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Beautiful Front Door Paint Colors

Painting your front door is one of the best ways to add character and curb appeal to your home. Get inspired by these tried and true front door paint colors!

Spring is just around the corner, which means I can’t help but think about outdoor improvement projects. There’s something about getting outside after being cooped up all winter and sprucing our exteriors up, isn’t there?

One of the outdoor decorating topics I get asked so many questions about is front door paint colors. Are red doors still in? Should I paint my door the same color as my trim? Is my dark blue-grey door high maintenance? All of these are fantastic decorating questions that really can’t be answered with a simple yes or no. Let me explain…

Beautiful Front Door Paint Colors - Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron 2121-10

A bit ago, I helped Nicole pick a front door color and offered suggestions for adding more curb appeal to her home. If you’re contemplating a new door color, I suggest heading over to that post as well for a list of important things to consider before making your final paint selection.

In my opinion, front door paint colors are highly personal. Sure, the undertone needs to work with the other exterior colors of the home first and foremost, but there are so many different options that will work for one particular home. With that being said, I’ve rounded up some beautiful front door inspiration pictures, as well as some specific paint colors (with all the details) to help you narrow down your choice. Enjoy!

Front Door Paint Colors

Light Blue and Aqua Front Doors

Or for something a little on the brighter turquoise side, this Starry Sky door spotted on HGTV is lovely too!

I seem to be drawn to all shades of blue when it comes to front doors.

Go here to see some of my favorite blue door paint color picks.

Green and Chartreuse Front Doors

If blue really isn’t your thing when it comes to exterior paint, green may be a better option.

This soft green front doorspotted on Better Homes & Gardens pairs nicely with the white siding and black shutters. I find it to be playful next to the traditional style of the home.

For a little more punch, I’d go with a bright green door like this Sassy Green one found on This Old House.

Yellow Front Doors

Don’t forget about painting the interior of the door too. A bright pop like these fabulous yellow doors can waken up your entryway!

I’m loving the punch of this bright yellow door in addition to this canary yellow dutch door (both spotted on Better Homes & Gardens). Quite the impact with a small amount of paint.

For something a little more subdued, this butter yellow door is a nice option. I love the look of a gray house with yellow door. You?

Red Front Doors

This red dutch door is probably my favorite in the bunch. I just love the style of these split doors. Someday I’ll have my own!

Did one particular front door color stand out in the bunch? Do you prefer a brightly colored front door or one that’s more subdued?

I could easily live with any of these door color picks depending on the setting or style of the house. They’re all well-designed in my opinion.

Still asking yourself: What color should I paint my front door?

I’ve narrowed down a few of my favorite paint color names and brands that coincide with many of the front door paint color pictures above. Find front door paint color options from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.

Tell me, what color is your front door painted? Thinking about changing your exterior paint colors?

I’m still enjoying ours, but some of these gorgeous options have me thinking.

(And to answer the question from the top: I simply wipe the dust off our door every few weeks in the summer and it’s good to go. That’s the beauty of semi-gloss paint.)

What kind of paint should you use on a front door?

Be sure to use a quality exterior latex paint that stands up to the elements. One that’s a paint and primer combo is ideal.

Looking for interior paint color suggestions too? Learn my tips and tricks for selecting the right paint colors.

More Lovely Paint Colors:

More Outdoor Paint Color Picks:

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Sherwin-Williams Just Dropped Its 2021 Paint Color Predictions—Here are the Top Shades

Color has the power to completely transform the feel of a space. The right palette can energize a lackluster room or convey a sense of calm in a busy home. And for those of us who have spent the past several months at home, a fresh start might be just what you need. If you're looking to hit refresh with a new splash of color, take your cues from the color experts at Sherwin-Williams, who just released their 2021 paint color predictions.

The paint company selected 40 trendy colors, broken up into four palettes, under a theme called "Rhythm of Color." Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, said in a press release that this theme examines "where we've been to help inform where we're going and to help us create that central hub that is so vital to our everyday living and working now." Each palette draws inspiration from design trends and pop culture and features a unique mix of soft neutrals and vibrant accent colors.

