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15 Things You Need To Know If You Have A Redheaded Baby

If mom is not a redhead herself but is fortunate enough to have a baby with ginger hair, there are some things she needs to know. Being a redhead is both fabulous and frightful in equal measure, and there are things they experience as they grow-up that are unique to their hair color.

As you have the privilege of steering a fiery haired baby on their journey into adulthood, I have taken the liberty of putting together some hints and tips to help you support your budding person bloom into the fabulous, feisty flower they are destined to be.

1. Because of, you know, the internet, I’d like to start off with two disclaimers;I am a redhead. I was the only one in my family and almost the only one at my school. I have loved and loathed my hair in equal measure, and now I am an adult (so I’m told) I enjoy being the odd one out. Also, two of my children are redheads, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

2. There is much debate in some circles about whether or not you should use the word ginger to describe or label a redhead. Personally, I don’t mind this name, so I am using it here.

15 The Hospital Staff Will Love You

Your first ride on the rocking redhead train will probably happen if you have your baby in the hospital or a birthing center. Many redheads start out with very little or no hair at all, and in the beginning, that first fluffy drift can be more of a blonde than red.

However, if you are a redhead yourself, the staff will all be checking out your baby's head to see if they have also been blessed with a red halo and if your baby is clearly a redhead, watch out.

Nurses from other wards and other floors will poke their heads around the door to check in on “the baby with the beautiful red hair.” I’d swear, when our youngest daughter was born with her vivid ginger fluff top, there were compliments from the doctors and nurses all day every day.

14 People Will Ask You These Questions

First of all, if you are not a redhead, and you take your ginger kiddo out and about everyone thinks it is perfectly acceptable to come up to you, coo over the baby and then ask “Is it your child?” which is really annoying because a brown haired mom with a blonde baby wouldn’t be asked the same question.

The other question is “Where did he/she get the red hair from?” What always amazes me is that I get asked this question too. While standing there with a head full of red hair. I suppose it just goes to show that moms become invisible when they push strollers with newborns.

In fact, when my father-in-law first saw our youngest daughter he took to waxing lyrical that she had inherited her hair from my husband's great aunt. My husband pointed out that perhaps it was from me, you know being her mom and all.

13 You Should Buy Shares In A Sunscreen Company

The receptor gene MC1R is responsible for producing the brown skin pigment melanin; redheads have a variant of this gene which does not produce melanin.

As most people know, we gingers are delicately skinned little flowers, and we burn easily. What most people don’t realize is just how fast and just how severely we tend to burn.

When you have a redheaded baby, you need to be extra careful to protect them from the sun. As well as coating them from head to foot in the highest sun protection factor you can find; keep as much skin as possible covered, always make sure they are wearing a hat and stay in the shade as much as you can. If you are out in the sun, try to limit your baby's exposure time as much as possible and remember, it doesn’t have to be super hot for a baby's skin to burn.

I know this doesn’t sound like much fun, but neither is a baby with sunburn.

12 We Get The Worst Skin Cancer - More Often

Most people are aware of the connection between sun exposure and skin cancer, but there are some different kinds of skin cancer and redheads are more likely to develop the most dangerous kind - melanoma. Melanoma is the least common but the most deadly form of skin cancer and is responsible for 75% of all skin cancer deaths.

This cancer can develop many years after the initial sun exposure that caused the damage to the cells, so by sticking with the sun exposure advice in the section about sunburn you are also protecting your child from the possibility of severe health problems in the future. Also, by having less sun exposure over a lifetime, redheads are less likely to end up looking like wrinkled leather handbags than our dowdy haired friend. So you see, everything has a silver lining.

11 Color Me Fantastic

This is a contentious one. There was a time when every redhead was told how glorious they looked in dark green because it really sets off their hair. This lead to several generations of us growing up with closets that looked like an abstract painting of a forest and an almost phobic reaction to anything of the red, yellow, or orange range in clothes.

