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Smog Plus has been providing emission testing, certified emission repair, and DMV services for over 9 years in the Las Vegas area.  We are, currently, the only certified emission testing and repair station in Nevada that provides all your DMV vehicle registration needs.


Unlike other smog check stations that only smog test your vehicle, Smog Plus provides all the services needed to get your vehicle properly registered. Our services vary from just basic annual renewals to registering your vehicle for the first time. Smog Plus can facilitate the process by saving you a trip or two to the DMV and having to wait in long lines! Our excellent team is prepared to provide the best service, regardless of the situation that you’re in.  So, if your car didn’t pass the smog check and has an expired registration, our friendly staff is able to provide you with a temporary moving permit to avoid any additional fees and traffic citations, while at the same time,  your vehicle is being scheduled for the necessary emission repairs.   We even complete the full emission waiver process for you!  This service includes registering your vehicle, when you are unable to afford the necessary repairs to pass the smog test.   If you just purchased a vehicle and need to get it registered as soon as possible, we are a call away, or you may prefer to visit any of our 8 locations, while we gladly review and make sure you have the necessary documents to get your vehicle registered the same day!   

*We accept most competitors coupons.

We invite you to visit any of our 8 convenient locations today, where we would gladly assist you with any of your DMV transaction needs.


Smog Check: Where To Get Them (And Get Them Cheap)

November 17, 2013

Smog in New York City

Depending on where you register your vehicle, you may be required to have a smog and vehicle emissions test performed annually, biennially, or not at all. In some states, Some such as Georgia, Texas and Tennessee, only certain counties or metro areas require such testing (and/or vehicle inspections).

How much does it cost to have a smog check? Where do you get them and, more important, where can you get them cheaply? Here are some suggestions.

Where to get a smog check

Only certified smog check stations can perform smog and vehicle emissions testing. Check your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Department of Public Safety, or other agency for links to approved smog check facilities. Here are a few examples:

The Georgia Clean Air Force website lists links for information on other state’s emission testing.

Where to find deals on smog check

Why pay full price for a smog check – especially if this is an annual requirement in your state, county or metro area? The easiest way to find smog check facilities offering deals is to do an online search for “smog coupons” or “smog check coupons” in your zip code.

Many smog check centers place ads in local printed media, offering smog check test discounts up to 30 percent.

Keep in mind that coupons or discounts may have terms and conditions attached, so it pays to read the fine print.

In Nevada, test stations are privately owned and decentralized, according to the Nevada DMV. The DMV sets maximum testing fees for each year. Stations are free to offer discounts, but they must post their charges along with an official DMV sign.

Here is a sampling of some locations offering coupons or discounts on smog testing:

  • Jiffy Testing – Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. (Smog check $16-$24, diesel test $10 off)
  • – Smog check coupons for testing facilities in Chandler, AZ
  • AAA – Certain locations offer smog checks and car owners can also get their vehicle registration done in the same place.
  • lists testing facilities offering coupons for smog check and emission testing in California. Coupons are available for regular smog check, STAR station smog check and smog check repair.

Bottom line: There are many licensed smog check stations and facilities to choose from. Since the prices may be considerably different for the same testing, shop around for the best deal to save money on this recurring (for some) vehicle expense.


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Smog Check Las Vegas

Auto Repair Las Vegas Smog

Keeping the environment clean is the responsibility of every citizen. To ensure that the air we breathe is clean and healthy, the state of Las Vegas conducts smog check on vehicles, which are major contributors to the pollution of the environment, if not in good condition.

At AA Auto Care, we understand the importance of smog check Las Vegas, and we aim at ensuring that the vehicles of our clients pass the smog checks at all times.

Overview of the smog check

The smog checks are divided into three parts. For complete inspection and certification, your car must pass all three of them.

Also, other parts of your vehicles will be checked to ensure that everything is running smoothly, after which you will receive a copy of the Vehicle Inspection Report and a certificate of compliance if your vehicle passes.

Such inspections include:

• Visual inspection of the emission controls system

• Functional checks such as for the engine light, exhaust gas recirculation, ignition timing, fuel evaporative system and the gas cap.

• Examination of the functionality of the On-Board Diagnostic system

• Inspection of the tailpipe emissions

Vehicles that require a smog check

According to the year of manufacture, some cars are proven to emit more pollutants than others. What vehicles, therefore, require a smog check?

