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'My Hero Academia' Class 1-A Quirks, Ranked

My Hero Academia is a world where 80% of the population possesses a superpower called a quirk. Over time, being a superhero became one of the most competitive jobs out there, and while most have power, few are strong enough to earn the title of hero. The series follows Izuku Midoryia and his classmates at the hero academy, U.A. High School, one of Japan’s most elite schools. Every student is aspiring to become a hero, but some are head and shoulders above the rest. With that said, we will be ranking the quirks of class 1-A and see who is the most powerful. To do that, we will have to make a few rules.

We are ranking the quirk itself and not how they’re using it. An example would be Mei Hatsume. She has the power to see long-range, but she only uses it to help create technology. The way a character uses their quirk is not factored in. Just what the power itself can do.

This ranking is based on the current storyline in the anime. The manga will not play a factor here, even though almost all the characters listed are vastly different from their anime counterparts. Also, be aware of anime spoilers if you aren’t caught up.

Suppose a character’s quirk has a weakness that factors into their ranking. For example, Eraserhead can turn off someone’s quirk by looking at them, but if they’re invisible, he’s effectively useless because he can’t see them. This would be taken into consideration when positioning him on the list.

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With all that out of the way, every quirk in Class 1-A ranked from worst to best.

20. Tail (Mashirao Ojiro)

The worst quirk in class belongs to Mashiro Ojiro. His power is tail, and that’s everything you need to know. He has a relatively strong tail, allowing him to pack an extra punch in hand-to-hand combat. He can also use it to swing around, similar to a capuchin monkey! However, compared to the rest of his classmates, this ability doesn’t help against strong or long-distance opponents.

19. Navel Laser (Yuga Aoyama)

Coming in next is Navel Laser. Yuga Aoyama always makes his presence felt, but the same can’t be said about his quirk. He can shoot a laser out of his belly button, but the drawback is that it makes him sick. If Aoyama can overcome that, then this will be a pretty powerful quirk. Unfortunately, his quirk hurts him more than the villains he faces, which is not good for any hero.

18. Pop Off (Minoru Mineta)

Pop Off is a power that allows Mineta to throw sticky balls from his scalp. They can only be removed by him and will adhere to anything. This quirk is decent in rescue and combat because he can stick his opponents in place and catch falling debris. Though he has a limit to how many balls he can use, so in the end, it’s not the most reliable power.

17. Invisibility (Toru Hagakure)

Hagakure’s quirk is invisibility, and it’s something she can’t turn off. Her quirk is great for stealth and surprise attacks, but the issue is that her quirk does not help her in combat. Once you locate her, she’s not any stronger than an average teenager, which means she needs to work on improving her close combat. Invisibility is only helpful as a stealth tool and nothing more.

16. Sugar Rush (Rikido Sato)

Sato has a unique power. His strength increases based on the amount of sugar he eats. We’ve seen him destroy walls and move large objects. It makes him a powerful fighter, and the more sugar he eats, the stronger he gets. Like the students before him, he has a significant drawback. His body crashes from taking in too much sugar. So, while it’s mighty, he can’t rely on it for too long; otherwise, he’s a lame duck on the battlefield.

15. Dupli-Arms (Mezo Shoji)

When it comes to a scout, there are not many better than Mezo Shoji. His quirk allows him to grow multiple appendages, allowing him to have more eyes, ears, and even fists. That makes him the perfect member of any team. Using his arms to see and hear from long-range is needed on most operations. He’s pretty well-rounded, but we’ve yet to see him fight alone. He’s a perfect addition to any team, but if he’s ever in a situation where he’s the only hero available, he’d likely struggle in combat and rescue situations.

14. Earphone Jack (Kyoka Jiro)

Jiro is very similar to Shoji in that they both have fantastic scouting abilities. Her Earphone jack allows her to plug into anything and hear throughout the entire area. What makes her slightly stronger is that she can also use her earphone jacks in combat. She can create sonic blasts with the right support items, similar to the DC Comics heroine, Black Canary. This gives Jiro a leg up on Shoji and will make her more valuable as a solo hero.

13. Tape (Hanta Sero)

What if Spider-Man existed in the My Hero Academia world? Well, he’d probably look like Sero. He doesn’t have spider-sense or super strength, but he does have strong enough tape to capture enemies. He can also swing with it, making his traversal faster than most of the class.

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12. Frog (Tsuyu Asui)

Tsu is the most resourceful character in the class. Her quirk gives her the characteristics of a frog, meaning she can use her long tongue, stick to walls, and camouflage. She’s a jack of all trades but a master of none. Her tongue isn’t long or durable as Sero’s tape, and her camouflage isn’t as effective as Hagakure’s invisibility. However, having more than one ability will always give her an advantage. It’s a very versatile quirk.

11. Anivoice (Koji Koda)

Koji Koda’s quirk allows him to talk to animals, making him a great scout since he can speak to birds and insects. He can even communicate with larger animals like lions and tigers! Unfortunately, there aren’t any big cats roaming the streets of Japan. Meaning, he’s mainly dealing with smaller animals, which won’t help him in a defensive situation. In the right conditions, this can be an incredible ability.

10. Zero Gravity (Ochaco Uraraka)

Being able to make anything you touch weightless has significant advantages. You can carry multiple people during a rescue or can pick up large chunks of debris, and you can take down enemies if you’re clever enough. The only drawback with Uraraka’s quirk is that she has to touch the person or item. This means in combat; her quirk doesn’t help her unless she can strike first.

9. Acid (Mina Ashido)

Mina’s acid is powerful enough to melt through solid concrete, and she can slide on it, making her mobility even faster! On top of that, she can shoot acid from her hands like a fight hydrant! Mina Ashido is surprisingly powerful with no glaring weaknesses.

8. Electrification (Denki Kaminari)

Much like Aoyama’s Navel Laser, Kaminari’s quirk damages his body. He has the power to emit high voltages of electricity. Allowing him to take down enemies, power up to support items or vehicles, and even shoot lightning bolts at specific targets (with a support item). Again, the problem is that he can overcharge his brain, making him useless if he pushes himself too far.

7. Hardening (Ejiro Kirishima)

There’s not much to Kirishima’s quirk. He becomes as hard as a rock, and this increases his strength and durability. This means he’s nearly invincible, making him the perfect close combat fighter and shield for teammates. He has shown he can take explosions and bullets without it having any effect on him. He’s able to go toe-to-toe with almost any opponent.

6. Dark Shadow (Fumikage Tokoyami)

Dark Shadow can become one of the most powerful quirks in the My Hero Academia universe; because it allows Tokoyami to control this shadow-like creature. It can see, talk, and fight alongside Tokoyami. He can also wear dark shadow as armor and even use it to fly! Like most characters, it has a major weakness. He loses control in the dark, so dark shadow becomes a raging monster at night, and while it’s easier to control in the daylight, it isn’t nearly as strong. So, Tokoyami can never use Dark Shadow to its fullest potential.