Then, suddenly it was OK for a redhead to wear a bright orange dress or a tee shirt so pink it would cause your eyes to bleed. Gingers everywhere rose up as one and embraced the full rainbow, and it was truly hideous. It turns out that the reason for the redheads looking good in green stereotype is that redheads look good in green.

So wrap your baby in shades of green and make the most of that fabulous coloring

10 Temper Temper Little Ginger

Another redheaded stereotype is that we all have fiery tempers. Actually, we do not, and if anyone says different they are in trouble, and I will hunt them down.

Actually, most of the redheads I know are very placid, even-tempered types until they finally lose their temper and then, watch out. Nobody loses their temper in quite the same way as a redhead. The exploding temper of a redhead should be classed as a special kind of storm and given names like hurricanes and typhoons are.

You will notice this quite quickly as you get to know your little red topped bundle of joy. Redheaded babies tend to be reasonably content until they want something and then, they want it right now. Also, beware of games with your ginger tot. We have trouble facing up to the fact we are not the greatest in the world at everything, and you will probably have to give your ginger little one plenty of lessons in how to share, how to take turns and how to lose gracefully.

9 Wrapped In Sensitive Skin

As well as being prone to sunburn of hideous proportions, most redheads have at least relatively sensitive skin. Most of us start out using unscented products for our babies but as they grow older this tends to fall by the wayside, especially because doing multiple loads of washing in different detergents gets old real quick.

With your little ginger, you will probably have to take more care and as your baby grows you will have to keep a close eye on their tender skin. As an adult(ish) woman, this can be frustrating because sometimes it can severely limit what you can buy and trying new things - only to wake up the next morning looking like a swollen lumpy raspberry. It sucks. Do your kid a favor and help them figure out what sets their skin off at an early age when you are buying the products.

8 An Insect Buffet

As if having to buy copious quantities of sunscreen and a pharmacy full of chamomile products to calm down the skin isn’t quite enough, bugs love redheads, and we react terribly. I have lost count of the number of times we have been in the garden during the day and discovered when the evening arrives my husband has been briefly nibbled at by a bug and our youngest daughter and I are covered from head to toe in quickly swelling bites that itch like hell.

The thing about this is that with little ones, a small bite can get scratched and infected very quickly, becoming cellulitis or worse. So in the same way you keep them protected from the sun, make sure you keep insects at bay too and wipe up any sticky spots quickly because that's a sure-fire bug alert.

7 A Real Bruiser

A regular conversation in a household with a redhead will go something like this:

“Where did you get that bruise from?”

“What bruise?”

“What do you mean what bruise? That huge one one the back of your arm.”

“Oh, I hadn’t noticed. I dunno. I must have banged it somewhere.”

“How could you hit your arm hard enough to do that and not notice?”

“I’m a redhead. A butterfly could have farted in the direction of my arm, and the force of the air would be enough to make me bruise.”

To start with you will worry all of the time when your little one seems to be covered in black, blue, yellow and green marks all the time. Then other people looking will bother you. Then you will learn to say things like “She got those bruises playing; I only beat her where it doesn’t show” and smile sweetly.

6 Redheads Feel Pain Differently

Us redheads have been scientifically proven to feel pain differently to the way other mere mortals do. This is especially true when the pain is due to the cold or heat.

Experiments have taken place using capsaicin, the active substance in chili, injecting it under the skin.

Professor Lars Arendt-Nielsen of the Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction at Aalborg University, who conducted the experiments said:"Our tests showed that redheads are less sensitive to this particular type of pain. They react less to pressure close to the injected area, or to a pinprick. They seem to be a bit better protected, and that is a really interesting finding."

The takeaway for you? Your redheaded baby is less likely to be upset by immunizations because we’re tougher around needles.

Your little one is also more liable to touch hotter items than other kids so be extra careful around hot plates, cups, and other items.

5 Redheads Need More Anesthetic

Although the story that surgeons are reluctant to carry out surgery on redheads because they bleed more is said to be untrue, it has been proven that we do need more anesthetic than other people.

