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Meaning of Right-hand ring-

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Women love good rings, and they use the right-hand ring to mark their independence and love for what they have become!

A right-hand ring is a vital asset to a woman today. Women are people who love themselves, and they express this by the right-hand ring.

Not underestimating shopping power of females! A single lady can purchase a costly right-hand ring on a particular day like her birthday to celebrate and appreciate herself for being hardworking and surviving a lot. Other circumstances where women buy right-hand rings are celebrating a job promotion, divorce, or a present for a loved one.

Today most women are in love with the idea of self-independence. It is unique to them since it shows how important they are, as gone are the days when they depend on others for material stuff.

right hand ring women


In simple terms, it is a ring that is worn on the right-hand ring finger. A vast number of women wear engagement rings on their left hands – this signifies that they are engaged to someone.


The right-hand rings are designed for women’s pleasure and beauty purposes; they do not have any formal significance. Women choose to wear right-hand rings for their liking, and most women naturally love these rings.

Right-hand rings in the White gold Metal

Associating white gold rings with engagement and weddings is not always right!

Women should choose any ring of their liking at any time and on any occasion (which they already do!). In the past, a gold ring should only be worn on the left hand as a symbol of marriage or engagement of a woman. Right-hand rings are in trend nowadays, and single or married women wear them at large.

A Diamond ring is a precious and gorgeous gemstone that every woman should have as a right-hand ring. It is like expressing an idea that the left hand is for your other half, and the right hand is for you to express the love you have for yourself.


Jewels speak a lot about women, and how a woman chooses to wear hers also passes a message. Those who wear rings on the right hand are enlightened and love to express themselves freely.

Although it’s a massive rock on your finger, a white gold right-hand ring satisfies the desire of having pure, elegant diamond jewelry. The ring speaks a lot about its wearer as it portrays you as a classy and stylish person. If you are looking for a simple grace impression, then the glamorous right-hand gold ring is what you need.

white gold right hand ring

The white gold ring is gorgeous and elegant, and it causes people to turn heads and wonder in amazement because this accessory is adorable, and you can never go wrong with it. If you are searching for the best gold ring, you need to ensure its clarity, cut, and ring setting are to perfection. The white gold ring is a one-in-a-million ring that every lady should consider having because it speaks elegance and enchantment at the same time.

The white gold ring is a precious jewel, and therefore it’s not always easy to come by. However, you can ask an expert’s opinion to help you get the most beautiful sparkling gold ring of your own. The prices differ according to carats and designs, but this is an excellent way to spend money since we only live once, right?

People have different preferences; some choose to wear simple and elegant rings, whereas others prefer stylish jewelry. Diamond ring is a jewel that fits all kinds of choices. That is because a Diamond ring states classy elegance, yet it brings out the glamour taste of a person. Therefore, a Diamond ring makes an excellent right-hand ring, and every lady should have one that suits their personality.

We should have right-hand rings today because they are designed to fit both men and women. The right-hand ring can serve as a good present for a loved one.

If you do not intend to own one, you can get your beloved the ring as a birthday present or mark a particular moment in your life; for instance, the ring can serve as a promise ring for a young couple. As a gentleman, you should consider getting a right-hand ring for her as a sign of love and appreciation.


where to buy ring from

If you got your eyes on that perfect ring, then you can find it online. There are many options and designs for the right-hand ring online. These rings are shaped differently and made of different materials to suit a variety of tastes and preferences.

You can search for a ring for the right hand on shopping spots like Amazon, eBay, Zales, and Overstock. Run a search engine query to get started, and you will most likely find many options of right-hand rings than you could get during a manual search at jewelry stores in town.

If you do not like to shop online for a right-hand ring, you should search the rings online as it will be a basis for your research, and it will enable you to know whether or not a ring is right from reading people’s reviews.