5. Engine (Tenya Ida)

Speedsters are consistently among the more powerful characters in superhero stories, and Iida is no different. The engines in his calves allow him to move at speeds faster than any other character in the series so far. With his move, recipro turbo, he is virtually untouchable for 10 minutes straight! Though, if he goes too fast, he runs the risk of his engines stalling. That said, his average speed is fast enough on most days.

4. Creation (Momo Yaoyorozu)

Yaoyorozu has the power to create any non-living thing she can put her mind to, and this makes her one of the most versatile characters in the series. This power is limitless and should come in handy in every situation imaginable. She needs to store fat because her quirk uses lipids in her body, and she needs to know how to make every aspect of the item she’s creating. It takes a lot of skill to use Creation, but in the right hands, it’s limitless.

3. Explosion (Katsuki Bakugo)

The quirk Explosion is unbelievably strong. Bakugo sweats nitroglycerin from his palms and can use it to make massive explosions! He uses them to fly like Iron Man, makes more minor explosions in combat, and can even focus on one area and makes a laser beam. Aside from some pushing himself too hard, nothing is stopping Bakugo or holding him back. He is an unstoppable force.

2. Half-Cold Half-Hot (Shoto Totoroki)

Shoto was made to be a powerhouse. He has both of his parents’ quirks, ice from his mother and fire from his father. That means he can’t overheat or freeze himself. He can use both powers for ranged attacks, and with more practice, he can become a tremendous close-range fighter like his father. He can freeze a building with a wave of a hand or melt steel just thinking about it. Shoto Totoroki has the only quirk that is seemingly free from weaknesses—making his quirk one of the strongest in the entire series.

1. One for All (Izuku Midoriya)

Deku received his power from All Might, the world’s strongest hero. One for All is a quirk that is passed from one person to the next. It stock-piles the power, making it more potent as it continues to be shared. It also holds the spirits of those before Midoriya. Meaning, he not only has a more powerful version of the power than All Might, but he also has the quirks of every single user before him. As the ninth user of One For All, Izuku Midoriya is one of the most powerful characters this series has ever seen!

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My Hero Academia: 15 Most Powerful Quirks, Ranked

The world of My Hero Academia is full of amazing, useful, and silly quirks. But, when it comes to being a superhero, some quirks are better than others. For example, All Might would never have become the hero we all know him to be should the quirk handed down to him have been anything less powerful than One For All.

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From the ability to copy another person's quirk to the ability to outright steal it permanently—as well as just about everything in between—here are some of the most incredibly powerful quirks seen in the My Hero Academia anime.

Update on June 12th, 2021 by Tanner Fox: My Hero Academia continues to be one of the most popular shounen anime series, with the fifth season recently debuting in May of 2021. The students in UA's Class 1-A continue to hone their skills and encounter new challenges and rivals along their paths to becoming fully-fledged heroes. A lot has changed for Izuku Midoriya, his close friends, and the world of professional heroics in My Hero Academia, and it's time to re-evaluate which characters possess the series' most powerful quirks.

15 Copy

Neito Monoma has a unique quirk; he has the ability to copy other quirks. Thankfully, he can’t actually copy all quirks, as he's beset by restrictions and limitations. Still, it can be an incredibly useful quirk with a boundless amount of potential applications.

However, even with limitations on what he can mimic, this ability is extremely useful. It allows Monoma to be fairly versatile in any given situation. He can even combat an enemy with their own quirk depending on what it is.

14 Warp Gate

Though he's not all that powerful on his own, Kurogiri acts as an invaluable asset for Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains. Instrumental in their infiltration of the USJ in the first season of the anime, Kurogiri's quirk, warp gate, allows him to envelop friends and foes in a dense fog which can teleport them from place to place.

Perfect as a means of transportation and as an easy way to escape from hazardous situations, Kurogiri has a major hand in allowing the League of Villains to remain so evasive. Though he's proven to be fallible during the USJ attack, he's an essential member of any villain crew.

13 Erasure

U.A. professor Shota Aizawa may not be all that powerful in a conventional sense, but his quirk makes him incredibly valuable in combat. Wielding Erasure, Aizawa can temporarily deactivate a person's quirk, with the effect lasting for as long as he can keep his gaze fixed on them.

Obviously, it comes with a few weaknesses; it doesn't last all that long, and it gives him dry eye. Still, we've seen him use it to save lives in the past, and, though he won't be demolishing city blocks or pulverizing opponents, he's still more than capable of saving the day.

12 Bloodcurdle

Stain had what is quite possibly the most brutal combination of quirk and personality. His quirk, bloodcurdle, gives him the ability to freeze anybody whose blood he ingests. His quirk is only effective in violent altercations, of course, and he then takes advantage of the person being frozen to maim or slaughter them.

In the hands of a killer like Stain, this quirk is incredibly powerful—and incredibly dangerous; the famous fight which pit him against three UA students is indication enough of that fact. Furthermore, we can only wonder how his quirk might have been utilized had he become a hero.

11 Half-Cold Half-Hot

Most of the elemental quirks seen in the anime seem like they would be useful depending on the situation. However, many of them are limited by their environments, as evidenced in the series. That’s what makes Todoroki’s quirk stand out among the rest.

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Shoto Todoroki can command both fire and ice, and it’s an extremely strong quirk. He was already a skilled fighter before entering U.A. as a result of his strict father. Todoroki is a versatile fighter thanks to his quirk, and he will become an even bigger threat as he gains more control over his quirk.

10 Brainwashing

Shinso has a criminally undervalued quirk, but, based on the way they test for new students, it’s no surprise that Shinso failed. Yet, that shouldn't be an indication of the strength of his quirk; the ability to control minds is not one that should be underestimated, especially when he can mimic other’s voices and gain a higher chance of getting a response from his targets.

Shinso played a minor role in the second season of the anime, but he's been a much larger part of the fifth season. His altercations with Deku have been some of the season's most interesting moments, and there's no denying that he wields an incredible power.

9 Black Hole

Thirteen is sort of an overlooked hero due to her focus on rescue instead of combat, but that doesn't mean she should be underestimated. The ability to create black holes is an incredible feat, and it makes Thirteen extremely dangerous in a fight.

One can understand why Thirteen has dedicated the use of their quirk to rescue instead of harm. Her quirk can prove to be extremely dangerous, and there's a significant chance that she could kill her opponents, something heroes often try to avoid.

8 Disintegration

Tomura Shigaraki has one of the more disturbing quirks out there. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s painful, and, quite frankly, it just looks alarming. Shigaraki has the quirk of disintegration. We saw it get used against Aizawa in the first season.

Shigaraki doesn’t seem terribly interested in using his quirk in excess. It may be that it's physically painful or draining, but it's more likely there are other reasons he doesn’t want to rely on the quirk.

7 Explosion

Katsuki Bakugo, the longtime rival of series protagonist Izuku Midoriya, wields an incredibly devastating quirk known simply as Explosion. Able to ignite the nitroglycerin which he excretes from his hands, Bakguo can torch his enemies with ease, further developing his quirk to allow him to fly via controlled blasts.