This is because red hair is caused by a mutation in a gene labeled MCR1 and this gene is part of a group that affects pain and sensation. As a consequence, local anesthetics, like novocaine can be less efficient, and redheads need approximately 20% more general anesthetic than the rest of the population.

This is most important if you have a child that needs dental work or a local anesthetic for stitches or another medical procedure. If your child is wriggling and saying they are not numb but the doctor insists they must be, listen to your child and request extra anesthetic and more frequent top ups.

4 More Sensitive To Changes In Temperature

Just to mix things up a bit, in addition to feeling less pain caused by hot and cold, us flame-haired types are more susceptible to variations in the ambient temperature. As the air starts to cool, your ginger baby will feel the cold way before you do. Likewise, as the temperature heats up, your little one will probably feel discomfort before you even notice the mercury crawling up the thermometer.

This extra sensitivity isn’t going to be a huge issue when taking care of your little one. Most of us spend the majority of the first year worrying if we have overdressed or underdressed our babies. However, it is a good thing to be aware of because if your tiny ginger dumpling is fussing and you have tried everything else, check the temperature. If it isn’t on the way up or down, then double check your little one is at a comfortable temperature.

3 Shopping Takes Forever With A Redheaded Child

Do you remember what it was like on those first few trips out with your newborn? Everyone is stopping to take a peak. Complete strangers asking if they can have a look and asking you all about your little one?

That is what it is like on nearly every trip outside when you have a child with red hair. Two of our daughters are redheads and even now, going out with the youngest, who is nine, people stop to tell us what beautiful hair she has. The conversation usually goes like this:

“Oh, what beautiful hair you have.”

“Thank you.”

“I bet you get told that all of the time don’t you?”

“Yes, but I don’t mind.”

“Plenty of grown-ups would love to have that hair color.”

“Yes, everyone tells me that”

Then our daughter tactfully extracts herself and leaves mom or dad talking about her hair with a complete stranger.

2 Bullying Can Become A Way Of Life At School

As soon as you set foot on the playground, as a redhead, you stand out as different and become the focus for what some people would call teasing and those of us on the receiving end would call incessant bullying.

Not only does your red hair suddenly become the focus of everyone's torment but your pale skin and your freckles single you out too. Depending on where you live in the world, expect your child to hear:

  • "Can I play dot-to-dot on your face?"
  • "Did you sunbath under a tea strainer?"
  • Carrot top, Firetop, Bloodnut, Matchstick, Copperknob, Duracell, Daywalker, Ginga, Gine, Freckle Face, Gingernut, Gingervitis, Rusty, Ging-er, Orangutang, Tang-ar, and more

Nobody should have to “just put up with it” or “stop being silly” if their feelings are hurt by name calling, and that goes for the “light hearted teasing” most redheads have to put up with at school.

1 You Discover Some People Have No Filter

It is important to raise your redhead to be proud of their rare locks and not to be ashamed of how they look. The teenage years can be awful, especially as the taunts turn from basic ones into many of a more, er, personal nature. This carries on into the adult years where for some reason people think it is ok to make obnoxious comments or ask personal questions based on your hair color. It takes a strong, confident person to let them all roll like water off a duck's back so make sure your child goes out into the world as the confident warrior they deserve to be.

Some common ones are:

  • "I've never slept with a redhead before."
  • "Can you go out in the sun?"
  • "You must be crazy in bed."
  • "Does the carpet match the drapes?"
  • "Is that your natural hair color?"
  • "You must be a Weasley."

Sources:, The British Medical Journal, Harvard Medical School,

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6 Things About Having a Red Head Baby or Child

Nearly six years ago, Bart and I unexpectedly hit the parenting jackpot when Ani was born a red head baby.

redhead toddler

Within moments of her birth, the nurse was looking at our baby daughter carefully and saying, “Does she have some red in her hair or is it the light?”

Every nurse and doctor who stopped in to check on her over our hospital stay asked about our redhead newborn.

