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These cute posters encourage self-expression—and put every student in the limelight! Kids complete fill-in-the-blank sentences about their lives and interests...then use art areas to show themselves, their families, their favorite activities and more! Perfect for decorating your classroom, the posters can be completed for class projects or at home with parents. You get 30 posters; each measures 17" x 22".

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Printable All About Me Poster for a Preschool Theme

This free printable All About Me poster is perfect as a keepsake and great for an All About Me theme. It’s one of the most beloved preschool themes and is perfect for back to school!

pinnable image of a young girl pointing to a poster and the text 'all about me printable poster'

All About Me Poster

I love to do an All About Me theme at the very beginning of each year and it’s adored every single time. It’s just the perfect way to start learning about each child. What’s their favorite color? Or what’s their favorite food? These all about me questions might seem simple, but they are magical in the beginning to connect and understand each child. Plus, it just makes them feel special.

all about me printable poster

We’ve compiled a whole list of our favorite All About Me theme activities! And don’t miss our All About Me book list.

Since children love learning about themselves, this poster is always a win-win activity. It’s something the child loves, the parent loves, and the teacher loves. As the teacher, I love to create and send home All About Me posters that we work on in class.

And as a mom, getting an All About Me Poster always makes my heart gush. It is absolutely a time capsule of special memories.

image of a printable all about me poster that's been filled out

There’s just something about an All About Me Poster that gives me all the warm fuzzies with the fun and interesting facts about kids. It feels like freezing a moment in time that I will always love looking back on.

On this All About Me poster printable, I’ve included a spot for the child to make a masterpiece of themselves with a self-portrait. There is also a section for them to draw in their favorite food too.

These are the All About Me questions and sections:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Favorite color
  • Favorite animal
  • Favorite food
  • And favorite book

But not only is there one poster…this All About Me printable has three different posters for you to choose from. Because I love choices… and because I couldn’t decide on just one. I love them all!

This version has a spot for a birthday.

And this All About Me printable has a section for a pet.

And the original version asks what they want to be when they grow up.

This way you can choose whatever works best for you!

The best news about this poster? It’s absolutely free! It’s in our VIP subscriber library as a way of saying thank you for being on our e-mail list. If you’re not on it yet, I’d love to send you the great free printables. And if you like this one, you’ll love the rest of what’s in the VIP subscriber library. Just fill in your information below!

All About Me Lesson Plans

If you’re in need of a complete All About Me lesson plan, take a peek at ours! They are fully completed for you and make preschool planning easy. We have them in both our preschool store and toddler store.

cover image for all about me preschool lesson plans
cover image for All About Me Toddler Lesson Plans

Or check out our compilation of other great All About Me lesson plans!

Get a FREE printable All About Me poster! Several options to choose from. Great for an All About Me preschool theme, back to school, or just marking those treasured milestones. #preschool #prek #allaboutme #backtoschool
Katie has spent 17 combined years in the Early Childhood field as a teacher, preschool owner, and educational writer. She has worked in profit and non-profit programs, high-risk schools, and started an in-home preschool and outdoor collaborative preschool program. She adores being a mom to three children, and her youngest is currently in preschool.
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Printable All About Me Poster


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If there is one thing that preschoolers love, it’s learning all about themselves.  From the letters in their names to their favorite foods, this printable all about me poster is the perfect way to kick off your All About Me theme!

While preschoolers are generally the ones that are just beginning to learn how to spell their own names, this printable all about me poster would be a great first-day activity for kindergartners and older elementary grades as well.

Printable All About Me Poster

This printable poster also makes a fantastic first-day interview with your little learners!  On this simple, one-page printable, they’ll be able to record their name, how old they are, what their favorite food is, their favorite color, and draw a picture of their family.

Have your child fill the page in on their first day of preschool and then again when they enter kindergarten.  It is so much fun to see how much they grow in a single year!

Just print the poster out and set it out along with some crayons or markers.  Have your child or your students fill in the page and, if you’d like, have them create either a self-portrait or a hand print book to go with it while they’re at it.

Together, they’ll make the perfect back to school project!

All About Me - English for Kids - Primary World
All About Me - free printable

We love having our kids make an “All About Me” poster every year for their birthday or at the beginning of the school year so we can remember what their favorites were that year. They make such a cute photo opportunity and are a fun activity to fill out and color. The giant coloring page can be filled out together with adult guidance or is easy enough for kids to fill out all by themselves. We print the “All About Me” as a giant coloring page — a 24” x 36” engineer blueprint. The poster print only costs $3 at our local print shop; a great bang for your buck!

All About Me - free printable

Have you ever had to make a poster for your student during their birthday week? We use these for that too! They are so much easier than creating your own from scratch and way cuter!! No more scrapbooking. Just download the free poster below, print, and fill in and color. We love a simple student birthday poster.

  • All About Me - free printable
  • All About Me - free printable

They are also great for teachers to use. Why we love these for the classroom:

  1. READY-TO-DECORATE AND COLOR. These awesome posters enable students to fill in information about themselves and have fun decorating them. Students will love sharing the posters with their classmates to learn more about their new school friends.
  2. SHOWCASEs INDIVIDUALITY. “All About Me” posters contain nine areas for students to fill in and decorate to show off their unique styles and interests: name, age, grade, self-portrait, favorites (color, book, food, animal, sport, things to do at school, things to do at home), I want to be…, My family…, Favorite place…, Three cool things about me….
  3. PERFECT SIZE. These are sized for a 24” x 36” poster, but you could easily print them as a 12” x 18” or the same ratio. They are perfect for students to hold and present to the class.
  4. ENGAGING AND INTERACTIVE. Creating and then presenting the posters is an engaging  and interactive activity for students. Have students fill them out for their birthday week or you could use them to highlight a different student each day or week. You could even feature the whole class in a colorful bulletin board display for Back to School Night or Parent Teacher Conferences. The sky’s the limit!

GREAT FOR A VARIETY OF AGES. Students from grades 1-6 will have fun filling in, decorating and sharing “All About Me Posters” with their classmates.

All About Me - free printable

Download our free print today and get busy filling them in and decorating. If you post pictures, please tag us so we can see what you come up with!

Don’t forget to check out our free printable “First Day of School” signs. Available in Preschool all the way through 12th Grade.

  • first day of school signs
  • first day of school signs

Much love and aloha,

Stacey + Niki

All About Me - free printable

About preschool poster all me

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All About Me Poster

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