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Busy DM? An excited player? The 5e Companion App is here for you!

Whether you're a busy DM or a bold Player, the 5e Companion App is the app you should always have by your side.

◉ Amazing Character Sheet Manager
◉ 50 + supported races and backgrounds
◉ Full, illustrated bestiary with 760+ of 5e's most reknown monsters
◉ Homebrew content creator
◉ Complete monster stats
◉ Encounter Generator, ready to save you from making tedious encounter calculations ever again! Why not better spend that time raiding a dungeon?
◉ Encounter Manager (and Initiative Tracker), so you never have to roll that 33d20+330 HP when creating a Tarrasque, or even keep track of turns and monster stats. This app does EVERYTHING for you!
◉ More breathtaking features coming soon!

What are you waiting for? Get your game on, delve into some dungeons, slay some dragons, and steal their treasure (or, you know, maybe ask them politely)

Version 0.7.0

◉ Random character generator (hit those little dice buttons!)
◉ Lifted level 20 cap restriction! Enjoy endless character build possibilities!
◉ Small content updates and additions
◉ Bug fixes

Ratings and Reviews

Pretty darn good! Just some inconveniences.

I want to start by saying this app is fantastic!
It has pretty much I all I need, the app just has some glitches. Such as, whenever I finish a character and give them proficiencies in a ability (such as insight or stealth) from a background and I click on the background to look at what proficiencies it gives me it’ll take them away and I have to give myself the proficiency bonus again. Also every time I level up it’ll go down the list of what new abilities I get which is good, but it goes down by level. So say I’m a level 10 fighter, it’ll show what new feat I get and whatnot but then it’ll also tell me everything I already know I have again like extra attack, superiority die, etc. Other than that I wish there was some more items in the armor category like all the magical armor. And for some reason the app says a Maul does 1d6 damage when it actually does 2d6 same with the greatsword. If you ever update the app again and fix all this I’ll be very grateful! Keep up the great work because your app is amazing and the best character sheet app out there because I can basically do whatever I want with it and it helps a lot!

Decent App but...

I would like to say that this is a good app and useful for one wanting to play D&D.
However, there are some content fixes/suggested additions I would like to point out.

1) Some Spellcasting classes listed incorrectly. (ie: Paladin being listed as a Full Caster class when it is a Half Caster class.)
2) Ads take quite some time to load, making leveling up multiple levels at once annoying. (And maybe decrease the Ad Removal price a bit? Maybe to 1.99 or .99? Not trying to pressure you or anything, just something I think many people would like, considering other apps with the same content are less pricey.)
3) Newer expansions such as Wildemount not included, which we could add ourselves, but it can take a while adding the different Archetypes, Spells, etc, which isn't something that I'd imagine some people want to do when there are other apps with the newer expansions accessible easily.
4) Maybe add counters for things like Action Surge? It took me a bit to try and find where it is listed, and you need to memorize how much you have used, which could be put in notes, but an charge count would be appreciated.

Overall, I think that this is an app with great potential, and I thank you for listening to what I have to say.

Hi XeroStudios! Thanks for pointing these out!

I'll be releasing a content update in the following weeks and fixing these issues soon after that :)

Delightful and ever improving

To begin, I’ve had this app for well over a year, now! I’ve always looked forward to any new updates, and I had the beta version on my old phone. It really is my favorite companion app! Especially for homebrew or quick monster stats.
On the other hand, though, I really wish there was an index for magic items outside of the inventory. I know that may be pushing it with Wizards’ trigger happy copy right team, it would be greatly appreciated!
I’m also experiencing a glitch that, when I try to filter the school of spells I’m looking for, the app crashes. Also, when I’m making a character, the creator will close out if I temporarily move to a different app. Even if I don’t actually close it out! These didn’t used to be issues, but they makes things difficult.

The developer, Vladimir Pomsztein, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Used to Track You

The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:

  • Location
  • Usage Data
  • Diagnostics

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Location
  • Identifiers
  • Usage Data
  • Diagnostics

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


Vladimir Pomsztein

45.5 MB


Requires iOS 12.2 or later.
Requires iPadOS 12.2 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 12.2 or later.
Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip.

