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Bulletin Board Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

Bulletin Board Ideas

Interactive bulletin boards are a fantastic way to utilize vertical classroom wall space while allowing young students to move, cooperate, and learn in a developmentally appropriate way. Are you ready to get started with interactive bulletin boards, but you’re unsure of what they would look like or how the children could learn from them?

Well, you’re in the right place!Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool

Scroll through all of these photos of to get tons of interactive bulletin board ideas. Each one is practical, classroom-tested, and targeted to meet the specific learning objectives of 3 to 6-year-old children.

Peek-A-Boo Bulletin Board

This no-frills board is perfect for the very beginning of the school year when students are just getting to know their classmates and teachers.

To make this board, print a small picture of each child and teacher. Attach to the bulletin board. Then write each person’s name on an index card or piece of colored cardstock. Staple the index card at the top to cover the picture.

To use this board, students choose a name and lift the flap (“Peek-A-Boo!”) to reveal their new friend’s picture.

Learning objectives include:name recognition, letter recognition, forming relationships

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

Apple Tree Counting Bulletin Board

This is a great beginning of the year board for the fall. The simple setup makes it appealing to new preschoolers!

To make this board, cut out 5 tree tops from green construction paper. Cut out the same number of brown tree trunks. Label the tree trunks with the numbers 1-5. Attach the trees to the bulletin board. Carefully cut a slit in each treetop. (You might also choose to reinforce the edges with some clear packing tape.) Create apple sticks by taping apple shapes to thin craft sticks.

To use this bulletin board, students place the correct number of apples into each tree.

Learning objectives include:number recognition, counting sets to 5, hand-eye coordination

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

Colors of Fall Bulletin Board

Sorting objects by their attributes (color, size, shape, texture, etc.) is an essential preschool math skill. Try this color sorting activity during Autumn when nature shows a rainbow of colors!

To make this board, cut out tree trunk shapes from brown construction paper. Then, get 5 pieces of thin craft felt in traditional fall colors. Cut the felt into cloud-like tree shapes. Staple the trees to the bulletin board. Label the trees with color words (red, brown, orange, yellow, gree). Either create felt-shaped leaves or purchase a pack of felt leaves. (The ones pictured below were purchased in the fall at the Dollar Tree. They were sold in a pack of 20 for just $1.)

To use this board, students pick a leaf out of the basket and attach it to the matching tree. No velcro or other adhesives are necessary because felt will stick to felt.

Learning objectives include:color identification, sorting, early sight word recognition

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

Pumpkin Shapes Bulletin Board

Students will visit the interactive pumpkin farm at this bulletin board.

To make this board, cut out tractor shapes (or alternatively, purchase tractor clipart here). Label each tractor car with a different shape. We like to start with the basic 6: rectangle, circle, square, diamond, hexagon, and triangle. Add 4 pieces of velcro to each car. Then, either cut out orange construction paper into corresponding shapes or purchase pumpkin-shaped clipart here. Place the opposite velcro dot on the back of each pumpkin.

To use this bulletin board, students “pick a pumpkin” off of the vine. (These felt vines were sold as a holiday decoration at the craft store. They’re perfect because the scratchy side of the velcro will stick directly to the felt.) The students will identify the shape of the pumpkin and then “pile” it onto the matching wagon.

Learning objectives include:shape identification, sorting, and visual discrimination/matching

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

Five Senses Bulletin Board

Are you teaching your students about the 5 senses using a Mr. Potato Head? Then this is the perfect bulletin board to compliment the unit of study!

To make this board, cut a large piece of butcher paper into a potato head shape. Add velcro dots to the place where the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and hands belong. Cut out eyes, ears, noses, mouths, and hands from construction paper. (Alternatively, you could purchase and print this cute 5 Senses clipart set.) Attach the opposite velcro dot to each piece.

To use this bulletin board, students choose the potato part and attache them to the potato shape. Some students like to do this completely by-the-book. Others like to make a silly potato head. There is no one correct way to make a potato head! As long as they are talking, thinking about the 5 senses, and exercising their right to make decisions, this activity is a win.