Here are some of the top paint colors you can expect to see in 2021.

neutral living room with white walls
Credit: Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Warm, Nature-Inspired Neutrals

Sherwin-Williams' Sanctuary palette emphasizes wellness and rest with warm, plucked-from-nature colors. Muted neutrals, including Pure White SW 7005 and Modern Gray SW 7632, provide a calming canvas for layering natural textures and minimalistic decor. A verdant green called Oakmoss SW 6180 and the rich red of Canyon Clay SW 6054 add depth and vibrancy to the mostly neutral palette.

earthy bedroom with dark green walls
Credit: Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Rich Earth Tones

The Encounter collection also pulls colors from nature with earth tones meant to evoke a modern bohemian aesthetic. The palette juxtaposes muted blues like Blustery Sky SW 9140 with saturated organic shades such as Reddened Earth SW 6053 and Rosemary SW 6187. Other hues, including a mustard yellow color called Tarnished Trumpet SW 9026 and the taupe tone Hardware SW 6172, remind of timeworn antiques and speak to vintage style.

modern living room with bright teal walls
Credit: Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Fresh Modern Hues

Inspired by smart home technology, Continuum features bright, punchy colors and cool neutrals. The palette's electric hues, such as Limón Fresco SW 9030 and Novel Lilac SW 6836, offer striking accents, which can easily be tempered with inky tones such as Cyberspace SW 7076. For a bold dose of color, the deep teal tone of Great Falls SW 6495 makes an unexpected splash in contemporary spaces.

eclectic living room with dark gray walls
Credit: Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Happy Jewel Tones

Creativity and personality define the Tapestry palette, which is made up of brilliant pinks, blues, and greens. It embraces a modern maximalist look, pairing playful tones like Jaipur Pink SW 6577 and Perfect Periwinkle SW 9065 with the sophisticated Tricorn Black SW 6258. The vibrant jewel tones are united with their joy-producing effect.

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Heritage Red, Benjamin Moore

“We love experimenting with unique shades of a wide range of paint colors, but when it comes to red, classic is always our go-to. There is nothing more rich, warm, and vibrant than high gloss Heritage Red HC-181 from Benjamin Moore's Historical Color deck. It's the perfect front door, wood framed chair, or vintage credenza gloss.” — Emilie Munroe

Check it out here.

Radicchio, Farrow & Ball

“We’re drawn to the earthy and contemporary hue of this color. It has just enough brown undertones to work well with almost any warm-toned neutral. It’s perfect for a small space, like a powder room, that needs to pack a punch.” — Jean Liu

Check it out here.

Red Gumball, PPG Paints

“While we wouldn’t use this fiery, raspberry red on its own, paired with high-contrast black and white, it makes such a chic statement! We would use this very sparingly, as a pop of color on a trim or to pull together shades from a vibrant art piece. We've used it as a ceiling shade. It would look great in a lacquered finish for a door.” — Laura Umansky

Check it out here.

Incarnadine, Farrow & Ball

“This classic shade of crimson reminds me of the glamorous 1970s and feels inspired by mid-20th century artists like Rothko and Motherwell. I’ve recently used it in the interior of a credenza for a surprising contrast to an otherwise conventional piece.” — Patrick Ediger

Check it out here

Caliente, Benjamin Moore

“I love to use this red in small powder baths or larger spaces such as a dining room or lounge. It works perfectly in rooms with dark jewel tones or rooms with crisp white or bright colors.” — Darla Bankston May

Check it out here.

Showstopper, Sherwin-Williams

“The name says it all—it's a showstopper! This red is great, as it's not orangey, not too bright, and not too burgundy. It's the perfect pop to stop people in their tracks and take notice. It's fun, playful, and powerful at the same time. This red is perfect for making a statement in a dining room, but it's also fun for a front door, or can be a playful color when refinishing a furniture piece.” — Linda Hayslett

Check it out here.

Blazer, Farrow & Ball

“My favorite red paint right now is the very regal and charming Blazer Red from Farrow & Ball (no.212). It is close to an orange red. The terra-cotta hues soften its perception, making it comforting rather than aggressive. It's a perfect option for those seeking a rich color, but scared of a classic red's loudness.” — Yuna Megre

Check it out here.

Big Apple, Clare Paint

“One of my favorite red paint colors is from our Clare palette. I’m obsessed with Big Apple. It’s a deep, rich red that’s bold and delicious and is named in honor of New York City, Clare HQ's hometown and the greatest city in the world.” — Nicole Gibbons

Check it out here.

Sundried Tomato, Benjamin Moore

"This deep rusty red is sultry and beautiful. As someone who rarely uses color in interior spaces, this is one of those colors that I can pair back with grey, beige, concrete and rich woods that add depth and saturation without being too stately." — Becky Shea

Check it out here.

Alizarin, Benjamin Moore Century

“It’s my favorite red because it evokes the deep, dark red of a raspberry. One with hints of purple, green and blue. As in a raspberry that’s found in nature.” – Alex Papachristidis

Check it out here.

