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On November 10, Borderlands 3 will see the beginning of its Year 2 content with the Designer's Cut update. In addition to the new Arms Race mode, another big highlight from this new content drop are the new skill trees for each of the vault hunters, allowing them to use additional action skills and buffs to alter their playstyles even more.

GameSpot had the chance to get some early hands-on time with the Designer's Cut, and we spent some time experimenting with the new builds for the vault hunters. Throughout this week, we'll be sharing details and gameplay showcasing the new skills vault hunters can utilize in combat. Starting off with Amara and Fl4k, we have new gameplay and a more detailed breakdown of their new skills below.

We've spent some time playing both characters and fleshed out their respective skill trees, so here's a quick rundown of some of their new abilities and how they can alter Amara and Fl4k.

Amara's 4th Skill Tree: Enlightened Force

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New Action-Skill: Phaseflare -- Creates an orb of elemental energy that deals elemental damage to nearby enemies.

  • Glow Up: Instead of Splash Damage to enemies, Amara's orb grants nearby allies health regeneration.
  • Shooting Star: Amara's orb of elemental energy can fire smaller orbs of elemental energy at the last enemy that attacked the player.
  • Light Fantastic: When Amara attacks an enemy, the orb will travel to that enemy and deal damage to them.

Amara's skills rely upon her complex Siren powers, and her new abilities utilize powers from the Enlightened Force skill tree. This new tree opens up access to the new Phaseflare action skill, which allows the Siren to summon a massive orb of elemental energy that can deal damage to surrounding enemies, and it can even be used as a large wrecking ball against foes. If you happen to strike the orb with your melee attacks, you can send it flying towards nearby enemies, which can potentially amplify the damage of the Phaseflare skill. Depending on your build, Phaseflare can also send out mini-projectiles and even heal nearby allies.

Fl4k's 4th Skill Tree: Trapper

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New Action-Skill: Gravity Snare -- Fl4k tosses out a trap that knocks up and temporarily stuns nearby enemies.

New Pet: Ion Loader -- Fl4k is joined by a loyal Mini Ion Loader bot companion, armed with a shock sniper rifle and homing shock orb that can trigger a shock nova.

  • Forage: Whenever an enemy trapped by Fl4k is knocked into the air, they drop ammo, health boosters, and shield boosters.
  • Wide Net: Fl4k's trap gains increased duration and increased radius.
  • Trap Card: If Fl4K would go into Fight For Your Life while their trap is readied, they automatically throw a trap at the enemy that downed them.
  • Blind with Anger: Fl4k's trap no longer knocks up or stuns enemies. Instead, the trap confuses nearby enemies, causing them to attack their allies for a short time.

Fl4k is a hunter, and their new abilities focus more on wrangling crowds of enemies and relying on a new pet--an upgraded Hyperion bot that has a unique arsenal of guns of its own. In the new Trapper skill tree, Fl4k's skills can be modified to focus more on containing and neutralizing crowds of enemies. The latest action skill that Fl4k can use is called the Gravity Snare, an anti-gravity trap that stuns and immobilizes enemies that get caught within its reach. Playing into their hunter background, the Gravity Snare is a great skill to temporarily control the field and take down some of the pesky foes, opening them up to attacks. Depending on how you flesh out Fl4k's skill tree, you can also upgrade your trap to have a greater reach and also give your pet and bodyguard more defensive and offensive skills of their own.

For more on the new content coming to Borderlands 3, be sure to check back with GameSpot on Thursday, October 22 at 9AM PST to see Zane and Moze's new skill-trees and abilities. Later on in the month, there will also be more to share about the upcoming Arms Race mode as well.

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Borderlands 3: The 10 Best Skills For FL4K The Beastmaster (Post-Designer's Cut)

FL4K the Beastmaster is known for dealing a ton of critical hit damage while also having a cute (but deadly) pet companion. At Borderlands 3's launch, FL4K was probably the most overpowered Vault Hunter, yet you could only rely on Fade Away. Since then, all of FL4K’s skills have received a ton of work and all the skill trees can be used to great effect.

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With the newly released Designer’s Cut, Gearbox has added a fourth skill tree for each Vault Hunter. FL4K’s new Trapper Skill Tree adds much more variety that also synergizes with their other trees. Due to all the buffs and reworks, along with the new tree, FL4K’s best skills may look different than they did before.