Learning objectives include:identifying the 5 senses, oral language development

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

Gingerbread Man Bulletin Board

Run, run as fast as you can! You can’t catch him, he’s the gingerbread man! 

To make this bulletin board, cut out a gingerbread man shape from a large piece of brown felt. (In this picture below, the students participated in a large group process art project where they sponge-painted large sheets of white butcher paper. Rather than discard the finished paintings, we stapled them to the bulletin board to create a colorful background.) Cut out candy pieces from construction paper or invite students to create candy to decorate the gingerbread man. Attach a small piece of felt to the back of each candy piece.

To use this board, students can decorate the gingerbread man while retelling the famous fairy tale.

Learning objectives include:oral language development, social skills, taking turns, working in cooperation

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

Mitten Match Bulletin Boards

When it’s too cold to play outside, your youngsters can warm up to this mitten matching center. Below there are pictures of 2 variations. The first one is a letter matching board. The second one is a number matching board.

To make these board, attach yarn as a “clothesline” across the width of the bulletin board. Attach clothespins. Either label the clothespins with a letter (like the ones in the first picture) or label the space underneath with a matching mitten (like the ones in the second picture). Cut out mitten shapes or purchase a pack of pre-cut mittens. Label them to match the board.

To play, students choose a mitten and hang it on the line with the corresponding clothespin.

Learning objectives include:letter (or number) recognition, visual discrimination/matching, increased hand strength

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

Print this bulletin board, as well as the matching “recording sheets” for older students here:

Valentine Bulletin Board

Special Delivery just for your loving preschool students. This bulletin board idea is perfect for February, for any time that you have a post office theme, or whenever your students need a little extra love.

To make this bulletin board, create large colorful envelopes with construction paper. (The ones pictured below were purchased at the Target Dollar Spot in February.) Label each envelope with a number.

Cut out a number of large hearts from construction paper or purchase pre-cut cardboard heart shapes. Label each heart with a different representation of the numbers (finger counting, dice, dominoes, unit blocks, etc.). You can draw these pictures or print the cards from this bulletin board set.

To play, students choose a heart and count or identify the number that is represented on it. Then they place the heart into the corresponding envelope.

Learning objectives include:number recognition, subitizing, counting sets to 6

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas for the Preschool ClassroomPrint this bulletin board, as well as the matching “recording sheets” for older students here:

Exercise Gross Motor Bulletin Board

Active kids need active centers to keep their minds and bodies working. This “exercise station” bulletin board will help them work off some extra energy while also developing pre-reading and pre-math skills. It’s a win-win.

To make this board, print pictures of 6 different types of exercise. The pictures below are available in this Nutrition Circle Time and Centers Unit resource. Label each exercise with a number 1-6. Add a large die (like this foam version).

To play, students work together and take turns rolling the die. When it lands, they identify the number and find the corresponding exercise on the board. Then they do that exercise 10 times (or whatever your class decides is a good rep!). The next student takes a turn rolling the dice until everyone has a full body workout.

Learning objectives include:counting and subitizing to 6, print concepts (recognizing that print has meaning), gross motor development (including balance, strength, and stamina)

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

When you Grow Up Bulletin Board

What do you want to be (or What do you want to do?) when you grow up is a fun question to pose to preschool students.

To make this board, print pictures of different community helpers. Attach them to the bulletin board and also attach a library pocket. Print small pictures of each child in your class and attach them to a craft stick.

To use, students choose their photo stick and place it in the pocket that corresponds to their answer. Students can talk with each other about their choices and explain their reasoning.

Learning objectives include: making a decision, oral language development, print concepts (print has meaning)

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

Ocean Stories Bulletin Board

Sometimes an open-ended center is exactly the springboard that young students need to think creatively and practice story-telling.

To make this board, cover the bottom half of the board with blue felt to resemble the ocean. Cut out fish and other ocean shapes from felt. (Or, if possible, order some of the amazing felt storytelling sets from That’s what is pictured below.)

After reading a number of ocean books aloud to your students, invite them to retell the stories on the felt board. Encourage them to make new stories and work together.

Learning objectives include: oral language development, storytelling, reading comprehension

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

All of our favorite puppet and felt board sets are from Judy at We love, love, love everything they make and know that you will too. The quality is amazing and the pieces are so versatile for story-telling, math, retelling, and interactive bulletin boards!