You will also find some basic guidelines that will help you choose the perfect rings in the future, and you can easily compare prices and choose something that fits into your planned budget. Shopping online will also enable you to learn different right-hand ring sizes and give you the chance to browse a variety of exquisite styles and designs.

perfect diamond ring

The selection of a Diamond ring for your partner is a significant decision and will be a yardstick by which she, her friends and family, and your friends and family will judge you. It will also cost you financially. The main components in your choice are, in order, emotional, aesthetic, and financial.


It is nice to give a ring as a surprise. Listen out for clues dropped by her on the type of ring she would like.

Does she like traditional, like her mum’s or grandmother’s, or modern?
Does she like ornate or straightforward?

A selection with a good family story, either her family or yours, may go down well with both families. An extravagant ring may be traditional in one family, and a more prudent approach may win praise in another. Best to start well with a new Mother in Law!

Check her other rings and jewelry, and decide if her preference is white gold or yellow gold.


larger ring

Large hands need larger rings than small ones. There are different types of rings to choose from like:

Multi-stone rings: it gives you more carats of diamond for your pound than solitaire rings. They can provide more surface area of sparkle.

Trilogy rings: they are traditional and have three stones, while other designs have a larger central diamond, with smaller diamonds around it, or on either side of the center stone. A trilogy ring traditionally means one stone for the past, one for the present, and one for the future.

Traditional rings: A simple classic ring may be safer if the ring is a surprise, particularly a solitaire diamond ring. Smaller hands may look good with a solitaire, which is a safe design.

small diamonds ring

Smaller diamonds cost less per carat, and so you can afford a higher quality of smaller stones than larger stones of the same total carat weight.

If you want a solitaire, a trilogy, or a large stone with smaller ones, you must decide on the larger stone’s quality (s). It means looking at the color, clarity, cut, and size of the larger stone.


Diamond Rings

Sparkling rings for every finger

Diamond rings are a timeless combination that have been made for centuries. They can be a symbol of of who a perosn is and what they have accomplished, a symbol of love or simply a fashion statement. Here you'll find a selection of rings embellished with diamonds in various styles such as pave, shared prong or set into statement rings. Let’s face it: everyone deserves a little bling! A diverse collection is available, with pieces crafted in sterling silver, white, yellow and rose gold. Choose from cluster, cocktail and dome rings. Select a hook, wave or stackable, as well as two-stone and three-, five-, seven- and nine-row rings. Gold and diamond gladiator rings offer interlocking, criss-cross, loop and infinity designs. All of our world-renowned designers use diamonds to beautify their jewelry. Roberto Coin, Gucci and Marco Bicego are Italian designers who vary from modern and outlandish to classic and timeless. Slim bands are just some diamond set rings that can be found by the EF collection, Ippolita and Messika designers.

Looking for Diamond Engagement Rings?

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Black Diamond Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

If Carrie Bradshaw did it, it must be on-trend right? In Sex and the City 2, Mr. Big finally got a ring on Carrie's finger—a 5-carat black diamond Itay Malkin ring set in 18-karat white gold to be exact. With the words, "because you're not like anyone else," Big gave all Carrie Bradshaw worshippers the green light to think outside the diamond box when it came to their engagement rings. And we couldn't help but wonder...does a black diamond engagement ring measure up to a classic white diamond? Absolutely!

What is a Black Diamond?

A black diamond is a super-included diamond; it has so many inclusions in it that it makes it appear as a black gemstone. While colorless diamonds with fewer inclusions are considered more valuable and rare, a black diamond is prized for the higher number of inclusions it has. 

Brides are always looking for a bold way to show their style, and if breaking with tradition is your thing, you may want to consider an edgy black diamond ring. Black diamonds are chic, a bit mysterious, a little bit rock 'n' roll, and impossibly cool. They're also a good value. “Black diamonds are traditionally much less expensive than a colorless diamond,” says diamond expert Ann Jay. Whether it's in a classic solitaire, surrounded by a white diamond halo, set in trendy rose gold, or sprinkled along a simple band to lend some cool factor to your wedding day bling, we're totally crushing on black diamond rings.