Age Rating

© 2021 Vladimir Pomsztein


In-App Purchases

  1. Remove Ads$2.99


  • Family Sharing

    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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Sours: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/5e-companion-app/id1507254451
Have you ever been tracking initiative with a pen and paper, or scribbling out monster HP, or even trying to play some fantasy music and thought, surely there is an app for this! Good news for you tech-savvy DMs out there, there is!As a matter of fact, there are several really useful apps you probably don’t know about. Here are my top 10:
  • DMDJ by Blueface Games (4.99)
  • NPC for Hire by Knight of Vasteel (4.99)
  • RPG Sounds: Fantasy (Free)
  • Spells for D&D 5e (Free)
  • RPG Adventure Manager (Free)
  • MapKeeper.net (Free)
  • App of Many Things (Free)
  • mRPG Chat app (Free)
  • Complete Reference for Dungeons and Dragons 5e (Free)
  • ProDnD- Map Builder (basic version is free, full access is$1.99)

DMDJ by Blueface Games

This app is a game-changer,and I don’t say that lightly. I have spent HOURS compiling music, only to lose it, have nothing prepared that fits the moment perfectlyand no way to change it, get annoyed that I have to restart it over and over, have to switch over to an FX maker and lose the ambiance at times, etc. This app changes all of that.DMDJhas literally endless possibilities for you to create the perfectatmosphere for your adventure, every time! Choose from the main categories of Nature, Town, Battle, Dungeon, or Special to get started. Each category has tons of options, such as “store,” “town,” “around the fireplace,” and “cafe” (along with many many more!) for town; or caves, coast, dark woods, haunted forest, and swamps (again, many many more) for nature!  To add to the awesomeness, you can layer music of various styles, sound effects, and weather! To top it all off, DMDJincludes a quick Dice Rollerat the bottom of the menu to let you roll dice to quickly determine random encounters and NPC ideas, damage for certain attacks (like sneak attack) or create your own custom dice to use when you need them.  Drawback: There is only one major drawback to this app: the sound stops when you close the app or when your phone goes to sleep. This is a major drawback if you want to have the background music going all night. You will need to have your phone plugged in, sleep mode turned off, and you cannot use your phone for any other apps.If you don’t typically use your phone while you DM, this will be perfect for you! If you have, ya know, 9 other apps you like to use, this is a major bummer.

NPC for Hire by Knight of Vasteel (4.99)

Simple, beautiful, and OH so useful! NPC for Hire might be one of the most useful apps I own. After a while, it is hard to come up with interesting NPCs, even if you do use my foolproof method (check out my method in my article, “Creating Unforgettable NPCs”) so having an app that creates them for you, complete with flaws, items, and backstory, can be a lifesaver! Whether you are looking for NPCs for your main storyline, or you need a random one quickly, NPC for Hire is perfect.  Once you find an NPC you like, you can save it to access later, as well as edit the details either with your own custom ideas or items, or more randomly generated ones. NPC for Hire also includes a beautiful hand-drawn sketch of the NPC, so you know exactly how to describe them to your party.  With NPC for Hire, you won’t be caught scrambling for an NPC ever again,nor will you forget that random NPC in that one town from 2 years ago. Nope. It all right there in the app!

Bonus! Magwa’s Magic Item Compendium

Also created by Knight of Vasteel, this amazing FREE app is exactly like NPC for Hire, ONLY FOR MAGICAL ITEMS. Do I need to say more? Check it out!!

RPG Sounds Fantasy (Free)

If you just can’t bring yourself to pay for an app, then there is a free version for fantasy sounds music. RPG Sounds is a good app, it has lots of options and you can find nearly everything you might need for a game. However, the loops on the sounds do not flow together well, leaving a small, but noticeablesilence before the sound begins again at the beginning.  Also, switching between sounds is abrupt and there is no fade or layering.These are all problems that DMDJ has solved, so if you are a bit picky (like me) you will want to just pay the people $4.99 for the better app.