ArtFelt Puppets and Felt Board Designs

Crayon Color Sorting Bulletin Board

Rainbow make us swoon and this rainbow-colored board will brighten up your classroom in the spring!

To make this board, print the crayon pictures and colorful items HERE. Staple the crayons to the board. Add 3 pushpins below each crayon. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the top of each picture. Add a paper clip.

To use, students choose a picture card and identify the color of the object. Then they hang the picture onto the pushpin of the matching crayon. Continue until all pictures are identified and sorted.

Learning objectives include: sorting, matching, color identification, beginning sight words, fine motor

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

Rhyming Bulletin Board

“A Tisket – A Tasket, Which egg goes in the Basket?” This bulletin board idea is a great way to offer independent practice with rhyming!

Click HERE to read more about how to make and use this bulletin board.

Learning objectives include: rhyme identification, sorting, phonological awareness

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

Click below to print the baskets and eggs, as well as recording sheets for older students.

Nursery Rhyme Bulletin Board

“Hickory Dickory Dock. The mouse ran up the clock. The clock struck one. The mouse ran down. Hickory Dickory Dock!”

Get creative and make this board out of construction paper! The clock pictured below is pieces of brown construction paper stapled together to make a big grandfather clock. Cut out small mouse shapes or print mouse pictures. Label them with the numbers 1-12.

To use, students choose a mouse from the mouse box. They identify the number on the mouse and ring the bell to match that number. Then they attach the mouse to the corresponding hour on the clock. Continue until all of the mice have been counted.

Learning objectives include: number recognition, counting to 12, introduction to telling time/measurement, rhyming practice, oral language development

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

Shape Train Bulletin Board

Click HERE to read more (and see more pictures!) of how to make and use this board with your students.

Learning objectives include: shape identification, sorting, language development

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

Have you created an amazing interactive bulletin board to use with your preschool students?! We would love to see it! Please post a picture on our Facebook Page.

Bulletin Board Essential Supplies

Interactive Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool

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Back to school is nearly here and it’s time to start thinking about those classroom bulletin boards! There are so very many ideas out there for inspiration, and we’ve gathered our favorite back-to-school bulletin board ideas from around the web. Make this your best back-to-school ever!

Psst…want to get your students involved in creating your bulletin boards? Check out our favorite interactive bulletin boards here.

1. This is Your Year To

This is your year to back to school bulletin board

Let your students choose how their year is going to go!


2. Magical Work Coming Soon

Magical work coming soon back to school bulletin board

Placeholders for now, but soon they’ll be filled!

Source: @teachkidsdrinkcoffee

3. This is Where the Fun Happens

This is where the fun happens back to school bulletin board

Loving this adorable bulletin board.

Source: @kc_teacher

4. Class Family is Everything

Class family is everything back to school bulletin board

Love this simple black and white theme.

Source: @headoverheelsforteaching

5. Fight Germs Like Superheroes

Fight germs like superheroes

Remind your students of all the superheroes who wear masks!

Source: @kaiti_robinson

6. Virtual Bulletin Boards and Anchor Charts

Virtual bulletin boards and anchor charts

If you’re doing a hybrid model you can make your virtual and physical classroom the same!

Source: @miss.tetto

7. Welcome to the Flock!

Welcome to the flock back to school bulletin board

I’ll admit, I love a good flamingo board!

Source: @simply_sprout

8. Meet the Person …

Meet the person...

We are loving this idea. Add mirrors so kids see their reflections!

Source: @undercoverclassroom

9. Showcase the Rules

Showcase the rules

And we love this faux wood background!


10. #firstday


Ready for some artwork or selfies!

Source: @teachingandwhatknott

11. Kindergarten is Cool

Kindergarten is cool

And so is this bulletin board! We love the shades.

Source: @thebeachclassroom

12. 180 Opportunities

180 opportunities

Set the stage for all the incredible experiences to come in the days ahead.

Source: @headoverheelsforteaching

13. Share the Social Love

Share the social year

The students have fun watching the stats change!

Source: @heartandwitsbymissritz

14. Like Boom

Like boom

Give them something to believe in right from the start.

