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The View-Master Ultimate Reel List


NumberTitleSubject(s)AVA090CanadaCanadaAVA094Wonders of the National ParksNational ParksAVA202Disneyland, The Magic KingdomTheme Parks
CaliforniaAVA306?YellowstoneNational Parks
WyomingAVA371Grand CanyonNational Parks
ArizonaAVA651United NationaNew YorkAVA646New York CityNew YorkAVA662Niagara FallsNew YorkAVA791National Gallery of ArtDistrict of Columbia
MuseumsAVA793The White HouseDistrict of ColumbiaAVA801Washington, D.C.AVA955Walt Disney World, Orlando FloridaDisney
Theme Parks
FloridaAVA998Scenic U.S.A.U.S. MiscellaneaAVB001MexicoMexicoAVADR-3000GAF Talking View-Master Preview Picture ReelDemonstration ReelsAVB021Grand Tour of Central and South AmericaSouth AmericaAVB096Grand Tour of AfricaAfricaAVB145Grand Tour of EuropeEuropeAVB178Vatican CityVatican State
EuropeAVB185SwitzerlandEuropeAVB215Grand Tour of AsiaAsiaAVB254Inside China TodayChina
AsiaAVB300Snow White & the Seven DwarfsDisney
Movie/TV AnimationSnow White & the Seven Dwarfs (Spanish language edition)AVB308Sleeping BeautySleeping Beauty (Spanish language edition)AVB309Aesop's FablesJuvenaliaAVB310Little Red Riding HoodLittle Red Riding Hood (Spanish language edition)AVB311PinocchioAVB314Jack & the BeanstalkAVB316The Sword in the StoneDisney
Movie/TV AnimationAVB317Goldilocks & the Three BearsFairy TalesAVB318CinderellaCinderella (Spanish language edition)AVB321Charlotte's WebDisney
Movie/TV AnimationAVB322Pippi LongstockingJuvenaliaAVB323FrankensteinAVB340Tom SawyerAVB342Robin HoodDisney
Movie/TV AnimationAVB343Huckleberry FinnMovies & TVAVB360Alice in Wonderland (dioramas)JuvenaliaAlice in Wonderland (dioramas, Spanish language edition)AVB361The Wizard of OzAVB362Winnie the PoohDisney
Movie/TV AnimationAVB363Jungle BookAVB365AristocatsAVB369Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too (dioramas)AVB372Peter PanAVB374Gulliver's TravelsAdventure StoriesAVB376Mary PoppinsDisney
Movies & TVAVB380A Christmas CarolChristmasAVB382The Night Before ChristmasAVB383The Christmas StoryAVB400BambiDisney
Movie/TV AnimationAVB405The True Story of Smokey BearJuvenaliaAVB406Raggedy Ann & Raggedy AndyAVB410Mother Goose RhymesAVB411The ABC'sAVB412Numbers and Names AVB425HeidiAdventure StoriesAVB471-D?Bonanza (German language edition)Movies & TVAVB480LassieAVB485FlipperAVB500Barbie's Around the World TripJuvenaliaAVB501The Love BugDisney
Movies & TVAVB504Lancelot Link, Secret ChimpMovies & TVAVB507Planet of the ApesAVB508The Woody Woodpecker Show (dioramas)AVB511Tom & JerryAVB512Huckleberry Hould and Yogi BearAVB514The FlintstonesAVB516PopeyePopeye (Spanish language edition)AVB520Pebbles & Bamm-BammAVB525Donald DuckDisney
Movie/TV AnimationDonald Duck (Spanish language edition)AVB526Mighty MouseMovie/TV AnimationAVB528Mickey MouseDisney