And as she’s grown up, her hair has become more and more noticeably red.

redhead little girl

Since both Bart and I are not redheads, we weren’t ready for what life would be like with a red head baby.

Here’s a few insider tips, in case you also have a red headed baby girl or boy too:

People will comment on their red hair constantly

Frankly, it’s a little like going out in public with a celebrity sometimes. I can’t remember a time we’ve been in public in the last six years that SOMEONE hasn’t mentioned it, whether it’s the cashier at the grocery store or an old man in the parking lot. And guaranteed, they will tell you about their red haired grandson or their sister with red hair(I’m 100% guilty of this same phenomenon with twins – anyone with twins, I am basically forced to tel them that I have twin nephews).

Sun protection is no joke with redheads

With that gorgeous red hair often comes some pretty fair skin, which means that although I try to be careful about sunscreen or hats for ALL my children, Ani is the one I worry about the most. I definitely don’t want her skin to be the same color as her hair!

red head baby

That stereotype about red heads having fiery tempers is a stereotype for a reason

At least in Ani’s case, there’s an element of truth to that redhead stereotype. Generally, she’s very pleasant, but if she’s mad? She’s MAD. And she’s been that way since she was an infant.

If you don’t have red hair yourself, everyone wants to know where your red head baby came from

This doesn’t happen to me as much if I’m out with the girls on my own, because probably people assume my husband is a redhead, but if we’re both out in public with Ani, everyone is so curious about where that red haired baby came from.

red hair baby

Dressing a red head baby is a little harder

With my other blonde babies, most colors look reasonably good on them, but red hair and very fair skin makes it a little more challenging to pick shades that are flattering.

You will NEVER get tired of having a red-haired child

Six years in, and I still am floored by how beautiful Ani’s red hair is. She also lucked out with really great, thick straight hair (it was curly for the first three years or so but now is completely straight) in addition to a great color. She’s probably sick of people commenting on it right now, but someday, I think she’ll love her gorgeous red hair. And if I’m very lucky, I’ll end up with some grandchildren with red hair too.

Any red-haired babies in your family tree?

cute redhead babies

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10 Things To Know About Having a Redhead Baby

Here are a few insider tips, in case you have one too:

1. People will comment on the red hair constantly.

“Oh, that red hair is so cute! Women pay hundreds to get that color.”



Photo via Huffington Post

2. Sun protection is a must.

Hats, sunscreen, umbrellas — your redhead baby will need it.


Image via Pinterest

3. People will always ask if you’re the parent (especially if you don’t have red hair).

For some reason, strangers think redheads come from magical parents.


4. You will get the question: “Where did the red hair come from?”


Photo via Cheryl M. Photography

5. You will also get the question: “Were you shocked you had a redhead baby?!”

6. It is incredibly rare. Only 4% of the world’s population has the gene.


Photo Credit

7. Redheads tend to feel more pain.

The non-stop crying at the doctors could be perfectly normal! Read more here.


 Photo via Pinterest

8. Your little one might need more anesthesia.

It’s true! Read more here.

9. You will never get sick of the red hair.


10. Generally speaking, all babies can be opinionated. But redhead babies WILL tell you when they are unhappy.

READ: 9 of the Cutest Redhead Babies in Holiday Outfits



Photo Credit

…and if you’re the parent (aunt, uncle, or relative) of a beautiful redhead baby, always remember to tell them to love their locks & Rock it like a Redhead! 

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[Liem Barber Shop's collection] Spider Man tattoo hair and red color for dope kid
50 Baby Names That Mean Red for Girls and Boys

Last Updated on

Are you searching for names associated with the color red? If yes, you are certainly lucky. There are so many interesting red baby names to choose from. Apart from being a meaningful name, these are considerably impressive and uncommon too. So, let’s get started on names related to the color red.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Red

Let the list begin with a girl’s name meaning red.

1. Akako

This is a beautiful girl’s name meaning red. The name translates to the actual color red. And, it is extremely common in Japanese cultures.

