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Thanks to superior sharpness, better materials, an ultra-thin (read: precise) blade and craftsmanship that dates back millennia, Japanese chef’s knives are prized by home cooks and professional chefs alike. But great Japanese chef’s knives aren’t always available on Amazon and other major kitchenware retailers. Here are 9 spots to cop the best Japanese knives money can buy.

Chef Knives To Go

A husband-wife team runs one of the internet’s most active Japanese knife stores and forums. Along with the nearly 50 brands available for purchase on the site, there’s a great deal of knife accessories available on the site.

Learn More: Here

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Canada-based Knifewear carries an impressive number of blades from smaller makers and individual blacksmiths while offering a solid mail-in knife sharpening service (also offered at brick-and-mortar locations). Shipping is free on orders above $200.

Learn More: Here

Coutelier Nola

A Japanese chef’s knife boutique run by a pair of former chefs. Brandt Cox and Jacqueline Blanchard’s New Orleans-based store is stocked with knives the two have hand-picked from several trips to Japan. It’s one of our favorite brick-and-mortar stores in the US.

Learn More: Here


Visiting Korin’s Tribeca location is a must for any lover of chef’s knives or Japanese craft. Its retail location, like its website, stocks more than Korin’s own blades. Expect brands and blades that bend more toward function than aesthetics.

Learn More: Here

JB Prince

If you want to know you’re buying what chefs buy, you shop at JB Prince. That goes for any cookware, but especially knives. The Manhattan-based gearhead’s paradise is home to a number of function-over-fashion knives.

Learn More: Here

Japanese Knife Imports

On top of one of the most loaded caches of Japanese blades on the internet, Japanese Knife Imports offers sharpening, rehandling and custom engraving services. It’s also home to grail-worthy kitchen scissors made by beloved knifemakers.

Learn More: Here

Knives & Stones

Dive deep enough into the kitchen knife-obsessed corners of the internet and you’ll run into those who hold Knives & Stones as the gold standard of kitchen knife shopping. Its hard-to-find wares are only recently available to US customers online.

Learn More: Here

MTC Kitchen

Like JB Prince, MTC Kitchen is a higher-end chef supply store. Expect utility knives first and foremost.

Learn More: Here

Carbon Knife Co.

Based in Denver, Carbon Knife Co. stocks some of the most gift-worthy chef’s knives money can buy. Plus, their downtown storefront is an excellent place to spend an hour window shopping.

Learn More: Here

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Have knives or knife related items for sale or for trade? Premium subscribers are welcomed to post them here. Feel free to plug your AAPK knife store or eBay listings as well. Make sure to check out the items our club members have for sale if you are looking to buy.

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New Japanese Knife that is taking over kitchens

What's your Go to Knife ?

The Kickstarter is talking about a "deal" price of$130 for a 6" Chinese made chef knife.

Mitchieline said:

What do you guys think of AUS10V Damasus?

Click to expand...

First off, oh but it's not at all easy to maintain the factory faux damascus finish on any of these knives. What may look breathtaking to you out of the box will look like shabbiness after a little use. And you will never duplicate that factory finish.

I got a similar looking and better profiled 8" AUS-10 chef knife on Amazon for $30! That was half the original selling price of just 60$. And the steel was well heat treated, the F+F first class, and it was ground thin at the edge.

The $155 for 9" chefs would be passable if this were an established brand, and you didn't mind the big-belly edge profile. But I don't know of a Kickstarter knife that lived up to their claims. And I can't make any sense of their funding scheme.

About the same money would buy a Damascus Tanaka in Blue #2 or Ginsan stainless, both fantastic cutters with great steel, and looks.

Some guys can be a little impulsive when it comes to knives, it does seem as though male IQ's tend to fall dramatically here, at least when it comes to those viewing knives on Kickstarter, and some other places.



Forums sale for knife kitchen

I kind of agreed. Lately, completely different people have constantly taken me from home in cars. Is it good or bad. While I was thinking about it, looking distractedly out the window, Tanya told me: Try not to pretend to be a proud sheep. If everything works out, you will make good money.

Kitchen Knives for Knife Guys - Knife Banter Live

Mother glares. Does not allow vodka to be poured. What am I a kid or what, really.

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