Source: @bubblyblondeteacher

15. Coming Soon

Coming Soon Work - Back-to-School Bulletin Board Ideas

Samantha M. shared this idea with us. It’s perfect for displaying student artwork.

16. Wanted Posters

Bunting Books

Saddle up for a year of rootin’-tootin’ fun with this clever idea.

Source: Bunting, Books, & Bright Ideas.

17. Classroom Goals


All the kids get involved in this one, writing on their individual cactus. Good idea, Amy M.

18. Fill Another Bucket

This is such a sweet way to promote kindness in the classroom. You can make your own buckets out of foam!

Source: Montclair Education Association

19. A Warm Welcome

A great way to start every day in a positive way.

Source: Kristen’s Kaboodle

20. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

This one is similar to the idea from above, but it incorporates a mirror. So clever, using ordinary objects!

Source: Mrs. Kiswardy’s Class

21. Guess Who?

You can either gather facts about your students ahead of time or have them help you make this the first week of school. You can also do a staff one, and students will love trying to guess!

Source: 2nd Grade in the City

22. Map It Out

This is a reading theme, but you could actually use maps throughout the classroom for an easy theme. Need old maps? Hit your local used book store, thrift store, or just ask friends online.

Source: Really Good Stuff

23. Make It Interactive

This is one of our favorite interactive bulletin boards because it really encourages kids to get involved. This teachers uses it for display, which changes regularly.

Source: Cuties and Cooties

24. Use All the Colors

This is such a creative (and big) bulletin board. Plus, you can switch out the message throughout the year.

Source: Katie Plus 4

25. Away We Go

Away We Go - Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas

Love this adorable design from Kings River-Hardwick Preschool.

26. Reading Is a Superpower

Superpowers Bulletin Board

Reading and superheroes. Yes, please. Thanks, Deirdre T.

27. Wonder Wall

Jessica W Pinterest

Speaking of superheroes, how about this wonderful board on Pinterest?

Source: Jessica W.

28. Paint Sample Geniusness

Yes, this bulletin board was created from paint samples. We love it so much. So creative.

Source: Cacti and Sunshine Creations

29. Chicka Chicka Awesome Room

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Bulletin

A nod to a great book. Great idea, Holle B.

30. The Power of Yet

Yet Bulletin Board

This bulletin board shows students it’s okay to be a work in progress. Thanks, Teresa J.

31. Seek and Find

Art at Three Creeks

Have students (and teachers) draw themselves. Then each week post a new person to find!

Source: Art at Three Creeks.

32. Summer Travels

Summer Travels

Amanda Y. tells us, “Teachers and students can fill out a paper telling what travels they did this summer. Then I add it to the board and put a piece of yarn from their paper to where they visited.”

33. Adventure Begins Here

Adventure Bulletin Board

Nicholas S. is ready for an adventure with his design.

34. Blooming Board

Art Craft and Bulletin Board Ideas

Colorful 3-D flowers and a welcoming message in a lovely font make this board a pleasure to look at.

Source: Art, Craft, & Bulletin Board Ideas by Manisha.

35. Let the Math Learning Begin

If you’re a teacher who likes to dive right in with curriculum, this might be the board for you.

Source: Activity After Math

36. Soar to New Heights

What a gorgeous bulletin board! Students will love taking selfies in front of these beautiful wings. It’ll get them started off to have a great year.

Source: Two Peas in a Primary Pod

37. Borrowing from Scrabble

Scrabble Bulletin

Anastasia E. knows she broke some Scrabble rules, but she’s fine with it!

38. Fire It Up

Smores Bulletin Board

Get fired up with this example from Jessica C.

39. Hunger Boards

Celia Figueroa Pinterest

This board was originally created for a dorm, but wouldn’t it be great in an English classroom?

Source: Celia F.

40. Marvelous and Magnifico

M&M Bulletin Board

“This was my board from last year, showing all my students. M&M stands for marvelous and magnifico here.” —Ana M.

41. A Llama Welcome

Is the list really complete without a llama option? We think not!

Source: Eva’s Resource Corner

42. Ready for a Selfie

Selfie Frame

“This selfie frame is ready to document the important events of this year.” —Stella F.

