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Space Case - (Moon Base Alpha) by Stuart Gibbs

About the Book

After Moon Base Alpha's top scientist turns up dead, 12-year-old lunarnaut Dashiell Gibson senses foul play. Dash discovers that Dr. Holtz was on the verge of an important new discovery that could change everything for the base and those who live there.

Book Synopsis

It's a murder mystery on the moon in this humorous and suspenseful space adventure from the author of Belly Up and Spy School.

Like his fellow lunarnauts--otherwise known as Moonies--living on Moon Base Alpha, twelve-year-old Dashiell Gibson is famous the world over for being one of the first humans to live on the moon.

And he's bored out of his mind. Kids aren't allowed on the lunar surface, meaning they're trapped inside the tiny moon base with next to nothing to occupy their time--and the only other kid Dash's age spends all his time hooked into virtual reality games.

Then Moon Base Alpha's top scientist turns up dead. Dash senses there's foul play afoot, but no one believes him. Everyone agrees Dr. Holtz went onto the lunar surface without his helmet properly affixed, simple as that. But Dr. Holtz was on the verge of an important new discovery, Dash finds out, and it's a secret that could change everything for the Moonies--a secret someone just might kill to keep...

Review Quotes

"The lunar setting puts a fresh spin on the locked-door mystery genre. . . . Fans of the Spy School series will welcome this debut entry in Gibbs's latest run."-- "Bulletin"

Recommended as a breezy read, especially for the budding space scientist.-- "School Library Journal"

Whipsmart space whodunnit touts research, brains over brawn.-- "Common Sense Media"

*STARRED REVIEW*The whodunit is smartly paced and intricately plotted. Best of all, the reveal is actually worth all the buildup. Thrillers too often fly off the rails in their final moments, but the author's steady hand keeps everything here on track. Fully absorbing.-- "Kirkus Reviews"

"A delightful and brilliantly constructed middle-grade thriller."--Eliot Schrefer "New York Times Book Review"

This zany sci-fi/adventure/murder mystery won't sit around gathering moondust, especially with such an eye-catching cover!; highly recommended for your middle-grade mystery collection.--Jill M. Barton, MLIS, Collection Development "Ingram Children's Advance"

About the Author

Stuart Gibbs is the New York Timesbestselling author of the Charlie Thorne series, the FunJungle series, Moon Base Alpha series, and Spy School series. He has written screenplays, worked on a whole bunch of animated films, developed TV shows, been a newspaper columnist, and researched capybaras (the world's largest rodents). Stuart lives with his family in Los Angeles. You can learn more about what he's up to at StuartGibbs.com.
Sours: https://www.target.com/p/space-case-moon-base-alpha-by-stuart-gibbs-hardcover/-/A-15734299

Dear readers,

I love to hear from you and to answer your questions.  I have an email address for this, but… You have to go to the bottom of this page to get it.  Why?  Because before you write to me with a question, I would really appreciate it if you would read the Frequently Asked Questions on this page to see if the answer you are looking for is already here. (The most popular questions, by far, are #1 and #2 on the list.)  And you should probably check out my blog as well, which has a nice, handy list of topics, many of which address questions that I get asked a lot.

If you still don’t see your answer, then feel free to write, and I will do my best to answer you as quickly as possible, though sometimes, it might take a while because I am 1) traveling for work  2) traveling for fun  or 3) horribly behind on my writing because I have been traveling too much.

Here are the questions I get asked the most:

Are you going to write another book in the Spy School series?  Or the FunJungle series?  Or the Charlie Thorne series?  Or the Moon Base Alpha series?

Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  And er… no.  I have ended the MBA series (if you search my blog, there’s a post about why) but continuing with the other three series.  You can get release dates for all my upcoming books on the right hand side of every page of my website — or get more information about those upcoming books on the Books page of this site.  (Just click the ‘Books’ tab.)

How many books will there be in each series?

I honestly have no idea.  I am going to keep writing these three series until I run out of ideas for them.