Spells for D&D 5e (Free)

Not only is this a great app for your players who use magic, it can be a real time-saver for you too. (Plus, the art for each of the spells really puts this app over the top for me.) It is nearly impossible to remember all the parts of a spell, between damage, range, saves and attack rolls, they are tricky to remember. That is why this free and gorgeous app is so great.
You can find all the spells your players will throw at you so you can quickly double-check. You can also sort by magic-user (wizard, warlock, druid, etc.) and create spellbooks. This is great for players to create their own spellbooks, but good for you too if you have spells your players like to use over and over again.  Of course, if you want to feel like you are combining Magic the Gathering with your RPG adventure, (and who wouldn’t?) as well as have your spells handy, then make sure to check out these convenient and fun spell cards! Plus, your purchase from our partners at Noble Knight Gamessupports a local game shop, supports Halfling Hobbies, AND gives you a discount! Triple win!

RPG Adventure Manager (Free)

This simple app can be useful if you want to store all of your characters, locations, and plot information in one app. This app helps you keep track of what NPCs and ideas you have already used and which are still available (a huge help during long campaigns!) This app can have some issues, such as not marking items or NPCs as used.  If you are looking for a free app to track multiple parts of your game, I would recommend trying this one out. 

MapKeeper.net (Free)

If you are someone who likes to draw out your dungeon on paper, but you HATE trying to cover up the parts that players haven’t gotten to yet, then you will LOVE this app. It is an elegantly simply app that solves this problem without any fluff.Just take a picture of the map you drew, add it to the app and there you have it, a blacked-out map that you can reveal as the players progress. 
If you come to combat in one of the rooms, then you can draw out that room on the battle map, go through the encounter, then keep mapping the rooms in the app. If you have an iPad or Tablet, you can even leave it in the middle of the table for players to see and reveal as they move or cast it to an Apple TV.This is a neat, free app that solves a problem in my own life, maybe it can help you too!

App of Many Things (Free)

This is a combat tracker app. It isn’t the most complex one out there, and if you pay for D&D Beyond or Fantasy Grounds, I would recommend sticking with them. However, if you don’t mind the prep-work in order to keep your bottom line at 0, this app can be very useful.  App of Many Things lets you add Player Characters and Non-Player Characters, but you have to manually input the information. This isn’t really practical for a random encounter but can be useful or planned encounters. However, be warned that the options are very limited. You can input health, hit points, perception, and armor class, that’s it. No weapons, no spells, no items.
While this app is limited, I do find it useful on occasion. Mostly I use it as an initiative tracker. It has little check-boxes you can click to show a player or monster has taken its turn, then when they are all filled, you can clear them all and start a new round.I am pretty forgetful, so I find this extremely useful! Especially when I have a big party and a lot of combatants to keep track of! With this app, I never skip players or monsters.

mRPG Chat App (Free)

Are your players too busy to get together and play? Do you desperately want to play but you are always stuck DMing?Well, mRPG is the answer to these problems.
mRPG is a chat app that allows people to play remotely. It includes character sheets, dice, and a platform. You can search and join campaigns, create your own campaign if you can’t find anyone in your area to play, or create a campaign for your players where you can play remotely when you can’t get together. After you create your campaign, you can invite players to it via a link, or open it up for others to join. This system can be a bit difficult to learn, so I would suggest giving it a good look over and playing a game or two with another group to get a feel for it.It can be a great remote option, and it really scratches the itch when you just have to play!

Complete Reference for Dungeons and Dragons 5e (Free)

Just what it sounds like, this no-nonsense app lets you search all D&D 5e equipment and items and bookmark them for later. I love to use this app to get ideas for shops, treasure troves, or find something random for when the rogue inevitable says, “I pick-pocket the shopkeeper!” You can filter items, search for specific items, or just peruse the endless list of awesome. 

