18 x 30 cabinet door

18 x 30 cabinet door DEFAULT

SW-W1830 – 30″ High Wall Cabinet-Single Door – 18 inch

Shaker Antique White
Shaker Gray
Shaker White
Cambridge Antique White
Cambridge Sable
Tacoma White
Sours: https://www.cabinetcorp.com/product/shaker-white/shaker-white-wall-cabinets/w1830-wall-cabinet-18-inch-by-30-inch-shaker-white/

If you are looking to reface your existing cabinets or just purchase cabinet doors and drawer fronts for your project, you came to the right place! Conestoga offers many of their door/drawer front styles in custom sizes to within 1/16″. All we need is the door style, wood species, options (such as finishing, profiles, etc) and a list of sizes.

Door Options

Mullion & Frame Only Doors

Glass door options allow you to transform literally any door in your project into a showpiece. Learn more.

  • Frame Only Door

    Frame Only Door

  • Standard Lite Mullion

    Standard Lite Mullion

  • 9 Lite Offset Mullion

    9 Lite Offset Mullion

  • Double X Mullion

    Double X Mullion

  • Double Bow Diamond Mullion

    Double Bow Diamond Mullion

  • Vesica Mullion

    Vesica Mullion

  • Double Bow Mullion

    Double Bow Mullion

  • Odyssey Mullion

    Odyssey Mullion

  • Diamond Lite Mullion

    Diamond Lite Mullion

  • Arched Lite Mullion

    Arched Lite Mullion

  • Double Arched Lite Mullion

    Double Arched Lite Mullion

  • X Lite Mullion

    X Lite Mullion

Hinge Boring

When ordered with our cabinets, we automatically bore your doors and include the hinges. For your own project, such as a reface or door replacement, we would need to know your hinge preference. Learn more.

  • hinge boring

    Hinge Boring – Pattern “A” for Overlay Cabinets

  • hinge boring

    Hinge Boring – Pattern “B” for Frameless & Inset Cabinets

  • hinge boring

    Hinge Boring – Pattern “C” for Frameless Cabinets

Panel Grooves & Corner Pegs

By applying simple design touches such as a square corner peg or a delicate panel groove treatment, you can take your kitchen to a different level of design sophistication. These treatments can be applied to any door in the kitchen…or all of them!

  • G-012 Panel Grooves

    Specify distance between grooves

  • G-015 Panel Grooves

    Specify distance between grooves

  • Shown in Natural Maple w/Caramel Glaze

    G-056 Panel Grooves

    Specify distance between grooves

  • G-121 Panel Grooves

    Specify distance between grooves


  • Square Corner Pegs

    5/16″ flat, flush corner peg in Walnut.

  • Pyramid Pegs

    Raised pyramid peg, Walnut. For finished doors, customer inserts the peg themselves.

MEasurement Instructions

This guide is for measuring for your new doors and drawer fronts if you are keeping the same sized doors.

Need instructions for a different door size? Visit our complete Door Measuring page.

1: Prepare to Measure

Take a photo of each section of cabinets, including all sides of any islands or peninsulas.

Next, number each of the doors and drawer fronts in the photos. 

2: Create a List & Begin to Measure

Create a numbered list for all of the doors and drawer fronts in your photos. This helps us communicate with you about the items, and will help you install them correctly when they are delivered.

Begin measuring your existing doors and drawer fronts, noting width followed by height. For each door specify whether you want the hinging on the left or right (in some cases it could even be top).


Below is a small example of our complete range of material & finish options. To see a more complete selection, go to our Materials & Finishes page. We offer 16 woods, alternative materials and thousands of possible color/material combinations!

Painted Wood & MDF

Painted finishes are the most popular options we sell and are available on all wood, Wood/MDF combination, or all MDF door styles. See more options here…

  • Arctic White

  • Designer White

  • Frosty White

  • Crystal White

  • Antique White

  • Heron

  • Hearthstone Grey

  • Cadet Grey

  • Metropolitan Grey

  • Marina

  • Regent Blue

  • Canyon

Hard Maple

Below are just some examples of stains and stain/glaze combinations on Hard Maple. See more options here…

  • Natural

  • Nickel

  • Ashen w/Sable Glaze

  • Autumn w/Brown Glaze

  • Alpine

  • Dark Roast

  • Colonial w/Pewter Glaze

  • English Toffee (Spray Stain)

  • Bordeaux w/Sable Glaze

  • Nutmeg w/Brown Glaze

  • Portabella

  • Saddle


Below are just some examples of stains and stain/glaze combinations on cherry. See more options here…

  • Natural (clear)