10 Big Game – Hunter Tree (Tier 4)

The Big Game skill increases the effectiveness and even the duration of all kill skills in the Hunter tree. The three kill skills are Second Intention, Interplanetary Stalker, and The Most Dangerous Game, all of which are worth using.

Assuming you’re using those three kill skills (which you totally should), it’s absolutely crucial that you put points into Big Game. At three skill points, FL4K’s Hunter kills are 30% more effective and their duration is doubled. The Most Dangerous Game skill, especially, can utilize Big Game to its full potential, giving FL4K a huge damage increase that will last almost four minutes.

9 Throatripper – Trapper Tree (Tier 2)

The biggest draw to the newly added Trapper tree is that now the pets can be just as powerful, if not more, than FL4K. Thanks to the new Throatripper skill, FL4K’s pets now have a chance to do a critical hit, essentially giving them Megavore.

At three points, Throatripper gives the pets a 15% chance to score a critical hit. This includes literally anything your pet can do, including melee, grenades, and even shield breaks. This gives the pets way more possibilities than they’ve ever had.

8 Hidden Machine – Stalker Tree (Tier 4)

Even in Borderlands, FL4K does have ways of playing “stealthy” on the battlefield. Fade Away turns FL4K invisible and the Pets draw enemy aggro. Since you’re constantly fighting enemies who aren’t always attacking, Fl4K’s Hidden Machine skill is a must-have.

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At five points, Hidden Machine gives FL4K 30% more damage against enemies attacking a different target or no one at all. This synergizes perfectly with Fade Away or Guerillas In The Mist as it permanently gives you that 30% damage bonus for your critical hits. Another hack with this skill is the Red Fang class mod where your pets taunt enemies while Gamma Burst is active.

7 Turn Tail And Run – Stalker Tree (Tier 3)

FL4K isn’t the best when it comes to survivability since they don’t have any lifesteal abilities and they are forced to rely on health regeneration skills. The best of these skills is Turn Tail And Run, giving FL4K health regeneration and damage reduction while moving. The added bonus is that FL4K gains increased damage while still.

Since their pets give FL4K some room to breathe by drawing enemies away, FL4K can easily run away from a situation to get that health back. Once fully healed, FL4K can stop moving and do an extra 25% more damage. This is even better with Fade Away as enemies won’t even know you’re there.

6 Take This – Trapper Tree (Tier 3)

The Take This skill from the Trapper tree now adds a new benefit to FL4K’s pet. The Pet will have a copy of FL4K’s equipped shield. This definitely adds a new way to truly build your pet capabilities.

The pet will have all the abilities granted by the shield. There are some truly unique ways to approach this. Perhaps your shield does amp damage, meaning your pet will gain that too. If you have a nova shield break equipped, the pet will also release that nova. A Frozen Heart is a perfect one to try out with a melee pet since it will freeze the enemy, giving your pet triple melee damage.

5 Barbaric Yawp – Master Tree (Tier 4)

Thanks to the new Trapper tree, FL4K’s pets are a force to be reckoned with. For a pet build, it is necessary to max out the Barbaric Yawp skill in the Master tree. At five skill points, this will make all pet bonuses 200% more powerful.

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With so many pet bonuses in FL4K’s skill trees, especially in the new Trapper tree, Barbaric Yawp is way more useful than it was ever before. Most notably, your pet’s critical hit damage can be absolutely broken (in a good way) with the right build.

4 Capacitance – Trapper Tree (Capstone)

FL4K got a ton of ways to stay alive thanks to the new Trapper tree. The Capstone of the tree is Capacitance. Whenever FL4K activates an Action Skill, their shield will double its capacity and immediately start recharging.

This synergizes best with Action Skills that have lower cooldown rates. This will also happen every time FL4K shoots out a charge of Rakk Attack, meaning your shield can easily be doubled and recharging at all times if you spec into that skill well enough. With a Stop-Gap shield, you can turn FL4K into an absolute tank.

3 Head Count – Hunter Tree (Tier 2)

The best way to play any Vault Hunter in Borderlands 3 is to find ways to always activate your Action Skill. For FL4K, their Action Skill cooldown rate can go down tremendously with Head Count in the Hunter tree.

Every time FL4K scores a critical hit, there is a chance that their Action Skill cooldown rate will go down. This works perfectly with FL4K’s critical hit skills such as Megavore and Leave No Trace. If you truly wish to spam FL4K’s Action Skill, Head Count is the perfect skill for you.