ProDnD- Map Builder (basic version is free, full access is $1.99)

Looking for an app to help you build and store maps? Need an app to quickly generate random caverns, dungeons and mazes? Want to make those random maps gorgeous and even add creatures, items and events? When it comes to creating dungeons, this app does it all!You can choose to create your own dungeon if you have a specific idea in mind, or you can start with a randomly generated dungeon and edit it. With a click of a button, you can add monsters and encounters to random parts of the dungeon so you know exactly when to have your party roll perception or initiative.You can add backgrounds, themes and even share your favorite dungeonswith other DMs. There is really so much to this app it is hard to describe. If you are looking to take your pen and paper game and go digital, this is a great, free app to get you started. 
Obviously this app does not compete with the overwhelmingly detailed maps you can make at Inkarante.com, but, in this case, that is a good thing. This app fills the need of generating caverns or dungeons on the fly. You can literally create a dungeon or maze in SECONDS.It is a great app to have in your back pocket, especially for you DMs who have unpredictable parties.Being the DM is difficult, but, luckily, there are plenty of apps and tools to help make it a little easier. If you are looking for more useful tools, check out my post on the 10 Best Tools for DMs and be sure to check out the Trinket Shop to get yourself something nice. After all this work to prep, you deserve it 😉 Until next time, May your game have advantage, my friends! -Halfling Hannah

Check out the Trinket Shop!

Sours: https://halflinghobbies.com/10-incredible-apps-every-dungeon-master-needs/
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A New Dungeons & Dragons Companion App Will Help Declutter Your Tabletop Experience

Being surrounded by stacks of rulebooks and reams of character sheets while you play has been part and parcel of the Dungeons & Dragons experience from the very beginning. And while many players have begun using phones and tablets to make their tabletop lives easier, Wizards of the Coast is finally offering their own solution.

Over the weekend the company officially announced D&D Beyond, a new app made in partnership with Curse media that will let players look up rules, check inventories or manage their character’s stats all from the convenience of a unified interface from their phone or tablet. Designed to work with the current fifth edition of D&D, Beyond is meant to give you more space and time to actually play games,instead of leafing through pages of adventure guides because you forgot the bonus to persuasion roles an Ancient Brass Dragon has. Here’s a hilariously over-dramatic teaser trailer for the app that shows a little bit more of how it works:

There’s been plenty of virtual tabletop and third party tools like Beyond for quite some time at this point—to the point Wizards has even sold official D&D content through them—so it remains to be seen what Beyond will bring to the table outside of the official branding. And there are questions about just how much it will all cost, too: is there going to be a future where buying the physical copy of a D&D adventure or rulebook comes with codes to access it on Beyond? Or will fans who still want physical editions and the convenience of an app like this have to fork out twice?

For now, we have to wait and see. If you’re interested in trying Beyond, you can sign up for a beta ahead of its rollout this summer at the link below.

[D&D Beyond]

G/O Media may get a commission

Apple iPad Pro 12.9”

$100 off

Apple iPad Pro 12.9”

The latest and greatest iPad
Upgrade your tablet to what Gizmodo called "basically a perfect piece of hardware."


Sours: https://gizmodo.com/a-new-dungeons-dragons-companion-app-will-help-declut-1793213377

D&D Beyond, the companion app for Dungeons & Dragons, has officially launched

Dungeons & Dragons’ digital toolset D&D Beyond is now available on mobile and PC, after launching into open beta earlier this year.

The app includes utilities designed around fifth edition, including a rules compendium and character creator (plus a digital character sheet), as well as support for fan-made homebrew content, which can be shared online with others.

The app itself is free, but offers the ability to buy sourcebooks through the app, adding the content to the library. There’s also a subscription option, split into two tiers, that unlocks the ability to create unlimited amounts of characters (the free version is limited at six), use public homebrew content and share purchased books with players instead of needing to buy it separately. The lower hero tier is $26 (£20) a year, while the higher master tier is $55 (£43) annually.

Developer Curse has confirmed that it is working on further features for the app, including a dedicated mobile app, encounter builder and combat tracking. Upcoming adventure Tomb of Annihilation will join D&D Beyond when it’s released later this autumn.