Rectory Red, Farrow & Ball

"My favorite red paint is Rectory Red by Farrow & Ball. It is sophisticated and looks divine lacquered a la Mrs. Astor's library by Albert Hadley!" — CeCe Barfield Thompson

Check it out here.

Lavish C2-518, C2 Paint

"Rich, deep and complex, C2 Paint’s 'Lavish #C2-518' is a most handsome red. I love that it works equally well in rooms paired with crisp white, allowing other colors to pop against it, as well as in sultry rooms, where it holds its’ place as the life-source of a finely-tuned color palette." — Kathleen Walsh

Check it out here.

Exotic Red, Benjamin Moore

Red Statement, Pratt & Lambert

"It reminds me of an Anish Kapoor sculpture—it is vibrant and alive! It is certainly a statement. — Sara Story

Check it out here.

Bull's Eye Red, Benjamin Moore

Rustic Red, Sherwin-Williams

"I always lean toward a bricky red with lots of depth. This red is perfect for walls and trim in small spaces like a powder room or study." — Jason Arnold

Check it out here.

Dining Room Red, Alexa Hampton

"When I created my paint line with Colorhouse, I wanted to offer the tried and true colors that the firm Mark Hampton has used and loved throughout the years. When it came to devising a red, 'dining room red' was the obvious choice. It is the perfect shade of red because it has just the right amount gold and brown in its rich depths.” — Alexa Hampton, creative director of

Check it out here.

Bittersweet Autumn, Donald Kaufman Color

"The mix of pigments is vampy, saturated, clear, and robust. It reminds me of all of the fabulous lipstick shades that I used to see on my mother's and sister's vanity growing up. They only used these lipsticks for 'special occasions,' and I imagine my advice for home interiors would be just the same with this color." — Jon Call

Check it out here.

Old Claret, Benjamin Moore

“I would use this red in a dining room mixed with an antique mirror, gilded furniture, and a rock crystal chandelier. It is sophisticated and luxurious." — Alex Papachristidis

Check it out here.

Moroccan Red, Benjamin Moore

"This leans more towards an orange-red versus a blue-toned red. It reminds me of my favorite lipstick. It is sexy but also earthy. This color is fabulous for a statement piece of furniture (try it on a kitchen island!)." — Taniya Nayak

Check it out here.

Real Red, Sherwin Williams

"My favorite reds are ones with a bit of orange in them, anything to avoid the dreaded 'cranberry' reference. This is a great balanced color with just enough orange, but not so much that it reads 'stop sign!'" — Erin Gates

Check it out here.

Classic Burgundy, Benjamin Moore

"It is a deep red that adds drama to any style and pairs well with everything from pastels to bright colors." — Homepolish designer Beth Partyka

Check it out here.

Pomegranate, Benjamin Moore

"This red looks amazing with warm woods like teak and walnut, so it's the perfect compliment to a mid century aesthetic: rich, yet calming and elegant." — Homepolish designer Alec Holland

Check it out here.

Heritage Red, Benjamin Moore

"This red was designed specifically for exterior use and makes for a beautiful front door color. It reminds me of the big red barns found in the Scandinavian countryside. Although strong, it has enough black to keep it sophisticated and classic. It's the perfect choice for the traditionalist who still wants a bit of flair." — Laurel & Wolf designer Heather Brents

Check it out here.

Raspberry Truffle, Benjamin Moore

"It's a stately rich, bluish red that has just enough blue in it so that it whispers color, rather than shouts. It's a comfy, livable red that is perfect for any room of the house." — Elaine Griffin

Check it out here.

Heart Throb, Sherwin-Williams

"It is a great true red. It's saturated and rich but also bright and cheerful. It works in both traditional spaces and modern spaces. I love to use it on anything from your front door to wainscoting to a whole room." — Jessica McClendon

Check it out here.

Million Dollar Red, Benjamin Moore

"It is the perfect red with a hit of blue, so it works well with everything! I high gloss it on entry doors, but prefer satin finish for interior surfaces." — Joy Moyler

Check it out here.

Rectory Red, Farrow & Ball

Aniline Red, Benjamin Moore

"Red isn't the first color that comes to mind when thinking of cool color palettes, but I love the purple undertones in this one. It has a vibrant, youthful energy when mixed with chartreuse, and it takes on a much more moody, sophisticated feel when paired with an olive green." — Laurel & Wolf designer Stacy Graves

Check it out here.

Cut Ruby, Valspar

"For me, red can’t look too terra cotta or everyday: It has to feel glamorous and worldly. Valspar’s Cut Ruby is such a vibrant red." — Susanna Salk

Check it out here.

