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Greed Corp

Greed Corp

February 24, 2010
[Xbox Live Arcade] Why share when you can have it all? Greed Corp is an online multiplayer strategy game in which you battle for dominance over a world once rich in resources. In order to prevail, exhaust all the remaining resources to build an army, and then use the depleted collapsing terrain to your advantage. An extensive campaign mode and multiple unlockables prepare you to take the battle online. Will you defend your territory or sacrifice it to keep it out of enemy hands? Manage the finite available resources to build your army and use the unique collapsing terrain mechanic to your advantage, all while the mist grows closer. [Valcon Games]
Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment

Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment

January 20, 2010
[Xbox Live Arcade] Konami's legendary tactical role-playing game (RPG) series returns with Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment on Xbox LIVE Arcade! On the continent of Sostegaria, two rival kingdoms stand on the brink of war. Caught in the tide of battle is young orphan Tobias Martin. Driven to defend his homeland, and to avenge those already fallen, Tobias enlists with his comrades to fight for peace. But all is not what it seems, and they face a threat far deadlier—and closer—than they know. [Konami]
Chaotic: Shadow Warriors

Chaotic: Shadow Warriors

November 10, 2009
The videogame, based on the popular trading card game and animated television series Chaotic, is a thrilling and highly addictive blend of exploratory action, role playing and turn-based strategic gameplay. In Chaotic: Shadow Warriors players take on the role of Tom, the lead character from the animated series, and explore the vast world of Perim, scouring the lush environments for powerful Mugic (magic) spells, Battlegear and new Creatures to collect. The single player story, created by the TV show's writers, lets players engage in intense and dramatic battles while watching their favorite characters come to life. [Activision]
Panzer General: Allied Assault

Panzer General: Allied Assault

October 21, 2009
[Xbox Live Arcade] Panzer General is back with an all-new turn-based strategy game in Panzer General: Allied Assault! For the first time on Xbox LIVE® Arcade, recreate actual battles during the last phase of World War II and experience the dramatic events of D-Day as they unfold in your hands. Build, customize, and fight with your personalized deck of 60 cards. Play with a friend in multiplayer mode, gain access to special units and cards, and become a Panzer General. [Ubisoft]
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers

October 16, 2009
An extension of the world's premier trading card game, Magic: The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers' brings a pulse-pounding mix of strategic thinking, fantastic artwork, and arcade-style thrills to Xbox LIVE Arcade. Experience an epic game of fantasy and strategy, as never before, when you take on the mantle of a planeswalker - a powerful mage capable of traversing the infinite planes of existence - and forge your destiny! [Wizards of the Coast]
Worms 2: Armageddon

Worms 2: Armageddon

July 1, 2009
[Xbox Live Arcade] Ten years on from Worms Armageddon and the turn-based mayhem and destruction continues! Worms 2: Armageddon is the most fully-featured digital version of the game ever. With four player online and offline multiplayer, voice support, a raft of new weapons (including the return of some iconic weapons from the past), all-new high-definition landscape themes, new play modes, hats, skins, speech-banks, loads of other customization and to top it all off, a highly-involving single player experience with tutorials, deathmatches, races, fort games, and puzzles. It's a package as high on fun as it is destruction. [Team17 Software]
Death Tank

Death Tank

February 18, 2009
[Xbox Live Arcade] Death Tank is a fast-paced action game that rewards quick reflexes and cunning strategy. Devastating weapons and unique items give your tank unlimited destructive power. Eight separate landscapes react to tank combat, altering their shape when hit and providing an ever-changing environment in which to play. Battle with up to four friends on the same console, against multiple A.I. opponents in single-player combat, or up to eight tanks simultaneously in the Death Tank arena via Xbox LIVE for exciting co-op or chaotic free-for-all play! Crisp graphics and amazing effects coupled with fast-paced game play makes each battle a visceral experience. [Snowblind Studios]
Zoids Assault

Zoids Assault

September 9, 2008
Zoids Assault is a gritty militaristic strategy RPG featuring enormous beasts of steel, exclusively for the Xbox 360. Manage a team of elite war machines through a campaign of intense military conflicts. Advanced upgrade and customization options combine with challenging objective-based gameplay to offer a fresh new strategy RPG and a daring new vision of the long-running Zoids universe. Commanders, start your engines (of war)! [Atlus]
Spectral Force 3

Spectral Force 3

July 29, 2008
Magic Era: 996. The ten kingdoms of the land, seizing the opportunity provided by Overlord Janus's death, are attempting to unify the continent under their own banners. This is the beginning of the Great Neverland War. In order to bolster their defenses, kingdoms have begun hiring mercenary units. As new members of the Norius Mercenaries, you and your friend Diaz are eager to prove yourselves. When the squad's commander Judo is mortally wounded in battle, the mantle of leadership is entrusted to you, and so the adventure begins. The long-running strategy RPG series enters the next generation of gaming. Over 50 hours of gameplay spanning more than 150 challenging missions. Up to 40 different characters to recruit into your party, each with their own unique individual attacks. Craft Your Items – collect and assemble different components to form new accessories. [Atlus USA]
Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

July 8, 2008
Civilization Revolution offers players a chance to experience the epic empire-building world of Civilization in an all new accessible, visually immersive, and action-packed world specifically designed for the console and handheld gamer. Delivering Civilization's renowned epic single-player campaigns featuring vast re-playability and unmatched addictive gameplay as well as revolutionary features like real-time interaction with leaders and advisors, extensive multiplayer capabilities and integrated video and voice chat, it transports the Civilization series to a level of gameplay that fans have never seen before. Some of the key features that resonate with fans of strategy games and the Civilization franchise include 16 civilizations to master and lead to victory, an array of famous historical leaders to play as or compete against, and accessible maps and streamlined time scale for quicker games, intense combat, and constant action. In online multiplayer mode, players compete for world conquest and glory among their peers as they battle in teams, head-to-head or epic free-for-all matches. In addition, auto-matching, ranked games, leaderboards, achievements, downloadable extra content and integrated video and voice chat make the online play more versatile and fun than any previous version of Civilization and will allow players to see where they stand against the competition. Finally, the position of ruler of the world can be settled online. [2K Games]
Operation Darkness

Operation Darkness

June 24, 2008
Enter an alternate WWII-era world where history and fantasy collide. Leading an army of ruthless officers and unearthly creatures, Adolf Hitler marches through Europe, leaving behind a trail of death and destruction. With his powers on the rise and his armies on the move, it falls on you and your team of elite soldiers to cut deep into the heart of the Third Reich and strike a fatal blow to Hitler's ever-growing legion of evil. Lead the Offensive. Brave dozens of missions, confront supernatural creatures, and discover mystical powers as you progress through a sweeping campaign of drama and mystery. A Strategy-RPG with an Emphasis on Tactics. With a vast arsenal of historical weapons and a large team of specialized characters at their disposal, players will have to consider every variable as they plan their method of attack – using the environment to your advantage is imperative. High-definition visuals, fully-voiced dialogue, and in-game cutscenes deliver a true next-generation experience. [Atlus USA]
Commanders: Attack of the Genos

Commanders: Attack of the Genos

February 13, 2008
Commanders: Attack of the Genos is an accessible turn-based tactical battle game providing challenge for all levels of players. The genetically enhanced army of the Genos have decided to attack Earth. With your powerful Commander unit, use Missile Launchers, Bombers, Infantry, and other attack units to cripple the enemy and defend your territory—online or off. Specialized attack units: Fifteen different units are provided to serve alongside your Commander unit. Use the units' unique powers to conquer the Genos. Fight fifteen different missions sprawling across three different landscapes, with two levels of difficulty for ease of play. Three intense multiplayer modes are included, allowing up to four players in Versus mode. Try the Team Play mode, or take on Skirmish with a friend on the same system. The game has two distinct endings to encourage replayability. The science-fiction setting features a gorgeous 30s Art Deco style. It's a blast from the past into the future. [Sierra Online]
Culdcept Saga

Culdcept Saga

February 5, 2008
Culdcept SAGA follows the journey of a princess and unlikely hero trying to bring peace back to their beleaguered country and free the land from the evil tyranny of their vicious adversaries. Summoning beasts of great power and skill, these adventurers will attempt to control strategic locations on the battlefield until all areas are freed from their enemies' influence. In Culdcept SAGA, individuals known as Cepters move around a game board by the roll of the dice, using magical cards to call upon creatures and cast spells to occupy each area they encounter. Using alluring cards designed by Japan's top illustrators, players can customize different decks to assist in their struggle for territorial dominance. As they maneuver their way around the board and land on occupied properties, opponents can opt to pay a fee for their brief stay or attack the guarding creature to inhabit the zone. Players can fortify their decks and develop strategies in single player mode, then apply those tactics against up to 3 friends on Xbox Live or on a single console. Gamers can further modify the game with their own unique style when they alter their characters' appearances using parts won during matches, providing a distinctive experience for every personality. [Namco Bandai Games]
Band of Bugs

