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Bank of America adds cardless ATM, preps for 'wearable' payments

Bank of America has advanced its mobile app to include cardless ATM withdrawals and set the stage for its customers to make more payments through wearable devices.

BofA customers making withdrawals from an ATM can now initiate that transaction through their mobile banking app. The bank says it has one of the largest cardless-enabled ATM networks already in place, with more than 10,000 units, and the introduction of the mobile app process will increase cardless activity.

“With 23 million mobile customers and growing, improving the customer experience is always a top priority,” Michelle Moore, head of digital banking at Bank of America, said in a press release. “By taking a customer-first approach to innovation, we continuously raise the bar to deliver new, personalized experiences that make it easier for customers to achieve their financial goals.”

Customers logged into the app select an amount they want withdrawn from an ATM. Upon arrival at the ATM, they can use their smartphone or debit card, and enter their PIN to prompt a personalized screen display that asks if the customer is there to complete the withdrawal.

The mobile process eliminates four steps at an ATM, Bank of America said.

New features added to the contactless ATM include allowing customers to check balances, transfer funds, make deposits and credit card payments and, later this month, the ability to change a PIN.

The bank also announced it is working with Fit Pay Inc. to allow its customers to make contactless payments with their credit or debit cards through various wearables and devices integrated with the Fit Pay payment platform. Those transactions can take place at Near Field Communication-enabled point of sale terminals and BofA ATMs.

"As digital payments evolve, our goal is to give Bank of America customers access to payment options that are easy to use and highly secure," Mark Monaco, head of enterprise payments at Bank of America, said in a press release. "Working with Fit Pay will allow our customers to use a range of new contactless payment devices to improve the payment experience, provide a high level of security, and fit seamlessly into any lifestyle."

Under the agreement, BofA will participate in Fit Pay's Digital Wallet Program, which enables manufacturers of Internet of Things and wearable devices to add contactless payment capabilities to their product.

The platform uses tokenization to replace cardholders' account information with a unique token to transact secure contactless payments.

In another mobile advancement, BofA has added a mobile dashboard to its app that allows users to display the banking features they use most often on one screen, including account balances, card rewards, a spending and budgeting tool, FICO scores, mobile alerts, BankAmeriDeals and the Zelle person-to-person payment service.


Use your smartphone to withdraw money from a Bank of America ATM

So let's say that you need cash and you want to withdraw funds from your Bank of America account. As you approach the ATM machine, you remember that you left your debit card at home. Is this a wasted trip? Not if you have Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay. More specifically, you will need to have your Bank of America debit card in your digital wallet.

Once you select the Bank of America card from your digital wallet, hold your phone over the NFCsymbol on the ATM. That allows you to access your card with the touch of your finger. Punch in your PIN number on the ATM keyboard, and the machine will soon spit out your cash. Keep in mind that not all Bank of America ATM's will work yet with these mobile payment services. The Bank of America ATM's that are compatible with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay feature the NFC symbol on them.

To get your phone ready to work at Bank of America's ATM, you must first decide which mobile payment service you will use. Obviously, this depends on the platform you are using. Those with an Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Apple iPhone 6s, Apple iPhone 6s Plusand Apple iPhone SEcan employ Apple Pay, and those with certain NFC enabled Android powered handsets have Android Pay to use. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Activeand Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, you can use Samsung Pay.

Once you select the platform you will be using, upload your Bank of America debit card to the digital wallet associated with your mobile payment service. While there aren't that many ATM machines that work with your handset right now, by the end of the year you should be able to deplete your Bank of America account from almost any of the institutions' ATM machines in the U.S.

Withdraw money from certain Bank of America ATMs by using your smartphone

source: BankofAmerica, Redditvia Engadget
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