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From Vanagons to Sprinters - Vancamper is the place to buy & sell campervans. List for free today!

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From Vanagons to Sprinters - Vancamper is the place to buy & sell campervans. List for free today!

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Featured campervans for sale

Photo of a Campervan for sale: 2006 Chevy Express Hi-Top
Photo of a Campervan for sale: 2021-136" Ram Promaster "Freddie"
Photo of a Campervan for sale: 2005 Ford E250 Camper Van
Photo of a Campervan for sale: 2019 Ram pro master high roof 136”WB
Photo of a Campervan for sale: 1991 Ford E150 Camper Van with popup
Photo of a Campervan for sale: SALE PENDING Freightliner Sprinter 2500 Van
Photo of a Campervan for sale: 2018 Nissan NV2500 High Roof Cargo Van
Photo of a Campervan for sale: 1991 Toyota Hiace Cruising Cabin - low miles, rhd
Photo of a Campervan for sale: Sprinter Campervan - Hot Shower & More
Photo of a Campervan for sale: 2017 Ram Promaster City
Photo of a Campervan for sale: 2011 Ford cargo van
Photo of a Campervan for sale: 2017 Promaster PRICED TO SELL ASAP

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From budget builds to professionally built tiny homes, Vancamper is the perfect place to sell your campervan, class B RV, skoolie, bus or adventure mobile.

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Vancamper is custom built to help adventurers and outdoor travellers buy and sell campervans as quickly and pain-free as possible.

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photo of a promaster campervan

Recently sold campervans

Photo of a Campervan for sale: 2015 ProMaster City SLT Wagon Campervan
Photo of a Campervan for sale: 2000 Ford Econoline Mark III
Photo of a Class B RV for sale: Solar conversion van
Photo of a Campervan for sale: COACH HOUSE 192KS- Class B
Photo of a Campervan for sale: 2002 Volkswagen Rialta
Photo of a Campervan for sale: Promaster 2500 High Roof Campervan (Can deliver!)
Photo of a Campervan for sale: 2016 Ford transit 250 hi top 148wb
Photo of a Campervan for sale: 2019 39k Miles Promaster Camper Van
Photo of a Campervan for sale: 2016 Ram Promaster Family Campervan
Photo of a Campervan for sale: 2003 Ford E250 Extended 2WD Ski Van
Photo of a Campervan for sale: 2000 Eurovan Camper
Photo of a Campervan for sale: 2017 Dodge Ram Promaster 1500 136 wb
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High quality platform for listing and buying vans. I’ve used it a few times now and it's always easy and seamless.

Great app

Great app to sell your camper van! Quality service too!

Sweet app

Super easy to use, great filters and search tools.

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How to register a camper

What is a camper?

In Washington, a camper is a recreational lodging unit with a floor that is designed to be mounted on a truck to provide facilities for human habitation with an overall length and height of 5 feet or more when fully extended.

Even if the owner has chosen to permanently attach the camper to the pickup, the 2 units must be titled and licensed separately.

Note: Before 1990, a camper welded to a truck was allowed to be registered as a motorhome. A truck and camper must now be titled and licensed separately, even if the camper has been welded to the pickup. Washington law no longer recognizes a permanently attached camper and pickup as a motorhome. If you have wish to title or register a truck and camper that have previously been titled as a single motorhome, you will need to apply for separate titles and registration documents on both vehicles. Both must be retitled at the same time unless one is destroyed, sold out of state or held in a dealer’s inventory.

How to title and license a camper

Follow the steps to Transfer ownership to apply for a title and registration.

Any camper attached to a vehicle registered in Washington must be licensed in Washington; the RV Disposal Fee applies.

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Welcome to Caravan Outfitter

Free Bird

Free Bird

The multi-functional Free Bird campervan

creates easy everyday versatility. This van allows you the opportunity to still have cargo space if you’re not on a grand adventure, without sacrificing camping comfort when nature calls.