Band of Bugs

June 20, 2007
[Xbox Live Arcade] Maal is an unhappy bug who needs structure and a purpose in his life, so he joins the royal army under the tutelage of the battle-hardened mantis warrior Tiernan. Now, he must begin his quest to save the Queen and the kingdom. NinjaBee's Band of Bugs puts you in Maal's shoes ... er, footpads, and sets you in the middle of a fast-playing, accessible, tactical strategy game designed specifically for Xbox LIVE Arcade. This turn-based tactics game expands the genre by providing a unique Level Editor, allowing gamers to create levels and play them online with friends. One of the few turn-based tactics games available, Band of Bugs provides gameplay deep enough to be satisfying to established fans of the genre, but friendly enough to appeal to all types of casual gamers. The game includes a story-based campaign and stand-alone missions as well as several unique multiplayer modes: Elimination, Escape, and Capture. The game has fifty levels, but also features a Level Editor allowing you to design custom scenarios and play them solo or over Xbox LIVE with your friends. [Microsoft]


March 7, 2007
[Xbox Live Arcade] Worms is a turn-based strategy game in which teams of heavily armed worms battle across bizarre, randomly generated landscapes for supremacy. Each team takes turns picking off opposing team members using crazy weapons, tools and other utilities along with whatever foul strategies they can devise. The simple and cute appearance belies the deep strategy of a game that is easy to play but difficult to master. A mix of strategy and arcade action that, although simple to understand, contains real depth and massive re-playability. Turn-based multiplayer action for up to four players locally or over Xbox Live. An assortment of game options: Landscape on which to do battle, Turn and round times, Starting weapon arsenal for each team, Three detailed tutorials to introduce the mechanics to first-time players, Twenty increasingly difficult single-player challenges, Three graphical themes for play, A random landscape generator to ensure that no two landscapes are ever the same, Twenty-two weapons and utilities to deploy against your enemies, Many customisable elements, including what worms and teams are named, what worms say, and which gravestone they have when they die, Twelve achievements, Weekly, monthly and overall leaderboards. [Microsoft]
Sours: https://www.metacritic.com/browse/games/genre/date/turn-based/xbox360

Gears Tactics

Rise up and Fight


Gabriel “Gabe” Diaz

Gabe Diaz was a decorated Lieutenant Colonel in the Pendulum Wars, and his tactical brilliance was key to the COG victory over the UIR at the Battle of Gatka Ridge. But victory came at a tremendous cost, and Gabe refused to put his skills to work for the COG any longer, busting himself down to Sergeant. When the COG calls Gabe -- now a mechanic in the motor pool -- back into action on the eve of the Hammer strikes against the Locust, he has no choice but to follow orders, and uncovers a dire new threat to the people of Sera.

Sid Redburn

Major Sid Redburn is a veteran Gear who has long been entrusted with the COG’s top-secret missions, including the one that brings Gabe Diaz back into the fight. But Sid has his own motivations for helping Gabe and the COG with their mission to track down enemy mastermind Ukkon…and those secrets could put their entire mission at risk.

Mikayla Dorn

Mikayla Dorn was a civilian engineer who took up the fight against the Locust after Emergence Day. Now leading a group of survivors, she harbors an intense hostility against the COG, whom she feels have abandoned their own people. When Gabe and Sid help her civilians fend off a Locust attack, Mikayla grudgingly agrees to help them hunt down the leader of the enemy: Ukkon.


Gears of War’s signature companion bot, Jack has joined Gabe and the heroes of Gears Tactics*. Jack is a one-of-a-kind prototype with powerful artificial intelligence and a suite of upgradeable abilities. Built by Damon Baird, Jack was named in honor of a support bot that was embedded with Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad during the Locust War. Jack played a critical role in the events of Gears 5, and will bring his unique abilities to wage war against the Locust in Gears Tactics.


Ukkon is the monster who creates monsters. This Locust scientist genetically engineered the creatures that have terrorized the people of Sera since E-day, including the Brumak, Reaver and Corpser. When Gabe is ordered to track down Ukkon, he discovers that the Locust is now using Imulsion to create a new breed of biological horrors.

Sours: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/gears-tactics
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10 Great Turn-Based Strategy Games To Play If You Like XCOM

The long-running XCOMseries began in 1994 with X-COM: UFO Defense (also known as UFO: Enemy Unknown) and started to receive mainstream attention in 2012 thanks to the critically acclaimed XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which acted as a reboot for the series. The franchise's newfound mainstream attention hasn't been due to the game changing its core values, however, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, along with its sequels, have kept the series' punishing difficulty intact.

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The latest entry in the franchise, XCOM: Chimera Squad, struggled to impress fans of the series, exemplified by its brutal 4.7 User Score on Metacritic. Consequently, many fans will be looking for other, similar games to play. For anyone looking for their next XCOM-like experience, here are ten great options.

10 Phoenix Point

Phoenix Pointwas released in 2019 by Snapshot Games, the same company that released Chaos Reborn. The game takes players to the year 2047 and pits them against alien forces who have invaded Earth.

Phoenix Point is an obvious choice for this list, as it's considered a spiritual successor to XCOM due to Julian Gollop, XCOM's co-creator, working on the 2019 release. Consequently, Phoenix Point has many similarities to XCOM, in particular the similar turn-based tactics game mechanics.

9 BattleTech

2018's BattleTech puts an interesting spin on the turn-based tactics formula by putting players in control of enormous mechs. These mechs add an interesting dynamic to the game's combat and provide tons of pre-battle strategy, as players can customize their mechs' models, weapons, skills, and more.

Harebrained Schemes' BattleTech was nominated for the Golden Joystick Awards' PC Game of the Year accolade but ultimately lost out to the underwater survival game Subnutica. 

8 Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3was developed by inXile Entertainment and released on August 28, 2020. The game puts players in a post-apocalyptic iteration of Colorado and tasks them with surviving turn-based combat battles while also making key narrative decisions that can heavily affect the game's story.

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Any PC or Xbox players who like the sound of Wasteland 3 are in luck, as the game is currently available on Game Pass, along with Wasteland 2: Director's Cut and Wasteland Remastered.

7 Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus

The iconic miniature wargame Warhammerhas dabbled in its fair share of video game releases, with Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus being one of the brand's many Warhammer 40,000 gamingtitles.

Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus provides what many Warhammer fans want in a video game; it makes good use of the license but doesn't make it the game's sole selling point. Mechanicus is a great turn-based tactics game in its own right, providing a main story that is a good length, has well-constructed lore, and offers engrossing battles.

6 Battle Brothers

Battle Brothers differentiates itself from the majority of entries on this list with its plethora of RPG elements and procedurally generated open-world. Despite its wide range of mechanics and features, the indie game finds an excellent balance with its combat, exploration, and storytelling that does a great job of engaging players and encouraging them to push forward with their journey.

Battle Brothers is the first major release from Overhype Studios, an independent studio from Hamburg, Germany.

5 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Not all of the games on this list are filled with alien invasions or bloody battles, as Nintendo's flagship character Mario jumped aboard the turn-based tactics hype train in 2017, along with the Raving Rabbids who have apparently grown tired of their limbless friend, Rayman.

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As one would expect, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battledoesn't provide some of the most complex tactical or strategy mechanics in the genre. However, it deserves a spot on this list as its bright visuals and wholesome character models provide a nice change of pace, and the main story provides an enjoyable 20+ hour strategy experience.

4 Gears Tactics

Mario and the Raving Rabbids aren't the only notable franchises that have tried their hand at the turn-based tactics genre, as the Gears of Warseries gave the style of game a try in 2020.

The Gears of War franchise is a natural choice for the genre, as the impressive range of enemies and weapons that already existed in the series makes for a great variety to the battles. Gears Tacticsfalls short of reaching the quality of some of the genre's best releases, but the Gears branding can make it the best choice on this list for fans of the franchise.

3 Invisible, Inc.

Invisible, Inc. was originally released in 2015 on PC and Mac, before coming to PlayStation 4, iOS, and Nintendo Switch in the years that followed. The game was developed by Klei Entertainment, who are best known for their work on Oxygen Not Includedand Don't Starve.

The game's fundamental mechanics are similar to that of the XCOM series, but the game differentiates itself with its focus on espionage. In keeping with its espionage themes, the majority of the game's missions consist of sneaking into a building or area and retrieving an object or person.

2 Xenonauts

Goldhawk Interactive's Xenonauts doesn't hide its influences from the early XCOM games, particularly the aforementioned X-COM: UFO Defense. Chris England, the game's project lead, said in an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun that X-COM: UFO Defense (UFO: Enemy Unknown) was one of the "formative games" in his life and that he wanted to "stay faithful to the original game mechanics," while also "translating those game mechanics into the modern age."

Xenonauts does an excellent job in accomplishing its goal of reinventing the classic game and is consequently an excellent choice for fans of the 1994 release.