Unfortunately, his immense power is counterbalanced by his equally hot temper. A hothead through-and-through, Bakugo isn't easy to get along with, and this hinders his ability to work as part of a team. Nevertheless, he's an incredible fighter, and he possesses one of Class 1-A's most impactful quirks.

6 Manifest

It may not seem all that useful on paper, but Tamaki Amajiki's Manifest quirk can be incredibly powerful. Manifest allows Amajiki to change his appendages into those of animals he's eaten recently. With this, he's able to create tentacles and a massive shell to ensnare and attack his enemies. He can also sprout wings, giving him even more of an edge.

Though he goes by the intimidating name of Suneater, he's brought down by his extreme lack of self-confidence. Still, he's been able to shake off multiple powerful attackers at once, and he's doubtlessly one of the anime's most powerful characters.

5 Overhaul

Overhaul, A.K.A. Kai Chisaki, has one of the most terrifying quirks out there. His villain name is based on the quirk itself; he can deconstruct and reconstruct matter—including organic matter—on a whim. He can also alter any item or person during this process, healing or damaging as he sees fit.

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That makes him an extremely dangerous person to try and fight against, as our heroes learned. The end of season four showed just how lethal he can be–taking on a group of protagonists without a moment’s hesitation and nearly winning.

4 Rewind

Perhaps the most pivotal character to be introduced in the series' fourth season, Eri has the unique ability to rewind time, granting her the ability to either heal damage or revert others into a state of nonexistence.

She has no control over her quirk and has spent years under the thumb of Overhaul, who planned to use her quirk to mass-produce bullets that could rob heroes of their quirks. In the end, she was saved by Deku and brought to live at U.A., but her story remains one of the most tragic seen in the series so far.

3 Hellflame

The current number-one pro hero in Japan following the retirement of All Might in the third season of My Hero Academia, Enji Todoroki, better known as Endeavor, commands an intimidating, firey quirk known as Hellflame. Much like Katsuki Bakugo or his son Shoto Todoroki, Endeavor can summon powerful bursts of flame from his hands, and he's able to use it in all kinds of situations.

Though his quirk may be similar to those of powerful U.A. students, Endeavors years as a professional hero have given him even more of an edge. Most villains would be hard-pressed to take him on, with All For One himself perhaps being the only villain Endeavor couldn't beat.

2 One For All

Naturally, we had to include One For All on this list. This quirk is technically a few quirks merged together, but, since they’ll never be separated, we’re counting them as one. One For All combines immense strength and power with the ability to hand the quirk to somebody else. Thus, it creates a lineage of heroes, handing the quirk down through the ages. It has some unusual side effects, as readers of the manga are well aware of.

One For All is an exceptionally powerful quirk; All Might and Midorya can both prove that fact for us. Both heroes have been capable of amazing feats, with All Might being the number one hero for years.

1 All For One

If One For All is going to make this list, then so should All For One. All For One is the quirk that allows our main villain to take any quirk he wishes. It’s basically the polar opposite of One For All, and it allows All For One to get more and more powerful with time, picking and choosing the quirks he desires.

To make matters worse—or better, depending on how you want to look at it—this quirk can also transfer quirks. Allowing All For One to take quirks and give them to his followers. It’s a smart way to ensure loyalty, at the very least.

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25 Strongest Quirks In My Hero Academia (Ranked)

My Hero Academia has quite a large and diverse cast.

And being that 80% of the populace in the show has superpowers (or Quirks), there are plenty of flashy abilities to be seen.

But of course, some abilities are a lot stronger than others. I mean, there’s that one kid who can just pull his eyeballs out of his head. And then there are people capable of destroying armies.

So today we’re going to be looking at the strongest Quirks in My Hero Academia, and rank them in accordance to their versatility, destructive power, and duel prowess.

I’m only counting the first four anime seasons, so movie watchers and manga readers, feel free to scream at me.

Also, in case you weren’t ready to scream already, I will not include Eri. Because as it stands at the time of writing, she can’t control her Quirk at all.


25. Compress – Mr. Compress

Compress – Mr. Compress in My Hero Academia anime

I’m going to start off with Compress, as it’s an incredibly strong ability. But only in the right circumstances.

This ability allows Mr. Compress to shrink anything within his grasp down to a little marble.

The person inside is not damaged, but they cannot get out on their own.

As we’ve seen in the Forest Training arc, it allows for really quick abductions. And if Mr. Compress wanted to use it offensively, he could always just let someone out of the marble the second the threw it from a high distance.

So extremely powerful, but if the enemy knows what to look out for, it’ll be difficult to pull out a W.


24. Warp Gate – Kurogiri

Warp Gate – Kurogiri My Hero Academia anime screenshot

Warp Gate is low for a similar reason; it’s one of the most useful abilities a person could have, but without ally support, you can be easily overpowered.

Besides just the convenience of going from place to place, Warp Gate can also be used to set up your ally’s attack. Or in order to displace the enemy.

But in a similar fashion to Mr. Compress, if the enemy knows what to look for, they can easily avoid any damage. I’m putting it higher than Compress simply because it’s way more versatile.


23. Elasticity – Gentle Criminal

Elasticity – Gentle Criminal from My Hero Academia anime

Elasticity is a Quirk with an extremely high skill ceiling.

In its essence, all it allows you to do is make anything you touch elastic.

However, this applies to air and to larger objects, like buildings.

So when used correctly, it makes for a fantastic Quirk in duels.

You can set up air barriers to deflect any attacks from your opponent. Or make the ground elastic so that they lose their footing. Or even abuse the cooldown of your Quirk to hurdle heavy objects at your enemy.

It’s far from all powerful, and if the enemy is clever they can counter. But if they don’t have the mental capacity to remember all of your little traps, they’re in for a bad time.


22. Foresight – Sir Nighteye

Foresight – Sir Nighteye in My Hero Academia anime

If this Quirk gaves you any type of physical boost, it probably would have been in the top 3 honestly.

Since it allows you to see someone’s near or distant future, it can allow you to dodge or counter any attack that your enemy dishes out, given that you’re fast and/or strong enough.

It can also do wonders in terms of data collection and plan building. It’s extremely practical, and can make you feel like an Uchiha in a one-on-one duel… however it can only be used once a day.

And if your opponent overpowers you, it doesn’t matter that you saw it coming.


21. Clones – Ectoplasm

Clones – Ectoplasm My Hero Academia anime screenshot

Although we haven’t really seen Ectoplasm in a real fight, we know from Naruto how oppressive and busted clone techniques can be.

Having more hands on deck means a lot of utility. And being able to tire your opponent out with fakes can be a decisive blow in a battle.

Plus, if the enemy is really tough, Ectoplasm can opt for one giant clone to crush his enemy.

It takes him a second to create his clones, so you can overpower him in a sneak attack. And the clones aren’t extremely strong on their own, but this Quirk is definitely powerful.


