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Create-A-Sim Prompts/Ideas 4 U!

Sul sul Simmers! Join us for the Inside Maxis Livestream HERE Tuesday, October 26th, @11 AM PT! 🎉
Hi! It's CLCami here! I recently started getting stuck on ideas while creating sims in CAS (Create-A-Sim), and I looked up posts and they were all in this category. Here are some ideas:

Base Game:
Celebrity (Any real Celebrity for this one)
Movie Star (Fake person)
Songwriter (Fake Person)
Cartoon Character (The Wattersons, Spongebob Squarepants, Starfire, Lori Loud, etc.)
Song Lyric Character/Person (Girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble - 7 Rings, Ariana Grande [clean version])
Book Character (Greg from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Katniss from The Hunger Games)
Painting ("The Scream" painting as a person, this is more challenging!)
A famous DEAD person. (This could be real or fake, so it could be Marie Curie, Marilyn Monroe (I think she's dead) and etc.)
Rainbow Person (Must use all colors in the rainbow.)
Color Person (Must use one color in the rainbow and that's it. Skintone and eyes don't have to match exactly.)
Big & Beautiful (If you don't know what this means, a lot of my friends don't, don't be afraid to ask)
1 Feeling, 24/7 (Sad, happy, energized, bored, anxious, etc. I base it off of what I'm feeling!)
Single Parent (Have an adult, young adult or not, with however many children you want)
Disney Character (Tiana, Prince Eric, HERCULES!!!!!! ahh he so strong)
Royalty (Princess, Queen, King, Prince. (I ended up having a large family with this idea!))

Cats & Dog:
Any Base Game Idea.
Disney ANIMAL Character (Dumbo, Simba, etc..)
Stuffed Animal (Bear, lion, etc.)
Your Pet!
Idk I'm running out of ideas. If you have some comment them and I'll edit them and put them in this section. ty

i come here to play video games and tell bad jokes...does anyone actually read these?
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The Sims: 10 Weird Character Customization Tips You Never Knew Existed

When talking about customized characters, The Sims is definitely one of the first names most gamers think of. From head to toe, The Sims franchise has given fans a plethora of different custom character sliders. The franchise has come a long way since its original release and gone through various changes (for better or for worse) throughout the years to arrive at the most articulate version of itself, The Sims 4.

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Some of these customization options are often forgotten or overlooked even by some of the most hardcore fans. Without the aid/addition of mods (which there are hundreds of thousands of out there on the internet), here are some of the most strange and underrated tips and tricks for character customization in The Sims (mainly focusing on The Sims 4).

10 Heels Don't Add Height

In real life, often time heels are worn to elongate the legs, making one look taller, favored over plain everyday sneakers, despite being the less comfortable alternative. However, in the Sims, heels don't actually make a Sim taller. Much more noticeable in the character creation section rather than in-game, when heels are equipped, the Sim actually sacrifices a bit of their calf-length instead of actually getting any taller.

9 Take It All Off!

This tip may sound a bit strange but it'll prove very helpful in the end when making the perfect Sim. As much as everyone loves the vast selection of clothing in the games, at the very beginning, during character creation, it's best to leave them for the end. Certain pieces of clothing can obscure the figure of the Sim, making it a bit difficult to have the proportions be as accurate as the player wants.

Unless the Sim being created is wearing a skin-tight outfit, their exact figure may not turn out as intended. Players are better off leaving all clothing customization for the very end so they don't run into any unpleasant surprises the moment they change outfits and realize their Sim turned wonky or disfigured.

8 Iris Size

When starting with a new character, the seemingly endless sliders and customization options can be a bit overwhelming. By the time players hit a certain point in their character building, they can become eager to get started in their new Sims life and can overlook some smaller customization options.

One that is often overlooked is the eyes; specifically the iris. The game even goes as far as allowing the player to adjust iris size along with the color; which can make for some very interesting character builds, from spooky cat-like creatures to super kawaii anime characters.

7 Under And Over

Programming clothing can be tricky. Sometimes pieces can overlap in a strange way or clip into other objects. Sometimes certain details can be covered up by clothing but the Sims thought this one through. If a Sim is wearing long boots, for example, and then is equipped with tight-fitting pants, the boots will be rendered as being worn over the pants and be tucked in. However, if the Sim is equipped with loose pants that flare at the end, then the boots will be worn under, with the pant legs over the boots.

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A similar thing can be said with regards to hats and hairstyles; rather than getting rid of the hairstyle completely, only certain parts of it will be hidden when equipping a hat, allowing longer parts of the hair to peek through underneath.