1 Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden was originally released in 2018 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 before coming to Nintendo Switch the following year. The game was developed by The Bearded Ladies, who put players in control of a party of three characters, Selma, Bormin, and Dux, who all have their own unique sets of abilities and weapons, offering great depth to the game's combat.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden was well received by fans and critics, exemplified by its 80 Metascore and 8.1 User Score.

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List of turn-based strategy video games

Year Game Developer Setting Platform Notes 1976MicrochessPeter R. JenningsAbstractAPPII, ATRChess1977EmpireWalter BrightAbstractBBS, MAINTurn based strategy. Original version. 1978SargonKathe and Dan SpracklenAbstractAPPII, DOS, MACChess1982UtopiaDon DaglowModernINTTimed turns. 1982FeudalSteve EstvanikFantasyMAINStrategy, timed turns. 1983Archon: The Light and the DarkFree FallFantasyAMI, APPII, ATR, C64, CPC, DOS, NES, ZXFast-action battles. 1983Artillery DuelXonoxAbstractATR26, C64, CLV, VIC20Artillery game. 1983Reach for the StarsSSGSci-fiAMI, APPII, MAC, C64, DOS4X game. 1983M.U.L.E.Ozark SoftscapeSci-fiATR, APPII, C64, DOS, NES, MSXResource strategy. 1983Nobunaga's AmbitionKoeiHistoricalGB, GEN, MSX, NES, SNESGrand strategy. First title in the series. 1984Archon II: AdeptJon Freeman, Paul Reiche III, Anne WestfallFantasyAMI, APPII, ATR, C64, CPC, NES, ZXFast-action battles. Sequel to Archon: The Light and the Dark. 1984Colossus ChessMartin BryantAbstractAMI, APPII, ATR, C64, DOS, MSX, ST, ZXChess1984IncunabulaSteve EstvanikHistoricalDOS4X game. Based on Avalon Hill's board game, Civilization. 1984NebulaJulian GollopSci-fiZXTurn-based strategy. 1985Theatre EuropeSean Pearce, David BoltonHistoricalZX, CPC, C64, MSX, ATRTurn-based with optional action elements. 1985Romance of the Three KingdomsKoeiHistoricalAMI, DOS, FM7, GB, GBC, MOBI, MSX, NES, PC88, SNES, WS, X1Grand strategy. First title in the series. 1985Strategic ConquestPeter Merrill, Delta TaoHistoricalAPPII, MAC4X game. 1986ChessmasterDavid KittingerAbstractDOS, GB, MAC, NES, PS1, PS2, PSP, VIC20, WIN, WIN3X, WIN9X, XboxChess1986Lords of ConquestEonFantasyAPPII, ATR, C64, DOS, STBased on the board game, Borderlands. 1987Anacreon: Reconstruction 4021Thinking MachinesSci-fiDOS4X game. 1987Empire: Wargame of the CenturyWalter Bright, Mark BaldwinSci-fiAMI, DOS, ST, APPII, C64Turn based strategy. Remake of Empire. 1987Genghis KhanKoeiHistoricalAMI, DOS, MSX, NES, PC98, X68KGrand strategy. 1987Strategic Conquest IIPeter MerrillHistoricalAPPII, MAC4X game. Sequel to Strategic Conquest. 1987XconqStan Shebs, othersn/aCROSS4X game. Game engine. 1988Battle ChessJayesh J. Patel, Troy P. Worrell, Michael QuarlesAbstractAMI, APPII, C64, DOS, MAC, NES, PC98, ST, WIN3X, WIN9X, X68KChess1989Bandit Kings of Ancient ChinaKoeiHistorical, FantasyAMI, DOS, MAC, MSX, NESTactical battles. Several sequels released only in China. 1989L'EmpereurKoeiHistoricalDOS, MSX, NESTurn-based strategy. 1989Military MadnessHudson SoftSci-fiPCETurn-based strategy. 1989Nobunaga's Ambition IIKoeiHistoricalGBC, NESGrand strategy. Sequel to Nobunaga's Ambition. 1989Nuclear WarNew WorldSci-fiAMI, DOSTurn-based strategy. 1989Storm Across EuropeSSIHistoricalAMI, C64, DOS, STGrand strategy. 1989WarlordsSteve FawknerFantasyAMI, DOS, MAC4X game. First title in the series. 1990Centurion: Defender of RomeBits of MagicHistoricalAMI, DOS, GENReal-time tactical battles. 1990Romance of the Three Kingdoms IIKoeiHistoricalAMI, DOS, GEN, MOBI, MSX, NES, SNES, WSGrand strategy. Sequel to Romance of the Three Kingdoms. 1990Shingen the RulerHot-BHistoricalNESTurn-based strategy set in Sengoku period of Japan. 1990Spaceward Ho!Delta TaoSci-fiAMI, DOS, MAC, WIN4X game. 1990Zan GearWolf TeamHistoricalGGGrand strategy. 1991Armada 2525Interstel CorporationSci-fiDOS4X game. 1991Sid Meier's CivilizationMicroProseHistoricalAMI, DOS, MAC, SNES, ST, WIN4X game. First title in the series. 1991FritzFrans Morsch, Mathias FeistAbstractDOS, DS, iOS, PPC, PS3, Wii, WIN, WIN3X, WIN9XChess1991Nobunaga no Yabou: Zenkoku HanKoeiHistoricalGEN, NES, PS1, PCD, SNESGrand strategy. 1991Scorched EarthWendell HickenAbstractDOSArtillery game. 1992GemfireKoeiFantasyDOS, GEN, MSX, NES, SNESTurn-based tactical battles. 1992Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of DestinyKoeiHistoricalDOS, GEN, PCE, SCD, SNESGrand strategy. Sequel to Romance of the Three Kingdoms II. 1992VGA PlanetsTim WissemanSci-fiDOS, WIN4X game. 1993BattleshipMindscapeAbstractGG, NESBased on the board game of the same name. 1993Empire DeluxeMark Baldwin, Bob RakowskyAbstractDOS, MAC, WINTurn-based tactical battles. Remake of Empire: Wargame of the Century. 1993Fantasy EmpiresSilicon KnightsFantasyDOSSuccessor to Cyber Empires. 1993Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray WolfKoeiHistoricalDOS, GEN, PC88, PC98, SNES, X68KSequel to Genghis Khan. 1993Global DominationImpressionsHistoricalAMI, DOSGrand strategy. Based on the board game, Risk. 1993Liberty or DeathKoeiHistoricalDOS, GEN, NESTurn-based tactical battles. 1993Master of OrionSimtexSci-fiDOS, MAC4X game. First title in the series. 1993Nobunaga's Ambition: Lord of Darkness (a.k.a. Nobunaga no Yabou: Bushou Fuuun Roku)KoeiHistoricalGEN, NES, PS1, PCD, SNESGrand strategy. 1993Operation Europe: Path to Victory (a.k.a. Europa Sensen)KoeiHistoricalDOS, GEN, MSX, NES, SNESTurn-based strategy. 1993StarlordMicroproseSci-fiAMI, DOSFamily domination. 1993Space EmpiresMalfadorSci-fi4X game. First title in the series. 1993Warlords IISSGFantasyDOS, MAC, MOBI4X game. Sequel to Warlords. 1994Archon UltraToys for BobFantasyDOSFast-action battles. Remake of Archon: The Light and the Dark. 1994Colonization, Sid Meier'sMicroProseHistoricalAMI, DOS, MAC, WIN4X game. 1994Dark LegionsSilicon KnightsFantasyDOSFast-action battles. Similar gameplay to Archon: The Light and the Dark. 1994Hammer of the GodsHolisticFantasyDOS4X game. Turn-based tactical battles. 1994Lords of the RealmImpressionsHistoricalAMI, DOSReal-time tactical battles. First title in the series. 1994Master of MagicSimtexFantasyDOS4X game. Similar to Master of Orion. 1994Nobunaga no Yabou: HaoudenKoeiHistorical3DO, GEN, PS1, SCD, SNESGrand strategy. 1994Panzer GeneralSSIHistorical3DO, DOS, MAC, PS1, WINOperational. First title in the series. 1994Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of FireKoeiHistoricalGBA, PCE, PS1, S32X, SNES, WII, WIN3X, WIN9XGrand strategy. Sequel to Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of Destiny. c. 1995Global DiplomacyunknownHistoricalWINGrand-strategy. Play-by-email. Based on the board game, Diplomacy. c. 1995Age of DiscoveryunknownHistoricalWINGrand-strategy. Play-by-email. Based on the board game, Diplomacy. 1995Allied GeneralSSIHistoricalMAC, PS1, WINOperational. Part of the Five Star General series. 1995AscendancyLogic FactorySci-fiDOS4X game. 1995Battleground 2: GettysburgTalonSoftHistoricalWINSequel to Battleground: Ardennes. 1995Battleground: Bulge-ArdennesTalonSoftHistoricalWINFirst title in the series. 1995Sid Meier's CivNetMicroProseHistoricalWIN4X game. Enhanced remake of Sid Meier's Civilization'.1995Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic QuestNew WorldFantasyDOS, GBC, MAC, WINFirst title in the series. 