20. Creation – Momo Yaoyorozu

Creation - Momo Yaoyorozu in My Hero Academia anime

Now this Quirk is the definition of utility, as it can literally create any item from thin air, given that it’s not too large, and that the user knows the atomic configuration of the item.

We’ve seen it save the day a few times in the show. But its dual and destructive powers are rather low.

This Quirk allows you to outsmart your enemy, but not really overpower them. So if you’re not with your team and you face nearly any other person on this list, you’ll have a tough time getting out alive.


19. Hardening – Eijiro Kirishima

Hardening - Eijiro Kirishima from MHA anime

Hardening is one of the best defensive Quirks we’ve seen in the show, as when Kirishima enters his Unbreakable form, he seems like a compact tank.

Not only can he take serious hits without injury, but it also allows him to charge in and inflict some serious damage.

Kirishima hasn’t mastered his Quirk just yet. So it’s far from invincible.

But the second he learns how to maintain Unbreakable for longer durations of time, he’s going to be an extremely good dualist and tank.


18. Vibrate – Yo Shindo

Vibrate - Yo Shindo in My Hero Academia anime

Vibrate is a simple ability that holds a surprising amount of power.

It simply allows the user to send out controlled vibrations through his hands. This brings with it a lot of destructive power, as the user can make huge earthquakes at will simply by touching the ground.

And although this hasn’t been shown in the anime, I imagine this could one shot kill someone if he ever managed to lay a finger on their body.

So the enemy not only has to be a long range type, but also fast enough to avoid his earthquakes, to stand a chance.


17. Manifest – Tamaki Amajiki

Manifest - Tamaki Amajiki My Hero Academia anime screenshot

I know it’s a bit controversial not to put this Quirk in the top five or top ten, but hear me out.

There’s no doubt that the Quirk is strong. It offers you both defensive stats if you had some clams for dinner, offensive stats, most notably squid tentacles, and even some utility like wings.

However, it does require prep time. And has a set time limit of however long it takes to digest the food.

So if the user ever skips a meal or goes on a diet, they’re screwed.

It also needs different types of food to be regularly available to get maximum potential. So traveling anywhere out of Japan would be a nightmare. Unless a burger gives you capitalist powers or something.


16. Copy – Neito Monoma

Copy - Neito Monoma from My Hero Academia anime

Similar to the previous entry, this Quirk has nearly infinite possibilities. But a lot of drawbacks as well.

It allows the user to copy any Quirk as long as he’s made physical contact with the user in the previous 5 minutes.

You can already see where the drawbacks are.

If you’re facing a long range opponent one on one, you basically stand no chance. However, in team battles, this Quirk can be a game changer.

The surprise element alone is pretty powerful. But the fact that you can switch around between your team’s Quirks and the enemy’s Quirks will make you near impossible to read.


15. Meatball – Seiji Shishikura

Meatball - Seiji Shishikura in My Hero Academia anime

Meatball is one of the odder Quirks on here, but definitely with the potential to be OP.

It allows the user to control their own flesh, as well as to turn enemies into sentient balls of meat. So the user can separate his arms and attack you from range, and then pretty much one shot you.

Since he can “meatball” multiple people at once, even in group battles, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

However, if the enemy has enough destructive power, the user has to either get really creative with how they use their Quirk, or run for the hills immediately.


14. Wave Motion – Nejire Hado

Wave Motion - Nejire Hado from My Hero Academia anime

Wave Motion allows the user to shoot out big waves of pure energy from their body.

The user can use it to fly and maneuver around, or to take down hordes of enemies.

The waves themselves are rather slow. But they pack quite the punch, as they can take down villains the size of buildings in a single shot. There’s a set limit on how much energy the user can output too, but unlike Aoyama, the ceiling is pretty generous.

So the Quirk grants you mobility, AoE, and burst damage, pretty nutty isn’t it?


13. Earth Flow – Ryuko Tsuchikawa

Earth Flow - Ryuko Tsuchikawa My Hero Academia anime screenshot

It’s basically Earth-bending. How can it not be powerful?

Not only does Earth Flow allow the user to create devastating avalanches, but it also allows them to create giant puppets which the user can control remotely.

Since Rhyuko hasn’t ever fully utilized this Quirk in close combat, we don’t know how powerful it can be.

But I see no reason why she couldn’t just put you six feet under the second you got close.

The range on this Quirk is pretty nutty, and it definitely offers some great utility and destructive power.

Too bad the user wasn’t much of a fighter.


12. Brainwash – Hitoshi Shinso

Brainwash - Hitoshi Shinso in My Hero Academia anime

Now this Quirk is either overpowered, or completely useless, depending on whether you have any knowledge on how it functions.

To activate it, the enemy has to respond to a question that the user has posed, after which the enemy gets completely brainwashed.

So if the enemy knows what you’re trying to do, or just isn’t the chatty type, this Quirk is useless.

But if the enemy does fall into your trap, you’ve won without even lifting a finger.

I can’t put it too high because it’s a coin flip. But man does it have potential.


11. Whirlwind – Inasa Yoarashi

Whirlwind - Inasa Yoarashi from My Hero Academia anime

We already had an Earth bender, and now we have an Air bender.

This Quirk is extremely well rounded, as it has amazing destructive power, dueling potential, and utility.

You can make a giant whirlwind and level a small village, or you can use the airflow to fly around and maneuver to disrupt enemies and their attacks.

There’s no real downside to this Quirk, however, the user can be overpowered with some of the following entries.


10. Erasure – Eraser Head

Erasure – Eraser Head My Hero Academia anime screenshot

Reasure can be one of the most powerful in the series. But only in the right hands.

It allows you to completely erase your enemy’s Quirk as long as you’re looking at them.

So if you can one-shot them while they’re Quirkless, you’re basically invincible.

However, if you make a single mistake and blink, or if you’re attacked by more than one powerful enemy, it gets a lot more difficult.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Eraser Head is basically a God in hand to hand combat, this Quirk would have been mid-tier. But he has propelled it too new heights.


9. Fierce Wings – Hawks

Fierce Wings – Hawks from My Hero Academia anime

Hawks is another example where the Quirk itself doesn’t sound too strong, but the user showcased just how powerful it can be.

The Quirk just allows the user to control the feather from the wings on their back.

But Hawks has shown that this Quirk is the king of utility. He can help pedestrians, stop criminals, and get a sandwich all at the same time!

His feathers have pretty long range. And Hawks is deadly accurate with them, meaning that he can snipe out multiple targets before they even realize what’s going on.

However, if you destroy his feathers, he can’t do much.


8. Decay – Tomura Shigaraki

Decay - Tomura Shigaraki from MHA anime

Decay is a one-shot kill type of Quirk where whatever the user touches with all five fingers, turns into dust.

It started off as quite the underwhelming Quirk, being that he could just scrape Eraser Head’s elbow, but it quickly became quite powerful.

And yes, manga readers, this Quirk should be near the very top once the anime catches up.

