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Tennessee Land Development Services

a bit about us…

Tennessee Land Development Services is a land surveying company. We are committed to the art and science of land surveying and all that it entails. Many firms have diversified or merged to blend architecture and engineering with land surveying. While this business structure may work for them, we believe that land surveying should be forefront in our company. Through building relations with many other professions, we are able to provide our clients with all of the benefits of a larger company while allowing them to choose who they work with every step of the way.

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This model has worked for us and our clients for over a decade will continue to do so well into the future. We assist our clients in getting what they need, when they need it.

Horsing Around while Land Surveying

Getting a bit of help from the locals.


Although we are licensed to practice surveying anywhere in the State of Tennessee, our focus is to the east.  We are based out of Jefferson County and our prefered service area is it and those counties that adjoin it: Cocke, Grainger, Hamblen, Knox, and Sevier, Although not a direct adjoiner, we regularly service Blount county as well. We also serve the counties adjoining our primary service area but may charge a bit more for travel.


We do residential and commercial surveys from the tiniest lot to the largest boundary and provide a variety of services to many different clients including:

  • Elevation certificates for insurance agents.
  • Lot and boundary surveys for land owners, title companies, and Realtors.
  • Subdivisions and construction layout for developers and builders.
  • Property Disputes
  • Mediation Services (Civil and Family)
  • Forensic cartography and surveying for attorneys.
  • Free consultations and advice on all things land.

Normally, we strive to turn over most projects within 7-10 business days. However, we are currently experiencing exceptionally high volumes of work and therefore will likely take longer. Property size, location, topography, and ground cover all affect how long a job will take.


M. Lacey Land Surveying, is a full service land surveying firm dedicated to providing high quality land surveying services to our clients throughout the East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia area. We are committed to providing our clients with personalized, professional services that cater to their individual needs.

We are centrally located between the Tri-Cities (Kingsport, Bristol, Johnson City) and Knoxville, Tennessee, allowing us to conveniently service Hawkins, Sullivan, Washington, Greene, Hamblen, Jefferson, Claiborne, Grainger, Sevier and Knox Counties.

Michael Lacey, RLS, owner, has over forty years of experience in the surveying profession. He has provided superior services to individuals, contractors/developers, engineers, architects, attorneys, title companies, realtors, and other surveying professionals throughout the eastern United States.

By utilizing the latest technology and irreplaceable experience, we pride ourselves in offering nothing less than excellence in the services we provide. We continually strive to improve our methods and procedures, to provide our clients with the highest value for the least cost.

"Professional Land Surveying Services"

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ALTA Land Survey

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ALTA Survey Costs

Since ALTA Surveys take more time and effort, these surveys typically cost more than a survey done according to a particular state standard. I should point out that if the state standard is more restrictive on a certain point, then the most restrictive standard rules.

ALTA SurveyI see ALTA surveys priced from 50% to 200% more than a comparable boundary survey. This depends on the items checked in “Table A – Optional Survey Responsibilities and Specifications.” This table adds additional or specific tasks to the surveyor’s scope of work. One item that is usually included with most all ALTA survey requests is Item #1, monuments placed.

Tennessee Surveying standards include this and, in my opinion, all surveys should, but the ALTA survey leaves this optional unless the item is checked on Table A.

In regard to this, one of the things I appreciate is that the client is “supposed to” not only fill out this Table A but also to furnish title documents to the surveyor BEFORE he starts the survey. In practice we rarely get the title documents until we issue the first draft of the survey. At that time the documents are sent to us and we are asked to revise the survey and show them. While this is not the way its planned, at least we have the chance to review the documents before issuing the final version of the survey.

So, if you have a commercial parcel or a large multi-family residential complex, you should consider asking for the ALTA standards to be used.

You should also probably do this if you are considering the purchase or development of a parcel outside your state. Most of the banks will require this if you ask for a loan on this type property, but I recommend this even if the bank doesn’t require it.

If we can help you with an ALTA Survey in Knoxville, Tennessee, please contact us at (865) 249-0447 or fill out our Table A Quote Request form.

Top 10 reasons To Have Your Property Surveyed Knoxville, Tennessee


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Surveying is a high-profile profession that merges analytical abilities with technology. Land surveyors are licensed professionals who specialize in obtaining measurements with both precision and accuracy. Working outdoors and indoors, in remote and urban settings, surveyors have an educational background in historical research, real estate law, geology, forestry, hydrology, and botany. Surveyors can choose from a number of professional specialties, such as construction surveys, boundary and control, hydrographic, GIS, and forensic surveying. The Land Surveying concentration has pre-approved education courses within its curriculum for taking the Tennessee Professional Land Surveyor-In-Training Exam (see The Land Surveying concentration can lead to becoming a licensed Tennessee Professional Surveyor.

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Knoxville Tennessee Land Surveying - Boundary Surveying Services

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