But JK Rowling said she knew exactly how many books Harry Potter was going to be while she was writing it!  How can you not know?

Not everyone writes the same way.  And except for JK Rowling, I have never heard of an author knowing exactly how many books there would be in a series from the start.  (Plus, I think there is a relatively good chance that the JK Rowling story is a myth.)

What is your favorite book that you have written?  Or series that you have written?  Or favorite character you have created?

I do not have a favorite book or character of my own.  I work very hard on every book, series and each character, so it is extremely difficult for me to say that I like one more than the others.

Are you going to turn any of your books into a movie?

I am trying to make this happen.  It isn’t easy to get a movie studio to agree to commit at least 50 million dollars to making something.  Spy School has been set up at two different studios over the past five years and neither project has moved forward.  Hopefully, one day, that will change, and one of my series will become a movie.

Can you please tell me what your next book is about?

I post updates about upcoming books on my blog, as well as the books page for this site, so check there.  (You might have to scroll through a few blog entries to find the most recent updates.)  Keep in mind, however, that I don’t want to dole out too much information about each book ahead of time; it’s more fun for you (and all the other readers) if you don’t know too much about it.  There are more surprises that way.  So, if you don’t see the answer to your question, there’s a good chance that’s because I don’t want you to know it.

When is your next book coming out?

It might seem crazy that this is one of the questions I get asked the most, seeing as I have my book release schedule for the next few years on every single page of my website, but apparently, a lot of people don’t notice it.  (In fact, I’m answering it for the second time on this page because I know people will miss the first time I answered it.)  So… if you want to know the answer to this, please look to your right.  The list of release dates is right there.  (Though you might have to scroll up a little.)

Are you going to do any crossovers between your series?

No.  I don’t have an idea to do a crossover that excites me.  Until that happens, no crossover.

I have a great idea for a crossover!  If I send it to you, can  you use it?


Oh.  Well I also have an idea for another book in one of your series.  Can I share that with you?

Sadly, it would be better if you didn’t.  Although I am extremely flattered that people enjoy my books enough to write to me with suggestions, there is no way I can accept ideas from readers.  I am often thinking several books ahead, meaning that I have put months (or even years) of thought into the story for a book before I ever start writing it.  So quite often, when you’re suggesting an idea for a future book to me, I’ve already worked out most of that book already — or I’ve already thought about the direction I want to take the characters in — and your suggestion most likely doesn’t fit into what I already have in mind.  If you really, really, really want to share an idea with me, you can do that; just please don’t feel upset or dejected when I tell you I can’t use it.  It doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea; only that it won’t work in the story I want to tell.

Are you going to visit (insert the place where you live) soon?

Again, my upcoming visits are posted on every page of my website.  So just look to your right (and maybe scroll up).  Also, I only list my public visits, not my school visits, because the public can’t come to my school visits.  If I’m coming to your school, your librarian should have informed you about it.  If that hasn’t happened, you need a new librarian.

Can you come visit my school/hometown/local library?

Maybe.  Check out my school visits page for details on how to arrange that.

Can you write me into one of your books?


Awwww. Why not?

Because if I wrote everyone who asked me to write them into my books into my books, my books would be nothing more than giant lists of names, which wouldn’t make for a very exciting read.  It’s a lot of work to craft a book, and trying to shoehorn random people into them doesn’t work very well.

So… There’s no way I can appear in one of your books?  Because I really, really want to be in one.

Well, there is one way you can make a cameo.  On occasion, I auction off an appearance in my books for charity.  On those occasions, I will blog about it to let my readers know when it’s going to happen.  However, keep in mind that getting into the book isn’t cheap — but, like I said, it’s for charity.  I don’t keep any of the money, and it always goes to a good cause.

Can you send me one of your books for free?


Why not?