But for now, it’s a close-range ability. And can be easily countered with either long range or lots of mobility.


7. Double – Twice

Double – Twice My Hero Academia anime screenshot

Now this Quirk is absolutely nutty, and will only get nuttier as time passes.

It allows the user to create a duplicate of anyone as long as he has their measurements.

This wouldn’t be a big deal, if it weren’t for the fact that the double can also use the original’s Quirk.

This means that if you have some powerful allies, you can send out god-tier duplicates and face no consequences if they’re defeated.

Plus, if Twice hadn’t suffered a mental breakdown, he could have created an army of himself when going into battle. So through and through, overpowered to the bone.


6. Overhaul – Overhaul

Overhaul – Overhaul in My Hero Academia anime

Overhaul is just ridiculous.

You can one-shot someone with a single touch, then you can revive that person if you choose, or use their flesh to give yourself some extra muscle.

You can then manipulate the ground by touching it and heal any wound you’ve sustained – pretty much instantly.

There’s quite literally only one way to counter this Quirk, and it’s to be a long range burst assassin who can avoid every attack thrown their way.

And let’s just say there’s a limited number of people capable of such a feat.


5. Half-cold half-hot – Shoto Todoroki

Half-cold half-hot - Shoto Todoroki from MHA anime

Under this submission I’m also counting Dabi’s and Endeavour’s fire Quirk.

Because honestly, Shoto just has the upgraded version.

Not only can he blast fire capable of burning any enemy to a crisp, but he can also freeze the entire battlefield.

And when used in conjunction, his Quirk has literally no weaknesses. He has huge range, huge utility, an insane damage output, and all of it can be single target or AoE.

Honestly, if Shoto was hellbent on being the strongest, I’m pretty sure he could have achieved that goal.


4. Explosion – Katsuki Bakugo

Explosion - Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia anime

Explosion seems like the type of ability where it’s all about destructive force, being that it allows you to create explosions and everything…

But Bakugo has shown that it has more variety than that.

Bakugo is nearly unmatched when it comes to mobility, as he uses the explosions to maneuver in the air while simultaneously attacking his opponent.

He can also focus his blast to create a one hit K.O. ability with decent precision. But if he really wants to blow things up, he does. And the area he can cover in a single blast is no less than terrifying.


3. One for all – Izuku Midoriya

One for all - Izuku Midoriya from MHA anime

I can already feel the anger for this one.

Well one for all is the ultimate good guy Quirk, as it allows people to store up power over generations and create an unstoppable hero.

However, we’ve seen that it can be quite taxing on the body. Especially when first received.

And although it can be infinitely scaled, it also took seven generations for the Quirk to gain sufficient power.

So since we’re grading the Quirk itself, I can’t give it the top spot. It takes too much prep time, and can easily kill the user if used incorrectly.


2. Permeation – Mirio Togata

Permeation - Mirio Togata My Hero Academia anime screenshot

So this Quirk basically allows you to become Obito.

Its destructive force is zero. But its utility and dueling prowess is unmatched in my eyes.

Once trained to perfection, it can make it so that no one can touch you, no attack can land, and no one can hold you down.

It also gives you insane mobility as you can phase in and out of the ground. Plus no one can block your punches either.

In the hands of Mirio it is without a doubt the strongest dueling Quirk.

Heck, if Mirio was a villain and a bit older, I doubt even All Might could have dealt with him.


1. All for one – All for one

All for one – All for one in My Hero Academia anime

All for one is the ultimate Quirk, and I’m honestly disappointed that it wasn’t used in a better manner in the series.

It allows you to forcefully activate other people’s Quirks, steal Quirks for yourself, or even give them to someone else.

You can combine however many Quirks you want, and there’s no downside to using them.

Honestly, if All for one was just a bit more creative, he could have wiped the floor with the heroes.

I mean, just imagine if someone had all the Quirks on this list, it would have been nuts.

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Class 1B All Quirks - My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a massively popular superhero anime known for its incredible diversity of characters and powers, or quirks. These abilities range from useful but unimpressive skills, like being able to manipulate and attract small objects, to mind-blowing talents, such as the capability to rewind a target's biological clock.

As is the case with most anime, some of the abilities on display in the show are vastly stronger than others. Power is not the be all and end all when it comes to how useful a hero or villain is, but it certainly separates the exceptional ones from the pack. There's Shoto Todoroki's Half-Cold Half-Hot, which allows him to simultaneously control fire and ice, and Best Jeanist's Fiber Master, which gives him total dominance over anyone wearing clothes. Then, of course, there's One For All, a quirk used by Izuku and All Might that bestows a burst of unimaginable strength. 

There are countless incredible quirks in My Hero Academia and, in a show that prides itself on continuously introducing dominant characters, it can be tough to draw the line and single out the best of the best. However, it's clear to the audience who stands tallest among the heroes and villains. 


Hero academia cool quirks my

Seiai Academy Big 3

Seiai Academy Class 1C

Seiai Academy Class 1B

Seiai Academy Class 1A

Katsubutsu High School Big 3

Katsubutsu High School Class 1C

Katsubutsu High School Class 1B

Ketsubutsu High School Class 1A

Shiketsu High school Class 1C

Shiketsu High school Class 1B

Shiketsu High School Class 1A

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Every Quirk In My Hero Academia: Part 1

My Hero Academia: 5 Best Offensive Quirks (& 5 Best Support Quirks)

Quirks define the hit animated series My Hero Academia's combat system, and they take countless shapes and forms. Most people are born with a Quirk of some sport, and some Quirks allow a person to emit magical powers while others modify the person's body. Many Quirks are effective for hero work, in particular.

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Some Quirks are tailor-made for dueling villains, and these Quirks' bearers have learned to bravely charge into battle and take on villains toe to toe to save the day. But not everyone gets up close and personal like that. Support heroes have ranged, or non-offensive support Quirks that augment their allies in battle, and they're just as vital for hero work as the melee Quirks. What are some of the best Quirks of each type?

10 OFFENSIVE QUIRK: Izuku Midoriya's Quirk, One For All

There is no denying the awe-inspiring power of One For All, which is the Quirk that was passed down from All Might himself to Izuku Midoriya. This Quirk is an odd one since it can be deliberately handed from one user to another, and it can even collect the conscious minds of past users.

One For All allows Izuku to charge up and release incredible amounts of power at close range, and like All Might before him, Izuku can blast any villain away with his Smash attacks, not to mention Shoot Style and Full Cowling. It's the stuff of legends.

9 SUPPORT QUIRK: Momo Yaoyorozu's Quirk, Creation

The genius girl Momo Yaoyorozu got into U.A. through recommendations and is a top student, but she has more than a collection of A+ homework assignments to offer. Her Quirk is Creation, and with it, Momo can manifest non-living items from her skin, even complex electrical devices.

Momo's fuel is finite, but until she runs out of lipids, Momo can use this incredibly flexible Quirk to rescue civilians, equip her allies, and capture her enemies with anything from nets to catapults to gas masks and tracking devices, among others. Whatever Momo's teammates need, they'll get.

