10,000 rpm ls

10,000 rpm ls DEFAULT

OSEPP R140 1.5-3V 10000 RPM Brushed DC Motor LS-00027

OSEPP R140 1.5-3V 10000 RPM Brushed DC Motor LS-00027

OSEPP R140 1.5-3V 10000 RPM Brushed DC Motor: Toys & Games. OSEPP R140 1.5-3V 10000 RPM Brushed DC Motor: Toys & Games. Motor length: 25mm 。 Shaft diameter 2mm 。 Weight: 15 g 。 RPM: 5000 - 20,000 。 Normal voltage: 3v 。 Small Round R140 Brushed DC Motor Nominal Voltage: V No Load RPM: 1000rpm (±10%) Shaft Diameter: 2mm Suitable for hobbies, models, science and other projects. 。 。 。

OSEPP R140 1.5-3V 10000 RPM Brushed DC Motor LS-00027

OSEPP R140 1.5-3V 10000 RPM Brushed DC Motor LS-00027
OSEPP R140 1.5-3V 10000 RPM Brushed DC Motor LS-00027
OSEPP R140 1.5-3V 10000 RPM Brushed DC Motor LS-00027
OSEPP R140 1.5-3V 10000 RPM Brushed DC Motor LS-00027

OSEPP R140 1.5-3V 10000 RPM Brushed DC Motor LS-00027

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OSEPP R140 1.5-3V 10000 RPM Brushed DC Motor LS-00027

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OSEPP R140 1.5-3V 10000 RPM Brushed DC Motor LS-00027

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The R140 1.5-3V 10000 RPM Brushed DC Motor is suitable for hobbies, models, science and other projects.


  • 1 x R140 1.5-3V 10000 RPM Brushed DC Motor
  • Small Round R140 Brushed DC Motor
  • Nominal Voltage: 3V
  • No Load RPM: 13000rpm (±10%)
  • Shaft Diameter: 2mm
  • Suitable for hobbies, models, science and other projects



  • Rated Voltage: 1.5-3V
  • Nominal Voltage: 3V
  • No Load RPM: 13000rpm(±10%)
  • No Load Current: 170ma
  • Rated Speed: 5000-10000 RPM
  • Shaft Type: Round



  • Size: 25 x 21mm
  • Weight: 19g
  • Shaft Diameter: 2.0mm
  • Shaft Length: 38mm



Stock CodeProduct Name
LS-00025Small Round Electric Motor 1.5v – 6v DC
Sours: https://www.osepp.com/accessories/motors/135-ls-00025-r140-1-5-3v-10000-rpm-brushed-dc-motor
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Are you old enough to remember the magic of the Trans-American Series in the 1960s and ’70s?

Full disclosure, I’m not, and neither is car builder Riley Stair. But there’s plenty of literature on the topic and highlight reels are still bouncing around today; tales of long nights in a small garage followed by the sweat and tears of race day are still told in racing families. There’s evidence enough to know that this was an era where privateers could wrench on a project and reasonably compete on the world stage of carburetor-fueled, wheel-to-wheel madness.

Looking at Trans-Am racing today, it’s completely different ball game. Full tube-frame chassis compete in the top classes, and even in the production-based groups the barrier to entry is exponentially higher than it was some 50 years ago. The racing is more clinical and the cars lack character. While we always like to think that things were better before, especially when it comes to racing, sometimes it really is the truth.

But there have definitely been some advancements, particularly in terms of safety, that make race cars today much more appealing; what they lack in personality they make up for in reliability and driveability. So, what if you were to mash up a bit of today’s tech on a built-from-scratch tube-frame chassis with the magical nostalgia of a 1970 Ponitac Firebird Trans Am?

Months ago, Riley wondered exactly this.


The results of his work, all of which took place on the side yard of his parents’ house, is nothing short of stunning. The only work on this thing that Riley didn’t do himself was the paint and powder-coating. It’s simply amazing, especially considering that after the show the car will go straight to the track for a good run at wide-open throttle.

  • 2018-SH_10000RPM-1970-Trans-Am-SEMA_Trevor-Ryan-004_4487
  • 2018-SH_10000RPM-1970-Trans-Am-SEMA_Trevor-Ryan-005_4496
  • 2018-SH_10000RPM-1970-Trans-Am-SEMA_Trevor-Ryan-007_4539
  • 2018-SH_10000RPM-1970-Trans-Am-SEMA_Trevor-Ryan-009_4625

Of course, the centerpiece of this wild build is that rowdy exhaust. Instantly I started looking for turbos, but with a straightforward FAST throttle body setup I realized there just wasn’t one. Instead, the long, snaking exhaust work culminates in a wicked 8:1 header. How do you even do that?