43. Practically Perfect

Creativity to the Core

That Mary Poppins silhouette makes this board as sweet as a spoonful of sugar.

Source: Creativity to the Core.

44. Throwing Kindness

Kindness is Confetti

“Students helped us create the confetti, and we’ve had so many comments about the good message.” —Jeannie W.

45. Be a Bookworm

Bookworm Bulletin Board

“Students fill out a paper telling about their favorite book they read this summer and give it a star rating. I’ll be adding to the board as suggestions come in.” —Amanda Y.

46. Chew It Over

Doodle Bugs Teaching

You may not allow gum in the classroom, but you’ll want to make an exception for this charming board.

Source: Doodle Bugs Teaching.

47. What Makes You Special?

Sunshine Bulletin Board

“For this bulletin board, students created a personality assessment and then a name tag with a list of their I AM statements. It gives students ownership of the room right away.” —Candace R.

48. Ladybug Love

Melissa Worley Pinterest

Seeing spots can be a good thing, as this adorable ladybug board proves!

Source: Melissa W. on Pinterest

49. In the Genes

In Your Genes

“We are doing a cross-curricular project about DNA. Here’s the board the teachers I work with did to welcome our students. Each of our students wrote their first name within the DNA strands.” —Kyle S.

50. Shoot for the Moon

Over the Moon

It’s a simple message and brilliant design from Erin S.

51. A Board With a Twist

Mrs Shiningers Blog

This playful board was part of a board-game classroom theme, but it could stand on its own just fine.

Source: Mrs. Shininger’s Blog

52. Chalkboard Conversion

Chalkboard Bulletin Board

“I turned my chalkboard into a big bulletin board.” —Abbie L.

53. Celebrating With S’mores

Celebrate with Smores

A great design and message on this bulletin board from Stephanie N.

54. Oz-some Adventures

The Mall-ards

Any class would be over the rainbow to see this colorful and clever board.

Source: The Mall-ards!

55. Welcome to Starbooks

Starbooks Cafe Bulletin

“This isn’t done yet, but my students will decorate their own book spine from their favorite book to put on the shelves of this board.” —Kelly N.

56. The Places You’ll Go

The Places You'll Go

Stephanie N. made her entire wall leading into her classroom a bulletin board. Can you find Thing 1 and Thing 2?

57. Start Dreaming

A Book is a Dream

Julie A. used a quote from Neil Gaiman for inspiration on this reading bulletin board.

58. Rainbow of Possibilities


This bulletin board from Jolene O. sends a great message.

59. AVID Skills Are Important

AVID Skills Bulletin

A good AVID message from Jen D.

60. Celebrate the Scientific Method

Scientific Method

A++ for creativity. From Suzie G.

61. Doorway to Learning

Lessons With Laughter

Welcome students to your classroom, where they can be anything and learn everything. One of our favorite back-to-school bulletin board ideas!

Source: Lessons With Laughter .

62. Gearing up for Success

Gears Bulletin

When you’re in gear for a good year, try this idea from Bridget P.

63. Time to Get Messy

Time to Get Messy

If your school uses uniforms, then try this idea from Louise J.

64. The Sharpest Bunch

Sharper Bunch

Create cacti with tissue paper for this idea from Angela G.

65. Libraries Love You Too

Libraries love you too

Even the library books (and librarians) can get in on the act!

Source:  @twolibrarians

66. Selfie Station

Differentiated Kindergarten

Have students draw their own selfies or snap them with your camera. Either way, this bright board by will be a hit!

Source: Differentiated Kindergarten

67. Another Kind of Selfie

Take a Selfie Bulletin

A whole new meaning of selfie. Thanks for the idea, Jennifer L.

68. Time for Blast Off

Black Off Bulletin

Ready for blast off, thanks to Antwan W.

69. Arrgh!

Arrgh Bulletin Board

Jeanne W. is getting ready for “Talk like a Pirate Day” in September.

70. Who Am I?

The Thinker Builder

Students will get to know each other in no time flat when you post this board with self-portraits and identifying clues.

Source: The Thinker Builder.

