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As most camp stove users know the original plastic burner control knobs are really just placeholders for whatever contraption they end up needing to rig up once the factory ones get lost, cracked or stripped of their internal grip. This instructable is for you my friends.

My brother-in-law was organizing his garage recently and came across his Coleman camp stove which just so happened to be missing one such knob and the other had one foot out the door. Only a millisecond passed between him asking if I wanted it and me thinking this was the exact reason my wife allowed me to buy a 3D printer!!! Time to prove it's worth - Side note....saving 5-10 bucks by making this knob has not amounted to my wife's total approval.

The stove I have needed a star patterned insert and luckily since I'm not very quick in 3D design yet I was able to find something close on Thingiverse and modified it to suit my needs. This knob fits like a glove, albeit a tight glove but one that should last a while. In the one picture you can see my first attempt on the left knob which I printed with a hole that allows for an M4 machine screw to thread into the Colemans knob gear perfectly. Knowing I might not always have a tool available to remove said screw should the knob malfunction I printed the one on the right sans hole and have provided the STL file for anyone to use or modify as needed.


Infill: 25%

Shells: 2

Layer height: .15mm

Speed: 70mm/s Extruding; 130mm/s Traveling

Hope this helps and happy camping!!

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Rebuilding Coleman® Two or Three Burner Stoves

If you are not mechanically inclined or are not comfortable working on fueled appliances, I encourage you to send your lantern or stove back to Coleman® for repair. Click here for more information.

Access to and use of this information constitutes your agreement with our Terms and Conditions.  The material presented here is for informational purposes only.

Forward.  These instructions were written specifically for Coleman® two and three burner camp stoves, but they can also be used to repair other stoves like Hot Plates, Air-o-Gas Ranges, Trailer/Cabin Stoves and a host of pressure stoves made by other manufacturers. 

The location, fit and function of some parts may vary for different models, but you should be able to work through these differences if you understand what you are trying to accomplish.

The stove used in this instruction is a common Coleman® Model 413E, in the standard “good used” condition often found at garage or yard sales.   Don’t worry if you see a photo of a lantern as some parts are the same and the lantern photos also apply to this lesson.

I encourage you to read the instructions in their entirety before starting.  If you would like a better understanding of how lamps and lanterns work, visit the Old Town Learning Center.

Some of the photos you will see here are used in other rebuilding sections of the website. If you see a single or double mantle lantern, don't be alarmed. Many of the appliances have parts in common, and I'm just saving on photos and server space.

Scope of repairs.    These instructions are written for a “full” rebuild, but not all stoves will require that level of service. You don’t want to remove the check valve unless you absolutely must, and you may not need to destroy a perfectly good valve stem packing.  You will be cautioned before starting any step that may not be necessary.

If the stove has not been used in many years, or it is obviously worn out, I recommend you tear it apart for a full rebuild. If the stove is in near-new condition or was obviously well cared for by the previous owner, you might be able to get away with a good cleaning.

Replacement parts.  Most of the parts can be cleaned and reused, but not all of them.  Purchase the necessary replacement parts before starting work whenever possible. 

Click here to view a parts listing for two or three-burner stoves. 

Parts you should always replace, or at least have one spare: 
1.  Fuel Filler Cap, or the gasket.
2.  Generator

 Parts that may be required:
1.  Pump Cup
2.  Valve Stem Packing
3.  Check Valve and Air Stem

Tools & Supplies.  The following table shows the recommended tools and supplies you will need to follow these instructions. 

Fire extinguisherDenatured alcohol
5/16”, 1/2" end wrenchesHousehold cleaner
7/16” Nut driver or 7/16" socket w/extension
Cotton swabs
Small/med flat-tip screwdriverSoft rags
Small hammerRubbing compound
Slip-joint and needle-nose pliersPolishing wax
Small wire brushCarburetor cleaner
Old toothbrushPenetrating fluid
Rifle bore brushNaval jelly
Bench vise0000 Steel wool
Small flashlightNeatsfoot or a light oil
Length of small clear tubingWhite vinegar
Eye protection 

What happens if you get stuck? You can contact me via Facebook or via email at [email protected] You can also visit the Coleman Collectors Forum bulletin board. This board is free, easy to use and you’ll probably have your answer within an hour of asking.