2 Lick The Wounds – Stalker Tree (Tier 3)

Lick The Wounds is almost a no-brainer when you see it in the Stalker tree. This gives your pet the ability to revive you when you go into Fight For Your Life. At one skill point, there’s no reason to not equip it if you spec into the tree.

You can also appreciate the hustle the pet gives when coming to revive you. They sprint full speed when you go down. This is noticeable when you get that quick two-second window you get before the Fight For Your Life bar starts going down.

1 Megavore – Hunter Tree (Capstone)

Megavore is definitely FL4K’s best capstone skill out of all four trees. When you’re not using Fade Away, you can still score critical hits most of the time with Megavore. This gives FL4K a 20% chance to score a critical hit no matter where they shoot. This works well with certain enemies that have low crit spots.

This skill is reserved for high fire-rate weapons that fire a ton of pellets. With the Headcount skill mentioned earlier, you can get your Action Skill back quickly thanks to scoring critical hits without even trying.

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Borderlands 3 reveals new Skill Trees for Amara and FL4K

Borderlands 3 has revealed two new Skill Trees arriving next month, for Amara the Siren and FL4K the Beastmaster.

Gearbox has announced the new Skill Trees as part of the Designer's Cut edition of Borderlands 3. This version of the game launches on November 10, and it's actually an add on that you can either purchase as DLC for the base game, or as part of the Season Pass 2 for Borderlands 3.

Firstly, Amara the Siren will be kitted out with the new Enlightened Force Skill Tree. This gives Amara control over Cryo elemental effects, as well as giving her some massive buffs if her shield is broken, and whenever she slays an enemy with her melee attack.

Next, FL4K the Beastmaster is getting the brand new Trapper Skill Tree. This Skill Tree is largely focused on FL4K's pets, giving them their own personal shield, and guaranteeing their next melee attack will be a critical hit. There's also the Capacitance Ability, which supercharges FL4K's shields.

Finally, Gearbox announced that they will be revealing two additional Skill Trees, tomorrow on October 22. The new announcements will cover additional Skill Trees for Moze and Zane, and will be taking place over on Gearbox's Twitch channel.

When Amara and FL4K's new Skill Trees go live on November 10, Borderlands 3 will be arriving on next-gen consoles, firstly coming to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on the same day. Two days later on November 12, the game will launch for PS5, and all existing owners will get a free next-gen upgrade.

If you're still ploughing through Borderlands 3 and are after the latest Shift Code combinations, you can head over to our full Borderlands 3 Shift Codes guide for more.

I’m Gamesradar’s freelance reporter! I love grinding away at RPGs, losing at Apex Legends, and talking about anime for far too long.

FL4K'S New!! 4th SKILL TREE is The MOST POWERFUL !!! (Loader Bot GAMEPLAY) Borderlands 3

Two New Borderlands® 3 Skill Trees Revealed Ahead of Designer’s Cut Launch on November 10

Get ready to level up, Vault Hunters! Last week we announced the new Designer’s Cut add-on is coming to Borderlands® 3 on November 10, and today the Borderlands Creator Team revealed two major pieces of content that will be available as part of that add-on: the brand new Skill Trees for Vault Hunters Amara and FL4K.

Players looking for fresh and exciting new ways to experience Borderlands 3’s shooting and looting can wield the power of these additional Skill Trees to develop their own unique Vault Hunter builds. Each Skill Tree offers a fresh Action Skill, as well as novel new passive abilities that can be mixed with existing abilities to create new ways to play each bona fide badass.

BL3 Designer's Cut Skill Trees - Amara 01

Amara's new Phaseflare Action Skill summons a giant, controllable orb of elemental destruction that lets her bowl a bloody path through the opposition. Meanwhile, her Enlightened Force Skill Tree lets her freeze enemies using Cryo elemental effects, rounding out her toolkit of natural elements. The passive abilities in the Enlightened Force tree help her maximize elemental damage and slow enemies down so they have no hope of outrunning her Phaseflare.

FL4K gains some reliable crowd control with their new Gravity Snare Action Skill. This long-lasting skill periodically tosses nearby enemies into the air, interrupting their attacks before painfully slamming them back to the ground. The passive abilities in the Trapper Skill Tree give FL4K and their pet huge survivability increases via shield bonuses, as well as added damage through increased critical hit effects.

For a detailed breakdown of Amara and FL4K’s new Skill Trees, as well as behind-the-scenes insights from the developers who created them, be sure to check out this blog. You can also explore the Skill Trees in full with the interactive character builders over on the Amara the Siren and FL4K the Beastmaster pages.