1995Nobunaga no Yabou: TenshokiKoeiHistoricalPS1, SAT, SNESGrand strategy. 1995Space Empires IIMalfadorSci-fiWIN4X game. Sequel to Space Empires. 1995Stars!Jeff Johnson, Jeff McBrideSci-fiWIN4X game. 1995WormsTeam17AbstractAMI, AMI32, DOS, GB, GEN, JAG, PS1, SAT, SNESArtillery game. First title in the series. 1996Battleground 3: WaterlooTalonSoftHistoricalWINSequel to Battleground 2: Gettysburg. 1996Battleground 4: ShilohTalonSoftHistoricalWINSequel to Battleground 3: Waterloo. 1996Battleground 5: AntietamTalonSoftHistoricalWINSequel to Battleground 4: Shiloh. 1996Birthright: The Gorgon's AllianceSynergistic SoftwareFantasyDOS, WINTurn-based strategy. 1996Chaos OverlordsStick ManSci-fiMAC, WINTurn-based strategy. 1996MissionForce: CyberStormDynamixSci-fiPCTurn-Based strategy 1996Sid Meier's Civilization IIMicroProseHistoricalPS1, MAC, WIN4X game. Sequel to Sid Meier's Civilization. 1996Sid Meier's Civilization II: Conflicts in CivilizationMicroProseHistoricalWIN4X game. Expansion to Sid Meier's Civilization II. 1996Conquest of the New WorldInterplay EntertainmentHistoricalDOS, MACTurn-based strategy. 1996Daisenryaku Expert WWII: War in EuropeASCIIHistoricalSNESTurn-based strategy. 1996Deadlock: Planetary ConquestAccoladeSci-fiMAC, WIN4X game. 1996Emperor of the Fading SunsHolisticSci-fiWIN4X game. Based on the RPG Fading Suns. 1996Fantasy GeneralSSIFantasyDOSOperational. Part of the Five Star General series. 1996FreecivFreeciv teamHistoricalCROSS4X game. Civilization clone. 1996Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession WarsNew WorldFantasyDOS, MAC, WINSequel to Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest. 1996Lords of the Realm IIImpressionsHistoricalDOS, WINReal-time tactical battles. Sequel to Lords of the Realm. 1996M.A.X.: Mechanized Assault & ExplorationInterplaySci-fiDOS, WINTurn-based strategy. 1996Master of Orion II: Battle at AntaresSimtexSci-fiDOS, MAC, WIN4X game. Sequel to Master of Orion. 1996Nobunaga no Yabou: ReturnsKoeiHistoricalPS1, SATGrand strategy. 1996Robert E. Lee: Civil War GeneralImpressionsHistoricalWINTurn-based strategy. 1996SlaySean O'ConnorAbstractAND, IOS, WINTurn-based strategy. 1996Star GeneralCatware, SSISci-fiDOS, WINBased on The Fleet series of books by David Drake and Bill Fawcett. 1996Worms: ReinforcementsTeam17AbstractDOSArtillery game. Expansion to Worms. 1997Achtung Spitfire!Big TimeHistoricalMAC, WINStrategy wargame. Turn-based tactical battles. Prequel to Over the Reich. 1997Battleground 6: Napoleon in RussiaTalonSoftHistoricalWINSequel to Battleground 5: Antietam. 1997Battleground 7: Bull RunTalonSoftHistoricalWINSequel to Battleground 6: Napoleon in Russia. 1997Battleground 8: Prelude to WaterlooTalonSoftHistoricalWINSequel to Battleground 7: Bull Run. 1997Grant, Lee, Sherman: Civil War Generals 2ImpressionsHistoricalWINSequel to Robert E. Lee: Civil War General. 1997Civilization II: Fantastic WorldsMicroProseFantasyWIN4X game. Expansion to Sid Meier's Civilization II'.1997Conquest of Elysium IIIllwinterFantasyLIN, MAC, WINCROSS 1997Fallen Haven[1]Les Productions Micomeq[2]Sci-fiWINTurn-based tactical battles. 1997Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Price of LoyaltyNew WorldFantasyWINExpansion to Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars. 1997ImperialismFrog CityHistoricalMAC, WIN4X game. Grand strategy. 1997Lords of MagicImpressionsFantasyWIN4X game. Spin-off of Lords of the Realm. 1997Lords of the Realm II: Siege PackImpressionsHistoricalDOS, WINReal-time tactical battles. Expansion to Lords of the Realm II. 1997Nobunaga no Yabou: ShouseirokuKoeiHistoricalDC, PS1, SATGrand strategy. 1997Pacific GeneralSSIHistoricalWINOperational. Part of the Five Star General series. 1997Panzer General IISSIHistoricalWINOperational. Sequel to Panzer General. 1997Romance of the Three Kingdoms VKoeiHistoricalDOS, GEN, PS1, WINGrand strategy. Sequel to Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire. 1997Space Empires IIIMalfadorSci-fiWIN4X game. Sequel to Space Empires II. 1997SpellcrossCauldronSci-fiDOSTurn-based tactical battles. 1997Warlords III: Reign of HeroesSSGFantasyWIN4X game. Sequel to Warlords II. 1997Worms 2Team17AbstractWINArtillery game. Sequel to Worms. 1997Worms: The Director's CutTeam17AbstractAMIArtillery game. Sequel to Worms. 1998Axis & AlliesMeyer/GlassHistoricalWINGrand strategy. 1998Deadlock II: Shrine WarsCyberloreSci-fiWINSequel to Deadlock: Planetary Conquest. More of a remake than a sequel. 1998Liberation DayMicomeqSci-fiWINTurn-based tactical battles. Sequel to Fallen Haven. 1998Lords of Magic: Legends of UrakImpressionsFantasyWIN4X game. Expansion to Lords of Magic. 1998M.A.X. 2Interplay ProductionsSci-fiWINSequel to M.A.X.: Mechanized Assault & Exploration. 1998The Operational Art of War I: 1939-1955TalonSoftHistoricalWINOperational. First title in the series. 1998People's GeneralSSIHistoricalWINOperational. Part of the Five Star General series. 1998Tom Clancy's ruthless.comRed Storm EntertainmentBusinessWINTurn-based corporate empire building. 1998Warlords III: Darklords RisingSSGFantasyWIN4X game. Expansion to Warlords III: Reign of Heroes. 1999Age of WondersTriumphFantasyWIN4X game. 1999Sid Meier's Alpha CentauriFiraxisSci-fiMAC, WIN4X game. 1999Sid Meier's Alien CrossfireFiraxisSci-fiMAC, WIN4X game. Expansion to Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. 1999ArcomageNew WorldFantasyWINCard battle. Mini-game in the Might and Magic series. 1999Axis & Allies: Iron BlitzATARIHistoricalWINGrand strategy. Remake of Axis & Allies. 1999Battleground 9: ChickamaugaTalonSoftHistoricalWINSequel to Battleground 8: Prelude to Waterloo. 1999Civilization II: Test of TimeMicroProseHistoricalWIN4X game. Expansion to Sid Meier's Civilization II. 1999Civilization: Call to PowerActivisionHistoricalLIN, MAC, WIN4X game. Spin-off of Sid Meier's Civilization. 1999Disciples: Sacred LandsStrategy FirstFantasyWIN4X game. First title in the series. 1999Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's BladeNew WorldFantasyWINExpansion to Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia. 1999Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of ErathiaNew WorldFantasyLIN, MAC, WINSequel to Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars. 1999Imperialism II: Age of ExplorationFrog CityHistoricalMAC, WIN4X game. Sequel to Imperialism. 1999King of Dragon PassA SharpFantasyMAC, WINIn many ways like an interactive novel. 1999Nobunaga no Yabou: ReppuudenKoeiHistoricalDC, PS1Grand strategy. 1999The Operational Art of War II: Flashpoint KosovoTalonSoftHistoricalWINOperational. Expansion to The Operational Art of War II: Modern Battles 1956-2000. 1999The Operational Art of War II: Modern Battles 1956-2000TalonSoftHistoricalWINOperational. Sequel to The Operational Art of War I: 1939-1955. 1999Panzer General 3D AssaultSSIHistoricalWINOperational. Sequel to Panzer General II. 1999Star Trek: Birth of the FederationMicroProseSci-fiWIN4X game 1999Warhammer 40,000: Rites of WarSSISci-fiWINOperational. Part of the Five Star General series. 1999Worms ArmageddonTeam17AbstractDC, GBC, N64, PS1, WINArtillery game. 1999Jagged Alliance 2Sir-Tech CanadaModernWIN, MAC, LINTactical role-playing game. 2000Call to Power IIActivisionHistoricalWIN4X game. Sequel to Civilization: Call to Power. 