Hybrid cars, gasoline-powered vehicles, and vehicles using alternative fuel from the model year 1967 are examples of the vehicles that need a smog check.

However, several vehicles are exempted from the checks including:

• Vehicles manufactured before model year1967

• Vehicles using diesel fuel weighing from 14001 lbs. And more

• Motorcycles and mopeds

• New vehicles on their first and second registrations.

Types of smog check stations

According to the condition of your vehicles, you could choose from a variety of smog check stations. Most cars can be inspected at regular stations. The other types of smog check stations that you will find for smog check Las Vegas include:

• STAR stations are closely monitored by the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair). The standards met here are higher than in regular stations. Some vehicles can be directed to this stations specifically.

• Test-only stations only permitted to do smog inspection but no other diagnostics and repair

• Test-and-repair stations perform smog inspections, diagnostics, and repair. This is a good option for car owners who think that their motors will require repair also

• Repair-Only stations cannot do smog inspections but can diagnose and repair only.

'Classic' loophole used to save on smog check

DMV Service Kiosk now available!!

Renew your registration right at our 1975 North Decatur Location.



We have three convenient locations in Las Vegas to serve you!


North Las Vegas


2218 E Cheyenne Ave
North Las Vegas, NV 89030
just east of Civic Center next to Dotty's
(702) 399-3900



  • Full-time AWD and Traction Control Diesel Test
  • Diesel Test
  • Light Duty Gas Test
  • Heavy Duty Gas Test
  • 2G Repair Station
  • Diesel SNAP Test
  • Fleet accounts


Northwest Las Vegas I


1950 N Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89108
SE corner of Lake Mead & Decatur by Speedee Mart
(702) 646-0418



  • Diesel Test
  • Light Duty Gas Test
  • Heavy Duty Gas Test


Northwest Las Vegas II


1975 N Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89108
SW corner of Lake Mead & Decatur by Carl's Junior
(702) 647-1492



  • Light Duty Gas Test
  • Heavy Duty Gas Test
  • DMV Registration Renewal Kiosk

We gladly accept the following forms of payment:

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the FAQ for important information regarding emissions tests. You may also find more information at the Nevada DMV website.

What if my car fails the smog test?

If your vehicle fails, you must pay the cost of the test. Smog Hut can help you determine why your vehicle failed and how it may be repaired to pass the second test. Please note: a technician is required by law to test a vehicle without discussing possible fail issues with the vehicle owner beforehand. The technician cannot tell you your vehicle may fail prior to testing!

If your vehicle has failed twice, you may be eligible for a waiver after spending a minimum of $450 on repairs at a 2G facility such as Smog Hut. To learn more about waivers, visit any of our three locations or give us a call. Note: diesel vehicles have different waiver requirements.

Are emissions components covered under warranty?

Under federal law, emissions components can be covered under warranty for up to 8 years or 80,000 miles, whichever occurs first. For example, if you need to replace a catalytic converter, call your car dealer and ask if it is under warranty. You may be eligible to have the repair done at no cost to you, saving yourself hundreds of dollars.

How is a smog test performed?

Nevada uses On-Board Diagnostics (OBDII) testing for 1996 and newer light duty gas vehicles. The inspector will connect an analyzer to the OBD computer in your vehicle and read the data from the emission control systems.

A technician will visually check the following items on on light duty gas powered vehicles older than 1996 and all 1968 and later model heavy duty gas powered vehicles:

  • Gas Cap
  • Air intake system
  • Exhaust gas recirculation system
  • Catalytic converter
  • Fuel inlet restrictor

Diesel tests are run on a dynamometer using an opacity meter to read visible particulate emissions.

Can you tell me if my car will pass before you test it?

It is against state regulations for a technician to discuss possible failure conditions prior to testing your vehicle. This is considered pre-testing and is against the law. All emissions test results are immediately sent to the NV DMV electronically and pre-testing is strictly prohibited.

What about my AWD Diesel?

Unlike a gasoline emissions test, diesel tests are run on a dynamometer using an opacity meter to read visible particulate emissions. Full-time All Wheel Drive and Traction Control Diesels with a 184” wheelbase or less are tested on a special all-wheel drive dynamometer. Smog Hut at 2218 E Cheyenne Ave, North Las Vegas is currently the only location in Clark County capable of testing these vehicles.

Fleet Quote

If you would like a fleet quote, please fill out this form and we will contact you with a quote.


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