Dragon's Blood, Benjamin Moore

"It's tinged with just a hint of orange giving it a soft glow, especially at night. I suggest using it in high gloss in either a dining room or an entry foyer." — Eric Cohler

Check it out here.

Blazer, Farrow & Ball

"It's a wonderful Chinese red that works with blues and with oranges. It is bright and cheery but sophisticated." — Katie Ridder

Check it out here.

Monique ValerisSenior Home Editor, Good HousekeepingMonique Valeris is the senior home editor for Good Housekeeping, where she covers decorating ideas, home tours, gift guides and more.

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Возможности красок Sherwin-Williams

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Announces 2022 Color Collection of the Year

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams reveals its trending 2022 Color Collection of the Year and a distinguished 2022 Color of the Year, created in partnership by the design ex-perts at HGTV and the paint company professionals trust.

The Softened Refuge Color Collection is composed of soft and simple tones inspired by peacefulness with a focus on balanced and meaningful colors that help facilitate tranquility.

Available exclusively at Lowe’s stores nationwide and on, the designer-inspired Color Collection of the Year includes 10 complementary colors that are influenced by global lifestyle trends to create a reveal-worthy style that all HGTV fans desire.

Influenced by our need to find respite from our day-to-day, Aleutian, the distinguished 2022 Color of the Year, is a beautiful, washed indigo that helps create a space for refuge.

The HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams 2022 Color Collection of the Year exemplifies doing more with less, giving a sense of comfort and calmness with color.

"This palette is designed to simplify color selection for a perfectly coordinated home design. Color combinations within Softened Refuge Color Collection can easily be used to craft spaces that help promote positive physical and mental wellbeing," said Ashley Banbury, HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams senior color designer. "The 2022 Color Collection of the Year exemplifies doing more with less, giving a sense of comfort and calmness with color."

Incorporating colors inspired by simplicity and serenity can create spaces that transform the home into a soothing and comfortable space. This palette helps to design homes that fuel creativity and productivity, while promoting an inviting and tranquil lifestyle. The combination of softened tones keeps things easy and uncomplicated, leaving colors that feel balanced and meaningful.
Here is the 2022 Color Collection of the Year, distinguished 2022 Color of the Year and a look at the paint colors that articulate each trend:
2022 COLOR OF THE YEAR, ALEUTIAN (HGSW3355): This cool blue is grounded by the warmth of its red undertone, bridging the gap between the warm and cool tones we are bringing into the home. Aleutian is the foundation of the Color Collection of the Year, perfectly mingling with all colors within Softened Refuge.
• 2022 COLOR COLLECTION OF THE YEAR, SOFTENED REFUGE: This palette showcases how home design is fluid, flexible and approachable; simplicity and comfort are the key design actions in the home. This Color Collection is soft and natural, emphasizing that our home is our own personal sanctuary. The combination of softened tones has been thoughtfully curated by design experts to be mixed and matched in any combination for a perfectly cohesive look.

• Black Fox (HGSW3471)
• Whole Wheat (HGSW2186)
• Canvas Tan (HGSW4018)
• Retreat (HGSW3283)
• Perfect Greige (HGSW2475)
• Stone Isle (HGSW1796)
• Emerging Taupe (HGSW3035)
• Aleutian (HGSW3355)
• Slate Tile (HGSW1472)
• Alabaster (HGSW4031)

The colors within the Softened Refuge Color Collection are available exclusively at your local Lowe's and on For more information on HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams 2022 Color Collection of the Year, please visit: 


Red primary sherwin williams

Rooms Featuring Sherwin-Williams' Alabaster Paint Color

Create Bold Stripes

Being a light neutral, Alabaster is versatile and useful for any room, from an entry to a home office to a dining room. It can be peaceful on its own or form "a yin and yang harmony with contrasting dark colors, such as Urbane Bronze (SW 7048) or Gray Area (SW 7052) in a spa-like bathroom," Sherwin-Williams said in its materials about the winning color.

Bold contrast works perfectly for creating stripes, and high contrast can pack a heavy design punch. Horizontal stripes can make a short room feel wider and thus larger (or vertical stripes can make a wall feel taller). You'll want to consider whether stripes should be on just one feature wall in the space rather than the whole room. Too many stripes can be overpowering. Wide stripes in a small room can make the space feel boxy and make you feel closed in. Narrow stripes in a long room can seem to blend together.

Get Inspired by These 25 Beautiful Bedrooms With Striped Walls

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