Pictures. Take photos of your stove before starting. During reassembly, you will be able to refer to the pictures should you have any questions about how something was positioned. “Before & after” photos of the rebuild are always fun to see, and we’d love to display one on our Spit & Whittle Club page. Good luck and keep that fire extinguisher close by!

If you'd like to support my efforts with the Old Town Coleman Center website and instructional video series, you can click here to buy me a cup of coffee.

Part I:  Under PressurePart I: Disassembly

Part II:  CleaningPart II: Cleaning

Part III:  ReassemblyPart III: Reassembly

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Stove Parts

5114 Propane Gasket - S25
This is the gasket that goes between the propane regulator and the small propane bottles that you screw on. Not ever offered as a separate Coleman part so I assigned this part number. The total diameter is 15/16 of an inch. The inner hole diameter is right between 5/16 and 3/8 of an inch.

5423A5611 Gasket - S37
The gasket only from the 5423A5611 small parts kit.
If you only need the gasket and not the rest of the parts.
OD 1/2", ID 3/16", Thickness is just under 1/16"
Was commonly used on the model 5430B and similar propane stoves. Was also used on the model 5428 stove.

Cap Gasket 220 - S41
This gasket is for the model 200, 200A, 202, 220B, 220C, 220D, 220E, 220F lanterns and other similar lanterns, stoves and lamps that take the standard 3 piece filler cap. Red 3 piece filler cap show for demonstration purposes only. If your filler cap is a standard size and has a screw in the center then these gaskets will work.

Cap Gasket 242 - S34
This gasket is for the model 242, 242A, 242B, 242C, 243, 243A, 234, 234A, 247, 249 and other similar lanterns and lamps that take the smaller filler cap. Also fits the model 500 stove. Brass insert is shown for identification purposes only.

Cap Gasket 427 - S27
This gasket is for the model 427 lantern, most winged style fuel caps, early 220B's, and other similar lanterns and lamps that have the older style cap insert. It is the same outside diameter as cap gasket 118B1361 but has a smaller inside hole. Brass insert is shown for identification purposes only. Old part number 115-1361.

Filler Cap Gasket One Piece - S42
SKU: Filler Cap Gasket One Piece
This is the gasket for the one piece filler caps. If your filler cap looks like the one pictured then this gasket is the correct one. If your filler cap has a screw in the center of it then this gasket will not work. Filler cap is shown for illustration purposes only and is not included.

Graphite Ribbon - P9
Graphite ribbon. It is 1/4 inch wide and 12 inches long. It is scalloped to make it more flexible for wrapping. Works for tip cleaner assemblies or any other thing where the normal graphite packing won't fit. It is easily cut with a pair of scissors to fit whatever you might need.

Large Valve Stem Packing - P1
This is the larger valve stem packing. It is 5/16" long. The hole diameter is 1/4". It would be used on most modern lanterns, lamps, and stoves. Lantern models 200, 200A, 201, 236, 242B, 242C, 220B, 220C, 220D, 220E, 220F, 220H, 220J, and 220K. Same part as part number 242-6201. Made of 100% graphite. The two in the picture are for illustration purposes only. Packings are sold individually.

Large Valve Stem Packing - P1
Same as part number 118B6201 and 118D6201. Is used on most modern lanterns such as 201, 200, 220, 242, etc. Also used on later lamps and stoves. It is 5/16" long. The hole diameter is 1/4". Made of 100% graphite. The two in the picture are for illustration purposes only. Packings are sold individually.

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How to Refurbish a Coleman Two-Burner Stove

One of the great things about Coleman Camp Stoves is their longevity, dependability and ease of repair. When your stove starts behaving badly, help is only a few clicks away. Whether you have a vintage stove or a newer model, parts are readily available, inexpensive and easy to install! To minimize your search for a parts solution, concentrate on the manufacturer and dealers that focus on parts rather than camping superstores.