2. Alhambra

If you are searching for a name that means red, and for a name that is extremely rare, pick Alhambra. This name has a Spanish origin. And, in Spain, the name translates to Red City.

3. Arusha

If you are looking for a name from the Hindu Mythology, you will come across Arusha. This is a beautiful name that refers to the reddish horses and rising sun. Undeniably, this is a great name for any girl.

4. Blaze

The talk about girl names meaning red will be incomplete without Blaze. This is a great name, with a fire to itself!

5. Carmine

As expected, this name means vivid red. It is of Italian origin. And, the name gave the list of girl names which mean red a modern twist.

6. Clancy

Clancy is of Irish origin. The name means red-haired warrior. Maybe, this is why girls with this name are always fiery and ready.

7. Crimson

Another impressive name for a baby girl would be Crimson. This means rich deep red.

8. Cherry

Do you wish to give your baby girl a cheeky name? The list of names associated with the color red will be incomplete without the cherry. This is an English name that represents a beautiful red plant/fruit.

9. Flanna

Does your baby girl have red hair? If yes, you should consider naming her Flanna. This means red-haired. And, Flanna is extremely uncommon for girls with red hair.

10. Flannery

Many believe that the name Flannery was derived from Flanna. Well, this also means red.

11. Garnet

Does the sound of Garnet remind you of pomegranates? Well, no one knows which was found first. Yet, Garnet is a beautiful red jewel.

12. Ginger

With English origin, Ginger is a very famous name. Often, it is used as a nickname for girls with red hair.

13. Hazel

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that Hazel means red. And, if you are looking for its actual meaning, it also translates to a type of tree that is found in the United Kingdom.

14. Keira

The name Keira is derived from Clara. It means little red one.

15. Omaira

When you look into Arabic histories, you will find many Omairas. The name means ‘long life or red.’

16. Poppy

Poppy is a wonderful red baby name. The name translates to the red flower. After all, the poppy is a world-famous red flower. Poppy is classified as a feminine and sweet name for any girl.

17. Phoenix

Don’t undermine the name Phoenix as an option for baby boys. The name Phoenix can be used on girls too! It means nothing but dark red. The name Phoenix symbolizes immortality and rebirth too!

18. Roisin

When you aim for a name that means red for your baby girl, don’t forget to spread your horizons to Ireland. Roisin is of Irish origin. It means little red rose.

19. Rose

Rose is a world-famous name! It translates to a flower or a red flower. The name originated from Latin, where is means red flower.

20. Rufina

The name Rufina means red-haired. Some also believe that the name means rough.

21. Ruby

Another commonly used name that means red would be Ruby. This is an old-fashioned name that always finds a way of coming back. Apart from translating to ‘Red,’ the term ruby also means energy and love.

22. Rousseau

Anyone aware of French history during the Middle Age will be familiar with Rousseau. This is a beautiful name that complements the ruddy and red hair or complexion.

23. Rosie

This is a variation of the common name: Rose. The name Rosie translates to a little rose or an Irish rose that is red. You will find the name Rosie in many childhood poems and stories that refer to the rose.

24. Scarlett

For generations, the name Scarlett has been used by parents around the planet. The name means scarlet or red. People with this name are often known for their luxurious demands.

25. Sienna

Do you want to pick a name from Italy? If yes, choose Sienna which means reddish-brown hair.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Red

Next would be the list of baby boy names associated with the color red. And, you will be astonished to hear that there are so many names that translate to red.

1. Adam

According to the Bible, this is the name of the first man on earth. And, the name translates to son of the red earth. The name lost its fame for quite some time. However, it revived in the 1960s.

2. Corcoran

Have you ever heard of the name Corcoran? Well, this is an Irish name with the meaning ruddy-faced. Once again, it is among those names related to the color red that you are looking for.

3. Derry

Do you know that the name Derry is ‘red’ at heart? After all, it means like a red oak tree.

4. Flanagan

This of the finest English names that translate to red or ruddy. Many people believe that the name is a variant of Finn or Flynn. These form a family of Irish names that mean red.