8 OFFENSIVE QUIRK: Katsuki Bakugo's Quirk, Explosion

Katsuki Bakugo has a hot temper to match his volatile Quirk. This student is also an offensive powerhouse, setting off his nitroglycerin sweat with sparks to set off powerful explosions. He can even control and strengthen these explosions with specialized gauntlets.

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It should also be noted that as a fight progresses, Bakugo will be sweating more, meaning his Quirk becomes even more powerful, not less. It can also be used to set off blinding flashes of light in some cases.

7 SUPPORT QUIRK: Saiko Intelli's Quirk, IQ

Saiko Intelli is a student from Seiai Academy, and she and her classmates view U.A.'s students as rivals. Saiko's Quirk cannot deal damage or even physically manifest at all; instead, she can rapidly boost her mental power with her IQ Quirk.

When Saiko drinks tea, her Quirk activates, and she will have the brainpower to set cunning and elaborate traps for her enemies (or see through the enemy's own traps). Saiko probably can't throw a punch, but at this rate, she won't have to.

6 OFFENSIVE QUIRK: Shoto Todoroki's Quirk, Half-Cold Half-Hot

Few characters can boast a more powerful or flexible Quirk than this one. In fact, the pro hero Endeavor made sure that he married a woman with an ice-based Quirk so that that ice power would balance Endeavor's own firepower in one neat package. And he got his wish.

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With the Half-Cold Half-Hot Quirk, Shoto can demolish just about any foe, either by trapping them in ice or blasting them to ashes with his flames. And as Endeavor intended, the fire and ice halves help Shoto regulate Shoto's temperature while using either one.

5 SUPPORT QUIRK: Shota Aizawa's Quirk, Erasure

Shota Aizawa, or Eraser Head, is an unusual case. His Quirk (Erasure) effectively supports Quirk, but Aizawa can take on and defeat villains all by himself despite that fact. Once the enemy's Quirk is nullified, Aizawa can use his advanced technique and equipment to capture that villain.

Whether Aizawa is alone or with a team, his Quirk is enormously useful, quickly shutting down powerful emitter Quirks and rendering the opponent helpless. This Quirk does nothing to mutant Quirks, but as a whole, it's a fine support Quirk.

4 OFFENSIVE QUIRK: Fumikage Tokoyami's Quirk, Dark Shadow

Another class 1-A powerhouse is the raven-headed Fumikage Tokoyami, whose Quirk is a living shadow that emerges from his belly. Interestingly, Dark Shadow can think and speak for itself, and it and Fumikage are like teammates.

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Dark Shadow, naturally, works best at sunset or at night, where the darkness fuels its power immensely. At night, this Quirk has speed and strength that not even most pro heroes can match, and even by day, this Quirk's speed, power, and agility are noteworthy. Only sudden, intense light (such as from a flash-bang grenade) seriously hampers Dark Shadow's powers.

3 SUPPORT QUIRK: Kurogiri's Quirk, Warp Gate

The misty villain known as Kurogiri is odd by any measure. He has a roughly humanoid body except for his head of black mist, and he can use his Quirk to teleport people around with that dark mist. He's not known for his hitting power.

Villains such as Tomura Shigaraki greatly rely on Kurogiri's ability to teleport people around with his Warp Gate ability. He is one of the most prized members of the League of Villains. With Kurogiri around, League members can easily be transported to and from battlefields.

2 OFFENSIVE QUIRK: Overhaul's Quirk, Overhaul

The mob boss Overhaul is one of the few characters to use his Quirk's name as his pseudonym, and his Quirk is definitely worth naming himself after. This ability is extremely flexible, and it's devastating no matter how it's used.

Overhaul can reshape living and non-living matter with a touch with this Quirk. He can heal his own wounds, blast a person's body into gory bits, form spikes or columns out of stone or bricks, and more. He can even use this Quirk to meld a dead person's body onto his own and become bigger.

1 SUPPORT QUIRK: Mandalay's Quirk, Telepath

One Wild, Wild Pussycats is Mandalay, an agile woman with a Quirk that might remind viewers of Professor X himself. Mandalay's Quirk is intangible, like Saiko's. With it, Mandalay can project her verbal thoughts to other people around her, like a telepath.

Such a Quirk can make it easy for Mandalay to form a battle plan, then share it with dozens of heroes on a chaotic battlefield to keep everyone coordinated. She could also use this Quirk to give emergency exit instructions to civilians caught in the crossfire if they can't easily hear spoken commands for some reason.

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NextTop 15 Most Powerful Eye Abilities In Anime

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My Hero Academia Quirks Ranked Worst To Best

By Ziah Grace/Jan. 7, 2020 1:41 pm EDT/Updated: April 6, 2021 8:26 am EDT

In the world of My Hero Academia, nearly 80 percent of the population have inborn superpowers called quirks. These meta abilities generally fall under three categories: Emitter, Transformation, and Heteromorphic. Heteromorphic types are always partially active, usually in some physical sense (think of the Thing from the Fantastic Four), Transformation types transform like the Hulk, and Emitter types basically do everything else, from shooting lasers to softening the ground. Quirk-y people also usually inherit some form of one or both of their parents' quirks, or just manifest an entirely unique power. With such a huge population of super-powered individuals, the world of My Hero Academia, somewhat predictably, has a ridiculous number of weird power combinations.

These superpowers run the gamut from the standard Superman-esque powerset to the completely bizarre. Even in a world where you're almost guaranteed to have some sort of odd power, not all quirks are created equal. For every hero who can fly or stick to walls, there are plenty of people in My Hero Academia who just have minor telekinesis or are literally a talking mouse. With that said, we're ranking some of the best and worst quirks in My Hero Academia — heroes, villains, students, and vigilantes included.

Minoru Mineta's Pop Off is gross

Minoru Mineta has one of the worst superpowers in all of anime, so, naturally, he lands on the bottom of this list. Mineta has the ability to throw giant sticky balls that grow on his head in place of hair. The balls stick to whatever surface they land on, but Mineta himself bounces right off. Already, we're off to a bad start. The idea of throwing sticky balls that grow out of your scalp is viscerally disturbing in a way that might make David Cronenberg flinch in disgust, especially when Mineta's superhero costume has to be made out of his own body parts in order to keep his clothes from sticking to his... well, balls. That's basically a slightly more appropriate Buffalo Bill skin suit.

The worst part, however, is the side effect that comes from throwing too many of his hair balls. If Mineta overuses his quirk, his head starts to bleed, implying that his balls are closer in composition to skin than hair. All in all, it's a deeply disturbing quirk that's gross enough to offset even the faintest possibility of usefulness.