6 Eye Sockets

One of the lesser-known customization options on the face is the eye sockets. Rather than dealing with the eye sockets themselves, it's the customization of the depth of the eyes. Deep-set eye sockets often add more shadow to the eyes while more shallow eye sockets allow much more light to hit the eyes and give very different and distinct looks.

5 Bald Is Best

Similar to the tip about leaving clothes for the end of character creation; hair plays a similar role with regards to creating a Sim's face. Much like how clothes can obscure the body, hair obscures the face. Try out a few different hairstyles, pick one that seems fitting, then get rid of it. This way, when creating all features of the face, there are no hidden areas that may be left out when fully customizing a Sim. After fixing all features, including the sneaky jawline and ears, feel free to give the Sim back its luscious locks.

4 Perfect Posture

The level of customization in The Sims is incredibly intricate. The developers know that it's the smallest of details that make everyone unique; right down to the way someone carries themselves. Which is exactly why the character creation system even allows players to adjust their Sim's posture.

In a rather painful sounding feature, the player has the ability to drag along the Sim's back, changing their spine and therefore adjusting their overall posture and standing position. Whether players want their Sim to have perfect posture or a quirky slouch to their overall feel, The Sims has every kind of demeanor covered.

3 Big Hair = Big Bust?

Certain longer hairstyles are styled off to either side of the Sim, resting on their shoulder and sometimes long enough to reach their chest. If one of these longer hairstyles are selected, players may realize that the part of the hairstyle (the portion draping down, touching the Sim's chest) is directly affected by the bust size. Adjusting the Sim's bust size bigger or smaller will also accordingly adjust the size of the hair that is touching the Sim's body. Although not very true to how hair works in real life, an interesting detail of the character creation mode nonetheless!

2 Nostril Adjustment

Much like the overlooked iris adjustment, nostrils are also a detail that contributes to the overall feel of a face but often are forgotten. Make sure to try tweaking the nostril size next time when creating a Sim; it surprisingly can change the whole look of a face!

1 Use References!

Creating a perfect Sim is an art in itself. So it's best to treat it like art! Try using references when creating a Sim. Although it sounds like a no-brainer, it makes a world of a difference when having a picture of the face one wants to replicate when creating their Sim version.

Everyone has a general idea of how their brother, favorite actor, or video game character looks like. However, having a picture as a reference will help with both accuracy in Sim-making but also will help players over time practice with creating new faces and body types, avoiding the common issue of making the same kind of Sim over and over again.

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How to Find Ideas For New Stories And Character Creation In The Sims 4

ideas for the sims 4

When I played The Sims 3, most of the time the game would give me some storylines ideas, there were always unexpected things that affected my gameplay and I felt my characters were alive and had personalities.

They had their preferences and did things I never told them to do. I enjoyed following their whims and the random unexpected things that occurred; that is why I loved The Sims 3 so much.

In The Sims 4, I often struggle with ideas for my new character’s personality, goals, and storylines.

But I found a few useful things for how to generate more ideas for the new families I create, and here I’m going to share these tips with you:

Sims 4 Character Generator

I have recently found this generator that allows you to generate a life story for your sims. It randomizes the city where your sim grew up, their traits, life goals, jobs, their likes and dislikes, what kind of pet they have, and who they live with. I think this is useful and can make your stories more interesting.

Cas wheel

This generator allows you to choose packs you want to include in your randomization. It contains appearance, traits and aspirations, career, social life and more.

Ingame activity generator

If sometimes you feel bored and don’t know what to do in the game, you can use this generator to randomize an activity and create more fun and action.

Appearance generator

If you like to create unique and pretty sim models, this generator helps you with ideas for their appearance; their clothes, hair color, skin color etc.

Appearance, personality and plot generator

Here you can find several generators for a quick character description or a detailed description, personality, and cause of death.

I hope these tips were useful and make your game more fun!

Making a Realistic Sim in The Sims 4 + CC List

Sims 4: 15 Best Trait Combinations

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a fan of The Sims. By now you’ve tried all the tricks, the cheats, and the challenges. But are you using the best trait combinations for your Sims? Maybe you want them to be the most successful in their chosen career, make a load of money, or have big happy families?

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Choosing the right traits can put your Sim on the right path, in any direction you want. While you could just pick whatever sounds fun, with this guide you’ll be geared up to create the most efficient (or hilarious) Sim there ever was. Read on for the ten best trait combinations in The Sims 4.

Updated on the 6th of March, 2020 by Anastasia Maillot: While we haven't seen that many new traits introduced into The Sims 4 since its initial release, EA has done its best in trying to bring in some great additions throughout its brand new expansions. From Get Famous to Island Living, there's a ton of new traits for players to explore.