Riley’s managed, and he’s also managed to build up the naturally aspirated Dart LS Next block to withstand 10,000rpm, the goal for the build. While power came second to the high-RPM target, he’s guessing the mind-boggling 16.25:1 compression ratio in the 400 cubic inch V8 engine should be good for somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 horsepower.

  • 2018-SH_10000RPM-1970-Trans-Am-SEMA_Trevor-Ryan-011_4506
  • 2018-SH_10000RPM-1970-Trans-Am-SEMA_Trevor-Ryan-012_4655

With all the crazy fab work up front of the Trans Am, not to mention around the chassis, it makes sense that Vibrant Performance — a massive source for prepped and universal fabrication components, particularly for motorsport applications — picked up the build for SEMA. Art Malczewski from Vibrant mentioned that the car was one of the very last to enter the show (if not the last), finally rolling into location at 1:00am on Monday morning. It was well worth the wait to get what Art calls “an art piece” in their booth, though.


Riley even tells me he went so far as to quit his job to make this build happen in time for the show. It’s awesome to see people in the car community putting everything towards their passion.

All Around

You’ve obviously noticed this is no longer your run-of-the-mill Firebird body, and that’s thanks to Riley hand-building the swooping metal wide-body.

  • 2018-SH_10000RPM-1970-Trans-Am-SEMA_Trevor-Ryan-016_4599
  • 2018-SH_10000RPM-1970-Trans-Am-SEMA_Trevor-Ryan-015_4626

With the aluminum air dam rounding off the front end, it’s properly aggressive from every angle and nicely complemented by 16×12-inch Panasport C8 3-piece wheels at all four corners.


Underneath the chassis the car is equally impressive. Nothing’s been left unturned or unimproved, and with the custom pushrod IFS and IRS setups I can’t wait to see what this thing is capable of around local California road courses. The Öhlins suspension will undoubtedly need a bit of tweaking to go from SEMA mode to track mode, but that will be a simple matter.


I asked Riley if he had a background in CAD design, but he says this was “all pen and paper. And my brain. I just like to build cars.” He started building with an American truck as the base, a project he took on with his dad. From there he became a lot more Euro-centric as he felt the quality-per-dollar ratio was a lot better. In a sense, this car was a return to his roots, bringing over everything he’s learned along the way.

  • 2018-SH_10000RPM-1970-Trans-Am-SEMA_Trevor-Ryan-019_0474
  • 2018-SH_10000RPM-1970-Trans-Am-SEMA_Trevor-Ryan-020_4602
  • 2018-SH_10000RPM-1970-Trans-Am-SEMA_Trevor-Ryan-021_4510

As this car is destined for hard driving, safety has been vastly improved over what you’d find in a ’70s racer with a transformed cockpit. I missed what gearbox Riley is running, but this is all the more reason to follow up at a track day and take in some of the finer details. After all, I’ll definitely need to hear what that insane side-exit exhaust sounds like.

  • 2018-SH_10000RPM-1970-Trans-Am-SEMA_Trevor-Ryan-030_4644
  • 2018-SH_10000RPM-1970-Trans-Am-SEMA_Trevor-Ryan-031_4582

Even now, standing still at SEMA, from inside or out this car looks like it wants to go fast. Really fast. Riley set out to marry the charisma of old school Trans-Am with the possibilities of what the series has turned into, and he’s done exactly that.


I had to get moving, but not before one last look at that incredible engine bay.

Riley should be immensely proud of what he’s accomplished and I’m genuinely excited to see this car down the road, wound up to 10,000rpm at blistering speed.

Trevor Yale Ryan
Instagram: tyrphoto

The 2018 SEMA Show on Speedhunters

Sours: http://www.speedhunters.com/2018/10/10000rpm-1970-pontiac-trans/
900+ HP LS Engine! 🔥🔥 Over 10,000 RPM! 😲

Push-rod engines like Chevy's LS-series V-8s are famous thanks to their compact design, reliability, low-end torque, and reasonable weight. What they're not so great at doing is revving. That's been fixed with this particular LS7.

Ben Strader, founder of EFI University, decided he wanted to make an LS7 small block engine rev past 11,000 rpm—no small feat considering factory redline comes in at 7000 rpm. The endeavor turned into a three-year-long project called "Spinal Tap." Most of the time was spent trying to figure out how to design a valvetrain that wouldn't vibrate to pieces as revs climbed.

After teaming up with Comp Cams, Strader finally got the engine sorted earlier this month, and uploaded a video to Facebook of its first dyno pull. After breaking down the project's timeline, he fires it up, and takes it all the way to a maximum speed of 11,230 rpm.