Because selling books is the way I make a living and support my family.  Giving them away costs a lot of money.  Yes, I lose the money for the sale, but I also have to pay for the book myself (authors don’t get unlimited supplies of their own books) as well as postage, which can be pricey.  If I did that for every single person who asked for a free book (and there are a lot of you) I’d be bankrupt.

Now, here are the answers to some other questions that I don’t get asked quite as often, but often enough to warrant answering them here:

I want to be a writer.  Can you give me some advice about how to do that?

Sure.  First of all, write a lot.  Hopefully, you are already doing this and enjoying it.  If you are not enjoying it, then you really shouldn’t become a writer.

Second, it is okay to mimic the style of a writer that you like.  That’s not plagiarism.  It’s homage.  And besides, your style won’t be exactly the same as theirs anyhow.  Read their books, see how they make the language work, and learn from that.

Third, while all writers are flattered by fan fiction, it might be a better use to your time to try to create your own stories and characters.  After all, you can’t sell fan fiction to a publisher.

Fourth, be prepared for rejection.  Most of the authors I know (including myself) had many books rejected.  Or the same book rejected many times.  Almost no one got published on their first attempt.  But… Know this: If every writer had quit writing after their first rejection, there would be almost no books in the world.  The only reason we have books is that people didn’t let a little thing like a rejection or two (or thirty) stop them.

I want to be a writer, but I can’t come up with any ideas.  Can you give me some?

Um… no.  I work very hard to come up with ideas.  And, I hate to say this, but… Really, I think what makes most people a professional writer isn’t the writing; it’s the ability to generate ideas that excite them.  If you can’t come up with ideas that excite you… then maybe writing isn’t for you.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Philadelphia, PA but moved to Washington DC when I was five.  When I was seven, I moved to San Antonio, TX, where I stayed until I graduated high school.

Where do you live now?

Los Angeles, CA, which isn’t nearly as bad a place as the rest of the country seems to think it is.

How long have you wanted to be a writer?

For as long as I can remember.  I was writing stories in kindergarten.  (I still have quite a few of them.)

Where did you go to college?

The University of Pennsylvania, which I could not possibly recommend more highly.  It was a fantastic school, I had a wonderful time, and I made some of the best friends anyone could ever ask for there.

Where do you get the ideas for your books?

Ideas can come from all sorts of places: visits to museums and zoos, books or magazine articles I have read, travel to amazing places, conversations I have had with interesting people — and even the occasional spy movie.  Basically, I try to learn as much as I can about everything that interests me and the ideas follow.

What was your inspiration for the FunJungle series?

When I was in college, I studied biology and ended up doing a project at the Philadelphia Zoo, where I studied capybaras, the world’s largest rodents.  (In fact, for a brief time, I was one of the world’s foremost experts on capybaras, but that was really only because no one else was studying them.)  While I was there, I hung out with the zookeepers a lot and began to hear lots of great behind-the-scenes-at-the-zoo stories.  I ultimately realized that a zoo was a fantastic place to set a story.  Before ‘Belly Up’ became a book, I actually sold a story set at a zoo as a movie and as a TV show, but neither of those ever got made.  So when I was offered the chance to write a middle grade novel, I jumped at the chance, because I realized this was finally the perfect opportunity to tell a story set at a zoo.

What was your inspiration for the Spy School series?

This is honestly an idea I’ve had since I was around age seven.  I saw my first James Bond movie and instantly started to imagine myself as James Bond’s son, Jimmy Bond (Double-O Six and a Half).  I even wrote a Jimmy Bond story around that time:  “The Kid With The Golden Water Pistol.”  So I’ve known the idea of kid spies would be cool and funny for a very long time.

What was your inspiration for the Moon Base Alpha series?

One of my best friends from college, Garrett Reisman, became an astronaut.  This gave me a lot of access to NASA, and through Garrett, I got to see the reality of being an astronaut, which was quite different that what was presented in all those IMAX movies you can see at your local science center.  My editor at the time thought that would be a great basis for a book series, so I came up with Moon Base Alpha.