2000Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of DeathNew WorldFantasyWINExpansion to Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia. 2000Hogs of WarSheffield HouseAbstractPS, WINArtillery game. 2000The Operational Art of War II: Elite EditionTalonSoftHistoricalWINOperational. Re-release of The Operational Art of War II: Modern Battles 1956-2000 and The Operational Art of War II: Flashpoint Kosovo. 2000The Operational Art of War: Century of WarfareTalonSoftHistoricalWINOperational. Re-release of The Operational Art of War I: 1939-1955, The Operational Art of War II: Modern Battles 1956-2000 and The Operational Art of War II: Flashpoint Kosovo. 2000Panzer General III: Scorched EarthMattelHistoricalWINOperational. Sequel to Panzer General 3D Assault. 2000Reach for the StarsSSGSci-fiWIN4X game. Remake of Reach for the Stars for DOS. 2000Romance of the Three Kingdoms VI: Awakening of the DragonKoeiHistoricalPS1, PSP, WINGrand strategy. Sequel to Romance of the Three Kingdoms VI: Awakening of the Dragon. 2000Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIIKoeiHistoricalPS2, PSP, WINGrand strategy. Sequel to Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII. 2000Shogun: Total WarCreative AssemblyHistoricalWIN4X game. Real-time tactical battles. 2000Space Empires IVMalfadorSci-fiWIN4X game. Sequel to Space Empires III. 2001Sid Meier's Civilization IIIFiraxisHistoricalMAC, WIN4X game. Sequel to Sid Meier's Civilization II. 2001EtherlordsNival InteractiveFantasyWINTurn-based tactical battles. 2001Heroes of Might and Magic: Quest for the Dragon Bone StaffNew WorldFantasyPS2Spin-off of Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest. 2001Pocket TanksBlitwiseSci-fiWINArtillery game. 2001Scorched 3DGavin CampAbstractLIN, MAC, WINArtillery game. 2001Shogun: Total War - The Mongol invasionCreative AssemblyHistoricalWIN4X game. Real-time tactical battles. Expansion to Shogun: Total War. 2001Worms World PartyTeam17AbstractDC, GBA, NGE, PS1, WIN, MOBIArtillery game. 2002Age of Wonders II: The Wizard's ThroneTriumphFantasyWIN4X game. Sequel to Age of Wonders2002Civilization III: Play the WorldFiraxisHistoricalWIN4X game. Expansion to Sid Meier's Civilization III. 2002Disciples II: Dark ProphecyStrategy FirstFantasyWIN4X game. Sequel to Disciples: Sacred Lands. 2002Dominions: Priests, Prophets and PretendersIllwinterFantasyLIN, MAC, WINFirst title in the series. 2002Empire Deluxe Internet EditionKiller Bee SoftwareAbstractWINTurn based strategy. Remake of Empire Deluxe. 2002Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Gathering StormNew WorldFantasyWINExpansion to Heroes of Might and Magic IV. 2002Heroes of Might and Magic IVNew WorldFantasyMAC, WINSequel to Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia. 2002Medieval: Total WarCreative AssemblyHistoricalWIN4X game. Real-time tactical battles. 2002MoonBase CommanderHumongousSci-fiWINTurn-based strategy. 2002Nobunaga no Yabou: RanseikiKoeiHistoricalXboxGrand strategy. 2002Nobunaga no Yabou: SoutensokuKoeiHistoricalWINGrand strategy. 2002Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIIIKoeiHistoricalPS2, PSP, WINGrand strategy. Sequel to Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII. 2002Strategic Command: European TheaterFuryHistoricalWINTurn-based strategy. 2003Age of Wonders: Shadow MagicTriumphFantasyWIN4X game. Sequel to Age of Wonders II: The Wizard's Throne2003The Battle for WesnothDavid WhiteFantasyLIN, MAC, WINOpen-source project. 2003Civilization III: ConquestsBreakAway, FiraxisHistoricalWIN4X game. Expansion to Sid Meier's Civilization III. 2003Disciples II: Guardians of the LightStrategy FirstFantasyWIN4X game. Expansion to Disciples II: Dark Prophecy. 2003Disciples II: Rise of the ElvesStrategy FirstFantasyWIN4X game. Expansion to Disciples II: Dark Prophecy. 2003Disciples II: Servants of the DarkStrategy FirstFantasyWIN4X game. Expansion to Disciples II: Dark Prophecy. 2003Dominions II: The Ascension WarsIllwinterFantasyLIN, MAC, WINSequel to Dominions: Priests, Prophets and Pretenders. 2003Etherlords IINival InteractiveFantasyWINTurn-Based tactical battles. Sequel to Etherlords. 2003Galactic CivilizationsStardockSci-fiWIN4X game. First title in the series. 2003Heroes of Might and Magic IV: Winds of WarNew WorldFantasyWINExpansion to Heroes of Might and Magic IV. 2003Massive AssaultWargamingSci-fiMAC, WINTurn-based strategy. 2003Master of Orion IIIQuicksilverSci-fiMAC, WIN4X game. Sequel to Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares. 2003Medieval: Total War - Viking InvasionCreative AssemblyHistoricalWIN4X game. Real-time tactical battles. Expansion to Medieval: Total War. 2003Romance of the Three Kingdoms IXKoeiHistoricalPS2, WINGrand strategy. Sequel to Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX. 2003Space RangersElemental GamesSci-fiWINOperational 2003Star Chamber: The Harbinger SagaWorlds ApartSci-fiWINCard battle. 2003Warlords IV: Heroes of EtheriaInfiniteFantasyWIN4X game. Sequel to Warlords III: Reign of Heroes. 2003Worms 3DTeam17AbstractGCN, MAC, PS2, WIN, XboxArtillery game. Sequel to Worms 2. 2003Silent StormNival, 1C CompanyModernWINTactical role-playing game, Turn-based tactics 2004Anacreon: Imperial Conquest in the Far FutureGeorge MoromisatoSci-fiWIN4X game. Remake of Anacreon: Reconstruction 4021. 2004Empire Deluxe Enhanced EditionKiller Bee SoftwareAbstractWINTurn based strategy. Expansion of Empire Deluxe. 2004Galactic Civilizations: Altarian ProphecyStardockSci-fiWIN4X game. Expansion to Galactic Civilizations. 2004Massive Assault NetworkWargamingSci-fiWINTurn-based tactical battles. 2004Rome: Total WarCreative AssemblyHistoricalWIN4X game. Real-time tactical battles. 2004Space Rangers 2: DominatorsElemental GamesSci-fiWINOperational 2004SpartanSlitherineHistoricalWIN4X game. Real-time tactical battles. 2004Strength & HonourMagitechHistoricalWIN4X game. Real-time tactical battles. 2004Worms Forts: Under SiegeTeam17AbstractPS2, WIN, XboxArtillery game. 2005Sid Meier's Civilization IVFiraxisHistoricalMAC, WIN4X game. Sequel to Sid Meier's Civilization III. 2005Daisenryaku PortableGenkiHistoricalPSPTurn-based strategy. 2005Dominions 3: The AwakeningIllwinterFantasyLIN, MAC, WINSequel to Dominions II: The Ascension Wars. 2005Massive Assault: Phantom Renaissance (aka Domination)WargamingSci-fiMAC, WINTurn-based tactical battles. Sequel to Massive Assault2005Romance of the Three Kingdoms XKoeiHistoricalPS2, WINGrand strategy. Sequel to Romance of the Three Kingdoms X. 2005Rome: Total War: Barbarian InvasionCreative AssemblyHistoricalWIN4X game. Real-time tactical battles. Expansion to Rome: Total War. 2005Worms 4: MayhemTeam17AbstractPS2, WIN, XboxArtillery game. Sequel to Worms 3D. 2006Aedis Eclipse: Generation of ChaosIdea FactoryFantasyPSPReal-time tactical battles. Sequel to Generation of Chaos'.2006C-evoSteffen GerlachHistoricalWIN4X game. Civilization clone. 2006Sid Meier's Civilization IV: WarlordsFiraxisHistoricalMAC, WIN4X game. Expansion to Sid Meier's Civilization IV. 2006Galactic Civilizations II: Dread LordsStardockSci-fiWIN4X game. Sequel to Galactic Civilizations. 2006Generation of ChaosIdea FactoryFantasyPSPReal-time tactical battles. Fourth title in the series. 2006Heroes of Might and Magic V: Hammers of FateNivalFantasyWINExpansion to Heroes of Might and Magic V. 2006Heroes of Might and Magic VNivalFantasyWINSequel to Heroes of Might and Magic IV. 2006Massive Assault Network 2WargamingSci-fiWINTurn-based tactical battles. Sequel to Massive Assault Network2006The Operational Art of War IIIMatrixHistoricalWINOperational. Sequel to The Operational Art of War II: Modern Battles 1956-2000. 