This also means that these new traits pair up well in brand new combinations that can help players tell a story or gain powerful boosts through compatible moodlets. It's why we're sharing five additional ideal trait combinations to inspire Simmers in their next game.

15 15. Self-Absorbed + Outgoing

With the Get Famous expansion pack, it was only natural players received an additional trait that would perfectly complement celebrity life. Self-Absorbed Sims basically love attention. They're at their best when they're at the center of the stage, noticed and worshiped by everyone.

This pairs really well with Outgoing, which pushes Sims to socialize a lot with others. Being a celebrity, while also being a Loner, is quite challenging and can make fan meetings or paparazzi photo shoots challenging. Having an Outgoing and Self-Absorbed Sim will ensure they're comfortable in their environment at all times, and easily interact with fans and colleagues with powerful relationship building bonuses.

14 14. Cat/Dog Lover + Loner

For storytelling purposes, players might sometimes be tempted to pick the Loner trait. However, playing the game without interacting with other Sims can be really boring. Loners generally don't enjoy being around strangers or getting to know new people, as they soon start to feel Tense.

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However, pairing the Loner trait with the Cat or Dog Lover trait is ideal. This trait was included in the Cats & Dogs expansion packs, and basically makes it so that a Sim builds relationship faster with cats or dogs. This way, there's still some form of interaction available for a Sim and they get powerful affection and social moodlets from socializing with their pets.

13 13. Bro + Active

Both of these traits are found in the base game, and they actually work fantastically together when paired. Bros love watching sports, and will get a nice Energized moodlet from it, which can make fitness skill building much easier overtime. It's also great for anyone in the Athletic career track.

The Active skill pairs well with this as well, as it just further boosts the fitness skill building time. A Sim with both of these traits will be Energized more often, which improves performance at Athletic career jobs, as well as at the gym. Not to mention, they'll feel an instant connection with fellow Bros.

12 12. Outgoing + Dance Machine

In the Get Together expansion, Simmers were introduced to clubs and a bunch of new hobby related traits, such as Dance Machine. This trait will turn any Sim into an absolute party animal, as they'll crave going into clubs and dancing the night away. They also get nice boosting moodlets in the process.

The best way to pair this trait is with the Outgoing trait, which will allow a Sim to use their time at the club to make as many friends as possible easily. Not only will they be developing their dance skills and gaining a boost of energy, but also forming relationships at a faster pace in an environment that's usually packed with Sims.

11 11. Loves Outdoors + Child Of The Ocean

Island Living introduced Simmers to a brand new world known as Sulani. It's always sunny here and the environment is truly gorgeous in this world. It also brought in two new traits, one of which is the Child of the Ocean trait. Sims with this trait love any type of water activities and feel a connection to mermaids and dolphins.

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This trait is absolutely fantastic together with the Loves Outdoors trait. Sims with this trait enjoy spending time outside and taking in the fresh air. With these two combined, a Sim will enjoy at least two positive moodlets at once while spending time on the beaches of Sulani.

10 10. Self-Assured + Ambitious

If you like to focus on your Sims' careers, this is a great starting combo. Self-Assured Sims are more likely to feel Confident, which helps to get them in the right mood for work. If they perform well, they’ll climb their career ladders quickly, getting promotions and earning more money.

This kind of career advancement pairs nicely with the Ambitious trait, as Sims with this trait gain powerful moodlets when they are successful in their careers. They can get down in the dumps if they aren’t promoted for a while, but the Self-Assured trait should keep them performing pretty well.

9 9. Creative + Genius

If you want your Sim to be a total smarty pants and a master of the arts, these traits will ensure you get maximum rewards. Both Creative Sims and Genius Sims love to share their ideas with others, so with the two together, your Sims can enjoy delving into a creative pool of ideas.

The Creative trait means Sims get upset if they don’t create anything for a while; Genius Sims feel the same with improving their mental skills. So, they’ll be more likely to stay on top of their game in every field. Plus, Genius Sims can often get focused, which will help them to produce awesome work.

8 8. Gloomy + Outgoing

Those who are familiar with the ‘painting goblin’ concept will be interested in this one. Gloomy Sims can become inspired when they’re sad, making higher quality writing, art, music, and meals. So if they were permanently inspired, they’d always be making excellent, valuable art.

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How can we make them permanently inspired, you ask? By making them permanently sad. That’s right – give them the Outgoing trait and they’ll become unhappy when their social need goes down (which it will – rapidly). Keep them holed up in the basement and voila! High-quality paintings round the clock. It’s a little dark, but hey, it’s a living.