Ojiro's quirk is tail

It might seem strange for a quirk with so few downsides to land on the tail-end of this list, but by the same token, Mashirao Ojiro's quirk has no upsides, either. It's just a tail. In fairness, it's a tail that he has enough control over to whip around and smack villains with, but compared to the most powerful and most bizarre quirks in My Hero Academia, his superpower is just boring. In fact, the plainness of his Quirk is about as much character as Ojiro gets. Pretty much his entire role in the anime so far has been trying to accommodate for his boring quirk with martial arts and hard work. When your entire personality is rooted in how boring your superpower is, that's when you know you've lost the genetic lottery. In fact, the only obvious use for a prehensile tail we can think of is opening doors when you're holding two glasses of water. Although, to be fair, those glasses of water could be half-full or half-empty depending on how you look at it. After all, there's no need to live life with your tail between your legs.

Mirio Togata's Permeation has some big drawbacks

Mirio Togata is one of the most impressive heroes in My Hero Academia. Trained by the pro hero Nighteye and considered one of the Big Three of U.A. High School's upperclassmen, Mirio seems (at least at first) to be the platonic ideal of an All Might successor. Most impressively, he does it all with a Quirk that's much worse than he makes it look. With his Permeation Quirk, Mirio can become completely intangible; when he becomes tangible inside of a solid object, he's rocketed out of that object at high speed. Much like Marvel's Kitty Pryde, another intangible superhero, Mirio supplements his phasing powers with martial arts mastery and plenty of intelligence.

You might be wondering why such a useful power comes so low on the list. The reason is simple: unlike the X-Men's Kitty Pryde, who simply becomes untouchable, Mirio goes blind, deaf, and loses the ability to breathe when he phases. Basically, the only thing he feels is a vague sense of falling, which, combined with his tendency to phase into the ground, sounds like a truly awful pairing for claustrophobics and basiphobics alike. My Hero Academia's always been clear that it's not the quirk that makes the hero, and Mirio's competence is actually impressive in spite of his powerful quirk.

Spinner is a lizard

Who hasn't fantasized about swinging through the air and climbing up walls like Spider-Man? The freedom of movement, the defiance of gravity, the "thwip" sound of webbing... there's a reason that the character is so popular with children and adults alike. Unfortunately, My Hero Academia's Spinner seems like a Spider-Man wish fulfillment fantasy gone wrong. He can stick to walls, but that's because he's basically a lizard man. In fact, he seems less like Spider-Man and more like one of the members of the similarly New York-based superhero team, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

In a world where kids have navel lasers and sugar-powered super-strength, the ability to look like a big lizard just seems sad. Some of the other characters have inherited animal features, but they also get cool powers of their own. Tokoyami has a bird head, but he also has a shadow creature that can fly him around. Koda has a rock head, but he can talk to animals. Even another reptile mutant, Tsuyu, has a long tongue, acidic vomit, and can camouflage herself with her surroundings. Compared to any of those, Spinner's ability to look like the TMNT OC you drew when you were a teenager just doesn't measure up.

The Crawler can just slide, baby

Not all quirks make one suitable for superhero work; that's how the world of My Hero Academia can have 80% of its world population possess superpowers and still make superheroing a rarefied profession. Considering the dangers of said profession, there are some powers that just don't seem all that useful. That's certainly the case with Koichi Haimawari, who has the ability to slide along surfaces as long as three of his limbs are touching that surface. It's not a bad power by any stretch — it sure seems faster and more convenient than walking or biking around — but it's not the kind of power that strikes fear into the hearts of evildoers. That he's able to make things work (somewhat) as an unofficial vigilante is really a credit to his hard work and kindness. As fun as it might be to slide up walls and down slopes, this quirk is ultimately not all that different from a portable bicycle.

Mei Hatsume's Zoom lets her see clearly once the rain is gone

It's not always the case that the heroes and villains of My Hero Academia always use their quirks while performing their superhuman actions; for example, many of Eraserhead's most impressive physical feats rely on his binding cloth, instead of his actual power-erasing quirk. The world of MHA is full of high-tech gadgets and weird technology that heroes and villains can use if they weren't lucky enough to be blessed with an exceptionally useful quirk. Of course, someone has to design those interesting gadgets and weapons, which is where Mei Hatsume comes in. She attends U-A to learn how to make Support Equipment, MHA's in-universe term for utility belts, costumes, and super-weapons.

It's no surprise that her focus is on the Support side of things since her quirk is pretty boring. Hatsume's Zoom quirk lets her vision zoom in any object that she's looking at up to five kilometers away (that's about 3 miles for metric system haters). It's not a bad quirk, but it's not really a good one either. No wonder Hatsume chose a career path that has almost nothing to do with it.

Gran Torino's Quirk is a breath of fresh air

Every hero needs a crotchety mentor, and they don't come much more crotchety or wise than Gran Torino. The retired pro hero lent his wisdom to both Deku and a young All Might once upon a time, and even in his old age, has helped out the main roster of heroes on multiple occasions. Gran Torino's proved himself to be a powerful combatant multiple times, and his Jet quirk is seemingly a major factor. It allows him to shoot air from the soles of his feet, giving him incredible speed and agility as he dashes around and delivers high-velocity punches.

So why isn't he higher on this list? As it turns out, that speed has to come from somewhere. Gran Torino's quirk shoots air out of his feet, but it's the same air he uses to breathe. That's some incredible lung strength, but it means that there's a hard limit to how often and how much he can use his quirk. After all, you try holding your breath while sprinting and throwing punches and see how long you can last. Still, you could say that his quirk is a breath of fresh air compared to the more outlandish ones out there.

Eraserhead can erase quirks

The old adage that "those who can, do, those who can't, teach" might be true when it comes to Shoto Aizawa, a.k.a. the hero Eraserhead. Aizawa is the homeroom teacher for Class 1-A at U.A. High School, and despite his downer attitude, he is an excellent resource for his superpowered students. It's somewhat ironic that he's so helpful in explaining how best to use bizarre quirks, since his own quirk is about as rudimentary as it gets.

Aizawa can temporarily halt the activation of quirks as long as he keeps his eyes open after looking at a quirk user. As soon as he blinks, the effect ends. It doesn't affect mutant types like Spinner or Ojiro, but it would stop the Crawler from sliding or Shoto from controlling fire and ice. That's a pretty useful power in the world of My Hero Academia, which is packed to the brim with quirk users of all type. The ability to shut down a villain before they start doing their villainous acts is solid, but that's all it does. Ultimately, a quirk that depends so much on the presence of other quirk users to be effective makes this a middle-of-the-road power.

Mt. Lady can become giant

Who among us can say that they've never stomped through sand castles or miniature cities pretending to breathe nuclear fire while humming Blue Oyster Cult's second-best song? It's an enticing fantasy, and one that the superhero Mt. Lady can live every day. As you might expect from her punny name, Mt. Lady can grow to giant size with her Gigantification quirk. Unfortunately, it's only half as useful as it sounds. 

Mt. Lady can grow to giant size, but she doesn't have the ability to grow and shrink; she only has the ability to grow to her giant size and back to regular human size. That seems like a recipe for disaster in metropolitan areas, and the lack of control means that Gigantification is unlikely to land in the top spot of any Most Desired Superpower list. Still, we'd be lying if we said that we didn't want to act out our own Tom Hanks in Big fantasies "to be big."