2006Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIKoeiHistoricalPS2, WINGrand strategy. Sequel to Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI. 2006Rome: Total War: AlexanderCreative AssemblyHistoricalWIN4X game. Real-time tactical battles. Expansion to Rome: Total War. 2006Space Empires VMalfadorSci-fiWIN4X game. Sequel to Space Empires IV. 2006Sword of the StarsKerberosSci-fiWIN4X game. Real-time tactical battles. 2006Worms: Open WarfareTeam17AbstractDS, PSPArtillery game. 2007Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the SwordFiraxisHistoricalMAC, WIN4X game. Expansion to Sid Meier's Civilization IV. 2007Darkwind: War on WheelsPsychic SoftwareSci-fiMAC, WINPost-apocalyptic car combat. 2007Fantasy WarsIno-Co PlusFantasyWINTurn-Based Strategy. 2007Galactic Civilizations II: Dark AvatarStardockSci-fiWIN4X game. Expansion to Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords. 2007Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the EastNivalFantasyWINExpansion to Heroes of Might and Magic V. 2007Making History: The Calm & The StormMuzzy LaneHistoricalWINGrand strategy. 2007Medieval II: Total War: KingdomsCreative AssemblyHistoricalWIN4X game. Real-time tactical battles. Expansion to Medieval II: Total War. 2007Medieval II: Total WarCreative AssemblyHistoricalWIN4X game. Real-time tactical battles. Sequel to Medieval: Total War. 2007Sword of the Stars: Born in BloodKerberosSci-fiWIN4X game. Real-time tactical battles. Expansion to Sword of the Stars. 2007WormsTeam17AbstractX360, PS3Artillery game. 2007Worms: Open Warfare 2Team17AbstractDS, PSPArtillery game. Sequel to Worms: Open Warfare. 2008Sid Meier's Civilization IV: ColonizationFiraxisHistoricalWIN4X game. Remake of Sid Meier's Colonization. 2008Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the ArnorStardockSci-fiWIN4X game. Expansion to Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords. 2008Nobunaga's Ambition: Rise to Power (a.k.a. Nobunaga no Yabou: Tenka Souhei)KoeiHistoricalPS2Grand strategy. 2008Sword of the Stars: A Murder of CrowsKerberosSci-fiWIN4X game. Real-time tactical battles. Expansion to Sword of the Stars. 2008TripleATripleA teamHistoricalCROSSGrand strategy. Clone of the board game, Axis and Allies. 2008Worms: A Space OddityTeam17AbstractWIIArtillery game. 2009Armada 2526Ntronium GamesSci-fiWIN4X game. Real-time tactical battles. 2009Blood BowlCyanideFantasyDS, PSP, WIN, X360Turn-based tactics and strategy. 2009Empire: Total WarCreative AssemblyHistoricalWIN4X game. Real-time tactical battles. 2009Panzer General: Allied AssaultPetroglyph GamesHistoricalX360Clone of the board game. 2009Nobunaga's Ambition: Iron Triangle (a.k.a. Nobunaga no Yabou: Kakushin)KoeiHistoricalPS2, WIIGrand strategy. 2009Operation Barbarossa – The Struggle for RussiaBinary Evolution StudiosHistoricalWINOperational. 2009Worms 2: ArmageddonTeam17AbstractX360, PS3, IOS, ANDArtillery game. Re-release of Worms: Armageddon. 2010Sid Meier's Civilization VFiraxis GamesHistoricalMAC, WIN4X game. Sequel to Sid Meier's Civilization IV2010Elven LegacyIno-Co PlusFantasyMac, WINTurn-Based Strategy. Sequel to Fantasy Wars2010Napoleon: Total WarCreative AssemblyHistoricalWIN4X game. Real-time tactical battles. 2010Disciples III: RenaissanceAkellaFantasyWIN4X game. Sequel to Disciples II: Dark Prophecy. 2010Elemental: War of MagicStardockFantasyWIN4X game with a fantasy theme, combining role-playing elements. 2010Greed CorpW!GamesSci-fiPS3, WIN, X360Turn-based strategy. 2010Worms: Battle IslandsTeam17AbstractPSP, WIIArtillery game. 2010Worms ReloadedTeam17AbstractLIN, MAC, WINArtillery game. 2011Iron Grip: MaraudersISOTXSci-fiMAC, WINTurn-based strategy. 2011Might & Magic Heroes VIBlack Hole EntertainmentFantasyWIN4X game. 2011Total War: Shogun 2Creative AssemblyHistoricalWIN4X game. Real-time tactical battles. 2011Worms Ultimate MayhemTeam17AbstractPS3, WIN, X360Artillery game. Re-release of Worms 4: Mayhem. 2012Battle of the BulgeShenandoah StudioHistoricalMAC, WINTurn-based strategy. Wargame 2012Elemental: Fallen EnchantressStardockFantasyWIN4X game. 2012Endless SpaceAmplitude StudiosSci-fiWIN4X game. 2012Warlock: Master of the ArcaneIno-Co PlusFantasyWIN4X game. 2012Worms RevolutionTeam17AbstractMAC, PS3, PSV, WIN, X360Artillery game. 2013Expeditions: ConquistadorLogic ArtistsHistoricalLIN, MAC, WINTurn-based strategy. 2013Worms 3Team17AbstractIOS, MACArtillery game. 2013Worms Clan WarsTeam17AbstractWINArtillery game. 2014Age of Wonders IIITriumphFantasyWIN4X game. Sequel to Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic2014Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond EarthFiraxis GamesSci-fiMAC, LIN, WIN4X game. 2014Endless LegendAmplitude StudiosFantasyWIN4X game. 2014The Last FederationArcen GamesSci-fiLIN, MAC, WIN4X game. Turn-Based tactical battles. 2014Warlock II: The ExiledIno-Co PlusFantasyMAC, WIN4X game. 2015Galactic Civilizations IIIStardockSci-fiWIN4X Turn-based strategy, 64 bit only, DX10 + 2015Making History: The Great WarMuzzy Lane SoftwareHistoricalLIN, MAC, WINTurn-based strategy. 2015Sid Meier's StarshipsFiraxis GamesSci-fiMAC, WIN4X game. Turn-based tactical battles. 2015Sorcerer KingStardockFantasyWIN4X Turn-based strategy. 2015Total War: AttilaThe Creative AssemblyHistoricalLIN, MAC, WINTurn-based strategy. Real-time tactical battles. 2015Warhammer 40,000: RegicideHammerfall PublishingSci-fiWINTurn-based strategy. 2015Gremlins, Inc.Charlie OscarFantasyLIN, MAC, WINTurn-based strategy. Digital board game. 2016 The Battle of PolytopiaMidjiwan AB Historical WIN, iOS, MAC, MOBI 4X game. Play against AI, or against other players. 2016Sid Meier's Civilization VIFiraxis GamesHistoricalMAC, WIN, LIN4X game. Sequel to Civilization V2016Endless Space 2 Amplitude StudiosSci-fiWINTurn-based Strategy 2016Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire Whale Hammer GamesSci-fiLIN, MAC, WINTurn-based Strategy 2017Battlestar Galactica: DeadlockBlack Lab GamesSci-fiWIN, XOne, PS4Turn-based Strategy with additional elements of RTS and 4X gameplay 2017Stars in ShadowAshdar GamesSci-fiWIN4X turn-based strategy and tactics 2018Chessaria: The Tactical AdventurePixel WizardsFantasyMAC, WINTurn-based strategy. Digital board game. 2018Into the BreachSubset GamesSci-fiLIN, MAC, WIN, SwitchTurn-based strategy. 2018Aggressors: Ancient RomeKubat SoftwareHistoricalWIN4X game. Grand strategy. 2019Clans to KingdomsClans to KingdomsHistoricalWINTurn-Based Strategy, 4X, city building game. 2019Interstellar Space: GenesisPraxis GamesSci-fiWIN4X turn-based strategy and tactics 2019Total War: Three KingdomsThe Creative AssemblyHistoricalLIN, MAC, WINTurn-based strategy. Real-time tactical battles. 2020Imperiums: Greek WarsKube GamesHistoricalWIN4X game. Grand strategy. 2020 Touhou LostWordNextNinja Fantasy Android, iOS Turn-based strategy.Gacha. 2021The Protagonist: EX-13Mind GamesSci-fiWIN, PS4, XOne, NXTurn-based strategy. TBAFreeColFreeCol teamHistoricalCROSS4X game. Colonization clone. A playable development version can be downloaded. TBAFreeOrionFreeOrion teamSci-fiCROSS4X game. A playable development version can be downloaded. TBAThousand ParsecTim Ansell, Lee BeggSci-fiCROSS4X game. Game engine. A playable development version can be downloaded.
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Xbox turn based strategy games