Sprinter Top


location key

To understand Caravan Outfitter, one needs to look back on the golden age of the Volkswagen camper here in the U.S. Those magical VW’s formed the ultimate combination of an everyday vehicle with one perfect for camping.


They were economical, simple, functional, and filled with character. Unfortunately, Volkswagen stopped bringing those campervans into America many years ago. This was sad news for a couple of brothers who owned and sold these vans all over the Northwest from their Campbell-Nelson Volkswagen dealership.

1994 Hiace Campervan For Sale - Seattle, WA

Cascade Campers

  • We only work with 2015 and newer RAM ProMaster City cargo vans that you supply.

  • Outside of a couple of simple options (see Personalization page) we don’t make any changes from our standard design. Think- production line. This allows us to build 14 Cascade Campers a month with a team of 5.

  • Our campervans fit in nearly any garage and parking spot so you can get rid of your existing car and drive your Cascade Camper to work if your budget doesn’t allow for a second vehicle.

  • There isn’t a bathroom installed as there just isn’t space. The old German campervans didn’t have a bathroom either. You will manage. :)

  • We don’t work through RV dealerships. You gotta come to our shop in Nevada City, California, located in the beautiful Sierra foothills. No, we won’t ship it to you.

  • Fully equipped price is a flat $8,000 plus tax.

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    Winnebago Minnie Winnie 25B parked in the middle of a tumbleweed desert midday
    Start your trip out right with our selection of motorhomes for sale near Seattle, WA at Ryan's RV Town. We're your premier motorhome dealer located in Everett and we proudly serve Tacoma, Bellingham, and Vancouver, WA. Stop by our dealership today! Also, be sure to check out our selection of Rental Motorhomes!

    What to Ask Before Choosing a Motorhome

    How often and for what will you use your motorhome?

    Given the higher price of a motorhome compared to other types of RVs, the frequency of use and purpose will play a huge role in your decision making. If you're planning frequent, long-term trips, there may be no better camper than a motorhome. With a motorhome, you benefit from freedom of movement inside the vehicle as long as you're being responsible. Whether you want to whip up a quick snack or need to use the bathroom, you won't have to make as stops on the road.

    How many people will you typically travel with? Which motorhome class is right for you?

    Each motorhome class comes with its respective benefits, so we'll quickly outline the different motorhome classes available. Starting with Class A models, these luxury motorhomes tend to be the largest and most expensive. Class C motorhomes on average are lower and shorter and come with fewer amenities so you're compromising comfort and space, but spending less money upfront. The last motorhome option is Class B. This class is better suited for couples rather than families due to its size, but they make up for it with maneuverability.

    What are my costs? Should I choose gas or diesel?

    Starting with the sticker price, motorhomes tend to lead the pack as they are two-in-one RVs. As motorized RVs, you also have the choice between gas or diesel options. Diesel motorhomes will be even more expensive upfront, but they tend to last longer and you will save on gas over time. Regardless of engine type for your motorhome, you only need to maintain one vehicle rather than a tow vehicle and a trailer which could be a blessing or a curse. Some other costs you will want to consider are gas prices, insurance, and financing.

    How comfortable are you driving? Motorhome or vehicle with a trailer?

    The two-in-one package of a motorhome generates many opinions on what is the best RV experience. Since you will be on the road a lot with your camper, the driving experience is another factor to consider. With larger windows and dealing with less sway from the trailer, some argue it's easier to drive a motorhome. Trailer owners will counter with improved turning capability and the ability to detach the vehicle from the trailer being more beneficial. There are definitely pros and cons for both sides, but no matter what, weather and amount of practice will always play a factor during your drive.

    So we've outlined some important questions you should be asking yourself during your motorhome search. If you have any other questions or need help picking the right option, be sure to stop by Ryan's RV Town in Everett, Washington. We are a premier motorhome dealer so you can expect plenty of models to choose from and a knowledgeable, professional staff to help make your decision. We're just a short drive from Seattle, Tacoma, Bellingham, and Vancouver, WA!


    5 Reasons to Avoid Class B RVs

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