71. Team Effort

Football Bulletin Board

If you have a sporty group, try this idea from Alicia M.

72. Super Teacher

Superhero Teacher

The teacher is the star in this idea from Paula B.

73. Wild About the Arts

Wild About the Arts

Create your own lovable monsters with this idea from Ellen S.

74. Pac-Man Inspiration

Student Council Will Amaze You - Back-to-School Bulletin Board Ideas

This is a great way to recruit new members. Good idea, Rachell B.

75. Why I Teach

Victoria D

This is a fantastic board to post in the main hallway to help parents and students get to know the teachers. What a great idea, Victoria D.!

76. Creating a Future

Create the Future

Sometimes all you need is a powerful message, like this one from Dulce E.

77. Garden of Learning

Garden of Learning

It’s easy to create flowers. We love this idea from Jessi B.

78. Ode to the National Parks

National Parks Bulletin

Ms. Embry has a national parks theme, so she made a bulletin board to match.

79. Going Places With Reading

Reading Takes You Places

Small bulletin board? No worries—add a bench like Julie W. did.

80. Escape to Narnia

Narnia Bulletin

“My weekly vocabulary list will be going on here. Many hours went into this.” —Melanie Shank

81. Super Stars

Miss Jamie Wells

Watch little faces light up when you welcome them to your classroom with this shining idea.

Source: Miss Wells Kinder Stars.

82. Whoo Loves Owls?

Owl Bulletin Board

Create a giant tree, and the owls will do the rest of the work in this idea from Ashley F.

83. Unleash Your Hero

Unleash the Hero

“I’m excited for our superhero theme this year.” —Amanda F.

84. All the Emotions

Faces of the School

Get students involved in creating this unique emoji-inspired design from Nancy L.

85. May the Scores Be With You

May the Scores Be With You

“High school students did this bulletin board.” —Julie A.

86. Latte to Learn

Latte to Learn

Amanda W. knows her audience with this design for eighth graders.

87. Are You Ready?

Mrs Wills Kindergarten

A little aluminum foil makes this board a perfect reflection of exciting things to come.

Source: Mrs. Wills’ Kindergarten.

88. Remembering With Memes

Meme Bulletin board

“I did this one last year with different memes.” —Melanie K.

89. Emojin the Possibilities

Emojin the Possibilities

Emojis and a pun at the same time! Thanks, Jane S.

90. Looking Ahead

Road to College

A great middle school message from Jen D.

We’d love to hear your back-to-school bulletin board ideas as well! Come share your photos in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

Plus, take a look at all of our bulletin board ideas here.

90 Back-to-School Bulletin Board Ideas from Creative Teachers

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Lost in an engaging book’s pages is one of the most incredible experiences for young to old. Classroom reading bulletin boards and library book displays are excellent resources teachers can use to encourage kids to start reading. Once students discover the wonderful world of books, they become lifelong readers.

We compiled a list of the best reading bulletin boards teachers can use in their classrooms from K-5, middle school, and high school. We also added some excellent library bulletin board ideas. These resources are easy to make; you don’t need a lot of creativity to be inspired by design. If you can take a photo, use color, print a name tag or book title, then you can make any of these exciting reading displays.

We’ve linked to the original source (when we could find one) – if you find an idea that inspires you, click through the link for more information.

Top Reading Books Bulletin Boards

Caught Reading Classroom Bulletin Boards

Caught Reading Mugshot

So funny! A height chart in the background of the mugshot! Make reading even more cool than it is by catching teachers AND students reading their favorite book by taking a mugshot.

Reading Alert: Caught Red Handed

A reading log with a difference! Motivate children in the classroom, library, or at home, not only to read but also to fall in love with reading.

Look Who Got Caught Reading

Reading non-fiction inspiration! Take photos of students reading non-fiction should inspire other kids to join them.

Reading Trees Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas

Who Is The Mascot

Which book character will be your classroom reading mascot? Fruit, birds, nest, and even a stool for a classroom presentation or sit quietly in the room and read.

More Great Bulletin Boards:

Reading Tree To Encourage Reading

What a marvelous reward system idea! The goal is to get your name multiple times on the tree. Leaves represent three books read and a book report, flowers represent six books and fruit ten books.