BL3 Designer's Cut Skill Trees - FL4K 02

But it doesn’t end there! Tune in to this Thursday, October 22 at 9:00 AM PT to see Moze and Zane’s new Skill Trees in action for the first time anywhere, then catch the premiere of the latest episode of The Borderlands Show on Thursday,October 29 at 9:00 AM PT. This episode will feature the full reveal of the new Arms Race mode, plus developer interviews and so much more.

Both Arms Race and the new Skill Trees are part of the Designer's Cut add-on. Designer's Cut requires a copy of Borderlands 3 to play and can be purchased individually or as part of Season Pass 2Season Pass 2 will include two all-new downloadable content add-ons – Designer's Cut and Director's Cut – and will be available for purchase starting November 10 across PC, Stadia, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / Series S. The Designer’s Cut add-on also launches on November 10, while Director’s Cut is planned for release in spring of next year.

BL3 Next-Gen Features

And don’t forget, Borderlands 3’s next-gen upgrade will be available day-and-date alongside Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles. The next-gen version of the game will be playable at launch on the Xbox Series X / Series S on November 10, as well as on the PlayStation 5 when it launches on November 12 in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea and on November 19 in the rest of the world. All players who own or purchase both a copy of the game and a next-gen console will be able to download the upgrade within the same console family for free.

Borderlands 3 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For assets and additional information, please visit

2K is a wholly owned publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO).

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Fl4k tree skill bl3 new

Amara's "Enlightened Force" skill tree

Check out Amara and FL4K's new skill trees coming to Borderlands 3 in the Designer's Cut!

Freeze enemies solid and fight alongside a loyal Loader Bot in the Designer's Cut DLC launching November 10 for Borderlands 3, available as part of Season Pass 2 or individual purchase. This new add-on gives you access to all kinds of fresh mayhem, including the new Arms Race mode and an additional skill tree for each Vault Hunter, with new Action Skills to wield and a world of possibilities for your next great build.

We spoke with Gearbox Software's Creative Director Graeme Timmins and Game Designer Tommy Westerman to highlight the key strengths of these new Action Skills and passive abilities.

First up, we're taking a look at the Enlightened Force skill tree for Amara the Siren and the Trapper skill tree for FL4K the Beastmaster, which introduce new ways to play both of these bona fide badasses. Check out the breakdowns below, then peruse these new skill trees in full with the interactive skill tree character builders over on the Amara the Siren and FL4K the Beastmaster pages.

Action Skill: Phaseflare

When using Amara's Enlightened Force skill tree, the entire galaxy is your personal bowling alley and those opposing you are the soon-to-be-annihilated pins.

First, freeze anyone foolish enough to get in your way with Cryo elemental effects, which round out Amara's toolkit of natural elements she can affix to her Action Skills. Then knock their blocks off using the Phaseflare Action Skill, which creates an orb of pure elemental energy you can push around and  detonate using melee attacks. The orb constantly damages any enemies nearby, but its full potential comes from the damage it does colliding with targets like a lethal bowling ball.

"Up until now Amara had 'fire and forget' Action Skills, but with the new Phaseflare, she's capable of even more damage when properly managing the skill," says Graeme. "This also opens up a whole new set of Action Skill Active Anointments that previously hadn't synergized too well with her other skills."

Those who master Phaseflare and pair it with the right gear will be able to bounce around the battlefield like a Siren possessed, slaughtering enemies by slamming an energy orb to and fro.

The passive abilities in the Enlightened Force skill tree also help you maximize your elemental damage and slow enemies so they have no hope of outrunning your Phaseflare.

Here are some highlights:

  • Trust in Yourself is a huge boon when Amara wants to fight up close and personal. Whenever an enemy breaks Amara's shield, she gains increased Reload Speed, Charge Speed, and Weapon Speed, with doubled bonuses if her shield was broken by a melee attack.
  • Combo Breaker makes it so that killing an enemy with melee damages reduces Amara's remaining Action Skill cooldown by half. When combined with the boosted melee damage effects from other passives, you can chain together skills almost nonstop.
  • Clear the Mind is a must-have Kill Skill for tougher enemies you need to freeze, burn, electrocute, or poison in a hurry. After killing an enemy, Amara's attacks ignore all elemental resistances for a short time (this doesn’t override elemental immunities, however).