  • Colonial

  • Harvest w/Brown Glaze

  • Natural w/Sable Glaze

  • Driftwood

  • Moody Blue (Custom Paint) w/Sable glaze and level 3 distressing

  • Washington w/Brown Glaze

  • Bordeaux

  • Portabella

  • Espresso

  • Ginger w/White Glaze


Walnut is one of the prettiest woods you can find, especially for complimentary areas like islands and bathrooms. A few popular color options are shown below, see more options here…

  • Natural

  • Colonial

  • Natural w/Sable Glaze

  • Driftwood

  • Espresso w/Sable Glaze

  • Honey




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Sours: https://www.cabinetjoint.com/buy-doors/
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Rule of thumb for deciding width of wall cabinet doors?

I don't think similar sizes makes for monotony...For one thing, there are often elements to break up the runs of cabinet doors (windows, range hoods, fridges), or certain ones you can't dictate the size for, like over a wall oven or fridge.

Proportion is important to the look, so the style and height of the cabinet door will weigh in. Framed doors will create a different illusion of size and proportion than a flat door, for example. The shorter the door, the wider it will seem, and the opposite for tall doors. I ran an extra rail across our doors near the top to break up the narrowness of the 48" doors.

Anything less than 12" looks pretty skinny, and to me 18" and wider starts to look awkwardly big to me. I preferred keeping my doors between 13 and 17". Even in my large kitchen, I kept the doors close to 15", which works great for a decently sized single cabinet or really useful double.

Here is a link that might be useful: pics of my kitchen

Sours: https://www.houzz.com/discussions/2437215/rule-of-thumb-for-deciding-width-of-wall-cabinet-doors
how to adjust cabinet door hinges DIY

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Proudly made in Canada, Cutler Kitchen & Bath offers stylish and functional cabinetry for any room in your home. Elevate your kitchen, mudroom or living room with our signature collections. 

  • Melamine slab door
  • Organic finish
  • Drilled for hinges (hinges not included)
Collection ORGANIC
Colour Family BROWN
Assembled Product Width 18"
Assembled Product Height 30"
Package Weight 10.96 lbs
Package Length 32.80 in
Package Width 18.40 in
Package Height 1.30 in
Dimensions: 32.800in x 18.400 in x 1.300 in
loading image
loading image
Sours: https://t24871-s37656.mozu.com/en/18-x-30-organic-cabinet-door/p/2517040

Door 30 cabinet 18 x

Sleek affordable styleNuriaWe chose this cabinet style because we wanted a modern look but we without the glossiness of other options. We love the look we achieved with this panels in our kitchen5

kitchen cabinetsJOSEEI wish they would order more base cabinet, it's always missing base cabinet 30" and 18"5

Affordable and just the right lookMistyWe didn’t want to replace all our cabinets so we found a solution in replacing just the cabinets doors. We love the affordability and sleek look of the Haggeby doors.5

superCameliaI'm very pleased with these doors.First, the price is unbeatable. Second, you offer a wide variety of sizes and that helped me achieve my goal of replacing the doors in my old, outdated kitchen.5

Look cleanAnhLook clean5

It was good for theCiCiIt was good for the money4

Like the plain white lookLusmLike the plain white look of this door. I used it on a laundry cabinet and looks perfect5

Wonderful ProductDisdaisyWorks well, inexpensive, and sturdy. Surface is easy to clean. Will buy again!5

Good Made and Price TooleocraftermanI bought this to match the cabinate. That is well match each other and they are cheap for replacement too.4

Great doorsCustomer100Have gotten these doors for every kitchen project I have had. They are so contemporary and durable and inexpensive! I have painted them (after sanding a bit) i have cut them to size, etc. I love them because of the high value and variety of sizes.5

Jey nAn amazing value for the price. If the sizes fit your project you can’t go wrong4

Jey nIt is a nice door for simple refacing of kitchen doors4

Love the looks of the DoorsBlessedLove the looks of the sleek doors. Easy to clean5

Nice MadeleocrafterIt is practical made product for your kitchen reface or remodel of it.4

As Good As it WasleocrafterHaggeby series is the most economic price to refresh your kitchen look. Simple and Nice looking finishing.4

The Best Deal for the MoneyleocrafterThis is the basic and real economic in price for those who don't want to spend too much on the door. The finishing is nice and gentle. when they fully setup with the cabinet, there shown very comfort white in appearance. For option, I got some extra for other purpose storage, I spray paint in other metallic color in my workshop. Simple and fantastic.4

Sours: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/haeggeby-door-white-40267177/
How to Calculate Your Cabinet Door Size

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