Finding Parts for Newer Coleman Stoves

The best place to find parts for modern Coleman stoves is directly from Coleman - either online or in their outlet stores. You can also find a few parts at places like Walmart, Cabela's, and Bass Pro Shops, but these retailers generally only carry one or two of the most commonly needed parts. While REI, Camping World and Dicks Sporting Goods are high profile outdoor stores with a strong focus on camping, none carry any Coleman stove parts.

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The obvious first choice for newer stove parts, and some older stoves, is the manufacturer itself. Like any manufacturer pushing their latest models, Coleman's focus is on current products and the recent past. Naturally, they would prefer to see you buy a new stove instead of repairing that vintage model.

You can shop online via, which is where you will find the best selection. The Coleman site is very easy to use. You'll find their stoves broken down by fuel source in the left-hand navigation of the "Repair & Replacement Parts" menu. There are also Coleman Outlets in various states, though they are not very widespread and won't have as much of a parts selection as the website.


Standard shipping and handling charges are based on purchase price parameters. In example, for a merchandise purchase total up to $25, shipping charges run from about $6 to almost $30 depending on the speed option you select.


Should you find that you've purchased the wrong part, refunds or correct replacement parts can be a bit of a challenge. Coleman return policy states they do not accept exchanges, refunds or returns other than for warranty service, so if you choose to order through Coleman, be very careful to ensure you order the right part.


You can contact Coleman via an email form or use online chat during normal business hours. If you wish to speak with a representatives, call 800-835-3278, Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 6 pm Central Standard Time (CST) and Saturday from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. CST.

Amazon has a huge share of online product sales and Coleman parts are among them. Most of the parts are Coleman branded, but be careful to read the product details carefully to make sure the image shown is what you're ordering. Also pay attention to whether you are purchasing directly from Amazon or through a third party.

Amazon's website is very well-organized and easy-to-use. As long as you don't mind wading through the deluge of suggested products, it's a fairly easy process finding the items you want and going through the purchasing process.


Amazon is considered a Mecca for bargain shoppers with great deals on shipping, based on volume purchases. Depending on the item and total dollar amount, you could get free shipping. Amazon prime members also receive free shipping for eligible items. Standard charges range from $4 to $8 per shipment, though additional quantity and weight fees may apply.

While Amazon has many satisfied customers, no company is without its detractors. Some of the most often-voiced complaints relate to orders not being shipped in a timely fashion and problems with returns.


The main concern with returns with Amazon is related to the shipping issue. Since not all products sold on Amazon ship from Amazon, returns can be complicated. If you purchase from an Amazon seller who is located in Shanghai, China, you'll have to return your purchase to that Amazon partner, and the shipping costs will quickly exceed the value of your return item.


While you'll find many ways to purchase millions of items from Amazon, making contact for help with a problem can be a bit more difficult. Because Amazon has so many product lines you'll need to select a general area of interest such as orders placed, and your options for communicating are e-mail, via phone or chat. Either requires a lengthy process and if you want to speak to a real person you have to leave your number via the website and wait for a call back.

Finding Parts for Vintage Coleman Stove s

Manufacturers create new product lines and move on, stocking replacement or repair parts for a limited time. After that period, aftermarket sources and specialty dealers are your only solution. Because of this, vintage parts are a bit harder to locate, but not impossible to find. Some of the best sources with the widest variety of parts for just about every Coleman stove ever made include: is a very interesting site, dedicated to providing parts for all types of vintage Coleman products. You'll find this store's selection to be the most extensive and complete, with single parts down to tiny brackets, gaskets and springs. The website includes a technical resources section, with handy things like exploded parts views, owner's manuals and check valve removal information.

All parts are listed by model number, and there are a ton of small parts, so make sure you've got the right number before you start looking. You'll even find obscure parts like specialty tools that came with the original stoves, which can make field repairs much easier.