Further down the Enlightened Force skill tree, you can gain access to more Action Skills that put a new spin on Phaseflare's signature orb. For instance, heal your allies with the Glow Up Action Skill that can grant an instant Second Wind if you smack it into a downed teammate.

For all you Siren pugilists who love to punch anything that moves, the Enlightened Force skill tree lets you crack skulls like never before.

Action Skill: Gravity Snare

"To FL4K, something doesn't need to be warm, fuzzy, and poop out their mouths to be a pet," says Tommy. "To FL4K, anything can be a pet, including a Hyperion Loader Bot."

Using their new Trapper skill tree,  FL4K can control the battlefield from near and far. With the new Loader Bot pet variations and area-of-effect Gravity Snare Action Skill, FL4K lovers can enjoy a new ways to play.

"The ION Loader comes with a powerful sniper rifle to keep it and FL4K safe from a distance, while the BUL Loader comes with a shotgun and a bulldozer to get right up in enemies' stupid faces," Tommy explains. "Or just go with the WAR Loader and burn everything to the ground with its radiation missiles. Whatever floats your boat. FL4K's new Trapper skill tree isn't all about robot rampages, though—it also provides FL4K and their pets with powerful shield bonuses."

To help you and your trusty pets get the perfect positioning during a skirmish, FL4K can drop a Gravity Snare for some reliable crowd-control. This long-lasting Action Skill periodically tosses any nearby enemies into the air, interrupting their attacks before painfully slamming them back into the ground. While they’re tied up, you and your animal/metal companion can go to town on your helpless prey or focus on high-value targets.

The passive abilities in the Trapper skill tree give FL4K and their pets huge survivability increases via shield bonuses or added damage through increased critical hit effects.

Check out these choice picks:

  • Take This! gives FL4K's pet a copy of their shield, which can turn your companion into a nigh-unkillable tank.
  • Monkey Do gives FL4K's pet increased critical hit damage, but the real power comes from its other passive effect. Whenever FL4K scores a critical hit on enemies, their pet's next attack is a guaranteed critical hit—and best of all, this passive has a short cooldown.
  • Capacitance is FL4K's failsafe survival skill: when activated, FL4K gains greatly increased Shield Capacity for a short time and immediately begins recharging shields. With its short cooldown, proper use of Capacitance can make you practically immortal.

"I can't wait to see what kind of interesting shield-focused builds are made possible by the Trapper skill tree," says Graeme. "The Loader Bots also contribute to a sense of cooperative play that really makes FL4K feel like a pack leader."

If you love luring enemies to their doom and withstanding damage that would make lesser robots crumble, FL4K's Trapper skill tree has what you need.

These new skill trees are part of Borderlands 3's Designer's Cut DLC launching on November 10, 2020. Designer's Cut requires a copy of Borderlands 3 to play, and can be purchased individually or as part of Season Pass 2. If you haven't seen them yet, check out the new skill trees for Moze the Gunner and Zane the Operative!

BORDERLANDS 3 - New FL4K 'Trapper' Skill Tree Breakdown - All Action Skills, Perks \u0026 More

FL4K is “the Beastmaster” class in Borderlands 3. With these various skill trees, you can create some very powerful character builds for FL4K. FL4K has the ability to select 1 action skill and 1 pet. On top of each skill tree, you will find 1 of each and you can mix and match them up. You can equip 2 augments for your action skill. The Augments down each skill tree only work with the action skill from that specific skill tree. There are also augments that will replace your pet with a beefier version of that pet.

Skill Trees

  • Stalker
    • You’ll find plenty of ways to up your survivability in the Stalker skill tree; maybe you’ll opt to simply increase FL4K’s maximum health, or choose a passive skill that shares FL4K’s health regeneration with allies and doubles the bonus for their Pet. Staying healthy is a major part of maximizing your effectiveness with the Stalker skill tree, which includes such life-saving skills.
  • Master
    • The Master skill tree offers plenty of ways to increase your Pet’s damage output, like a passive skill that causes their first melee attack against an enemy to be an automatic critical hit. Beyond providing cover fire, FL4K can directly aid their Pet through skills.
  • Hunter
    • Critical hits are crucial to the Hunter skill tree, with plenty of passive skills that reward you for hitting your quarry’s weak points. You may get a chance to restore ammo to your magazine after a critical hit, or potentially reduce your Action Skill cooldown. Other options provide boosts to your Hunter Skills – a special type of skill found in all of FL4K’s skill trees.
  • Trapper
    • The Trapper skill tree focuses on shields and survivability for both FL4K and their pet.

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