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The sound is, unsurprisingly, spectacular. It's like a NASCAR engine but better. Strader told EngineLabs the engine made peak power of 921 horsepower at "just" 9300 rpm, and 545 lb-ft of torque at around 8000 rpm. He states in the video power was never this project's goal, so these numbers are just a fun byproduct.

We're just curious what a '69 Camaro would be like with an engine like this under the hood.

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Sours: https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a29994025/custom-chevy-ls7-v-8-revs-to-11000-rpm/

Rpm ls 10,000

Someone Has Built An LS7 V8 That Revs Beyond 11,000rpm

EFI University's 'Project Spinal Tap' LS7 V8 has hit its 11,000rpm goal following three years of hard work

Remind me later

Volume UP! OPERATION SPINAL TAP IS DONE! 11,230 RPM LS7 engine After nearly 3 years my life’s professional work all boils down to this moment... I could not have possibly come this far without support from so many...starting with my wife Suzanne! Thanks to COMP Cams for their unwavering support and belief in me and this project. Billy Godbold vouched for me and they got behind us 1,000% Thanks to RHS Racing Heads Jesel Valvetrain Innovation Gibtec Pistons Total Seal Piston Rings Liberty Racecraft Emtron Engine Management Electronics Holley EFI Winberg Crankshafts And so many more! Come visit me in our Competition Engine Development course and gets first hand look at what’s inside! www.efi101.com/CED

Posted by EFI University on Monday, November 18, 2019

11,000rpm is a figure that’ll probably seem fairly familiar to you right now. We’ve been talking a lot recently about the Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar, which has a 6.5-litre, naturally-aspirated V12 that tops out at a ridiculous 11,100rpm. Not bad for a road car, right?

The trouble is, the Aston costs at least £2 million, and only 150 will ever be made. Which is why we like this V8 - it’s an 11,000rpm-capable engine that’s a little more of the people.

Someone Has Built An LS7 V8 That Revs Beyond 11,000rpm - Tuning

That’s not to say creating this high-revving monster - dubbed ‘Project Spinal Tap’ - was easy. The V8 - which started life as a regular LS7 - has been a three-year labour of love for EFI University founder Ben Strader. The bulk of the work involved creating a valvetrain that wouldn’t shake itself into oblivion when pushed way beyond the stock redline of 7000rpm. In the dyno test you see here, it hit 11,230rpm.

A partnership with COMP Cams help deliver the goods, and here we are. Strader told Engine Labs that the LS7 hit 921hp (908bhp) at 9300rpm, while peak torque of 545lb ft arrived at 8000rpm.

More importantly, though, what do you think about the way this thing sounds?

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Sours: https://www.carthrottle.com/post/someone-has-created-an-ls7-v8-that-revs-beyond-11000rpm/
900+ HP LS Engine! 🔥🔥 Over 10,000 RPM! 😲

Successful engine builders never, ever rest on their accomplishments, and those engine builders who lead the charge are always looking for ways to improve power, torque, and engine efficiency. Case in point: Bob Book of Book Racing Enterprises, who has been working hand-in-hand with Richard Maskin of Dart Machinery on this amazing LS Next-based engine combination.

We reported on the naturally-aspirated engine back at the end of August. At that time, Book had coaxed nearly 1,160 horsepower from the 400 cubic-inch small-block engine, but felt there was still a bit of room for improvement with more refinement.

“Based on the dyno results and the testing I did with it, we could tell that we had a little bit of room for improvement in the exhaust port. The engine took a really big main jet, and in order to get the tuneup right–the exhaust port was still black–I sent the heads back to Richard and they went up a size in the exhaust valve and made the port linearly larger based on the size of the valve,” explains Book.

Initially they had a plan to address the port deficiency with a new camshaft, but ultimately made the choice to make the cylinder head change, which is where the power gains came from. After making the cylinder head and valve change, Book was able to take out .010-inch of main jet, yet move the same amount of fuel. This shows the efficiency of the exhaust port changes. Previously, the engine made 1,158.90 horsepower and 660.0 lb-ft of torque, and after these most recent changes, cranked out 1,168.9 horsepower and 660.8 lb-ft of torque. The torque number doesn’t change much because they are starting the pulls at 8,500 rpm. For this exercise, the horsepower improvement is most important.

Read it and weep--this engine would be competitive in NMCA Pro Stock right this very minute, according to Bob Book.

“Dart is really doing better than I had expected and putting way more effort into this–they’ve really done an excellent job. We’re done with it for a little bit because we’re going to put the engine into a car and run it down the track,” says Book.

“But we’re going to continue to work on it over the winter; I still think by the time we’re done rubbing on it we’ll be at 1,175 or 1,180 horsepower. It’s just a nice package.”

Sours: https://www.dragzine.com/news/video-update-10000rpm-ls-next-pumps-up-the-power/

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