Meet the Expert

Anna Jay is a diamond expert and the owner of Anna P. Jay, a jewelry company in Nantucket. She also has a graduate degree in diamonds from the Gemological Institute of America.

Learn more about the history of black diamond rings and what you need to know when selecting your perfect ring.

Pros and Cons of Black Diamond Rings

A pro of a black diamond is that the price per carat is significantly less than that of a colorless or fancy colored diamond. One of the biggest cons of black diamonds is that they’re much more susceptible to damage than their colorless counterparts. “This is because black diamonds are actually made up of hundreds of tiny fractures which give them their color,” says diamond expert Anna Jay. You should bear this in mind when considering a black diamond for an engagement ring (or consider a treated black diamond instead). A treated black diamond is a grayer stone that receives a high temperature and pressure treatment to turn it black. They have a similar look to natural black diamonds, but are less costly.

What to Look for in a Black Diamond Ring

• What are some details to look for when selecting a black diamond engagement ring? “I would encourage the buyer to ask for a Colored Diamond Report from the Gemology Institute of America (GIA). When making a large jewelry purchase (like an engagement ring), I always advise my clients to ask for GIA reports for their center stones (or any diamond larger than 0.50ct) to verify its characteristics and ensure its quality," Jay says. While some black diamonds are naturally black, many are often grey and treated to change the stone to a dark black color. "A GIA report will explain whether the diamond has been treated to enhance the color (lowering the value), or is natural (increasing the value).”

• How much should a customer expect to pay for a black diamond? “Treated black diamonds are less expensive than natural black diamonds, and more common—half price or even less," Jay says. "If a colorless diamond is $8000/carat, then you can expect a black diamond to be $4000/carat…or less."

• What are some suggested settings for a black diamond? “You can set your black diamond in any manner you like. Before you think about setting, you should consider what your budget is for your ring. This number will dictate both your carat size AND setting.”

• What metals pair well with a black diamond? “I love black diamonds set in white gold or platinum—the contrast of the colors really makes them pop,” Jay says.

How to Care for a Black Diamond Ring

“Black diamonds do not require as much cleaning as colorless or fancy colored diamonds,” Jay says. Their color is “naturally metallic in nature so they will continue to sparkle even with wear.”

Avoid typical diamond cleaning techniques, such as ultrasonic or steamer. “These machines can actually damage or break your black diamond,” says Jay. The best tool you can use to clean black diamonds is a “soft-bristled toothbrush and warm, mild soapy water. Think dish detergent—it cuts through grease and oils from your skin just as well as it does on dishes."

Like other diamonds and fine jewelry, avoid wearing your black diamond engagement ring if you're involved in hands-on, heavy activities like working in the yard, moving furniture, or construction. Black diamonds are more susceptible to fracture than regular diamonds. Dry with a soft cloth and store in a fabric-lined jewelry box.

Get ready to lust after these 20 black diamond engagement rings.

Anna Sheffield Marquise Bea Ring

Bea is a ring fit for a princess with a marquise-cut black diamond set in 14k rose gold. The addition of two white diamond trillion side stones gives it an air of sophistication. 

Digby & Iona Raziel Ring

Set in 14k gold, this inverted princess-cut ring is sure to please the edgiest and most unconventional bride. The chevron pattern on the band, in combination with the diamond gradient pavé setting, makes it a standout option.

Mandrel Studio Black Diamond Halo Solitaire Ring

This one-of-a-kind, rose-cut oval black diamond ring is set in 18k white gold and surrounded by a diamond pavé halo. Whether you let the sparkly diamond band shine all on its own or pair it alongside an accompanying band, ring selfies will be in order.

Blanca Monrós Gómez Black Diamond Aura Ring

A standing ovation is in order. This rose-cut solitaire black diamond is encircled by 22 pavé white diamonds and can be set in 14k white, rose, or yellow gold.

