements or specifics here, but I can show you a few steps.

First off, this project is actually pretty easy – but the plans are a tad intimidating, so I decided to cut enough scrap wood to make two DIY can crushers, knowing that I’d need a mulligan at some point.

DIY Can Crusher, scrap wood challenge, scrap wood project, recycling, can compress

Here we have some red oak, some pressure treated, a bit of ¾” plywood and yes, I even have scrap dowels.

The building plans called for some hardware I’ve never used before, but hey, it’s all about fun and learning right?

DIY Can Crusher, scrap wood challenge, scrap wood project, recycling, can compress

I also had the opportunity to bring out the drill press that my Dad bought for Hubby years ago (and we’ve never used). Another learning experience – for instance; this is me drilling into the WRONG side of the DIY can crusher jaws. (facepalm)

DIY Can Crusher, scrap wood challenge, scrap wood project, recycling, can compress

I also had a chance to play with my barely used router…

DIY Can Crusher, scrap wood challenge, scrap wood project, recycling, can compress

yes, I could have chewed a better roundover than this. Mulligan #2 I’d say.

DIY Can Crusher, scrap wood challenge, scrap wood project, recycling, can compress

Eventually I got my groove back (thanks to a lot of sanding) and was able to start piecing together my scrap wood challenge submission.

DIY Can Crusher, scrap wood challenge, scrap wood project, recycling, can compress

I decided to use a bit of outdoor stain on the base frame to make it a little less of an eyesore with all of those different woods. I had some purple-ish stuff in the garage.

A couple of bolts here, a bit of epoxy there and done! (wrong holes and all!)

DIY Can Crusher, scrap wood challenge, scrap wood project, recycling, can compress

Now for the true test – because really, a can crusher is only useful if it actually works right?

Yup, prototype #1 was thrown across the yard in a fit of excitement to build DIY can crusher 2.0.

DIY Can Crusher, scrap wood challenge, scrap wood project, recycling, can compress

It works!

I mean of course it works, I’m a credible DIY blogger right? lol

DIY Can Crusher, scrap wood challenge, scrap wood project, recycling, can compress

The long, perfectly routed handle (ahem) makes crushing cans simple. My girls (10 and 12) came out and were crushing away.

DIY Can Crusher, scrap wood challenge, scrap wood project, recycling, can compress

DIY Can Crusher, scrap wood challenge, scrap wood project, recycling, can compress

When we ran out of cans (we really don’t drink very much pop), we started crushing water bottles and juice boxes.

DIY Can Crusher, scrap wood challenge, scrap wood project, recycling, can compress

That’s going to take up a lot less space in your recycling bin right?

Because my scrap wood challenge submission doesn’t work very well if it isn’t mounted on a vertical surface, I decided to attach it to Hubby’s garage shelving – right next to his beer fridge.

DIY Can Crusher, scrap wood challenge, scrap wood project, recycling, can compress

Bring on Summer baby!

If you want to see my scrap wood challenge DIY can crusher in action, this is me crushing everything I could get my hands on.

Check out the other amazing participants in the scrap wood challenge:

scrap wood challenge

scrap wood challenge

scrap wood challenge

scrap wood challenge

scrap wood challenge

Have a great one!

Too funny, lmao

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Simple Can Crusher

Crushing aluminum cans is quick and easy for Mike Steele, South Elgin, Ill., who made a heavy-duty, hand-operated can crusher out of treated scrap wood.
  “I just push down on a hinged handle to crush the can against a diamond steel plate. The compressed can falls through a slot at the back of a trough and down into a bucket,” says Steele.
  He started with a 3-ft. long 2 by 10 and cut out part of it to form the handle. The rest of the 2 by 10 is nailed to a 2 by 4. The 2 by 4 is hinged at the top and matches up with another 2 by 4 that’s lag screwed to his garage’s wall. The diamond steel plate is screwed to the bottom of the board, which has a small wooden trough nailed onto it at the bottom to hold the can.
  “It really works good – the long handle provides a lot of leverage which makes crushing the can an almost effortless job,” says Steele. “My son Colton helped me build it. It’s built a lot stronger than cheap, store-bought can crushers and should last a long time.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mike Steele, 529 North Dr., South Elgin, Ill. 60177 (ph 847 774-2979; [email protected]).

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To read the rest of this story, download this issue below or click here to register with your account number.

2014 - Volume #38, Issue #4
Pallet Wood Can Crusher

20 Ways To Build A DIY Can Crusher From Home

So, how important is it to have a can crusher at home? Some people may debate its importance, but I believe if you are viewing this post then you probably need one for yourself, so welcome to this DIY guide.

We have listed 20 methods that will teach you how to make a DIY can crusher. Making one isn’t as hard as it seems. Go through this article, make your preferred pick and start building.

20 Ways To Build A DIY Can Crusher From Home

1. DIY Pneumatic Can Crusher

So this video guide starts off big, with a bench grinder, this was to sharpen the spade bit that the creator used to make holes on ¾" plywood. The making process is super easy to follow, and this project will require some advanced woodworking tools.

2. DIY Shop-Made Can Crusher

This is a wooden shop-made can crusher, it's made out of some pieces of plywood, it has a handle that controls the crushing block. The crushing block is built on another wooden base to make it sturdy when you're cruising the cans.

You'll also need to use your feet to crush because you might hurt your fingers if you press down with your hands to crush the cans. It's a simple design, portable, and pretty easy build. The only downside is that it can crush just 1 can at a time.

3. DIY Pallet Wood Can Crusher

This is a vertical can crusher made from pallet wood. It's super-efficient and can crush 2 cans at once. Some simple and easy-going woodworking tools were used so it's not an expert woodworking project, anyone can build this, even a beginner.