7 7. Loner + Perfectionist

If you’d rather make your Sims' art profitable in a less depressing way, try making them a Loner and a Perfectionist. That way they’ll be happy when they’re alone; they won’t receive the negative moodlet that other Sims would.

The Perfectionist trait means they’ll take longer to craft their art but it will be higher quality, and they’ll get a powerful mood boost from creating better work. They’ll be content in their solitude and can work as long as you want them to, churning out paintings or novels in peace and quiet.

6 6. Lazy + Genius

What does a genius need most of all, after some decent brains? A cozy place to sit! If you give your Sims the Lazy and Genius traits, they’ll benefit from kicking back in a nice comfy chair while they do their brainy tasks.

Programmers, for example, will do a lot of sitting around, and if you give them a good quality chair, their Lazy trait will give them a happiness boost. This also amplifies the effects of the Inspired and Focused moodlets, allowing Sims to become ‘Very Inspired’. This will make for better work, and a happier Sim.

5 5. Creative + Art Lover

Want your Sim to be the next Van Gogh, but worried they’ll be too stressed? The Creative trait has another perk you might not know about – Creative Sims can actually raise their fun meter while painting, building their skill at the same time! So not only are they improving their skills, but also their personal well-being. That's self-care 101.

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Also, Art Lovers can become inspired by admiring art, which, when stacked with the random inspired moodlet of a Creative Sim, can turn into ‘very inspired’. So a super inspired Sim creates an absolute masterpiece and has fun while they’re doing it? Sounds good to me!

4 4. Childish + Family-Orientated

While this isn’t the most obvious combination, it’s actually a pretty good idea if you want to play happy families. Childish Sims have a lot of fun when playing with children; they get the playful moodlet which boosts their mood. So while they’re entertaining the kids and making sure they don’t get into any trouble, they can have fun at the same time.

This would also increase the relationship between the parent and the child, so you can keep everyone happy while doing the tricky business of maintaining relationships. Plus, this is basically a recipe for the wholesome goofy dad trope.

3 3. Romantic + Family-Orientated

While this combination may not guarantee a perfect family, it pretty much guarantees a family. Romantic Sims are always wanting to get it on, craving romantic interactions with their partners. They’re more likely to perform these interactions randomly, strengthening their relationship with their other half.

This should lead to higher success rates in proposals, forming better marriages, and eventually a family. You’ll be one step closer to that beautiful, loving home you’ve always imagined for your Sims. With the Family-Orientated trait leading to more time spent and enjoyed with other members, you’ve got yourself a solid family.

2 2. Music Lover + Creative

If you fancy your Sim to be the artsy type, the Creative trait can be paired with Music Lover for the ultimate artistic genius. When a stereo is nearby, Music Lovers can ‘listen deeply’, allowing them to become inspired.

Couple that with the fact that Creative Sims can get inspired randomly and you’ve got one heck of a motivated Sim on your hands! Let them loose on the canvas or in the kitchen, and they’re sure to create something brilliant (hopefully worth some cash, too!) A great choice for writers, painters or chefs.

1 1. Geek + Loves Outdoors

I know what you’re thinking. Geeks… and outdoors? Well, bear with me, we’re not all afraid of sunlight. First off, choosing an outdoor pastime for Sims who have the ‘Loves Outdoors’ trait is a go-to for an easygoing Sim. If you want your Sims to be happy (believe it or not, some people do), this is a good choice.

A great outdoor activity is collecting, and Geek Sims are especially good at this; they tend to find more collectibles, and they’re usually better quality, too. Not only that but they’ll enjoy being outside, so they stay happy and you get awesome items. Success all round!

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Pokemon rivals should be villains, and that's why Bede is one of the best

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4 character ideas sims creation

Hey !

This is a quick guide to help you create realistic and/or diverse sims.

There is no perfect method to achieve that, I can only give you some tips, based on how I create my sims. I hope everything will be understandable, as english is not my native language !

Most of the time, before opening my game, I think about the character I want to create, what kind of person it will be, some basic ideas for a personal story. This will influence all my creating process.

But you don’t necessarily need all that. Sometime, a simple concept is enough, or maybe you only want to focus on the appearance first and then, imagine your character story.


Use references !

This advice applies for almost everything, creating sims, building houses, working on poses ! When working on a sims, you can use reference pictures for different things :

  • Only reproduce the general proportions, to have a more realistic base.
  • Recreate a face, and then keep it like this or use it as a base for your character.
  • Or focus only on a specific facial feature.