Satomi Kawakita

Think outside the box with this hexagonal black diamond engagement ring. It's set in 18k yellow gold with visible prongs that make for a perfectly unique, yet simple, statement.

Catbird Wedding Odile Ring

Named after the black swan herself, Catbird's dainty Odile black diamond engagement ring is part of the retailer's debut engagement ring collection (aptly named the Swans). With a rose-cut black diamond center and two brilliant-cut white diamond accents, it has the appearance of an heirloom-inspired piece.

Rose-Cut Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

Catbird Wedding Fairy Light Ring

You can't always judge an engagement ring by its weight. Characterized by a row of pavé eternity black diamonds set in solid 14k gold, this fairy light band just may be the sparkliest of them all.

La More Design Tiara Halo Bridal Set With Rose Cut Black Diamond

This Tiara halo bridal set matches a rose-cut black diamond with a v-shaped black diamond eternity band set in 14k rose gold. Not only is this option visually interesting but it's also incredibly versatile.

Armante Design Oval Black Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring boasts 32 natural black diamonds, including this stunning oval-shaped show-stopper. The split-shank band leads the eye inward, adding to the drama and conversation-starting appeal of the centerpiece.

Blue Nile Riviera Noir Black Diamond Ring

As a stacking ring, wedding band, or band engagement ring, this black diamond eternity band is the perfect choice for an eclectic couple.

Shop Clementine Black Diamond Hexagon Ring

Simple and timeless, the pure black diamond at the center of this ring comes in a hexagonal shape that commands attention. Additionally, it's set in a 14k yellow gold bezel and lightly hammered band.

Gemvara Contessa Ring

Bring forth a sense of mystery with one of Gemvara's full customizable rings. This sleek and contemporary style featuring an oval-cut black diamond and black onyx accent stones is incredibly luxe.

30 Stunning Oval Engagement Rings

Lagos Gold and Black Diamond Ring

Though minimal in design, this 18k gold and black diamond stacking ring is no less exquisite in appearance. Seven small black diamonds, coupled with caviar beading, make it an elevated option for sophisticated brides.

La Kaiser 14K Rose Gold Black Diamond Fly Me to the Moon Ring

This stunner would be best reserved for a wedding under the stars or the trendsetting bride. We love this ring's dainty aesthetic. With a solid rose gold band, a crescent moon, and two petite black diamonds, it would be the perfect addition to your daily stack.

Emily Warden Designs Studded Halfmoon Diamond Ring

This one-of-a-kind studded half-moon diamond ring is beyond captivating. It's cast in 14k gold and has a prong-set moissanite detail that's exceptionally unique.   

Allurez Pear Black Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

Pull out all the stops with this glamorous pear-shaped black diamond engagement ring. With a showstopping diamond halo and a thin 14k white gold band, it's an excellent choice for contemporary brides seeking a hint of old-world romance. 

Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

Anna Sheffield Celestine Rose Gold & Black Diamond Ring

For the maximalist bride who wants to feel like a queen. Give her the royal treatment with this stunning 0.95ct round rose-cut black diamond ring. With an ornate champagne diamond halo, it's as majestic as it gets.

Capucinne Engagement Ring With Princess Cut Black Diamond

Modernity reigns supreme where this princess-cut black diamond engagement ring is concerned. The geometric pyramid design is made complete by a 14k or 18k gold band and white diamond side stones.

How to Test Black Diamonds? (Carbonado Testing)

Diamond Right Hand Rings

Diamond right hand rings look good on everybody. They tell the world that you're a person of means and that you have exquisitely refined tastes. When you wear a diamond ring on your right hand, people know you're a person to be reckoned with. Because wearing a ring on your right hand has no traditional significance, such rings make wonderful gifts. They are not wedding rings, so they're appropriate for giving to friends and relatives on almost any occasion. Diamond right hand rings also make excellent promise rings for your special someone and are suitable as indulgent presents for yourself. Most of the diamond right hand rings we offer are available in 14k or 18k yellow, rose, white gold or Platinum.

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