Shipping charges are $7 within the U.S. and $13 to Canada unless stated otherwise (some items require special charges, such as lantern globes). All packages are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS). Orders returned as undeliverable will be subject to an additional shipping charge, so enter your address carefully.


Returns must be unused, in original packaging, in a salable condition and insured for full value of purchase. They must be postmarked no later than 30 days after purchase, be sent from the original customer and include a copy of the original invoice, customer address, phone and an explanation for return.

Original shipping and handling charges are not refundable and return shipping is at customer's expense. However, if you receive an incorrect item due to an error on their part, no additional shipping charges will be incurred.


If you don't have the time or inclination to ferret through these online order options, call 360-673-5555 and talk to a real person - the owner - a rarity today.


If you are partial to the thrill of the auctioneer's gavel, ebay might be your choice to search for parts for your vintage Coleman stove. When you're looking for hard-to-find parts, ebay might be one of your few options. You'll find many original Coleman parts and a curious mix of restored and used parts. When one gets into the two latter categories it is always advisable to urge a strong caution of caveat emptor - buyer beware!

Naturally, due to the nature of an auction site, products come and go. With their search feature, you can quickly locate a product - that's one of ebay's strong suits. Although there are products with a 'buy it now; option, if you go after an auction item listing, you'll have to wait until the end of the action, which can be as long as seven days, and then wait for shipment. For that reason, this is not a site for someone in a hurry.

As with Amazon, pay particular attention to where the item you want is being shipped from and its country of origin. Also, vendors on ebay are rated by the people who have purchased from them in the past. Check the rating for any seller you are considering.


Keep in mind that ebay vendors determine the costs of shipping individually, per item. Some vendors include it in the price of the item for 'buy it now' purchases, but on auction items, shipping and handling charges are listed separately. Because of this, shipping fees vary dramatically. Be sure to consider the total cost (including shipping) when bidding.


Once you make a purchase on ebay, your customer relationship is with that vendor. If you have a problem with the product, service, etc., you must contact that vendor directly. If necessary, ebay will mediate disputes.


Since ebay is a mishmash of individuals and small-time dealers it can be very problematic to resolve purchases that go awry, and there are a litany of customer complaints to detail that.

If you feel that you are being treated unfairly, there is a buyer protection program to give consumers peace of mind when making a purchase. Those options are listed on ebay's general contact information page.

Located in Utah, this company was created to target individuals that do their own repairs. They offer original equipment manufacturer (OEM.) parts for both newer models and many of the vintage Coleman stoves as well.

Stoves are listed by specific models and it's very easy to find the stove you're looking for by fuel type. One negative is some of their parts diagrams are a bit fuzzy and smaller parts can be difficult to identify.


Shipping is not one of their most attractive features. Orders that include only in-stock parts are shipped within one business day. However, special order parts are projected to take one to two weeks to acquire and ship.

Within the U.S., they provide an economy USPS rate for small, lightweight parts of $4.20 with a two to three week delivery time. Larger parts can be shipped Priority USPS for around $7. UPS ground delivery times are available from their package transit schedule and prices are based on weight and distance. Mountain and Pacific coast destinations are one to two days, three for the Midwest, and as much as five days to the New England states down to VA.


Their return policy is 100% customer satisfaction that provides a 100% no-hassle, full-refund within 45 days of purchase. Return shipping is at the customer's expense.


For urgent issues, such as order cancellation (they do not accept order changes or cancellations via email) call their toll-free number 866-802-6383. They can be reached via telephone from 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. Monday through Friday Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Saturday from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Getting the Parts You Need

If you're in a hurry to get your hands on a repair solution, you may also find some Coleman stove parts locally at full-service hardware or outdoor stores in communities that are close to camping destinations. However, for most people, the ease of searching and purchasing online is a major advantage. You don't have to wait in line and there's never a parking problem! If you're in a bind with an upcoming camping trip, and don't mind the sting of expedited shipping charges you can get just about anything with next day air.

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