Movie/TV AnimationAVB531Bugs BunnyMovie/TV AnimationBugs Bunny (Spanish language edition)AVB532101 DalmatiansDisney
Movie/TV AnimationAVB536PeanutsJuvenaliaAVB538Beep-Beep, The Road RunnerMovie/TV AnimationAVB544Snoopy & The Red BaronJuvenaliaAVB545Casper's GhostlandMovie/TV AnimationAVB548Charlie Brown's Summer FunJuvenaliaAVB549Bugs Bunny, Circus StarMovie/TV AnimationAVB551Mickey Mouse in "Clock Cleaners"Disney
Movie/TV AnimationMickey Mouse in "Clock Cleaners" (Spanish language edition)AVB552Hair Bear BunchMovie/TV AnimationAVB553Scooby DooAVB555Star Trek, "Mr. Spock's Time Trek"AVB556It's A Bird, Charlie BrownJuvenaliaAVB558Apple's WayMovies & TVAVB559The Six Million Dollar ManAVB563Bazooka Joe and his GANGCartoonAVB567The New Zoo Revue TwoTVAVB568The Brady BunchTVAVB574ArchieCartoonAVB576Barbie's Great American Photo RaceJuvenaliaAVB578Herbie Rides AgainDisney
Movies & TVAVB584SupermanJuvenaliaSuperman (Spanish language edition)AVB585Adventures of G.I. JoeAVB586Happy DaysMovies & TVAVB589GunsmokeAVB590Hawaii Five-OAVB593Adam 12AVB595Sigmund & the Sea MonstersAVB596The WaltonsAVB598Kung FuAVB605The Little Yellow DinosaurAVB612Wonders of the DeepMarine Life
ScienceAVB616Wild Animals of the WorldAnimals
World MiscellaneaAVB617Children's Zoo, San DiegoAnimals
CaliforniaAVB658Man on the Moon: NASA's Project ApolloSpace ExplorationAVB663Apollo Moon Landing, 1969AVB675Geology: Our Planet EarthScienceAVB676Paleontology: Prehistoric LifeAVB678Ornithology: Birds of the WorldBirds
ScienceAVB682Physics: Matter & EnergyScienceAVB686Ecology: The Balance of NatureAVB687Astronomy: Exploring the UniverseAVB725The American IndianNative Americans
U.S. MiscellaneaAVB773Airplanes of the WorldAviationAVB851Noah's ArkReligious SubjectsAVB853Moses and the Plagues of EgyptReligious SubjectsAVB870Rudolph, the Red-Mosed ReindeerChristmasAVB871The Little Drummer BoyAVB901Seven Wonders of the WorldHistorical Subjects
World MiscellaneaAVB951Instructional Football with Don MaynardSportsAVDR-77 Demonstration ReelsAVDR-3001GAF Talking View-Master Preview Picture Reel (1st edition?)GAF Talking View-Master Preview Picture Reel (2nd edition?)GAF Talking View-Master Preview Picture Reel (3rd edition)AVDR-3004GAF Talking View-Master Projector Preview Picture ReelTB324DraculaJuvenaliaTB344Holly Hobbie (dioramas)TB392King KongMovies & TVTB451Space: 1999TB583Flash GordonJuvenaliaTH1Land of the Lost #2Movies & TVTH11The Amazing Spider-Man #1Comic Books/Comic StripsTH26The RescuersDisney
Movie/TV AnimationTH56Mr. MagooMovies & TVTJ19Welcome Back KotterTJ23GodzillaMovie/TV AnimationTJ26The RescuersDisney
Movie/TV AnimationTJ60DumboTK31The Amazing Spider-Man #2Comic Books/Comic StripsTVB452The RookiesMovies & TVTVB453S.W.A.T.