Curse added that more than 200,000 players took part in the beta, making over 240,000 characters for D&D campaigns. That’s a lot!

Sours: https://www.tabletopgaming.co.uk/news/dd-beyond-the-companion-app-for-dungeons-dragons-has-officially/

App dragons companion dungeons and

The 4 Best Apps for Running Dungeons & Dragons From Your Phone

While Dungeons & Dragons is traditionally a pen-and-paper role-playing game, you can also play it remotely using voice chats and online virtual tabletop simulators (VTTs). But did you know you can run the world’s most popular role-playing game right from your phone?

For those who have already switched away from running the game out of a three-ring binder at the kitchen table, moving from desktop to mobile is a simple change that can save you even more time, space, and effort.

There are two main ways of running D&D from your phone: using a selection of apps that you switch between as you go, or using one catch-all app. We'll look at both.

Running D&D From Multiple Mobile Apps

D&D can seem overwhelming, but all you really need to run the game is:

  • A combat tracker that lets you roll dice
  • A compendium where you can look up specifics about rules, items, spells, and other miscellanies
  • A campaign diary where you can plan and log the adventure.
  • Voice chat

The multi-app method is recommended for DMs who are already comfortable running the game, or who want to simplify their experience of running.

1. 5e Companion App (Combat Tracker)

Image Gallery (2 Images)



The main benefit of running D&D from a mobile device is that you can streamline everything, so it’s best to seek out a combat tracker that focuses on essentials.

You need the following:

  • See what a monster’s abilities are during combat
  • Look up spells, status effects, and other stats on the fly
  • Adjust health and set status conditions
  • Re-arrange the turn order mid-combat
  • Add and remove combatants mid-combat

The 5e Companion App from Vladimir Pomsztein checks all these boxes. The only downside is that this app does not include a dice roller, but there are easy solutions for this.

Most simply, you could roll your own dice, using all the free physical space that isn’t being taken up by books, binders, or computers. Or you could grab a separate app, like RPG Dice Roller on Android or Dungeon Dice on iOS, and quickly jump over to it when you need to roll.

Download: 5e Companion App for Android | iOS (Free)

2. D&D 5e Rulebook (Compendium)

Image Gallery (2 Images)



Experienced Dungeon Masters may be able to leave a rulebook app out of their mobile DMing needs, but new DMs will benefit from having some resources available.

Specifically, you'll want to have these references handy:

  • Gameplay rules
  • Specifics for items and equipment
  • Character information, like race and class abilities
  • Stats and rules for spells, monsters, and magic items

D&D 5e Rulebook is a lightweight, attractive app that lets you quickly and easily look up rules using simple keywords. You can zoom to the part of the rules that’s relevant at the moment. This is a massive improvement over thumbing through a physical rulebook or skimming a lengthy webpage.

You can also check out the details of items players might find or want to buy, like armor, weapons, or magic items. It also helps players manage their characters by quickly referencing race and class options, feats, spells, and more.

The apps also lets you “favorite” a page that you need to check often—a life-saving feature in any reference tool.

But the best part about D&D 5e Rulebook compared to other compendiums is how lightweight it is. It only takes a bit of space to store a wealth of easily accessible information. The whole point of running D&D from mobile is to speed up and simplify the process of running the game, so a lightweight, no-frills rules app is a must.

Download:D&D 5e Rulebook for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Game Master Journal (Campaign Diary)

Image Gallery (2 Images)



Even if you're running single-session "one-shot" games, it's handy to have your game notes close by when running. A good campaign diary should let you:

  • Plan out the major beats of the adventure
  • Create NPCs and locations
  • Import custom content

It also needs to be simple and easily organized, so the expansiveness of worldbuilding doesn't overwhelm your focus on playable content.

Game Master Journal is a good choice that prioritizes these points. Change the Miscellaneous tab's name to "Plot" or "Story," and use it to organize the plot of the adventure. The rest of the app functions as a quick-to-use worldbuilder for even the least experienced writer.

When you create an NPC, you'll be prompted to add where they're from. Name the town for now, and fill in details later. You can add specific locations within towns, and the templates provided for each category help guide your creative process without restricting your freedom.