The creator added a routered channel for the pin he used this helped the plunger stay properly aligned, and when you press the handle down, the block goes down and crushes the can effortlessly.

4. Free DIY Can Crusher

So, if you wanna crush some cans, get rid of them littering your space, and you don't want to spend money buying or making one, then you should try this guide, the creator made this can crusher for free.

He used 2 pieces of woodblock, a door hinge, and 2 empty cans. He cut out the can lid and attached them to the end of the woodblock, then put the hinge on the other end to enable him open and close the structure. It's super quick and easy to make and you don't have to spend a dime.

5. How To Make Aluminum Can Crusher

5. How To Make Aluminum Can Crusher

The creator of this guide decided to take his project a step further and built an aluminum can crusher.  You'll need two 16 inches long 2x4 wood boards, a drill to make holes, hinges, screws, a cabinet handle, 2 jar lids, and an hour of your day. It's pretty quick and easy to make, and it’s also efficient in crushing any can.

Click for more details

6. DIY Simple Can Crusher

6. DIY Simple Can Crusher

The creator of this guide wanted a can crusher that was easy to access, easy to use, and super effective. He made a wooden can crusher that was attached to the outside wall of his house. So, all he has to do is walk by, put a can in, and push the long handle to crush the can.

The only downside is that the structure is big and takes up a lot of space but yet can only crush 1 big can at a time.

Click for more details

7. DIY Wooden Can Crusher

7. DIY Wooden Can Crusher

For this project, you'll need lots of scrap wood, a large PVC pipe, 3 bolts, nuts, and washers. The wooden can crusher was easy to build and it does a great job in crushing any kind of can, with the law of gravity by its side. You'll also need adhesive to glue some of the wood pieces to each other.

Click for more details

8. DIY Simple Can Crusher

13. DIY Arduino Controller Can Crusher

You want to get a can crusher up and running right away, how about you try out this guide and build a can crusher in 15 minutes. You'll need wood, a hinge, screws, a drill, and a handsaw. This is a simple woodworking project, easy for anyone to do.

Click for more details

9. DIY Pneumatic Can Crusher

So, this pneumatic can crusher worked out just fine. The controls were effective and they can crush at least 2 cans at once. The creator used a PVC pipe and PVC pipe end cap. It's an air-powered can crusher with a control switch, so you can stay a few steps away and crush your CNS with ease with a simple press of a button.

10. How To Make A Hydraulic Can Crusher

First off, the creator built a frame to accommodate the crushing syringes. The creator made some wood boards but didn't really show us how he did it, so I guess you're going to have to figure that one out by looking at the design. He also used some bolts, nuts, tubing, 4 syringes, and scissors. It's a cool design although the crushing process seems stressful.

11. Can Crusher DIY

This is a simple can crusher design, with your wood pieces ready you can assemble in minutes. You need to also check the video guide to see the dimensions for the wood boards. You can also attach it to the wall and simply crush a can with the handle, lifting it up to take the can, and pressing it down to crush it.

12. Homemade Wooden Can Crusher

This video guide produced a more durable and sturdy can crusher because the creator made something similar years ago and decided to improve on the design and mechanical function. So, it's more effective and faster than ever. It's a simple homemade wooden can crusher.

13. DIY Arduino Controller Can Crusher

13. DIY Arduino Controller Can Crusher

This guide is a bit more technical although, if you follow the creator's steps carefully, you will understand the setup. It's a high-end luxury can crusher. The creator used a lot of stuff for this like a plastic clothesline pulley, wood, 1602 LCD screen, cable wrap, project box, motor controller, protoboard, pins, wire, Arduino, lock washers, and lots more. This can crusher can crush up to 6 cans at once and everything goes into a bin below.

Click for more details

14. Can Crusher Made From Wood And Metal

14. Can Crusher Made From Wood And Metal

This can crusher is super easy to make, it's unique from the others on this list, portable and can crush up to 3 cans or more. The materials and tools needed are a metal strap, wooden strap, bolts, a drill, measuring tape, an electric saw, a staple gun, and a few more tools.

Click for more details

15. DIY Can Crusher From Crap

15. DIY Can Crusher From Crap

The creator of this guide made his can crusher from a pile of crap, now the problem with that is that the crap he has might not be the same crap you have, so in order to make this can crusher you'll need to find the craps he used.

Click for more details

16. How To Make A Simple Can Crusher

This is one of the most effective can crushers on this list, the number of cans you can crush in one sitting is unlimited. The creator made this crusher with a large iron pipe, some iron rods, metal straps, a welder, metal sheets, and everything metal you can find. The way it works makes it easy to crush lots of cans at once.

17. Homemade Can Crusher

Here is another amazing homemade wooden can crusher. It's easy to make and can only crush a can at a time. It's portable and has a flexible handle.

18. DIY Can Crusher With PVC Pipes

So this is a can crusher made with PVC pipes, PVC pipe elbows, a wood board for the base, and a few other supplies. The downside with this crusher is that the pipe is small and might not be strong enough to crush cans for a long time, so it's a no! for durability.

19. Homemade Can Crusher

This is a big can crusher, it's easy to build, but too big and heavy to carry around. The creator used a small car wheel and made it in such a way that as the wheel turns the block goes back and forth crushing anything in front of it.

20. Homemade Can Crusher

This is an amazing can crusher, it’s quite portable, the creator used a pneumatic piston, flat steel, a male hose coupler pneumatic fitting, an NPT silencer, and two high-end pieces of equipment. The making process is simple to follow and it's an effective can crusher for anyone.


That's all for now on the can crusher ideas, as you can see they are pretty easy to build and can function with any material respectively. Have fun crushing, and thanks for stopping by see ya! If you have any questions or contributions regarding this article, feel free to use the comments section below.


Wooden can plans diy crusher

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Can Crusher EASY to MAKE

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