5. Flann

As mentioned previously, there are so many Irish names that mean red or ruddy. Flann is a cheerful name, which is used as a nickname for red-headed boys.

6. Gough

The name Gough rose to fame with the Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. If you are planning for a political career for your child, Gough is a great choice. And, it means red.

7. Harkin

The sound of Harkin might remind you of the majestic Hawk! Yet, this is an old Gaelic name that translates to red.

8. Jasper

In Latin, the name Jasper means red. However, this name has multiple meanings. For example, it also means a bringer of riches and treasure.

9. Radcliff

Anyone assuming that the name Radcliff corresponds to a beautiful cliff. Well, this name translates to the red cliff.

10. Reed

This is an English name that means red-haired. The name Reed is silvery, elegant and slim.

11. Reading

Reading is of English origin. And, the name means son of the red-haired. Many claim that the name was invented by a family or red-headed ancestors.

12. Redmond

The name Redmond has the word and meaning you are aiming for. Some also believe that the name means ‘wise protector.’

13. Rogan

This is another Irish name for baby boys. The name means redhead. And, if you want a stylish alternative to Rowan, Ronan, and Logan.

14. Rory

Rory is an Irish name. And, it means red king. Of course, if you want an authentic and traditional name for your little one, Rory is a great pick!

15. Roone

Another fascinating name that means red-haired would be Roone. This is an attractive name, which became famous for the famous New Executive Roone.

16. Roth

This name of German origin. And, it means ‘redhead.’

17. Rowan

The name Rowan is of Scottish origin. And, it means a little redhead. Undeniably, this is an adorable name to be given to any little boy! The name makes a great surname, and it is also given to a tree with red berries.

18. Ruadhan

If you want a rare name that means red, opt for Ruadhan. The origin of this name is quite unknown. Nevertheless, it also means red-haired.

19. Rudyard

Rudyard is an authentic and original English name. It means a red enclosure.

20. Rufus

Does the sound of Rufus appear familiar? Well, many people consider this as a name for little puppies. Nevertheless, you can name your child Rufus too! The name means redhead. And, it was the nickname of King William.

21. Rusty

The name Rusty is a scintillating one. It translates to ‘Bright Red.’ And, this is an outdoorsy name for your baby boy. For many generations, Rusty was used as a nickname for the classic and famous Russell.

22. Rumo

Cornish people are known for their chirpy names. And, Rumo is one such name which means Red.

23. Russell

Russell is of French origin. The name means redhead or fox colored. If your baby boy has bright red hair, this is an ideal and an obvious choice. Of course, the name Russell has always survived the test of time. In a crowd of 50, you are bound to find at least two Russells.

24. Sorrel

The name Sorrel is of French origin. And, it means reddish brown. This is a sensitive name that is a distinctive choice for any parent.

25. Titian

This is a beautiful name that also means red-haired. The name sounds extremely Roman. And, it is indeed inspired by the Romans.

There are so many boy names that mean red, and there are plenty of red baby names for your little girl. Choosing names associated with the color red can mean so much. In the long run, it will make your baby strong and confident with his/her life.

Ruchelle Fernandes


Hair with baby boys red

Interesting Things to Know if You’re Raising a Redhead

If you’re a proud parent of a gorgeous little ginger, there are a few extra-special things you need to know about raising a redhead.

Only 4% of the world’s population carry the gene for red hair, and even fewer are lucky enough to actually sprout the splendid coloured tresses. However, the rare gene mutation which is responsible for red hair also causes a wide range of other physical differences, from the well-known problem of fair hair vs. sunshine to the less-widely known issue of redheads experiencing pain differently.

If you are a redheaded mama, you’ll probably already know about 80% of what’s in this article, but there are still a few nuggets of wisdom that will make reading to the end well worth your while.