Download: Game Master Journal for Android (Free)

Voice Chat Apps

There are many voice calling platforms that let you participate in a conference call while you run other apps. For the purpose of running D&D, the only ability you really need is for the calling app to run in the background. This allows you to keep your game-specific apps open even while chatting.

See the best free gaming voice chat apps for some great suggestions.

4. Game Master 5th Edition (Catch-All App)

Image Gallery (3 Images)




Using a single app is more friendly to new DMs. Many apps with enough functionality to run a game of D&D by themselves also include extra features like random generators and tutorial popups. These can help a new Dungeon Master evade writer's block and master the process.

Game Master 5th Edition is our pick for a catch-all app that lets you run Dungeons & Dragons fully from your phone. It includes everything you need to run the game, like:

  • A dice roller accessible from any screen
  • A combat tracker that lets you view monster stats, re-arrange turn order, track statuses, and more
  • A comprehensive compendium of rules, item information, spell lists, class info, and more, accessible from any screen
  • A random encounter generator based on encounter environment, challenge level, type of creature, and more
  • A campaign manager that divides each campaign into chapters, and each chapter into encounters
  • Detailed NPC building and character tracking

Game Master 5 was the only catch-all app we found that delivered on all these necessities. It uses a clever menu tray that lets you roll, consult rules, or look up compendium info from almost any screen.

In combat, the process is even more streamlined, as you can add a condition, roll an attack, or ability check straight from the monster's stat block.

Image Gallery (3 Images)




The only aspect really missing is a location information tab. However, each campaign and adventure includes three tabs (characters, adventures/encounters, and notes) and lets you add images to notes. Because of this, it's simple to set up your important locales as notes with maps and other visuals attached as images.

The app also offers a one-time payment to remove ads and increase the number of encounters, adventures, and campaigns you can create. It's well worth the payment for the time and effort it will save you.

Despite the wealth of features available, this app keeps your screen clean, so you don't get overwhelmed. That's the main benefit of running D&D from your phone, after all: it's simplified, streamlined, and you only have to deal with what's on your screen at the moment.

Download: Game Master 5th Edition for Android | iOS (Free, premium version available)

The Best Way to Run D&D From Your Phone

Using a catch-all app like Game Master 5th Edition is the optimal choice in many cases. But Dungeon Masters who are running homebrew adventures or settings may want to use a more detailed campaign diary like Game Master Journal as well.

This pairing will not slow you down at the table, since the campaign diary is used between sessions to record progress notes, update NPC relationships, and flesh out locations ahead of time. And if you want to get really fancy, there are many more apps available to enhance your D&D experience!


17 Essential Online Tabletop RPG Software and Tools

Whether you're a newbie or veteran to tabletop RPGs, these companion apps, tools, and software will help you enjoy yourself.

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An official Dungeons & Dragons companion app is coming for 5e

Wizards of the Coast has announced that it is developing an official companion app for Dungeons & Dragons’ fifth edition.

D&D Beyond is being created with the help of communications platform Curse, which is owned by the livestreaming giant Twitch, and will include a variety of digital tools to help run a campaign.

Among the utilities built into the app – which will reportedly run on any device, including smartphones, tablets and PC – will be a rules compendium, character builder and digital character sheets. It will also work offline.

According to Curse’s product lead for D&D Beyond, Adam Bradford, the service will offer both free and paid accounts, with premium content (such as class-specific items) and the ability to subscribe to manage a greater number of characters and access advanced tools, including support for fan-made custom content.

Bradford admitted that a price hasn’t been nailed down, but added that the app wouldn’t feature microtransactions.

“We aren't forcing anyone to buy the content in small chunks – it can still be bought all at once,” he wrote on Reddit. “It's all just flexibility.”

There’s no word on a release date for D&D Beyond yet, but you can sign up for the app’s beta now.

Sours: https://www.tabletopgaming.co.uk/news/an-official-dungeons-dragons-companion-app-is-coming-for-5e/

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