In 1984, GAF revamped the Talking View-Master to include ports for a headphone jack and AC adapter.

Buoyed by the success of its View-Master, GAF released an audio-enabled variant of the 3D stereoscopic picture viewer in 1969-70. The Talking View-Master was powered by two C-batteries and contained other internal components, like a speaker, that made it roughly 3X the size of its audio-free counterpart.

To play audio while showing images, the toy included specially constructed photo reels with clear plastic records attached to them. GAF sold 3-reel sets separately on topics ranging from classic fairy tales to cartoons and vacation destinations. Each set was packaged in plastic trays and included an order form and a slip-on cover that depicted stills from the set.

Once a reel was inserted into the Talking View-Master, users could move from photo to photo using the toy’s scene change lever and listen to the accompanying 10 to 20-second soundbite by pressing the large Sound Bar button at the front of the toy. The quality was uneven at best, often changing speeds and distorting without warning.

Improving on the audio fidelity, GAF released an improved Electronic/Lighted Stereo Talking View-Master with some new bells and whistles, including internal lighting, better acoustics, and volume control. In 1984, the toy was again revamped to include additional ports for a headphone jack and AC adapter – and an entirely new form factor. The combo photo/audio reels were also replaced with a new cartridge system.

Finally, in 1997, Tyco (which had acquired View-Master in 1989) released a new version that operated on two AA batteries, had a continuous reel of film, and stored audio on an embedded microchip.

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Focusing on View-Master History and Values

Initially designed for sale in camera, drug and gift stores, View-Master production dates to 1939. View-Master reels were introduced at the 1939 New York World’s Fair and at the 1940 Golden Gate Exposition in San Francisco. From there, the line of titles grew to include a host of scenic attractions featuring everything from Crater Lake, Oregon, to Miami Beach, Florida.

Soldiers Turn to View-Master

In the early 1940s, film and paper were scarce, and View-Master production nearly came to a halt, due to the onset of World War II. However, a large contract to produce airplane and ship identification and range estimation reels saved the product from potential oblivion. Millions of reels were in use by GIs, along with thousands of Model B (round) View-Master viewers.

Although scenic reels were View-Master’s forte, the company spread out a bit in the late 1940s with the inclusion of a series of children’s fairy-tale reels. These single-sleeved reels bore the identifying prefix “FT.” Clay figure models were initially a creation of Lee Green Studios in Hollywood and later at the View-Master art studios in Portland, Oregon. Dozens of reel titles came to be using the great diorama effect created by tabletop photography.

Acquisition Earns Access to Disney 

Keeping ahead of the competition, View-Master purchased the assets of its main rival, Tru-Vue, in 1951. This acquisition resulted in obtaining the license to use Disney characters, previously held by Tru-Vue. Since that time, the company has produced many Disney and other cartoon and character favorites. Some of these were as clay figures, others as stereo cells, and still, others use actual products in the reel set up, as was the case with Barbie and G.I. Joe.

All reels since the company began are viewable in any viewer. Newer reels from the last few years have a colorful sticker over the center hole but still, work in any viewer. In 2003, Fisher-Price came forth with a new viewer where the reel enters horizontally rather than vertically, but that design was the subject of a dismiss.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, View-Master brought forth character viewers (Mickey Mouse, Big Bird, Batman, Casper, etc), but these were short-lived and abandoned in favor of colorful versions of regular production viewers. Today viewers and reels are produced by Basic Fun under an agreement with Fisher-Price. There is a wide variety of gift sets and reels with colorful graphics. Some of the new titles include Minions, Star Wars, Hello Kitty and an NYC Taxi viewer. These new titles can be found online and in many retail stores.

View on pricing

Condition determines value. As with any other paper collectible, it is important that View-Master reels be free of mold, mildew, brown foxing spots, etc. Reels missing scenes are virtually worthless. Those reels with paper blisters (a result of heat/moisture) are valued at less than 1/4 of mint reels. Three-reel packets need to be complete with outer color envelope, three reels, and inner story booklet if indicated. Any part of the packet or booklet that is torn or damaged drops the value of the set. Adjust prices accordingly. Prices shown here are for MIP—Mint in Package—examples. Those in excellent condition command about 85 percent of the MIP price.

Collecting trends

Sci-Fi and television and movie titles tend to sell high—scenic and cartoon titles are a little lower than in previous years. Some images on the reels have “gone magenta,” meaning the film has turned red. This is a result of the type of film used. Usually, all issues of that packet are red. One good example is the clay figure packet of Dracula. It is important to note this problem when considering condition.

Since the death of Michael Jackson in 2009, “Thriller” reels and gift sets have started demanding high prices with the gift sets selling for $100 or more.

Enjoy a vintage commercial for View-Master.

Collector groups

A good place to check for additional information is View-Master Collectors Group on Facebook. While there is no official list of titles, the View-Master Database attempts  to build a complete list of every individual reel, set and their variants known to have been issued. 

Recent eBay View-Master sales

Prices are set to the nearest dollar and without shipping.

James Arness Marshal Dillon Vintage View-Master With Gunsmoke Episode Reels, $127.50

• Sealed 1993 Vintage Jurassic Park View-Master 3-D Gift Set by TYCO, rare, $110.

• Vintage View-Master Lot  with two viewers and 39 Reels featuring Kung Fu, Casper StarTrek and Lassie, $75.

• Vintage Red 3-D View-Master Viewer Model L with 24 reel bundle, $76.

Vintage 1960s View-Master with case and 13 picture packs of TV shows and movies, $62.

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Mary Ann Sell is the author of View-Master Memories, the history of one of the world's most beloved toys. 

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