What was your inspiration for the Charlie Thorne series?

This series was influenced by a lot of different things.  To begin with, when i was a kid, there wasn’t quite as much fiction written for kids as there is now — so all of us ended up reading stuff that was written for adults.  So I read a lot of what my parents were reading, particularly Robert Ludum novels, which always seemed to have an innocent person drawn into an international plot where their life was in danger and there was action and intrigue in cool locations all around the world.  At some point, I started thinking that it would be cool to write a story like that for kids.  But I was also inspired by a traveling exhibit on Albert Einstein that I saw twice at two different museums, and by reading about geniuses, and studying chemistry in high school, and lots of other things that all wove together over the years into this idea.

How do you come up with the names for your characters?

There are lots of different ways I do this.  Sometimes, I collect names and combine a first and last name that I like and save it for a character some day.  Sometimes, I might give a character the first name of one friend and the last name of another.  And sometimes, I just make up a name on the spot.

Do you do the covers for your books?

No.  The covers for ‘Belly Up’ and the ‘Spy School’ series were all done by Lucy Cummins, who is incredibly talented.  I absolutely love the design of my books.

What did you do before you wrote novels?

I wrote movies.  Some of my films include See Spot Run, Repli-Kate and Showdown.  I also have worked on many animated projects, such as Anastasia, Open Season 3, and Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers.  And I have developed TV shows for ABC, Fox, Disney and Nickelodeon.  You wouldn’t know any of those shows, however, because they never ended up on the air.  (That happens a lot in Hollywood.)

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I love to do things with my kids: go to the zoo, visit museums, go to the beach.  I also like to hike, ski, bike, play tennis and go canyoneering (which is like hiking, only you do it in a canyon, and occasionally you end up rappelling down a waterfall).  And I love to travel.

Where do you like to travel?

I love going places where I can see animals in the wild.  I have been to almost every major National Park in America (including Glacier, Denali, Yellowstone, Bryce, Zion, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Sequoia, Olympic, Acadia and the Everglades) as well as Patagonia, the Amazon, Central America and safari in Africa (five times).

What’s the most exciting animal viewing you’ve ever had?

I’ve had so many great experiences I can’t pick just one, but among the highlights are seeing elephants stampede a pride of lions in the Masai Mara, cage-diving with great white sharks in South Africa, watching a mother cheetah teach her cubs how to hunt in the Serengeti, seeing pink dolphins do flips in the Amazon, seeing a capybara in the wild for the first time, boating alongside a pod of killer whales for an hour in the Canadian Gulf Islands — and encountering a grizzly bear in Glacier National park along with famed zookeeper Jack Hanna while the grandchildren of the Von Trapp family from ‘The Sound of Music’ serenaded us.  (If you think that sounds surreal, it was.  And then an hour later, I had a very close encounter with a moose.)  It’s worth pointing out, however, that you can have amazing wildlife experiences close to home, too.  I’ve seen blue whales, bighorn sheep, bobcats and a mountain lion all within a few miles of Los Angeles.

Do you still write movies?

On occasion, although I have to admit, writing books is a lot more fun.  In part, this is because I get to have so much more contact with my readers as a novelist.  I didn’t realize that visiting schools or going to literary festivals would be part of the job when I started this, but I have found doing that to be really wonderful and rewarding.

Can you come visit my school?

I’d love to, if I can make that work.  For details on how to make that happen, click on the ‘School Visits’ tab up at the top of this webpage.

Wow, you sound busy.

I am.  In fact, I have to get back to work right now.

Wait!  I read all the Questions and answers, but the question I have for you isn’t on there.  So can I have your email?

Are you sure you read all the questions and answers above?  You didn’t just skip all the way down here?

Yes!  I swear, I read everything!

Did you also look at my blog index to see if I answered your question in a blog post?

Er… No.

Please go do it.

All right…

(Time passes)

OK!  I’m back!  I checked the entire blog and didn’t see that you answered my question anywhere.