Best Strategy Games for Xbox One in 2021

Best Strategy Games for Xbox One TechnoBuffalo2021

When it comes to strategy games, you might think that the best games possible are only available using a PC, and that's where you'd be wrong. Xbox One has an excellent catalog to choose from, delivering everything from 4X ports and city sims to RTS battles. Out of everything available the absolute best game is XCOM 2

Best Overall: XCOM 2 Collection

Twenty years ago, humanity fought—and lost—a war against invading aliens. In the years since, humans have more or less accepted their new overlord, but the remains of XCOM have continued to fight back using guerilla operations to do it. Now the time has come to leave the shadows and bring the fight to the next level if you want to save the world.

XCOM is a combination of grid-based combat and a base building game that delivers an excellent experience. You'll control four to six soldiers as they move across levels fighting aliens and using cover to shield them from attacks. There are four different classes, and soldiers will level up and gain new abilities, provided they survive the battle. As you play, you'll also deal with your base by building new rooms, creating items and researching new technology, weapons, and armor to be used in battle.

Each level is a mission that your squad will take on to fulfill specific parameters. Depending on the task, you may need to shut down reactors, rescue hostages, or kill a whole bunch of aliens. Strategy is a critical factor since line of sight and cover make a drastic difference, and moving too far too fast can leave you isolated and vulnerable to enemy attacks. While the campaign always starts the same way, it doesn't stick to a script, which means no two playthroughs are identical.

The XCOM 2 Collection delivers the best strategy game available on PlayStation 4, but you also get access to more than just the base game. It also comes with some excellent DLC, which wasn't available when the game launched. If you enjoy grid-based combat or base building games, then XCOM 2 is something to check out. Add the excellent story, fun graphics, and challenging gameplay, and it's easy to see why it's the best strategy game available.


  • Challenging gameplay mechanics
  • Great graphics
  • Excellent story


  • Gameplay can be unforgiving
  • Steep learning curve for dealing with certain enemies

Best Overall

XCOM 2 Collection

It's alien killing time

Use your squad to fight back against the aliens who fought and won the war against humanity. Switch between turn-based combat and a base building game as you try to save the world.

Best Value: Banner Saga Trilogy

The Banner Saga drops you into the middle of an apocalypse as a Viking caravan in the bronze age. Your job involves solving the issues in your caravan and fighting against enemies as you do. You'll solve problems within the caravan which includes speaking to party members and managing your caravan's supplies. The rest of the gameplay is combat based as you engage in fighting against enemies on a grid map. Even with the best of intentions, combat is brutal. You will lose people from your caravan, and even with a bit of cunning, those losses are going to hurt.

The story of Banner Saga revolves around the end of times, as the sun has stopped dead in the sky. The graphics of Banner Saga are all hand-painted and managed to bring the world to life even when the story becomes bleaker than you expected. Your choices here matter, and even when you try to do right by your people you're going to run into problems and watch as allies become enemies with time.


  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics
  • Challenging grid-based combat
  • 40 different classes of characters


  • Gameplay can be very challenging
  • Lack of a save function means you have to live with your choices

Best Value

Banner Saga Trilogy

Survive the apocalypse

Guide your caravan through the end times by fighting with your people and managing your resources along the way.

Best Survival: This War of Mine: The Little Ones

When civil war broke out in Graznavia, it left everyday people trapped between the army and the rebels. You play as a group of survivors during the war as they try to make it through by scavenging for supplies, protecting their shelter, and working together. There are several different people you can choose to play, each one with a specific skillset. Skills include being a better cook, having more inventory slots, or being a faster runner. Your goal is to keep everyone in your party alive through the duration of the civil war, which is easier said than done. The war usually lasts about 30-40 days but duration varies.

Each day, you'll have to make decisions that will determine if you survive that include building up your shelter, creating items, and preparing food. At night, one character will go out to a location to scavenge items to help along the way like wood, books to be burned, food items, and valuables that can be sold or traded with other survivors. Surviving isn't easy either. You'll have to combat the cold, diseases that can wipe you out, bandits that will attack during the night, and encounters while you are scavenging for supplies.


  • Gritty graphic style
  • Challenging gameplay mechanics
  • No two playthroughs are identical


  • Gameplay is difficult and does not let up
  • The story is brutal and dark

Best Survival

This War of Mine: The Little Ones

War is hell

Protect yourself, scavenge for supplies, and make the hard choices necessary to survive a civil war.

Best City Builder: Cities: Skyline

City sims are generally a genre that only really gets released on PC. The console port of Cities Skyline breaks that trend fantastically. You start with an empty plot of land, and by creating roads, laying pipes, and dropping zones for residential, industrial and commercial districts, you start a city.

Cities Skyline gives you tons of control over the way that your city runs. Overlays allow you to adjust every financial aspect of gameplay so that you can fine-tune things. You'll have to build schools, police and fire stations, and more to ensure that your city stays safe as it continues to grow. As you level up, you'll be able to access new types of buildings along with expanding how much room you have to build. You'll also need to learn how to deal with issues like overpopulation, pollution, and how to keep the lights on when you run low on power.


  • Tons of options for micromanaging your city
  • New buildings, features, and attractions open up as you level up
  • Hundreds of customization options


  • Getting your city started is particularly difficult
  • Lots of elements to become acquainted with

Best City Builder

Cities: Skyline

Build a metropolis

Build and manage the city of your dreams. Start with a small hamlet and grow it into a true metropolis.

Best 4X: Stellaris

Explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate. These are the words that kick off the gameplay of the universe conquering Stellaris. While full-blown 4X games are a dime a dozen on console, this stellar PC game brings an excellent port to Xbox One with most of the features that fans have already come to love. While it is missing some of the updates that PC users will look for, it still delivers tons of fun that will have you begging for one more turn before bed.

You'll start in a randomly generated star cluster, playing as one of several different civilizations trying to take over the universe. You tailor the ethics of your civilization before getting started, which lets you fine-tune the gameplay for the way you play. You'll colonize other planets and run into randomly generated events that make every playthrough unique. Micromanagement is a significant part of the gameplay as you figure out how to fulfill the victory conditions, but you can adjust the difficulty so that you're never overwhelmed by options. This is especially handy in the beginning because Stellaris has a lot of moving parts, and it takes time to learn how everything works before you can dive all the way in.


  • Great gameplay mechanics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Ability to take over the galaxy in several different ways


  • Missing updates from the PC version
  • Lots of moving parts make the game difficult to learn

Best 4X


Take over the universe one colonized planet at a time with a game that lets you customize how you achieve your goals.

Best Real Time: Halo Wars Definitive Edition

Set twenty years before the action of the first Halo game, Halo Wars takes you back to the world you love in an entirely new way. Real-time strategy games aren't particularly common on console due to the limitations of a controller, but this game manages to pull it and lets you control entire Halo armies as you try to knock the Covenant out of the game.

The Halo Wars Definitive Edition manages to deliver a fun RTS without some of the bells and whistles many fans of the genre may expect, but this helps it out when it comes to the controls. You'll see units you know like warthogs as you control an entire army in battles. The focus is always on the fighting on not as much on building units or bases along the way.


  • Great real-time game mechanics
  • Fun way to experience a different side of the Halo franchise
  • Includes all of the DLC from the original game


  • Graphics are somewhat dated
  • Controls are lacking compared to PC RTS
  • Lack of serious updates is disappointing

Best Real Time

Halo Wars Definitive Edition

The war between the Covenant and UNSC rages

Control and direct Halo armies as you bring new heroes to the battlefield in the early days of the war made famous by Halo FPS games.

Bottom line

Xbox One does an excellent job of delivering a substantial catalog of strategy games, including several that you won't be able to play on any other console. No matter what kind of strategy game you're craving, there is an option out there waiting for you. Of course, out of all of them, the best of the best is XCOM 2.

This turn-based game delivers everything that makes the strategy genre fantastic: a top of the line story, great gameplay mechanics, the addition of incredible DLC and gameplay that changes every time you play through the campaign. If you love strategy games, this is the one that you don't want to miss.

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Top 10 Turn Based Strategy Games

Best Strategy Games On Xbox Game Pass (October 2021)

Strategy games were once practically non-existent in the console market, save for notable exceptions and ill-fated attempts (such as Starcraft’s remarkably awkward landing on the Nintendo 64). However, over the years, several titles have emerged to deliver their micro-management goodness to living room accessible formats — particularly when it comes to the Xbox line of consoles.

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If you’re looking to channel your inner armchair general, then Game Pass has several titles that are right up your alley. Whether directing the nuanced machinations of a galaxy-spanning empire is your bag, or you’d prefer just telling wacky invertebrates when to sling bombs at one another, Game Pass has got a strategy game for you.