Ingenium is fast

Is there a superpower more viscerally thrilling than being able to run at high speeds? If 80 years of Flash comics have taught us anything, the answer's no. We already have at least one super-speedster in the My Hero Academia cast in the form of U-A student Tenya Iida, but his Engine quirk is still revving up in the anime. Instead, his brother, the pro hero Ingenium, has a much more powerful quirk at the moment. Instead of powerful engines on his legs like his younger brother, Ingenium has engines on his arms, letting him blast through the air like the world's fastest Naruto Runner.

However, the biggest reason that Ingenium lands on this list and his brother doesn't? Running with your legs is terrible. No one actually likes to run. If you could just stick your arms out to the side and get the same speed going, wouldn't you rather do that?

No obvious drawbacks to Shoto Todoroki's Half-Cold Half Hot quirk

Just as Poison once sang, every rose has its thorn. In less flowery terms, it means that every joy comes with sorrow, and every bit of happiness comes with some pain. Fittingly, in the world of My Hero Academia, quirks usually come with a drawback or weakness — Bakugo's explosive sweat requires him to actually sweat, Tsuyu gets lazy in the cold, and Spinner is a lizard. That's not something Shoto Todoroki has to worry about. His quirk allows him to control fire and ice to an almost unlimited extent. On the right side of his body, he generates ice, while on the left, he can control fire. Granted, overusing one half of his body reflects that increase or decrease in temperature onto his own body, but just switching to the other half regulates his own temperature back to normal.

Even in the world of My Hero Academia, Todoroki's quirk is absurdly powerful. In fact, its existence is explicitly due to active effort on his father's part in order to engineer an ultra-powerful heir. However, putting Todoroki's tragic superhero origin aside, we can't find any particular issue with this ultra-powerful quirk. We're not going to play hot and cold here; this quirk is worth getting fired up about.

Neito Monoma is a copycat

Copycat superheroes have existed in superhero fiction almost as long as superpowers. From Mimic to Taskmaster to Amazo, there's just something innately satisfying about seeing someone copy and combine familiar superpowers in new ways. Since My Hero Academia never shies away from a good superhero fictional trope, there is, of course, a copycat quirk wielder. The catch is that he's pretty undeniably heroic, even if he's kind of a jerk about it.

Neito Monoma is a U-A student with the ability to copy the quirk of anyone he touches. He can copy up to four abilities, and use any one ability at a time for up to ten minutes before he needs to physically touch them again. While that's not much use out in the real world, Monoma's Copycat quirk is extraordinarily useful in the quirk-filled world of My Hero Academia. Being able to copy up to four powers at a time with a touch makes Monoma an incredibly dangerous opponent in a melee. What's more, knowledge of his quirk only makes him more dangerous, since he can throw in bluffs to confuse clever enemies. The only real drawback to his quirk (besides the time limit) is that he can only make use of quirks that don't depend on external power sources. Fat Gum's Fat Absorption quirk wouldn't be possible for the skinny Monoma, and so on.

Tamaki Amajiki is what he eats

A balanced diet is important to living your best life. For Tamaki Amajiki, a balanced diet is particularly important to living his best superhero life. As the hero Suneater, Tamaki has the ability to manifest characteristics of whatever he eats as a part of his own body. That means that if he eats clams or octopus, he can turn parts of his body into tentacles or clam shells. If he eats a bird, he can grow wings and fly. The size, number of manifestations, and exact features of the food he wants to use are entirely up to him.

While it's an incredibly weird-looking quirk to have, it's undeniably a useful one. Hit up an all-you-can-eat fish buffet, and you could probably swim faster than Michael Phelps. Eat a few plates of chicken, and you can fly around. Tamaki's power isn't even limited to conventional food, either. At one point, he eats some crystals created by another quirk user in order to make his own flesh into crystals. As long as you've got an open mind when it comes to the tenets of transhumanism, it's hard to see a problem with this odd quirk.

Best Jeanist's quirk is one of the best

In My Hero Academia, the most powerful quirks paradoxically tend to depend on other people; for example, the major villain of the series is All-For-One, a quirk user that can steal and give out quirks whenever he pleases. That's a quirk that depends on other people — specifically, quirk users — to really become powerful. Another good example of teamwork making the dream work is Best Jeanist's Fiber Master quirk, which lets him control individual threads of fiber. That makes him nearly unstoppable against anyone wearing clothes, which thankfully for Never Nudes, is nearly everyone.

Best Jeanist has some minor drawbacks to his quirk: for one, the type of thread influences how easily he's able to control it (denim is the easiest to use). Still, it's one of the weirdest and most useful quirks in all of the My Hero Academia universe. Unless he goes up against a supervillainous nudist colony, Best Jeanist is one of the best. No wonder he managed to take the spot of Number Three hero in Japan.

Twice is twice as good

The villain Twice has a quirk so powerful that, for most of his time in My Hero Academia, there was a self-imposed limit. Twice can make an exact duplicate of anything — living, dead, organic, or inorganic — as long as he knows the exact measurements. He's limited to two doubles at a time, but those doubles have their own abilities and will. That means that, functionally, he doesn't have any limits when it comes to cloning himself. He can clone himself, and then that clone can clone himself, and then that clone's clone can clone himself, and so on infinitely. 

Beyond its use in making personal armies, it's the perfect cooperative quirk with other villains, since Twice can make a clone of himself and a clone of another villain, which can likewise repeat seemingly infinitely. The only real reason that My Hero Academia isn't entirely about the world's heroes uniting against this seemingly ultra-powerful villain is that Twice spends most of his time completely insane as a result of cloning himself too much. He didn't know if he was the original clone and spent years worrying that he was just his own doppelganger. As horrifying as that might be, there's a pretty easy solution: just write numbers on all your clones' heads, and it doesn't seem like identity confusion will ever be a problem.

Hawks gets to be a bird, gets to fly away

Flying has been a core aspect of the superhero fantasy since nearly the inception of the genre. Superman might have started out leaping tall buildings in a single bound, but his ability to fly is a core part of his appeal as the platonic ideal of the superhero. There are a few characters in My Hero Academia who can fly (or at least blast forward like a jet), but the hero Hawks is one of the few to make flying through the air look as fun as it probably is. 

Just like Nelly Furtado, Hawks is like a bird, and he can fly away. His Fierce Wings quirk allows him to control the individual feathers on the large wings growing out of his back. Each feather is incredibly strong and individually controlled, which basically gives him a superpower set similar to telekinesis. What's more, each feather can detect changes in the air, allowing Hawks to locate or eavesdrop on people with only a single feather. His actual flying speed with his wings seems closer to a plane than a pigeon, and the only real drawback to his quirk is that his feathers take a day or two to regenerate if they're destroyed. Look, up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the best Quirk in My Hero Academia.


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