A Redhead Feels Pain Differently

This is especially true for pain caused by heat or cold. Professor Lars Arendt-Nielsen of the Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction at Aalborg University, conducted experiments using capsaicin, the active substance in chili and injecting it under the skin. The professor said: “Our tests showed that redheads are less sensitive to this particular type of pain. They react less to pressure close to the injected area, or to a pinprick. They seem to be a bit better protected, and that is a really interesting finding.”

In practical terms for parents, this means your inquisitive ginger is more likely to touch hot items, and stay in contact with them for longer, than other kids. They are also more likely to become dangerously hot or cold while playing outside, without realizing it.

A Redhead Is More Sensitive
to Temperature

While redheads are less sensitive to temperature-induced pain, we are more sensitive to changes in temperature and will notice the mercury travelling up or down the thermometer way before you do.

This isn’t a huge problem but just be aware, your child might be cranky because they are too hot or too cold, while you feel perfectly comfortable. It is always wise to dress them in layers and carry some extras so you can add or subtract clothes as necessary.

Skin Issues for Redheads

There is more to know about redheaded skin than the fact that it burns easily.

Black & Blue

Gingers bruise more easily than other people. Not only that, we tend to have more spectacular, longer-lasting bruising than our non-redheaded contemporaries. As a consequence, when you ask your child how they got that gargantuan bruise on their leg be prepared for them to look at you and shrug because they have no idea how it happened.

And Red All Over

Most babies have at least a degree of skin sensitivity. The majority of people outgrow this stage, but your redheaded child is likely to remain prone to allergic reactions, rashes, breaking out in hives, and a general, all-around overreaction to any colors and fragrances.

Hello Sunshine

It is no secret that the pale skin enjoyed by the majority of gingers is super sensitive to the sun and you have probably already stocked up on sunscreen. However, if you think the only way for your child to suffer a sunburn is for them to be in direct sunshine with exposed skin, think again. Everyone should be aware of the following sun safety information, but the parents of redheads should be especially alert.

  • You can still burn in the shade or on cloudy days. The UV rays that cause skin damage can reflect off surfaces like sand, water, and grass. Using shade alone will not necessarily protect your baby from harm. In addition, cloudy days may block sunshine, but UV rays can penetrate the cloud and burn.
  • The winter sun still burns. Likewise, the sunlight in winter is still capable of burning delicate pale skin if exposed for too long. This is especially true at higher elevations and in the snow. The reflected light from snow can cause severe burns if you fail to use sunscreen.
  • Don’t forget tiny eyes. UV rays can damage our peepers so ensure your little one has eye protection.
  • Clothes only help. As someone who has been sunburned after spending the day outside in a thin long sleeve shirt, I can confirm, clothes are not sufficient protection for many hours in the sun.

Ultimately it’s a good idea to:

  • Think sun protection every day of the year.
  • Never rely on just one barrier. Use sunscreen, layers of clothes, a hat, sunglasses, the shade, and limit time in the sun.

Everyone Loves a Ginger Baby

It is not unusual for people to stop and coo over a newborn or a young child. But, if your babe is a ginger, then expect this extra attention to be a permanent element of your day. No matter how big your kiddo gets, someone will stop to talk about their hair.

They Look Good in Every Colour

There was a time when the closet of a redhead child was packed full of dark greens and browns but, no more! Feel free to wrap your bundle of joy in the brightest oranges, yellows, and pinks if that’s what you’d like and tell the naysayers to take a hike. Clashing is the new matching.

Less is More

Don’t fret if your child’s ginger mane seems to be on the thin and wispy side. Redheads have the fewest average number of hair follicles, so we have the least hair. However, we also have–on average–much thicker strands which give it the fuller appearance. As your child’s hair grows, you’ll notice how much more thick and full it looks.

You May Want to Talk to Your Redhead
About Self-Confidence

Sometimes, to kids, being different makes them an ‘easy target’. As the parent of a ginger, it’s a good idea to try and ensure they are self-confident enough not to let bullies get to them, that they are able to talk with you openly about any problems with their peers, and that you ensure any school or social groups deal with the situation swiftly and effectively.

And that, is that, as far as little redheads go.

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