Especially for the last point, it would be better to find a face with significant/pronounced features you can try to reproduce. Your model can be anyone, a actor or an actress, someone you personally know, or a complete stranger. Humans of New York or Humanæ can be nice places if you are looking for inspiration (if you know any other website, don’t hesitate !). If you already have some basic ideas about your character, it can help you to find a model.

Using references can be a nice way to get out your comfort zone ! 


Try to create older or younger sims, sims with different origins, create a male sims if you usually focus only on female sims. Using references can help you to achieve that.

Keep this in mind : depending on the angle or the distance, a face can be distorted on a photography. That’s the reason why it’s almost impossible to perfectly recreate a real person face in game, even if you find plenty of photo, the face won’t have exactly the same shape on every photo. But if you only want to shape the general proportions, it’s not a problem.


Choose your presets

Before working on anything, click on each face part, and choose wisely the presets you want to use. If you look carefully, you will see that each preset not only change the geometry, but also have an influence on the face texture. A preset can make dimples appear on the cheeks or on the chin, modify the shape of the eyelids…


So click on every face part, the nose, the lips, the eyes, the chin, the cheeks, and don’t forget the forehead. 

The face presets are the reason why I avoid using custom skins. Most of the time, the ones you can find in the face detail category completely mask the variations of textures created by the different presets.

This advice is essential, if you don’t use custom content. 

Using custom face details is another way to create some interesting variations on the face textures. You can find some of the face details I use on this post. 


Shape your Sims

When you are done selecting your presets, it’s time to work on your sims face ! Note that you can always change a preset afterward, but you will have to redo all your work on the face part you changed. 

Click on everything, touch everything  in normal and detail mode, on all angles. 

And don’t forget to compare the result with your reference pictures, depending on how you choose to use them. 


When I use reference, and have a nice front or profile picture of my model (but don’t forget what I said about the face distortion on photos), I take a screen of my sims and superpose it with my reference picture.  It can be usefull if you find it hard to see what you can change to make your sims more accurate.

I don’t have any specific tips for this step, as I have no specific method. You can maybe take a bit of time to study all the options you have, to edit each face part. Depending on the mode (normal or detail edit mode), the angle, where you click, the direction you move your mouse, the result of your modification can be different.

For exemple, if you want to bring the eyes of your sims closer, you can do it in normal mode. Or in detail mode, if you click on the white part of the eyes, but if you do it this way, the eyebrows won’t move. Making your sims face wider can also influance the distance between the eyes..


Don’t forget your sims body. There is so many different body shape you can recreate in game, use all these possibilities to make more diverse sims. And again… you can use references for that (don’t count how many time I used this word on this post) !

Last point !  It can sometime be a good thing to take a break, and resume your sims creation later. After a pause, it can be easier to see what you can change to finalize your work.


Your character’s look

I forgot to talk about that earlier : before working on my sims face, i usually try to find him a hairstyle, because it can completely change how your sims look (by making his forehead smaller or bigger). Sometime I change it later, and readjust my sims face accordingly.

When you’re done creating your sims face (or not necessarily, you can do that when you want !), you can work on his/her look. I don’t really have rules for that, so here are some some random tips you can find usefull :

  • Do not limit yourself to styles you consider stylish. If you have some basic ideas about your character story, dress him/her up accordingly. Maybe your sims don’t care about what he wear, he only want something practical. Maybe she just have a doubtful fashion sense !
  • References. Pictures are not even necessary in this case ! Observe the people around you, open your eyes when you are out, it can give you inspiration about the looks you can recreate. 
  • When I create my sims outfits, I try to reuse some parts on multiple outfits. In real life, we don’t have an unlimited number of clothes ! I often do this with the shoes or the accessories too.

As you can see, you don’t even have to reuse exactly the same top, to give this impression of a limited wardrobe. Here, Jonas only take-off his cardigan, he is still wearing his white v-neck shirt. in game, it’s two different tops. This tip can be useful  when you are working on a story.

And… voilà ! That’s all I have to say for the moment ! Maybe I forgot some of my ideas while writing this, but if I remember something, I will simply edit this post. I hope this tutorial enlightened you about how I create my sims, and that some of my advice will help you in the future. ;)

Don’t hesitate to tag me if you create sims using this method !

I created a new tag on my blog, for my Tips. Only a few posts for the moment (one about my editing process, for example), but if you liked this one, maybe I will see if I have other advices to give you ;)

And if you like this tutorial, or my creations for the Sims, feel free to buy me a coffee(and a croissant if you want :D)

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10 Funny \u0026 Cute storylines to play in The Sims 4// Sims 4 Storyline ideas

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