Really?  Because it’s quite annoying when a kid writes to me to ask a question I have gone through the trouble to answer already without taking the time to see if I have already answered it.

I totally understand.  Now, can I have that email?  Pleeeeeeeeease?


Now, if you have done all those things, my email is [email protected]

And if you don’t have email, or would simply prefer to send mail the old fashioned way, my address is below.  Due to the large amount of mail I get, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a return letter.  If you don’t do this, I will not be able to send you a response.  It is quite expensive to have to pay for hundreds of envelopes and stamps every year, and addressing them all is very time consuming.  Plus, I can respond to you a lot faster if you include an envelope and postage.  Sorry.

Special note for teachers!  If you are going to have students write to me and only include the return address of your school, please please please do not send letters after January.  (Or if you do, have your kids put their home address on it, not the school address.)  I get a lot of mail and often it is very hard to get to it all before the end of the school year.  (P.S.  This applies to every author.  Not just me.)

OK.  Now that I have got all that off my chest, here’s the address — and another reminder.  (Because no one seems to be reading the one above.)



325 N Larchmont Blvd  #111
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Sours: https://stuartgibbs.com/about/
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Stuart Gibbs

For the table tennis player, see Stuart Gibbs (table tennis).

American author

Stuart Gibbs (born June 11, 1969) is an American author who has written five series: the FunJungle series, the Moon Base Alpha series, the Spy School series, the Charlie Thorne series, and the Last Musketeer series. He was a screenwriter for many years before becoming an author; among the movies and TV shows he wrote the screenplay for are Showdown (1993), See Spot Run (2001), and Repli-Kate (2002).

Gibbs' books have been described as "fun, fast-paced."[1] and "entertaining".[2] He writes mostly mystery and humor books that are aimed for tweens and teens.

Personal life[edit]

He was born in 1969 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, moved to Washington, D.C. at 5, and moved to San Antonio, Texas when he was seven.[3] He attended the University of Pennsylvania.[4]

Gibbs lives in Los Angeles with his children Dashiell and Violet. His wife, Suzanne Patmore Gibbs, whom he married in 2005, was a successful TV executive who headed drama at ABC and then Sony's Tristar Television. His wife passed away during the writing of the sixth Spy School book in 2018. He stated in the acknowledgments of the book that many authors and others helped him and his children get through the difficult time.[citation needed]


FunJungle series[edit]

The FunJungle series is about a boy named Theodore (Teddy) Fitzroy who lives with his family in the largest zoo in America, the (fictional) titular FunJungle. Teddy and his friends solve various mysteries that occur around the zoo, trying to watch out for people that will make his life harder, such as Marge "Large Marge" O'Malley and the ever dubious billionaire owner of FunJungle, J.J. McCracken. As the series progresses, Teddy becomes friends with, and later starts dating, J.J.'s daughter Summer McCracken. Currently, Teddy has solved seven mysteries that revolve around a main zoo animal who is in danger.[5]

  1. Belly Up (2010)
  2. Poached (2014)
  3. Big Game (2015)
  4. Panda-monium (2017)
  5. Lion Down (2019)
  6. Tyrannosaurus Wrecks (2020)
  7. Bear Bottom (2021)

Spy School series[edit]

In the Spy School Series, twelve-year-old Benjamin Ripley gets recruited to the top-secret CIA academy of espionage. He has several successful missions against the evil spy organization SPYDER with fellow spy Erica Hale.