Paper Mache Tree

Any kid would love to crawl inside and snuggle up with a good book. Although not a bulletin board per se, I couldn’t resist this gorgeous idea.

Seasonal Reading Bulletin Boards

SPRING Into Literature

Cute. Add students’ names or book titles to the leaves and birds.

Our Books Are Blooming, Pick One

Flowering books! Each flower can represent a book from a popular genre. Add tiny droplets with students’ names they can paste on the book-pots they’ve read.

Our Library Has SNOW Many Great Books

Skis, sleds, mini-characters, and Frosty The Snowman can inspire children to enjoy the winter season with a book. It’s impressive how construction paper and clip art can create such an inspiring classroom or library bulletin board design.

RAKE In A Good Book

Once again, construction paper and bulletin board paper produce a festive scenery that inspires. You can even add book title tags, appropriate for the grade, to the leaves.

Hang Out With A Good Book This SUMMER

Check those palm trees! And the hammock! Who wouldn’t want to be on that beach reading a book!

Funny Reading Quotes and Word Play

Dinosaurs Didn’t Read, Now They Are Extinct

Now we know what happened to the dinosaurs. If this doesn’t encourage a student to read, it will at least bring a smile.

Reading Can Seriously Damage Your Ignorance

What can I say, except, “Start reading.”

There’s A Minion Reasons To Read

This should inspire minion fans and anyone with a sense of humor.

Middle School and High School Reading Bulletin Boards

The first three three bulletin boards come from the same creative resource.

Bookflix Trending Now Bulletin Board

Amazing! Check the popcorn pieces against the wall. This bulletin board inspires students to a book-reading-marathon as opposed to a movie marathon.

Reading Adds Up

Math and reading can go together. The calculator bulletin board gives students reasons why reading matters.

iRead APPealing Books

Technology fans will love this iPad bulletin board. The teacher has a fantastic idea to add QR codes to each book title that links them to the book trailer video or Goodreads page.

Benefits Of Reading Display

Colorful images and font variety complements the many benefits of reading, a great way to encourage reading.

School Library Bulletin Board Ideas

Wheelie Good Books

Car lovers won’t be able to walk past those wheels without being tempted to grab a book to read too. Brilliant idea for a theme or topic display.

Match The Selfie To The Shelfie

How well do students know their teachers and their books? Find out with this selfie-shelfie contest. Students guess which bookshelf belongs to which teacher’s room.

Encourage Reading Bulletin Board Ideas

Where Can Reading Take You

There’s no limit! The wonderful world of books can take you anywhere and everywhere.

Reading Takes Us Out Of This World

A reading astronaut in space would inspire any space enthusiasts, adventurers, or kids who like a challenge to read. Wonder what the astronaut is reading…

Dive Into Reading

Funny, inspiring, and incredible wordplay. This bulletin board display has so much to offer. You feel like you’re swimming with the reader, and if you come close enough, you’ll find out what the student is reading.

Books Can Take You Anywhere

Another inspiration and clever idea to use butterflies flying out of the books. Where are they flying to? They can go anywhere.

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover Display

Curious? Who isn’t? The library display challenges students to take a wrapped book and check it out to read without knowing the book’s title. An excellent idea for a classroom activity, book theme, or topic, too.

More Reading Bulletin Boards To Reach Reading Goals

A Tournament Of Books

Great way to bring the thrill of sports tournaments to books. This teacher used it to inspire her students in fifth grade, but it can work for all grades, genres, topics, or even a series of books by one author.

Emoji Reads

Brilliant idea to use emojis to indicate students’ reaction to books. Teachers can create the board or let students add their emojis to their favorite characters or books read. A great activity to incorporate in lesson plans.

Walk A While In Their Shoes

Inspire the classroom to read biographies, history topics, cultures, or situations in the world with this creative display.

Welcome Back The Books Missed You

Back to school and more books to discover in the classroom and library. The book characters give the impression they missed the students—an excellent idea for students in any grade.


What is your favorite classroom or library reading bulletin board ideas?

Awesome Fall bulletin board ideas for preschool

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Board ideas reading bulletin preschool

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Fall bulletin board ideas decorating preschool

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