Halo Wars

  • Approximate Game Length: 10 Hours
  • Genre: Real-Time Strategy
  • Developer: Ensemble Studios
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 9 GB (July 2021)

Though many associate the Halo name with the mainline entries that are straightforward FPS titles, Halo Wars takes the series in a new direction in terms of genre. Players are treated to grand-scale skirmishes involving factions from the Halo universe in a highly approachable RTS title. Since the game was made specifically for the Xbox 360, it features one of the most comfortable controller configurations for an RTS seen on console. The story takes place before the events of the first Halo game, detailing what happened to the UNSC crew of the Spirit of Fire.


  • Approximate Game Length: 30 Hours (Per Game)
  • Genre: Grand Strategy
  • Developer: Paradox Interactive
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 9 GB (July 2021)

If strategy games are a rare sight on consoles, then grand strategy games are something of a mythological creature. However, Stellaris adapts to the platform in fine fashion.

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Featuring nuanced layers of resource management, diplomacy, and even interstellar warfare, players will have all sorts of empire-management to contend with as they guide their species through the stars — speaking of species, there’s a wide variety to choose from. From religiously fanatical frog people to democratic felines, players can truly design the spacefaring civilization of their dreams (or nightmares).

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics

  • Approximate Game Length: 20 Hours
  • Genre: Tactical RPG
  • Developer: Bonus XP, Inc
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 5 GB (July 2021)

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Netflix series brought Jim Henson’s darkly fantastical film back to life. Age of Resistance Tactics seeks to capitalize on this nostalgia by treading the same ground covered in the show. However, the story beats are spread out over tactical combat encounters. So while there is less time spent on character development, there is more time spent immersing yourself in measured gameplay. Seeing Gelfling and Skeksis duel it out on a limited battlefield is especially enjoyable if you hold any degree of fondness for either the original movie or the new show.

Gears Tactics

  • Approximate Game Length: 25 Hours
  • Genre: Turn-Based Strategy
  • Developer: Splash Damage, The Coalition
  • X|S Enhanced: Yes
  • File Size: 28 GB (July 2021)

Despite its reputation for being a gritty third-person, cover-based shooter, the Gears of War series is set in an engrossing world, and the games usually feature gripping narratives. So even though Gears Tactics took the turn-based-strategy route, it is a thoroughly entertaining title thanks to the universe it is set in and the lore it provides.

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Gears Tactics is a prequel to the first Gears of War game, but it also connects to plot points seen in later titles in the series, such as Gears of War 4 and Gears 5. The top-down perspective suits the narrative well, as COG soldiers are deployed across a map, eliminating Locust enemies and clearing out objectives.

Empire Of Sin

  • Approximate Game Length: 10 Hours
  • Genre: Turn-Based Strategy, RPG
  • Developer: Romero Games
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 9 GB (July 2021)

A crime management simulator may not have been what gamers expected out of a studio helmed by original DOOM alumnus John Romero, but that’s precisely what they’re getting with Empire of Sin. Set in prohibition-era Chicago, players will engage in bouts of tactical combat and “business” management as they establish the supremacy of their own criminal empire.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

  • Approximate Game Length: 13 Hours
  • Genre: Simulation/Strategy
  • Developer: Landfall Games
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 3 GB (July 2021)

At first glance, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator seems more like a parody of a strategy game than an actual strategy game. But beneath its goofy exterior lies an enjoyable experience that requires more tactical thinking than you might expect. Players are placed in control of various units that range from Mages to Bards to Headbutters to Tanks. All units look absolutely ridiculous, and after players arrange them on their side of the map, they must face off against a variation of opposing units on the other side. What ensues is nothing short of hilarious. However, be prepared to rework your strategy if your array of Vikings cannot handle those Snake Archers. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a delight that is both stimulating and relaxing for strategy fans.

Worms W.M. D.

  • Approximate Game Length: 16 Hours
  • Genre: Artillery/Strategy
  • Developer: Team17
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 6 GB (July 2021)

Developer Team17 has a long and storied legacy with the Worms franchise, a series of turn-based tactical games generally revolving around… well, literal earthworms blowing one another to bits with a variety of explosive weaponry. Needless to say, Worms W.M.D keeps up this proud tradition. Commanding their squad of brave, warbound invertebrates from a 2D perspective, players will blast their way through the opposition in single and multiplayer modes utilizing a multitude of implements ranging from the excessively conventional to the absolutely bizarre.

Best Strategy Games On Xbox Game Pass For PC

Unsurprisingly, Xbox Game Pass for PC has a far more robust selection of strategy games. The genre has historically flourished on computers, with the mouse + keyboard set up complementing the pinpoint controls required by these titles. While console owners only have a small selection of games to pick from, the PC scene is considerably more impressive.

For those with Xbox Game Pass for PC, here are a handful of the best games on the subscription service.


  • Approximate Game Length: 15-100 Hours
  • Genre: Turn-Based Strategy
  • Developer: Amplitude Studios
  • File Size: 27.42 GB

Released on August 17, 2021, Humankind is an ambitious turn-based strategy 4x game split into six eras. Starting life as a Neolithic tribe, players rise from these humble beginnings as they gradually build a civilization, and it is a cutthroat battle for resource collection and survival. Each era brings with it new cultures and options, plenty of which affect subsequent periods; consequently, players need to keep a holistic view of what they are trying to achieve, as a shortsighted decision could prove costly later on.

Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition

  • Approximate Game Length: 50-200 Hours
  • Genre: Real-Time Strategy
  • Developers: Ensemble Studios, Forgotten Empires, Tantalus Media, Wicked Witch Software
  • File Size: 19.51 GB (July 2021)

Xbox Game Pass for PC has the Definitive Editions of the three main Age of Empiresgames, a collection that will expand to include Age of Empires 4 once it launches on October 28, 2021. Every entry in the series has something to offer, but Age of Empires 2 sits above its peers as the most iconic game in not only the franchise but the strategy genre in general. The Definitive Edition takes the brilliant base game and fine-tunes it, granting an array of quality of life improvements that make a significant difference. This is the ideal way to play one of the best strategy games ever.

Crusader Kings 3

  • Approximate Game Length: 75-150 Hours
  • Genre: Real-Time Strategy
  • Developer: Paradox Development Studio
  • File Size: 5.51 GB

Crusader Kings 3is set to make its way to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in the future; until then, Xbox Game Pass for PC will just have to do. Grand strategy games tend to be intimidating, but those looking to dive headfirst into this genre should start with Crusader Kings 3. Taking over a dynasty and leading it through multiple generations, Crusader Kings 3 blends complex mechanics with strong characters who have plenty of personality to them. While the game has the lofty ambition and large-scale scope synonymous with the grand strategy genre, Crusader Kings 3 also delivers personal stories.

Desperados 3

  • Approximate Game Length: 40-60 Hours
  • Genre: Real-Time Strategy With Stealth
  • Developer: Mimimi Games
  • File Size: 22.21 GB (July 2021)

Mimimi Games’ Wild West real-time tactics game pushes stealth to the forefront, presenting missions as puzzles to be solved with environmental assists and a whole lot of murder. The action comes courtesy of the game’s solid roster of playable characters, all of whom have unique abilities that open up new and exciting ways to tackle a situation. While stealth is the name of the game, Desperados 3 is not all that restrictive, so players have the option to blast through the gunslingers and outlaws who stand in their way,


  • Approximate Game Length: 50-150 Hours
  • Genre: Turn-Based Strategy
  • Developer: Harebrained Schemes
  • File Size: 34.05 GB

A turn-based tactics game about warring mechs, BattleTech’s complexity and unforgiving nature mean the game is better left for veterans of the genre. For those who have mastered XCOM and are looking for something similar, BattleTech is the strategy game for them. In the single-player campaign, players serve as commanders trying to put together an arsenal of mechas, and the responsibilities go beyond just the battlefield. Managing resources and cash flow are almost as important as strategically outmaneuvering the enemy units, and the game handles both aspects well.

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection

  • Approximate Game Length: 35-65 Hours
  • Genre: Real-Time Strategy
  • Developers: Petroglyph Games, Lemon Sky Studios
  • File Size: 32 GB
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (EA Play)

Containing remasters of 1995’s Command & Conquer and 1996’s Red Alert, this collection supplies great value for money with quality of life improvements, updated visuals, and neat behind-the-scenes Easter eggs. The first two Command & Conquer games are important entries in the real-time strategy genre, but they are not all that easy to revisit in this day and age. The remastered collection doesn’t remove all of the original games’ frustrations, but they deliver more than enough improvements to make the failures simpler to swallow.

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September 27, 2016
Earth has changed. Twenty years have passed since world leaders offered an unconditional surrender to alien forces. XCOM, the planet’s last line of defense, was left decimated and scattered. Now, in XCOM 2, the aliens rule Earth, building shining cities that promise a brilliant future for humanity on the surface, while concealing a sinister agenda and eliminating all who dissent from their new order. Only those who live at the edges of the world have a margin of freedom. Here, a force gathers once again to stand up for humanity. Always on the run, and facing impossible odds, the remnant XCOM forces must find a way to ignite a global resistance, and eliminate the alien threat once and for all.
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