  1. Spy School (2012) Benjamin Ripley, a thirteen-year-old, is originally recruited as "bait" to catch a "mole" at the DC CIA School of Espionage, but ends up becoming a real spy due to his satisfactory achievement in his mission, where he stopped a bomb from exploding and killing several top espionage leaders.
  2. Spy Camp (2013) In the second book in the series, Ben attends the CIA's 'summer camp' version of spy school. He meets Erica's grandfather, Cyrus Hale, who was a successful spy in his early days and was still a top spy. SPYDER tries to recruit him, but he turns them down, escapes with Erica and Cyrus, and foils their evil plans again, stopping them from nuking Camp David. They also expose Erica's father as a fraud CIA spy.
  3. Evil Spy School (2015) After being expelled from the CIA's top-secret spy school, Ben is forced into SPYDER's espionage academy in their headquarters. SPYDER tricks him into doing complex mathematical problems to plan a missile strike on New York City. Later, he is saved from SPYDER by Erica and Cyrus, and not only stops the missiles from launching at New York but redirects them to SPYDER's headquarters, nearly being killed.
  4. Spy Ski School (2016) In the fourth book in the series, Ben, Erica, Cyrus, and several other students at the academy are sent to Vail, Colorado to keep tabs on Leo Shang, a Chinese billionaire who is at the resort. Ben befriends Shang's daughter, Jessica, revealing the compassion Erica has for him that she has hidden under her icy personality. Ben finds out Shang's plan and stops a nuclear bomb from destroying a good part of Colorado. He also reveals to his best friend Mike, that he is a spy, who joins spy school.
  5. Spy School Secret Service (2017) After being assigned to befriending the President of the United States' son, Ben is planted with bombs by SPYDER in an attempt to blow up the Oval Office and framed for the explosion. He becomes a wanted criminal, but with help from Erica, Cyrus, and other Spy School Students stops SPYDER from threatening the rest of the world with the USA's nuclear arsenal for money.
  6. Spy School Goes South (2018) In this book, Ben and Erica are sent to Aquarius, a prestigious beach resort on the Yucatan Peninsula to follow SPYDER agent Murray Hill as he leads them to SPYDER's new headquarters. They find SPYDER is nuking Antarctica, causing a rapid speed-up of Global Warming. Together Ben and Erica foil their plans, as well as imprisoning some of their operatives.He also is faced with the decision on if he wants to be with spy school friend Zoe, or Erica.
  7. Spy School British Invasion (2019) Taking place right after Spy School Goes South, Ben and Erica, with Erica's mom Catherine Hale (Who is in the MI6), follow a lead taking them to Mr. E, the supreme leader of SPYDER, in Paris, France. They figure out SPYDER's final plan, and prevent it from taking place, as well as capture Mr. E, who turns out to be a former CIA operative, defeating SPYDER for good.
  8. Spy School Revolution (2020) After Erica appears to have switched sides, Ben is the only one who believes she is truly innocent, which pits him against his own friends. Ben fights a new evil organization called Croatoan as he tries to prove Erica's innocence and stop the Croatoan [6]
  9. Spy School at Sea (2021) Ben, Mike, Erica, Catherine, and Alexander are sent to Nicaragua to find out what Murray Hill is up to. They pose as a family on a luxury cruise as they search for Murray.

Moon Base Alpha series[edit]

The MBA series takes place in 2041 where Dashiell Gibson and his family are recruited to go to Moon Base Alpha, the first human lunar colony. In each book, Dashiell (nicknamed Dash) investigates unusual occurences. [7]

  1. Space Case (2014) Dr. Holtz, a scientist at MBA, mysteriously dies on the lunar surface.
  2. Spaced Out (2016) The head of MBA goes missing.
  3. Waste of Space (2018) One of the Lunar Tourists gets poisoned.

The Last Musketeer series[edit]

The Last Musketeer series is about a boy named Greg who goes back in time to the time of the Three Musketeers to save his parents.

  1. The Last Musketeer (2011)
  2. Traitor's Chase (2012)
  3. Double Cross (2013)

Charlie Thorne series[edit]

The Charlie Thorne series centers around a 12-year-old genius, who, throughout the series, races against various villians to find dangerous discoveries by famous people throughout history.

  1. Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation (2019)
  2. Charlie Thorne and the Lost City (2021)
  3. Untitled (2022)


Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuart_Gibbs
#BNEvents Live: Stuart Gibbs in conversation with James Ponti

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